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SENsational – Part IV

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7:39am … .Fort Hanson Visitors Quarters

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The subdued knocking sound quickly elevated to a resonating pounding as Winters beat his fist on the door to Priya’s quarters to no avail. Surmising she was still asleep, Doc thought momentarily for a second or two before checking his watch once again. Winters knew they were under a tight deadline that they needed to adhere to and the fact that he’d have to now wake her up was undoubtedly going to set them back.

“I told her 8 o’clock sharp … Winters mumbled to himself as he reached into his pocket and fumbled with his keys, finally finding the spare key to Priya’s quarters.

Opening the door slowly as not to startle her, Winters poked his head in, expecting to find Priya passed out in her bed. Rather, he was surprised to see Priya lying on her side in bed, her head buried in her iPad, headphones in her ears. Doc logically thought she simply couldn’t hear the knocking with her headphones and since she was lying down facing away from the door, she was still probably oblivious that he was even standing in the same room as her.

“Priya? … PRIYA!”

With no apparent response from the girl, Doc took a few steps gingerly towards Priya, still not wanting to startle her with his sudden presence. As Doc crept closer, the only sound that could be heard was the faint audio from her Beats headphones as she continued to watch the video with a laser-like focus.

“Well, MTV is going to have to wait … Doc murmured quietly as he shook his head slightly in frustration.

“It’s not MTV, Doc!” said Priya nonchalantly

Doc stopped and stared incredulously at Priya who had never turned around. How could she possibly hear me?” he thought to himself as he walked closer and peered over the corner of the tablet to find her fixated on a gymnastics video featuring a young girl in a red leotard doing her floor exercise.

“What are you—”

“It’s McKayla Maroney’s floor routine … 013 P&G Championships … it’s almost over … Priya interjected as she raised her finger, never taking her eyes off the screen. Winters let out an exasperated theatrical sigh. They had a schedule to keep and instead of getting ready she was wasting time watching videos.

“Priya, I was knocking for a good minute outside, couldn’t you hear me?!?” Doc said as he walked around to the front of her bed.

As the video finished, the young girl closed her iPad and smiled innocently at Doc, slipping her headphones off and tossing them on the bed next to her.

“Sorry, Doc, it just that I was—”

“Priya …” Doc interrupted as he quickly noticed Priya was lying atop of a completely made bed that obviously had not been slept in. “… did you get ANY sleep last night?”

Priya grinned playfully and shrugged her shoulders. “Sorry, I was looking at stuff online last night and just kinda lost track of time. It’s just that I got completely engrossed in watching videos. Besides, I feel fine! AMAZING even!”

Priya stretched out her toned arms to the sides, cocking her wrists outwards as sexy tricep muscles flared across her toned, flawless skin. Sensing Doc’s distraction, Priya teasingly brought her hands in front of her and interlocked her fingers, raising her hands over her head while arching her back and thrusting her newly minted chest outward, threatening to burst through her pink cotton sleepshirt. Priya tried not to laugh aloud as her superhuman hearing began to detect Doc’s heartbeat suddenly begin to accelerate. Doc was like family, but Doc was still a guy. She knew the reaction her new body now had on men and she relished that just as much as her other superhuman abilities.

“Ahem … leep is essential, Priya!” Doc stated, trying to compose himself. “You can’t stay up all night watching gymnastics videos. Besides, since when have you ever liked gymnastics

“… since about 5:48am this morning I guess” Priya remarked smiling as she broke her stretch and flopped back down on the bed. She then leaned forward and gently grabbed the metal headboard railing, taking care not to squeeze the metal frame too tightly in her superhuman grip.

Doc could only gasp in amazement as Priya lightly pushed off with her toes and sprung upwards, executing a perfect handstand on her headboard. Holding that for a brief moment, she began to slowly bend her legs behind her in a perfectly executed capoeirista, demonstrating unearthly balance as stayed completely stationary for about 7 seconds before quickly transitioning into a one-handed straddle split. Priya giggled and removed one hand in order to clear the hair from her face, all the while hearing Doc’s heart practically go into turbo mode.

ba-dum … a-dum … a-dum … ba-dum …

Doc could only stare in fascination as he watched Priya perform another superhuman feat in front of him so casually. His eyes darted across her powerful and taut body as he first noticed her left forearm muscle explode like a high-tension cable underneath her perfect mocha skin. Similarly, waves of sleek feminine tricep and bicep muscles pushed to the surface as her arm locked out. Priya’s leg muscles too were engaged as she pointed her toes outward. Her thighs and calves erupted into a series of sweeping curves and definition that would be the envy of any Olympic sprinter. However, despite Priya’s severe degree of flexion and definition, her playful expression never wavered. It was clearly evident that this was requiring little to no effort on Priya’s part which made it even more remarkable.

“Priya … but how do know how to—”

“From watching the videos.”

“I know you’re incredibly strong now but the balance and the skill to do that, I imagine would take years to perfect.”

“Well, it only took me a few minutes” Priya replied

Taking a pen out from his coat pocket, Doc starts to write on a small notepad. “How many times have you practiced that?”


