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Oh No Sally 06-10

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Oh No Sally parts 6-10

by Dru


Sally hovered above the fortified complex and admired the ability of this nation to equip its army. They couldn't manage to feed the poor, but they could surround places like this with the most high tech and powerful heavy armaments she had ever seen. Anti-aircraft guns, artillery, tanks, and countless numbers of well armed troops. Considering how deep she was inside the borders of North Korea, such measures seemed quite excessive.

It had taken only a few seconds for her to find the stash of gold and gems hidden within the vault deep within this vast military base. It was on of many such hoards of riches the greedy dictatorship had hidden away. This wasn't even the biggest stash, just the closest of a decent size.

Allowing her voice to boom, Sally declared her intentions.

"I am the righteous and mighty O Girl! And I'm here on a mission of peace. This dictatorship has plundered the wealth of its people for generations! It's time you learnt what its like to have someone help themselves to your stuff!"

The man in charge of the base ran out to listen. He didn't know what the scary flying woman was saying … but he recognised the language, and the accent.

"American!" he declared, drawing his ceremonial sword and pointing it her way. "Kill the American demon!"

Just because they hadn't ever actually seen action didn't mean that the personnel on the base weren't proficient. A barrage opened up on O Girl, and every shot was, if not a near miss, a direct hit. Streams of high calibre machine gun fire focused in on Sally as she put her hands on her hips and allowed them to spend millions of dollars in munitions. The smaller artillery shells gave way to large missiles, but Sally couldn't really tell the difference, other than much bigger balls of flame.

Sally ran her eyes across the top of the main wall, unleashing hellfire upon the fortifications and destroying every gun emplacement. The top three metres of the steel construction glowed brightly, sagging as men ran about in fear. Sally landed outside the main wall in front of the massive gate. Men shouted at her, pointing their silly guns at her, but Sally ignored them as they opened fire and strode purposefully toward the gate. She could have just flown like a missile straight to her treasure, but it wasn't every day Sally got to play with a real military.

The hapless guards had no idea what to do as Sally reached out to knock on the door.

"Anyone home?" she inquired playfully, rapping her knuckles once on the cold surface.

The deceptively limp-wristed tap sent shockwaves of destruction radiating throughout the structure,  not only reducing the thick armoured doors to scrap but completely pulverising twenty feet of wall in both directions.

As she strode inside, rubble still raining down, three tanks in the courtyard opened fire with both their cannons and their 50 cal machine guns.

"You're evil weapons are no match for me!" O Girl declared confidently, her words reaching them clearly over the deafening blasts of machine guns and exploding tank shells. Sally stood there accepting the fact she was in no way endangered by these trained soldiers trying to kill her.

Leaping next to one of the tanks, Sally hoisted it easily in one hand, then leapt atop the second tank. Her weight, combined with the load she easily carried, reduced the tank she landed on to wreckage. She tossed the tank she held so hard at the third that both became a massive fireball that ended up several hundred feet outside the wall it travelled through.

There was a brief silence before the explosions and bullets resumed. Sally smiled. It felt really good to stand at the centre of such a storm and weather it so easily. But enough was enough. Closing her eyes, she pictured all the remaining machines of war in her mind's eye. To the astonishment of everyone, every gun and artillery piece started to make loud protesting shrieks as they were slowly and methodically crushed by some unseen force. Sally didn't often use this power, but her imagination alone was enough to render the remaining exterior defences useless junk.

Taking in the silence for a moment, Sally sighed with contentment and tore her way through six feet of bunker door to enter the base.

As expected, she was hit with small arms fire. Her gaze allowed her to see all the gun emplacements between her and her goal, and she decided not to waste time on these well armed criminals. And they were nothing but criminals in her mind. 

Sally started to inhale, and didn't stop. More and more air rushed from within the base to be compressed in her lungs. Weaker doors were blown out as Sally continued to suck all the atmosphere out of the base. The men deepest within fell first, going to their knees as they struggled to breath in the vacuum Sally quickly made of the Korean military bunker. She didn't let up until there was no air left to breath, stopping only just before the bunker imploded.

"Much better," Sally mused, making her way through the now peaceful halls. 


"What is it?"

"Sorry, Great Leader, but we have an incident."

"Can't you see I'm playing X-Box?"

"I would not disturb you, but it is Americans. They're raiding a treasury."

"What!? Get the army mobilised! Get the bombers in the air! And get me a twinkie. Do you want a twinkie, Dennis?"

"Huh? Rodman don't do twinkie's, motherfucker."

