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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 01

Written by Monty :: [Tuesday, 03 March 2015 00:04] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 January 2016 11:06]

Sarah returned to the lab from her lunch hour and placed her bag of shopping on a counter table.

“Any improvements in the readouts on the mouse?” she asked Dr. Slater as she nodded to the little animal scuttling in it's cage.

Miss Slater raised her head from her clipboard “None as yet, we’ve maintained the level of particle streams into the cage, but I’m beginning to think the radiation condenser isn’t working, we can’t even detect a pulse from the stream.”

The team had been working on a medical program that could embellish and improve damaged cells and had recently thought they had made a breakthrough.

“Take a break doctor, I’ll fix us up some coffee” said Sarah.

From the kitchen they heard the sound of tortured squealing steel and a thud and they ran back to the lab door. The mouse had burst through it’s cage and attacked the instrument that had been aimed at it. The condenser spun on it’s axis and started firing silent unseen pulses into the shopping bag on the lab counter …

“Quick! Give me the keys, Sarah!”

“I thought you had them Doctor!”

“We’ll have to call out security to get in – it could take all afternoon …”

Later that evening an exhausted Sarah reached into the bag ‘this new Energize shower gel should help me recover … that’s strange … the green guava extract is bubbling, fermenting even … it wasn’t like that on the shop shelf earlier … oh well, never mind’

Sarah appraised herself in the bathroom mirror while the shower heated up, she had long got used to her sagging body and her drooping boobs, ‘No amount of workouts in the gym are going to improve my body’ she sighed to herself.

She entered the shower and squeezed some warm gel onto her hands and ran it through her short hair. Almost immediately she felt a strange sensation on her shoulders and back … her hair was growing! Incredibly fast!

“What the hell?” exclaimed Sarah, as her hair darkened and lengthened.

“This gel did that?"

She smoothed some more of the gel onto her shoulders and arms and she felt a warm tingling spread down her arms as she flexed her arm to produce a solid, toned bicep.

“This is amazing!” she exclaimed as she gazed in wonder at her upper arm.

Excitedly rubbing some onto her stomach produced the same sensation and the warmth enveloped her torso leaving her with toned abdominal muscles. She glanced down at her drooping boobs which had always been a disappointment since she’d recently turned twenty.

Hmmm … I wonder if this stuff will do anything for my poor boobies’ she thought as she gently massaged the gel into her sagging boobs. Sarah gasped as the same wondrous feeling spread within her, her breasts began to press against her gel-covered hands. She excitedly removed her hands to see them rise steadily to sit proudly on her chest unsupported.

Sarah turned her head in awe to glance down her back through the rich dark hair at her toned physique, and then at the bottle of frothing gel. ‘I’ve only used a small amount of gel’ she thought to herself, she gazed forward at a sight she had never seen before, her now wonderful self-supporting chest.

“I wonder if I use a little more …”

She giggled as she rubbed lathers and lathers of more gel into her breasts and once again they pushed and rose above her hands, ballooning up to form an incredible cleavage “These beauties have to be at least GG now!” she exclaimed. “I won’t be using that bra again!” as she looked at the towel rail.

“Or any other bra come to think of it!” as she gazed down in wonderment.

She looked again at the bottle of green frothing gel and was amazed to see it was bubbling up to the top of the bottle. It was replenishing itself! Just like it was replenishing her!

“This is going to be a very long shower” Sarah laughed out loud.

The shower felt only lukewarm now, so she turned the heat right up to almost boiling point. She felt fantastic! The gel began to react with the ferocious heat in the shower. The gel wasn’t just toning her, it was making her stronger. She could feel it. She grasped the metal shower rail at her side and was astonished to see it tear easily free in her grasp. She twisted and collapsed the solid metal bar over itself with a large grin on her face.

“I HAVE THE POWER!” she exclaimed.

Exiting the shower, Sarah admired her new physique in the bathroom mirror, arms and legs akimbo, her fists pushed against her slim waist with her amazing boobs pushing out in defiance of gravity.

She was going to have to do some explaining at the lab tomorrow. And of course there was the amazing strength she now felt coursing through her body. Maybe she could keep that part of her a secret. ‘And there’s plenty more of that strength to come’ she giggled to herself as she looked at the amazing self-replenished bottle of ENERGIZE! Shower gel.

