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Not the One – From Strength to Strength – Chapter 01-04

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Not the One – From Strength to Strength

By Dru

Chapter 1

She was not the one. The intended recipient was a wise, caring and devoted individual who would have used the limitless potential to secure peace throughout the galaxy.

Susan was bitter. Having just been fired from another poor paying job she was angry and frustrated. The world was not a good place from her point of view, but she saw no choice but to live in it. What good would slashing her wrists do? That would only give those who held her down time to do other things.

Her boyfriend, gone now for three weeks, had called her last night. That was the one good thing about this particular day. He had talked about how badly he’d messed up, and kept on saying how sorry he was about it, and before Susan knew it she was in his bed. They had made love all night, which was why Susan had gotten fired.

“Late again, Ms Beecroft,” the stern supervisor had observed. “This will be the last time.”

Along the way home went into a shop to buy cigarettes, only to step into a robbery. The gunman swung the shotgun around and blasted instinctively, but another woman saved Susan from a painful demise. The heroic stranger dove between gun and victim, taking the gust of death that would have blown out Susan’s flame.

The horrified gunman departed with haste, leaving the shopkeeper and Susan alone with the mortally wounded lady. Susan rushed to her saviours side, hollering at the shopkeeper to call an ambulance. The bleeding woman spoke to Susan, her voice very quiet.

“Go to central station, you must hurry … if you want to take my place …”

“Be quiet, stupid! You’re going to die.”

“It’s very important … take my necklace so they’ll think you’re me …”

Susan’s mind created an image of a drug deal of some kind, and this girl collecting money from a man in Central Station. A man who knew only the necklace … not the wearer.

“Okay.” Susan reefed the necklace off the woman, who she now firmly believed was a courier for some criminal organisation, and asked what time she had been going to make the pick-up.

“Twelve thirty. You must hurry.”

Susan did. Not waiting for the ambulance she went straight to the station.

Time was short, and she only just managed to make it.

“Raelene Kirby?”

A man in a black suit was quite suddenly beside her. He was huge, and held a small package.

“That’s me. Good old Rae …”

“This is what was promised. Be careful with it, and keep it on you all the time.”

Taking the package, Susan turned it over in her hands. When she looked back up, the strange man had vanished. Susan did the same thing, smiling to herself and wandering into the women’s toilets to sit in a stall and open her surprise package. It turned out to be a ring. Just a plain old ring made of some weird metal. The disappointment was so great she almost threw it away in disgust. It seemed a cruel joke now. But Susan slipped the ring on, and felt different about everything.

There was flash of bright light, and Susan found herself in the middle of a whiling mass of colour. At first it terrified her, then she felt euphoric as the connection was made between her and an unimaginably powerful source of energy. When the whirling stopped and the colours vanished, Susan looked around in amazement. Somehow she knew what had happened. And the more she thought about it, the more she understood and happier she got.

Looking down at her flabby, unattractive body, she was aware that she didn’t have to look like that anymore. The ring on her finger had many capabilities.

And now she would see if all this was for real. Watching her forearm, Susan started to reduce her level of body fat, burning it away by will alone. She kept going until she was as slim as a supermodel.

Leaving the stall and making her way to a mirror, Susan changed her face so that she was more than beautiful. A part of her felt that she should be terrified as she watched her face change to become her idealised self-portrait. But mostly it was as though she had been waiting to have these astonishing powers all her life. She went out into the station, where the man who had given her the ring waited.

“You’re the wrong person,” he accused, holding out his hand. “Give it back.”

“No way, fella. That other lady’s dead anyway.”

He took a step back, frowning at the unforeseen disaster that had taken place.

“You don’t know what you’re doing. Give that ring to me before someone gets killed.”

“Where does it come from?”

“Give it back.”

“You don’t know where it comes from, do you?” she asked, somehow sensing his line of thought.

“No. But I know that you have to give it back so we can choose another.”

“I’m as good as anyone else you’ll find!” Susan declared. “Why couldn’t I do the job?”

“We haven’t even assessed you yet.”

“I’m probably the best person on Earth for this. You know I saved a frog once?”

“I’m sure you’re a very nice person, but there’s a lot of responsibility involved in this job.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know where this ring came from, but I know what it can do. And I know that while I’m wearing it, it belongs to me. And while it belongs to me I’m going to protect it and keep it safe.”

“It’s not yours. There’s a council of elders …”

Susan concentrated real hard, blotting out his words, staring intently into this strange mans eyes. She could definitely sense what this guy was feeling, and the more she focused the more she could detect until she began to listen to his words before he spoke them.

“Wow. This ring gives me a lot of potential.”

“You weren’t even listening to me.”

“Oh yes. I heard you.” She smiled, transmitting a thought straight into his head. And the ring is mine now. So fuck off.

“She’s learning fast,” he thought to himself, unaware he was now sharing his every sensation with Susan. She frightened him, and aroused him.

