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Lisa ordered Lea to eat and drink enough to survive four or five days of teleporting and made the slaves prepare some durable food for the days after that. After their last dinner on Doolur the two women had a break of three hours before they entered Lisa’s spaceship. Lea was listening to music by an earring specialized in this. Nevertheless she sometimes asked Lisa questions about Earth and told her how much she was looking forward.

It took them half an hour to get out of the Solar System Doolur belonged to. Lisa prepared for teleporting, controlled whether Lea had taken on the safety belts. She asked her if she wanted a pill to be able to sleep while teleporting but the girl shook her head: “I’m used to it, though not through such distances. We’ve got to do it every time we visit my grandparents.” Lisa was happy at reading the teleportation would probably only take three and a half days. She fastened her belts and pulled the lever.


Three and a half days later the system told “teleportation successful”. Lisa looked at the screen and noticed they had landed quite near the Terran Solar System, in Terrestrial measure about 15 billions of kilometres or half a “light day”. Lisa had calculated it would be more than a light year. In this case they would enter Earth’s Atmosphere in a quarter of an hour.


When they did Lisa told Lea to watch at the screen how Terran girls were dressed and change into one before landing – she had given Sonia’s daughter a shape-change-bracelet for birthday two years ago.

Lea chose the shape of a girl with blond shoulder-long hair and quite a sportive figure. She wore an ultra-short white skirt and a wine-read top which left her cleavage and shoulders free. Her high-heeled sandals were wine-red, too. Lisa looked at her critically but when she compared her to some girls on the screen it was clear Terran girls of Lea’s age weren’t dressed in a different manner in the parts of the planet where it was summer. For herself she had chosen a black and red dress, dark brown hair, long, red fingernails and black shoes with heels about half the height of Lea’s.

“Aren’t you a little too tall for a Terran girl?” she just asked.

“I don’t think so” Lea answered. “Terran girls are about 1.70 to 1.75 m, and I’m 1.86 at the moment – there are some girls who are that tall.”

“But you’ll draw attention.”

“We’re something special, aren’t we? And if we want we can erase any reminding from the Earthlings’ minds, can’t we?”

“Yes, we can. – Listen: If I notice I’ll have to change more than three Earthlings’ minds this evening to make sure they don’t note you’re not one of their kind you change into a less eye-catching shape. Otherwise you can look this way. Ok?”



They entered Earth’s atmosphere, Lisa looked for the place where her palace had been and landed there; they got out at once. Obviously no Terran had found the palace so far. The furniture had not been damaged much; just the beds needed new blankets and sheets but Lisa’s board computer produced new ones in a second.

Lea hovered above the marble floor of the big hall, landed from time to time to dance gracefully on one foot. While doing this she looked through the walls into several rooms. “Have you really produced all this on a computer?” she asked admiringly. “And on a Kryptonian, haven’t you?”

“Yes, I have. Do you like it?”

“Of course I do. It’s fantastic. We can think of how to furniture the other rooms but I’d never have thought anybody could make such things on a computer. Perhaps you can show me…”

“It wasn’t our software, it was Kryptonian. But I’m sure my board computer would be able to do the same. Of course, this house would not be hard enough to stand against the winds on Sverkcheloy; on Doolur, I don’t know. But, I must tell you, I’m hungry now.”

“So am I – do we still have food on board?”

“Yes, we have, but I prefer Terran food. Let’s see, Lea… it’s about half past three in this zone; too late for lunch and too soon to have dinner. But this is no problem for on this planet we can fly everywhere within some seconds.” She looked at the display of her computer again and decided to go to Thailand for their first dinner.

They left the palace, made themselves invisible, took off and within seconds were above the Indic Ocean. After some minutes they landed in Bangkok where Lisa had already made out a bank. Looking around carefully she switched off the watching cameras, stretched out her hand and in an instant was holding a million of Bahts in it. She switched on the camera again and scanning around for some seconds she made out a restaurant where rich people seemed to go.


They did not become visible before they were standing in front of the restaurant. In their shapes they drew attention, especially Lea due to her height, but as Lisa soon found out nobody thought they were from another planet.

In the hotel there was a big buffet and both women tried from everything. Lisa ordered a bottle of wine and a pot of sato. First, Lisa was unsure whether or not to allow Lea to drink alcohol but soon she noticed it had as little effect on the girl as it had on her.

