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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 03

Written by Monty :: [Saturday, 07 March 2015 17:23] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 January 2016 11:33]

HOLY SHIT!” said Sarah. She was levitating off the shower floor!

NO!, not levitating, she thought to herself ‘That was what those magicians on TV like Derren Blaine orwhateverhisnamewas did for a few seconds. She was FLOATING ABOVE THE FUCKING SHOWER ROOM FLOOR!’

HOLY SHIT!” she exclaimed again, as she tried to calm herself down.

She wiggled her toes in a 360 degree arc, both ways. She looked down, but couldn’t see her toes arcing around, but she could feel the moist, humid, boiling shower air beneath the soles of her feet. This was unbelievable! Had she really garnered the power of flight? She took a deep breath, soaking in all the red-hot moisture from the shower room, relaxed her arms and gently lowered herself to the ground.

The next morning Sarah woke with a fervor! Looking down her neckline from her pillow at her large chest, she wondered how to “rise” from her bed that particular morning, She tensed her upper body and rose into the air, rotating vertically towards her bedroom door.

Her feet never touched the ground until she was in her wonderful shower.

She walked to work that morning in a complete and utter daze. Nothing around her affected Sarah as her thoughts performed somersaults about the events of last night and this morning. Having Energized Super Strength was one thing, but this? … This development just blew her away! She wandered across busy roads, her mind lost in thought as she wandered aimlessly towards the lab somewhere. Cars screeched to a halt in front of her – not that it mattered to her of course, the only damage done would be to the fenders of the poor vehicles. A driver did see her wonderful bosom swaying down the sidewalk and promptly smashed his car into the back of the car on the road beside her. Sarah didn’t even notice the loud crash, bang and tinkle of broken glass beside her as other people jumped from the shock,as she was lost deep in thought …

Arriving at the lab. She gave herself a shake – her remarkable bosoms rising side by side.

‘Right, there’s work to do, bring it on!’

“Good morning Martin!”

A slumbering Martin tried to rise from his chair.

“Umm … morning Miss … um … Sarah” as he rubbed his eyes and gazed into her boobs.

‘One of the perks of the job I s’pose’ thought Martin, being seated down and greeting the sight of those every morning! He returned to his slumber.

‘Whats up with him?’ thought Sarah as she strolled towards the lab entrance.

The corridor was strewn with large wooden crates all at unsightly angles. It looked like an obstacle course to get to the lab. At one point her progress was blocked by two large four foot high crates. Looking around, down the interlinking corridors, and seeing no-one else, Sarah steeled her arms, pushed out her chest and rose from the floor, skimming over the top of the crates and planting her dainty feet on the floor on the other side of the crates.

“Good Morning Miss Slater!” she greeted the doctor exiting from the lab just as her feet touched down.

“Morning Sarah” the doctor replied “Sarah, we’re trying to move these crates of new equipment into the lab, but they’re pretty heavy, Martin’s been trying to shove each one in for the last two hours, but he’s worn himself out and given up. Could you maybe try lend a hand?”

“Um, I’m not sure Miss Slater, they look pretty heavy and if Martin can’t manage them…”

Sarah, my dear, even one crate through the door in the next hour would be a start”

“Ok, Miss Slater – I’ll try”

Doctor Slater returned to the lab.

“That will keep the busty wench busy for a couple of hours at least.”

What was she thinking? She had to be more professional towards her young lab assistant, but she was becoming increasingly envious of that blossoming body of hers. When did she start growing out like that?

‘This will be a doddle!’ thought Sarah. She started scooping up the heavy crates in her super strong arms, easily placing them atop each other. After placing the third crate up, she could just float up and position them, until all fifteen were placed in a stack.

She bent down at the base with a hand either side and raised them up level with her magnificent chest. She started strolling down the corridor with the massive weight without a care in the world.

‘If only Martin could see this!

That little jolt of exclamation pushed her breasts into the lower crate and the wooden side panel groaned from the strain of both her super boobs!

