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New Adventures

Written by Martino :: [Sunday, 27 July 2014 11:07] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 27 July 2014 11:30]

Lisa had just been awakening when Lea entered the palace. She thanked very much for the breakfast. Lea told her she had not been able to sleep because she was used to another day rhythm and so she had flown around a little and bought some food. Lisa did not try to find out what else the girl had done. They ate with great appetite and after breakfast left for Bangkok as Lea had suggested. This time Lea had chosen to wear a black miniskirt and a golden top which covered even less than the pink one she had worn the day before. Lisa did not say a word about it.

Just three minutes after leaving they arrived at Bangkok and this although they really had not hurried up. They landed in a little alley near the Grand Palace where they made themselves visible. From there they went over to the palace and entered it together with other tourists. Lea soon got bored because Lisa did not allow her to go fast as she wanted to seem as much human as possible: They were not much faster than other tourists but due to their higher intelligence they recognized and remembered every detail in the same time an ordinary human would need to get just an overview.

Due to the time difference it was nearly evening in Thailand when they were ready. Lisa suggested not having dinner there but flying back to Africa and having lunch in an African country. “You should get to know some more types of Terrestrial cuisine” she said. They flew to South Africa where they enjoyed grilled ostrich and an excellent wine.

Lea was tired after lunch given she was awake for nearly eleven hours, quite a long time on Doolurian standards. “If I can have a siesta today tomorrow I’ll get into Terran rhythm. When we visit my grandparents on Sverkcheloy it usually takes me two or three days, too.” While she was sleeping Lisa searched for Terra-Man on her pocket computer and found out he lived in the Mexican desert. She contacted him and suggested meeting in the evening. Although Terra-Man remembered well she had defeated and caught him during her first stay on Earth and she had no means of influencing him he agreed at once after she had just sent him a picture of herself.

When Lea woke up she wanted to fly to Thailand again but Lisa informed her it was already late at night there and she doubted whether anything worth visiting was still open. “So what?” Lea asked. “We can see at night as well as during the day and we can open closed doors, can’t we?” Lisa had to agree and so they flew there once again and visited quite some temples alone at night, opening the doors invisible and watching carefully nobody could see them. Lea was fascinated about what she saw. “Why don’t you make some Terrestrial slaves?” she asked Lisa. “They could cook for us, furniture your palace and when we don’t need them any more you could leave them free and make them forget they’ve worked for us – or even I could.”

It’s not that easy. Of course we can make any Terran do what we want but I’m not sure whether we can make them forget permanently what they’ve seen for a week. Furthermore, it only takes us some seconds to go to a restaurant or café. As we’ll only stay for about three weeks it isn’t worth making slaves, in my opinion.”

They did not discuss about making slaves. Instead they flew back and had dinner somewhere in Tanzania. Lisa went to bed soon this evening, knowing well she would have to get up at four o’clock to meet Terra-Man at seven o’clock Mexican time, five o’clock Central African time. She had told Lea before she would not be back before about noon but Lea answered this was no problem for her.

Have a nice evening with him!” she wished.

Have you…?”

When you started telling it was clear you wanted to meet a man. I´ve just read from your mind who he is. And I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of.”

Of course not.” Lisa giggled. “Or would you like me to take him with me to give you the possibility to have your fun with him, too?”

No, thanks. The first boy to have real sex with me will be one of our kind and in fact I`ve already chosen him.” It was Ryan, her teammate, who had suggested her this the day before. She told some things about him and closed her mind to avoid Lisa from getting to know she and her friends had often made slaves massage their breasts and clitoris to get sexually aroused and then punished them for touching them. Lea did not want her mother, who considered Doolurian slaves as human beings, know about such things.

Lea was already awake and studied some things about Earth on her pocket computer. She found out there were countries where women had to cover their entire bodies and other countries where men went in groups to rape a woman. She decided to visit such countries this morning as she had noted quite well how much she and Lisa were attracted by Terran men. She, on her side, had nearly no sexual interests in Earthlings whom she considered more as animals than as human beings – apart from the fact that she would probably hardly feel it when one of them was touching her breasts – but she thought it would be fun to deliberately break their laws and show them how little they could do against her.

