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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 07

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ENERGIZE! Chapter Seven

(Special Thanks to AUGoose for the additions)

Tucson General Hospital, AZ

Burns Unit.

Cries of pain could be heard as Sarah sat with her head in her hands in the corridor outside the emergency treatment room.

How could I have been so STUPID?’

A surgeon came out the room and approached the brunette sitting forlornly, her head down in the palm of her hands. He took his surgical gloves off as he stood over her.


“Y … y … yes.”

A pretty face looked up from the floor, streaks of dark mascara were etched down her cheeks, but he could tell she was pretty nonetheless.

“We’re going to keep Mark in here now for the next ten to twelve days to work on his skin grafts … I think you should go home now”

“C … c … can I see him?”

“I’m afraid he’s said he doesn’t want to see you, miss ... what did you do to him anyway?”

Just then a large, burly woman came stomping down the corridor towards Sarah, her face full of thunder. Her husband trying to placate her, but she was having none of it. Next of kin had been informed of Mark’s whereabouts.

‘Oh no,’ thought Sarah ‘Meeting the parents for the first time …’

“… and this is the wonderful Sar-AH!…” would state a proud Mark in his parent’s lounge … Sarah would beam, roll her eyes upwards in a self-conscious shrug, with hands resting on her plaited skirt as Mark’s family drank her in, in awe.

Mark’s dad would give him a fatherly slap on the back, “That’s my boy” he’d say proudly.

“WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO MY MARK!” screamed Agnes as George tried to hold her back ... things weren’t panning out quite as planned in the lets-meet-the-parents department for the raven-haired bombshell …

The surgeon backed off and returned to the treatment room … no way was this in his job description!

Agnes lunged for Sarah repeatedly, despite her husband’s hold on her.

“I’m terribly sorry, Mrs. Burns, it was a horrible accid …”

“Accident? My foot! I’’ll have you for this, I swear to God!”

Time to get out of here’ thought Sarah, ‘before things get really out of hand’

She could just imagine the raging Mrs. Burns ending up in hospital herself after trying to attack Sarah’s invulnerable body.

Sarah took off in a blur, too upset at this turn of events.

Mark’s parents whirled around to look down the long, empty corridor, dumbstruck. ‘Where did she go?’


Pasadena, CA,

Friday Morning.

Emma dropped from the sky with a loud splash! A wave rose up from the waters into San Francisco Bay. “Oh My God! The Bridge!” she gasped, as tons of bridge foundations, heavy juggernauts and vehicles trapped helplessly on the bridge began to sway from her rip-tide. She reached over from her paddling pool in the Bay to grab hold of the structure to try to rectify the situation.

The bridge buckled precariously in the centre, the massive steel support rods buckling under the extreme force of her grip above.

“It’s ok, I’ve got you!,” as she reached out and settled the bridge down steadily on it’s supporting cylindrical frames. Trembling truckers bailed out their lorries to stare up at Emma.

“Sorry guys … I’m still getting used to all of this …”

Emma woke with a start …

“That dream … again?

She could hear her parents at it as per usual, as had been the case down the hallway all week long...this was getting ridiculous!

What had gotten into her mom recently, anyway?’

Emma reached into her bedside dresser for her (Re-)Energized! gel. She’d left it by accident in the shower on the Sunday night after her first incredible ‘high’ … had her mom got hold of it then? It might explain her raunchy behaviour, as she certainly looked to be Super-Re-Energized! this week.

She had decided to stash her gel in a drawer under some old bras she definitely wouldn’t be using again. After one particularly hot shower where Emma had got a bit err … carried away … over-fondling herself with two dollops of gel, she had sped back to her room to try on her newest bra. Emma bit her lip as she re-called how, in front of her bedroom door mirror, she had reached back to tie the bra strap against her gel-covered Super Mounds.

She had stared hard into the mirror, almost willing her bosoms to continue their growth without the help of her hands ... Sure enough, her ‘little ladies’ began to strain against the overtight bra, pushing up and out effortlessly … ‘it was working!’

Rrriiippp! Snap! Rrriiippp!! went both bra straps and the underwire, as her little black bra fell to the floor, outstretched and permanently knockered out of shape. Emma didn’t look down at the carpet though. She gazed in wonderment at her naked reflected image in front of her.

Oh,wow!” she whispered to herself.

She was still biting her lip at the memory … ‘God!’ she was getting turned on herself now, she definitely needed a guy soon to pleasure her.

She quickly supersped into her school uniform and was out through her window in seconds.