“And perhaps you can help me learn faster.”

He made to leave, but she stopped him. Knowing he would respond, Susan drew in close and embraced him with a kiss. Her body was many times harder and stronger than his, and he was powerless to resist her. As their lips met he melted into his captivity and wallowed in it. Susan delved much deeper than he suspected as she began exploring his mind for information. He twitched a little every now, but otherwise gave no outward sign of the terrifying experience he was going through. Susan had absolutely no idea of what she was doing, learning as she went. Whenever she came across something that the alien visitor (As she leaned he was) tried to keep from her, Susan simply tapped into her bottomless power source and barged through him. When she released him from the kiss he fell motionless to the ground. Nothing more now than an empty husk, his memories destroyed and his subconscious in tatters. He never said more than three words again.

Susan now knew all about the ring, and it filled her with joy to find out that there wasn’t a thing anyone could do about it. It was the only one if its kind in this dimension, and those who controlled it had just made a very bad mistake. Normally the ring was given to someone wise and caring, and held by them for a thousand years. But now that Susan had it on her finger, it was impossible for them to get it back from her. Because Susan was now the most powerful force in the universe, capable of anything she desired.

“Sorry about that buddy, but it saved a lot of time.” She deposited him on a bench, impressed at how easily she moved his body around. “Now then,” she mused, wandering out onto the street. “What should I do first?”

Looking down at her loose clothes, Susan decided to get a new outfit. She had always wanted to shop downtown at one of those expensive boutiques, but had never had enough money.

The guy working at Greta’s Wardrobe that morning had no idea how much danger he was in when Susan came into the store. He thumbed his nose at her the instant he saw her pathetic attire. “Some people have no sense of proportion,” he thought returning to his duties.

Susan wasn’t interested in the sales assistant, and he was clearly uninterested in her. Looking at all the beautiful clothes made the rest of her environment fade into unimportance. There were colourful sun dresses, dark evening wear, glamorous garments from Europe … so much to look at and consider. Every possible mood of a woman was sewn into this big fashion outlet, but there was a downside to that. She wandered around for ages trying to spot something that stood out, and almost every dress appealed to her.

Concerned that this poorly garbed creature might make off with some merchandise, the sales assistant casually moved over to her with false warmth on his face. “Can I help you, Miss?”

“I can’t decide,” she told him, not even looking at him.

“Well, let me help.”

When she did look at him, she noticed his eyes went a little wide and a gasp escaped his lips. He had not expected her face to be so flawless and her features so attractive.

“You know a lot about women’s clothes, do you?” she asked suspiciously. “Are you some kind of faggot?”

“The first question one must ask,” he began, going on autopilot while his eyes explored what little he could see of her body. “When buying a new dress, is: How much can you afford to spend?”

“Money isn’t a concern of mine,” she informed him. “Show me the most expensive stuff you have.”

He shook his head, and tried to focus on doing his job. “Come this way.” He led her to the back of the shop and revealed to her the latest stuff that the owner had just brought back from a show in Milan. “This is the dream section.

Good stuff for a formal night out.” He moved his hand to indicate another rack. “And that’s from a collection of day wear by a the greatest French designer.”

Susan grinned, and reached for a dress.

“The change rooms are just here.”

When Susan was gone from his line of vision the salesman regained his senses, and stood there scratching his chin. What the hell was he doing? This silly bitch was clearly just another working class fool who didn’t have enough money to buy from Grace Brothers let alone this exclusive retailer. He started walking toward his desk to buzz upstairs for a security guard. But before he got there Susan had dressed and come back out.

“What do you think? Any good?”

He turned, and was looking at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was thin as a supermodel and her face was surreal. The dress she wore was cut low and was designed to show a lot of body.

He blurted “Perfect!” before he knew what he was saying. He had completely forgotten where had been headed.

“It does look good,” Susan agreed, posing in front of a mirror. “But I look like a stick insect. This will never do.”

The salesman went numb when he saw her use the ring. As she stared into the mirror her body began to change. Her super-slim form filled out until she was covered with enough body fat to make her look voluptuous. But that didn’t please her (she looked a bit flabby), so the process reversed itself. Then she tried again, this time drawing on her power source to fill out her muscles.

Hard curves popped up all over her body, becoming more pronounced every second. When Susan looked back at the salesman she found a look of terror in his eyes.

“How did you do that?”

“Do I look better?”

“What are you?

Ignoring him, Susan looked back at her reflection. “I look like a light-weight body builder.” Not happy with the masculine appearance, Susan covered herself with a little body fat to soften the hard lines of her body. She still had a lot of curves, and found the effect made her look like an aerobics instructor.

“That’ll do nicely.”

She walked toward the door, and the salesman called out after her. That small piece of fabric wrapped around her bizarre shape-changing body was worth twelve thousand dollars, and there was no way he could explain this to the boss. He dashed for the security buzzer, but Susan saw him and somehow knew what he was up to. She bolted after him, her enhanced muscles giving her fantastic speed. Catching him in an instant, Susan gave the poor man a little push that sent him sprawling across the room. He took down several displays before coming to a stop.

