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Not the One – From Strength to Strength – Chapter 17

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Not the One – From Strength toStrength 

By Dru

Chapter 17

The council chamber was silent. In the middle of a room a group had gathered.

Four new arrivals had shown up in the last hour to join Roan in the centre of the room. They were speaking without words, glancing at one another and making gestures as they spoke.

“So how do we do this?” one asked, the group having decided there were enough of them to take The Unchosen down.

“We have to concentrate our energies into just one of us. If we combine we make ourselves as powerful as she has become.”

“Which one of us will face her then? We must choose carefully.”

“I am the biggest,” the largest ring-bearer declared. “It should be I who goes.”

“No. You know as well as I do that size is unimportant when it comes to the rings.”

“Roan is right,” another agreed with her.

“And besides, I understand she defeated the first ring-bearer to challenge her because he was a male. I think we need to send a woman.”

Susan looked about at the city below her, her eyes taking in everything from the large buildings of the inner-city to the ants crawling through the lawns of suburbia.

She was having trouble deciding on who she should use to ease her growing arousal. There were so many good men in the city it made for a very hard choice. Unable to choose, she decided to test her ability to alter others.

There was a particularly unattractive man sleeping under a heap of newspapers near a back-alley dumpster far below. Susan descended to land next to him, her clothes altering into a trendy item she remembered from a fashion magazine.

“Hello. You don’t know me, but I need your help with something.

His dirty beard shook, a string of saliva running through it, as the homeless man’s wide eyes drank her in. He was about to get up, when he found himself lifting from the ground by what seemed to be solid air.

“What the …”

“Just relax,” the gorgeous woman told him, floating up and edging closer.

“You’re going to enjoy this.”

The alleyway around them blurred into pure white, then the bright light faded to reveal long rolling dunes of Australia’s red centre.

Susan looked him over, and the man jumped as she began remodelling him. First of all she turned most of his fat into muscle, and straightened his crooked back. Then she looked thoughtfully at his face.

“You’re not very handsome, are you? Let’s see what we can do about that.”

Taking great care Susan shaped his features into more appealing proportions, and changed his brown eyes to green. Getting carried away she made herself an impossible visage of a man, and made him strong enough that he could massage her own incredible body.

“Let’s get to work, shall we?” she suggested, increasing her own level of attraction tenfold to get him performing at his best level.

Susan kept them off the ground, and contained the shockwaves with an imaginary barrier to prevent their over-energised exertions from destroying the planet.

Her first release melted the sand inside her invisible barrier. The second cracked the glass, and after that the molten sand began to boil. Susan had to power her lover up a bit in order for him to survive as the temperature inside her sphere rose steadily with her passion.

Roan had never felt this powerful. As each ring-bearer poured the energy under their control into her body, she felt the immense power surge within her.

“I’ll crush her, and be back before you know it.”

Roan took off gently, concentrating the power within her, she smoothly accelerated into the sub-Kelvin void and sought out the Unchosen. She found her in no time at all, engaged in a sexual explosion on a desolate part of her home world.

“This will be easy,” Roan thought aloud, impressed at the small amount of time it took to find her target and hover in the atmosphere above. Looking down at the flaming ball, she gently lifted it with the tendrils of her thoughts until it entered orbit. Roan didn’t want their conflict to destroy this beautiful galaxy, so she towed the Unchosen into the void between galaxies, and stopped to examine her enemy through the flames.

“Wow,” she breathed, impressed not by the Unchosen One, but by the man she had altered. Roan’s own primal urges rose deep within her, but she turned her thoughts to the woman. The Unchosen was magnificent, an aura of power surrounding her visible even within the churning blaze of molecules. Roan brought her fist up in front of her and dove into the surface of the sphere.

Susan was so submerged in her pleasure that she didn’t realise what was going on outside her flaming sphere. When her impenetrable mental shield was shattered, she felt pain for the first time since Tyrin had attacked her. As the sphere collapsed, the flames exploded out and faded away. But before they were smothered by the void Susan was hurt again by the attacker, slammed in the gut by a blow unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Susan was thrown through the void, her broken ribs mending as she regained control. Her love-slave died as she regrouped, filling herself with all she had. Yet when the woman she could see flashing toward her impacted her arrogantly exposed abdomen, Susan was still sent tumbling. Though not as far.

