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The Super Alliance

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What?“ she yelled.

They’re my friends – I mean Diana, Wonder Woman and Kyle, Green Lantern; and Kara, Supergirl, is my cousin. Please don’t kill them.”

You aren’t in a situation to make me or even beg me to do anything but I won’t kill any of them if it isn’t necessary. I’m not a killer – and besides, I like and admire you value their lives higher than your own.”

Well, my own … is … in your hands.”

And I won’t kill you, either, unless you betray me again. – But for now: Bye, Kal-El.”

Lisa, please!”

What else do you want?”

Please don’t go!”

She smiled as a quick look into his mind informed her he was not afraid of her any more. In fact, he wasn’t even thinking of her going to kill or hurt him. Her pheromones had worked.

I’ve got to go – and if you’re going to go the same as me you’ve got to come with me. If we do it here we’ll probably destroy the building.”

Okay, that’s convincing. Just a second!” He followed her outside, shut the door, ran down the steps and in the backyard changed into his Superman suit. Lisa had already made herself invisible.

She took the lead sure he had the same aim as her and knowing he could see at least her figure. She headed North and after only half a minute they reached the Fortress of Solitude. Without one more word necessary Superman took the key and opened the golden door to allow them flow in.

Lisa watched around curiously. Due to her mind powers and her pocket computer she had been able to localize the Fortress perfectly but not to see what was in it. She admired the huge computer and other devices she saw. Obviously Kryptonian technology had been on an at least not much lower level than Sverkcheloian. She would find out how to use Superman’s computer but she also noted she had to be careful: Once Superman was not under her influence any more he might have some possibilities to fight her. To be sure she read his mind again: at the moment he was almost as horny as her. She enforced his feelings just a little bit and at once he led her into a room where they had sex together.

After she was satisfied she wanted him to explain her how the Fortress was built and how the computer worked. He told her about the crystal everything was made of.

“So this crystal was in reality concentrated mass?” she asked. “I use this, too, to copy things but unfortunately I can’t create such mass on my computer. Can you do this here?”

“Sorry, I don’t know myself how this crystal was made but perhaps my father knows.” He contacted his father who confirmed more or less Lisa’s version.

“Can this computer create concentrated mass, Professor Jor-El?” Lisa asked.

“It can. I don’t know whether you’ve heard about the possibility to create a material out of another by changing its molecular structure.”

“Yes, I have. There are some 220 elements on my planet and almost every one of them can be changed into every other one.”

“Are you interested in it, too, Kal?” Jor-El’s voice asked.

“I hope I’ll understand it this time, Dad.”

In fact Superman only understood parts but Lisa seemed to be able to follow. “Some of the things you’ve mentioned work a little differently on my planet, but to me it seems logical. Thank you very much, Professor Jor-El.”

Jor-El suddenly changed into Kryptonian language. Lisa switched on her computer at once but it needed much longer to understand them than it had needed for any Terran language so far. Nevertheless it could and Lisa could reconstruct the rest of the talk by searching Superman`s mind. His father had told him she could be a very strong ally and able to modernize the system of the Fortress but he had also warned his son to be careful.

She also recognized that the influence of her hypnosis was ceasing, but another feeling was gaining power in him: Superman hoped to benefit from her abilities. Lisa decided to utilize this: She asked him to let her test what his father had told and promised to explain him what she did, too.

It did not take her a long time until she was able to produce nearly every material she wanted from any mass she used. She showed him how she did this; he needed quite a lot longer than her but at last he understood. She also helped him to improve the controlling systems to enable him to see the crime which was happening on Earth.

Unrecognized by him, however, she managed to find a place in the African desert where she chose her own Fortress. Having done this she made a crystal in the shape of one of the big palaces she had seen. She found out how the programme to enlarge such crystals worked and was able to connect her pocket computer to the big system and copy the programme. To him she only told she had used his computer for some copies she could not make on her own which would not harm anybody.

When she was done she love-bombed him once again but this time they only went as far as French-kissing. Superman was already forgetting about Lois Lane but after some time he apologized he had to go. He showed Lisa there was a big shooting somewhere in Mexico and somehow the police did not stand a chance.

“If you want we can meet again tomorrow” he said. “I would like very much. I think there are many things I must learn from you. And I lo … – I enjoy being with you.” He bid farewell to her with a kiss. Lisa kissed him back, smiling. Either her mind-power started to work permanently or she had otherwise such a big influence on him.

While he was fighting criminals in Mexico she was off to her chosen place in Africa. When she was there she threw the crystal and enabled the growing programme. Slowly a palace the form of Schönbrunn but in less strong colours and with some little towers on the edges was growing out of the sand. After one hour it was big enough to enter it.