"Sorry, Dennis. You want onion rings?"

"How bout some popcorn?"


Sally was still standing outside the vault door when she heard the loudspeaker announcement.

"American scum! You have invaded North Korean sovereign territory and will pay with you life! The Great Leader gives you five minutes to surrender before you die!"

Sally laughed. Leaving her treasure for the moment, still thinking about how to get it all home, she launched herself through the five ceilings and a hundred feet of earth and concrete to blast out into the open air.

Already they had managed to get at least a small force gathered outside the base, and a stream of fast moving troop carriers and tanks were streaming in from every direction. Sally was overjoyed. She had hoped they would put up a fight. Just before she moved to wipe out the ant army before her, Sally had an idea. Why not make this all official-like? She wasn't here to be a liberator, but she could set things in motion. Why not? As much as she wanted to play with the fast growing number of toys, she decided there was a way to make her game much more meaningful.

Ignoring all the military strength mobilising in on the base she had attacked, Sally soared higher than the bombers above and searched for the man responsible for all this. She found him within two heartbeats.


"Ha! Suck that Dennis! You can't play basketball for shit!"

Dennis swore, but stopped short of tossing his controller.

"I'd kick your ass on Halo."

"You wanna bet?"

Suddenly there was a boom, seven consecutive booms, as something shattered its way through all levels of the dictator's private bunker. Whatever it was sounded like it had come through the ceiling just outside the sealed door of his lavishly appointed games room. Their was a brief burst of gunfire, which was quickly silenced. 

"What the fuck?"

"That didn't sound good."

Dennis got up and warily approached the door. As he reached for the keypad, the steel started to groan and two distinct lumps quickly grew in the smooth surface. The metal protested loudly, but whatever was forcing its way through did so smoothly and steadily, as if the slow pace was quite deliberate.

When the door tore away and revealed two perfect, and not inconsiderably large, breasts, both the dictator and his playmate gasped in shock. The rest of the large gaudily, yet scantily clad woman followed and they both felt very small in the presence of a woman with an aura of power neither had experienced. 

"I am the mighty O Girl! And I am here on a mission of peace! I'm giving you two days to free your people from your tyranny."

"Huh? Who the fuck do you think you are?" the short man demanded furiously. 

The room was suddenly filled with guards. Two rather large men stepped up behind the intruder and grabbed her arms. They began grunting with the effort of trying to cuff her. As hard as they tried, her hands remained arrogantly on her powerful hips.

"I told you! I am O Girl!"

Suddenly both the large guards were dangling from her throat crushing hands, held out high either side of her. The other guards opened fire, killing them with deadly ricochets from O Girl''s exposed skin and shiny uniform. Dennis and the dictator dove for cover, both lucky to survive. Most of the guards had killed themselves, unleashing such a deadly hail of lead in such a close proximity to the invulnerable O Girl having proven fatal.

"Silly little men!" Sally declared, her hands still on her hips as the survivors stared at her in astonishment. Sally walked up to one of the guards as he foolishly reloaded, and flicked him into oblivion. No one else seemed interested in continuing to assault her, so she ignored the cowering men and strode over to the bar the dictator was hiding behind. Giving the bar a tap with her middle finger, she reduced it to dust. Reaching down, she took hold of the dictator's shirt, and lifted him up into the air.

Just before she started to talk to the squirming little man, Dennis appeared from a cloud of dust and whacked O Girl across the back with a large and heavy chunk of the oak bar. He dropped it instantly, shaking out the pain from his hands.

"You … you're that super-human wrecking ball."

"That's right, Mr Rodman. And you're that silly little sport guy with a big mouth and bad hair, partying up with a man who represents all that is evil!"

"Why are you here?"

"Well, I'm here to teach you're friend a lesson. 

Dennis had heard of O Girl's lessons. "Oh no."

Ignoring his struggles, Sally looked the man she held in the eye. "You have two days, evil-doer. If you don't … I'll tear your armies apart and then we'll talk about it again."

"You … uh … have no right!"

"It is you who have no right!" O Girl declared, allowing her self-righteousness to shine like a light in the room, literally, as her body thickened a little and small arcs of energy danced across her mesmerising eyes. "You have starved your people for too long! Oh yea … I'll be taking some of your ill-gotten gains with me today, too. Just to, um, just to prove that I, um, mean business! That's right! I'm taking a heap of your money to show that I'm serious."

"Wait … you said … at the start, that you come in … peace."

"I do come in peace."

"But … you're declaring war!"

