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The Kryptonite

Written by Martino :: [Saturday, 05 April 2014 22:41] Last updated by :: [Monday, 07 April 2014 12:37]

Lisa noted she had been shot but first she just was feeling some kind of comfortable warmth which seemed to come from within her body. She outstretched a hand and made the kryptonite gun flow in it. Examining it shortly she found out the substance within was not terrestrial.

The guy whose gun had just bullets in it threw it away and tried to run outside but suddenly the door was shut and could not be opened.

“You’ll remain here and shut up until I’m done with you” Lisa ordered quietly. The two men obeyed at once and sat down on the floor.

Meanwhile Lisa made their boss write a list of the killers he had sent and the companies he had planned to destroy. She also mind-commanded him to write down everything he knew about his orders. Then he sent all information to her e-mail-address. Having controlled she had everything she made him forget he had seen her and what she had done. Same did she do with the two watchmen before she opened the door again and went out.

But she had neither thought others would notice something was wrong nor had she looked through the door while talking to the men inside– if she had she would have noticed some of them were trying to open the door and get contact to their boss. When the door swung open and they saw the woman they did not know they imagined the rest and opened fire in an instant.

Lisa casually caught some bullets and let the others bounce off her body. When the first men shot her with kryptonite she had already thrown two of the bullets at them which went through their bodies like through warm butter.

“I warn you: Throw down your weapons, lift up your hands and stay absolutely quiet” she ordered. “Else I’ll kill you all.”

Some of the men obeyed, others ran away and some of those who had kryptonite guns shot her again with no visible success.

“You haven’t listened, so you’ll have to feel” she shouted and threw a bullet into the hearts of each of the men who had shot at her which killed them in an instant. Then she threw at the ones who had run away but noticed she missed most of them. She decided to get done with them another way but before that she brainwashed the men who had obeyed and told them to leave.

When she reached the disobedient ones she was welcomed with another bunch of kryptonite shot from upstairs. This was too much for her: She forgot for this moment why she had come to this building. Her only aim for now was selecting the best-looking of the men, having sex with them until they would die and kill the others before.

Really she grabbed two men at random, dissolved her dress and posed in a way there could be no doubt what she wanted. The two men did not withstand more than a second, although they had seen her kill their mates. They undressed at once and ran towards her. Lisa threw bullets and shot her body-fire at the others without noticing any more she missed in most cases. In an ecstasy she threw the men to the floor, rolled around with a man in each hand and enjoyed it when they touched her erogenous zones as well as when they shouted. She did not notice it when they died and some seconds later she was sleeping deeply on the floor between the rests of their bodies.

Three or four hours later she woke up with a headache. She had even trouble to say on which planet she was but found out she was on earth and had super powers here. No matter how hard she tried, she could not remember everything that had happened. She noticed there were rests of human bodies and now was smart enough to destroy them completely but she had no idea whether there had been any survivors. Looking around she noticed there was nobody left in the building but her. She looked for her bag with her computer and found it. She took the gun which was next to her with her, too because she thought she remembered there was something special with it

Next thing she did was to open the door, fly out and look for a way home to London. At least she managed to see where the Atlantic Ocean was and although she did not fly straight she arrived in Britain half an hour later and found her hotel rapidly. She was smart enough to make herself invisible and get in through the window instead of passing by the door.

It had already been early morning in Britain when she returned; so she slept until noon and when she awoke her headache was still there.

To her luck they still served breakfast which she enjoyed despite of her headache. While eating she tried to remember what had happened and why.

Back in her room her computer helped her to reconstruct the story and left her shocked: She saw the shape she had had the day before on hundreds of American webpages and read parts of a big building had burnt and at least ten men died – and the reason was her and she did not even remember exactly. The boss of all the criminals had escaped and she did not have any means of evidence against him, either.

She managed to crack the codes of Big Ron’s company “Ronscorp Inc.” and found out more about the green substance this way: It was called “kryptonite” and used as a weapon against aliens – Big Ron’s men knew at least a man who lived on Earth steadily and a young woman who seemed to live somewhere else but sometimes supported the man, both of whom had superpowers but could be killed by this kryptonite.

Lisa could see that Ronscorp bought the green kryptonite from another company called Luthorcorps which was able to make it but that the substance originally came from a destroyed planet called Krypton.

Unlike the Kryptonian guy called “Superman” she had obviously not only survived the kryptonite attack but also kept her superpowers but lost control about herself. This was dangerous both to her and to the Earthlings who had the bad luck to be around. So she had to get the kryptonite supplies of Roncorps and, if possible, of Luthorcorps, too.