‘Breathe in!’ thought Sarah. ‘Oh … the doorway is far too low for fifteen crates … silly me!’

Five at a time the crates were placed on a bulging, shaking counter table in the lab.

Three minutes after being asked to perform a two hour chore on one crate, Sarah exclaimed “All done!”

Miss Slater burrelled around amazed “Wha … how …?”

“It must have been how Martin was lifting them … it’s not where you lift, it’s how you lift …”

“Oh … good work Sarah! We were so close to a breakthrough a few weeks ago that we’ve brought in additional equipment to further the process.”

Puffing out her large chest proudly, Sarah thought ‘the BIGGEST breakthrough in the history of Science has already happened here, in me! Can’t you see that?

Doctor Slater turned away oblivious.

“Um, Miss Slater, may I take an early lunch? I have to pick a few things up in town”

“Of course dear. Thanks for your efforts earlier!”

‘That was a piece of cake earlier’ smiled Sarah to herself.

As Sarah strolled into town, she unbuttoned a few top buttons on her new lab coat to relieve some pressure and give her mighty cleavage some breathing space, This meant the stroll into town wasn’t without it’s usual consequences. The sight of her amazing boobs caused the driver of yet another car to smash into the rear of another. She could just imagine the insurance report issued. ‘It was my eyes’ fault – they couldn’t help themselves, they saw her strolling down the catwa … sidewalk. It’s their fault!

Maybe she could set up a little car insurance business. ‘Energized!’ had a nice ring to it, but then again she would always be paying out to drivers who ogled her massive chest in the street before losing control of their vehicles … Sarah saw the shop she wanted and paused to look at the displays in the window.

Alan was covering for his dad again in the crumby family business store. Hardly anyone came in to the shop, and even then it was only to browse for costume ideas. At least he had the latest FHM edition to keep himself occupied.

The bell clanged on the door and he glanced up. That was when everything changed. The dark-haired bombshell that entered was like no other girl he’d ever seen! Nothing in the magazine on the shop counter could compare to the natural beauty standing in the shop doorframe!

“Hi,” the raven haired goddess purred, “I’m looking for a costume, for an um … party.”

“Wh … wwha … what did you have in mind?” Alan stammered,  jeez Alan, keep it together’ he thought to himself.

Sarah smiled, and raised an arm over her jutting cleavage,

“I like that white one in the window”

“Ah, the Power Girl costume, that would be an ex … an excellent choice ma’am!” staring into her chest as his mind imploded at the thought of this beautiful woman turning up at a costume party dressed in that.

“Can I try it on please?”

“You certainly can, ma’am! I’ll just fetch it from the window”

Alan hurried over to the shop display, fumbling with his keys to open the display panels behind the front windows.

He tore the garment off the mannequin and handed it to Sarah. She held it up to examine it … it had looked fine on the dummy in the window, but holding it aloft in front of her, it was the size of a tea towel! Looking down, there was NO WAY she was going to get her busty torso into that!

“Emm … don’t you have any a little bigger?” she asked the shop assistant.

“Sorry, ma’am, one size fits all.”

“Really? Are you sure? With these?” as she jabbed her left forefinger into her soft left bosom.

Alan’s eyes nearly rolled out of his head at that point! “Uhhhh … m m maybe mammari … maybe ma’am would like to try the costume on first.” as he pointed to the changing room, his eyes fixated on where her forefinger was placed.

“Thank you so much.” gushed Sarah as she sashayed towards the changing room.

‘No, thank you’ thought the young shop assistant as he raised his hand to his head in wonder at the sight of her swaying towards the changing room.

Sarah appraised herself in the changing room mirror.

“Energize Time!” she whispered, and she moved at superspeed to remove her white lab coat, shoes and skirt in seconds. She held up her ‘tea towel’ costume in front of her.

