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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 08

Written by Monty :: [Wednesday, 08 April 2015 11:18] Last updated by :: [Friday, 04 March 2016 09:58]

ENERGIZE! Chapter Eight

(Special Thanks to AUGoose for the additions)

Tucson, AZ.

Sunday evening

Sarah tried Emma’s mobile one last time before turning in for the night, feeling a little lost in the overwhelming scale of things …

Hi Sis!!!!” squealed a delighted Emma, “How’s it going?”

“Emma! Good to hear you!… I’m ok, Emms … I suppose …”

What’s up, Sis?…” she replied with concern at her Sarah’s downbeat tone.

Sarah began explaining about her ongoing trouble with the Burns family and the pending charges and court case that would shatter her cover as the mysterious Energize.

“… and I really want to go out to speak to Mark’s parents as Energize, but that will blow my cover … I really don’t know what to do Emms!”

Sarah was distraught, Emma could tell that much.

Give me their address, Sarah!… I’ll sort this out!”

“No, Emms, you can’t get involved – I’ve got to try sort this mys …”

They won’t know who I am, Sarah! GIVE ME THE ADDRESS … AND THE HOUSE NUMBER!”

Sarah had never heard Emma speak so dominantly like this to her before … what had gotten into her little sister?

Sarah looked at the headed letter paper from the Tucson-based solicitors containing the writ details …

It’s 1112 East American Beauty Dri …” why was she telling Emma this?

“Don’t you go running over there Emma! I’m warning you! Don’t get involved here!… you hear me?”

Yeah, yeah.” replied Emma …”I promise I won’t go running over there … ok sis?”

It was obvious to her that Sarah couldn’t handle this on her own … ‘after all, what were little sisters for?’ … A wicked smile formed on Emma’s lips …


Pasadena, CA.

Sunday night

Emma had hit google maps …

“Come on google … don’t fuck with me with your streetview crap … I wanna see where I’m going from the air …”

She heard the front door open and her mom giggling to her dad in the doorway.

Her folks were back from their weekend away.

Hopefully they’ll have worked off their geriatric testosterone on each other so I can have some peace and quiet in the mornings … ‘ she bitched to herself.

“Hi mom! Hi dad!”

Oh, hi sweetie!” her mom replied, as she ruffled the front of Emma’s long blonde hair …

Jesus Christ!… How old did her parents think she was … five … ?’

“Are you ok, dad?… It looks like you’ve put your back out.”

“Aaaah … it’s ok, Precious, I just think I’ve cracked a few ribs over the weekend.”

Clare giggled uncontrollably at Bobby.

Just great … now I’m gonna get a run through of their weekend exploits’ thought Emma to herself, rolling her eyes as she turned to face the computer monitor.

‘Now … where was I … ‘

She zoomed her mouse out over the Eastern side of Tucson … aaahhh … near the local air base … maybe she would do a fly-by later!

“What are you looking at there, sweetie?”

“Oh … nothing mom, just a project for school …”

A plan was forming in Emma’s head as that wicked smile slowly returned to her lips …

At school next morning, Emma strode out past the packed bleachers that had been re-located to the east side of the field behind her new swinging position, pointing out now to the west, “… safely away from any wayward strikes headed towards downtown LA …” as Principal Anderson had written in her memo to her staff. There was concern of more structural damage being caused to the city … or, Goddess forbidding, far, far worse …

It didn’t bear imagining the possible outcomes in Los Angeles from a schoolgirl’s pre-emptive strike of a baseball 16 miles away …

Word had spread throughout the school of her talent at blitzing the ball massive distances … The bleachers were now packed out.

Could it be possibly true?… That a fellow student could literally smash a baseball pitched at her out into the wide open space of California?

Lessons had been put on hold for an hour to see if the eleventh grade student could repeat the spectacle.

Emma drew the wooden bat back with a vengeance … she had a score to settle 450 miles away later this afternoon. She could feel the burning rage towards her sister’s aggressors swell up within her as she drew her bat back over her rising chest …

Craig gave her a knowing smile as he wound his arm up for his delivery …

GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT, STUD!” Emma yelled at him.