“Oh yea!” Susan exclaimed, overjoyed with her new strength. She had to use it again.

“Don’t!” he cried as she took him in her hand and hoisted him over her head.

“I was just going to help you on your way,” Susan told him, and threw the helpless man across the room at his desk. He bounced off the top of it, and knocked over his chair. Susan walked around the desk picked him up by the arm. He was clearly unconscious, maybe dead, so Susan was sure he wasn’t going to call the police or anything.

Making her way back onto the street in her new clothes, Susan became the focal point of every man that could see her. A smug smile drew across her lips and she swayed her hips to give them something to dream about at night. She knew that she had only dabbled a little, touching a minute portion of her available power.

Chapter 2

Mark was a genius, in his own opinion. What a mind he had for deviousness! As soon as his ex-lover left for work, the lowlife was on the phone to his new girlfriend. Ten minutes later they were going for it on Susan’s bed. Mark had never made love Susan the way he was making love to this chick, and he was reminding himself of that fact when a stranger entered the room. He stopped all motion, and stared in awe at the impossible woman who stood in the doorway.

Susan was mad. She expected to come back and share with Mark the glorious new body she possessed. But she held her anger well.

“Who are you?” he asked, still joined to other woman,

“Don’t you recognise me?”

“What the hell are you doing in here!” the naked lady demanded furiously.

“I was about to ask you that,” Susan told her.

“Susan?” Mark asked, amazement clear in his voice. He had listened to that voice for years … there was no doubting it.

“Who is she Mark? Some slut you picked up down at Trenton? I think you better leave.”

But Mark didn’t want to go anywhere. He was already primed, and the sight of Susan after her mental body sculpting was almost knocked him out. He withdrew and dove at Susan, his weight bringing them both down on the floor. But as he tried to wrestle with her, he found out that she was a bit stronger than he was.

Lifting him up and dropping to the side, Susan got to her feet. “You always were the romantic type. How often have you had girls here while I was I work?”

“Susan … I …”

“Shut up. It doesn’t matter anymore. You see this?” She held up the ring so he could see it. “This changed me. I was going to screw you silly, probably for a week straight … I’m that horny right now.”

His eyes lit up at that thought. Susan wandered over to the little slut on her bed.

“You need to learn to keep your panties on.” Slapping her, Susan made her victims lip bleed. “Get out.”

“You bitch!” The tramp had spirit, and wasn’t the type to take a hit and leave it there. She punched Susan in the face, knocking the unprepared aggressor on her ass. “This isn’t the first time I’ve fucked him!” she declared, rubbing salt into Susan’s humiliation. “We fucked plenty of times … right here on your bed you cobwebbed cunt!”

Susan got up, dazed from the blow, only to have the street smart slut hammer another fist into her face. That was it … now she was furious. The pain throbbing in her head stopped as she healed herself with the ring. The bleeding stopped, and the wound knitted itself back together. The savvy attacker moved away, suddenly filled with fear as the damage she done faded from her victims features.

“Did that freak you out a little?” Susan asked, staring sharply into the little bitches’ eyes. “Check this out then.” A channel opened at her command, and power flooded into Susan’s body. Her muscles expanded and solidified, growing larger right in front of her treacherous boyfriend and his violent bitch. “Mmmmm. You have no idea how good this feels!” Susan explored her body with hands stronger than construction cranes, arching her back as she stopped the influx of energy and wallowed in the strength of nearly a thousand men.

“Now Susan … don’t do anything stupid now …”

“She started it, Mark,” Susan told him, still absorbed in the magnificence her powerful frame. That dress she had taken from Greta’s had held up well.

The girl ran for the door, but was halted abruptly by a firm and easily strong enough hand. The shoulder in Susan’s hand was crushed like an eggshell, and the girl started screaming in pain. Her screams felt good on Susan’s ears, so she squeezed a little more and rubbed her fingers around. Moving her hand in a little she pressed a thumb onto her collar bone and snapped it like a matchstick.

“Does that hurt? You feel just like one of those silicon stress-thingies.” She pressed a hand on her own forearm, using the same amount of pressure that demolished slut-face’s shoulder. It was a pleasant little massage. Squeezing as hard as she could, Susan found it difficult to inflict pain on herself.

Repeating this on her victims forearm had different effects. Yanking on the damaged limb, Susan was a little revolted as the arm came free from the ruined shoulder joint, the flesh tearing like cheap rubber foam. Her disgust turned to fascination as it dawned on her what she had done. “How about your legs?”

Mark ran in, trying to tackle his old girlfriend as he had done only moments before. But this time his weight was not nearly enough. The impact left him dazed and staggering, while Susan smiled at him.

