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Lisa going rogue

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When Lisa looked into some people’s minds she found out they had not really noticed what exactly had happened. So she opened the door again and made the couple who had desperately tried to get out think they had managed to escape and just heard the shooting. Noticing she still had bullets in her hand she threw one of them into the head and another into the heart of one of the attackers. The bullets went through his flesh with a greater speed than when shot and killed him in an instant.

As for the other guy who already was awakening she threw a bullet into his arm, made him go to the other side of the room and believe he had shot his comrade because this wanted to avoid him from killing the other people. Then she copied the weapons, but without ammunition, and gave the surviving attacker one while she threw the other one on the floor and hid the ball she had made out of the original guns behind the bar. Last she made the other people think they had managed to hide under the tables or behind the bar, which some of them really had done. There were people who managed to shout before she closed their mouths but this was only a natural reaction when heavy-armed attackers suddenly had started to shoot.

When the police arrived Lisa checked some minds quickly and found nothing suspicious. Both she and the others who answered questions told the police her version.

Nearly nobody spoke after the police had led the criminal alive off and a funeral car had taken the dead one away. Lisa was confused, too. Only after some time she became aware she had deliberately killed a man and not felt anything in the act. Of course it was him who had attacked her and the other persons, who surely would have died if she had not interfered. As the two criminals had tried to put a bomb, too they would also have died without her. But was keeping her identity secret worth ending human life?

The alternatives, however, would have been worse: If she had not done anything everybody in the room but her would have been killed. If she had not invented the story of the killer not letting his comrade act nobody would have believed machine guns would not have caused any damage and human police would surely be able to recognize the men had machine guns – and suspicions among the Earthlings would not just be inconvenient for her but dangerous, too as all historical examples showed inferior intelligent beings had always acted in panic and mostly caused many deaths among their kind if they had suddenly become aware of superior beings living among them. The Earthlings probably were no exception: They would likely try to kill her and certainly not be able to do that, but almost surely kill lots of their own kind when they tried.

Robert tried to comfort her but he was nervous, too and Lisa soon found out why: He had noticed the criminals had deliberately shot at him and his comrades. He doubted whether they really were Islamic terrorists – Lisa did not fully understand what this word meant but she got to know they had killed lots of people who just happened to be at a place where they had put their bomb.

Lisa thought whether or not to erase the remembrance out of his mind but decided against it – if these men had really shot deliberately at Robert, Markus and their friends – and that was what they had done if she remembered well: All of the bullets that had hit her had come from the same direction – the reason had to be found out and the witnesses had to stay.

She only made him think he had seen her under one of the tables during the shooting.

Later in the night when some of the men were already getting drunk Lisa overheard some suspicions: There were lobbies that wanted the conference to end without any result. There were also rumours somebody wanted to blackmail Markus’s company to publish the new programmes for searching locations for wind turbines and leading the electricity more effectively.

Robert and Markus were already drunk, too, when they decided to go upstairs. Lisa ordered another glass of whisky and thought about leaving for somewhere to get to know another man. First she decided against it.

She took the ball she had made, pressed it flat, wrapped it around her leg and went up to her room. As she could not sleep nor forget about the man she had killed she changed her mind: Deciding it would make no change any more if she continued being sad she got up again, changed into a sexier dress, flew to a place to get rid of the useless rests of the iron and from there to a discotheque where she enjoyed the music, danced and tried not to care about what had happened. At last she ended in bed with a man whom she had not even asked for his name. She was conscious enough to be careful and only broke one of his ribs which she could heal at once.

She returned even before breakfast time and decided her outfit had to be changed completely – she would only be the girl that had booked the hotel while staying there and on other places appear as a completely different person. This was because she could not be sure there was not anybody who was still suspecting there had happened something that could not have been caused by Terrestrials.

So after breakfast she made her hair black, nearly straight and very long, nearly reaching her hips, and her skin somewhat darker, too. Her skirt for this day was white and a little less than knee-long, her top and her shoes red.