The harder impact served to hurt the attacker as well, and the new champion of the Council changed tactics.

“Give me your rings, or die Earthling,” the ring-bearer declared.

“I think I’ve heard that somewhere before,” Susan remarked, already searching the other woman’s head for information. But the door into her attackers mind slammed firmly shut.

“It won’t be that easy.”

All Susan had learned was her name.

“Come on, then, Roan,” Susan invited, holding up her fists and preparing to fight it out.

Roan blurred, moving almost too fast to follow, and assaulted Susan with twenty-three super-powerful blows a second. Some got through Susan’s defensive strokes and caused real pain. Susan realized that this fight was going to be close, and she turned her mind to finding a weakness in her enemy.

Roan was delighted as the blows she got through clearly pained the Unchosen.

If she could hurt her, then Roan knew she could kill her. Intensifying her assault, Roan was taken by surprise as Susan kicked her in the ribs.

Recovering quickly from her spin, Roan held out her hand and blasted the Unchosen with a green beam of agony. It was then that Roan noticed only one ring on her enemy’s hand. But how could the woman withstand such an assault with such a fraction of Roan’s own strength?

Susan held down her pain as best she could. She could see that her opponent was put out by the fact she had only one ring. Susan was a little confused by the same thing. Roan was only wearing one ring too, and yet she was clearly much more powerful than any other ring-bearer Susan had encountered before. A moment of agony later, Susan noticed several tendrils of almost invisible energy flowing out of the woman’s shoulders. She followed them back to the world of the Council, and smiled through her pain.

“So that’s how you’re so powerful.”

Susan closed her eyes, and when she opened them she was floating in the tower of the Council. Below her the ring-bearers stood in a small circle, oblivious to her presence. She looked down at the rings on their fingers and her smile grew triumphant.

“Nice try, people. But I’m afraid it just won’t work.” Susan snapped her fingers, and obliterated the circle of ring-bearers in a contained explosion.

The rings they had worn floated in the air where their bearers had been only half a moment before.

“See what you bloodlust has gotten you?” she asked the trembling councillors.

“Just watch this.”

Looking at the rings, she concentrated on their molecules and moved them apart until they formed a single cloud of metallic vapour. Susan floated into the cloud, and the molecules merged at her command into her body. The sensation of taking so many power-rings at once drew a long moan from her. The vibrations and tone of her voice shaking the entire planet and drawing every creature into her pleasurable state.

“Man, that felt great!” she declared, pumping herself up with even more power than she had known before. Her sensual curves expanded as her muscles grew to accommodate her immense strength. Even though she condensed her power as much as she could, Susan’s muscles remained quite large, glistening with raw power.

The air around her shimmered as she looked at the feeble Council. They cowered away from her, trying to comprehend how powerful she had just become. Putting her hands to hips, Susan laughed at them. The shockwaves her laughter produced spread out in a wall of destruction all around her, reducing everything in their path to base atoms. The councillors never heard her laugh. Neither did anyone else on the surface of the doomed planet. The sound-waves produced by Susan’s laughter passed right through the developed world, reducing the entire home world of the Council to space dust in under a minute. As the sound waves reached out even through the void of space, the moon was reduced to dust. All this made the unimaginably powerful woman laugh harder, accelerating the destruction of the entire solar-system.

Halting the unstoppable wave of devastation with her mind, Susan left the massive cloud of dust and sought Roan. The would-be heroin was flying toward the Council as fast as she could. But without the other ring-bearers augmenting her power it was a much longer trip back. Blinking her eyes, Susan appearing in the hurried ring-bearer’s flight path.

Roan had just enough time to see that Susan was smiling before she ploughed into her abdomen. Both of them had been hurt the last time this happened, but this time only one of the super-women cried out. It took Roan several heartbeats to rebuild her body. When she opened her eyes, they were filled with terror.

“Hello again. Sorry to rush off like that before. Now, where we were we? I think I was just about to do this …”

Susan puckered her lips, and blew gently at her opponent. Roan rocketed away, her nose already bleeding from Susan’s mental transmission. The try-hard do-gooder’s ability to propel herself was tremendously overpowered by the force of Susan’s breath.

Flashing past her new plaything, Susan let the tumbling woman collide with her. The impact was even more momentous than the last, and it took Roan a little longer to re-form as her broken body drifted through the void.