Emma floated down to the quietly still of the school car park, as Coach McKenzie turned his car through the gates moments later, parking up two spaces beyond the space that was now permanently left vacant by all staff after the freak events of Chas’s car in that space three weeks ago. Was that space haunted for some reason? The teachers in the staffroom had decided to avoid parking there by a unilateral decision, as Mitchell, in the background, grunted his disapproval at the vote.

A helluva lot of good some voting regime in the staffroom was going to do for his beloved classic sports car that now lay at the top of a pile of twisted steel in a downtown scrapyard.

“Sorry, An Act of God” quoted the insurance company … or perhaps it had been an act of a Goddess?… If only they had known …

“Good morning Emma, early again I see … Good to see a marked improvement in your timekeeping these last few days! Keep it up!”

Emma shrugged her shoulders non-committedly. It was better to be here, she thought, than listen to her old folks behaving like teenagers every morning.

Coach McKenzie entered his small office where there was a large brown envelope lying on his desk, with a round, bulging object sitting to the rear of the package.

He picked it up, and a battered baseball bounced out across his desk and onto the floor, travelling a considerable lesser distance than it had the last time it was on school premises.

A white A4 piece of paper followed, slowly floating out onto his desk.

Graeme picked it up and started reading;

The Ritz-Carlton,

On behalf of MLB Advanced Media,

West Olympic Boulevard,

Downtown, Los Angeles,

CA. 90015

Dear Principal Anderson,

Despite the extensive exterior structural damage caused to the 45th floor of our hotel complex, as well as the interior damage to one of our hospitality suites on said floor, we thought you would like to have your ball back.

Warm and Kindest Regards,

A.J. Williams

Head of Public Relations, Ritz-Carlton Hotels

Coach McKenzie scratched his head as he picked up the slightly scorched baseball, it’s side stitching torn away as the ripped leather hung uselessly to one side…He knew where that hotel was ... 16 miles away!

He placed the ball on the middle shelf of his office’s display cabinet.It had been intended to be a trophy cabinet at the time of purchase, but, alas no trophies had been forthcoming in his three years as Head of Sports at the school.

That would very easily change, he had no doubt, as he rubbed his stubbled chin … would Emma want to try out for the team? She had wanted to bat after all … maybe it had just been a one-off and she wouldn’t be interested?

He chuckled to himself as he looked to re-phrase his earlier thought …

Try out for the team? That girl wouldn’t have to “try out” for anyone or anything!’

Coach McKenzie sighed, shaking his head as he picked up his day’s timetable...

Craig was also in early for class. The school’s star pitcher figured if he put in the effort, he would be allowed to practice his throws in the nets during free periods … perhaps he could get the blonde babe to practice her swings with him.

It was as if he alone had felt her true power, after trying futilely to knock her for six from his pitcher’s mound … Woah!… there she was, by the lockers! He stared in awe at her own mounds, by far the biggest and best in school as Emma stretched for some books on her top shelf.

“Hi, Emm …” he tried to introduce himself to her, but he didn’t know her name …

Nearly” she laughed “It’s Emma”

“Oh, hi Emma, it’s Craig … I pitched your strike at P.E. Last we …”

“I know” she cut in, shrugging her shoulders, “You got the hang of that throw of yours eventually …

Craig gulped nervously “I thought emm … Emma, maybe you’d like to hang out sometime after school, grab a coffee in town or something?”

“Cool! Why not?” Emma replied as she leaned back to pull her bag’s rucksack straps over both shoulders. Her large chest rose under her tight white cotton blouse with her little tie tucked sexily in to her top fourth outstretched button. Craig looked on in rapped attention, caught, staring like a trapped bunny in her headlights.

“We can hang out after class, if you want … you got a mobile?”

“Yeah!” as he showed her his on-screen number.

“Ok”… as she started typing on her keypad. “du … du … du … du … five, eight, zero … got it! See ya later Craig” as she bounced off to class.

‘I might have some supersexy fun with him later’ she thought to herself …



Friday afternoon

Clare was getting ready to go shopping in town. She frowned at herself in the bedroom mirror, not at her body … her body was more than fine. It was her C cup bra … it just wasn’t managing to do it’s job anymore.

Her daughter had filled out quite a bit recently with a late-teens growth spurt, perhaps Emma had something more ‘comfortable’ she could borrow in her room.

“I’m sure Emma won’t mind” as she opened her bedroom door. She pulled open her top drawer to see a pile of bras all twisted together. She sighed as she started unravelling them.

“That girl needs to tidy her roo …” ‘What was this?’ as she felt a hard plastic block in her hands amongst the lacy jumble.

Oh, my …”

Clare had already showered at a normal temperature that mid-morning. ‘Ah, but I haven’t had a superhot one yet, have I? Anyway, I’ll just take a little bit, Emma won’t mind surely.’