“That felt nice, Mark.” She dropped the critically injured slut and stepped over to Mark. Very carefully pushing him onto the bed, she genltly took hold of a leg. “But I want you to wait you turn, okay?” She gave him a Chinese burn that crushed the bones and twisted his foot to a gruesome angle.

The one-armed chick had made a run for it. Susan ran after her, catching her quickly and throwing her over her shoulder. Carrying her back into the bedroom, she dropped her roughly to the floor.

“Look at all this blood your putting on my floor!” Susan used her as a rag, moving around with her foot to mop up a bit of the mess. Then she hoisted the pathetic thing up and looked it in the eye. “You should have gone when I told you to.” Those were the last words the girl heard. She died at last when Susan broke her neck with her fingers on the last syllable.

Mark had managed to reach into the bedside table and grab the gun he had put there months before. Instinctively, Susan’s hand shot out and blocked the bullet. She was as surprised as Mark when a hole wasn’t torn through her palm.

Instead the bullet bounced aside to embed itself in the wall. While Susan examined her tingling hand, Mark shot again. This time the bullet hit her unprepared, only to bounce away off her still flawless face.

“Do that again!” she begged enthusiastically.

He didn’t need much egging on. Mark proceeded to blast a whole clip into Susan’s body. Every bullet that impacted her body made her feel more powerful.

They felt like blind moths, and if he hadn’t have got a few hits on her dress Susan would still have thought he was shooting blanks.

“Hey! Look what you did to my dress!” she declared, poking a finger into a hole.

He made a desperate, though painfully slow, dash for door, and Susan made no attempt to stop him. She followed him though, talking pleasantly.

“I don’t know where you’re limping off to, sweetie, but it doesn’t matter. I can take you out anytime I want. Right now I gotta get some new clothes. If you want to call your friends the phone’s over there. I’ll be back in minute.” She pushed him down and walked out the door. Before she passed though it she was back to normal size … Though Susan was careful to keep every ounce of strength.

Outside on the street, Susan started walking toward Greta’s when an idea occurred to her. There were heaps of cars parked here, and she only needed one of them. Spotting someone getting into their car, Susan got over there and stopped them from closing their door. Her other hand took hold of the driver and reefed him out to dangle from her arm.

“Give me your keys.”

He quietly handed over his keys, his eyes locked on her perfect breasts. Susan reluctantly reduced her strength to normal, and drove on down to Greta’s.

Unable to find a parking spot she just stopped right on the street and walked in.

“That’s her!” the sale assistant declared the instant she entered. Two policemen were there, and they were coming her way. Susan multiplied her strength, stopping them in tracks with sheer spectacle as her muscles bulged out and tore her ruined dress away. Without breaking stride she punched them both in the gut, breaking their spines and depositing them on the shelves across the room.

“It’s me alright,” she told the cowering salesman, smiling. “And that dress was much too weak! I need something that stretches, something that can take a few bullets.”

He tripped over his own heels as she came nearer, her body reducing in size to normal. Though she retained an over-healthy glow. She lifted him up and dropped him on his feet.

“Get moving, dickhead, or I’ll make a quadriplegic out of you.”

He darted over to a rack and hunted for a tough elastic outfit. While he was busy doing that, Susan was checking out the cops. One had died and the other was unconscious. Wondering if it would work, Susan scanned his head as she had done to the alien who made the mistake of giving her the ring. Boosting her mental vigour, she slashed through his mind so powerfully over doing the job that blood started dripping from his ears and nose. He was soon as dead as his partner, after sharing with Susan all his operational knowledge of the police force. He was only a junior member of the force, though, and didn’t have much information that was useful.

“Here you go, Miss,” she heard the salesman interrupt her. Looking over at him she saw that he had a skirt and top in his hands. He went into his automatic sales-pitch mode. “I think this is the one you want. It’s seven thousand, but worth every dollar.”

“Bill me,” she told him, taking it and getting dressed. “How about some shoes?”

He handed her a pair of shoes that matched the rest of her now clothes well, then stepped well back.

“You’re not going to call the police again, are you? I’d hate to have to come back here and finish you off after you’ve been so helpful.”

Checking herself out in the mirror, Susan was happy with the outfit. She left the store and got back into her stolen car to drive home. Unfortunately she was so happy about her new look that she forgot about the abundant strength in her hands. The door came off in her hands, and the car was a ruin.

“Damn it!” she swore, throwing the door at a building. It broke up and pieces flew in all direction. Then she slammed her fist down on the roof to cave the car in like a wire-frame mock-up. Every window exploded. Putting a hand underneath it she hoisted the whole vehicle up and flipped it from her path.

It did a complete somersault and crashed two cars down with the rear end on the footpath.

Everyone was staring at her with uncontrolled fear, those able to move making a hasty retreat from the super-fit girl. With her astounding psychological abilities Susan could actually feel their fear, and it filled with her confidence knowing that there was nothing they could do to stop her. She smiled at them, and struck a pose.