In this outfit she landed in Salzburg where she did sightseeing again, had lunch in one of the best restaurants in the city and enjoyed the trick fountains in the castle of Hellbrunn. In the afternoon she flew up a mountain and walked around there a little watching the animals, plants and stones of the alpine world. On the top of the Watzmann she relaxed a little, then flew up again, took some aerial photographs of Salzburg and the landscape around it, crossed the mountains and followed the valley of the river Mur without a clear aim. In a small town she had a coffee and two pieces of cake. After that she continued her flight until she reached Graz. She spent about two hours in and around the city before returning to London.

As Lisa had suspected the police had found some things that had drawn their attention: One of the officers who checked the lounge saw some bullets had gone into the floor but the direction the impacts came from did not fit in with the claim that the terrorists had shot from the left side, seen from the door. The wounds the criminals did not look as if they came from a person shooting directly, either.

“Seems as if some of the bullets rebounded of something – but what?” inspector White noted.

“Why not the alien? Perhaps he – or better she, as the rumours speak of a woman – is here?!” his colleague Forrester answered laughing.

“Come on, boy, don’t tell me silly stories!”

“Then, what has made the bullets bounce back?”

“Don’t know, but we’ll find out. If it is necessary we’re going to control all bedclothes and towels that were used last night for human DNA – then we’ll see where the alien lived.”

“And how are you going to explain this to the attorney? We’re checking all rooms of a first-class-hotel because we’re looking for an alien, or what?”

“Not for an alien. We’ll tell him we suspect one of the hotel guests supported the terrorists and let them in – according to what the barman said the lounge is mainly used by hotel guests.” Forrester suggested.

“Ok, then let’s show the photos we took last night to the receptionists and ask if they know the names or have copied the ID-photos. Sometimes they do this in hotels.

If we succeed we won’t have too many persons to control.

Indeed the policemen’s plan succeeded: The employees of the hotel recognized 15 of the 20 persons who had been in the lounge when the attempt on their lives had taken place; the attorney gave his permission to search the rooms and together with the room service the police changed bed sheets and towels without any possibility for the guests to notice it.

They really found out that the DNA left on the sheets in room 327 was definitely not human but nobody could explain what it was.


Having no idea what they were doing Lisa passed the late afternoon at Wörthersee and enjoyed an Austrian dinner. There were some men she spoke to and some of them she kissed but none she thought would be an adequate mate for the night.

She did not return to London before late in the evening. Markus and Robert phoned her: Both of them wanted to see her that night because their conference would end the next day. They were not going to go to the hotel bar but to an elegant night club.

She entered her room invisible through the window, changed into the blonde her friends knew and dressed newly, looked into the mirror before making herself invisible and flying out again. It took her just some seconds to find the club.

She had great fun with Sarah, Robert and Markus, all of whose minds she checked to be sure they were not suspicious of her. She found out they were still thinking something strange had happened but did not link it to her.

She danced with both Robert and Markus and had a lot of fun with Sarah, who first was jealous, while the two men were debating about her – luckily Sarah, unlike Lisa, was not able to understand what exactly they were saying.

When they went home Lisa walked arm in arm with both men while Sarah angrily separated from the group. For the first time Lisa used a Terrestrial taxi.

After they had got out and gone to the hotel suddenly three uniformed men stood before them.

“Miss Kirajason?” one of them asked.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Come with us!”


“It’s not your turn to ask.”

Luckily I don't need to. Lisa thought and put the question into his brain. She got shocked at finding out they had recognized she was an alien.

Forget it! You’ve not seen me nor do you know an alien lives in this hotel! she commanded. Go away and leave us alone.

The policemen’s minds obeyed at once. Her companions were no problem for Lisa, either. They were still in the hall when she had made both of them forget there had been police in front of the hotel.