“Really?!?!” Doc asked incredulously as he stood almost hypnotized by Priya’s feat of strength. While anyone would think what she was saying would be impossible, Winters was quickly coming to the realization that Priya was capable of just about anything.

“Now watch this!” Priya said suddenly as she slowly curled her fingers under her flat palm, slowly rising up a few inches as she supported her entire weight – still in a straddle split – on her fingertips. Slowly and methodically, Priya curled up her pinkie, then thumb.

Doc’s eyes widened at the sight of what Priya was doing. Despite the fact he has seen her press a jeep above her head, this was still just seemingly as remarkable. Holding her entire weight now on her three middle fingers, Priya quickly established her equilibrium and then proceeded to curl her middle and ring fingers simultaneously into her tiny hand, leaving her lone index finger supporting her entire weight in an obscene display of balance and unearthly strength.

“And the crowd goes wild!” Priya cheered jokingly while simulating a roaring audience as she held the incredible pose for a brief few seconds. Suddenly, and impossibly, she then pushed off with her lone digit to shoot 3 feet into the air and executed two flawless piked somersaults before landing deftly on two feet with her hands outstretched – just like an Olympic gymnast.

Doc completely caught up in the moment began clapping furiously like a spectator as Priya flashed a perfect smile and playfully thrust out her beautiful chest, revelling in the sensation of what she had just done.

“That is truly remarkable, Priya! And that dismount … I mean to generate that kind of force with a single fing—” Doc never finished as he suddenly spied the metal headboard and walked over to more closely examine it. The cylindrical rail that Priya was balancing had a diameter of about two inches, or at least it did in most parts. Doc rubbed his finger over the portion that Priya has ‘pushed off’ from, noting that the solid steel frame had folded in on itself from the incredible force generated from Priya’s sole index finger.

“Oops! Sorry, I can try and fix that!’ Priya said sheepishly as she spied what she had done. Though she seemed slightly embarrassed, the young supergirl was secretly burning with pride on the inside. She was already super strong and seemingly only getting stronger!

“No need, my dear. So, you never practiced that and have only been watching and studying it since last night?”

“Well, not entirely. I watched that move about 15 minutes ago right before you walked in. The one-fingered thing I kinda improvised. Pretty cool, huh?” Priya asked confidently.

Doc could only shrug and shake his head, slightly confused. “But I thought you said you were watching gymnastics videos all night…”

“I said I was watching videos all night, not just gymnastics. I only started watching gymnastics like 2 hours ago … well more like one hour and fifty six minutes and forty-three seconds ago” Priya stated matter-of-factly before breaking into a smirk She loved how her superhuman brain could keep track of such details like the elapsed time with such precision and such little effort.

“And just watching two hours of gymnastics routines allows you to do THAT?!”

“I know, it’s wild! This is gonna sound weird, but when I really focus on something someone does it’s like it somehow becomes a part of me, like I’ve been doing it all my life. I mean somehow my brain and body somehow figure it all out and all of a sudden I become an immediate expert.”

“Remarkable … Doc mused to himself. “Well, the gymnastics was certainly impressive. Have you tried anything else?”

“Well, I watched a bunch of dance videos and now I can dance just as good as Beyonce. Wanna see?”

“No, that’s ok” Doc retorted as Priya pouted in mock disappointment. “You mentioned you were watching videos all night. If it wasn’t all gymnastics, what were you watching?”

“All kinds stuff. Tutorials on computers, art and even some origami … Oooh, that reminds me … Priya quickly grabbed the paper that Doc was writing and at superhuman speed started folding it … “Here, I made you a grasshopper.” Priya said cheerfully as she held out a perfect origami grasshopper to Doc.

“Yes, it’s lovely, Priya, really. But you are so hyped up and need to slow down! You say you don’t need rest, but I’m cancelling your schedule for this morning and confining you to bedrest at least for a few hours. Then we have some important people to meet this afternoon.”

“But Doc, I’m perfectly fine!”

“Rest, Priya!” Doc commanded. “We want you at your very best this afternoon so get some rest and then we can all bask in our success. Like Napoleon once said ‘Laissez-la dormir , quand elle se réveille , elle va secouer le monde’.”

“Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world,” Priya responded instantly. “I like that. Nicely put!”

Taking a moment to stare quizzically at her, Doc asked, “Priya, was learning French one of the videos as well?”

“Oui. J'ai trouvé un méthode sur le web de quinze heurs de français de la conversation. Il ne me fallais pas beaucoup de temps parce que je l'ai vu en avance rapide. Je çrois que j'ai bien appris le vocabulaire mais mon accent a besoin d'un peu de travail.” [Translation: Yes. I found a 15 hour tutorial online for conversational French. It didn't take me long since I fast forwarded through it. I think I've pretty much mastered vocabulary but my accent needs work though.]

Doc could only shake his head in disbelief as he mumbled practically inaudibly. “Unbelievable!”

“Aren’t I though?” Priya snickered as she brashly sauntered over and flopped back down on her bed as she began to slip her Beats earbuds from her iPad back on.

“No, Priya!” Doc scolded, shaking his head.

“Awww, c’mon! I’m not tired in the least!” Priya pouted.

“Rest means rest. No surfing the web!” Doc said as he held his hand out toward her.