Excitedly, she stripped out of her panties as the shower thundered past boiling point. She could feel the blazing heat almost calling out to her to come have some fun. She giggled like a schoolgirl as she tiptoed quickly across the tiled bathroom floor into the awaiting inferno.

HHHHMMMM, SHEER BLISS!” she called out in abandon to the empty house. She could feel a strong, almost painful burning sensation deep in her loins, but it wasn’t the water …

Mmmmmm … don’t be silly Clare, of course it’s not the water”

Half an hour later, she exited the shower feeling invigorated,no, better than that … stronger. Of course, Much, Much Stronger, as she flexed her bicep...AND younger looking again too, as she gasped in amazement at her reflection in the mirror, just like on Monday.

“Those old useless C-cup bras will definitely be getting binned,” as she ran her hands around her enlargened self-supporting breasts once more.

She’d got a bit carried away and used around a third of the gel, but she really couldn’t help herse …

“Hey, that’s strange … I definitely used at least a thi … Hang on a se … OH!


A secret weekday daily routine began to formulate in Clare’s head … after all, she wasn’t stealing from her daughter, she was merely borrowing, as she placated any feelings of guilt out of her mind.

Clare was off into town to pick up some last-minute shopping for her and Bobby’s weekend trip to the log cabin in the mountains. She was looking forward to seeing what she could now do with these amazing new powers of hers and share some private quality time with her Robert.

Earlier, he had left to play golf with his work colleagues with his car keys still in his pocket again, leaving her convertible trapped in the driveway behind his immovable Audi … or was it immovable?

She glanced around her quiet residential cul-de-sac.

hmmm … nobody around … good’

Clare put her right hand on the Audi’s roof, her left hand stretched to the side of the undercarriage as she slowly unbent her knees, her long legs stretching up...Robert’s car also stretched up, keeping apace with her powerful, newly-toned arms …

This is ridiculously easy’ she shouted out in wild celebration!

She hoisted her left hand further under the rising chassis until her fist coiled around the exhaust pipe. One-hand casually by her side, she strolled out the driveway, gently lowering and placing the car at the kerbside.

Inhaling a deep breath that made her new, full chest swell proudly, she dusted off her hands, placed them on her shapely hips and proclaimed to the quiet cul-de-sac, “Now that IS Vorsprung durch Technik!”

Her emphasis on third word was when it happened … she had exhaled her breath on the final “S”, only to see the car lean back, side on, onto its two kerbside tyres. The tyres at the roadside, where she was standing, lifted high off the ground before slamming back down onto the road …

Huh?… Oh … Oh … my! This is incredible!”

Earlier that day, Tim had warned the people in the hotel not to overload his truck with furniture to move from one hotel premises to another in Pasadena.

“There are Health & Safety regulations, you know, regarding safe loadings for this type of vehicle” he argued.

He was largely ignored by the hotel staff who were trying to pack in nearly a third of a ton of furniture into the massive carrier.

“But look at the size of this thing!” the hotel courier argued, “We can get all the gear across town in one trip, no bother!”

Tim sighed, ‘Always the same with these people …’ He’d been in this business for over thirteen years, but his customers never understood the necessity of balance when thay saw the size of the juggernaut at their disposal.

Clare heard a loud screech! from way down one of the main avenues through Pasadena, followed by a series of loud bangs! A massive furniture carrier van was hurtling through the traffic. It dwarfed everything around it on the road, such was the massive scale of the vehicle. It was clear the brakes had gone!

It was huge! Almost twice the height of the Greyhound double decker buses frequently seen passing through Pasadena.

It barrelled down the road towards her, knocking other traffic aside from the road as if they were miniature toys. It was a scene straight from a movie out of Hollywood, not far off in the distance. She almost expected to see a director in a chair yell “CUT! Run it again!”, but this was real life in her hometown … real-life was lifting her Bobby’s Audi out of the way on the driveway … but THIS? THIS was SCARY!

The driver was hanging on for dear life as the massive vehicle ploughed out of control down the central avenue.

Clare glanced to her right. There was a busy shopping precinct beyond the T-junction the huge truck was hurtling towards.

She bravely stepped out in front of the onrushing truck with her left arm extended. What could she do but try … and pray, yes, pray …

Hail Mary, Full of grace, The Lord is with thee …’ she prayed to herself as she felt her extended arm embolden itself with muscular power.

She winced just before impact, awaiting her crushing end as the truck slammed into her outstretched palm.

She didn’t move, immobile to the terrific forces placed on her small hand, wrist and forearm. The truck reacted differently to her all-conquering Re-Energized! strength. The massive overhanging canopy rose in the air above her, she instinctively PUSHED! from her left shoulder muscles outwards and the behemoth was shoved back, crashing down on the road beside her.