The next morning Sarah awoke refreshed. Had last night all been a bizarre dream? She looked up from the pillow to be greeted with the sight of her two large outstanding breasts pointing upwards. ‘Of course it hadn’t’ smiled Sarah as her small hands tried to cup her massive boobs.

‘Wow, they feel amazing’ as she ran her hand around her chest.

‘Not just amazing’ she thought ‘Energized!’ as she re-called the immense strength she now possessed and the raw power she was now applying unthinkingly to the massage of her wonderful new breasts.

‘Time for a quick shower!’ she thought as she jogged towards the shower room. It was a jog to her, but if anyone else was there to see, it was a streaking blur that shot through the apartment.

“WOAH!” she exclaimed as she suddenly appeared in front of the shower room mirror.

‘That’s new!’ she thought to herself as she headed into the shower.

A large dose of shower gel was spread out over both hands and she slowly massaged it into her torso, delighting in the delicious warmth that enveloped her as the shower gel went to work, infusing with the red hot water, constantly increasing her strength.

mmmm … that feels so good … better keep this stuff away from my boobs as I don’t want them too large … hmmm … ok … just a little bit then’ she slapped her gel-covered hands over her massive boobs and she smiled to herself as her breasts again pushed out against her all-conquering strength.

The walk to work that morning was like none other she’d experienced! Men walked into lampposts at the sight of her body! A car ran into the back of another as the driver was distracted by the raven-haired angel strolling down the sidewalk.

Sarah just smiled.

‘I could pull those cars apart in a jiffy’ she thought ‘but I don’t want to be attracting too much attention to the new me’

She arrived at front desk in the lab. “Good morning Martin” her voice sang out.

The man at the front desk glanced up, there was something familiar about the beautiful girl before him but she must be a new starter. How did she know his name?

“Good morning miss, can I help?” as his eyes ran down to settle her on her magnificent breasts.

Sarah rolled her eyes as she saw his eyes fixated on her chest.

“Martin! I’ve worked here for the past six months! It’s me … Sarah!”

“Ummm … right you are Miss … em … Sarah” he said to her chest.

Sarah laughed as she made her way through the doors as Martin stood up and turned to watch the phenomenal girl stroll through to the lab.

Sarah described the events of last night to a perplexed Dr. Slater, but didn’t go into too much detail, not even of the power gel itself. It was clear to Sarah that the accident in the lab was the source of her new-found powers, but she wasn’t willing to divulge her own ‘breakthrough’ to anyone.

‘I’m keeping these beauties all to myself’ she thought as she glanced down at her bust that was trying to explode from the white lab coat that so easily contained her modesty yesterday, ‘and the rest of these powers too’ she smiled to herself.

After work, Sarah hit the gym. She had a club membership through work, but had never taken up the offer … until now. She certainly hit the gym! All eyes turned and weights were dropped as the gym came to a standstill as she strolled through.

“Are you a new member?” asked one musclehead “I can help you set up to a specified weight lift if you want?”

“It’s ok” cooed Sarah, “I think I can manage”

Weight upon weight was stacked onto a bar by Sarah.

“You’re having a laugh aren’t you?” joked the musclehead and his gym buddies.

“I’ve never been to a gym before, I just want to see what I can do” replied Sarah innocently.

“This we have to see” joked musclehead to his buddies, crossing his arms and turning back towards Sarah. The bar was flexing in the centre, curled by the immense weight stacked on either side. She felt her strength surge through her body, through her magnificent chest. Her power was there to be called upon on her whim as she thought again of those wonderful showers at home. She reached up to the bar and brought it down onto her superhuman bosom, a bosom that refused to be curtailed or squashed by the massive weight upon it. Sarah looked down and smiled, She then PUSHED! The bar flew straight up! Easily held by the slim raven-haired goddess underneath. Up and down, up and down Sarah easily lifted the mammoth 450 kilogram weights. Gym members stood gaping, eyes wide open as she proceeded to stand behind the bar and curl it effortlessly with one hand, then the other!

“Well that was easy!” exclaimed Sarah as she settled the bar back down on it’s frame, almost buckling the frame under the weight.

She strolled out the gym doors towards the showers as guys gathered round the bar all heaving and struggling to lift it an inch. Sarah thought ‘know what? I think I’d rather shower at home …’  With that she accelerated and raced off in a blur into the night.