"Well … it's a war for peace!"

O girl dropped the short man and departed, feeling very proud of herself indeed. As she carved a new exit in the heavily fortified bunker, she thought about how proud everyone was going back to home when they learned she was going after one of the biggest criminals on Earth …


"Mr President. You need to see this."


"The North Koreans just declared war on us. They're saying the cease-fire on the Korean peninsula has been breached. They've already started launching preliminary strikes on South Korea, and their army is massing on the border."

"Wait … has this got anything to with that O Girl character?"

"Everything to do with her, Sir. Apparently she smashed a treasury bunker, then approached the man himself and told him he's got two days before she boots him out."

"What about our agent in the field?"

"He's the one who told us what's really going on. What are we going to do?"

"Do? We do nothing. We sit back and see what happens. If they drop a nuke on her and kill her, then that's one of my biggest worries taken care of. If she's powerful enough to defeat them, then that's another big worry taken off the list. Either way, we win."

"What if they kill her, and keep marching on South Korea?"

"Then we kick their arses the old fashioned way. And we kick 'em hard."


"It's done," the sweating man told her. "I sold some of your gold and paid the city a hundred million dollars."

Since loosing his job a few weeks back, the insurance executive she had publicly shamed for not saving that little boy had been hoping to find more work quickly. He had not planned on working for the mighty O Girl, but when he saw the huge vault she had brought back from her trip to Asia he'd actually gotten a bit excited. 

"What about the insurance we talked about?"

"Well … you may as well keep the money and fund repairs to the city directly. I assure you, it would be much cheaper."

Sally smiled. She was glad that she'd found this guy, even if he had been a jerk when she met him.

"Well, I'll get you to sell these," Sally told him, indicating the three-foot stack of gold bars she had delivered. "And put the money in my bank account."

"Um … you still have 600 million dollars from the last sale."

"Well, just keep these here until we need them. I don't want to dig the vault up again today."

"I can't keep it here!"

"Calm down, Bill. Nobody knows it's here."

"My safe isn't big enough, and everybody knows it's here, O Girl. This is all over the news."


"The Koreans say you stole over three billion dollars."

"Is that all? It looked like more than that."

"Oh … I nearly forgot. The IRS want to schedule a meeting."


"I think they want income tax."

Sally was amazed. "Can they do that?"


"Can they just hold their hand out and take my money?"

Bill was confused. "Of course. They're the IRS. It's what they do."

Sally thought about that for a moment. "But I got the money from overseas."

"Look … I'll organise a meeting with this Sharon Watts woman, and we'll …"

"Who did you say?"

"Sharon …"

"Watts! That bitch! She's been trying to get me back for years!"

Bill pulled away as Sally's mood began to darken and her muscles gently inflated.

"Now now, O Girl! She works for the IRS … she's just doing her job!"

"And I'm just doing mine! I just paid the city 100 million, and they want more?"

"It's got nothing to with the city."

Bill found himself on floor beneath the paperwork from his desk.

"Oh no."

When he peered cautiously over the mahogany desk he'd bought that morning, he found that his new employer had made a new hole in the wall of the office even though she'd already smashed the window upon arrival a his new office. With a sigh, he rolled over and leaned on the drawers. Pulling out his phone, he started looking for a building contractor … he had a feeling he was going to be employing a lot of them in near future.


It only took Sally a few seconds to locate her old schoolyard enemy. Sharon sat in her large office, drinking her mid-morning coffee and looking over the paperwork. Sally was dismayed to see that the IRS auditor was just as beautiful as she had been in high school.

Sharon nearly jumped out of her skin when O Girl smashed through the concrete wall of the IRS building. The air was filled with dust, and Sharon brushed the debris away as she recovered.

"O Girl?"

"You can't help yourself, can you?" Sally demanded.


"Can't you just forget about it?"

"Um … I have to do my job, Ms. Clark."

"We both know this is nothing to with your job."

"Well, we've been notified by your bank that you deposited a sum in excess of 600 million dollars …"

"You just can't let go of the past."

"What are you talking about? This is in no way personal."

"And how much is it you want?"

"We have to discuss that."

"I'm not paying you anything."

"Now, now. Let's not forget, everyone has to pay their taxes."

There was no way Sally was going to let this woman get away with using her job as a way to get back at her. "I save the people of the city every day, and I think I deserve to keep my money … especially as I didn't have any help getting it."

"It doesn't work like that, Sally," Sharon said with in inappropriate sneer. This was what she loved most about her job … taking on powerful people and showing them that they were not above her. 