To furnish it she would have to use Superman’s computer once again as her own was not able to handle enough mass but this could be done the next day.

She flew back to Europe and stopped in Rome where she did a little sightseeing and had dinner. For the night she returned to her hotel in London.

She woke up soon the next day, had breakfast and decided to do what she had had in her mind at once: She flew to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, took the heavy key and opened it. Once at his computer it took her only some minutes to make models of a big bed, a cupboard and a couch for her living room.

When she left the Fortress she was greeted with shouts: Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern were expecting her.

“Somehow you seem to have managed to make my cousin your servant” Supergirl shouted “but you won’t do this to me – and now you’ll have to pay.”

Lisa had calculated this would happen once and started to realize her plan: She concentrated on Green Lantern’s ring with all her might and after some seconds it flew from his finger to hers. In the same moment Wonder Woman was throwing her lasso over Lisa but she managed to dodge it and reacted with a high kick. Wonder Woman was strong, super-strong on human levels but her strength did not match Superman’s or Lisa’s and a well-aimed kick knocked her off in a second.

Now Supergirl was the only remaining opponent. She attacked Lisa at once but the Sverkcheloian girl noticed that her Kryptonian adversary did not have much more fighting skills than her cousin – and she attacked blindly: Kara punched – Lisa dodged. Kara kicked – Lisa evaded. Kara punched again – Lisa blocked and shouldered her in the next moment.

Supergirl caught herself fast but now Lisa had time to attack. One punch in her temple, one kick in her stomach and Kara Zor-El was defeated, too.

Green Lantern without his ring was no real opponent for Lisa: One punch sent him hundreds of metres away and if Lisa had not slowed down his fall telekinetically he would have died in an instant.

Kara recovered quickly but Lisa noticed it at once: “If you so much as try to attack once more I’ll make Kryptonite out of this ring – you know well it is possible and you also know what this will mean for you. If it isn’t enough to kill you at least it will weaken you enough to give me the time to go for my gun and that will.”

“What do you want?”

“If you leave me alone from now on I won’t harm you. But you’ve seen that you’re no match for me – not even with some of your little friends. I’ll do what I want on Earth and you may like it or not, you’ve no choose but to let it happen. Understood, little girl?!”

Supergirl rose up and tried to attack but before she had reached Lisa she saw the ring glow green and already felt the Kryptonite.

“I’ve warned you!” Lisa flew up, but stopped in midair. “I’ll be back in some seconds.”

Really she was back seconds later with her gun in her hand. Supergirl had recovered again and Wonder Woman was wakening, too.

“Now, what do you choose, sweet little Kara? Life or death?”


“Then fly away and don’t cross my ways any more. Same goes for you, Diana!” Lisa kicked into the air to warn Wonder Woman. Both women flew away and Supergirl took Green Lantern with her.

Lisa flew to her palace and with the help of the Green Lantern ring she managed to furnish some rooms. For the bed she had chosen a frame made of duranium which should be hard enough to support even her and Superman on it. She used the ring, too, to make the dunes around her palace steeper so that humans who happened to approach the place would not get up easily. She also changed the colour of the roofs to sandy in order to hide the palace to planes.

It crossed her mind that her, Superman and Supergirl might not be the only persons on Earth with X-ray-vision and therefore she flew back to the Fortress of Solitude, made some cells out of lead with doubled walls and took them with her to place them in a big hall in the ground floor of her own fortress. In these cells she would be able to do things unseen or even hold super-powered people as her prisoners if she wanted: To do this she would only have to fill the space between the walls with a substance that weakened their powers like Kryptonite if the captive happened to be Kryptonian.

She worked at her new residence all the morning, had lunch in Portugal and met Superman again in the late afternoon.

“I’ve got to apologize to you” he said as he saw her fiery look. “I’ve warned Kara but she didn’t want to listen. Thank you for not hurting her or the others.”

“Good boy!” She kissed him. “You’ve understood your situation well and I think your cousin will, too.”

“If you allow I’d like to beg you something …” he said shyly.


“Perhaps you could teach me some of the Martial Arts tricks you know. I’m not the only survivor from Krypton and I’ve never learned to fight against people who match my strength. Kara hasn’t, either. Lois has got some knowledge but I can’t practice with her because if I only punched her lightly I would kill her.”

“Okay, why not. Stand there, opposite me.” He obeyed.

“So, first of all you’ve got to learn how to avoid punches. You hit quite well but you’re an easy aim.”