Five days later, Sarah was in a bank to pay her water bill. The twice daily showers – each lasting over an hour at astronomical temperatures were worth every penny, she reasoned. She loved every minute of that time! Sarah had decided to use ‘normal’ shower gel on her boobs to stop them growing further. Occasionally her hands would caress them accidentally with her ENERGIZE! Shower gel, and her breasts would spring upwards and outwards.

“OOOOPS … Silly me!” she would chastise herself.

Her showering regime meant no load was too heavy for her to lift. A few days ago her neighbour had parked his Humvee on the pavement right outside her gate again! ‘Not this time, buster’ she thought and she scooped the Humvee up and carried it 50 yards down the street to a proper parking place. The neighbour frantically searched up and down the street looking for his missing vehicle …

“It’s good that he can’t see my palm prints on the undercarriage!” Sarah giggled from her window.

“Cashier number six, please” brought Sarah out of her reverie, and she approached the counter. All eyes in the bank were on the babe sauntering up to the counter.

“I’d like to pay my water bill please”

“Of course” said the young clerk unable to tear his eyes away from her remarkable chest.

Just then, there was a commotion behind Sarah.

“Everyone! On the floor!”

Sarah spun around to face the approaching gunmen in balaclavas.

Everyone dropped to the floor apart from Sarah.

“Looks like we’ve got a lively one here” said one of the gunmen.

Sarah smiled, “Livelier than you think!” she responded.

“I can see that” said the nearest gunman eyeing her amazing cleavage through his slitted headgear.

She wasn’t sure about this. She knew her remarkable strength could see off these criminals, but the bank robber next to her had an air rifle, the other a revolver. Could she see this through?

Her instincts kicked in and she grabbed the barrel of the air rifle and bent it upwards at a ninety degree angle. The gunman looked on astonished.

“Hey!” shouted the other gunman and she whirled round to face him, just as he fired at her.

‘Oh no’ thought Sarah ‘All these wonderful powers, only to be gunned down in a bank raid.’

As she whirled round a bullet struck her large right breast but cannoned off! Sarah looked down incredulously at her large breasts and saw the lead smear on her right bosom. She smiled.

The gunman panicked and started firing indiscriminately at her.

Sarah still smiled, placing her hands on her hips.

“You shouldn’t have really done that you know” she said.

With her hands still on her shapely hips, she exhaled a deep breath causing her phenomenal breasts to rise to amazing proportions. (She was glad she had caressed her boobs earlier in the shower with her power gel) and she blew for all she was worth.

The gunman rose into the air and slammed into the wall, sinking to the floor. The other robber was effortlessly shoved with a single palm into the wall to join his accomplice in a daze. 

Sarah grabbed a steel railing, tearing it from the counter and wrapped it around the two gunmen.

“That’ll keep you both in place until the police arrive”

“Who … who are you miss?” inquired the young bank clerk.

“Just a friend” replied Sarah.

‘Time to get out of here before too many questions are asked’ she thought ‘Time for another Power Shower!’ as she glanced down at the smears on her breasts.

Sarah strolled out the bank to the astonishment of the grounded onlookers and she sped off into the distance.

After an Energized superspeed run home , Sarah was in her element!

She washed the grey bullet slug marks from her boobs with her ‘normal’ shower gel, and took two large dollops in her hands of Energized gel.

“Awwww, my poor little boobies getting shot by those bad men, come to Sarah.” Her breasts rose of their own will and pushed into her gel-filled cupped hands!

“WOAH!” exclaimed Sarah, ‘Maybe they didn’t like being called ‘little’!

Their roundness and softness felt unbelievable despite taking the six bullets. They pushed even stronger into her cupped hands.

The next morning at work Dr. Slater sat in the kitchen reading the local paper. “YOUNG WOMAN FOILS BANK ROBBERY” screamed the headline. “Good morning Sarah, have you seen the news?”

“Oh, I don’t read newspapers much “ smiled Sarah

“It’s even on TV up there” Dr, Slater pointed to the muted television screen in the corner of the kitchen where a young, animated bank clerk was being interviewed on SKY news, holding his hands jutted out in front of him with an amazed look on his face!

Sarah placed her hands behind her back and arched her back. Her white lab coat strained to contain her superhuman mounds.

“Miss Slater, can I have a new lab coat? I think the buttons are going to pop off this one as it’s too small”

“Of course dear, my, you are certainly filling out in all the right places!”

“Errmm, yes Miss Slater, I think it must be my new diet.” Sarah smiled to herself. ‘My new diet of super showers!’

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