Sally fumed. How dare this little bitch exercise her bureaucratic powers over her? No way she was getting away with this! When she thought about it, Sally had never gotten along with Sharon. But no matter how well Sally had played the game of trading insults, Sharon had always been so much prettier than Sally that it didn't seem to matter. On an impulse, she decided to show this upstart just how much that had changed.

"You're just jealous of me," Sally declared, standing to her full impressive height and putting her hands on her hips. "Because I'm the pretty one now."

"Yea, right. Just look how 'pretty' those manly muscles of yours are."

Sally's anger gave her a power boost that energised the air in the room and gave her even bigger muscles. She loved her supercharged physique! How dare this bitch try and make it sound her muscles weren't feminine and sexy. 

"Really? I'll show what pretty is all about!"

O Girl closed her eyes and imagined herself getting sexier, pouring all the anger and frustration Sharon had conjured into the task of increasing her beauty. She wasn't even sure if it would work, but when she opened her eyes she soon discovered that it had.

Sharon sat slack jawed, her nipples tenting her blouse, as she felt Sally's animal attraction transcend anything any human being had witnessed before. The air, already charged with Sally's presence, became suffused with a terribly invasive scent, quite unlike anything Sharon had experienced. Her taste buds reported insane delights as Sally's entire being radiated lust and longing, and a single tear fell from her eye as Sally's raw beauty became painful.

"Well? Tell me you're not jealous now, bitch."

Allowing herself a smile of victory, Sally amped herself up again … this time instantly trebling her powers on all levels just to really rub it in. Sharon was twitching now, trying to say something but unable to actually form a sentence. "You … you're … you're … so … how?"

Sharon passed out, but her body did not stop writhing in pleasure.

"That's right, bimbo," Sally declared righteously. "That's what you get for abusing your power over others!"


Two hours later, three agents stood over the hospital bed of Sharon Watts with the doctor explaining the diagnosis.

"I would say it's more like a trance of some kind than an actual coma. I can't say I've ever seen the like."

"Is there anything you can do?"

"As you can see, all we can do is restrain her to stop her from injuring herself, and keep her dosed up on morphine. The orgasm shows no sign of stopping yet. All we can do is hope it does wind down and run its course. We can't seem to control the endorphin levels, and we can't numb her nerves enough to block whatever's triggering her pleasure centre."

"What could do this?"

"I have a feeling you'll know it when you see it gentlemen," the silver haired doctor told them wisely. "I for one, as a professional, care not to speculate until I have more information."

"Thank's Doc."

The agents left the room and made their way back to their car. Once inside, the agent in charge produced his phone and made a call.

"It's definitely a new one. It's like she seduced the woman into a coma."

"What do you mean?"

"The IRS woman … it appears she's just having an orgasm. A long and very powerful orgasm."

"Damn. I don't like the implications."

"What's going in Korea? Any developments?"

"The North has gained some ground. It's going to hit the news in about ten minutes, so you better get back here. You boys are flying out to Seoul, and I want to brief you first."


Sally was aghast as she watched the lengthy report unfold on her television. Almost as soon as she'd left, carrying with no difficulty the entire treasury vault, Kim Yong-Un had set his military machine to work crossing the border and his forces were making thier way quickly south. Thousands had already died in the fighting, mostly South Korean civilians caught in the crossfire.

No, thought Sally. This would not do. This would not do at all …

She had intended to wait a full 48 hours before returning to Korea, but seeing how far the North had taken things made her change her mind. All this fighting, all the explosions and gunfire, it was all so unnecessary. Sally was dismayed that they had learned nothing when she had stormed the military base, so effortlessly ignoring and then laying waste to all their defences. She cursed herself for not making a point of wiping out all those incoming columns before she tore the vault out of the earth and went home. When she was around, military might meant nothing … the only might that mattered was hers. 

Sally walked calmly out of her house, using the front door this time, and proceeded out onto the sidewalk. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a neighbour who had been watering her roses drop the hose and run into the house. A moment later, a slat in the venetian blind shifted slightly as the neighbour peered through their front window.

Sally gave them a smile and wave despite their fear, and whispered her magic word. Knowing she was going up against a whole nation of criminals today, Sally made sure to summon up some extra power. The explosive change that resulted shattered windows across the street, and Sally was just shy of eight feet tall when anyone watching got their eyesight back.

Instead of rushing off, she waited to make sure everyone saw how magnificent she looked. She wanted her neighbours to get comfortable with the fact that they shared their humble street with planet Earth's greatest and mightiest hero.