“You’re no fun! Fine!” Priya snorted, passing the iPad and headphones over to Doc.

“Now, I’ll be back at noon, and then we’re gonna go over to the airplane hanger for some self-defense training.” Doc said as he made his way to the door.

“Self-defense? What’s the point when I can lift a Hummer like a beach ball!”

Stopping briefly in the doorjamb, Doc turned to Priya, “You know, it’s not all about strength, my dear. Self-defense training helps instill discipline and confidence as well. Now get some rest.”

As Winters shut the door, Priya sighed and gazed on the bent metal headboard. Leaning over, she wrapped her tiny fingers around the compressed frame and gently began to rework and remold the solid metal in her fingers like it was made of play-doh.

“Confidence? Not a real problem anymore, Doc … Priya said to no one in particular as she gently wrapped her hand around one of the decorative metal bulbs that adorned her headboard. With not so much as a flick of her wrist, she tore the solid sphere from the headboard and poked her thumb in it, the solid steel relenting like play-doh. Taking it in both her hands, she twisted it amongst the muffled metallic groans of the steel, shaping it with unbelievable speed into a makeshift origami flower in a matter of seconds. Parting her hair from her left ear, she gently placed it above where it perfectly sat as she walked over to the mirror to see her flawless reflection. Priya smiled and sighed contentedly, beginning to grasp the scope of how awesome she was now.

12:31pm … outside Fort Hanson

Airplane Hanger C

“Priya, I’d like you to meet General Wade. General Wade is the commanding officer on the base and also the head of the S.A.M. Project. General, this is Priya Sen.”

“I’ve been hearing some promising things from Winter’s about you, young lady. It was a terrible thing getting into that accident, but if half of what he’s reporting is true, I guess we can find some silver lining in all that!” Wade said half-jokingly as he found himself staring at the radiant Priya Sen.

Priya smiled merely for appearances as she thought back to the accident and how Gardiner had been killed. She felt guilty that the same incident made her sensational also was the same accident that took Gardiner’s life. “And now, this blowhard General was making light of it?!?” she thought to herself as she rolled her eyes.

Sensing the immediate tension from the General’s remark, Winters tried to diffuse the situation as he put his arm around Priya’s shoulder. “The General is very excited to see your skills in action for the first time, Priya. “ Not garnering any response from Priya, Winters continued “And I think she is itching to show you what she can do as well, General.”

Priya purposefully cocked her head at Winters and gave a disinterested fake smile. She then looked at the General and signed her response.

Winters looked nervously at the General who exchanged a glance with him. “You never told me she was … mute, Winters,” the General asked. He caught himself from mistakenly saying ‘beautiful’.

“I’ll explain everything later, General. It’s complicated. But let’s go now, “ Winters stammered as he motioned for the General to follow Priya in the hanger ahead of him.

As Priya, Winters and the General walked into the airplane hanger, she quickly spied an elevated mat in the center with about fifteen soldiers standing around it and cheering on the two fighters who were battling. In took all of 3 seconds to recognize, even from fifty yards away, one of the men on the mat – that arrogant asshole from the football field the previous day!

As if rewinding a movie, Priya went back in her memory and re-lived everything she did in reverse to that day in her head before replaying it again her head as she walked, her ire beginning to bubble to the surface as she subconsciously clenched her fists tightly, recalling the name he called her – Curry Barbie.


“What the hell?!?” Wade blurted out as he and Winters staggered momentarily from the inadvertent and incredibly loud sound of Priya’s knuckles cracking. Even the soldiers surrounding the mat quickly swiveled their heads at what sounded like a series of small muffled gunshots.

The young Indian girl blinked a few times to regain her bearings and then smiled sheepishly as if to say “Oops!” As they continued to walk, Priya’s smile turned to a mischievous grin as watched the two men fight, an idea beginning to formulate in her pretty head.

“HOO-YAH!” yelled the corporal as he unleashed a ferocious overhand right, laying out his opponent with a dull thud of the mat.

“Hooyah! Hoo-yah! Hooyahhhhhh!” The surrounding fighters cheered as the corporal raised his hands in victory, soaking up the adulation of his peers.

Priya rolled her eyes at the almost critical levels of testosterone inside the airplane hanger at this point as the General leaned over and subtly pointed towards the mat “He’s going to be your combat instructor, Priya.”

“Him?” Priya groaned at the thought.

“He’s one of the best we have and can show you a thing or two.” Wade spoke as he nodded to the Staff Sergeant.

“Hargrove! Simmons! Kujeck! Let’s go!” The Staff Sergeant bellowed as three young soldiers quickly hopped up on the mat and began circling the corporal in the middle like a pack of lions.

“Anytime you’re ready, ladies … taunted the super-confident fighter in the middle as he peered on his three attackers like a predator, almost inviting them to strike.

As the first man, Kujeck, chose his window of opportunity, he lurched forward with a series of strikes which the corporal deflected with surprising speed. Similarly, a spinning kick from the attacker drew only still air as the corporal ducked and swept Kujack’s leg, sending him tumbling to the mat before he sprang back up into his ready position circling the corporal once again with the two others.