Two hours she taught him how to evade in the last moment, how to protect his body with his hand against a punch and how to avoid presenting his whole torso after he had missed a punch. She was a strict teacher who punished every mistake he made by hitting him hard. Her own first lessons had been painful, too, although her master had never hit her with all of his power. Nor did she do with her pupil now but Superman got hurt sometimes.

For change Lisa allowed him to hit back after he had mastered the basic exercises. She tensed her body and sometimes blocked, but neither evaded nor counter-attacked in any form if he hit well. At the end she felt some of his blows although she did not get hurt seriously.

“Not too bad for your first lesson, Kal-El” she lauded. “But now it’s time for us to give each other our reward!”

While they were having sex she noticed there was something in his mind that was saddening him.

“You can talk openly about what occupies your mind” she offered. “And if I can help you I’ll do.” She kissed him again. “For I need you.”

“I’m ashamed to tell you this.”

“You needn’t – and, remember, I’ll find out – whether or not you want. But I prefer if you tell me.”

He took a deep breath. “Yesterday I failed” he confessed. “Some criminals managed to kidnap Lois while I was with you. They hold her in a cage made of Kryptonite. As they have Kryptonite I can’t do much against them. And as at least one of them is super-powered, too, nor can the police. But … can I really beg you for help? Wouldn’t it too much for you to free your rival? And what if Lois …”

“You haven’t understand anything so far, Kal. In my culture there is no such thing as rivalry as for sexual relationships, at least among young, unmarried people. There are some boys I fucked one night with my best friend watching me – and she had the same boy in her bed some days later. Same thing reversed, too. And as for Lois, she’ll never know about our relationship. You won’t tell her, will you? I won’t, either, and if she gets suspicious I’ll erase such thoughts out of her mind. But I’ll have to get prepared for Kryptonite is dangerous for me, too.” She giggled, “Well, to be honest, not for me but for people who might be unlucky enough to be around me if I get intoxicated. Now, first of all, tell me everything about the super-powered criminal you’ve spoken about.”

“His name is Terraman. He is nearly as strong as you or me but can’t fly and I’m not sure whether he’s completely invulnerable to Terran weapons. He owns a flying horse which is nearly as fast as me and a gun which has bullets as strong as nuclear bombs in it. Other bullets can create earthquakes.”

Lisa switched on the computer and looked for other information about Terraman. Really she found some. “He seems to be Terran-born but his genes improved. Do you think this is right?”

“Yes, I do” he replied. “This is what I heard about him, too.”

“In this case he can be hurt or weakened by any stuff that can hurt or weaken an ordinary Terran. We only need this stuff more concentrated” she concluded. “I’ll look for such materials.”

“Do you want to kill him?” he asked, shocked.

“You really are the boy-scout I’ve heard of” She giggled and kissed him. “Even with your worst enemies. But don’t be afraid: If I wanted to do this I wouldn’t have to look for any other stuff but one of his pistols to shoot him. I want to hold him as a prisoner and I’m looking for a stuff to avoid him from escaping. – Okay, here it is.” She copied the formula she had found on her pocket computer. Then she sat at the house-sized device again, pressed some other buttons, calculated, input some formulas and then, slowly, something that looked like a black leather jacket came outside.

What are you doing? Do you need new clothing?” Superman asked irritated.

Lisa giggled. “I always do for I’m a woman. But this time I need it for something special. What seems to be leather is a material called On’m*ch’gue – or at least something similar as I haven’t been able to copy it completely. Our soldiers wear armours made out of this material when they have to fight against venoms. It is nearly impervious to any substance but air. I don’t want my body to get into contact with the Kryptonite so it won’t affect me. – Shall I made such a suit for you, too?”

Thank you, but it won’t help. Kryptonite unfortunately affects me even if I only get near. I’ll be only able to help you if there isn’t any nearby, as for example if Terraman follows you.”

No problem. – Do you have anything that gives us the possibility to remain in contact during the fight?”

I think so” he opened a cupboard and took a watch out of it. Suddenly Lisa heard a very high-pitched tone.

What’s that?”

Can you hear it? Then it will do. The tone can practically be heard all over the world but it’s too sharp for humans and nearly all Terran animals. Here you are!” He handed her over a watch.

Every one of these watches has got its own tone. When you press the small button I know instantly where you are. So you can inform me if you need my help. There is also a microphone which you can talk to me through as soon as I’ve localized you.”

Okay, thank you!”

The printer had finished. A jacket, a helmet and trousers, boots and gloves by a pair all made out of the black, leather-like material were lying beneath it. Lisa took off the red and golden dress and the high-heeled shoes she was wearing and put the black suit on. Then she made her clothes small enough to be carried in one of the bags of her jacket, put her pocket-computer into the other and turned her bracelet before putting on her glove. In the next moment her face was a perfect copy of Lois’s.