Clare removed her small left palm from the now resting steel grillage and brought it up to her face. She looked closely in awe, mouth open, at it’s unblemished state.

As she peered closer at the lorry’s grillage, she could make out her indented hand-print cast deep into the silver solid steel. The driver had his head slumped in his arms over his steering wheel in relief at the miraculous events that had occurred.

Time to get out of here!’ thought Clare as she hurried away down a side street.

A minute later, that seemed like an eternity to him, Tim clambered from his cab and unlocked and opened the back of the massive truck. He hurled the keys into the nearest drain, leaving the large shutters wide open.

“You know, what?” he said to the gathering audience in the avenue, “My bosses can go to hell!” Those hotel people never listened to him anyway, telling him how to do his job! He was just happy to be alive as he walked away from his career. The local gang had a field day that Friday in Central Pasadena …


Blue Ridge Mountains, NE of Pasadena,

Saturday Morning

Robert’s car slowly worked it’s way up the treacherous winding road towards the log cabin. That was strange … up ahead there were several abandoned vehicles littering the roadside.

Clare remarked “I wonder wha …” POP!… POP!… POP!… POP!

It was too late, Robert had ran the car through the stinger tyre trap. The local hillbillies were fed up with strangers encroaching on their land and had taken matters into their own hands in these lawless hills.

“Oh God … no phone signal way out here … we’re stranded Clare!”

It’s ok, Bobby …” Sarah leaned into his ear and whispered sensually “I think I can handle it …”


I’ll be doing the driving from here on in” she teased him as she leaned across him, her Re-Energized! Chest brushing against his lap as she opened his door for him.

You get in the passenger seat now Robert, I can get us out of here”

Wha...? Don’t be ridiculous, Clare! You can pin me to the bed and all, with your slightly enhanced strength, but this...”

Oh? Reaally …?” enquired his aroused wife. “I must have forgotten to show you something … come on, out the car”

Clare. I’m not getting out the car!”

Well, that’s just fine by me, Bobby” as she opened the passenger door, accidentally slamming it shut as she was becoming turned on at the thought of what she was going to show him for the first time...

Where the flamin’ heck was she going now?” he muttered to himself. “Sometimes my Clare can get the craziest notions into her head.”

She picked up the large stinger trap at the rear of the car with her back to Bobby, ‘No surprises yet for you honey …’ She smiled to herself as she compressed the metal spikes embedded on the rails into a ball of warm steel. Turning towards the car, she nonchalantly tossed the newly-curved, squashed device over her shoulder sending it careening across the valley into the lake a quarter of a mile away …

She positioned herself in front of the car bonnet, hands on hips, as Robert glanced up and out from under the lowered sun-shield on the windscreen.

Clare took a long, deep breath, puffing out her chest. She held her large inhalation for a good 30 seconds to tease poor Bobby as he was becoming increasingly aroused by his wife’s sexy, but bizarre display.

Where the hell had she developed her huge boobs from?… they weren’t their on the Sunday night a few weeks ago, but by the morning after...and now they looked even bigger on her...Not that Robert was complaining, of course … Hell No!

She winked at him, turning to the side, in profile to his view raising her head slightly. Another sharp intake of breath filled her lungs to bursting point. She forced the air from her lungs as hard as she could with the most powerful blow she could muster. A giant old redwood tree was caught in the blast of Clare’s exhalation. It struggled to fight it’s lost cause, the eighty-foot tall tree having long been dead, as it toppled over into the valley below.

Robert sat transfixed by her casual display of power.

Returning to face the car bonnet, hands still on hips, she called through the windscreen “Wanna see more Bobby?”

Robert’s jaw hung open as he gave Clare his best impersonation of a nodding dog that would normally be positioned in the rear windscreen.

Not a problem, honey!” she replied to his silent, slow but affirmative nod.

She leaned low towards the bonnet as the nodding dog’s vision was filled with her full cleavage. Robert felt a jolt, and then a steady inclined rise. Suddenly he was looking straight ahead at the redwood tree canopies and the blueyonder sky. A second jolt and he was sitting eight foot up looking along the road into the distance!

Yet another jolt hit as he rose from the seat and he fell back into it, sprawling his arms and legs. Clare was gauging the two ton weight above her head before attempting to move forward.

She glanced up at how easily her palms and wrists supported the weight and giggled to herself.

The new Audi A8 is perhaps better known for it’s easier handling …”

She was pretty sure Jeremiah Clarkson, or whoever that guy was from across the pond didn’t mean it quite like this!