In addition to that she would have to be much more careful than the day before in order to avoid being intoxicated by kryptonite again.

She decided it would be better to prolong her stay in London because here it would be more difficult for her adversaries to detect her and to herself it would only mean five or ten minutes, if she flew slowly, to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

She told the porter she wanted to stay five days longer what he accepted. Then she went back to her room, made herself invisible and flew to Big Ron’s company which she reached in less than ten minutes.

This time she circled around the building invisible, watching the people inside. She had never taken over the shape of a man and doubted whether she could, but luckily there were women who had contact with the watchmen.

When she spied out a secretary who was telephoning with the back to the window Lisa acted: She opened the window and flew in at super speed. In the room she materialized in the secretary’s shape and dress and ordered her to remain silent in her office.

Looking through the walls with her X-ray-vision she soon found the first watchmen who was carrying a kryptonite gun. As the secretary whose name was Carla Johnson she approached him, read from his mind where the kryptonite supply in the building was stored and went round the next corner. There she made a copy of the kryptonite gun and the bag where he had his ammunition – an unloaded gun and a bag filled with useless stuff, however – ran around the corner again and in frictions of a second stopped the camera, took away his gun telekinetically, gave him the useless copy, made him forget somebody had touched his gun and set the camera into work again.

After her first success she scanned the house for an empty room, found one and carried the gun, which she hid under her skirt, there to depose it. After that she returned to the office of the secretary she represented, made her forget everything, became invisible again and flew out.

She used the same tactic seven times, attaining all in all eleven guns. Then she flew out and circled over the building to search it for more kryptonite weapons. She found four more, but only two of them were in use.

She took over the shape of an employee and changed the weapons for one last time. Then she took all the guns with her, flew away and looked for a place to hide them which she found in the mid of the Rocky Mountains where she made a big hole and buried them.

It had now become afternoon in America, evening in Europe and Lisa had got hungry again. She flew up and landed in New Orleans where she materialized, went for some money and had an excellent and opulent lunch.

After that she flew to Luthorcorp, scanned the company first, too, and found out there were much more kryptonite weapons. She doubted whether it was a solution to exchange all them by self-made fake guns; she did not know, however, how long she would stay on earth and the energy of her computer was not unlimited.

So she decided to take away the bags which contained kryptonite and to try to change the formula to produce it. She doubted whether it would be possible to hide she had visited Luthorcorp and thought it would be enough if she could not be identified.

She entered the building in a typical dress the female employees were wearing. It did not cost her much effort to switch off the computers every time she met one of the watchmen who was carrying a kryptonite gun, take away his bag telekinetically faster than he could notice and switch on the computers again after she was done.

When she had taken nearly all the kryptonite bags away she asked herself if she should dare to take away the supplies in the storage, too. She was afraid to get another intoxication but obviously the kryptonite only affected her when it touched her skin or got into her body.

So, after making sure nobody was watching, she enlarged the back window of the storage wide enough to be able to get out all the kryptonite, put it into the yard, brought the window into its old state again and moved the kryptonite telekinetically with her while she was flying to the Rocky Mountains again. There she buried it in another cave.

Her last assignment for this day was changing the formula to make it impossible for Luthorcorp to produce new kryptonite.

It was the safest code she had seen on Earth so far, but after a quarter of an hour her computer managed to crack it. She read the programme and when she thought she understood it she changed just some little formulas, confident no human and very few terrestrial computers would notice there was something wrong.

It had been the hardest effort she had done on Earth so far. Hungry and tired she first looked for a good Restaurant, found one, had a dinner which, despite of being enough for two normal persons, did not really sate her and drank two bottles of wine there.

On her way back she landed near New York where she had her second dinner which sated her at least and emptied the third bottle of wine.

When she got back to London midnight hat long gone by in Europe and she went to sleep at once, too tired even to think about going to a discotheque.


Far, far away …

In the comfortable living-room there were four people sitting around the table: The landlord, a big and well-built man who seemed to be in his forties, a couple of about the same age and a young girl.

“Finally I’ve got the assurance” the first man said. “Tomorrow the logistic ship will land at our barracks and in three or four days it will leave again. If everything goes well in eight days I’ll be in the galaxy Earth belongs to and in at most 30 days I’ll be back – with Lisa if she is well and I don’t doubt that. On Earth there is enough air, water and food for any Sverkcheloyan and no serious danger.”

“I hope you’re right, Jason” the woman answered. “You trusted your security officer too much … I hope you don’t trust the people who have told you that too much, too.”