Lisa?” Superman asked astonished.

Yes. I’m going to irritate these guys this way. – Now come. I’m hungry as a horse and I want your company before I’ll get into action.”

Sorry, I usually haven’t got any food here as I …”

“… don’t need to eat on Earth. I know. But as I do, I’ll have dinner before freeing Lois.”

They flew southwards, Lisa invisible. In New York they stopped in a deserted road where she made herself visible and he changed into his Clark-Kent-suit. So they went into an expensive restaurant.

The strange couple of a man in a business suit and a girl in leather drew people’s attention but Lisa thought her short dress would also do and she did not feel like creating a new suit.

They had a very good Italian menu with Saltimbocca as their main dish and drank two bottles of wine. Lisa wanted to pay her part but Clark forbade it.

“Thank you for the dinner and your company” she said when they were outside. “And now bye until you hear my call. Don’t be afraid for me!” She kissed him and looked around. When most people looked the other way she made herself invisible and took off.

Ten minutes later she arrived in Mexico at the place Superman had shown her on his computer. First she circled around and saw that at the moment only humans were there. Some of them had Kryptonite guns. She checked every person and weapon carefully: Eighteen persons were in and around the building. All of them had guns, six of the guns had Kryptonite in them. Two men were standing directly next to the room with the cage Lois was in. Lisa would have to eliminate these two before entering the cage.

She landed in front of the main door, made herself visible, opened the door and knocked down the two watchmen, taking away their guns in the act.

Nobody who was inside had seen or heard a thing. Lisa formed a ball of one of the guns, floated up the steps to the first floor and took ground there. The next man she met was shocked at seeing ‘Lois’ in a leather suit and with a gun in her hand. “Stand still, Lane, or you’re dead” he shouted.

Lisa went on, aiming her gun at him. He fired, the bullets bounced back, Lisa stretched out her hand and made his gun fly into it. Then she crushed it together with the other one, took a deep breath and blew the criminal into a wall, commanding his mind not to shout. After that she made him sleep, too and proceeded.

She decided it would be best to become invisible again if she wanted to keep Lois away from any danger. So she floated to the door of the room with the cage. Only there she got visible and run at the watchmen who fired instantly. Noticing the bullets of their machineguns bounced back harmlessly they took their Kryptonite weapons but Lisa moved them away before they could shoot. She let the two man alarm their comrades before she made them sleep, too.

Only some seconds later nine other men ran towards her, firing as soon as they saw her. Some of them used bullets which bounced back, others Kryptonite, which covered her in a green cloud but did not have any other effects on her. She knocked them out one after another, crushed their guns to a ball and threw the Kryptonite next to it.

No sooner she was done with them she scanned the building for the four remaining men who were standing at different places. It did not take Lisa more than two seconds to defeat them and destroy their weapons. After that she carried all the man to the room in front of the one with the cage.

She opened the lock telekinetically, greeted Lois who had been shocked at hearing the bullets and tore the cage apart. Lois shouted loudly but Lisa lowered down her voice.

“Go out and stay in front of the room!” she ordered. “Then I’ll explain.” Lois obeyed, wondering who the woman who had exactly the same face as her was but understanding well she had no choice but to do what the stranger said. Lisa pulled the criminals in, three in each hand and four telekinetically. Then she went for the rest of them and shut the door again. She calculated the walls were hard and dense enough to make it impossible for humans to escape.

Before she dealt with Lois she made a ball out of the rests of the cage and the Kryptonite around, took it, rocketed through the roof and threw it into the orbit. Having done this she landed.

“Who are you?” Lois asked. “You’re obviously superhuman, but not Kryptonian, are you?”

Lisa shook her head. “I’m a friend of Kal-El’s or Clark Kent’s or Superman’s. My home planet is far away, in a galaxy you Earthlings haven’t even heard about. Call me Lisa – Oops!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Terraman – a super-powered and armed gangster – is approaching. You better put on my suit and give me your clothes.”

“But …”

“No buts. Do what I say if you want to leave this building alive!” She threw off her jacket, trousers, helmet, gloves and boots. Lois did the same with her costume and shoes. Lisa put it on and emailed the police where they could find the criminals.

Just when Terraman flew through the roof Lois was ready, too. Lisa grabbed her and flew up. Terraman fired two of his bullets one of which bouncing off Lisa’s back the other off the On’m*ch’gue jacket Lois was wearing. Lisa turned round, took away Terraman’s guns and flew to her palace in the desert where she carried Lois to one of the leaded cells. “Here you’ll be safe until I’m done with this guy” she explained. “I’ll free you when the danger is over. If you’re lucky Superman himself will take you home.”