Clare started jogging along the road at an easy thirty miles per hour, as she glanced upwards ‘We don’t want a speeding ticket now, do we honey?’

She could just imagine the scene;

Oh, I’m terribly sorry, officer, was I speeding? You see we’ve lost all our tyres to a stinger trap a few miles back,” nodding her head towards each of the two ripped fronts. “I’ll keep my speed down for the rest of my journey”

The police officer was too busy staring at the two other ripped fronts that filled his vision. As Clare tilted her arms back, the two ton weight shifted behind her shoulders, putting more emphasis on her outstanding boobs. They were now rising up and out.

I … I see ma’am, well, I’ll let you off with a caution this time” he told her ripped fronts.

The officer glanced at the chassis near her left outstretched palm, “And you might want to get that looked at,” pointing his finger up to a few of her earlier thumb dents that were threatening to punch holes in the steel frame.

Clare turned her head away from the officer towards the open window at the front passenger’s side, “Bobby, Honey!” she yelled up “The nice officer here says there might be something wrong with the chassis!”

Don’t be ridiculous” muttered Robert, “The car’s practically brand new!”

Just doin’ my job, ma’am. Mind how you go on the road …”

Why, thank you kindly, officer, I’ll do that!” as she glanced back over her left shoulder, indicating with her outstretched left arm to pull out the layby, whilst her right arm easily compensated for the change in balance. She picked up a steady jog again …

That would be fun,’ smiled Clare to herself as she continued her unabated steady jog up the rising deserted mountain road.


Pasadena City Square,

Saturday afternoon

Emma strolled through the square in her short, white shimmering dress. She had given her ‘ladies’ a little bit of extra tender Re-Energized! care in the shower earlier and her boobs had certainly responded in kind! Just what she needed for this weekend …

“Hi Emma”

“Oh, hi Craig”

“So do you want to grab a coffee in the square?” Craig had been ready with the suggestion, but he felt a little underdressed when he cast his eyes over Emma.

“Coffee? How about some drinks at the terrace bar over there?”

“I dunno, they’re pretty strict in this part of town with the licensing laws; over 21’s only”

“Come off it Craig … how old do you think I really look?”

Emma sighed as she leaned back, pushing her hands into the small of her waist ... Craig’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets!

“Look, Craig … CRAIG! I’m up HERE!”

“Oh, um, s-s-sorry about that Emma!”

“Look if you want to have a good time, just roll with me, ok?”

“Good afternoon, Ma’am, would you care to order some drinks?

Emma lowered her gold-framed sunglasses below her eyes and glanced up from her stool. She removed the drinks menu from the front of her chest and crossed her powerful, shapely thighs as her little white dress rolled up towards her crotch a little further. She gently eased her heels off under the table as she toyed with the stem of her sunglasses around the edges of her lips and slowly, sexily started swinging her crossed leg forwards and backwards towards the waiter, her toes reaching out to brush his uniform.

The waiter gulped at the sight of the stunning blonde in the clinging white dress. Emma smiled as she saw the noticeable bulge form in the waiter’s trousers …

This is so easy … I’ve got him within, like 10 seconds, this guy is putty in my hands already!’

“Just bring me a selection of your cocktails from the list, please”

“Certainly ma’am, any particu …”

Whatever …” as she flippantly gestured her hand away from him.

“and what would the boy like ma’am”

Craig?… CRAIG!…”

Craig was looking at Emma in awe … he couldn’t believe he was in the same year at school as this … this Goddess!

“Oh … um … I’ll just have a coke please … um … diet please”

“Very good, ma’am” as the waiter bowed his head as he headed off to collect the orders.

Can you afford this? Do you know how expensive it is here?” Craig whispered to her.

Emma slowly leaned forward across the table, “I’ll let you into a little secret … I don’t have any money with me …” she whispered in a giggle.

Wha..? You’ll get us into loads of trouble … I could lose my baseball scholarship over this!”

It’s fine … look, relax Craig, I’ve already got my escape route planned, and anyway, you saw the waiter. He was eating out of the palm of my hand within ten seconds!”

Craig looked around the square mile of open, flat space surrounding them... “Escape route … where?”

It doesn’t matter where ... I haven’t decided yet, but I have my ‘ways’ … I don’t fancy your chances much of slipping away unnoticed tho” she teased him.

Right! That’s it Emma! I’m cancelling my coke and going. See you Monday at sch …”

Emma’s arm flashed out underneath the table. Her hand grabbed his in a powerful vice-like grip.

She stared him in the eyes and held him fast with only a minuscule amount of her superstrength.

You’re not going anywhere, you got that?” she whispered to him.

Just then the waiter returned with the drinks “… a selection of cocktails for the beautiful lady … and a diet coke for the boy, is there anything else I can get you …?”

