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Not the One – Return to Earth – Chapter 13-17

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Chapter 13

The two armadas moved in toward each other. Ships of all sizes among the many fleets shimmered under their shields. The time for talk was done. Now their differences would be decided through death and destruction … and all present were ready to die for their beliefs. They were not, however, ready for the fight they would soon face.

The two large girls were invisible specks to the giant battle cruisers, appearing between the two immense spearhead formations as they drew closer.

“I’ve never seen so many!”

“I can hear their thoughts!” The other massive girl replied, clearly very pleased. “All of them at once! Oh my … I can hear more than that.” She closed her eyes and grinned. “I can hear all of them!”

“You said that already.”

“Not just here, silly! Everywhere! Try it out … it’s really really easy.”

“Wow! There’s a lot of brains out there, isn’t there?”

Before a reply could come, the two opposing forces opened fire. Several hundred million weapons of every size imaginable opened fire at once. None were shooting at the two incredibly powerful women though. A few energy beams and sparkling balls of destruction did hit them.

“Doesn’t that feel nice!” one observed conversationally, gesturing with her hand to bring more energy blasts her way. The balls of light within a thousand miles, even those that had passed her already, altered their courses dramatically and accelerated even more as they started to home in on the eager young goddess.

“Hey!” Her friend complained. “Save some for me!”

“Sorry! How about we split them? I’ll take the ones over there. You have the ones on that side. Deal?”

“Okay. It looks like there’s about the same number of ships on my side … though you do have three more big one on your side.”

“But you have the biggest one if all on yours,” the brunette pointed out.

“But still … if you give me one of yours, say that one on the left there, you have a deal.”

“Done!” With that, the massively built brunette clicked her fingers and employed the overwhelming might of her new enhanced telekinetic ability to teleport the ship over to the back of her friends new toys. As she did, she put the everyone on board to sleep. It wouldn’t do to have them blowing up her friends toys.

Just before the main volleys hit either fleet, the two girls turned the energy beams around and made sure t absorb all of them while at the same time assuming control of the minds of every crew member of every ship. The didn’t need to control all of them, just the ones in key spots. But they had so much power at their command it seemed natural to just blanket all their toys under their dominance.

Both women played very similar games with their toys, putting themselves in the centre of the ships. Surrounding themselves with the battle ready armadas they spent half a day allowing the ships to spend every weapon arsenals. Every blast of energy thrilled the pair immensely, and there were a lot of them … too many to count. They soon became aware that their bodied not only resisted the destructive nature of the weapons, but the energy beams actually made their muscles tingle with addictive pleasure.

On board the flagship of both armadas angry voices blasted out of speakers demanded explanations. But no one was paying any attention at all. Everyone went about their duties with expressionless faces, robotically performing their assigned tasks with total focus.

All good things, even the ammunition and power crystals of intergalactic fleets, come to an end. And the two girls had demanded so much from their toys that they were soon unable to provide any more pretty power beams rockets. The rockets had run out long before the energy blasters did, but on full power the destructive beams quickly drained all available power reserves.

“I wonder how tough these things are?” one wondered, floating across the distance to run a hand over the hull of a large battleship. She didn’t even notice the shield failing as she burst effortlessly through it. The metal was soft to her touch … and when she applied any force at all, even gently, it yielded instantly.

The massage had done wonders for her libido, and she found herself wondering if the massive ship might be of some use to her. She waved a hand and teleported the crew into the cargo hold of another vessel, not wanting to waste the potential for fun she could have with them, then held out both hands and took hold of the battleship with the invisible tendrils of her thoughts. The tendrils became cables, and she grasped the entire vessel with them. With a surprised giggle, she watched as her imagination proved equal to the task of crushing the entire ship down. She twisted it and compacted it on itself over and over and over until she had made it only a foot long and the perfect width in its circumference to bring her pleasure.

Sadly, almost the instant she put it where she needed it to go and clamped herself down on the super dense metal, it caved into her far harder body instantly.

“Not nearly hard enough!” she observed with disappointment.

Her friend was suddenly beside her. “It was a good idea, though! Why don’t you try it with the whole lot of them?”

With a smile and a nod, the far too powerful young lady instantly sent all the personnel to the nearest safe world, which was several thousand light years distant, and gestured at the empty and drained armada around her. Both girls watched with relish as her immense power began to tear all the ships apart. It took just under a minute for the all the ships to churn themselves into one great sphere. It took a little longer for that sphere to be crushed down to the same size as the battleship had become.

But they were disappointed. Even compressed this much, the whole armada did not provide enough density to make any noticeable difference.

“Damn. I thought that would work!”

“I know! Let’s go find more intergalactic fleets! We’ve got heaps of wormholes to pick from!”

“How many do you think we’ll need?”

“Mmm … let’s find out!”


Sun Hee grinned at her brother.

“Really? You’ve had a long time to come up with something, brother. This is all you could think of?”

He shrank from her mocking tone, his eyes wandering her incredible physique. She had been so thin before … so delicate. He saw nothing but strength and power when he looked at her now, her firm flesh harder than any armour plate he could conceive of.

“It’s just about the only thing we haven’t tried yet.”

Sun Hee felt his eyes on her, and looked herself for a moment from her brother’s perspective. She was a whole foot taller than him, and she liked that he had to look up to meet her eyes now. Her muscles moved gracefully under her skin, skin that glistened and screamed health and vitality. So much health and so much vitality that it was obviously unnatural.

“What makes you think this will even work?”

General Pyoh gestured at one of his equally nervous subordinates, and a lever was pulled. The spare door of a tank, wrapped in steel chains and hung from a crane next to the large plastic lined pool, lowered into the surface of the horrible looking liquid. The reaction was dramatic, and instantaneous. The moment the metal entered the acid the liquid churned and bubbled and steam all around it. The crane lowered the armour plate door until it was halfway in. It stayed there a moment, until some of the chains went slack, and then it was pulled back out.

The bottom half of the door was completely missing, having been noisily eaten away. There was thick steam everywhere, and for a moment only Sun Hee could see the impressive result. She grinned.

“That stuff is awesome. But I’m not made of metal, brother.”

“This acid mix will eat through anything. A body dissolves even faster than metal.”

“And do you think it can dissolve this body?” she inquired, her tone playful but retaining a dangerous edge.

“You asked me to find a way to kill you,” he replied firmly, but his eyes revealed his doubts. As did his innermost thoughts.

“Let’s find out,” Sun Hee suggested, and stepped to the edge of the pool? Considering whether to dip toe in first, she decided against it. Her body resisted bullets, grenades, mortars, rockets, and nuclear explosions. She and flown in the vacuum of space without any discomfort. How on Earth could her brother believe acid would do anything to hurt her?

Without further hesitation, she gave her brother a reassuring smile and launched high into the air with a spring of her toes. She did a double-quadruple somersault and dove toward the middle of the pool. Just before she splashed in, she stopped in mid air a moment and gave her brother a wink before righting herself and holding her arms out wide as she lowered silently into the giant acid bath he had prepared for her. Much to her surprise there was a degree of bubbling as she immersed herself, and she experienced the rather bizarre sensation of every molecule of dirt on her skin burning away. It got rather interesting when her head went under, and she felt the acid do an impeccable job of removing every single molecule of dirt from her scalp and hair. Opening her eyes under the acid, she found it no different than opening her eyes under water … except the discomfort was completely absent now.

With great interest she watched the acid work it’s magic on the back of her hand. Any grit that had been there had soon been eaten away, and the reaction quickly settled down and she was in total calm.

A little disappointed, but not surprised, Sun Hee checked on her brother and saw him sagging. He could tell from the peaceful surface that nothing was happening to her. So she decided to play a game with him. She thrashed about a little, being careful not to splash him, and went to the bottom of the pool to push her hand through the plastic lining into the concrete beneath. She started to yank out rebar and the acid around started to churn. She pulled out more and more, then grabbed handfuls of dirt to add to the chaos.

Smiling within, she went to the surface and pretended to be in trouble.

“Help!” She cried, trying to sound as mousy and pathetic as possible. “It’s going to kill me! Ah”

She went under, and watched as her brother tried to process what he was seeing. She felt his reluctance to believe fade and joy fill his heart, but she waited until he punched the air in victory before popping her up to laugh at him.

“Oh no!” she declared. “My brother is an idiot!”

“You …”

“Yes, silly, I’m fine! Of course I’m fine! This was never going to work and you knew it.”

Sun Hee dipped her lips under the acid, opening her mouth as she did so her brother could see. Then she started to drink. She drank and drank, and the surface rapidly lowered as the acid entered her mouth much faster than they had been able to pump it into the pool. She felt her feet hit the bottom, but kept drinking until she was crouched. Standing up she grinned at her foolish brother.

“You know … it wasn’t such a bad idea. I haven’t been this clean in my whole life! I might do this more often. Nice work, after all! But you’re not supposed to be looking after my hygiene, are you? You’re supposed to be finding a way to kill me … remember?”

She floated up, and hovered before him with acid still dripping off her to sizzle on the concrete.

“Oh well. Maybe next time, eh?” As she departed, slowly headed toward the tree line, she called down to him to remind him of his other duty. “Don’t forget we’re still on for this afternoons playtime. I’ll see you there!”


Charlie was watering his garden, enjoying the last day of the stress leave he had taken after his last rather unusual press conference. He hadn’t been able to turn on the TV since that day. The reports out of North Korea were still constant, and all anyone seemed to be talking about was what this obscenely powerful superwoman and her unstoppable army would do next. Would they invade South Korea and China? Would they seek out the North Korea naval fleet, currently at anchor around islands within their territorial water? Would the Unchosen hijack the world’s televisions again and give them another horrifying demonstration of her unbelievable abilities? Surely it was just a matter of time before she did that again … what would she show them next?

Though he tried not to, Charlie could not help but picture that flawless physique; that incredible hair; those dazzling eyes; those … oh my god … those breasts! Charlie took a sharp breath and tightly closed his eyes, doing all he could to banish her from his mind’s eye. But the harder he tried, the more she seemed to come into focus.

“I am pretty hot, though, aren’t I?”

Charlie screamed and fell into the flowerbed. He rolled, oblivious to the discarded hose now watering his chest. His eyes fell upon her, and he could not speak. Hovering six inches off the grass with her hands on her hips to highlight her proudly displayed body the very source of his nightmares grinned down at him. Her teeth … he had forgotten about those teeth, damn it … sparkling in the sunlight that played about her hair.

“I’m pleased to see you’ve been thinking of me, Charlie,” she told him, her voice raking a deep moan from him. She was a little over-amped, even after parting 2000 rings worth and minimising her power level as much as she cared to. Some people would not have survived what her voice was doing to Charlie. Fortunately for him, he was very fit. “I like your garden. But I think you’re taking the whole ‘flowerbed’ thing too far, don’t you? And besides … how are we going to do this interview if you stay down there?”

