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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 02 (Revised)

Written by Monty :: [Wednesday, 04 March 2015 21:58] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 January 2016 11:35]

Sarah loved her weekends now. No mad rush to get ready for the lab work in the morning … not that any rush was a problem for her these days! She could luxuriate in her roasting hot shower with her Power Gel all morning if she wished, building up her constantly increasing strength.

She looked through her wardrobe and noticed it was a little out-dated after the amazing changes to her body. ‘A little?’ she thought, ‘that’s an understatement!’ as she continued her now daily morning routine of arching and stretching with her hands in the small of her back and pushing out her naked chest in front of the mirror. She would never tire of that view!

She was going to head for the city to do some power shopping for clothes more be-fitting of her glorious body. She briefly thought of going on a run. It was only 30 miles or so, maybe a 3 or 4 minute super-speed sprint for her Energized limbs, but she decided to let the train take the strain, which in hindsight was a great thing! Talking of “strain” she glanced down at the baggy kakhi blouse that clung her to every curve of her overwhelming bosom.

‘I really needed to build up a wardrobe that can hold up to the new me!’

She arrived at the station terminus and sashayed through to the rear of the waiting room, all eyes on her amazing figure. Feeling quite horny, she decided to tease the men whose eyes were popping out their heads at the sight of with a quick flirty show of her body. Wives and girlfriends started pushing at their menfolk to stop staring.

“Erm, sorry dear, one whispered, it’s just that you’re not quite like her.”

Another shove came from the frumpy woman.

‘Little does he know’ smiled Sarah to herself.

A few minutes passed with all male eyes on the gorgeous creature in the corner, when a loud klaxon in the station started blaring! An announcement came over the loudspeaker “Will all patrons please evacuate the station immediately!”

People ran screaming as word spread of a runaway train heading for the terminus. Sarah strolled out onto the platform towards the buffers at the end of the line and gazed along the platform into the distance whilst all around were running from the platform she was about to stroll onto.

The station manager ran over and grabbed her arm.

“Come on now young lady, no time for dawdling, we have to get out now!”

“I’m just taking a look.” Sarah replied.

“Are you mad?” he exclaimed.

“I’m not mad, but I am STRONG!” as she raised her other arm and flexed it. A toned bump rose from her arm.

“You really are mad!” said the station manager.

Now was his chance to pull her away, to catch her off-balance with her other arm raised. Sarah never budged an inch!.

“What the hell?” cursed the station manager.

His interlocking arm brushed the amazing bosom of this young woman and even in his state of heightened fear he couldn’t help be aroused as his elbow leaned into her large, soft mound as she turned towards him.

“You’d better get out – you might get hurt.” she told him before inhaling the surrounding air deeply into her lungs. He glanced down to see her little black top rise up towards him.

Her warm breath sent him scattering across the concourse floor, out the main exit and down the steps, knocking over evacuees like skittles!

The freight train was carrying forty large, round grey metal gas canisters in tow. The train had jumped points from the freight line onto the terminus and was now barrelling down the tracks into the terminus building.

Sarah put on a burst of Energized superspeed past the buffers, ‘Time to use MY buffers!’ she thought to herself as she came to a halt, hands on hips, legs apart on the track, boobs thrust out at the oncoming train. The train driver had already said his last thoughts and prayers to himself, ‘all that gas going up in the upcoming crash,’ he thought. ‘I just hope everyone has made it out the station in time.’

Was he hallucinating? Was this what sheer panic did to a person’s mind? There was a girl, standing in front of the train! He shielded his eyes to stop himself witnessing her gory end.

At the last second, Sarah raised her hands towards the train.

She hadn’t faced any weight as big as this before, with the behemoth front engine’s forty massive cylinders adding to the force speeding towards her!

She pushed back at the tons of force bearing down on her with her head down.

She felt herself getting pushed back towards the concourse, and she turned her head to see it approaching. She was going to smash through the concourse in a matter of seconds!

‘Time for Plan B, or Plan Double G’s!’ she said to herself …

Instead of pushing she PULLED! The engine towards her. Tons of steel rose into the air in front of her and rushed into her oh, so powerful bosoms! The train shuddered to a stop and she lowered the front end back onto the rails.

The driver picked himself up off the floor of his compartment and shakingly dropped himself to the ground from his ladder. Sarah was absent-mindedly brushing and ironing out her front as her spectacular boobs bounced repeatedly in response to her brushing.

No words came from his open mouth as he looked down. There were two huge concave globe indents in his train!

Sarah also looked down, but at her beautiful, powerful chest in front of her. Was there anything she couldn’t now do with her super-powered gel? She Energized! away at super speed. Her power shopping would have to wait another day …

Back in her shower room, she bathed in the 120 degree temperature, enhancing her boobs with even more strength with two large handfuls of gel. She leaned back eyes closed and let the water run down the front of her neck onto her cleavage.

‘hmmmmm …’ she moaned, as she thought back to the events at the terminal … and she thought of her earlier question. ‘Is there anything this amazing gel can’t give me?’

Perhaps it was that thought, that question, that formed in her mind as she massaged her chest with both hands. Head tilted back, eyes closed, she felt the water running against her chest move down onto her stomach, across her perfect, tight little pussy. She gasped as the ferocious heat made her orgasm. The water then moved on to her powerful thighs.

“Hang on.” she thought, with both hands still massaging her boobs …

“I’m not touching the shower nozzle!”

Her eyes slowly opened to gaze down …

HOLY SHIT!” she exclaimed …

To be continued …

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