The students in the crowded bleachers whooped in unison!

Craig definitely didn’t hold back as the ball rocketed towards Emma.

‘Perfect … Just how I want it … ‘

She imagined the face of the ball as being that of the jumped-up old hag of a woman she was going to confront this lunchtime in Arizona.

CCCRRRACK!… The ball soared away into the western horizon towards the far off deep blue ocean.

The whooping in the bleachers suddenly ceased. All jaws dropped open as the gallery watched the fading speck of the baseball curve away and drift into the blue distance …

Emma strolled over to Craig and handed her bat to him, giving him a sexy, playful wink before heading off on a wander around the bases.

Agents Harris and Montgomery sat in the car two hundred metres away by the roadside.They both lowered their field glasses and looked at each other incredulously! Harris reached for the radio …

“… It’s Agent Harris … patch me through to the Director of Operations …

Sir … Yes, Sir … affirmative, we’ve got her..”

The tinted windows of the black sedan slowly pulled away from the kerb. The investigation into the attempted un-armed robbery in Pasadena was gathering momentum …


Pacific Ocean,

California Coast

Twenty miles out in the wide blue Pacific, Captain John Stevens slowly rotated his hand on the computerised global compass as the rudder and engines of the Emerald Princess responded to his every whim below. He loved this ship in all Her Majesty.

What a magnificent piece of engineering to steer on my final voyage before my retirement’ he sighed to himself as he slowly turned his vessel South towards the Port of Los Angeles.

The smashed baseball soared across the Pacific Ocean towards it’s watery grave … or was it?

There was a large, cumbersome gleaming white cruise ship in the ball’s indestructable path … would the ball bounce off the plated steel to the ocean below?

The baseball rocketed into the lower flanks of the ship …


Such was Emma’s anger directed at the ball, there was no stopping it’s progression through the solid steel plates of the ship’s lower hull. The Power Ball smashed through askew into the slowly turning ship. Captain Stevens, his crew and his thousand strong passengers were rocked by the tremendous force felt cannoning through the vessel …

All hands on deck!” he shouted into his radio at his command staff.

What the hell is happening here … ?”


Pasadena High School

Early Afternoon

Emma leaned back in the changing room showers. She was absolutely loving the attention she was getting from the other girls here! They couldn’t take their amorous, jealous eyes off her yet bigger, enhanced Energized boobs!

She had briefly thought of taking the gel to school with her for P.E., but had decided against it. After all, she didn’t want to stand out too much … She was content the gel was stored safely, hidden away in her bra dresser drawer … or so she thought …

At that very moment, Clare was also leaning back in her own private red-hot shower, spoiling herself in her daily workout, slowly massaging the gel into her glorious, firm body … letting the amazing substance work it’s wonderous powers through her torso.

Hhhhmmmm … I’m in heaven here.” exclaimed the angel …”I feel like I can do anything now …”

Eyes closed, clutching her remarkable growing chest, and completely oblivious to anything else, Clare felt her feet gently rise into the air from her shower room floor …

HOLY JESUS!…” she exclaimed to her empty house …

Back at school, Emma was through with these crappy showers … she had a mission this afternoon, her rage inside was boiling over …

FUCK SCHOOL!’ she ranted to herself, ‘Family is way more important than this shit!’ as she stormed towards the changing room doors in her black bra and pants …

All heads turned to watch the Goddess wearing next to nothing nearly tear the door off it’s hinges.

What’s up with her?” asked a girl nearby …

God knows.” shrugged a jealous classmate …”PMS by the looks of it.”

Pre-Menstrual Strength was the least of Emma’s concerns as she cast her eyes around the now deserted school grounds …

She blasted herself fifteen hundred feet into the air with just one thought in mind as she turned with a vengeance towards the far reaches of Tucson, 460 miles away …

“YOU … don’t … mess … with MY FUCKING SISTER!”