“Nobody has told me that for I’ve seen it myself. I know I haven’t been careful enough but in fact there isn’t anything to be afraid of. I’m sure she will do as well as anybody can.”

“If only I could accompany you, Jason. But I don’t want to leave my children alone for such a long time.”

“I could take care of them, darling” her husband answered. “But I’m sure Jason is right. He watched every kind of life on earth, didn’t he? It won’t be easy for Lisa, that’s sure, but she will be all right.”

“I hope so.”

“Now, Lisa, I regret to tell you I’ll only be allowed to take one or two soldiers with me, no civilians.”

“So it’s time to make a change” the girl, who had been quiet so far, tossed in. “You’ve been like a second mother for Lisa, that’s for sure, inspector Lisa. But now, as we’re nearly adult, it’s time for me as Lisa’s hu’k**y’a to act, not for you as her mother’s.”

“Oh my dear Sonia, I have no doubts you will an as good hu’k**y’a to my niece as her mother was to me and I tried to be to Kira, but actually you’re neither of age nor Lisa’s official hu’k**y’a nor a soldier.”

“It’s possible to become a recruit during the last school year, isn’t it, captain Jason?”

“It is, if you’re fit enough and your parents agree. I can’t make you an army card without their permission and falsifying is impossible. And I must tell you one thing: If you’re a recruit you’ll have to spend a great part of your holidays at duty training exercises and start to be a full-time recruit as soon as you leave school – or you won’t have the chance to start any career in the army.”

“I know that. I’m going to join the army after school and if you allow, why shouldn’t I start now?”

“I neither say ‘yes nor `’no`’, Sonia. First – and this means practically now – I need your parents’ permission and then you’ll have to pass a fitness test.”

“You can see my report: My stamina is very good, according to our coach, and I know how to fight.”

“This isn’t the problem at first, Sonia. You won’t have to fight seriously but you will have to endure some days of teleporting in a relatively small and uncomfortable ship and you will have to be very careful because there won’t be a security officer who controls whether your things are well secured.”

“I can imagine.” She picked her pocket computer up and said a message to her parents in which she told them what she had in mind and asked for the permission. Some seconds later her father answered and wanted to talk to Captain Jason.

As far as it could be heard in the room Lisa’s father was rather calming Sonia’s. He promised him to take care of her as far as it would be possible and to give her a favourable report. He also said there were more dangerous exercises for recruits.

No sooner he had had handed the computer back to Sonia it printed the permission. Sonia was very happy and thanked the captain and her parents.

“I hope you’ll be able to say thank you in some days. From now on I’ll treat you as a recruit. That means you’ll be at the main door of the barracks tomorrow at six in the morning. Be punctual! And you’ll have to obey without questioning or talking back. Understood?”

“Yes, Captain Jason.”

“And you will call me as your superior ‘sir’.”

“Yes, cap … err, sir!”

“And now go home! You’ll need some sleep!”

“But …”

“No buts, recruit Sonia! Do what I’ve told you!”

“Yes, sir!”

It was hard for her to get up that early in the morning but remembering Lisa Sonia did not hesitate.

In the barracks she had to go onto a teleporting simulator which moved very fast for more than an hour and shook her around hard while that. First she enjoyed it but then it became quite stressful for her – and Captain Jason even increased the speed.

After the simulator had suddenly stopped he commanded her to open her belt and get out at once. She was a little dizzy but stood still and could go straight without greater problems.

“Fairly well done for a beginner! I hope the journey won’t be as hard all the time but I think you’ll stand it if it does. Now there you see some things. You’ve got ten seconds to fix everything, then we’ll start again.”

Sonia found this much easier but after ten seconds she wasn’t ready at all. She followed the order to fasten her belt, but this time the simulation only took some seconds.

“That was not so good” the captain commented. “You’ve got to learn how to do this faster and how to decide which things are most important if you’re in a real hurry. You see, the things that would have been destroyed if this was an emergency are worth 220 points. Before I’ll allow you to enter the ship you’ll have to stay below sixty. – Okay, once again!”

She did not get near sixty this morning but at least after some trying and helping from Captain Jason she had got faster and better at deciding important from not so important things. Before lunch her average was about a hundred. Captain Jason was content and told her she could hope to reach sixty the next day.


During breakfast Lisa thought what to do next. A quick search on her computer had told her she had saved most of the kryptonite which could be found on Earth and there were many suspicions an alien had acted but nothing directly related to her. Happy and proud of this fact she decided she would look for the worst ones of the killers whose name she found on the list and deal with them. She searched for pictures to the names and found out one of the men had met Big Ron last night while she was sleeping. She could not see what the two men had spoken but the face searching machine told her the killer was somewhere near New York.