There was a long silence at the table as Emma stared smiling straight ahead into Craig’s eyes. Craig gulped hard...

“Ah, the couple are sharing a moment, best be off then” said the waiter

Lucky son of a bitch” he muttered under his breath.

I told you earlier, just roll with me and you’ll have a good time … wanna cocktail?”

It had taken several hours and an astronomical bar bill, but Craig had finally loosened up after his eighth cocktail.

“Hey, these are pretty damn good! I Iike the green one’s the best!”

Emma smiled up from her straw.

So do I, Craig, so do I … I just LOVE the green one’s the best,” as she reached for her straw, a knowing smile settling on her lips, the toes of her foot stroking his inner thigh playfully.

Oh, Pa-auul,” she called out “May we order four more of your wonderful Heavenly Hazes, please.”

“Certainly ma’am, perhaps ma’am would wish to extend some note of payment at this time.”

She arched her back and stretched, letting out a long, warm sigh that ruffled the waiter’s dark hair as he gazed down, hypnotised by her glorious bosoms pushed out towards him.

Of course Paul, I’ll settle our bill after our last four drinks here, thank you!”

Of course ma’am.”

The receipt lay on the table with the final round. Emma picked it up and sighed … she could see the manager by the door curtain watching her like a hawk...

Emma enjoyed one more of her emerald cocktails slowly, savouring her last free drink here. Her heels were on the ground under the table ... she’d have to leave them behind … she leaned over to Craig who was more than a little drunk.

Close your eyes!” she whispered to him.

“Wha …?”

I saa-aid … close your eyes!”

The manager was now slowly approaching … something was up with him.

“Umm … ok then”

Good boy” she whispered.

What a dumbass!… How thick is he?’ she thought to herself.

Emma could make her escape now …

The manager was only four tables away from her now, as she smiled towards him. She stood up and stretched, as if ready to reach for her purse...

Ooooh … Where’s my purse?… silly little me!”

She slowly changed her stance to a standing, sprinting position. She smiled down at Craig, eyes still calmly shut, grinning without a care in the world...

At the last second, she changed her mind. She couldn’t leave Craig behind! It wouldn’t be right, and anyway she had an empty house with wonderful showering facilities to reward him with for the rest of the weekend.

“Excuse me, miss!” as the manager reached for her arm. Emma looked down at his approaching arm.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality” Emma purred, as she took a rising, deep breath and exhaled a lazy, sweet Heavenly Haze gust of cocktail-laden breath at the poor manager. He rose into the air, flying back fifty feet through the doorway to land on the curtain where he had been watching her so attentively. The curtain rail collapsed with his weight and he was covered in the twenty foot long drapes from above.

Emma smiled and grabbed her heels and then Craig. She blasted off bare-footed with her superspeed. Tables and chairs exploded into the air all along the terrace bar as the accelerating streak blurred across the terrace onto the mile-wide city square and dissolved into the distance.

Back at the remains of the table an unpaid bar reciept of over $400 floated to the floor …

10 seconds later, Emma had halted from her superspeed run through the city and suburbs to come to a halt right outside her house. An unconscious Craig was lying helpless in her arms as she looked down at him.

Was he comatose from all the cocktails he’d consumed (about half of her tally at the terrace), or had he been knocked out by her sudden Re-Energized! burst of acceleration to 900 miles per hour in just over a second? Probably a combination of both … Either way, a cold shower would sort him out. She released him from her right arm onto her left as she fished for her door key.

Craig lay spread-eagled across her left forearm as she tried to get the key in the door first-time. She glanced down at him as his back lay arched, his arms and legs falling aimlessly into empty space, his unfocussed eyes staring blankly wide open, his mouth agape in a stupor …

“Mmmph, men!” she said out loud, “Useless!”

She was in the door at last.

“Right, you can go in here, whilst I get more cocktails ready!”

She turned the temperature to ZERO and slammed on the button. Emma sighed as he never reacted to the icy blast. She zipped downstairs to the lounge drinks cabinet and started mixing up a few favourites.

Ninety seconds later, she heard him …

“AAAAAAAAAAAH!! It’s f-f-f … fffuckin f-f-f-fffreezin in h-h-h-hhere”

A silent pause …

“Where the h-h-h-hhell am I?”

Emma rolled her eyes …

A minute later he stumbled into the lounge clutching his frozen arms

Emma offered Craig a glass of her Heavenly Haze, a single eyebrow raised, “with or without ice?”

Haha, very drole” he remarked … “What the hell happened?”

“You passed out on the terrace. The bar manager and waiter lifted you into a taxi.”