Arms stretched out in front, a steely, determined glare in her emerald eyes, Emma rocketed through the air towards her destination …

A cracking “BOOM!” shook the large school building … pupils and staff alike suddenly glanced upwards and outwards to the open expanse of empty sky above …

That’s strange.” murmured Principal Anderson, “I could have sworn I hea … oh, well, nevermind.” she sighed turning away from her open window …


Tucson, AZ.

Monday afternoon

George brought the cool drinks out to the back garden and placed them on the patio table under the umbrella. It was another scorching day.

Too bad Mark is cooped up in a hospital ward when the weather’s like this.’ he sighed to himself.

Yes, thankyou.” said Agnes, into her mobile phone …”I hope she gets a heavy sentence, and not just a fine for what she’s put my poor Mark through … Thankyou … I’ll be in touch later this week … goodbye.”

Agnes sighed to herself as she reached for her drink.

“Thanks George … I’ve just phoned the solicitors again … they’re making good progress in the case against Sa...”

Excuse me?… are you Mrs and Mister Burns?” sang the voice from the young woman standing in their garden.

PPPPFFFFFTTTT …” George choked on his drink, spraying it out over the table as he clumsily placed his glass down, spilling it as he took in the sight before him.

Oh my God … SHE IS STUNNING!’ surmised George to himself … ‘better not let the frumpy old bag know that, though’ as a smile began to rise on his face, along with something else rising in his pants …

Agnes lowered her sunglasses towards the girl who had wandered uninvited into their back garden. She could see the girl was a little underdressed, even in this scorching heat …

Yes, we are … what the hell are you doing in our garden … now, if you don’t mind, get the hell off our property!” she shouted at the young stranger.

Oh, GOOOOD … Why, thankyou!” replied Emma, “I was just wanting to make sure.” she smiled at them both.

Emma added “I thought you would like some ice for your drinks on such a hot day … would you like some?”

Emma’s finger rested on her lower lip as she playfully teased her reluctant hosts.

Agnes and George looked at each other, unsure of what was going in here …

Slowly placing her hands on her waist, Emma slowly drew a deep breath into her Energized lungs and lazily pursed her lips towards the table below her …

Her super-chilled breath draped the table in front of her in long, frozen icicles as Agnes and George panicked and backed their chairs away from the now completely frozen solid table! They stared at each other in amazement!

“Wha ... what the hell is going on here!” exclaimed a shocked Agnes, George just stared at the ice laden table in disbelief …

Believe me … I’m just just getting started.” Emma stated huskily to the enraptured pair before her.

Now … you pair …” Emma leaned forward and grabbed the couple by their shirts pulling them out of their chairs towards her into her superstrong arms “… have upset a good friend of mine …”

Emma held the pair aloft easily, poor George in her left hand, the old bag in her right.

Wha … what do you mean? Asked a shaken Agnes.

A certain court case against my good friend, Sarah?” Emma raised the question haughtily to her right.

“I demand you drop those charges!”

“I … I … I don’t know what you’re taking about …” cried Agnes.

Ohhh, reeaaallly.” replied Emma …”perhaps THIS will jog your memory!”

Glancing up, Emma blasted into the blue skies above, pulling the grimacing pair behind her in her outstretched arms below.

She came to a resting hover, three thousand feet up, raising both her gripped hands.

The couple’s heads were spinning at the sudden acceleration and then the sudden stop … never mind the view below, as their frightened eyes gaped downwards … and it was perishingly cold up here as they both shivered in Emma’s grasp.

Emma positively snarled at the old bag in her right hand.

“Now, have we remembered something recently … ?” enquired Emma sweetly.

Drop the charges – or I drop you!”

You Wouldn’t Dare!” Agnes tried to put a show of bravado on above her terrified state, in front of this, this super-powered young Goddess …

“Ohhhh?… wouldn’t I now?”

Emma’s hand lazily pushed out to her side, extending Agnes towards the three thousand feet drop below …

I … I … I’M S … S … SORRY … I DIDN’T M..M..MEAN THAT!” Agnes cried out in sheer terror!