The Staff Sergeant simply smiled in delight at the thwarted attack as he leaned over to Priya and General Wade. “He’s just toying with them. Now watch this!”

Priya simply nodded, not taking her gaze off the combat arena. It was obvious to any onlooker, her included, that the corporal was very skilled in combat. Priya's gorgeous brown eyes focused on the action intently with unparalleled concentration and otherworldly detail. Wade had said that he wanted her to watch and it seemed to him that she was doing just that. But inside Priya's superhuman brain, the process of watching became so much more. She observed each move in remarkable detail, seeing with a fantastic degree of clarity.

Right hand strike. Left hand strike. Right hand strike. Left elbow….

Her incredible memory absorbed everything she saw, cataloging every action, identifying the different types of movement and the individual techniques in use, storing and processing. Learning.

Left jab. Left jab. Right to the body. Left leg kick. Left leg kick …

Simultaneously, Priya began to more closely study the young corporals movements as hundreds of thousands of neural pathways in her wonderful brain lit up like a Christmas tree shuffling data back and forth at lightspeed. Analyzing. In a matter of moments, she had already worked out the theory of his fighting style. Next, she turned her attention to study the precise ways his body functioned in relation to that theory, her deep brown eyes observing every detail with the accuracy and precision of a high-orbital spy satellite.

Right arm drops 3.51 inches when throwing left jab. Extends left foot by 6.73 inches when throwing right overhand. Overhand right punch speed of 25.1 miles per hour …

Another few seconds and she was able to almost anticipate his next move even before he began to make it himself. With little conscious effort, she was starting to calculate how to counter him.

Parry left. Feint right. C-step left. Dodge low. Block. Block. C-step right …

As the fight carried on, Priya’s smiled, knowing her super senses and photographic memory were absorbing everything – just like when she watched the YouTube videos. . She could feel it! In the course of a few minutes, Priya knew she was already one of the most skilled martial artists on the base. Her luscious lips curled into a sexy grin as she bit her bottom lip, quickly realizing that she could now add “martial arts super badass” to her growing list of superhuman abilities.

In the ring, three against one became two against one and then quickly one-on-one as the young corporal dispatched his foes with a flurry of impressive kicks and punches. As a clearly exhausted Private Hargrove, the lone remaining fighter, advanced with an attempted overhand right, he was rewarded only with the sound of his fist being blocked as Horton locked on with his other arm “‘Night, BITCH!” as he executed a forceful scissor throw that knocks Hargrove to the mat emphatically.


The corporal stood amidst the bodies of his vanquished opponents and ripped out his mouthguard, letting out a primal scream to the onlooking audience who erupted in responsive celebration for their base champion.

Amidst the hoopla, Wade tapped on the Staff Sergeant’s shoulder and nodded, as he looked over at Priya and motioned her to come over.

“Horton! “

The young victor quickly snapped out of his revelry and quickly hopped down from the mat and quickly ran over to the Staff Sergeant and General, coming to a halt with a military salute. “Yes, Staff Sergeant!”

“At ease, Corporal!” spoke Staff Sergeant Briggs as he made the introductions. “Corporal, this is General Wade. General … orporal Michael Horton here is one of our finest combat fighters on the base. I handpicked him to help with your requested project”

“Fine work, son! Impressive display you put on!” General Wade gushed.

“Thank you, SIR!”

“And Corporal, this is Ms. Pri-uh Sen … “ Staff Sergeant Briggs interjected. “I’m sorry did I pronounce your name right?”

“It’s actually Pree-yuh!”

“My apologies, ma’am. Corporal, Ms. Sen is in the need here for some combat training. And you are gonna turn her into a deadly weapon. Is that understood?”

With a face that fully read you can’t be serious he replies “Yes, Staff Sergeant!”

Priya couldn’t help but smile at the words chosen by the Staff Sergeant. “Deadly weapon?!? I’m practically a weapon of mass destruction already!” thought the young supergirl.

“Ms Sen, allow me the introductions. This is Corporal Horton, one of our very best.”

“We’ve met …” Priya said with a hint of disgust dripping from her voice as she spied the corporal smirk at her, his face awash with arrogance. “… from the football field. You remember, right?” she chided at him as she mockingly raised her eyebrow, trying to get under his skin.

“Well then, good! You’ve apparently met! What we’d like to do to start off is have Corporal Horton here go through a series of basic hand to hand maneuvers---”

“Or we can spar right now!” Priya interrupted boldly.

Horton folded his arms and just snorted at the ridiculousness of her suggestion. It was his turn now to roll his eyes.

“Corporal!” shouted Staff Sergeant Briggs, obviously calling out Horton’s disrespect.

“Priya, I don’t think that it’s wise. I think we need to ease into this portion of the training,” Winters said, finally speaking up and glancing at Priya who turned to give him a look of complete assuredness. To Winters, the look was misinterpreted as one to assure him she wouldn’t get her. However, to Priya, she was assuring him the she would take it easy on him.

“Ms. Sen, I have to agree with Corporal Horton. This isn’t some stunt work in the movies, it’s real fighting and even if he holds back, you could still get hurt”

“Hold back?” Priya queried confidently. “Why would he hold back?”