She decided this night Markus would be the first one to take her to his room. So she mind-commanded Robert to go to his and begged Markus to buy some whisky and go upstairs with her.

He was not worse in bed than Robert but again he was spent when Lisa just had begun to get horny. She forced herself to think clearly while Markus was sleeping: She had to interdict deeply into the computer system of the police. This time it would not be enough to erase the word “Alien” from anywhere it could be found on computers but also from the brains of the policemen.

She switched on her computer and made it find out which police stations had information or suspicions about an alien and also about what had happened the night before. Then she removed Markus’s arms from her body, got dressed and returned to her room.

When she was there she already had a list. She erased some data from the police computer system in order to make it more difficult for them to find any clues of her. For example she changed the name, parts of the face and the room number of the person who had been detected as an alien. Then she looked where the police stations were and found out the responsible officers’ names and addresses. Her plan was to erase every reminders of her from their brains completely the next day and not before then to “clean” the computers, too. If this did not work she would mislead them on a track to a person who had nothing in common with her – the alien would not be a guest of the hotel but only have spent one night with a man who lived there and brainwashed him completely so he, at being interviewed by the police, had not been able to give any useful information.

After thinking about her strategy Lisa left her room for Robert’s, not only to meet him for the rest of the night but also trying to use him as a test about the extension of her mind power: She opened the door of his room, woke him up and made him think she had been with him the entire night and forget at once she had got into his room in a strange way.

She convinced herself this had worked before she kissed him for the first time. It had and she used the sex they had as her reward.

The next morning both Robert and Markus thought they had spent the entire night with Lisa as she had made Markus forget he had found himself alone in his bed. During breakfast time they exchanged their phone numbers and Markus invited her to Germany. She was not averse to visiting him but first she had other things to do.

Encouraged by her success she visited the first police station on her list, looked for the officers she needed and found two of them. She landed in the yard, made herself visible and went to their offices looking for watching cameras on her computer and switching them out.

The first of the two was alone but in his brain there were lots of things so it cost Lisa a little to find out what he knew about her and make him forget it in the same instant but she managed it. The second officer worked together with a colleague whom Lisa mind-commanded to leave the room. Then it was quite easy to brainwash him as he had only heard about the alien.

The third officer, a woman, was still at home but Lisa’s computer found out the address in an instant. Invisible she flew out to the street and to the woman’s flat. Again it was no problem for her to make her forget everything.

In the second police station there was only one officer who forgot quickly. Then Lisa approached the station near the prison where the surviving terrorist was jailed. First she erased all memories about herself from the officers’ brains, then she floated to the prison, mind-commanded the watchman to look the other way and opened the cell. In the cell she forced the terrorist to inform her who his orderer was, but he only knew the man was an American and had lived in a hotel called “The White Horse” in the town of Hamwell. Lisa intended to find out who the American guests of that hotel during the last weeks had been but first she would have to continue her work. She made the criminal forget everything and look away while she was disappearing, too, then visited the other stations and brainwashed the rest of the policemen who knew things about her. Not before then she erased all relevant data on the police computers by her own.

She was quite hungry when she left the last police station she had visited but she decided to find out the addresses of American guests at the hotel in Ealing first. She was lucky and there was nobody but the porter in the hall. She hypnotized him to go out for just the time she needed to check the guest list of the hotel for American guests. There were 28 names of residents of various U.S. cities, so it would take her quite a lot of time. However, she wasn’t in a hurry for she had regulated her own affairs.

So she first looked for a good restaurant, had lunch and then decided to fly to the South of Europe. On the Eastern coast of Spain she found a place she liked much with a large sandy beach and only a few tourists.

After landing she did not even bother to make a swimsuit but jumped into the water naked, though visible. She dived a large distance, then came up and flew back. This did she repeat four times; then she swam some kilometres with her computer always floating a little above her and the surface of the sea. The way back she made on air and invisible. Then she lay down on the beach, visible and naked again.