“Too late, Agnes, old dear … you’ve really pissed me off now … ..goodbye …”

No no no plea AAAAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhhh … ..!” Agnes plummeted towards the ground far below …

Emma inspected her empty right hand’s fingernails

“Hhhmmm … perhaps I should visit a beauty salon here?… You know, to get my nails polished up … Can you recommend a good beauty salon in Tucson George?… .George?… Probably not, your only a man … Now … Where were we … oh yea, would you care for some re-negotiations … ?”

George nodded hastily at the hovering Goddess holding him aloft with her outstretched arm.

P … p … p … please save my w … w … wife.” he mumbled to her.

Deal or No Deal with the charges!” Emma shook the shivering wreck of a man.

“D … D..Ddeal!… pleeeease!”

Emma sighed …

“Very well then … you’d better not be calling my bluff …”

She charged down through the clear sky at 1200 miles per hour, easily catching up to the distraught Agnes in freefall.

DO YOU WANT SAVING?” yelled Emma to Agnes’s downturned head as the storming wind whistled past the plummeting ears of the falling woman.

Agnes glanced up in disbelief and frantically shook her head, mouth wide open.

Emma cupped her right hand to her ear as she toyed with the old hag …


YES!… YES!YES!YES!” Agnes screamed, only two hundred feet from her demise …

Emma stretched out her right arm and brought the woman to a sudden halt …

She lowered both the unconscious couple to the grass in their garden below and SNAPPED! Some of her ice from the frozen table beside her. She threw the ice onto the bewildered couple below her as they awoke in shock.

Emma stood over them, hands resting on her black pants, legs akimbo, as she nodded to the mobile phone on the frozen table …

“Shouldn’t we be making an important phone call?”

Yesyesofcourse...” gasped a flustered Agnes.

“Gooood! I’ll wait right here while you do that!”

Agnes reached for her mobile phone … it was stuck frozen solid to the ice-coated table.

Ummm …” Agnes hesitantly gestured towards the table …

God, can’t you feeble people do anything for yourselves?” the pretty, blonde teenager asked impatiently.

She slowly rose into the air with her hands on hips and leaned out towards the table. Taking a sizeable breath that swelled her magnificent chest once more, Emma exhaled her superwarm breath over the phone below …

HHHHUUUUUHHHH!” she sexily breathed out onto the table.

The phone now lay in a little warm puddle, slightly damp, but still in working order.

Agnes pressed the sodden re-dial button on her phone …

“Good afternoon!… Arrotta Solicitors … how may I help?…”

Five miles away in her apartment, Sarah morosely pondered her future. She’d taken sick leave from work this Monday in a height of distress.

Her mobile rang … she didn’t recognise the number …


“Good afternoon … may I speak with Sarah Cairns please?”

“This is Sarah …”

“Hi, it’s Ken from Arrotta Solicitors …”

Sarah nodded.

“I’ve been asked to contact you immediately … all charges against you from this point forward are now officially dropped … enjoy the rest of your day, ma’am.”

Sarah let her phone fall to the floor below and sighed in sheer relief!

‘What has Emma done?… ‘

She turned her attention back to FOX News … Sarah liked FOX News … They gave good coverage of her latest exploits in her fight against crime … They even had a sexy little picture of her, arms and legs akimbo, in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when discussing the latest news about her.

Coool!” she’d said to herself when she first saw herself after the service station raid she’d halted. Teenage boys, and quite a few girls, demanded FOX News was on permanently in the house now …

“… I didn’t realise you were so interested in current affairs, son …”

Yes, mom, of course I am!” they’d blurt out, only to beat a hasty retreat to their bedroom when the image of Energize! Was gone from the screen …

Oh, really … ?’ the mothers would raise a knowing smile to their hastily departing offspring …

As Sarah focussed on the screen in front off her, there was breaking news, as a helicopter hovered over a stricken cruise ship tilting into the ocean. Passengers were panicking, scrambling about the deck, trying to be saved by the news chopper high above.

Sarah balked at the scale of the ship!

“THAT has to weigh over a Hundred Thousand Tons!”

‘No way can I help out there …

… Can I … ?’

Sarah blasted into her shower room and reached for her gel … this was going to take LOADS more power.