“Because … you’re … a … newcomer, and he has much more experience for one,” said Briggs, trying to be pragmatic, yet diplomatic at the same time.

“… and you’re a girl!” Horton blurted.

There it was! Almost instantaneously, Priya felt the superhuman blood coursing through her veins begin to simmer as she heard the misogynistic comment. A couple of minutes before, she wanted to fight him, but now she HAD to fight him. She needed to not just beat this neanderthal but to hopelessly embarrass him in front of his testosterone-fueled minions.

“A girl?!? Well, wasn’t it this same girl that made you look like a total CHUMP on the football field earlier?” While the newly improved Priya was brimming with confidence, it was clearly evident that trash-talking was not one of her newly acquired superpowers. Still, it seemed to do the trick as the burly corporal‘s arrogant smirk morphed quickly into a scowl as she stared at Priya trying to intimidate her.

“Then it’s settled!” Wade remarked as he clapped his hands. Only wanting to keep the bar moving forward, this was merely an acceleration of his timetable.

“Priya, be careful!” Winters said quietly as Priya stepped forward and began slipping off her outerwear. It was under his breath, but he knew she could hear him. Glancing back at Doc, she gave a reassuring smile which looked more like a predatory grin.

As she leaned over and began slipping off her sweatpants to reveal her traffic-stopping legs, Horton came up behind her and whispered to her.

“I’m gonna enjoy this. You … mm … not so much!”

Priya remained silent and supremely confident in her abilities as she finally manipulated her left foot out of her sweatpant leg and leapt up to the 3 foot high mat with incredible grace and litheness.

The surrounding soldiers erupted in a series of cheers and whistles, some to cheer on their comrade and some in response to seeing this hardbodied supermodel wearing only a tiny pair of army-issued shorts and a tan-colored tank-top that hugged her monstrous curves like a second skin.

It looked comical to the casual observer. On one side was the diminutive young Indian girl who, despite clearly showing impressive muscle definition, still stood only 5’2” and could weigh only 110 lbs soaking wet. Meanwhile, across from her, Corporal Horton stood shirtless with his massive, ripped upper body standing 6’3” and weighing more than double that of his opponent.

As they both waited for the signal, Priya stood with a Mona Lisa smile, relishing in the embarrassment she had carefully formulated while her super multi-tasking senses listened to the crowd.

“C’mon, Mike!”

“Let’s go, Mikey!

“This is gonna be good!”

“She’s so fuckin’ hot, man!”

“This is gonna be a fucking trainwreck!”

“Yep, a fucking train-wreck!” Priya mused to herself as she heard the comment. It was gonna be a complete train wreck. She was the 5’2” one-hundred six pound sexy locomotive and that asshole was some piece of crap broken down on the tracks. She just stood there with her arms folded casually with an impish smile etched across her face, supremely confident that she would completely obliterate this challenge like all the others that she had encountered the past few days …

On Briggs’s order to begin, Horton quickly came to the realization that he was now squaring up to spar with a woman nearly half his size, albeit a woman with an incredibly toned physique. Alpha male or not, the young Corporal simply did not recognize this civilian as any type of threat and began with a half-hearted attempt to grab Priya to which she easily took a step back, evading his grasp. Another equally inept attempt by Horton was made with the same result as Priya deftly C-stepped to the right, flashing a mischievous grin. The fact that Priya had not even bothered to unfold her arms only amplified the piteousness of Horton’s attempted attacks.

Impatiently feeling the need to actually witness some type of combat, Wade turned and scowled at Staff Sergeant Briggs. “Corporal, quit dicking around, that’s an ORDER!” Briggs quickly balked at the Corporal.

Smiling with her arms still folded, Priya chided “Yeah Corporal, whatcha waiting for? You don’t wanna be embarrassed in front of everyone do you?”

As Horton stepped back and steeled himself, the crowd began to whoop and holler, restless for some action. Taking two steps forward, Corporal Horton threw an open, right-handed strike to Priya’s face which prompted her to unfold her arms finally and take a short hop back, easily evading the blow. Horton followed again with a straight left jab, to which she leaned her body to the left as the strike contacted nothing but still air.

Upon his last attempted strike, Horton stepped back to regain his bearings. At that point, Horton had been unable to even touch her with his four attempted attacks. Looking around quickly, he noticed his fellow soldiers’ looks of admiration start to turn to suspicion, the ringing cheers morphing slowly into controlled whispers. Gazing at Priya, as beautiful as she was, he did not want to be made a fool in front of everyone. “Fuck it!” Horton said to himself as he decided right then and there, girl or not, that he was gonna treat his diminutive opponent mercilessly like any other adversary.

Approaching with a primal grunt, Horton proceeded with a left jab and right cross which prompted Priya to sway her upper torso to the right and then the left with the speed of a cobra. With no hesitation, Horton feinted with his right fist and then whipped his left leg violently towards Priya’s shapely right thigh in an attempted executed shin strike. The impressive velocity of Horton’s shin kick, however, was overmatched by the sheer incredibleness of Priya Sen, as the young supergirl simply hopped upwards, propelling her lithe body off the mat like a rocket and tumbling into a side somersault and easily evading the arc of Horton’s kick.