He felt the air harden around his limbs, and then Charlie found himself rising to his feet. And rising fast. But it didn’t concern him that there was no reasonable explanation for how he was now standing again. All his mind was occupied with was the woman before him. Nothing else mattered to him right now but sounding out the depths of her beauty with intense examination. As he drooled, she thrilled his every nerve with a calm explanation of her presence.

“I need to tell everyone something,” Susan began. “And I’ve chosen you to help me. What do you say to a one-on-one exclusive interview with the Queen of the North Korea, broadcast worldwide? Not that it matters much … but asking is just polite. Just because I’m going to use you as a puppet for the next few minutes doesn’t mean I can’t have good manners, right?”

He continued to shudder for a few moments after she asked her question. He was in no condition to offer any reply whatsoever. He wanted to run away at full sprint, but he wanted to tackle her to the ground and ravish in equal measure. In result, he had become a statue on his own lawn while the hose flooded his geraniums.

“But we need a camera first. And you need a suit. I don’t like your garden much, either. You’re not very good at this green-thumb thing, are you Charlie?”

With casual one wave of her hand Susan reconstructed the small landscape around them into a Romanesque garden with marble pavers and columns. In the centre of was a large slab of the finest marble and a set of luxurious armchairs. Between them was a confused cameraman. Charlie’s old field operator from his first job, in fact. Neither man had seen each other in twenty years. Camera in hand, he was about to say something when he got a good look at Susan and lost his train of thought. He was far more confused by how far beyond beautiful she was than by how he came to be there.

“Hello Bob. Glad you make it!”

Susan floated over and gently lowered herself in a sitting position into one of the chairs. Unaware he was walking, Charlie made his way over and sat down in the other. His eyes were on Susan the whole time. Smiling at the two men Susan got Bob set up, locking his mind into focus on his job, and took over the world’s TV’s once again.

“Hello world,” Charlie intoned, his demeanour snapping into total professionalism. “With me here today is the woman everyone wants to know, and everyone wants to be. You know who I’m talking about.”


“What!” the old man in the nursing home TV room declared angrily. “I am NOT watching any more of this woman’s bullshit!”

He flicked through channel after channel, but they were all the same. Every single one. In frustration he switched it off. Still Charlie happily went on about his guest and how wonderful she was. He ripped the plug from the socket, and quite aggressively. But it didn’t work. Charlie was still droning on about his guest and how wonderfully lucky everyone was that she was about to talk to them.

“What the hell?” he screamed, and without hesitation grabbed a chair and threw it at the fragile flatscreen. There was an unnatural flash of light as it hit and it just bounced off, as if the picture was somehow protecting the screen. He was about to try again when Susan’s smiling face appeared. The old man dropped to his knees and wept … stunned by the image. Was she even more beautiful than last time?


He was sure of it.


“Hello everybody! It’s a pleasure for me to be here. A pleasure for you, that is!”

“So … why the demonstration in Korea? What do really hope to achieve there?”

“I’m showing you all what is coming. My deadline is long way off yet, though. So I do plan a few more demonstrations in other countries to make sure you don’t forget.”

“Where will that take place?”

“I’m not saying. It’s a surprise.”

“Can the UN negotiate with you about your plans to take over the world?”

“No. It’s my way or it’s my way. I am building an empire,not just here … but throughout the entire multiverse. I’m just making sure I have a nice homeworld to make all the rest of reality jealous. TO do that, things have to change.”

“How do you plan to take over the world?” Charlie asked with professional curiosity he did not really feel.

“Without any trouble whatsoever. And that’s why I’m really here today.”

“Oh? Why are you here?”

“To announce my new recruitment drive. When the time comes, I intend to replace every level of government with one of my representatives. They will assume the role of governing, enforcing their will directly on the people.”

‘Recruitment drive?”

“Yes. I’m opening applications today to begin finding out who will be my people on the ground.” The camera closed on Susan’s face, and she turned to look directly into it. “So if you’re unhappy with you’re local mayor, or the governor, or you don’t like the President and think you’d do a better job, I want to hear from you. If you want total command over those around you, with the power to make them all do what you want on a whim … the power to crush the armies that will oppose us, and crush them with no risk of injury … then you need to know this web address.”

She held her hand up, and over it in neat 3D type appeared a string of letters. “” The letters didn’t just appear on screens as a computer graphic. They physically hovered above her hand, and seemed to glow slightly.

“Go here and fill out my form. All applications will be considered, so get cracking!”

“Is there a closing date?” Charlie asked, as if all this were perfectly natural.

“Yes. Midnight, the day I return to the UN for their answer. Everybody has until then to get their applications in. But I wouldn’t leave it too long.”


“1287 armadas, and it still feels very soft.”

“Yeah … I don’t think this is going to work. We wasted over three hours one this!”

“We are just too strong. I’d like to keep trying though!”

“Not today. We only have a little time before we have to stop mucking about and get Master her rings.”

“I know. But the bearers are just too weak too! How are we going to get any fun now we’re this strong? Everyone just breaks when I try to to snuggle.”

“I’ve got an idea. Maybe we can boost them. You know … like Master boosted us!”

Her blonde friend found this idea very appealing. “Oh yes! Let’s try it now!”

For the next few minutes they split up, not worried about the multitudes of crewmen they had saved, and went from universe to universe gathering ring-bearers. When they had twenty each, one experimentally pointed a finger at the biggest man she had and a staggering stream of energy blasted from her fingertip and into his chest. A moment later it stopped and she approached the mesmerized man curiously.

“It worked!” she cried with glee, poking him cautiously in the chest. He did not explode.

With gleeful movements the girls proceeded to make their own harems, and even though they were still a little too far out of their league, the bearers were able to last at least a few minutes in the pair’s embrace. And when they were broken, they healed almost instantly. But good things, as all things must, come to an end.

Basking in the satisfaction of thousands of multiple orgasms the two harem girls ended their session in each other’s arms while their passion infected those around them so completely their embrace went uninterrupted by any background thoughts they may have otherwise had. Once done, the women hovered in a small cloud of healing bodies. They were the only ones to emerge conscious.

“We have to go back to work now.”

“Mmmm … but I want to have more fun. I could keep going for months!”

“Only months? I never want to stop, not ever. It just feels too good.”

“Then why should we?”


“Why stop? You know … we could send some these idiots to get rings for us.”

“But … wouldn’t they keep them for themselves?”

“What … like we did.”

Her friend looked shocked at the suggestion. “I could never betray Master!”

“Me neither. And they won’t betray us. Because we can make it so they can’t as easy as we can make they so they can’t stop getting more of them for us.”

There was a moment of silence.

“I just thought of another reason. A reason that makes this the only way we can possibly do our duties.”


“We’d be irresponsible to Master if we did it the other way, with just the two of us. With all forty of these fools amped up a little … enough to handle a normal bearer quickly … we can really start to gather Master’s rings. Now that I think of it …” She surged into her friends embrace. “Master might be furious if we don’t at least give it a try.”

Chapter 14

Jim rarely did a job before he was paid. It was always money up front with him. But when Roberto ordered a hit, he didn’t hesitate to start the job at all. The old-school gangster always paid in full upon completion, and Jim knew the cash was as good as his.

But this job was a little different. For starters the target was apparently in Roberto’s house. And perhaps even more unusual, Roberto had not provided him with a photograph.

“You’ll know her when you see her. I want you to use any means necessary, don’t worry about the house. And if you’re wiring the cars, make sure to wire them all. They’ll be parked in front of the house all night … don’t worry about me. I’m not going anywhere.”

The third thing that troubled Jim was how Roberto’s voice had sounded. Usually when he left a message on the encrypted line he was either angry or determined. This time he had sounded very monotonous. It wasn’t the passionate Roberto he knew so well. Whatever was going on, Jim knew right away this wasn’t a normal job. Roberto had even insisted that Jim consider contingency plans. Jim had a solid reputation as a one-hit killer, having never failed to take out a target first go in his long career. To suggest he might need to prepare contingency plans was almost insulting.

In fifteen years of taking the mans money, Jim had never been anywhere near the house, though he wasn’t at all surprised by the size of the property. He knew enough to realise Roberto was pulling in hundreds of millions a year. He was quick about his task once he had infiltrated the grounds, placing the small explosives in just the right place on his employer’s fleet of black Cadillacs and SUV’s. Each of the eight devices were on speed dial, individually coded so he could blow whichever car the target entered. The devices themselves were not that large, but he used his own special blend of chemicals to make super-high yield explosives more than powerful enough to obliterate even a big SUV. Placing them against the fuel tank in a certain way guaranteed a nice hot ball of flame to be sure there were no survivors.

All Jim had to do now was wait. He positioned himself in a tree up against the high compound wall with his contingency plans on hand. His partner sat in the getaway vehicle ready and waiting, so that all he had to do was run along a branch that went close to the concrete wall, leap over it and in seconds he would be gone.

Just as the sun was rising, Jim saw the front door open. The moment she stepped out into the early morning light Jim nearly fell off his perch. Roberto had said she was beautiful … but words could not hope to convey the depths of that beauty. She wore a tiny gold bikini, allowing his hungry eyes to devour her incredible curves without having to fill in the gaps. Usually, he found his imagination flattered the women he actually got to undress. But he could never have dreamed of a body the likes of which this woman had.

Pulling himself together as she strode toward the nearest SUV, Jim swiped his phone with his thumb and held his digit above the keypad. Concentrating on his job, and certain this was the target, he waited until she had shut the door and hit the virtual keypad. His phone sounded a ringtone just once, and there was a violent explosion.

This was the best part of his job. Not the killing … that wasn’t what really interested him. It was watching the moment when the line between the Earthly plane and Hell was broken … watching bits and pieces of car spinning through the air and seeing the awesome destructive power of his bombs up close. The SUV did not disappoint. The explosion was beautiful, and as the vehicle ripped apart at the seams the fuel was dispersed and ignited.

But as the debris crashed to the ground and he prepared to depart, the breeze cleared enough of the smoke to reveal her, and Jim’s world was shattered. Standing right in the middle of the burning wreck was his beautiful target. She wasn’t even covered in soot. She was just standing there with arms hanging at her side and regarding the wreckage with amusement. She shrugged, and walked to the next car. It had broken windows, but all the cars had been parked with enough space between so that it was largely undamaged.

As she got in the car, Jim couldn’t believe his luck. He got his phone back out and hit the appropriate number.


Liz could not believe how fast she had been able to get her game started. It turned out Roberto had some real pull, and using his connections she had organised a day of great entertainment for herself.

Sitting in the second vehicle, she grinned as Jim detonated his bomb. Time seemed to slow down as the explosions tore the car apart around her. She felt the heat, and the shockwave, and it felt great. The fireball hit her, and she moaned as it teased her with wonderful sensations all over her skin. The seat melted beneath her, her feet soon on the gravel, and with the roof now gone Liz stood up.