She carressed her body with the gel in the raging heat of the shower …

Hhhhmmm … wonderful …” as she forced the gel powerfully into her arms with a passion, her skin seemed to be absorbing her Energized! Formula now, soaking into her skin.

I’m gonna need all your superstrength today.” she told her slim but oh, so powerful arms as she cupped her swelling breasts.

ener … gize’ she slowly whispered to herself … her fabulous costumed body turned back towards the shower and slammed it off as her head was already turning towards the open window …


Pacific Ocean,

California Coast

“Jim, things are looking really bad there for the Emerald Princess, can you give our viewers an update.”

The constant thunder of the chopper blades forced Jim to shout back into his microphone.

“Well, Angela we have reports of up to three rescue ships making their way to the disaster scene at this very mo …”

“… sorry … hang on … can you get the camera on her from here?”

Sarah floated above the stricken vessel.

How am I gonna manage this?” as she looked down on the massive vessel below her.

She floated down to the front of the stricken cruise ship. Her massive chest was all that a panicking Captain Stevens could focus on in front of him, directly in front of his window. As captain, he was duty-bound to remain on the ship until he was the last remaining crew member to leave … and right now he didn’t want to go anywhere … ‘Well, perharps there!’ as he drank her in.

Turn your engines off!… I’ll try pull you out of here!” she shouted at the astonished captain behind the plate glass window, her hands on her shapely hips.

John cupped his hands to his ear and shook his head. Sarah rolled her eyes and sighed, raising her left hand to her neck in a swinging, cutting motion …

Oh … right you are, miss.” the captain responded.

Sarah floated to the front of the huge craft and tentatively tugged at the steel barrier at the bow. She could feel her body responding to the demands she was asking of her replenished body.

Slowly, gradually she could feel the massive craft edging towards her …

‘It’s working!’ I’m in control here!’


Oh dear … no I’m not …” as she held a large stretch of torn steel barrier uselessly in her hands …

She flew around to the stern as stunned passengers looked on, mouths open agape.

Hi folks.” the raven haired Goddess smiled at them as, eyes closed, she stroked both her powerful hands through her long dark tresses behind her, her massive chest straining against her tight cleavage window. A few nervous passengers, male and female, fainted at the sight of her.

“Ooops! Sorry ‘bout that!… I’ll try get us out of here in a jiffy!”

She pushed against the stern with all her strength, cheeks and chest puffed out.

Passengers crowded to the rear rails to gaze down at Energize’s arms pushing with all their might, her raven-windswept hair flowed back in the rushing breeze as she picked up speed. The passengers own hair above billowed forward in the increasing wind generated by the unbelievable forces below.

This isn’t working” Sarah thought to herself as she could feel the ship being pushed down into the incessant waves …

“Time for Plan B … or Plan GGG of course … as she smiled down at herself. She liked her Plan GGG’s … they tended to work as she re-called her train terminus shunt…

Time to get a little wet!’ as she dove through the swell below, her own Swells pushing out against the now straining redundant propellers. A quarter of a ton of cold steel SNAPPED! off against her resurgent breasts.

The crowd on the deck began to panic! “Where has she gone!… Don’t leave us out here, Energize!”

Sarah’s, strong, powerful strokes took her the centre of the vast underbelly of the hull …

as good a place as any!’ she surmised …

Both her small palms took the massive weight above as she PUSHED with a grimace …

Getting it out of the water would be the hard part …

Come on, Sarah … I can do this’. She let out an extended cry of effort as she willed herself up through the ocean surface !

YESSS” she exclaimed! The passengers high above collapsed to the deck with the sudden upwards surge!

Now for the easy part” as she glanced up into the massive shadow cast over her.

Plain Sailing from here on in for little old me!”

 Bathers on the California beaches below pointed and shouted wildly as a 950 foot long, 113,000 ton cruise liner’s shadow floated through the air above them, held aloft by the busty Energize! She smiled down at them, waving her right hand towards them … she felt the ship begin to slide from her lazy, outstretched left palm, quickly returning her right hand for stability …

“Oooops! No time for showboating, Sarah!” as she headed for dry dock in the port of Los Angeles …


Pasadena, CA.