As Priya’s feet landed back on the mat with a muffled thud, she turned to see Horton staggering off-balanced from his attempted shin kick. Sen purposefully placed her hands on her knees as she leaned forward in a classic cheesecake pin-up pose, playing to the amazed look of the crowd. Almost instantly, her playfulness was reciprocated with wolf whistles and cheers from the soldiers.

Turning her attention back to her confused opponent, Priya took two steps towards the Horton and placed her hands on her hips. “So Mike, when does the training start?” Priya goaded as Horton could now hear the sound of the crowd once again cheering – for HER.

Rushing towards her, Horton again lunged for the young girl, but he found himself horribly outmatched by Priya’s superhuman reaction time and reflexes. Amidst the amazed cheers of the crowd, Priya’s gracefully pressed down on the balls of her feet and exploded into the air like a firecracker ahead of Horton’s attack. More amazingly, Priya executed a perfect toe-touch split in mid air above her charging attacker Mike’s out-of-control momentum propelled him three feet forward where he hit the mat with a thud. In the meantime, Priya seemed to defy gravity as she sailed over him and executed a piked double front somersault. There was a collective gasp from the crowd as Priya’s sexy body rotated in the air with uncanny grace and velocity before sticking a perfect landing on the mat with almost no sound.

Once again, Priya could not help but to play to the now-raucous crowd of soldiers as she raised her hands and stuck her glorious chest forward just like an Olympic gymnast after completing a perfect 10 on the vault. Priya beamed a smile, starting to believe full well now that, if she wanted, she could win every gold medal at the Olympics in gymnastics.

As Horton’s muscular body lay flat on the mat, his mind was trying to wrap itself around what was happening. The only conclusion he could come with was that somehow they had drugged him with some chemical that had affected his reflexes and fighting ability. That was surely the only way this female could be making him look so foolish. Shaking his head purposefully, Horton tried his best to clear his brain and free it from the imaginary effects of the non-existent hallucinogen that they had given him. Pushing himself off the mat, he could hear the crowd – his peers – actually cheering her on.

Across the length of the mat, Priya was still playing to the crowd, soaking up the adulation as her opponent slowly rose off the floor. Horton wasn’t physically hurt but he was scarred from head to toe from his embarrassing performance up to this point. Priya could sense the brash soldier’s spirit beginning to wither away as she had so calculatingly planned in her head. She knew that she could probably – no, definitely – end this fight anytime she wanted to, but this was so much more pleasurable … atching this bully suffer through the embarrassment in the eyes of his peers and his superiors. “The only thing sweeter … Priya mused to herself, “… would be to make him suffer even more!” While the old Priya Sen would never have entertained such a cruel, almost sadistic thought, the new Priya 2.0 had so such reservations. As long as she was this awesome, she would not be intimidated or bullied by anyone, ever again. And of course, Priya couldn’t resist the urge to twist the proverbial knife sticking out of Horton.

“Hmmmm … let’s see … ot that good in football, not that good in fighting. Maybe you should take up something us GIRLS are good at like sewing … I’m a size 2 Mike in case you wanted to make me something” Priya teased, this time speaking loudly enough to insure that everyone could hear her. As Priya’s taunt elicited a series of chuckles and “oooooh”s from the crowd, Horton’s face flushed red – half from embarrassment, half from rage.

Horton spun a quick glance at his Staff Sergeant as if to ask permission which prompted a discreet nod from Briggs. His lips curling into a cruel smirk, the Corporal nodded reassuringly to Priya as he spoke, “Ok … afeties off now, bitch!” With his threat, Horton charged furiously like a man possessed. While he previously – both consciously and subconsciously – had been holding back, with the array of impressive punches and kicks being thrown, it was clear to everyone watching that Horton was now fully invested in destroying this woman. Horton’s previous single strikes were now replaced with deadly combinations and flurries of kicks and punches – and it made no difference whatsoever!

<duck … ide-step … turn head left … step back … hop left … >

Priya could barely contain her laughter as she watched Horton fruitlessly attempt to strike her with repeated punches and kicks. After watching Horton fight moments earlier, Priya’s superhuman-level intellect had broken down and analyzed Horton’s fighting style and tendencies to where she could see each blow coming almost before he actually threw it.

<head left … head left … -step … hop … hop … duck … >

And it wasn’t even like she needed to process and anticipate all those tendencies! With her super enhanced senses and reaction time, it was comically easy to wait till the very last nanosecond before dodging the blow. It was all so laughably easy for her!

<duck … step back … head right …

“To hell with winning the gold in gymnastics …” Priya mused to herself as she continued to effortlessly dodge blow after blow.

<step back … hop left … .C-step … .head right …

… could win at just about everything! I’m fucking awesome!” Priya surmised, her superhuman confidence swelling even greater with every passing second. She felt like a cross between Bruce Lee and a Sports Illustrated cover girl, and it excited her to no end to know that she had more power in her little finger than her opponent had in his whole body. She could have put him out of his misery faster than she could say “S.A.M.” but she couldn’t resist showing off even more. As Horton’s attacks raged on, Priya’s elusive maneuvers became even more spectacular, integrating compound gymnastics moves along with all her other elusive movements.