‘No way is this going to work’ she thought to herself as she slipped the white tunic up her slender but firm thighs, bringing the bottom of the tunic up to her tight little pussy and her curved posterior. She started rolling the rest of the tunic up to her large bosom and breathed in to compensate somewhat for the size of her bust. She continued rolling the tunic over her large chest and stretched it out and over her shoulders. Her hands pulled at the window on the tunic as her boobs jostled underneath, she turned to the mirror to appraise herself.

‘Wow!’ she thought ‘It really does fit like a second skin!’

She imagined herself swooping down from the clear air above and being viewed in public for the first time.

Now for the real test. She slowly breathed out, letting the white tunic fill with her splendor. Her superhuman breasts tried to erupt through the tunic, but the garment clung on for dear life like a first skin now. She placed her hands on her hips, her massive boobs thrust out of their own choosing, the window in the tunic was stretched to absurd proportions over her cleavage. Sarah smiled. This was it! She had it all in this amazing body of hers now, thanks to her Energize! Shower Gel. The Strength! The Invulnerability! The Flight Powers! And now The Costume! To carry out her superhuman deeds to help people … ‘hmmmmm …’ she thought, 'talking of helping people …'

Alan was sitting behind the counter reading his FHM magazine again. The raven-haired bombshell had been in the changing room for over 5 minutes now. She’d probably come back out with the tea towel costume and tell him it wasn’t suitable for her party.

She floated out the changing room towards him. He couldn’t hear her silent approach and he was immersed in reading his magazine. A few seconds later, her long brunette hair cascaded down the side of his face as she whispered in his ear, “Well, what do you think?”

She stood back, hands on hips.

Alan looked up from the counter. His jaw would have hit the floor if it hadn’t been attached to his … well … jaw!

Sarah rotated her upper torso in a wide arc from side to side. Alan was hypnotized as his eyes followed her outstanding boobs like a massive pendulum from side to side, side to side, over and over!

“Do you mind if I keep it on....Under my clothes in the changing room?” Sarah inquired.

“You can have the costume for free!” Alan blurted out, unable to control himself.

“Why, thank you young man.” purred Sarah, ruffling his hair. She returned to the changing room to put her ‘normal’ clothes on over her costume.

Alan gazed blankly at the magazine in front of him, his mind in another world. He flipped a few pages of FHM over. No-one in any edition of the magazine could compare with the vision he’d just encountered. Here! In the shop!

He picked up the magazine and threw it in the bin!

Sarah returned to the counter with the top four buttons undone on her lab coat.

‘Amazing’ sighed Alan.

“Are you sure I can’t pay for my new costume?” asked Sarah.

“Of course not! This … emm … party you’re going to? Is there any chance of an invite?”

“Oh, sorry” replied Sarah “Girls only I’m afraid."

‘Just me and MY girls’ Sarah smiled as she turned to gaze down at her beauties …

 Back in her shower room, Sarah stripped off her lab clothes at superspeed. She gazed in the mirror at her new costume that tightly clung to every nuance of every curve of her body.

“Gonna have to give you the same invulnerability if you’re going to become a part of me.” she told her attire, desperately clinging onto her.

‘Should I wear a mask if I’m out in the open performing super feats of super strength?’ she thought as she raised and flexed her arm in the mirror.

“Don’t be daft, Sarah! Anyone can easily recognize me with these.” as she pushed her breasts out towards the mirror “What’s the point of a mask?”

In the red hot shower, she worked lathers of Energize! gel into the fabric. Of course as she rubbed the foaming gel in with tremendous force around her boobs, they responded too, pushing up and out, welcoming the force that Sarah was applying to her task in hand.

Calm down Girls!” she giggled. “This isn’t for the both of you!”

Her breasts didn’t take any notice, pushing out, challenging the restrictive garment that would have been ripped apart by now, if it wasn’t for the Power Gel Enhancement currently taking place.

After half an hour in her shower, Sarah was satisfied the gel had performed its work on the fabric ‘and some work elsewhere too by the looks of it!’ as she stood soaking in front of her mirror.