With a long way to go, Sally accelerated straight up, throwing chunks of pavement and loam up and down the street and leaving a seven foot crater behind. She accelerated all the way as she approached Asia, tearing apart storm systems and causing massive atmospheric disturbances as she crossed the Pacific. Within approximately 5 seconds she came to an instant stop above the largest city engulfed in the fighting.

Both forces were entrenched in the city, and both were loosing quite a few men in the fighting. Seeing that the news people had said the South was losing ground fast, she picked the side that was loosing and hovered over the centre of their enemy's activity.

"I'm O Girl!" she told them, and they all heard her because her voice boomed over the loudest explosions easily. "And you're in trouble!"

Without any hesitation Sally flew down through the converging projectiles, ignoring countless bullets and useless shells to touch down on the roof of a building that was covered in artillery pieces. She stepped up to the largest one, and an officer approached waving his arms about, apparently pleading with her not to do anything. She had no idea what he was actually saying. While she tore the huge peice of equipment free with one hand and hoisted easily and comfortably, snapping the large bolts holding it down without even knowing they were there, Sally grabbed the annoying man by the face and shoved him away. He soared out over the city and was gone. Sally picked up another large weapon and smashed the two together with so much force that everything on the roof was engulfed in the ensuing destruction, and the building collapsed under her feet to leave her hovering there with her hands on hips.

She made her way down to the street and engaged a terrified column of soldiers. They tried, but could do nothing to hurt her or slow her down as she took them on single handedly and left none able to fight on. With nothing but finger taps, and the occasional backhand slap, O Girl made short work of them. She did try not kill them all, and did manage to keep around eighty percent alive, but her strength was such that even her gentlest blow shattered bone. They lived, but many would later begrudge her for not killing them, such was the degree of their injuries.

"This will take too long!" Sally realised. Hovering up into the air, she held out her hands and released huge balls of energy from empty palms at the buildings occupied by enemy forces. Each resulting blast of O Girl's mysterious and unique power took out half a city block, and with just eight  shots she had decimated the enemy forces. Flying over the confused men whose lives she had saved, Sally gave them a wave and proceeded to the next city.


"What was that?" the North Korean general demanded.

"It looks like the American Demon just destroyed her allies!"

Up until just five minutes ago, the general had been preparing to explain to his superiors why he was the only force to be pushed back along the entire front. How fast fortunes change in battle.

"I don't know what's going on, but I want whatever remains of the enemy to be rounded up. I don't think there are many left after that."


Sally was crushing the forces of the fourth city before she noticed something was wrong. It was a terrified private who had pointed out that she was actually helping the very army she wanted to destroy. She slapped her forehead so hard that the building beside her fell in on itself.

"Oh no!"

Shaking off the error, Sally quickly found the South Korean with the fanciest uniform. He was in a room with other fancily dressed men, and they all seemed furious. That didn't change much when Sally came in through the bomb-proof ceiling and cracked the marble floor as she touched down beside them.

"I'm sorry about that," she told them. "That was my bad! But don't worry … you won't need any soldiers now that I'm here!"

"What are doing?" one of the men demanded. "You're supposed to be on our side!"

"I came to turn the tide!" Sally declared, as if that explained everything. "And I did. Now to push back your enemies and take back your lands!"

Leaving the confused military men behind, Sally returned to the first city. They were about halfway done rounding up prisoners when Sally went to work on them. In the blink of an eye every North Korean soldier found their guns forcibly removed from their hands. The guns hovered in the air, and then all at once the men found their arms forced behind their backs as the guns wrapped around their wrists. There were howls of protest and pain as the men they had just captured took up any weapon they could find and held the larger North Korean force at gunpoint.

Smiling, Sally repeated the process again a few times until her original goal was achieved and the South regained control of the cities she had so far engaged in. With that sorted out, Sally continued to fight the North Korean army hand-to-hand. She didn't slow down or tire, and was having a great time as the soldiers struggled harmlessly against her unstoppable and steady progress. 

Even as she picked up speed to become an blur of destruction to all witnessed, carving up battlefield after battlefield like a demonic Taz, she didn't stop until there were no North Korean forces left on the southern side of the border. At least, none that could fight. She then decided to make damn sure they didn't start flowing south again, and flew to the edge of space. She had seen the four-kilometre wide band of no-mans-land between the two halves of Korea, and had given her an idea.