“How about this?” Hovering a fair distance away, Susan punched the empty void in front her. Her imaginary blow broke every bone in Roan’s body, and sent her zooming toward a young galaxy. Her eyes couldn’t focus, because of the high speed more than the pain, yet as she began to slow down she knew the Unchosen was right there.

“Please, I just want to go home …”

“You came here to kill me,” Susan accused, her telepathic signal resounding in Roan’s head like a billion-piece-orchestra. “But instead, you and your friends have made me even more powerful.”

“Please! You’re hurting my head!”

“Really? I’m trying to be gentle.” Susan smirked. “How’s this?” she asked, ‘speaking’ loudly. Susan watched Roan’s eyes roll back in her head as she spasmed for a while. But eventually she came back.

“Take off your ring.” Susan whispered to her, Roan’s body quivering with every syllable.

“Let me go …”

“Give it to me.”

“Stop it!”

“Give it to me, or I’ll just kill you and take it. I’ve already killed all your little friends. How do you want it?” Susan pumped all her ideas about killing Roan into the terrified woman’s mind.

Roan was twitching afterward, her subconscious overloaded.

“How about we go to your place?” Susan suggested, deciding to test out her new power-level. The void became white around them, and when it reformed they stood in the courtyard of Roan’s huge castle.

“How did you do that?” Roan marvelled, realising that they had travelled through the testing gravity of a black hole.

“I can do anything, fool. Want a demo?”

Looking at the huge castle for a moment, Susan turned her head toward a huge mountain below. Holding out her hand toward it, she lifted the geographical feature with her open palm facing upward. Roan marvelled some more as a whole mountain tore up from its base and levitated into the air. Moving her arm around to point straight up, Susan positioned the mountain over them, casting a shadow over Roan’s horrified face. The mountain began to sink toward the two superwomen. It reached the uppermost towers of Roan’s impressive home, and they toppled under the immense weight. The mountain continued to sink when it reached the tall and doorless outer walls that stood all around the structure.

Roan sank to her knees in shock as the walls she had made crumbled and collapsed. Only when the mountain touched Susan’s fingertips did come to rest.

“What do you think?” the over-powered Earthling asked conversationally, her hushed whisper rustled Roan’s hair violently. I’ll tell you what I think.” Susan pushed her fingers up, and the mountain rocketed into space. “I think you better give me that fucking ring or I’ll not only kill you, I’ll wipe out your entire civilisation.”

“You wouldn’t …”

“Oh? I could do it with a word.” Ending her sentence loud and firm, Susan watched a wave of destruction shoot out all around her. Roan’s home world was consumed by it, while Roan herself rode the wave helplessly out into space. It continued out until Roan felt the wave stop suddenly to leave her rocketing through her home galaxy.

Stopping herself, Roan turned to see The Unchosen hovering inches away.

“Okay, I’ll give it to you! Just stop please.”


“Let’s go somewhere I won’t die when I take this off.”

“Okay,” Susan decided, blinking them to an Earth-like world nearby. They now stood on a rocky mountaintop, with green forests stretching out in all directions.

Removing her ring, Roan felt herself return to normal after several centuries of controlling the greatest power-source in her universe. As though lifting great weight, Roan held out the shiny metal band. Susan took it with a satisfied smile, her eyes sparkling in anticipation.

Slipping the ring on her finger, Susan held her hand up next to her face so Roan could see the ring sink into her flesh and disappear. Susan found she was now able to shrink her bulging muscles a little, without reducing her strength. “Thank you,” she whispered, knocking the mortal Roan off her feet and making her ears bleed. Her whispered words disturbed the trees beyond the horizon. A moment later, there was an echo as the sound waves returned. Susan smiled to hear own voice. Waiting a moment, she heard it again. Realising that her voice would keep on saying “Thank you” for a good long while, possibly several millennia, Susan departed gently from the atmosphere. Closing her eyes and scanning the entire universe, she found the most powerful military force there was in Roan’s dimension, less then three billion light years away. Deciding to have some fun before she went home, Susan appeared before a huge armada of various battleships. Below her, she could see a massive ground war in progress. Beyond the immediate scene, Susan could see a huge war unfolding in the galaxy all around her. Rubbing her unimaginably powerful body, The Unchosen descended toward the biggest ground-battle she had ever seen.

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