It was possible, but not very easy, to find out the exact position of a person on the computer and Lisa was not sure whether it was worth it.

She thought it would be easiest to get information from Big Ron himself who seemed to be at his computer at the moment. She went upstairs to her room, elected the dress she would wear, made herself invisible, opened the window, leaped into the sky and flew to America.

Less than two minutes later she arrived, looked through the walls into his office and straightly into his mind, finding out the name and address of the person who the killer whose name was Derek Fisher should murder. She also read from Big Ron’s mind that Derek Fisher would appear in the company of his planned victim, Dr. Martin Johnson, in a police uniform telling him he had to take him away to save him from terrorists and that this would be in less than half an hour.

Lisa smiled. It would be a perfectly planned murder if she did not exist – but as she did she would avoid it.

She flew to New York at once and using her computer she found the company in a second. Really a patrol car stopped in front of the entrance and some armed men entered the building. Lisa followed them floating invisible above them. They first searched different offices, then three of them ran to Dr. Johnson’s.

Lisa heard Derek Fisher’s voice: “There are some terrorists who plan to blast this building. You’ll probably be killed if you don’t follow us.”

“And what about my cooperators?” Dr. Johnson asked.

“They will be taken to a safe place by our colleagues” the other cop said while Derek Fisher was receiving a call on his mobile. Lisa could understand “Everything emptied” and Derek answering “Then let’s act.”

They went down with Dr. Johnson and led him into a hallway where he protested: “But officer, this isn’t the way out.”

“We aren’t going out” Derek Fisher answered and cocked his gun.

In the same moment Lisa became visible, threw herself between him and Dr. Johnson and the bullets aimed at him bounced back from her body.

The policemen – Lisa found out they really were – stood there, stunned. She ordered: “You’ll go back to your station now and confess you’ve worked for criminals. You don’t know who exactly they were or where you can find them. And you don’t know who has stopped you. Dr. Johnson has been warned and run away.” She was using her hypnotic abilities all the time and read from their minds their chiefs had no idea of Big Ron.

Lisa waited until the two men had gone and then turned to Dr. Johnson: “Well, for you it’ll be better to go away for some time. I can’t always be here – though the man who gave these two idiots money for killing you will be dead tonight.”

“Whoever you are, thank you very much! You are obviously some kind of Supergirl though you don’t look like her.”

“I’m not the person you know as Supergirl. And apart from this you’ve never seen me. You’ve been warned in time by an anonymous telephoner. This is the only warning: I’ll notice it if you tell anything to anybody – and if I do I’ll kill you at once. You’ve seen how little your weapons can do against me.”

She had decided against brainwashing him because it would be better if he was careful and went away before getting killed.

She left without talking longer to Dr. Johnson. Two minutes later she was near Big Ron’s office again, in the uniform of one of his employees and with the watching cameras switched off.

“You’ve got your chance, Big Ron” she said harshly. “You’ve gone on killing. Now open all your programmes which deal with your crimes.”

He tried to protest but she had his mind under control and so he had to do as he was told. When he was ready she commanded his heart to stop beating and called the number of a hospital without talking to the person there. She hoped they would believe Big Ron had died because of a sudden heart attack.


She disappeared making sure in the act no other killings were planned that day. Somewhere in Georgia she had lunch in the best restaurant she could find. After that she flew to the Atlantic coast and sunbathed. She was naked again, not thinking this was considered a crime in conservative South Carolina.

Really some policewomen came and ordered her to pay fine. She denied and made them forget they had seen her. The few men at the beach held back and she was already thinking of going over to them and testing if she could use her pheromones deliberately – she was sure they wouldn’t be able to resist if so.

But before she had decided another man came – from the air. The good contacts Big Ron had to parts of the police corps and the fact that all kryptonite was robbed and supposedly an alien had be in his company had alarmed Superman.

He did not believe the story that Big Ron had died of a sudden heart attack and just casually opened all files that betrayed him. He scanned the building with his microscopic vision and really he found a very, very thin trace.

He lost it somewhere in South Carolina and was about to give up when he noticed the scene at a nearby beach when two policewomen suddenly turned around in front of a naked woman – he knew well that being naked in public was not allowed in this area. Suspicious he looked at the naked woman using his X-ray-vision. He noticed at once he could not look through her skin. He had found the alien and now had to find out soon if she was friend or foe.

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