She waited, watching through his eyes as the smoke cleared. She felt a stab of cold fear enter his heart as her perfect form was revealed, once more unharmed in any way by the powerful explosive. She stretched and luxuriated in the obscene physical power she felt seething in her muscles.

“I really am very pretty now,” she observed, noting that his fear was fast replaced by intense arousal.

Liz walked to the next car, and as she had with the last two she pushed her hand into the edge of the doorskin until she felt pillar bend enough to allow the door to swing open. This time she didn’t even get to pretend to close the door. The explosion came almost the instant she put her ass on the seat. She giggled as once more the car around was destroyed, the shockwave and all the debris unable to even mess up her luscious hair.

Five more times she enjoyed the complete destruction of Roberto’s cars from the inside. Jim didn’t seem to give up. And she was glad. If he had even half a brain he would be running right now, but he remained in the tree obligingly detonating the cars one by one until none remained.

Susan made a show of scratching her head and looking about at all the ruined cars. She was a poor actress, and her shrug was way over the top as she turned toward the house. As she had hoped, Jim already had his small hand-held grenade launcher in his hands. She heard a grenade bounce on the gravel just four feet beside her, and once more she was treated to a hot and fully embracing massage. And just like every other time, she used the tsunami of pleasant sensations to push herself over the top.

He had six grenades, as it turned out. Liz enjoyed them all, dropping her top after the second so she could tweak her harder than diamond nipples.

Lucky for her Jim had one more trick up his sleeve. Her eyes snapped open as she heard the rocket flame into life. It was a good thing she did, because the poor stressed-out hitman had missed.

She actually felt his mind bend as she stepped to the side and dipped down a little, allowing the rocket to plough into her perfect left breast. She watched it try and pierce her skin, and smiled to see how badly it failed. Her breasts were far more than these pathetic weapons could hope to match. The rocket detonated, showering with viciously sharp shrapnel and white hot flame. She giggled.

“That tickles!”

Aware that Jim was too stunned to move, Liz looked right at him and gave him a wave.

“Thank you! That was really nice. Though you really kinda suck at this, don’t you? I mean … you’re supposed to kill me, right? You don’t get paid until you kill me! I’ll tell you what … you have one more chance. Go away and have a good think about it, then I want you to try again. Now go get your shit together.”

Liz watched him, unable to stop giggling as he nearly stuffed the landing on the far side of the wall. He jumped in the car and was gone.

Liz started walking back to the house when she heard sirens in the distance. Not just one car, either. It sounded like all of them …

“Ooh!” Liz cooed. She hadn’t considered the police might be interested in all the big bangs. “More toys!”


Susan was happy with the progress of her palace. Hovering over the vast construction site she could see that everyone was working very hard. While every other province was producing weapons to entertain her girls, those in Susan’s personal province were focused entirely on building her incredibly huge new home. With the plans they had and such determination to please their Queen, their children might even live to see it finished.

Aware that some of her girls shared a growing concern about a particular issue, Susan decided to deal with it before departing for deep space. She streaked across the sky and approached the nearest one. The girl was discussing a production problem with one of her generals.

“What seems to be troubling you?” Susan asked, cutting the general off mid-sentence and leaving him in stunned silence. He had forgotten how beautiful Susan was, and now she was even more so.

“We are nearly out of iron ore. We’ve used it all.”

Susan smiled. “Don’t be ridiculous. You have the resources of whole universe at your disposal.”

Looking skyward Susan searched the depths of her new realm. She quickly found what she sought and reached a hand skyward. Instantly a massive chunk of iron ore appeared above them in the sky and hovered there. It was the size of a small city, and the general shrank away from its intimidating size even though it was several thousand feet above him. Susan gestured absently and the giant rock from space was broken up and deposited as close to where it needed to be as possible … fully prepped and ready for smelting.

“All you have to do is ask, you silly girl. Now … Where are the rest of you?”

The other girls started to appear and soon all were gathered.

“It’s good to see you are all doing your jobs so well. I have decided it’s time to give you another ability … the power to enhance others in certain ways to make them more useful to you. To take advantage of this ability, I’m going to double your power. You’ll be able to increase your power or decrease it to your current level again at will.” Susan’s eyes glowed white, and the girls all felt new power flow into their bodies. With it came the knowledge of how use the new gifts.

Almost as one the girls swelled in size, gaining three more feet in height and countless tons of immeasurably dense muscles. They towered over Susan, but none of them had any illusions about who had the most power at this little gathering. Even as they became so much larger and twice as strong, they also became instantly twice as alluring.

“Oh my … we were WEAK before!”

Susan smiled. “Enjoy yourselves ladies. But don’t forget your tasks!”

Confident in the power and knowledge she had given them, Susan left the giant supergirls to their fun and sought a little of her own deep in another universe … where she could cut loose a little.


The police cars streamed onto the property, Liz making Jane walk out in her maid outfit to greet them.

“Can I help you, officers?” Jane asked politely.

The cop in charge had his gun out, and was looking around at the destruction. “Just what the hell is going on here?”

“Um … it’s fine. Everything is okay. We’re … .fine … here.”

“I don’t think so. Who’s in the house?”

Jane looked nervously over her shoulder, and when she looked back her facade was gone and tears were in her eyes.

“You have to help us! She’s keeping us prisoner in our house! And my friends! And all the guards just do what she tells them … she doesn’t even tell them anymore she just looks at them! She just … looks … at me! And the next thing I know I’m rubbing oil into her skin or licking her out! You have to get me out of here!”

“It’s alright, Miss … calm down. The police are here now and whatever is going on here is over.”

“Is that so?” an unnaturally sexy voice interrupted.

The cop turned to look at Liz as she came out of the house and walked slowly toward them.

“What’s this lady talking about? Is she telling the truth? Are you holding people here against their will?”

Liz smiled, and felt his heart melt a little as several of his colleagues shuffled uneasily. “Yes. It’s true. I’ve taken over their lives and turned them into my slaves.” Liz stopped a few feet away from the shaking cops and grinned at them with her hands on her hips. “And there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it.”

“On your knees,” the cop commanded, confused but determined to control the situation.

Liz shook her head with a little giggle. “You don’t know what she’s done to me. All the power I had was enough to conquer the world a hundred times over … and just a few minutes ago she gave me MORE!” Curious as to what would happen, Liz tilted her head and used her new ability to amp up her beauty. “Do you like my bikini?” she asked, watching as the lead officer dropped his gaze and his jaw.

“But … you weren’t … just before you … I … what the … ?”

“That’s right. But before you all put down your guns and go inside, how about you call for more back-up? Oh … and while you have your guns out anyway … “

Liz twirled as the cops opened fire, the bullets making her body tingle with delight wherever they struck. Once she had them use up all their ammo, Liz strode over to the lead cop and put her breasts in his face.

“Now then. Where were we? Oh yes! On your knees, officer. Now.”

The cop dropped to his knees, his gun still aimed at her as his wide eyes searched desperately for some sign that the barrage had done something … anything at all … to her body. He was disappointed to see not much as smear of lead on her soft warm skin. At her silent command, and in front of all present, he started caressing the addictive curves of her thigh.

“You and your boys are going to have a great week here, officer,” she informed him.

Suddenly there was an impact against her forehead and Liz knew the next hitman was around. Two more impacts hit her before she bothered to find him. She issued a silent invitation to the police and they marched into the house while she explored the experiences of her latest toy. He was ex-military, and had a state-of-art rifle and a big budget. Perched in a helicopter she hadn’t been paying attention, and a respectable distance away, he cursed and fired off the rest of the cartridge.

Each large lump of lead hit her square on the face and bounced off her flawless complexion with a strange muffled ping-like sound.

“He is good,” Liz observed, floating up and offering him a better target.

“Fuck you,” she heard him whisper, his voice soft and calm.

Liz just grinned at him, soaking up his frustration as he emptied another clip. When a reloaded a second time she slyly altered his aim, and though he didn’t know why he was suddenly shooting her chest. The massage worked wonders on her sensitive breasts. Evaluating his work, Liz decided that while the explosives expert offered some potential for future fun, this sharp-shooter wasn’t really worth sparing. He had killed a lot of people in his long career, and not all of them were scumbags.

Leaping high into the air, Liz rejoiced in unaided flight once more. Before the sniper or pilot could react she was hovering five feet from the end of the barrel.

“Nice shooting. But I can get snipers anywhere.”

He tossed the rifle down and pulled a pistol. Watching the bullets bounce off her invulnerable flesh with his eyes, Liz couldn’t help but get turned on. She moaned and a hand down toward her crotch.

“Ooh … that was good. Let’s see what other weapons you’re packing.”

Liz was soon inside the chopper, testing her ability to enhance others by making the hitman hard enough to be useful. The pilot wrestled with the controls as she rapidly approached her orgasm. As she felt it approach she drew on her new potential and her muscles swelled rapidly with terrifying new strength. Terrifying to the man beneath, anyway. To her it felt wonderfully erotic as she gained not only size and density, but raw physical strength.

“What the hell are you?” the pilot demanded, desperately trying to keep the chopper in the air. Her increasing weight continued to put greater and greater strain on the rotors, and their descent accelerated.

Liz laughed as the chopper crashed into an empty carpark, delighted as the metal machine was reduced to tiny pieces of jagged shrapnel. The detonation of from her three-foot taller body did far more, though … sending the fragments soaring in all directions and tearing a deep crater beneath her as she indulged in an unreserved release with the full sum of her new power teeming in her flesh.


Just a few days ago Fiona had been a dark queen ruler over her existence with an iron fist. Today she was the willing and so much more able servant of the mysterious blonde mega-girl who had made her ten times stronger than she had been before. Ten times tougher, and ten times faster. But that was all. Her mental powers and everything else were still like before. She assumed that was because she only needed the physical advantage … it was more than enough.

Blasting into a new untapped universe she quickly found her target. Other than her body being ten times stronger, she also seemed to able to detect the rings instantly now. With her blistering speed she was soon at the scene of a vast battle. Her target was turning the tide against an evil invader, having not long arrived himself. Fiona landed close by and walked slowly toward him as he swatted mechanical war machines like flies. Part of her admired him, and he had her full attention even as a few robot warriors wasted energy blasts on her super-muscled body.

“You’re good at this. Almost a shame I have to take your ring.”

He stopped and stared at her, his blows continuing almost subconsciously as he took her in. “Who are you?”

Fiona smiled warmly as she ignored the battle itself to walk straight up to him. Even as his enemy attacked both of them to no effect whatsoever, she embraced him and started to give him a deep passionate kiss. He struggled hopelessly as her tongue overpowered his and she took her pleasure from him. He felt his ribs first crack, then shatter as she tightened her hold mercilessly. She felt her heart flutter as his powerful form succumbed so quickly and easily to her incredibly over the top strength advantage. She dropped him as the army around her began to move away, and crouched down while he began to heal and removed the ring from his finger. He instantly stopped healing, and remained dead on the ground. Fiona smiled cruelly and put the ring in her large sack.