When Lisa had gone away Lea first flew a little past her and watched her by her telescopic vision but she could not see much so far: Lisa and Terra-Man were kissing, Terra-Man looked good, in Lea’s opinion, they went to a restaurant.

Lea noticed she was hungry herself. In most parts of Africa it was still dark night but on the Arabian Peninsula shops were already open. She found a bakery where she made herself visible after circling a round above it. While other women were wearing long, dark dresses and had their hairs and faces covered Lisa appeared in a pink top, a white pair of trousers and pink sandals. She enjoyed the men’s looks, hypnotized the shop assistant to serve her first and let her go without paying and left again. In another shop she bought some coffee. Back in Lisa’s palace she scanned the ground for a fountain under it, made the water spring out, filled a pot with it, boiled the water with her heat-vison and made coffee this way.

After she had had breakfast she flew to Saudi-Arabia once again, circling invisible above some cities and looking into the houses and through the people’s clothes. In her opinion the women here had cuter faces and bodies than in Thailand or in any part of Africa. So she adopted the light brown skin and black hair of an Arabian woman when she became visible on a beach. She just remained taller than an ordinary Terrestrial woman and made sure her breasts were somewhat bigger, too. Her upper arms seemed to belong to a man, according to Sverkcheloian fashion – in her culture where women are generally at least not much weaker than man and practice sports together with them big muscles on women or girls are considered attractive, too.

Lea was lying on the beach naked, jumped into the water sometimes and soon got the attention of many people. A man shouted at her to go away. Lea did not react, although she had programmed her pocket computer for Arabic. After some minutes some uniformed men with whips in their hands were approaching. They threatened Lea to hit her if she did not go somewhere to cover her body but once again she did not react until they really started to whip her.

She started giggling involuntarily because the whips were tickling her a little. First she enjoyed this but soon she did not feel well with it any more. So she took away the whips from the men’s hands by a wave of hers. While the men were still discussing about attacking her she hit one of them quite lightly (in relation to her strength). The man, however, flew some metres through the air and was badly hurt when he landed again.

Now his comrades did not hesitate to attack her. Lea, seeing they had no firearms with them, only reacted half-heartedly: She lifted them telekinetically, made them sink again and mind-commanded one of them to call the armed police and then all of them sleep. Not before hearing the sirens she started to rip away the men’s bodies. She deliberately positioned herself in front of the squad car in a way they could see very well she was naked and she was cruelly killing the man: She lifted one of them off the ground, ripped away his hands, then broke his arms in two, then tore away his legs bit by bit and at the end divided his head and torso clearly in two halves by a chop of her hand.

The policemen were in fear at seeing her. “A monster! We’ve got to flee!” one of them shouted and jumped back into the car, only to notice it was not moving at all.

Shit!” he shouted.

Then there’s no other way. Fire!” The commander ordered. The men shot at Lea, who was standing calmly, letting all the bullets bounce back until the magazines were emptied. She even let two policemen reload but then she acted: “Let’s change this a little bit!” she said, giggling. “I’d like to shoot a little, too!”

With these words she outstretched her hand and one of the guns moved from his owner’s hand, stopped in mid-air, turned around and started firing at the men.

Lisa aimed excellently in her telekinetic shots: Each bullet got one of the men directly into his heart and killed him instantly. The only survivor was the man who had tried to drive away. He was thinking about a way to flee from this monster but as soon as his eyes met Lea’s his mind was gone. When he heard her say “Stay here to let me have my fun with you!” he obeyed without hesitating or even thinking this beautiful girl would surely kill him within seconds.

Lea first turned to the remaining three men who had attacked her with whips, members of the Religious Police, whom she killed by ripping their bodies away as she had done with their comrades. When she was done with them she grabbed the surviving policeman and started to embrace him. He was sexually aroused instantly and started kissing Lisa and trying to knead her breasts. As she had foreseen it she hardly felt this. She embraced him, constantly strengthening her grip and deliberately sending out warm, then hot rays and went on doing so for about ten minutes until the man was dead.

With her heat-vision she melted the cars and burned down the men’s bodies to ash. To clean her own skin it was enough to turn her bracelet a little. Out of the melted cars she made a ball, due to the extremely high pressure she was applying not much bigger than a basketball but weighing more than five tons. She threw it up and caught it again some times, then took off and seeing a big city nearby she threw the iron ball onto the most populated place killing at least ten people and creating a hole of about one hundred metres depth in the act.