<duck … tanding side oversplit … cartwheel into handstand split … somersault back … >

As Horton saw her flip backwards, he charged quickly and attempted a spinning roundhouse kick right as Priya landed and stood back up. Priya grinned and marvelled at how slow Horton’s kick looked to her with her super senses – almost as if she was watching a slow-motion video. The young Indian ubergirl simply kept her feet planted, bridging backwards at her knees in an obscene display of flexibility, balance and acrobatics that drew a collective gasp from the crowd. Springing back upright, Priya gazed at her exasperated and nearly exhausted opponent.

“Saw that in The Matrix last night.” was all Priya said matter-of-factly, as Mike breathed heavily across from her, hands on his knees. Despite her calm exterior, Priya felt like she was going to explode with joy on the inside. Supermodel looks along with superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes seemed too good to be true. But now she now knew with a shadow of a doubt that she possessed the ability to perfectly mimic any physical skill by just watching it. Anything that could be watched and learned, Priya Sen could master in minutes rather than years. “This new me … what I can do … o incredible … Priya mused to herself as she traced her hands up her sexy hips and rested them on the small of her back. She looked across the mat at her opponent once again. He looked far from happy.

Conversely, General Wade couldn’t be more pleased at the demonstration. According to Winters reports, the “subject” had never been much of an athlete, and certainly not a fighter. But the young woman in the ring looked like someone who had been rigorously training in fighting disciplines her whole life. Wade could not believe someone so tiny could make one of his best combat fighters look like a complete newbie. Her speed and reflexes were remarkable, and she was so beautiful….

It was almost another type of superpower that this young girl possessed – the ability to overwhelm men with her heart-stopping good lucks. From her flawless face which looked like it had graced the cover of a thousand glamour magazines to her body which looked like it was crafted by a master sculptor, Priya Sen was now a twenty on a scale of 1 to ten. Men were simply mesmerized at the sight of watching her. Distracted. Less efficient while Priya was so much more.

Wade squirmed as he watched the young dynamo move effortlessly with the grace and speed of a cobra. He stared as her leg muscles pulsed so sexily with every hop, every jump, every vault. He marvelled at her incredible chest, tucked tightly underneath that tank top that formed around them like a second skin. He felt himself begin to sweat as Priya performed a double tumbling backflip and landed only two meters away in front him, those army-issue shorts hugging her impossibly-firm butt which protruded out like an apple made of steel. Wade was momentarily startled out of his trance as Priya momentarily gave a half turn of her head and winked at the him, almost as if he had sensed him staring at her. “Had she seen me? How?” Wade gulped as he mused to himself. He was distracted. Less efficient.

To combat her suspicions, Wade turned his head and took a glance at Winters, who somehow seemed almost immune to Priya’s “spell” and could immediately sense his nervousness. And it was not because of the possible injury to the subject, but rather to her test combatant. It was at that moment that he regained his bearings and switched from general fan back to General Wade. He knew Winters’s reports about her being more than just agility and speed and wanted to see more. He wanted to see the full power of this juggernaut that military science has created.

“Corporal!!” Wade shouted as Horton, nearly beaten and exhausted snapped to attention. The rest of the crowd suddenly got quiet, as it was highly uncharacteristic for the General to directly address one of them.

Horton steeled himself at the sound of the General’s bark. Nothing more was said, nothing more had to be said. He was a fucking Ranger!

Clenching his fists as if to summon a vast reserve of vitality that he had held back, Horton could almost feel his adrenaline level surge, fueling him with newfound strength and speed. He felt incredibly rejuvenated. Sadly and unknowingly for him, he was still laughably overmatched as he rushed at her one last time. Priya’s internal clock and incredible sensory perception formulated and analyzed Mike’s movements for her like a scrolling stock market ticker.

<8.54 meters away … approaching at 3.258 meters per sec …

Priya’s senses familiarly kicked into overdrive as if they somehow mind raced through the myriad of permutations of moves and countermoves in nanoseconds. To her supercomputer-like brain though, it was if she casually she was flipping through a tabloid in the supermarket checkout line.

<5.88 meters away … approaching at 4.008 meters per sec …

“Perfect …” Priya thought to herself as she selected her next move almost instantaneous after thinking about it. Such was the astounding speed and mulit-tasking capabilities of her thought and analytic processes now.

<4.92 meters away … approaching at 3.561 meters per sec …

Priya felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up in anticipation as she stood motionless, simply waiting for the right moment to act.

<3.95 meters away … approaching at 3.455 meters per sec …


The mental timer in Priya’s head hit zero as the Indian supergirl sprung in action simultaneously. Seeing Horton dispatch his opponent only minutes before with his “Night, Bitch!” flying scissor throw, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to dispatch him with the same move – with a little Super Priya flair thrown in. Lightly springing off the balls of her superpowerful feet, Priya leapt a good six feet straight in the air and executed a perfect jumping split as Horton’s momentum continued to carry him towards her. As gravity eventually took ahold of her – she wasn’t THAT powerful – she descended into the path of the onrushing Corporal. In the blink of an eye, her beautiful tan legs, outstretched in a split position only a moment before, moved at superspeed as her body contorted in the air. To the General, Winters, and everyone watching, Priya’s body looked like nothing but a sexy blurred image for a second as her left leg shot behind Horton’s legs like a piston while Priya’s right leg wrapped around and caught across Horton’s abdomen. Priya grinned as she theatrically raised her arms throwing up the “rockstar” hand signs as she throw her hips over at superspeed, taking care to use only a small fraction of her superstrength. A small fraction was all she needed.