While she was dozing two young guys seeing the stunningly beautiful naked girl lying on the beach decided they wanted to have their fun with her. They approached and the first of them embraced kissed her.

“What do you want?” Lisa asked, opening her eyes. They answered in Spanish but although she had not programmed her computer for the language so far and less learned it the answer was very clear to her.

“Why not? You shall get what you want. Massage my breasts!” she ordered and the first guy obeyed instantly, whether or not he understood her.

Lisa kissed and embraced him on her part while the other was feeling her up from behind. She felt great and her body was becoming hotter and hotter.

Looking around she saw there were no other persons watching. So she embraced her mate more firmly and in the next moment heard his ribs crash when she pressed her breasts against them. The guy screamed in pain of the broken ribs and the hot rays her stimulated body emitted. She commanded him to be quiet, flicked his ribs, mind-commanded him to stay and turned to the other guy.

He, too, had soon broken ribs and burnt skin and flesh after embracing her and his hand turned to ash when he put it between her breasts. She hypnotized him, too, not to shout.

For a short time she had a little bad conscience but then she thought they had wanted sex from her and were getting it – though they had not known they would not survive what just was enough to satisfy her. She squeezed a little harder and broke more bones in the act. More flames went out from her body and did the rest: The guy died while she was starting to feel great. Her hot body fluids burnt what the flames of her lust rays had left.

She turned to the first one again, led his hand to her vagina where it burned in an instant, squeezed his member and watched him burn down, too.

While he was burning she came. The compressed air drove a huge wave from the sea to the land and made quite a big hole in the sand. More flames left her body and this time she used them deliberately to burn down the rest of the two would-be rapists. She enjoyed her orgasm and prolonged it massaging her breasts and her vagina with millions of times more power than any Terran man could have applied.

The fire, the big wave and the detonations made by her orgasm alarmed the police. Lisa saw them approach with their guns prepared. She thought it would be great to feel the bullets bounce of her breast but then decided against getting detected: She made herself invisible and flew away.

As in Spain lunch time is about two hours later than it is in Britain she materialized again in front of a restaurant, this time dressed in a short, white dress and had lunch for the second time.

After it she flew to America where it was still in the morning.

It did not take her long to find the first American who had spent some nights in the hotel in Ealing but she soon found out he did not have anything to do with the killing. Nor did the second one.

The third one called Bid Ron did, but he had prepared for what was waiting for him: He had been informed by a whistle blower from the London police that it was probably an alien who had prevented the killing. He was suspicious that the same alien had found out the mistakes one of his collaborators had made in the programme to find good places for windmills in the North Sea – his best and most ruthless programmers had put some mistakes probably nobody would find in it.

His company had some anti-alien-weapons and he was sure he would need them – and the more after a call in London if the police already knew more had brought the result that the officers had forgotten there had been any sign of an alien being in the city.

Big Ron had commanded his watchmen to kill any person they did not know, man or woman. Every second of his men had got a gun with kryptonite with the order to use it if bullets did not work. If any of his men left his office without being able to explain why they should look if an unknown person was in it and shoot him or her with kryptonite at once.

When Lisa appeared in his company which officially produced car parts it soon happened: Suddenly a door opened without anybody nearby and in the same act the computer system which controlled all doors went off. Two men ran to the room and they saw a young woman talking to their boss. The first men shot with a machine gun. The bullets bounced off Lisa’s body without her turning around. In the next moment the second watchmen shot kryptonite but … . Lisa kept on standing, asking their boss and he started to confess everything: That his company wanted to avoid the plans of the wind-power companies from working because they were paid for it by oil companies, that they sent them false plans and tried to kill their best men.

“Johnny … it … it seems to have no effect on her” the marksman whispered in fear.

“You’re right. We’re lost. She’ll kill us!”

They were not right: The kryptonite had an effect on Lisa – but one neither she nor the men who were going to kill her were thinking of.

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