Looking down, wet through, Sarah thought ‘how will I get this costume dry?’ She looked to the open shower room window and smiled.

“My maiden flight!” she exclaimed!

She rose on her toes and drifted to the window and leaned out.

‘Good! Hardly anyone around’ as she looked down the length of her almost deserted street. One guy was walking up the pavement, but he looked too lost in his own thoughts to notice her. Crouching on the ledge she pushed off into the air, letting water drip off her soaked costume to the ground below as she rose higher and higher.

Alan was walking home from the shop, his head filled with the memories and the mammaries of the glorious girl he’d met in the shop earlier. ‘Would have loved to have got an invite to her par …’

Splash! Splash! Splash!

“Hey! Where’s that rain coming from? There’s not a cloud in the sky.”

He glanced up through the water stream, blinking through the warm ‘rain’.

‘No way!’ Was that a figure of a girl up there? … can’t be … his mind must be playing tricks on him again, he was still recovering from the husky whisper the wonder woman had breathed into his ear and the peck on the cheek she’d given him as her long dark tresses of hair had caressed the side of his face.

Alan sighed to himself and continued on his way home.

Sarah leveled off at about five hundred feet and paused, floating in mid-air stillness. ‘Time to dry this off …’ she thought back to her superspeed running, ‘I wonder how fast I can fly?’

She pushed her left energized arm out to the West and tucked her right arm into her gravity defying boobs. Even though her body was now facing downwards, her chest remained pointing up and out. ‘Hmmm … no Wonderbra needed for you both, then!’

She pushed forward with her left arm and accelerated across the sky at a blistering speed.

BOOM! … BOOM! … BOOM! … BOOM! … BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! She was breaking and pushing through the sound barrier constantly, causing sonic booms in her wake, pushing herself to greater speeds.

The super hot friction of her passage through the air dried off her new costume in seconds. She slowed to a halt over the west coast of California.

“California Coast in five minutes!” she did a quick calculation in her head … ‘60 divided by 5 is twelve, times distance traveled … This is amazing! If only Miss Slater could see me now’

After all, it was her experiment that she thought had failed, had actually turned out to be quite a success! She glanced down at her boobs in her straining super top and they seemed to jiggle in agreement.

Her parents and her little sister lived in Pasadena. She could drop in for a quick visit. That would take some explaining, “Hi mum! Hi dad! Hi Emms! Just thought I’d pop by for a quick visit from 450 miles away!”

Another time perhaps … she turned her head to the south. ‘where was that dark cloud of smoke coming from?’

30 seconds later Sarah could see the forest fire raging through the woodland as two large red propeller planes circled, dropping sheets of water down to try and quell the flames.

‘Better speak to someone first … don’t want to make things worse by trying to blow out the flames from up here and spreading the fire’

She dropped down behind a helmeted fire marshal who was on his radio

“… ok, tell Charlie to do another 3 runs before heading back for re-fuel …”

“Excuse me, can I help?”

Jim whirled round to see a gorgeous dark-haired babe in a white costume with a large cleavage window she was battling to stop exploding from. She was winning the battle....just. She’d appeared from nowhere.

“Eh … I’m not sure what you mean by ‘help’ miss. I’m trying to co-ordinate the dropping operation here.”

“I can do stuff that might help”

“What do you mean by ‘stuff’, miss?” Jim really didn’t have time for this.

Sarah turned her head to the lake beside her. Placing her hands on her hips, taking a massive dose of air into her lungs and swelling her chest, she blew a concentrated stream of cold air across the lake. The lake rippled and then gradually froze over, the crystallizing ice spreading out to its’ far reaches. Sarah then hovered off the ground, hands still placed on hips, looking down onto the fire marshal's raised gawping face below. “See?”

Jim dropped his radio! Picking it up whilst unable to take his eyes off the incredible floating girl, he flicked the radio on again.