Both of them liked most of the dishes and ate each as much as two and a half persons would. They stayed in the restaurant till late at night. Between the different dishes Lea was from time to time looking through the walls to see what was going on in the city. She begged Lisa to come again and watch the temples. She also noticed Martial Arts were quite popular in this country. As her pocket computer was not as good at recognizing languages as Lisa’s was she had some trouble to understand everything and to tell what she wanted.

They were watched by the men around but few of them dared to talk to them. It was nearly ten o’clock when a man, obviously a European, tried to invite Lisa but she ignored him and claimed not to understand English.

Lea asked her in Sverkcheloian why she did this: “This guy doesn’t look that bad for a night, does he?”

“Indeed he doesn’t”, Lisa answered. “But we’ll have to get sure we know how to use our powers on this planet. Our energy rays can kill any human if we aren’t careful enough and if we squeeze one of them he’ll die in an instant, too.”

Lea did not answer and closed her mind what made Lisa wonder but she did not care very much. She paid the bill, they went out, made themselves invisible again in a lonely place and flew home.


In Africa it nearly had become evening. Lisa scanned the environment of her palace quickly and then suggested Lea to practice how to control their powers.

“I’ve learned how to control my energy rays at school” the girl said. “Watch!” She released a burst of heat from her eyes and melted a man-sized builder in the act. Lisa applauded and tried the same thing herself. Not only did it take her three tries, she also failed to melt a smaller rock completely.

“We sometimes scare the Doolurian slaves by releasing as much heat as it is necessary to let our eyes glow red” Lea told her and did so. “This isn’t really dangerous but they know it would if we did more. Of course, none of my friends would ever fight with his or her heat vision.”

“Have you also learned how to control your strength?” Lisa wanted to know. “Just in case you meet an Earthling. You could kill him or her by accident, just by embracing him or her.”

“I know. Look!” Lea flew away and came back after some seconds with a stone in one hand and a branch with some leaves in the other. She then squeezed the stone into dust while holding the branch telekinetically and tearing out one of the leaves without damaging the rest of the branch. “My powers might be a thousand times stronger on Earth than they are on Doolur but I’ve learned how to control them.” She sent a hot ray from her finger to just one small point of a rock which caught fire instantly, then lifted a boulder telekinetically and after that flew away and gave Lisa a sign to follow her. She led her to a pond only some miles away, sent a cold ray which froze a big part of the water in the act. “You needn’t be worried about me on this planet.”

Lisa had to admit Lea could control her powers much better than she could herself. Furthermore she also seemed to be stronger than her. They lifted big boulders, first telekinetically, then threw them into the air. Yes, Lea was better at telekinesis and threw higher.

“Catch me!” the girl shouted and flew away.

“Invisible!” Lisa ordered. Lea obeyed without slowing down. Lisa followed her. She still was as fast as she had been as a young girl. In half a minute she had surrounded the Earth twice, but the distance to Lea had grown and it grew more in the third round. Lea even accelerated and disappeared from Lisa’s view. After some minutes she landed again at the palace and told Lisa proudly she had managed to flew around the planet in twelve seconds and done this four times. Lisa applauded her but at the same time got a little worried finding out Lea was stronger and fast than her. She calmed herself that Sonia’s daughter had not given her any reason to be worried about so far: She behaved well and admired Lisa more than Lisa herself wanted.


Lisa flew to city about 1,000 km away, bought two bottles of wine they emptied together in the evening before Lea went sleeping. Lisa sent a signal to Superman whom she wanted to visit as soon as possible. They had stayed in contact as far as it was possible over such a long distance. He had informed Lisa he had been able to find a way to strengthen his beloved Lois far enough that it was possible to have sex with her without killing her. They had married and had a daughter named Clara which was about Lea’s age – if time on Earth had gone by about as fast as on Doolur, which, according to Lisa’s calculation, was the case. Clara shared some of her father’s powers such as super-strength, though not at his level, flight and invulnerability; when exposed to kryptonite she lost these powers for some time, but due to her Terrestrial mother she could not be killed or hurt by the substance. Since it had become more and more known how kryptonite could be made out of Terrestrial substances and criminals had used it, Clara had sometimes had to help her father, although he was ashamed to put the girl into danger.

He had freed Terra-Man who, as Superman said, had behaved well and not contacted any criminal. Lisa doubted this was true and had warned him to trust the former criminal, but Superman had stayed the boy-scout he had always been, not only helpful but also thinking the best things about criminals who claimed to have changed their minds – in her opinion this was somewhat imprudent if you could not read minds.

She soon received an answer he and Lois were happy to welcome Lisa and Lea and suggested the next-but-one evening which Lisa accepted. After this message to him she went to bed herself.