“What’s the problem? Haven’t you ever seen a superhuman before?” Pouring even more strength into herself, Susan tested the elasticity of her clothes by growing bigger than she had before. And stronger. Her hands roamed her body as she stepped out into the traffic and allowed a car to collide with her. She felt the metal hug her body, but her muscular density was so great no that steel was only almost as hard. Peeling the car off Susan gave the wreckage a shove with her foot that sent it soaring into the nearby Commonwealth bank.

She laughed. “Better call the fucking army, people! Super-Susan’s in town!!” Flexing her muscles and feeling the power pulsing in her body, Susan got in the car behind the one that hit her and ordered the driver to take her home.

He was reluctant, but she slowly and calmly pushed her hand through into his dashboard, the plastic snapping and popping as the steel beneath gave way to her superior strength.

“Get moving or I’ll do this to your forehead.” Moving her hand to the side, she gouged out a chunk of dash and shoved it through the closed window. He got moving alright, trying to run. But a hand grasped his belt and stopped him.

“Just drive me where I want to go, fool,” she suggested, dragging him back in without messing about. Noting the car was an automatic, Susan tapped the drivers leg. The bone shattered, turning him pale white as pain flushed up to his brain.

He drove her home, having no other choice.

“That was so kind of you,” Susan told him sweetly. “Bye now!” Susan stood straight up, pushing her head and shoulders through the Ford’s roof as easily poking her finger through a Milo seal. Pushing the jagged edges of the roof away and kicking the door with explosive results, Susan made her way across the lawn while her unwilling chauffeur made a exit from the scene in his demolished car.

Susan noted that Mark had called his friends as she had suggested. Two familiar cars were parked in the driveway.

“Well done, Mark,” she mused, gabbing and squeezing a breast. “I feel like a good fuck right now.” She only hoped that they would last long enough to give her some pleasure.

Chapter 3

Mark’s friends were big boys. They all played rugby league and met together at the gym for workout every other day. So when Susan entered, they didn’t hesitate. Knowing that they were attacking a woman only served to make them more confident. Charging at her they attempted a union style tackle, only to find themselves concussed and bleeding on the floor. It was like trying to tackle a tank.

“I’m glad you want to play, wussbags,” Susan greeted her attackers with a smile.

The four blokes just stared at her for a moment. They had seen Susan just yesterday downtown, and she had been chubby to say to the least. Now she looked like she weighed twice as much, but it was all muscle. Her skin had an unnaturally healthy glow, and the stretch fabric of her stylish outfit was about to burst in several places. The strength of a normal person with muscles like that scared them, but after coming into close contact with the steel-firm flesh of this dangerous woman they knew something was terrifyingly different about Susan’s body.

“No one can be that buffed,” one of them accused.

“You have no idea, little man,” Susan told him. “Now why don’t you guys get to work.”

They were backing away, terrified of the impossible vision before them.

“Where are you going?” she demanded, her hands going to her hips.

One of them got brave.

“You might have big muscles, baby-cakes. But do you know how to fight?”

The big oaf shaped up in front of her.

“I don’t really want to fight you, Harry. I just need your help with something.” She started taking her dress off, but didn’t get far before Harry swung a punch.

“OW!” He shook his fist. That punch had taken down some big dudes, but he’d be never be able to use again. The unyielding Susan made no effort to evade him as he tried again, this time shattering his left hand beyond repair.

Seeing their friends gallant effort, the others grabbed weapons from the room around them and came in. The fire poker, a chair, and a steel bar that Susan had kept around the place.

“Come on! I’ve got the most powerful body on Earth, don’t want to fuck me?”

“Forget it! You’re not even a woman! You’ve got the body of a man!”

Looking down at herself, Susan disagreed. Her huge muscles were much more defined and had more beautiful shape than any man’s. But he obviously wasn’t the type who liked female body-builders.

While she was admiring her muscles the group batted her with all their might.

Susan giggled, finding their attempts to harm her quite amusing. She watched with fascination as the steel bar impacted her upper-arm. It should have snapped the bone and left her badly bruised. Instead her arm didn’t give way at all, the bar actually clanging off her dense flesh. The chair broke over her head, and the poker was soon on the floor while the poor bloke nursed his broken hand. The steel bar came back and clanged again, this time off her stomach. The next time he swang it, Susan shot out her hand in a counter strike that sent the bar flying through the wall and busted both her assailants arms.

“I’m getting to like this,” Susan admitted, giving herself a hug and rubbing her triceps. “But I don’t want you boys all tired out before you even get started! You don’t like big muscles on a girl, eh? Well, that’s no problem.” Susan closed her eyes, and began to change. Her body shrank, the muscles diminishing in size though not loosing any of the strength that she was enjoying so much. When she opened her eyes again the men had very different expressions on their faces.

“What are you?”

“I’m horny, that’s all you need to know.” She gave them a seductive smile and slipped her dress off. She enhanced herself further, and when she was finished Susan ordered the group of men on a new mission. “Now get over here and rape me.”