Stretching her powerful muscles she summoned more power. Her body glowed like a second sun as she summoned more power than she had in a long time. She had no idea how much larger she had gotten, and it wasn't important for her to know that she was now over ten feet tall. Pointing at the border, she traced her finger along it and released an incredible amount of energy. The energy beam was tiny, but it was so bright none could look upon it. Where the tiny beam hit earth it tore it up like it was whipped cream. By the time Sally relented, she had effortlessly carved a two-kilometre wide, thousand feet deep canyon across the Korean Peninsula. The sharp cliffs glowed, and a river of fresh molten rock flowed far below. 

Now that she had taken care of the invasion, it was time to deal with Kim Yong-Un (and his mate Dennis) … once and for all.


"I had no idea she'd be able to that."

"It looked like she was enjoying it."

"She just smashed them … like paper toys?"

"That's right."

"Nine whole columns."

"And perhaps as many as twelve thousand South Koreans, sir."

"And that trench … two kilometres wide? Seriously?"

"And very deep, sir."

"This could change everything. Shit: This does change everything. She can carve up whole continents at will."

"Your orders, Mr President? Our guy wants out."

"Your guy might still offer us an opportunity here with the regime change that's coming. North Korea as we know it won't exist by this time tomorrow. But get those agents back from Seoul. I want a personal briefing from them. I need to know everything about this Sally Clark woman, and I need it yesterday. And tell the IRS not to pursue their case. No amount revenue is worth that kind of risk."


As Sally streaked across the sky, she became a target once more. The air was filled with a variety of aircraft, and though she tried to ignore them at first, fully aware that their brutal assault could bring her no ham, Sally grew tired of the constant explosions. She was busy mapping out the location of every single military installation in the country, and it was getting annoying. 

Raising a finger into the sky, Sally closed her eyes and used her ultra enhanced hearing to pinpoint every fighter and bomber in the sky over North Korea. From Sally's fingertip exploded a multitude of blinding arcs of pure energy, and each one sought out a particular target and reduced it to base atoms. Fortunately, the skies had already been cleared of civilian traffic since hostilities broke out, because in an instant Sally had destroyed every single plane flying in the sky over North Korea.

"Now … where was I? Oh yes …"

Sally returned her attention to the bases. Holding her hands out like she was the Lone Ranger, Sally made "Pew-pew-pew" sounds as she small balls of hard light from her fingertips at her selected targets. The bright but tiny balls streaked into base after base after base, and the devastation wrought quickly crushed the fighting spirit of the North Korean Generals. Each time her 'bullets' hit something, they released all their condensed energy at once and tore each targeted installation apart and left nothing but charred molten debris and craters behind. It took her ninety seconds of playful 'gunslinging' to completely demolish North Korea's military infrastructure. All that remained was Kim Yong-Un's personal bunker, and the treasury bunkers she had found. Something stopped her from vaporising all that loot …


"Where's my pizza?"

"Grand Marshalall! We have been defeated! All is lost!"

"Our air-force is destroyed! Our fortifications smashed!"

"Don't sweat it. We got the bomb, okay?"

"But Grand Marshal! She has destroyed all launch sites and we have no planes!"

"We got that one downstairs … you know … what's it's name again?"

"Oh no … you don't mean … Mr Thingy!"

"Of course!"

"Alright, I'll begin launch procedures!"

"And where the fuck is Dennis?"


Sally didn't realise she was so tall until she landed in front of the long line of troops. She positively drawfed the front line, looking down on them with surprise.

"Drop your guns, and leave," Sally ordered. "Go back to your families! You are free!"

Proud of herself for giving them a chance to leave uninjured, O Girl was dismayed to find them ignore her generous offer. Disappointed, she moved forward and began carving up the column, literally sweeping the well armed soldiers aside with her massive arm. The back of the column watched as she approached down the broad highway, unable to retreat because of those behind them. Men and vehicles flew in all directions as Sally fulfilled her promise to the dictator. He would have no armies left when she stood before him.

Though she made the offer to each mobilised army she approached, the response was the same. But whether they were tank columns or heavy artillery unit, none lasted longer than a minute. She was polite enough to allow every enemy unit the first shot, usually the first seven or eight shots. Sally just adored the looks on their faces when they realised how much she enjoyed the feeling of hot lead and the intense heat of explosions. 

As she flew toward the eighth army on the move, Sally found a surprise.

High in the mountains, and headed at break-neck speed toward the coast, was one Dennis Rodman. He was sweating, and driving like a maniac.

"Not on my watch!" Sally declared, deciding not to let him get away so easily.