Even with a mere fraction of Priya’s incredible strength and speed, the simple jujitsu throw – became a savage finishing move as Horton hit the mat with impressive force. Priya’s right leg drove down violently on Horton’s diaphragm like a shapely sledgehammer, forcing the air out his lungs momentarily. As Horton writhed on the ground for air, Priya casually unwound herself from him and stood to the roar and whistles of the soldiers in attendance. Priya smiled and revelled in the attention, her superhearing soaking up all the individual conversations of the crowd.


“You fucking see that?”

“Holy shat! I’ve never seen anyone move so fucking fast!”

Distracted by the crowd and their conversations – even Priya’s multi-threaded brain had its limits – Priya did not even recognize Horton grovelling on the ground as he slowly regained his senses. And his breathing.

Scanning her brown eyes across the admiring crowd, Priya smiled at winked at Winters who had that all-too-familiar disapproving look on his face. Winters sighed in frustration, but was still relieved that Priya kept her the extent of her superhuman abilities under somewhat reasonable control and that no one – no one being Corporal Horton – was hurt significantly. He held up a finger as if to say “hold on” as he began to move through the crowd and make his way ringside.

Horton shook his head, still trying to piece together what exactly had happened in that last sequence. He had never seen anyone move so fast in his life, and he had certainly had never seen or felt a scissor throw like THAT! He rubbed his hand over his chiseled abdomen which felt like it got hit with a wrecking ball. And did she do a split?!? What the fuck?

“Man, Horton was her bitch!” said someone in the midst of the crowd which was a like a lightning bolt of rage that crashed into Horton. Embarrassed and his pride ripped to shreds, he thought about jumping into the audience and pummeling whoever said it, but instead looked to the side and directed his rage at the one who did this to him – Priya.

As Doc finally meandered his way near the edge of the mat, as Priya looked down at him and placed her hands deliberately on her hips as she smiled proudly …

“So, Doc, how did I—”


Doc saw it out of the corner of his eye, but couldn’t react fast enough as Horton approached Priya in her blind spot and struck her in the face with a vicious close-fisted overhand right.

As Priya’s head rolled forward slightly from the blow, her black hair flopped over her face, momentarily hiding it from view. Unseen by everyone, Priya’s beautiful brown eyes widened, a wrathful scowl quickly washing over her face as quiet rivers of super-enhanced blood coursing through her veins turned into rage-filled class 5 rapids. Normally, Priya could have dodged the blow so easily, so easy in fact that Priya became even madder at herself for being distracted. Lost in her immediate thought process was that she was still standing after taking the punch to the face from a man twice her size. No, she wasn’t hurt, but she was pissed!

Anger seething inside her, Priya lashed out without thought of consequences or remorse. Her right arm shot forward like a tan skinned lightning bolt and grabbed Horton by the throat at breakneck speed, all-in-all a sheer miracle that she didn’t turn Horton’s larynx into ground hamburger in the process. Her speed and control was incomprehensible. But she was also strong – super strong! Lifting him 5 inches off the ground in one smooth motion with no more effort than lifting a pebble, Horton’s eyes widened in fear and disbelief as their eyes locked for a split second. His strong hands quickly pried at her tiny fingers in vain, her grip stronger than steel.

“Priya!” Doc shouted clearly amongst the gasps of the crowd, as Priya swung her disheveled head towards her mentor as acknowledgment before turning it back to her assailant. Simply knowing that she was so superior to him, knowing that she could kill him with one tiny squeeze of her hand should have been enough for Priya … but it wasn’t.

“Night, bitch!” Priya mouthed to the Corporal as she could hear the delightful sound of his heart racing in fear. In one single motion, Priya chucked Horton like she was tossing away a crumbled piece of paper. Her throwing motion, fueled by her S.A.M.-induced superstrength launched Horton’s two-hundred and forty pound body off the mat like a missile, soaring over 30 feet before crashing to the hard cement hangar floor.

As some of the soldiers rushed over to tend to the Corporal, the rest of the audience simply sat there motionless, an eerie silence sweeping through the airplane hangar like a blast of hot desert air. Priya quickly raised her hand to her face where she had been struck and quickly hopped down from the mat. As walked out of airplane hangar, her hand and errant strands of her beautiful hair still covering her face, she ignored the various shouts behind her.

“Priya!!” Doc shouted as he took off after her, futilely trying to catch her. Priya kept her head down, her hand resting over her cheek where she had been struck. Silently unseen by anyone, she smiled like a cat that ate the canary and simply kept walking to the frustration of Winters. Priya rubbed her cheek as a reminder, quickly surmising she had a few “tests” of her own to now conduct.

“Priya! Slow down! Are you ok?!” Doc continued to shout.

She was fine. In fact, to her glorious surprise, she hadn’t even felt a thing!

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