Lust filled their heads as their bodies responded quite naturally to the presence of the worlds most beautiful woman. They moved as one and tried to get her down. Susan allowed them to manipulate her, their rough hands roaming her smooth body. Picking one, she carefully pushed the others away and lifted her legs into the air. The one who hadn’t gone sailing across the room needed no imagination to see what she wanted him to do. But try as he might, he could not get his throbbing erection to open her up.

“Come on you! I want you inside me!” She took control, rolling him onto his back and breaking ribs in the process. She mounted him and thrust down on his urgent member, but her only reward was her victims painful screams as she destroyed his most treasured appendage.

“I guess this why Superman never screwed Lois,” she joked.

The man beneath her started struggling violently, Susan had broken his hips and he was going into shock. Feeling a little sorry for him, she smashed her little fist through his skull to end his pain.

“Let’s try that again.” Susan softened her body density, standing up and wandering over to the three men that remained. One of them jumped up and embraced her, finding her flesh very different now. Susan found his lips with hers, and ran her hands up his back, her gentle touch leaving a string of bruises. Her tongue over powered his, and knocked out several teeth, before she forced him down and mounted him. Her reduced density paid off, and Susan started moving on him with agility and energy. Watching his face as she luxuriated in her own pleasures his expression was wild. He couldn’t take her sensual motions for very long, the sliding and gyrating too much for him. His eyes went wide and cried out as he exploded with the most forceful ejaculation he’d ever experience. The sensation overloaded his mind and he passed out.

“Hey!” Susan got off him. She had nearly peaked, and was disappointed when he went soft inside her before she got what she wanted. “Ungrateful scumbag!” She took him by the jawbone in a devastating grip and dashed his skull fatally against the floor. Looking over to the next one, Susan touched her nipple and licked her tempting lips. The man practically jumped onto her, and she lay back down while he shoved his face into her breasts and massaged them as thoroughly as anyone could with broken hands. Guiding him into her, Susan relaxed herself and relished the feeling of his cock working as nature intended. But he lasted even less time than the last guy before he shot his load and slumped unceremoniously onto her chest.

Susan lifted him off her body and dropped him on the floor. Bringing her hand down on his chest in frustration, she caved in both his lungs and sent pieces of a rib into his heart.

“You better get me off, dickhead,” Susan threatened her last remaining sex toy. “I might even let you live to brag about it.” She walked up and stood over him, spreading her legs. “I’ve never had anyone lick me out before,” she told him. “Get to it.”

He blanched; obviously he’d never gone down on a woman before. But her hand soon had the back of his head, and his nose broke on her pelvic bone as she forced his mouth up to her excited clitoris.

Susan kept him there for nearly an hour as she moaned and writhed with orgasm after her orgasm. In no time at all he started to get more enthusiastic, his tongue working faster and harder as it roamed around bringing her more pleasure than she had ever felt in her life. But her body was insatiable, each peak only to serving to make her want more.

“I want you inside me,” she told him. Letting him go, Susan got on all fours and waved her ass in the air. “Let’s see what you’ve got there, big boy.”

His raging erection was soon pulsing pleasure through Susan’s super-body.

She came three times in as many minutes, and then the lucky devil with his dick sliding within her exploded with so much joy that he screamed.

“That’s more like it,” Susan groaned, getting up and finding her dress. She was about to send the survivor home when she realised that he was dead. His ejaculation had been so powerful that it was as though someone shorted out his brain. She shrugged. “Damn, I kinda liked you.”

Looking around at the dead and destroyed men lying awkwardly around the room Susan started cleaning up. She piled up the bodies neatly, and decided to leave it at that. Even though she had only been using the ring for a few hours, she was confident that no-one could punish her. She stepped over a pool of blood and started looking for Mark. He was in the bathroom, the door locked and bolted. Having already decided to find a bigger place to live, Susan was not concerned as she pushed a hand through the wood and ripped the door right off its hinges.

“Hello there, baby,” she smiled at him, taking great delight in the wild, frightened-animal look in his eyes. “That was nice of you to call your friends. I’m going out to look for a new place, and I want you to stay right here until I get back, okay?”

Susan carefully scanned his thoughts. She was getting better, and managed to read his mind without making his nose bleed. All he could think of was how perfect Susan looked, but underlying the strong desire he had to jump her bones was a deep fear. He had felt the awesome power of her hands, and after listening to his friends die Mark was planning to leave as soon as she was gone.

“You’re not going to stay are you? Well, I’ll just have to do something about that.” She took his arm, and dragged him over to the towel rack. With her free hand Susan tore on end of the metal bar from the tiles, and wrapped it around Mark’s wrist. After watching him try to free himself for a moment, Susan knew he would break his wrist before he broke free. “I’ll be back in a while. You be a good boy now, okay?”

Getting keys to one the cars on her driveway, Susan reduced her physical strength to a sensible driving level and headed toward the northern suburbs.