She landed on the road ahead of him, coming down hard enough to tear a deep chunk of the road up and leaving Dennis no choice but to stop. He just sat there staring at her with open fear. Making sure to rock the landscape with each step, Sally felt a little embarrassed when her mighty footfalls triggered a huge rockslide. One moment she was stalking her prey … the next she was underneath many thousands of tonnes of North Korean mountainside.

Dennis shook his head in amazement. Could he be that no lucky?


The rocks suddenly exploded out, and if Dennis hadn't been in the car he would have been killed. As large stones rained down on the car, a dark and powerful Sally rose from the ruin looking even stronger then before. She floated to the car and easily removed the roof and both drivers side doors.

"Going somewhere?"

"Hey, O Girl! I'm glad to see you …" Was she more beautiful too?

"You're not going to leave here until you answer for your crimes!"

"Huh? Wait! Don't you get it? I'm a spy! I work for the US government!"

Sally tilted her head.

"You're shitting me. You expect me to buy that?"

"Really!" Dennis squirmed as her huge hand gripped his shoulder. He could sense how careful she was being, but as she hoisted him out of the car he let out high pitched squeal.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?"

"Well … I mean … No! Of course not! Think about it … why would a man like me hang with a little dick like Kim?"

"Because you're a big dick, asshole."

"C'mon! I sang him happy birthday, for Christ sake! Who in their right fucking mind would sing happy birthday to Kim Yong-Un? I mean … really …"

Sally thought about this. Suddenly it seemed rather obvious, and she dropped her captive to the ground. The darkness in her skimpy uniform melted away, and the vibrant happy colours returned. By the time Dennis regained his feet he was able to look a shrinking O Girl in the eye.

"I'm so sorry, Mr Rodman!" she told him sincerely,

"It's um … it's cool." 

"You better stay out of trouble! I've got a few more armies to deal with, then I'll set the oppressed people of this nation free!"

Dennis watched her leave with great dismay. He was stranded in the mountains, with no transport.The least she could have done was offer him a lift …


"That's all of them. We have nothing left … nothing but this base."

Kim just took another bite of his pizza.

"Where is she now?"

"Sir, the American Demon is headed right for us. She appears to be taking her time."

"Then it's time to launch Mr Thingy. If she's headed right for us, we can't miss!"


Sally flew slowly over the North Korean countryside, taking stock and making sure not a single military unit remained. She had done her work well. As she made her survey, she drew ever nearer to the bunker of the Grand Marshal.

O Girl literally swelled with pride. All her life she'd heard of the monstrous things done to control the population of this small country, and no one had been able to do anything about it. And now, in one day she had single handedly wiped out the huge military dictatorship and all its armies … and she hadn't even broken a sweat. Through all their desperate attempts to stop her she hadn't even been so much as phased, let alone grazed. The pride in her own immense power gave her two inches more in height.

It was just as she decided there was no units hiding away underground anywhere when she saw the giant missile clear Kim Yong-Un's mountainside bunker.

"Even after all that!" she observed with amusement. "When will they see their weapons are useless against my incredible power!"

She stopped, and waited for the fast moving pointed cylinder to make its approach. It was certainly the largest missile she had ever seen in her short career so far, but she was so sure it wouldn't hurt her that she 'stood' in the empty air and crossed her arms.

It was only at the last moment before it detonated that Sally noticed the small warning label on the side of the warhead indicating a radioactive payload.

"Oh no!"

She only just had enough time to steel herself before the warhead unleashed its own incredible power. The heat was intense, and she could feel forces at work on her body that she had never known before. The shockwave pushed at her with much more insistence than anything she had experienced. Her whole body became enveloped in the brightest, hottest, and certainly most violent explosion she had ever been at the core of. 

And it felt fucking awesome!

Sally rode the unexpected pleasure through three orgasms, stretching out and moaning as her nervous system reported the joy of living through a nuclear explosion. She had no idea it was even possible to feel this good! No man had ever taken her to these dazzling heights of unadulterated pleasure, though it was only now that she recognised their shortcoming. 

Sadly, the experience was over all too soon as the fireball faded and the mushroom cloud rose into the air. Sally rubbed her hands over herself and shook off the effects.

"Damn. I gotta get me some more of those!"

The heavily irradiated particles all around her drew her attention, and she focused on where the radiation was going. Aware (she had seen a documentary on Hiroshima) of the dangers of radiation sickness, she quickly checked to see if the tiny particles had flooded her system, but to her relief saw that, as usual, nothing stuck to her immaculate skin or her costume. Realising that the cloud of radiation could seriously harm people, but knowing at the same time she was completely safe from it, Sally decided to take immediate action. She started to inhale the entire cloud.