“12,304. The Masters will be pleased!”

Determined to please her new masters as much as possible, Fiona left the battlefield and sought out another target. She didn’t just want to find more rings … she needed to. She thought about putting on a few more rings herself, but even though she had only know her new masters for a short time, the idea just didn’t seem right for some reason.


“Oh! I forgot you knew how to do that!”

“I told you we hadn’t done everything! I’ve got some more tricks!”

Entwined in a hot embrace, the two massively over-powered women were surrounded by all the male ring-bearers they had collected. All the women they had enhanced and sent out harvesting rings for them.

“How many do we have so far?”


“No … i mean how many rings, silly!”

“Oh! 78,943.”

“It’s working really well!”

“So are you! Do that thing again you were doing last time.”

“You mean this?”

“Hehehe. No … that other … OH MY GOD! YES!! THAT!!!”

Chapter 15

It had been months now since Rhonda had taken a break. Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for month after month would normally take its toll on a person. And Rhonda was getting a great deal of work done, too. It wasn’t like she was sitting on her hands. However, Rhonda felt more alive and certainly more alert than ever. Her mind was clearer now than it had been in her entire life, and her body had far more energy than she could ever hope to burn.

There was always someone or something trying to get into the country. Lately the number of attempted military incursions had died down a bit, but Rhonda had to be ever vigilant and constantly patrolled.

Flying up alongside yet another drone, Rhonda plucked it out of the air with one hand and threw it into orbit. They sure seemed to have a lot of them, because they didn’t stop trying to send more. And when she spotted one she knew there would be another three or four. With speed that still astounded her, Rhonda shot along the border and smashed them all from the sky.

There was another civilian group she had seen the day before who had now crossed into the no-go-zone, so Rhonda decided to deal with them before they got too far. She wondered if they knew they were actually about to enter an unmarked minefield, and a quick examination of their minds revealed they weren’t. She swooped down in front of them and hovered a few feet above the earth.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” she demanded, staring them down coldly.

“We have to get our mother out! Please let us get her!”

Rhonda frowned. “Your mother has sworn herself to the Unchosen. Turn around and walk home.”

“How do we know she is safe?”

“What’s her name?”

Upon learning their mothers name, Rhonda scanned their home province and saw the old woman was alive and well, and cooking a meal for other members of their family.

“She’s cooking up a nice lunch right now. She’s fine. Now … go home.”

“Why can’t we go to her?”

“I have been commanded to keep the border closed. No exceptions, little guy. Sorry. Besides … you wouldn’t make it. See that field beyond those trees? It’s filled with mines. If I did let you pass, you’d be carrying pieces of yourselves home at best. I’ll prove it.”

Rhonda gestured for the five men to follow her to the wide grassy field that stretched off into the distance in both directions. She landed gently on the ground, the men still looking up to see her face. “Watch,” she told them, before turning and striding confidently into the thick minefield.


Chunks of earth and rock flew in all directions, and for a moment Rhonda was at the base of thirty foot plume of death. Rocks and loam thudded to the ground all around her as she kept walking, completely at ease as she stepped on another mine. And another. She set off four more before turning back to give the men a smile.

“See?” she asked them, floating back toward them. “You wouldn’t get any further anyway. Now go.”

The men just stood gaping at her perfect and completely unharmed body. She could feel their desire for her, and she found herself checking them out. Rhonda decided it was about time she treated herself … but she knew her duties were more important. But now that Susan had given her some new powers to play with, she had an idea. Casting her eyes deep into the nearest town she selected a suitable young woman who didn’t seem to be doing anything important and starting pouring power into her. She wasn’t sure, but she tried to make the girl as powerful as she herself had been way back when she first got her powers. She had gained at least a thousand times as much now, but she knew it would be enough. In moments the girl was hovering before her.

“I have made you powerful so you can patrol the border for me. No-one may enter or leave the country. Understood?”


Rhonda smiled as the girl flew off and got straight to work, Rhonda having giving her more detailed instructions telepathically.

With a vast reserve of power still at her disposal, Rhonda turned her attention back to the five men.

“Now then … how about some fun before I give you boys a lift home?”

She watched them closely as she increased her power level, their eyes widening further as everything about her became even more intense. Giving them what she hoped would be enough power to survive pleasing her, Rhonda enthusiastically fulfilled their wildest fantasies.


The latest to try to collect on the contract had proven to be rather entertaining. Liz had allowed him to sneak up behind her and drag his knife blade forcefully across her throat. It was a strange sensation on her sensitive skin, as she could still feel how sharp the edge was, but it was impossible for mere steel to break the surface of her skin now.

Confused by her giggle, the man grunted and stabbed the blade into her back over and over, jarring his whole arm each time as the blade rammed against her harder-than-diamond flesh. He stepped back, unsure why his trusted knife was failing him now.

Liz turned slowly to face him, allowing him time to drink in her devastating beauty.

“That felt nice. More!”

She held her arms out and exposed her body to him. Though he was filled with desire for her perfect form, he lunged at her and brought the knife up under her ribcage and tried to force it into her. He stared in amazement as he leaned all his weight into to no avail. The tip only just dimpled the skin, and made no dent on the muscle beneath whatsoever. He screamed in rage and with violent frustration tired himself out trying to stick the blade into her, his stabs exploring her whole body trying to find a weak spot. When he stopped, it was because he was too exhausted to continue.

“Well … ten points for effort. I think I’ll keep you around. Go get some bigger knives, though … okay?”

She watched him slump as he walked away. Planting some thoughts in his head to ensure he wouldn’t just give up, Liz left the kitchen and walked into the living room. Unleashing her powerful beauty full force upon those in the room she watched them almost jump as a wave of lust swept through them. She allowed one of the cops to kiss her feet as she looked at Jane.

“How about some lunch?”

“I’m not hungry,” Jane insisted, though she was clearly flushed with intense arousal and fighting as hard as she could.

Liz smiled and walked to the couch, removing her clothes as she did and being careful not let her garments damage the floor or furniture. She lay her magnificent body on the large leather lounge and drew two more cops to her with a sultry glance. They began massaging her breasts as she patted one gentle on the head.

“Are you sure you’re not hungry? You look famished!”

Jane could not fight it any longer. In an instant she had her face buried in Liz’s crotch.

Summoning him with a whim, Liz looked up as Roberto walked into the room.

“How long will take that mercenary squad to get here?”

“Two days. It will take time to acquire and test weapons once they’re in the country.”

“Really? Two days? What am I going to do for two days?”

“There’s something you should know. If I don’t show up for the next meeting, which is tonight, the others will know something is wrong.”

“Ah yes! Your little mobster buddies.” Liz thought for a moment. “I think I’d like to meet them.”

“Impossible!” Roberto blurted, but he looked instantly regretful.

“I wouldn’t want them to think something is wrong, now would I? You’re going to go that meeting tonight, Roberto. And I’m coming with you.”


Sun Hee stood under the array of piped with a clear look of amusement.

“Are you going to try boring me to death before you pull the lever, brother?” she asked the general with a mocking a tone. “Today would be nice.”

General Pyoh scowled at her, but pulled the lever nonetheless. Valves opened up and the liquid nitrogen began pouring out of three nozzles dangling directly above Sun Hee. She had expected it to feel quite cold, but it just felt like water. Certainly not hot water, but not so cold that she noticed. For thirty seconds the liquid showered over her, splashing all about the floor and created a great deal of vapour. As expected, it was a complete failure.

“Not this time, brother,” she told him, stepping out of the puddle and walking toward the door.

Sun Hee heard his rapid footsteps as he bolted at the puddle before it completely vaporised. She could easily have stopped him, but she did something else instead.

As he fell toward the puddle, the General felt a warm tingling sensation that was over before he landed. And then all he felt was pain … the agony of being snap-frozen in an instant. He would have screamed, but he couldn’t move at all. Rather than be over instantly, he was more than disappointed to discover his pain did not relinquish it’s hold on him.

Sun Hee giggled and walked toward her brother laying face down in a rapidly shrinking pool of liquid nitrogen. With a gesture she lifted his half-frozen body and hovered it in front of her so she could look into his still aware eyes.

“That was silly, wasn’t it? I suppose I should have warned you … but this is as good a way to find out as any. I’ve made a few changes, you see. Rather than keep saving you from yourself, I’ve just made you invulnerable. Well … invulnerable might be too strong a word really. You can still break bones, and you’ll still bleed when you cut. But you’ll always heal. Always. Thing is … it’s not so much invulnerability I’ve given you as immortality … Highlander style. Except, even if you cut off your head you won’t die. Aren’t I a good sister? I mean … after all you did to me, and to father, I’m still giving you gifts!”

Letting him drop to floor, Sun Hee turned and walked to the door. “I wonder how long it will take you to thaw? I guess one of the other generals will have to organise my playtime today.”


Susan had been watching the televised debate with a great deal of amusement. It had started satisfactorily enough, but had degenerate rather rapidly once the Bishop had denounced the Unchosen One as a false prophet and stormed off, leaving the debate to the academics and the scientists. Susan couldn’t see his point though … it wasn’t like she had declared herself a god or anything. That comparison was being made by the physicist.

“I’m telling you,” the special effects expert was saying, “Give me a budget and two days and I’ll turn myself into a god.”

“How can you explain the events in North Korea?”

“Everything we know comes out of these broadcasts she makes. Has anyone been into the country or even seen one of these girls in the flesh?”

“You’re convinced it’s all an elaborate hoax? Her website … her claims of godlike powers … all just a lie? But why?”

“It’s the greatest magic trick of all time. I wish she had come to me with it … I would have done a better job on the nukes for one thing. That was some cheap work.”

“I hope you’re right,” the host told him with great sincerity. “But there are very few who think you are. So far we’ve heard from our departed friend Bishop Haywerth, and we’ve heard some theories about how someone might have attained the physical and mental powers the Unchosen and her enhanced friends have displayed. Now I’d like to turn to Professor Linda Travis, head of psychology department at the UTS Institute. Linda: why would someone behave like this woman?”

“First I want to say how strongly disagree with my fellow panelist. I don’t know how you can believe anyone would be able to pull of a hoax this big. But as for the question … I think this woman has tremendous power, and she appears to be playing. She’s clearly very happy in all the footage, and I don’t see any real malice. It’s my belief that we haven’t seen half of what she’s capable of.”

“What do you mean?”

“She seems relaxed. Comfortable. We haven’t seen her pushing herself … if anything she is holding back.”

“Do you think the UN should surrender to her?”

“I think they should seriously consider it.”

Susan smiled. She liked this fifty-something woman. She was smart.

“How worried should we be? Is this woman crazy do you think?”

Susan’s smile faded. It was bad enough the special effects guy had been so rude. Now this?

“Certainly not. This woman is very smart, and very focused on her goals. But we should be worried. I don’t think she’d hesitate to kill … what little we know about what happened in Korea proves that. The incident in Alabama backs it up. She is dangerous.”