Chapter 4

She had always wanted a big house. A big house with glorious gardens and an ocean view. But of course such dreams only come with success, and Susan had not been very successful. That is, not until now. Now Susan suspected that she would be successful at every little thing she did.

The drive out to the coast was a long one. Susan didn’t know the way all that well, but knew that as long she headed east sooner or later she would have to get to the sea. The traffic was bad, a little daunting to Susan because she didn’t even have a current license. She’d been disqualified from driving three years ago, and still had another three years to wait before she could legally take to the streets again.

But the law was something Susan was no longer concerned about.

“That place looks nice,” Susan thought aloud, looking around.

She was surprised by a sudden jolt and loud crash as she collided with the car in front of her. The lights were red, and if Susan had have been watching where she was going instead of looking at nice houses she could’ve stopped with plenty of time to spare.

The guy in the car in front got out and raised his arms out in questioning anger. “What are you on, lady? Do know what brake lights mean?”

Susan shook her head in disgust. Sure it was her fault, but who the hell was this guy to yelling at? Susan got out, noting with a little satisfaction that he got an erection the instant his eyes focused on her lithe body.

“You know road rage is a crime, don’t you?” she demanded, her hands resting on hips that this guy would love to touch.

“Road rage?” he asked incredulously. “You rammed my fucking car! What do you mean road rage is a crime? How about tail-gating you stupid whore!”

“Whore?” Susan crossed her arms and started drawing strength into her body.

“You better watch what you say.”

He was too angry now to notice that Susan was growing. Her slim arms and legs began to fill out and take shape, her abs tightened and her breasts rose almost imperceptibly. And all he did was curse about his car.

“You better have insurance or something, cunt-face. This car’s worth more than your mother!”

“You sound worried. Let me give you something to worry about.” Susan walked over to what was left of his car. Putting her hands between the two wrecks she pushed them apart, separating the tangled metal and sliding them along the bitumen. She looked over and watched as his expression change from aggressive to terrified as his mind came to terms with what she was doing, but at great expense to his logical reasoning.

“How did you so that?”

“This is how much I care about you’re expensive shitbox,” Susan told him, pushing her hand through the boot lid and tearing it free, hinges and all.

Dropping it at his feet, she felt the need to show him more of her strength.

She smashed the back window with her elbow, and peeled the roof off. The sound it made as the metal tore was one of the most marvellous things Susan had ever heard. Putting the tip of her finger against a panel, she moved her hand forward at the wrist. The steel parted without any fuss, but before she could experiment further the man made to leave. He nearly fell over himself to get away from the monstrously strong beauty.

“Where are you going? You forgot your car.”

Susan flexed her body, drawing in power, and where her muscles should have stopped they expanded further than naturally possible until she had the body of a Ms Olympia champion. Knowing that it wouldn’t weigh much, Susan leaned down stood back up with the Ford Galaxy balanced precariously over her head.

She poured strength into her huge body until the car was as light as a tennis ball.

“Here you go!”

The man turned, and then tripped over when he saw her standing there with his wrecked Ford high overhead. “No!”

She tossed it, her aim proving good as the poor fellow was crushed and smeared beneath his heavy yank-tank.

Unconcerned by the people who stared in horror, Susan brought her fist back and shattered the car she been driving. The impact of her knuckles exploded the car into fragments, and knocked anyone nearby off their feet.

“Wow. This is great! Mike Tyson look out!”

Suddenly aware that everyone was staring, Susan struck a pose that would have won any body-sculpting competition. Licking her the corner of her upper lip, the impossibly strong Susan walked toward a crowd of people. Pushing a parked car out of her path she stepped up on footpath and rubbed her rippling stomach. She found the attention pleasing, and walked slowly soaking it all up. Starting a few nosebleeds Susan began scanning their thoughts, finding deep satisfaction in the fear they were experiencing.

“If I were you I’d be leaving,” Susan told them, making her way along the footpath. She still wanted to find a new home. Flexing her legs a little, Susan stretched her body and started to jog. It felt great to get her powerful legs pumping, and without even trying she was soon passing cars. The world became a blur as Susan used the tremendous physical power of her legs to surpass the land speed record. Shop windows exploded behind her, and each time a foot impacted the concrete she left crater. Was sprinting down the footpath.

Unaware of the chaos she left in her wake, Susan began hopping. She leapt up, feeling a bit of vertigo as she reached nearly a hundred feet. The ground came rushing up, but Susan could feel the abundant strength in her muscles and confidently took the fall on one foot, her leg absorbed the impact and easily sprang back to propel her up and forward. It was much slower this way, but Susan enjoyed it more than sprinting. Leaving a string of small craters behind her in the road, Susan cried for joy as she sailed high in the skyhopping all the way to the coast.