She leaned seductively into him, her large cleavage thrust out her tight little white dress, her fingers toying with his wet hair as she breathed her Heavenly Haze into his ear … “and then I brought you back to mine”

As Emma took his palm in hers, he had no choice but to follow with her light grip almost crushing his larger hand.

She led him slowly back to the shower.

‘Time to get things warmed up’ as she turned the temperature dial to seven.

Lucky Seven for you” she breathed huskily to his open mouth as she proffered her white dress to his shaking hands.

Oh my god …” Craig mumbled as his hands pushed her little white dress over her smooth shoulders, his hands following her dress down her toned arms, her rising chest pushed clear from the silk white confines as her dress lowered to her waist.

Emma glanced down as her breasts pushed up …

That’s Oh My Goddess, Craig”

She stepped out of the dress into her naked splendour and backed into the warm shower pulling him in with her … he was still fully clothed, but she didn’t care … Craig didn’t even seem to notice!

She pushed her tub of green gel into both of his hands.

Do your best and I may reward you.” she breathed onto his lips.

She leaned back, eyes closed, chest thrust out awaiting the explosive tingles to start.

She felt the gel being rubbed into her shoulders …

Emma rolled her eyes upwards …

Craig, hurry up … you know you WANT to.” she scolded.

His gel-laden hands ran down across the top of her breasts and cupped her full mounds.

A deep, powerful inhalation from Emma, coupled with the spectacular inflation of her Re-Energized! Breasts pushed his mortal hands back against his feeble chest.

She could feel his efforts frantically increasing, his hands pushing incessantly against her rising mounds, trying to give himself some breathing space ...The more he pushed, the more Emma’s breasts would grow towards him, but he didn’t realise that. Soon Emma was taking up ALL the breathing space in the small corner as, eyes closed, she arched her back greedily into his cupped hands for one last surge.

YYYEEESSSS!” this felt much better!

She glanced down at her huge chest proudly thrust out by their own free will. There was Craig’s mop of hair sitting trapped between her super mounds, and the corner of the tiled wall struggling for all he was worth against her super body.

She didn’t even notice his efforts. She had to be bigger than Sarah now! Even if only temporarily, for a little while, at least. She shrugged her shoulders causing a bouncing motion that cracked the back of Craig’s head off the shower-tiled wall, only for his muffled face to rebound into her soft, warm boobs.

Still unaware of his predicament, she ‘expanded’ on her theory … perhaps it was the touch of unknown, unseen hands that had produced the spectacular results.

Emma bit her lip as she looked longingly at the ‘15’ inscribed on the dial.

This could be so much better … she pined for the 15, but knew the boy who was apparently fighting Emma with all his might in the confined space below her, had constraints that she no longer had to bow down to.

Talking of bowing down … Emma took half a step back … Craig slithered unconscious down into the tiled corner.

Emma rolled her eyes Not again! … why were boys so feeble?”

She smiled to herself knowingly, as she picked him up with one finger by his belt and carried him to the bedroom.


Blue Ridge Mountains, NE of Pasadena,

Early Sunday Morning

Clare and Robert were sleeping contentedly in each other arms after the most passionate sex either had ever experienced. It had been good to cut loose in the log cabin.

Robert was dreaming of his fantastic Superwoman in costume

Mmmm … wowww” he murmured to himself in his sleep as his dream led to Clare performing more feats of Superstrength …

Across from him, Clare was having similar dreams to Robert … only better dreams. She was the superhuman goddess with all that power, all that strength in her powerful muscles. She was dreaming of how her super muscles would look for real, on her … stopping that truck with one outstretched arm, running five miles up a steep mountain with a two ton laden car resting on her palms …

Hhhhmmm” she sighed to herself in her sleep.

All this superstrength in my new muscles’


AAAhhhhohhhhOWWWW” complained Robert as he was awoken sharply by Clare’s sudden hug tightening around his torso.

Mmmmmm … sorryhoneydunnomyownstrengt …” Clare returned to her dream.



Late Sunday Morning.

Craig slowly came round ... being knocked unconscious unintentionally by a Superbabe twice in a matter of hours would normally leave cause for concern … not that he realised he’d been unconscious of course.

Morning, Stud” was whispered into his ear as a feminine hand slowly slid around his waist..

Craig spun around over the bed to face his Goddess!

I’ve been waiting for you ALL night, Emma pouted.

Her hand returned to the small tub by her side, her fingers tapped rythmically, impatiently on the plastic container of her green gel …

Emma slowly pushed her fingers into the tub and scooped a slather of gel in her right hand, her left hand supporting her head as it had done all night next to Craig as she waited.

Now, she was ready for him.