The special effects guy was laughing.

“You’re an idiot!” He declared. “She’s just a chick with an effects team. I can’t believe the whole world is buying this bullshit! People aren’t that strong! People aren’t invulnerable. People can’t defeat modern armies on a battlefield single handed without weapons. It’s just not possible! The only way someone can make another person as strong as that woman in Alabama appeared to be is with a computer. When all this is over, you’re going to look a right bunch of coconuts!”

Susan grinned as she slowly pushed her body through the wall and into the studio. She hovered a foot of the ground, a new and dazzling bikini all that adorned her shamelessly flawless body. Allowing them a moment to drink in the mind numbing sight of her, Susan focused on the skeptical effects guy.

“Do I look fake to you?” she asked him, clearly not pleased to be talking to him at all.

“Your footage does. Neat trick with the invisible wires there.”

Susan shook her head. “No wires on me, buddy. So you think only special effects wizardry can make a person as powerful as me?”

“Of course. You haven’t fooled me, beautiful.”

“If that was true … then how could I do this to Linda?”

Susan raised a hand, and from a her palm a baseball sized ball of violently churning energy appeared and shot into Linda’s chest.”

The entire panel and the crew were thrown back as Linda transformed in a blinding flash light into a seven foot sleekly muscled goddess, hovering in a seated position over her destroyed chair and completely aware how to use all her new incredible gifts. Not only had she grown taller and now exuded an aura of intimidating power, she had lost thirty years from her face and skin. But even when she had been twenty the first time she had never been anywhere near as beatiful as she was now.

“Wow! I didn’t know having such power would feel so great!” Linda declared, rising and stretching her new body gleefully. Excess energy destroyed the table in front of her and made a hole in the floor. “Thank you!”

“Well?” Susan asked the cowering effects wizard. “How did I fake that?”

Though he was now tormented with lust for both superpowerful women before him, he still managed to out his foot in it again. “I’m not a stage guy,” he informed her dreamily.

“You’re really stupid is what you are,” Susan told him. “Not only are you wrong, asshole … but Linda here is right. I have been holding back, and holding back a LOT.” She moved closer to him, giving Linda a warm smile before focusing back on the fool before her. “But I suppose a prick like you will want proof, right?”

Susan watched herself through his eyes as she gently filled herself with more and more power. She didn’t allow her muscles to grow much, making her flesh harden ever more as strength and power flowed into it. The changes were not particularly subtle. He began to quiver as everyone’s eyes widened. Susan’s body filled out a most imperceptibly, but her raw physical attraction mysteriously skyrocketed. He could not understand how or why, but she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his whole life and every heartbeat she grew more beautiful.

“You … you can’t do that.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” Susan agreed, increasing the pace a little making him drop to his knees.

Susan just stood there and proved how wrong he was by allowing her power level to reach reckless heights, being careful to remain very still as she approached and passed her self-imposed safe limit for Earth trips. The air grew thick with her presence, and even Linda stopped her self-admiration to gawk at Susan’s incredible display. She just got sexier and sexier, and just when those watching thought it would stop she smiled and upped the pace again. The light above her blew and the building itself actually groaned around her as if begging her to stop.

After a few minutes she passed a certain point and knew no-one in the room would be able to think of anything other than her perfection for the remainder of their lives. She decided to stop when the second guy passed out. Susan could think of a thousand clever things to say, but knew that if she so much as twitched an eyelash right now the world she wanted to make the jewel of her empire would be destroyed. With much greater speed she reeled her power in until the building stopped shaking and she could speak without dooming the planet.

“Can’t explain that little trick so easily, can you?”

He couldn’t deny what she had done to him with the visual display alone. In fact, he could no longer explain or deny anything because the only thought running through his mind was a picture of a super-amped Susan. It was the same thought on everyone’s mind … including Linda. Susan cured her new team-member with a whim, and smiled warmly at the camera while the massive new amazon explored her body in the background.

“I can see now I need to work harder at getting the message across. It would seem there are still a few of you out there who doubt me. It hasn’t stopped just about all of you putting in applications to my website, though. In any case, it’s time for another demonstration.”

“What about me?” Linda asked. “I’m feel so powerful!”

“Do you like it?” Susan inquired, already knowing the answer.

“You made me feel young again!”

“No I didn’t,” Susan corrected, “You are young again. And always will be. Now come … I have a job for you.”


“We can’t wait any longer! If the guy has such little respect for us he can’t make a fucking phone call he doesn’t get a vote.”

These men were not used to waiting.

“He’s never missed a meeting in 15 years,” one of the older men observed. “We can wait for Roberto. But not much longer.”

There were nods of agreement, but then the door swung open and the subject of their debate was made redundant. But rather than walk into the room, he remained at the door.

“I have someone who wants to meet you,” he told them.

His unusual demeanor made the whole room nervous.

“Roberto … you’re not making sense! You are late, which is bad enough. Now you want to make introductions at our private meeting? What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m … sorry. She … I … I don’t know how she controls me but I cannot disobey her.”

“You what the fuck now?”

“Oh! Get out of the way, idiot,” Liz snapped, entering the room and offering them a comprehensive explanation of their partner’s odd behaviour in the form of the most intoxicating physique they had ever shard a room with. Her near naked body alone was a symphony of gobsmacking intricacy, her graceful movements lighting fires around the room. Even those who required Viagra these days found no need of chemical aids. Even if they had closed their eyes and looked away, not that there was the slightest chance any had enough willpower to do so, the scent of Liz alone would have left them searching for her.

“Who … what … .?”

“How’s it going there. My slave has told me all about you assholes.”

“Your … slave?” a drooling man managed.

“Yeah. Bob is pretty useless, but he does give good head.”

One of them shook off his lust as best he could. “Just who the hell are you supposed to be?”

“I am your new boss, dickhead,” Liz sweetly informed him. “Why don’t you get on your knees and thank me for taking over your turf? Think how much more rewarding your work will be now that I’m going to be taking all the money! Well? Why are still sitting there? Knees. Now!”

To the astonishment of everyone else, the hardened mob boss nearly hit his chin on the table as he quickly slipped off his chair and kneeled. “Thank you, mighty and powerful Liz! Thank you for taking my money and letting me be your slave!”

“You’re welcome! Same for all of you! I’m happy to tell you all that you are now my personal playthings! Isn’t that just the best news?!”

The room erupted into chaos as guns were drawn. Everyone except the kneeling man dove for cover as just over half of them opened fire at her. The rest joined in, though it wasn’t actually thier idea. As they shot, Liz made sure not move about too much in case they missed.

“I want all of you to tell your underlings to start putting all the money into my bank account from now on. I know how much there is, so no skimping. You can keep, let’s say … ten percent. That should be more than enough to cover your expenses. Or should I say, my expenses.” She waited until all their ammunition had been wasted against her strong impenetrable flesh before continuing. “If anyone want out … too bad. You’re my little mob toys now, and there’s just not a thing you can do about it.”

Chapter 16

Linda was thrilled far more by the freedom of flight than the delightful sensation of vast physical strength teeming in her incredibly energised physique. Susan had led her out from the studio and then thousands of feet into the sky. The latest member of the team had skipped the slow introduction to power Susan had put her other recruits through, but she had given Linda all the knowledge she needed to complete the task she had in mind.

Keeping her speed down so Linda could easily keep up, Susan still reached Cuba in under a minute. She came to stop five miles above the island nation, and Linda came to a hover beside her.

“I have decided to claim this place as my own. I was going to power up three or four local girls … but now I have you around I think I’ll just get you to do it.”

“Um … you mean … you want me to invade Cuba for you?”

“No. I want you to conquer Cuba for me. With the power I have given you it will be easy.”

“On my own? I’ve never even killed a cockroach!”

“You’ll do fine. Now … just give me a moment.” Susan turned to regard the island nation below, seeking the minds of those in charge she gently yet firmly delivered her ultimatum. “I am the Unchosen … and you’ll be happy to learn I have decided to make an example of Cuba by allowing your nation to be the second one my forces conquer. Now … you have until dawn to prepare your army. Then my … ambassador … will negotiate your unconditional surrender. Get ready.” Happy to see them all get very busy, Susan smiled and turned back to Linda. “Let them prepare themselves. When the sun comes up tomorrow, destroy their army. I want the people kneeling before you by noon.”

“But … .is that going to give me enough time?”

“Don’t underestimate how impossibly powerful I have made you, Linda. You could conquer a galaxy in that time with the power I have given you. The challenge will be not doing too quickly. Remember … this is a demonstration. Now, use the next few hours to learn about this place … you will soon be their queen, after all.”

“There is just one thing … before you go, I mean. What about Robert?”

“Your family? Your husband? Take care of business here first. You can bring him here later.”


Fiona was getting very good at making the most of her new job. Her new strength was intoxicating, and though she hadn’t stopped to admire her reflection she knew she must be much more beautiful than before too. As she tilted her head and curiously watched yet another heroic bearer break himself against her flesh. Once she had reached for his ring he had become desperate, which gave her an idea. Grabbing him by the fist as he once more tried to slam her into oblivion, Fiona grinned evilly at him and squished his much weaker hand in hers like jelly. He screams as her fingers closed around the only thing that was solid enough to withstand her strength … his ring. Dropping him, she left the scene with a callous release of energy that reduced the world beneath her to dust.

Rocketing into yet another universe she entered the atmosphere of the planet her next target was on and came down before the relaxed man. He was talking with a few friends outside a luxurious building beside a vast lake.

“Holy shit!” one of his companions swore as she approached and stopped before them.

“Who are you?” the amazed bearer demanded, his eyes wandering her curves and settling on her breasts.

“Does it matter? It’s why I’m here you need to worry about.”

“Oh? There’s not much I worry about.”

Fiona smiled wickedly at him, seeing a small bead of sweat trickle from under his brow. She could smell his fear. “Give me your ring … and I might let your friends live.”


“You don’t like that idea? Okay.”

Fiona raised both hands and released two tiny sparks that instantly vaporised his companions and left the two of them alone. “I’m going to get your ring … you don’t have the strength to stop me from taking it.”

With a bellow of rage he rushed her. Oh yeah, she thought … this was much more like it. If she just told them, and provoked them a little, the bearers really were much more fun. It turned her on wildly to know how much effort he was putting into his attack. The fury in his eyes and the violence of his assault should have been more than a little intimidating … but it only served to make her moan with a thorough arousal. Her moan triggered a reaction in him, and his internal struggle not to let her turn him on was a short and hopeless one. But still he pressed his attack, drawing upon everything he had.

“Is that really all you can do?” Fiona asked derisively. She simply let arms hang at her sides while he broke himself against her super enhanced body. “And to think … there was a time I was just as weak as you are.”

She grabbed his arm and brutally swang him into the ground. The result of her far too powerful strength made him the weapon that obliterated the entire planet, and while he came to she twisted his finger off and took what she came for.