She shook her head, not content with her aim. So she approached, pulled the ball out again telekinetically and landed in the city where she threw the ball through a hundred bodies. All these bodies exploded in an instant; the iron ball went unbraked through a house killing a woman working in it and flowing out onto a narrow alley where Lea caught it again.

The people on the square were shouting though nobody had seen exactly what had happened: Lea had thrown too fast for human eyes. They just saw some human bones, fingers and lots of blood on the floor and a big, round hole in the wall of a house.

Noticing this Lea smiled and only erased the reminders of some persons who had at least seen the line the bomb had made.

Soon police were on the place to search what they believed had been a terrorist attack. Lea thought whether she should attack them but then decided against it: She was sure the killing would make it into the country’s mass media and she did not want anything leading directly to her written or sent in the media as in this case Lisa would probably find out and surely she would be angry if she did. So Lea remained invisible and flew away following a big street. When she found a military camp, however, she could not withstand: She flew through two tanks at maximum speed, destroying them in the act with the parts which were flying away killing some soldiers. Instantly the others opened fire. Lea let just some bullets bounce off her body, then lifted a tank telekinetically, grabbed it, swung it over her head and threw it at the soldiers killing and burying them at once. She scanned the barracks carefully for survivors and killed one by one, once by her heat-vision, once by catching a bullet he fired at her and throwing it back, one by throwing him against the next wall at supersonic speed.

That day she already had some routine in changing the data on Terrestrial computer systems by her computer and only needed five minutes to erase everything about the attack. Having done this she could not withstand the temptation to take one of the tanks with her and throw it onto another city where it killed more people. She melted the tank by her heat-vision and erased the reminder from the brains of people who had seen the tank flying – in fact, it had been few who had – but was sure the local media would write something.

Rocketing into the sky and watching Lisa’s palace she found out Lisa still wasn’t there. So she decided to fly to the coast again, sunbath and look what the Earthlings had noted. She found out the Saudi government counted with terrorist attack they could not explain.

While Lea was lying and searching her computer she was greeted by the Religious Police again. Three men first shouted at her, then started to whip her. Not wanting to deal with them for a long time Lea turned round, sent out a big burst of her hot radiation and burned both the three men and their car to ash in less than a second.

Lisa had enjoyed the evening and the night with Terra-Man, who, as soon as she arrived, proved to be as horny as she was. They were already French-kissing between main dish and desert and no sooner they entered his house he took off all his clothes and threw Lisa onto his bed.

Never had a woman like you for ages. Don’t think I’ll have to be careful.”

Of course not.” Lisa made her clothes vanish, embraced and kissed him. “Show me what you can, Toby!”

They went on having sex for half an hour; when they were done a big part of the house was destroyed but luckily Lisa was able to restore it by her computer.

In the night they talked about their lives. Terra-Man had found a job as an actor. With the help of some persons from the Justice League he mostly kept his identity secret, using his super-powers only to ride to the Moon or the Mars on his flying horse. Lisa told him about her job and that she was on Earth with Lea, whom she called her niece.

“’d like to see her one day” he said.

Lisa saw what he had in his mind but remembering Lea was stronger than herself while Terra-Man was weaker she wasn’t afraid: She would be able to control what the two of them did and Lea would be able to fight back if Terra-Man wanted something she did not.

Lisa returned to her palace at noon while Lea was already waiting. The girl told her she had been in Asia watching the cities and the people, spoke about veiled women and long-bearded men, big buildings with golden domes, big deserts and high mountains. So she hoped Lisa would not try to read her mind.

Lisa suggested having lunch in Italy but told her as in Europe was winter they would have to dress properly not to draw too much attention. She insisted in Lea wearing boots and a jacket to her white trousers and pink top. Lea obeyed, although her jacket was just only thin.

They enjoyed a menu consisting of pasta, fish and tiramisu as a dessert and in the afternoon visited Naples. In the evening they flew back to sleep for some hours as Lisa had dated Superman at seven o’clock US Central Time, three o’clock in the morning East European or Central African Time. Lea was very curious to get to know the man Lisa had spoken so much about and his family.

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