Monday afternoon

Emma had flown back to her house in the suburbs of Pasadena. School would have to be abandoned for the day, as her thoughts turned to Craig and the glorious SuperSex she had shared with him yesterday morning and afternoon …

He would be finishing his free period workout with his baseball shortly …

hhhhmmm … actually school might be pretty good this afternoon …” as her eyes turned towards her dresser drawer and then her balcony window …

She supersped back to school, coming to a halt high above the playing fields. There was her Craig, going through his throwing technique with Coach McKenzie.

I’ll be waiting for you with MY technique.” she softly whispered to him as she glanced down at the tub of Super Gel in her hand …

Craig’s workout with the ball had been woeful … he couldn’t get the gorgeous Emma out of his stricken thoughts!…

‘What is she doing to me?!!’

Coach McKenzie walked back towards the changing rooms with him a little perplexed …

“What’s up, son?… Girl trouble?”

You could say that, Coach.” Craig sighed, as they headed around the corner to the boy’s changing room door.

Coach McKenzie heard the door SLAM! From the corridor …

“Oh, come on Craig … things can’t be that bad!…” muttered the coach.

Craig hadn’t slammed the door at all … he didn’t see Emma as he walked into the changing room, towel raised up to his face … She gently pushed the heavy cast iron door closed with her indented index finger … the door practically exploded into it’s breach …

Hi Stud … I’ve been waiting for you.” she slowly whispered to him. Her hand slowly moulded the squealing tortured steel of the door handle into the door frame behind her back … ‘time for a little privacy here’, she thought to herself …

Craig dropped his towel as she sexily sashayed towards him …

You … come with me …” she breathed into his ear …

She took his hand and slowly walked towards the showers.

Her open palm slammed into the shower button on the tiled wall, as she sighed to herself, ‘The school showers would have to do … for now.’

She handed the little tub of gel to Craig.

“Do your worst on me …” she whispered breathily into his ear, her large breasts leaning softly against his inferior chest.

She could feel him becoming rock hard against her thighs …

“Ooooh … is that for me, Craig?… why, thankyou.” she purred onto his lips …

Craig nearly exploded!

“Uh uh uh!… we don’t want to spoil all the fun, do we Craig?” She scooped her slim fingers into the tub before her, her emerald gaze fixed on his eyes, as her warm, gel-laden grip reached slowly for his shaft …

The green gel began to work wonders on him … or was it her soft, slow but strong, sexy grip on him as she slid her hand to and fro …

“I’m getting you just right, big boy.” she nuzzled her warm breath into his ear.

He returned the compliment, pushing at her Super Mounds with all his feeble strength … he knew now he couldn’t cause her harm … even there, right before his eyes, as her glorious gel-covered chest began to swell with pleasure.

“Hhhhmmm.” she moaned as she rose up before him, his hands rising with her like magnets on her exploding breasts …

Leaning back now, she slowly rotated in mid-air, leaving him with no option but to slowly run his hands down her curved waist …

“oh … wow!” Emma shuddered.

The bare soles of her feet were firmly implanted against the tiled shower wall now as she teased his gel-covered shaft into her.

ohh my … ohh my … ohh my … OHMY!… OHMY!… OHMY!… YYYEESSSS!” she cried out through the walls into the empty boy’s changing room. In all it’s years at South Pasadena High, the room had never experienced a sight or sounds like this!

Throughout the large twelve-storey adjacent building, staff abruptly stopped their lessons as pupils heads turned towards the gym.

Coach McKenzie ran to the changing room door and rattled the severed steel handle desperately.

“Craig!… Are you ok!… What’s going on in there!”

Rattle!Rattle!Rattle!… ‘Why the hell wasn’t the door opening?’

“Ooops!” giggled Emma “We got a bit carried away there, my little stud, didn’t we?…”

Craig could only see those sexy lips move with no sound … he was a bit confused … and temporarily deafened by her cries of pleasure.

Now, where were we.” she mouthed silently to him …”Oh, yea …” as she reached for her replenished gel …

To be continued …

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