Lois still wondered who this woman who seemed to know everything about her was. Probably she really was from a far galaxy. She, Lois, could only hope Lisa was really a friend.

Lisa flew up and alarmed Superman. Terraman had created a Tornado and sent it into her direction but Lisa blew it back across the sea.

When she attacked Terraman she already saw Superman. “Either you deal with him or you destroy the tornado!” she shouted. He decided for the latter. Seeing that Lisa went on.

Without his sidearms Terraman did not stand the slightest chance against her. Lisa knocked him out and took him with her, put him into one of the cells and filled the space between the walls with concentrated lethal gas which she created on her computer. Waking him up she explained him the mechanism. “So, if you try to escape, this gas will kill you. If you remain here and behave well I won’t let you die.”

Not waiting for an answer she flew out and positioned herself on the roof. Superman had destroyed the tornado but seemed to hesitate to approach.

“Come here!” Lisa yelled. “Lois won’t see and I don’t mind.”

He did and embraced her. “Thank you so much! How can I …”

“By not being so shy!” She grabbed his head and kissed him deeply. “Now it’s best you watch if the Mexican police really takes the gang to prison. I’ll wait you here with Lois.” She kissed him goodbye and watched him fly away.

She flew into a room which had been empty so far. There she made some iron walls and fixed them together to a cupboard with her Green Lantern ring. Then she put Terraman’s weapons into it, deciding to use it for all her captured weapons except for the ring.

Searching on her computer for the next town she made a big pot and some cups. After that she flew to the town and bought some coffee, milk, sugar and pieces of cake. Using her X-ray-vision she found water under the ground and made a hole in it creating a fountain this way. At this fountain she filled her pot with water and boiled it with a small part of her hot radiation. Then she created another pot and a filter which she used to make coffee.

When she was done she freed Lois and led her to the coffee table. There she told her about herself and her life on earth, lying she had got to know Superman just by accident and offered him her help when she noted she was immune to Kryptonite.

Superman was back only minutes later and could tell he had had to push the police a little but now the criminals were in the prison. Lisa told him so was Terraman. He counselled her to build an alarm system in case her security device should fail.

At the table he did not dare to kiss or embrace either of the two women. Noticing this Lisa mind-commanded Lois to sleep for some seconds.

“I don’t mind if you kiss Lois before my eyes, Kal. And if you want, you can take her home at once. When I want to meet you again, however, I will. And one day we’ll inaugurate my new dormitory.”

He hesitated, still feeling uncomfortable with her extremely liberal moral views.

“Or do you prefer leaving Lois for me?” He still hesitated, so she continued: “I’ve fulfilled all my promises so far, haven’t I? I’ve told you what I’m going to let you do and what I expect from you. I’m going to keep my promises again but I’m not going to let you discuss my conditions. For you, if you ask me, it will be better to keep Lois for I don’t know how long I’ll stay on Earth. Nevertheless I’m going to let you make this decision yourself.” She kissed him. He answered the kiss first reluctantly, but then willingly. He forced himself to separate from her. “Okay, I’ll stay with Lois and take her home.”

“Good decision!” Lisa took her arms from him and woke up Lois again. Now Superman did not hesitate to kiss Lois.

Half an hour later they left. Lisa watched them fly, not regretting her decision. She still could do what she wanted with Superman and there was also Terraman who, if she should feel any sexual desires, would have to obey and looked extremely good, too.


Some light years away Captain Jason was equipping the ship that would teleport him to Earth. Sonia was helping him, together with three young soldiers called Noora, Ian and Zaid. Ian had also been with them on their journey from Sverkcheloy to the exploring ship.

On this journey his last concerns about Sonia had been destroyed: She had behaved as a well-disciplined soldier should have, obeying every order and cooperating with the other soldiers while on duty although she and Ian had obviously felt lust for each other from the first moment they had got to know. Of course, once off duty there was no question what the two young soldiers had been doing, but this was their right in their free time.

Everything ready?” he asked. The four others stood at attention.

Everything on board and fixed, captain.” Noora answered. “Private Noora, spaceman Ian, spaceman Zaid and spacewoman recruit Sonia ready to leave, sir.”

Okay. Stand comfortably!” He went in, checked the ship and ordered the four of them to follow him. Then he closed the door and solved the ship from the main ship.

Fasten your belts” he commanded. “We’ll start teleporting in exactly two minutes. In two hours, if everything goes well, we’ll be near enough to Earth to be able to land. Tell me when ready!”

The belts clicked and a second later the four young soldiers answered simultaneously “Ready, captain!”

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