“It’s Jim! Put Charlie back on … Charlie! … Listen! We’ve got some errr … help … she’ll be up with you shortly … no, no, just don’t ask too many questions when you see her!”

“Ok … Whew! … miss, can you do what you just did when my guys make the drops?”

“Of course,” replied Sarah “no bother at all.”

Sarah floated above the centre of the raging inferno whilst the planes circled her. The pilots looked out their windows in astonishment. The cockpit radio clicked.

“Joe … do you see what I’m seeing?”

“Sure do Charlie.”

“Just wanted to check that I wasn’t heading for the funny farm.”

“What I would give to take that piece of ass home tonight”

“Me too, Joe … me too …”

Every time they made a drop, she would inhale a massive quantity of air stretching her cleavage window to bursting point and release a superhuman blast of icy cold air. It would catch the deposited drops and spread them out over the fires. After an hour or so, the large fires were out. She hovered down to blow out the lesser localized fires herself.

Sarah sat cross-legged floating above her sofa with a tub of ice-cream watching herself on CNN.


ran the live scrolling feed at the bottom of the screen.

Sarah’s phone beeped, it was Emma.

'Hi had a bust-up with mom and dad – on the train out – can I crash at yours for a few days?' The message read. Sarah rolled her eyes, her little sister! Precocious little brat that she was – always causing trouble! Sarah remembered herself at the age of seventeen. A difficult time for most girls at that age. She shrugged her shoulders in mid-air.

'ok will meet you at station in 3 hrs' she messaged back.

A minute later her phone rang. Sarah reached down to bring the phone up to her.

“Hi mum”

“… yes, she just messaged me”

“… ok, she can stay here for a few days until she calms down”

“… yes, I’ll keep an eye on her, love you, bye”

‘Just great’ sighed Sarah, ‘babysitting my kid sister for a weekend, when I could be out playing with these super powers.’

Sarah waited at the concourse, looking around in case she saw the station manager. Would anyone recognize her? She was getting plenty of attention from all around her, but no-one seemed to pick up on the fact that this indeed was the super-strong girl who had brought the runaway train to a halt in this very station last weekend.

How could she explain to Emma her amazing new body? Surgery? Sarah laughed to herself! She’d just have to play it by ear …

Emma wandered off the train. The petite blonde looked around the concourse for her older sister. Nope … not here, she must be running late.

Sarah smiled to herself upon seeing Emma with her bag. There was no way Emma would recognize her now.

She waited until the concourse cleared and Emma still searched for her older sibling. She strolled over the concourse.

“Hi Emms!”

“WOW! Hi sis! What’s happened to you?”

“Oh, I’ve just grown a little bit.”

“You’re not kidding, sis!”

Emma had always enjoyed with smug satisfaction that she was the better looking of the two sisters. Now she was definitely in the shade as she hugged her big sister with the huge boobs.

“Hey, isn’t this where that girl stopped that train last week?”

“Apparently so.” said Sarah “I think it happened down there.” as she pointed to where she had stood on the tracks.

Sarah had set up her sofa-bed in the lounge for Emma and was turning in for the night.

“Anything you need just help yourself,ok?”

“Thanks big sis, g’night.”

Next morning Emma was up and about early. Those sofa beds weren’t great for a good night’s sleep. Perhaps she could ask to share with Sarah tonight, after all they were sisters, and those huge new boobs of Sarah’s would be great to cudd … Emma shook her head … 'what am I thinking?

She entered the shower and noticed the temperature was set to maximum temperature level. ‘What’s all that about, sis?’ as she turned the settings down to normal level and fired up the shower.

“Cool!” remarked Emma, “Sarah uses the same shampoo I use at home” as she ran some through her short blonde hair.

Sarah stretched from her bed, she could hear Emma up and about in the shower room.

Sarah suddenly heard Emma exclaim “WOOOOAAAAHHHH”

OHMYGODNO!” as she flew from her bed.

To be continued …

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