Susan was grinning with excitement when she left Earth, and not simply because she let herself power right up. She was excited because she knew that soon her current limit would be shattered. The only question on her mind was by how much she leave her current level behind.

What she saw upon arrival worried her a little. Her two most powerful creations appeared to still be enjoying time off. They weren’t rushing about like the last time Susan had called upon them. Instead they were intwined in an intimate embrace, with about a hundred male ring bearers doing what little they could to help the pair enjoy their magnificent bodies.

When the two former sex slaves saw their master approach, they broke away from each other and quickly had their toys clean them.

“Master! We hadn’t expected to see you so soon!”

“I gathered that,” Susan noted with a raised eyebrow. “I thought I told you girls you could have one day off. One day.”

“Don’t worry, Master! We wouldn’t dream of letting the harvest suffer! We have a lot more rings for you than last time! And we gathered all these toys for you to help you enjoy taking your new rings!”

Susan couldn’t wait to hear them explain, and when she looked into their minds to find out what was going on, she was happy with what she found.

“Well done ladies. You have exceeded my expectations! Now … bring your girls here so I can see what 765,387 rings looks like.”

The smiling Harem Girls closed their eyes for a moment, and then the bearers they had enhanced and sent out all started to streak toward them from every corner of the universe, each one carrying a rather large collection with them. As they approached Susan felt her arousal growing rapidly. In no time at all the whole army of harvesters was before her, their heads bowed in reverence. None of them knew who Susan was … but they knew all the rings they had gathered belonged to her.

“Oh my.”

Reaching out a hand she gestured and a handful of rings from each presented and open bag leapt out and shot toward her. She let out in involuntary moan as she felt her power level leap once more. She swooned, and watched as her arousal spread among the gathering.

“You two better go somewhere else for a while,” Susan suggested, making sure the Harem Girls were paying attention to her words and not her hypnotic physique. “I don’t want to kill you again. And you best take back the power you have shared with your toys.”

The two girls gave each other worried looks. Kill them again? Whatever did she mean? They were a little curious, but a suggestion from their master was as good as a command and so they both held out a hand and the army of ring-bearers shrank back to a more normal size. Making their way through a wormhole and to the safety of another universe, deliberately choosing an unexplored universe to take refuge in, the girl amped themselves and embraced … a little disappointed at not being able to witness their master take so much power at once but determined not to let it stop them enjoying each other’s company.

Alone with all the rings and over a hundred ring-bearers, Susan felt immensely excited. Watching her toys carefully, she drew upon the power of all the rings she had taken so far. Her body swelled subtly even it hardened, and a warm sense of incredible potential flooded her entire nervous system. Eyes widened all around her as she allowed her beauty to exceed sensible levels. Those before her first tried to drink in every detail, but soon became desperate to look away … tears of wonder streaming down their faces as she became painfully attractive.

“You will never know how wonderful this feels,” Susan casually observed, relaxing and enjoying their awed expressions as her power level reached it’s current peak. But as she considered her statement, she realised it wasn’t necessarily true. “Actually … I think I might just show you.”

There was more than one ecstatic cry as Susan shared the sensations she was experiencing with everybody present. She had to enhance their minds considerably to prevent them going insane. While she was at it, they all felt real power for the first time as she powered up their bodies.

“I am thousands of times more powerful than any of you,” Susan gloated. “But soon even this power will be nothing. Now then … who wants to get me off first?”

Seventy of them darted forward, unable to resist for a moment. Those who could manage to resist didn’t do so cry long. Susan was still sharing her emotions with them, and once she had an over-enhanced ring-bearer in great arms the pleasure everyone felt was almost crippling. The only reason that it wasn’t fatal was because Susan almost subconsciously protected them a little, not allowing them to experience the full brunt of her lust.

They were so bedazzled by Susan that the bags of rings were forgotten, left dangling in the void. Susan pulled 1000 rings out and just as her first peak hit it’s heights she took them all. Her orgasm rocked through the mob like a nuclear bomb, but was rather tame compared to what Susan knew was coming. Bringing herself quickly to her next peak, she took 5000 more. Then she lapped up 10000 as another peak stunned her toys into silence.

“Oh my. This does feel awesome!”

Her toys were healing all around her, broken and ruined by Susan’s callous release. She helped them by sharing out fully half the power she had obtained so far, making their heads spin once more with power and revitalising their bodies like never before. She spoilt herself a little and perfected them as much as she could, seeing no reason they shouldn’t be better looking for her.

Susan began her fun once more, enjoying a different ring-bearer’s embrace, allowing him to thoroughly tease her with his tongue and short beard. Susan shut her eyes and spread her limbs, allowing the superpowerful beings to try their best to wring more pleasure from her impossibly desirable flesh. This time she boosted and extended her release with twenty thousand new rings … stunning herself and all present with the outright brutality of her orgasm.


She repaired her toys instantly and once more boosted their power so they could survive the next round … and continued to take her new rings in 20000 lots until she had close to half a million left. Grinning at her completely exhausted, broken, and spent, toys … she enjoyed their looks of horror as she poured 5000 rings worth each into them, forcing the power upon them so they could get through the next day.

“Right. Now the real fun begins! You guys better hang on to something, because I’m not holding back this time.”


Linda hovered above the massed might of the Cuban military. They had prepared themselves for fending off invasions for decades, and they felt very confident there wasn’t going to be any problem when the mysterious ambassador of the Unchosen appeared.

The sun had half cleared the ocean, and Linda had decided that once it had completely risen her invasion would commence. While she had been waiting, she had done as Susan had asked and explored Cuba from the air. With the incredible power of her new improved mind, she was able to learn their language, their geography, and every single one of their names. But not just that. She knew the individual hopes and dreams of every person … and their fears and worries too. She knew all their secrets, even stuff they had forgotten. And once her study session was over, she found she still had time to test her strength on an unpopulated island far to the southeast.

Well, an unpopulated island that USED to be southeast.

Starting with tearing boulders the size of cars out of the ground, and in the end finally sinking the entire island, she had come to see her master had not lied at all. The physical power she possessed was intoxicating. As she prepared to go into battle, she no longer had any doubts about the prospects of success. After smashing a mountainside and having it all come down on top of her she had no fear of being shot at whatsoever.

Not only had she found time to learn everything about Cuba, and feel out the depths of her incredible powers, Linda had also found time to plan out her assault. She knew Susan was right. With the physical power she possessed she could smash her way through the Cuban military in less than three minutes. So rather than planning how to take out her opponents in the most efficient way possible to get her job as quickly as she could, as most generals planning the conquest of a nation would probably do, she was thinking about how to maximise the impact of what she was going to do to them … and how to do it in such a way as to let as many people as possible see her do it.

Linda had never considered herself a violent person. But as the sun cleared the ocean and the time for learning and planning was done, she actually felt a little excited about what she was going to do.

Coming out of the sky above them, she could not help but smile at them as she drew near and came to a stop.

“I am here on behalf of the Unchosen. Cuba now belongs to her, and I am here to claim it. You will all be required to swear your lives to the Unchosen. If there are any objections, then now is the time.”

For the next half hour, Linda experienced fascinating scenes she had witnessed on the TV, now first hand and from a completely different perspective. It wasn’t that it didn’t hurt to get shot that she found delightful … it was the fact that it actually felt nice. No … not “nice”, it was much better than “nice”. It was almost with reluctance that she finally moved toward them and started taking Cuba’s defences apart.

Beginning with the infantry, she moved among them taking their guns away. She balled the guns up in her hands, occasionally tossing the red hot metal out to sea. At the same time she removed all their weapons. Any pistols, knives, hand grenades, or whatever else they had on them might make them feel like fighting. It was a slow process, though she moved very quickly, but she did manage to disarm every soldier on the island.

The next hour she really took her time, making sure people were getting as many pictures and videos of her as possible as she worked her way through the Cuban’s Russian-built tanks. And she enjoyed it far more than she thought she would. Bringing her incredible physical strength to bear on armour plate and feeling it squish about so easily was positively thrilling. Almost as thrilling as having high velocity armour piecing shells explode on her bikini clad body.

One at a time, she tore the dug-in tanks from the ground and ripped them open. There was a certain casual air to her movements as she slowly and deliberately opened the tanks up with her bare hands, holding them off the ground as the metal screamed in protest. Allowing the crews to escape and sprint off into the distance, Linda closed them back up again and with ease that defied all sense she crushed the dense armoured vehicles down in her hands until they were nothing more than very expensive balls of condensed scrap metal.

There was absolute panic now. But Linda continued to calmly disarm the nation, her actions becoming less hurried and more confident as she went.

As she dropped the remains of the last antiaircraft battery Linda floated up over the city beyond the battlefield.

“You have seen how useless your army was against the power the Unchosen has given me. Even when they had weapons they couldn’t do a thing against me. Now … they have nothing. Come forward and kneel before me.”

She waited.

“Well … will no-one come forward and swear themselves to my master?”

They were never going to come out while she was asking so nicely, and Linda didn’t really have time to take over every town this way. So she employed another of the wonderful abilities Susan had gifted her with.

“Come out and kneel before me. Now.”

This time when she spoke, she drove her willpower forth with her words, and watched as they marched out and dropped to their knees the moment they were near enough. Their minds had no chance of withstanding the sheer willpower Linda brought to bear upon them. Susan had been right … she really could have done the job in minutes. She decided, as she accepted their oaths of fealty, that she really should slow down and enjoy herself more.


Fiona had felt dread when the power she had enjoyed so much rushed back out of her. She tried to hold onto it, but she discovered she had no control over it. Then, when the new and soul-crushingly beautiful master of her masters had poured so much more back into her body she had felt a euphoria behind anything she could have imagined. But even with power so far beyond anything she had imagined, she felt like a speck in the presence of this mind boggling beauty.

Now Fiona found herself engrossed in using every drop of power she possessed to wring pleasure from her new master. And she was not alone in what was proving to be quite a taxing struggle. Even as she worked this wonderful woman’s flesh she could feel harden even more under her touch. And touching the flesh of this irrefutably desirable goddess offered sensations to Fiona that were so pleasurable it was hard for her to tell if it was ecstasy or agony she was experiencing.

But soon all doubt was removed. Even though she could feel more power thrust into her body every few moments, Fiona could not keep up. Soon the object of her lust had passed so far behind all present that they started to scream. Fear gripped Fiona as she realised that despite her pain she couldn’t stop. Despite the agony, despite the sudden lack of all pleasure, she found herself unable to move away.


The rush was even better than she had hoped for. Susan watched in amazement as her power surpassed her lovers by so much they started to literally burn, their bodies unable to cope with the pleasure she was inducing in them. Some of them actually exploded when they went.

“You have served me well,” Susan whispered to them, making them writhe about. “And I am grateful! But I can’t wait any longer … I have to have it ALL! Right NOW!”