"A direct hit, Sir!"

"Wow! That's pretty." In the safety of his bunker Kim watched the footage of the massive explosion. He smiled at his trusted advisor. "The demon is dead!"

"Um …"

Turning back to the huge screen, Kim's jaw dropped. The mushroom cloud had stopped rising, and was rapidly receding. In fact, the entire cloud the explosion had produced was rapidly shrinking. In a matter of moments the sky was clear … except for a tiny dot that was imperceptible until the camera zoomed in a considerable amount. It was, of course, O Girl. And she looked both terrifying and magnificent, but more importantly … very, very much alive.

"What the fuck!?!"

"I'm sorry, Sir. What do we do now?"

Kim sank in his seat.

"How about some pizza?"


Sally was sure to take her time on Kim's bunker defences. It was tempting to rush on through them, but she made sure to allot at least ten seconds to each individual guard. She didn't just want to incapacitate them, she wanted to hurt them. These were the men who had personally kept the evil dictator safe from the people he ruled so mercilessly, and they were made to pay. And pay they did.

Working her way easily through room after room, she employed her super-senses to ensure no one hid from her. She broke legs, arms, ribs, and crushed the already demoralised spirit of the last active element of Kim Jong-Un's once mighty military machine. Several hours after entering the base, Sally finally stood before the last door between her and her quarry. She reached out, and tapped the surface with her finger. The resulting destruction took out most of the wall.

"You were warned, evil-doer!" Sally declared.

"You're a monster," Kim told her dejectedly, taking another bite of pizza.

"You shot a nuke at me! What's up with that?"

"You killed millions of my men today."

"I tried not to kill an of them! And your nuke could have killed millions more!" Sally's anger darkened her uniform, and Kim recoiled as her muscles swelled, almost sparkling with energy. He then realised that they WERE sparkling. He swallowed hard as she loomed over him, her height increasing.

"Um …"

As a side-effect of her IRS meeting, Sally's beauty now automatically took advantage of the power surge too, and Kim's jaw dropped as her animal attraction passed any logical level. Sally, biting down on her anger at his lack of repentance, noticed the small bulge in his pants.

"See something you like, Loverboy?" she asked him, her eyebrow raised.

"I … you …"

He was starting to drool as her power increase settled down. Sally was disgusted to see he had stained his trousers. Lifting him by the collar, Sally looked him in the eye.

"Do you know how much radiation there is in a nuclear device? Do you know what that shit can do to people?"

He just looked on blankly, and soiled himself a second time.

"Well. Let me show you."

Sally put her other hand behind his head and pulled him to her lips. He instantly ejaculated a third time when their lips met. But all the delirious arousal left his face when Sally started pumping the concentrated radiation from her lungs into his. She still had the condensed cloud held comfortably in her chest, and very very carefully she forced him to take a super-concentrated lungful. When she dropped him several long minutes later, aware she could have kept going for hours, perhaps days, he started coughing and collapsed. He was sweating profusely, and had gone extremely pale.

Knowing he was doomed, Sally turned her attention to the shaking advisor.

"Now for you, Scumbag."

"Wait! I'm a spy! I work for the US Government!"

Sally smiled. "Nice try. But I already talked to the US spy! So your little trick won't save you!"

The man looked confused. "I … I don't understand! Who did you talk to?"


"Wait! RODMAN? Are you fucking stupid?"

Sally sniffed at his insult, and backhanded him into oblivion. If there was one thing she hated, it was people who were disrespectful! Did he really think she was going to fall for that? 

Her work done, Sally blasted her way out of the bunker. Just before she left, she thought she might as well take another treasury bunker or two. Leaving the biggest behind, she selected two and used her imagination to tear them from the ground. Stacking them on top of each other, Sally took the weight with her left hand and started for home.


"It's over. We just got word that Kim Yong-Un is dead."

The President smiled. "Well, that's one thing taken care of."

"She came back with two more vaults. What are we going to do?"

"We let her keep it, for now. What about your man? Where is he?"

"We don't know. He's most likely deceased."

"Well, we need to talk to the woman now for sure. Directly. Call her, set it up."

"Are you sure you want to meet with her? She's dangerous … she doesn't seem to know her own strength sometimes."

"Set it up. I want to see here in my office as soon as possible. We have to try to get a handle on the O Girl, or the world as we know it is doomed."

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