Coming to on the beach, Susan took a deep breath and smiled. The ocean looked magnificent, and the waves were breaking right up on the sand. Walking down to the waterline, Susan let her shoes get wet by the foam. She decided to go for a swim. Running back up the beach she got undressed and piled her things neatly. Standing about thirty metres from the surf she confidently leapt for the water, coming down in a tidy dive out past the breakers. The few people who hadn’t seen her entrance were now gawking at her along with the rest.

Susan pretended to ignore them, but their stares felt good. Popping her head up to take a deep breath, Susan went down. Her powerful arm and legs went to work, and moments later she was zooming through the water at exhilarating speed. Going deeper, she followed the sand down into the darker reaches until it turned to reef, then just rock. Not realising how fast she was swimming, Susan was passing over the great underwater cliff that was the continental shelf before she knew it. Not feeling any need to go up for air, the tank-free scuba diver angled her body and followed the rock face down. She could hardly see a thing, but a little channelling with her ring soon fixed that. Making her blue eyes not just more sensitive, but more powerful, Susan started scanning the murky world around her. It was clear as day to her now, even though she was deeper than any manned submersible could go. The pressure was getting a little uncomfortable, but Susan soon fixed that.

This was a different world. The landscape was unlike anything Susan had ever seen, though it reminded her of pictures she had at home in sci-fi books. Even the life here was so alien that Susan was at first repulsed, then fascinated by the bizarre variety of species. Most of them had some sort of light glowing on their bodies, which from a distance made them look almost like stars. Up closer they were hideous things. Spotting a massive shark, Susan couldn’t resist. She swam over, and did several loops around him. She was going so fast the turbulence screwed up his trim and he flailed in the water. She stopped, and moved up to stroke the great creature. It felt like sandpaper. As it started to move away she grabbed a fin, wanting to know if this giant was stronger than her. The huge tail and purpose-built muscles of the big fish went to frantic work, and because Susan wasn’t standing on anything, they started moving through water together. Smiling to herself for being so silly, Susan started to kick. With incredible force she brought the shark to halt, and treading water while the giant fish continued to futilely slash his tail, she held him with one hand and stroked his back. Letting him go before he drowned, she swam up into a huge school of fish, and smiled as she passed through the beautiful cloud of tuna.

Susan was dismayed to suddenly find herself caught in a drift net. Her new eyes soon followed its course to the trawler that was after the beautiful fish was swimming with. Tearing the pathetic webbing away from herself, Susan swam up behind the small ship and ripped the net free. They weren’t going to catch anything today. Noticing a few lines in the water, Susan swam around and gathered them up. Adjusting her hearing so that it was as awesome as her eyes, Susan heard the men on the deck above all shouting for joy. There was some confusion, however, when Susan yanked on the lines and ripped their rods from their hands.

“Stop fucking around with those things! The net’s loose!”

Susan thought this voice must belong to the captain. The ship started turning, but the powerful swimmer wasn’t going to let them get their nets back. She increased her strength tenfold, and gathered the broken cable ends that were still attached to the ship. The entire crew of the trawler lost their footing as the ship came to an unnatural halt. Susan was surprised at how insignificant the noisy diesel was against her impossible muscles. Going down, she held the cables tightly and went to the bottom. Landing on the rocks about a kilometre below the surface, Susan looked up and saw the trawler coming down after her. She hadn’t even felt any drag. Like a torpedo, only much faster and much more devastating, the self-enhanced supergirl swam up through the boat, destroying it completely and loving the way the wood just disintegrated against her face.

Breaking the surface she soared high into the sky before gravity caught up with her, and the peak her ascent Susan twisted gracefully in the air and dove back toward the ocean. On the way down she looked around with her telescopic eyes and spotted the city on the horizon. After splashed back down it took her all of two minutes to get back to the beach. Coming out of the water she did a backflip and landed next to her clothes. She had just finished getting into her designer outfit when she noticed the damage her approach to the coast had caused in the city. Smoke was rising from a string of uncontrolled fires, and almost every car on the road she had hopped happily along was off its wheels.

“This is too much!” she mused, smiling at terrified onlookers. Realising that quite a few people were taking snapshots, Susan streamlined her physic and strode about a bit to give them every angle. Certain these at least some of these pictures would make headlines she left to look for real-estate agent.

There was a Babcock Properties office conveniently nearby, the large windowpanes beneath the green awning were covered in small articles advertising the local market. She’d only taken a few steps toward it before she spotted the place that would be her first real home. The picture looked out across the balcony, showing the ocean far below. Unable to find the address, Susan made her way into the cramped office.

The whole office fell silent, her shapely body mesmerising all the men. The secretary was first to speak. “Can I help you?”

“Yes.” Susan took the picture from the window display and handed it to the brunette. “Where is this?”

“I’ll show you.”

“Just give me the address. I want it, so that house is mine.”

“Sorry miss. I can’t tell you.”

Susan smiled, but as she was about to crush this little worm’s mind it occurred to her that would be too easy. Not nearly as much fun as the evil plan that formed in her twisted, powerful head.

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