As she spoke that last word, Susan used the unmatchable power of her fingers to bring herself to her highest peak yet, and as her orgasm obliterated everyone around her she drew all the power she had shared and all the remaining rings in at once. And she was by no means disappointed. She kept her eyes closed for over an hour, just basking in the glow of taking so much power all at once. As she concentrated the vast number of rings in her system, she realised that shrinking to her normal size should have been impossible. The mass of those rings should have left her a giant. But to her joy she found she able to condense her body down as easily as before, and give herself the physique she really wanted.

With a snap of her fingers she reconstructed the battered galaxy once again, restoring her precious wormholes and summoning her girls back. They approached in silence, apparently unable to think in Susan’s presence at all. She smiled at them and held out her hands. Two columns of raging energy flashed out and drove themselves into the Harem Girls.

“You did very well with the power of 1000 rings, ladies. I wonder how well you’ll do with 100,000?”


“We cannot wait for the fourth legion to arrive. If we do … she will be far too powerful for them.”

“That is clear now. This one is different to the others we have seen … she has taken more than any rogue before her.”

“None of them got this far. But with three legions so close now … she won’t get much farther.”

Chapter 17

Liz’s hired mercenary team were very professional. She watched through the walls of the house as they isolated the power and silently immobilised the fake security patrol she had walking outside the house. There were six of them, all armed to teeth and focused on their mission. They had regrouped on the lawn, and were about to split up and infiltrate the house when Liz decided to confront them outside. The interior of the house had suffered enough from Liz’s 24 hour partying, and she was enjoying herself in Roberto’s mansion far too much to let them destroy it.

They spotted her as soon as she was on the lawn. Recognising the bikini clad woman as their target, they quickly fanned out and got her in their sights. Silenced submachine guns opened fire and Liz smiled. Their weapons were high-grade and each man was a crack shot. One by one they began to cycle through their weapons, one of them even moving in toward her as he did.

She watched herself through their eyes as the bullets hit in short sharp bursts, providing her with the familiar delight of a full metal jacket massage. Finally one of them pulled a pin on a grenade. He called out to the others, and they hit the deck. The grenade went off with an impressive explosion and Liz could see how brutally sharp the shrapnel it produced it really was. But the shock wave and shrapnel broke against the immovable woman, hardly moving her hair and not so much as making her blink.

“I hope you guys have better toys than what you’ve shown me so far,” she told them, a hint of her amusement playing about her eyes but her face otherwise unreadable.

“Die demon!” a frustrated mercenary cried out, pulling his grenade launcher from his shoulder and unloading it on Roberto’s lawn. The explosions were deafening, and chunks of earth flew in all directions. Liz just watched the display, captivated by the chaotic beauty of it all as sensations she had grown to adore flooded her system with endorphins.

“Nice try,” Liz told him, her tone quite sincere. “You got any more of those?”

It was at this time that a bolt of gold light shot down from the heavens. Liz had time enough to see it coming straight at her, but no time to dodge it as it hit her. The light enveloped her on contact and she found herself afraid for the first time since gaining her new powers. She couldn’t move … she couldn’t breath. It was very much to her relief that she discovered at this point she didn’t need to.


“Report,” the ancient but youthful looking General commanded, his eyes not leaving the green world his quarry called home.

“We have found and isolated all the enhanced women. We cannot remove their power until we have captured the Unchosen One.”

“I know that,” the General coolly reminded the legionnaire. “Where is she now?”

“In a neighbouring universe. Our information in regards to her power level is out-dated. She is far more powerful now … a single legion would not stand long against her.”

“Do we know which wormhole she went through?”

“Yes, General.”

“Then have all three legions form up around it. When she returns, we shall kill her.”


Kethlen’s former sex slaves had come a long way in life since Susan had shown up in the harem. They thought their master had been a god, invincible and powerful beyond their wildest dreams. Now they were themselves a hundred thousand times more powerful than he had been, and ring-bearers like their former master trembled before them.

Both landing on the first world since their latest enhancement, the girls looked at a large open-air banquet taking place on the lawns of an expansive estate. Their target, who was either host or guest of honour, depending on the local custom in regards to who sat at the head of the biggest table, was the only one who truly sensed the depth of their potential.

“Having a party?” one asked, her voice gentle and soft in tone, but so powerful all drew away from her.

“Who are you?” The bearer demanded, his voice trembling.

“We’re here for the ring. Hand it over.”

“But …”

Impatiently, one of the girls raised a hand and drew the ring from his finger so fast part of the enhanced digit came with it. He slumped, grabbing his injured hand and screaming in pain.

Looking at the ring in her hand, and considering how easily it came off of him, she had an idea about how to maybe speed things up with the harvest.

“I want to try something,” she told her companion, leaving the chaos they had made of the banquet and making her way quickly into the depths of space. She closed her eyes as her friend watched on, and held her arms out wide. “I think this might work … I can feel them … all of them …”

With no further warning, rings started streaming in from the multitude of wormholes. As her companion laughed with glee, a huge swarm of golden rings formed in front of the two young women.

“Oh wow! Master will be very pleased!”


Before returning to Earth, Susan tested the new power level out on a few insignificant worlds in Kethlen’s universe first. And it proved a good idea. She reduced herself to what she thought was a safe level, but discovered her footsteps still dramatically destroyed the ground beneath her if she walked normally. Her experiments cost the existence of four planets, but she managed to find her new safe level for Earth visits.

Deciding to go back and amp up her Earth soldiers a bit more, since she had so much more power available now anyway, Susan zoomed toward the wormhole leading home. Her mind was on which country to invade next, having already decided she would give a demonstration somewhere in the Middle East, when she cleared the wormhole and re-entered her home universe. She was a little surprised by what she found waiting for her.

The first thing that struck her after she was hit by a volley of gold orbs was just how laughably few of them there were. Her superfast mind counted three-thousand of them. Not nearly enough to defeat her 500000 ring power supply. She instantly drew upon all of it, her body surging in size and power and blasting the gold cocoon that had formed away from her. Just as she prepared to attack, she got her second big surprise for the day.

These were no ordinary ring-bearers. Even though there were only three thousand of them, they were able to muster enough power to clamp a telekinetic freeze on her body, rendering her unable to move despite the tremendous raw power in her muscles. She groaned with effort, but was unable to break free.

“You are not the one, Earthling. Your crimes against your world and the universes you have plundered shall be punished. And today is the day you pay for the lives you have taken.”

With that they began to draw the rings out of Susan, or at least they tried. She felt a horrifying pain engulf her, but she found within herself the strength to resist them.

“Who are you people?” She demanded.

“We are the legions sent to stop you. Do you think you are the first to abuse the power of the rings? The first to take the rings of others? The rings exist to maintain a balance throughout the multiverse. We exist to maintain the balance among the rings.”

Realising she would not be able to hold out much longer, Susan’s mind raced through several thousand solutions. As they fluttered by in her mind’s eye she could see no scenario in which she came out of this with her wonderfully enjoyable powers and abilities.

“Give it up, Earthling. You’re only making this harder for yourself.”

“If you stop now and leave, I might not kill all of you,” Susan threatened, hoping to buy more time to think.

“Kill us? I sense great power in you … but don’t think for a moment you have a chance against us. Each of us is a thousand times more powerful than a normal ring-bearer.”

Their efforts ramped up. Susan sensed she would not last much longer. She tried to recall the power she had shared out with her soldiers on Earth, but found they seemed to be cut off from her somehow. The pain increased. Time was running out now. Susan closed her eyes, and tried reaching out to her two most powerful creations.

“None of your minions can save you now. We have you surrounded, woman. Stop fighting us and accept judgement.”

“Fuck you,” Susan spat.

They stepped up their game in response, and Susan felt her power begin to leave her. They were going to win, and there seemed to be nothing she could do.


“Did yo feel that?”


“Master is in trouble! She’s in pain! We must help!”

“We need more rings. Quickly … I don think there is much time.”

Both girls took off in different directions, going deeper and deeper through separate wormholes … charging almost instantly ten levels away from Susan. Both decided that this would be far enough, and employing every ounce of power their master had shoehorned into their massive bodies they began their harvest. From the wormholes around each girl rings came at a boggling speed. Towing them along behind they began making their way back through the wormholes, stopping in each universe only to harvest the wormholes and then quickly moving on. The whole process, powered by the excessive energies Susan had placed at their disposal, took just shy of ninety seconds.

“This should be plenty,” one observed with a smile upon getting back to her friend.

“How are we going to get them to her?”

“Really quickly.”


Susan cried out in agony, desperately trying to hold into her power. She had no tricks left … and she could see the end approaching. There were too many of them, all focusing their power upon one task. She drew into herself, fighting to the end but not hoping for success at this point. The power was leaving faster and faster now. It was almost done, almost over.

The General in command of the legions looked on with cold eyes, but a smile on his face. These rogue ring-bearers were, in his opinion, all the same. So blinded by the enormity of their own power they thought they were invincible … unstoppable. Some even believed themselves to be gods. They paid for their arrogance the same way every time … with their lives. Today would be no different. He was already thinking about his next mission, and wondering if it would be another three centuries before he was required to stop another rogue and restore balance. He hoped so. He would much rather be on the frontline, fighting the Darkness and restoring lost universes to the Light. And then out of the corner of his eye he saw two more female forms, both of them surrounded by obscenely powerful auras of power. But it was not the two new arrivals that chilled his heart, but the vast cloud of rings they towed behind them.

Even as he commanded his legions to cut them off he saw them speed toward the Unchosen, forcing a way through the legionnaires and opening a path through which the rings flowed at frightening speed. The power they employed was massive, and he never expected this Earth woman to have shared such a vast amount. New rings began merging with The Unchosen far faster than the legions could drain her, and the General realised what was going to happen next. He had forgotten what fear tasted like … but he fast recalled the flavour as he watched his victory unravelling right before his eyes.


Susan was in pain. It filled her considerably enhanced senses so completely she found herself almost wishing for death to come and our a stop to it. Her power was leaving her, at as it left she had less to fight with, and so the process was fast accelerating toward to her death. But then she felt a surge of new power from out of the blue. She found herself able to slow the flow of power leaving, then stop it. The pain ceased, and she opened her eyes to reveal a scene that brought a huge grin to her face.

The former prized sex slaves, the greatest of Kethlen’s once grand and well-stocked harem, had cut a path through the legions and through it they drove a massive stream of freshly acquired rings. Having seen what 700,000 rings looked like, Susan did not need to count them to know her girls had brought a lot more than that this time.

The legionnaires, on orders from their General, began to break off from the tug-of-war over Susan’s energy reserves and began to regroup. She could feel the pull on her power fading fast, but decided not to let them go so easily. She grasped a hold of all remaining tendrils, the legionnaires unable to break the connection they themselves had first established.

“Not so fast,” she told them, unfurling from the foetal position she had curled up into and stretching her rapidly more powerful body. “Do you know what it feels like to have someone wring every cell of your being like that? That hurt!”