Her right hand slowly reached down towards the waistband of his shorts …

Emm..Emma … wha … what are you doing with that green stuff down there? Isn’t this a bit sudden?”

A BIT SUDDEN!’ she’d had all the foreplay she had needed last night! It wasn’t her fault he was far too feeble to remain conscious through HER foreplay.

Ssshhh … I’m experimenting!” she whispered.

Her powerful arm easily pushed it’s way past his obstructing hand into his pants. She rubbed the gel slowly up and down his shaft...

You like?…” she teased

Craig’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.


Craig had never felt anything like what her hand was doing to him now, that lubricant she was slowly, warmly applying was something else.

Good”, she whispered as she pulled the virgin towards her by her gelled hand in his pants. “I can feel you’re ready now, too”

She lifted her leg and slowly teased him inside her.

Her mind exploded as the warm gel touched her insides and reached up into her through Craig’s shaft. Now he started to move.

Hhhmmm … Even better …’ moaned Emma softly.

The gel rhythmically moving inside her felt fantastic! Emma had never, ever experienced anything like this. She let Craig by her side do the work now as she bathed in a warm Re-Energized! Glow...

From the street below, if anyone had glanced up, they would have seen a pulsing Emerald glow emanating from Emma’s bedroom, such were the extreme feelings washing over the young superwoman right now.

Craig moved on top of Emma as she let him enter her with his gel-covered shaft once more.

She delighted in what her gel was giving her deep inside as she bit her lip to stifle a cry of pleasure.

Emma began stretching her arms slowly out to the side.

This is soooo gooood! … lets make it better’ she whispered to herself.

Looking straight up through her soft green eyes, she slowly willed herself off the duvet, drifting into the air.

Craig” she whispered … there was no response..

Craig, can you see what you’re doing to me?” she softly breathed at him again … still there was no response from him.

Emma’s hands closed in from her glorious stretch and caressed his jaw and cheeks bringing his mouth close to hers.

She breathed huskily at him again “Craig … Can you see anything different from here?”

He looked up into Emma’s glowing face … then beyond his Goddess at the pillow far below...

“oh … oh … OHMYGOD … y … y … YOU CAN FLY?”

Of course I can, Craig, and it’s all thanks to you … all girls can float when they’re having wonderful sex … didn’t you know?”

umm n … n … no … it’s my first time”

Well … that would explain it then” Emma softly sighed at him.

It has to be the best or our floating just doesn’t work. We girls like to keep it a secret between ourselves, until mister right comes along”

I guess you must be my mister right …” she softly purred into his ear.

WOW! This is amazing!” as he looked down at the bed far below holding onto Emma.

 In Craig's later college years, whenever he got lucky and escorted a female student back to his room for the night, he would invariably whisper into the girl's ear on the bed "so when are you going to start floating?" The girl's response would either be one of doubled-up hysterical laughter by the side of his bed, or a scowl and a slap across the face... more than likely it would be the second option... Craig would never be so lucky again...

Emma smiled, slowly rotating Craig above her bed. Her right hand held his back close against her undulating, breathing chest as she floated down, her left hand slowly reaching for her replenished gel, not once taking her emerald eyes from Craig’s.

More?” she breathed at him … the silent, gaping nodding dog was the response she wanted.

She raised her gel laden left hand to her Energized chest and started fondling herself, one breast at a time, never once letting her eyes leave his.

Craig’s eyes were torn from her gaze as he watched in awe as her heaving chest rose into his, pushing him back. Only Emma’s soft palm against his back stopped him falling away to the bed below.

That’s another little secret we girls save for mister right … now, what should I do with this extra gel on my palm?” she sexily teased the silent, open aperture that once used to have a voice.

Emma slowly floated back from Craig as her hand reached down to coax his member with long fluid strokes of warm, Energized gel.

I see you are ready again for me now, big boy”

Emma slowly wrapped her legs around his waist, both of her powerful hands holding his arms as she leaned herself back into the open air. Her long blonde hair tumbled downwards as she lay parallel to the bed below and let him once more thrust his green gel powered member out. Emma floated to and fro taking her Energized! Gel deep inside her. From the pavement below, Emma’s bedroom was now swathed in a pulsing emerald glow.

OH … OH … OH … OH … OH!!!!!!!!! SARAH!SARAH!SARAH!SARAH!” She squealed in delight.



Tucson, AZ

Sarah sat on the sofa with a tub of ice cream reading the charge papers served to her claiming assault by the family solicitors of George and Agnes Burns.

How was she ever going to recover from this?

She phoned Emms on her mobile to ask her advice …

‘oh … that’s strange, her phone’s switched off …’

Sarah returned to her ice cream and worrying.

To be continued …

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