Lea, who was used to the rhythm of a 13-hours-day, woke up at three o’clock, wondering everything was still dark and Lisa sleeping, too. When half an hour later nothing had changed she got up, took over more or less the same shape and outfit as the day before and flew away.

This time she did not fly at maximum speed but watched the life under her better. On the Indic Ocean she made out a big oil tanker and tried to lift it telekinetically. She could lift it a little, but not really move it high into the air. When she put her hand under it, however, she did not have any problems. She carried it high in the air like a waitress would carry a dinner tray and after some seconds moved it down, erasing the memories from the sailors` brains.

When she reached Australia the people were at work and the children at school. She watched some classes from far away, shaking her head about what Earthlings of her age learned – she had already known such things when she was in her first grade. There was no way these Earthlings were human beings – in fact even the Doolurians, slaves without anything which could be called mind, were more intelligent.


She turned North and came to China and then to the winter landscape of Mongolia and Siberia. To her, the temperature of more than 40 °C below zero was something she noticed, but she did not feel any discomfort – it was as if a Terrestrial would go from a sunny to a shadowy place. The Earthlings, however, were all wearing thick clothing if they had to go onto the streets.

When she saw some cars on a frozen river she decided to test the time Earthlings needed for a reaction: She melted the one-meter-thick ice with a quick burst of her heat-vision and a car went into the water without the driver noticing the ice was gone. A cold ray from Lea’s finger let the ice come back and closed the Earthling`s grave.

Heading farer to the East she came to a military base where she stopped for a little play: She programmed her pocket computer for Russian and after this read from the soldiers` minds how the weapons worked. Then she grabbed a tank and threw it onto the barrack room where the soldiers who were there were killed in an instant by it. Another tank she did melt with her heat vision, a third one was lifted telekinetically into the air, where she caught it and threw it over some kilometres into the Pacific Ocean.

In this act she had made herself visible. The soldiers thought the devil or at least a phantom had come when they saw the floating girl throw a tank. They did not hesitate, however, to open fire on her. The projectiles from the tanks and machineguns got her, bounced back again and often killed the soldiers who were not sitting in a tank.

After some seconds Lea changed her tactic: When shot by a tank she flew away in the last moment, making the tanks move their cannons until they got other tanks.

Lea`s next move was to use her telekinesis to move the projectiles to other tanks and the barracks. She found out the tanks could easily destroy houses, but not completely destroy other tanks. So she had to do it: She flew down and through the remaining tanks as if the heavy, armed steel was thin paper. All the tanks were ripped away when she run through them at her maximum speed. With her heat vision she destroyed the rest of the barrack and the remaining tanks. Then she used her pocket computer to find the controlling system. It took her more than ten minutes to enter it and erase the information about the camp she had just destroyed – she was not nearly as good at such things as Lisa was.


When she was sure the country`s military commanders would not find out too quickly what had happened she took off again, flew South-East over Canada and the USA to Brazil, where noon already had passed. Watching some boys playing football she decided to have her fun with them: She let the ball and sometimes the player move through the air as she wanted. Seven goals were shot before one of the players managed to touch the ball again, because Lea had lost the mood to deal with them. She decided against killing them and erased the reminders of what had happened from their brains instead.

She rocketed into the air and came down at a beach seconds later. She swam and dived through the water a little, dried by moving at superspeed and landed on the beach. Some young men were around her at once. She accepted an invitation and enjoyed it when two men started to fight about her.

The man who had invited her, whose name happened to be Sese, asked her to go along the beach with him. She followed, letting him put his arm around her.

Once they had got out of sight, however, she grabbed him and flew up and away with him in her arms, too fast for human eyes to follow.

The man was shouting of fear. Lea mind-commanded him to be quiet, stopped in mid-air, allowed him to shout again, ripped away his left, then is right arm and in the end tore his body clearly in two halves which she let fall into the sea.

After her last killing she returned to Africa, which she rounded twice, before going back to Lisa`s palace. She laid down without really being able to sleep. Instead she sat up and looked on her computer what Earthlings had for breakfast. Early in the morning she left again, flew to a city, looked for a bakery where she let some cakes fly into her hands, which she made the people there forget in an instant, and did the same with a big pot of coffee which a street seller was offering. She made the poor man think he had forgotten his things at home and laughed about how easily Earthlings were to manipulate.

She hoped Lisa would be happy about being surprised with a breakfast and not worry about what Lea had done during the night.

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