Having not felt pain since her first confrontation with a ring-bearer, Susan was very angry with these men and women who had attacked. She had done nothing to them, and yet they had made her suffer an agony beyond any she had felt before.

“Are all those rings you guys have really 1000 times stronger than normal?” She inquired, her girls still force feeding the stream into her. Rather than pain, Susan was now experiencing a euphoria. “Let’s see if you’re telling the truth.”

There were just shy of two thousand legionnaires still trapped in their connection to Susan, and every single one of them cried out in horror as they felt their target reversing the flow of power. Despite the huge amount of power they provided to Susan, she didn’t really notice it over the millions of rings still coming out of the wormhole at the direction of the Harem Girls.

“Mmmmm …”

Allowing the pleasure of it all to overwhelm her, Susan cupped her breasts and moaned deeply. There were shocked mental cries from all around her as even those legionnaires able to pull away before she grabbed hold of the rest lacked the power to resist her release of psychic energy. Those still connected to her were utterly lost as the feedback of her first release shattered their minds.

The General marshalled his troops as best he could as Susan reached for and quickly found another peak. Shaking off his own sympathetic arousal as much as he could, he directed them to cut off the stream still racing from the wormhole. They tried, but Susan was aware of them and there was no way she would let them succeed. Approaching the mouth of the wormhole they surrounded it and tried to choke it off, even trying to take some of the rings themselves. But Susan already knew how to make impenetrable force fields, and one formed around the stream before they could cut the flow.

The Legionnaires connected to Susan began to vanish, rapidly disappearing as she took all of them. Aware that she would be coming for the rest as soon as the rings were all absorbed, the General issued a silent order to retreat and led the remains of the three legions away toward safety.

Susan watched them leave, tracing their rapid escape easily. She had no intention of allowing them to get away, but she wasn’t going to rush off. With every single ring her girls continued to feed into her, the urgency to give chase was reduced. Surrounding herself with a protective shield to keep it all contained, Susan drifted through a string of orgasms, each one a little more focused and more intense than the last. At last, the end of the stream disappeared into Susan and she floated there a moment while her mind enhanced itself enough to cope with her new power level.

“We came as soon as we got your message, Goddess!” One of her girls informed her dutifully, her eyes unable to meet Susan’s. She was too busy trying to process the nuances of Susan’s new appearance.

“You have saved me, girls. I don’t know who sent those guys, but I’d sure like to find out. How about you go ask them for me?”

Having said that, Susan gestured toward to the two women and both felt power flow into them. This time, rather than pour forth from Susan into them, the power seemed to surge from within their bodies.

“Go … bring me the one who led them.”

Heads spinning with the power of ten million rings between them, the new and vastly improved Harem Girls took off after the fleeing legions. While faster by a wide margin than the average ring-bearer, the legions stood no chance of escaping whatsoever. The girls tracked them through seven levels of the multiverse, but their quarry got no further. They easily overtook them and placed themselves in their path. The approaching legionnaires, all experienced warriors, charged on toward the girls with no fear, having no time to realise how much power Susan had granted them.

Smiling at their fearsome foes, one of the girls raised a hand and instantly the charge met an invisible wall. Incredibly, despite their enormous power, the legionnaires found themselves not only stopped, but badly broken by the impact. The invisible wall offered no give in the least, and they hit home very hard. Closing her hand the Harem Girl curled her wall around them, and they screamed as they all found themselves trapped in a shrinking prison cell, crammed together ever tighter until she decided to relent.

“Our master is curious. Who sent you?”

No one answered.

“It’s a simple question,” the other girl coolly observed. “And we’d be very grateful if you told us.” With a sly smile, she reinforced her statement by increasing her level of raw physical attraction to a level that bordered on torture for those who witnessed it. “Very grateful.”

“You will get no answers,” the General spat, fighting off the intoxication of her beauty. “You can kill us … but you can’t get … uh … impossible …”

She didn’t answer him, other than to draw him out of the mob to hover dangerously close to her. The she trebled the sexual power she was wielding over him and tilting her head. The General found himself robbed of any need to honour his duty. His only need now was to make this beautiful and impossibly alluring woman offer him her gratitude.

“The Great Lords of Light saw the actions of the Unchosen One through the fabric of the multiverse. I was sent to put a stop to her before it was too late, but they saw she was gaining power faster than any rogue has ever done before. So the Lords of Light gave me two more legions and fast-tracked my journey here as much as they could. We would not normally be able to reach this universe so quickly, but the Lords of Light were determined to stop this rogue and restore balance before the Darkness moved in.”

“Wow! You sure like the sound of your own voice, huh?”

“Who are these Lords of Light?”

“The Lords of Light are the descendants of those who rewrote the code of the multiverse and seeded the rings into reality. They are the only force in the multiverse to stand against the Darkness. Without them to maintain the balance of the rings there would be chaos. Rogues are rare, but they create opportunities for the Darkness to break through. Any universe without a ring-bearer is at risk.”

“Maybe we should take him back to Master?” The girl casually holding the struggling legionnaires suggested.

“Please!” the General begged. “You are so beautiful … I have helped you more than you asked … I must have you!”

The sexed-up girl smiled warmly. “You have been very helpful. But I think Master will want to show you her gratitude personally.”

Dragging the remnants of his army behind them, the girls were not surprised that they were able to let the General bring himself along behind them as they returned to Susan. He followed along like a puppy. But as mind-blowing as the overpowered Harem Girl was, her Master was so far beyond this that the General and the leftovers of his legions found any rational thought in her presence utterly impossible. Even the Harem Girls, with millions of rings worth of power now, found themselves shuddering with arousal.

“We … we have retrieved them, Goddess.”

“I saw. Well done Girls. Now … I’m going to give you another couple of days off. Why don’t you take those legionnaires and enjoy them for a while?”

“D-do you want their … want their rings? Goddess?” The sexed-up girl stuttered.

“Of course. But I think they can hold onto them for a while, and make themselves useful. They are your toys now. I’ll take them when you have finished playing with them.”

Both girls exchanged happy smiles. “Thank you, Goddess!”


For nearly ten minutes the scantily clad sex bomb just stood still as a statue. Though they had no explanation for the apparent aid, they wasted no time in taking advantage of their targets apparent paralysis. Forming up tight around her they blasted away until ammunition was dangerously low. Then they tried their knives. Then they tried more grenades. Then their demolitions expert placed c4 charges all around the tall super sexy woman and from a safe distance set them off. The woman fell over, but only because the ground under her left foot had vanished.

“Forget it. Roberto hasn’t told us everything about whatever this bitch is. We get the fuck out of here right now.”

There were no objections, and they started to move off. They got over the wall and into their van, and started off down the road. They didn’t see the gold aura flicker, and then vanish. They didn’t see Liz’s body released to splay out on the churned up lawn.

“What the hell was that?” Liz wondered, still quite frightened by what had happened. She looked about nervously, expecting a new gold projectile to come at her any moment. She didn’t move for nearly a full minute, her head darting about in anticipation. But no more gold orbs came. Liz then turned. Her attention to the escaping mercenaries and their long black van as it wove through the traffic, making its way toward the freeway.

Deciding there was nothing she could do about the strange gold orb, Liz decided there was no real reason to stop playing her game. She reached up with her arms and gracefully took to the sky, soaring high over the wealthy suburb below and following the speeding van until they got into the raised freeway headed toward the airport and their flight out of the country. With a playful giggle Liz swept down low and got under the freeway. She watched through the concrete as the van approached, and once it was on section above her she carefully placed both hands on the slab above her and lifted. There was a mighty groan and the horrible sound of tearing cement as she took the van, four other cars, and a large section of raised highway into the sky. As she flew she tilted the road she carried with her to make it steep enough to save anyone from driving off the end, and then she floated back to Roberto’s house and gently put it down.

She stood patiently beside the broken bridge with her arms folded while the innocent passengers she had brought along got out of their cars and ran across the yard toward and around toward the front of the house. She had no interest in them, and didn’t divert her eyes from the van as she let them all go.

The van door was kicked open, and with an enraged cry one of the mercenaries released a rocket propelled grenade at her. She smiled, and opened herself up to enjoy the impact. The warmth of the explosion was soon gone, and she strode toward them. They shot at her, tossed useless grenades, and generally panicked. Liz took slow deliberate step in order to show them how little their efforts were affecting her.

“You guys are pretty good. But not that great, huh? What you need is bigger, and better, guns. And bigger grenades. How about you all go get yourselves some more advanced weapons, and come back to try again in a few days.”

“Fuck you! We ain’t your toys!”

Liz burst into helpless laughter. “Oh really? Little fella … everyone in this city is my toy. And right now, I want to play with you. Aren’t you lucky? Tell me you want me to play with you.”

His expression went blank, but his voice remained passionate. “I love being your toy. Please break me, Mistress.”

“That’s better. Now … you guys have some weapons to buy. Don’t you?”


Susan carefully enhanced the General’s emptied mind until he could just manage to form thoughts while so close to her. His body continued to make involuntary ticks, his senses even in the vacuum of space not quite able process the femininity Susan was constantly blasting him with.

“So then. The Lords of Light, huh? Maintaining the balance are they? Are you saying they are the creators of the rings?”

“They … no. Those who made the rings died out aeons ago. The Lords of Light carry on their work.”

“And what is this Darkness?”

“I … we don’t know for sure what it is. It’s nothing. It’s the absence of light, the absence of energy, of mass. Nothing can penetrate it, and nothing comes out of it. It swallows whole universes. Only the presence of the rings holds it bay.”

“So the rings are weapons in a war against this Darkness?”

“They are the only weapon that works.”

“I think I’d like to more about these Lords of Light, and this Darkness.”

“I will tell all you know.”

Susan smiled, and it chilled the General’s heart. “You certainly will.”

She held up a hand, and he recoiled. “Wait! I’ll take you there! I’ll show you where the Lords Of Light are!”

“Once I have taken all you have to offer me, General … I’ll show myself where they are. Do you have any idea how much you hurt me just before? That wasn’t nice. Not nice at all. Let me show you what I mean.”

The General felt a massive shift deep within himself, and screamed as his cells were slowly and deliberately ripped from his body. His suffering was quite short compared to hers, but Susan was eager to find out everything the General knew, and once she had completely absorbed him, all his knowledge became hers … and she could actually see the faces of the men who had nearly put a stop to all her fun. She could see their planet, the star it was orbiting, and she knew exactly where she needed to go. It was long way, and she needed to take care of a few things first, but Susan smiled as she thought about just how scared they had been when they had sent the doomed General. She laughed.

“They must be absolutely shitting themselves now!”

Grinning, Susan returned to Earth to continue her game there. She wanted to complete the takeover of her homeworld before she conquered the Lords of Light. But now she knew they were out there, and that they had caused her pain, she was determined to pay them a visit before too long.

The End

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