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LaPorte Caves – Chapter 4

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Julia and Howard took a wrong turn in a Kentucky cave and tumbled out into world of amazon women. They tried to return home – and failed. Now, they have realized that the only way to get back is to secure the help of the very women they are trying to leave behind.


This story contains adult sexual content. If you are not of age to read this stuff, don’t. No resemblance between these characters and real people on Earth is implied or intended.


“Not today, and not tomorrow either,” Ruth replied as her husband served her another six-egg omelette, “I promised the family I would take them to the beach for the long weekend.”

“A beach trip?” Julia pressed. “That takes precedence over getting us home?”

“Julia!” Howard put a cautionary hand on his shoulder. “It’s not as if we’d be ready, anyway. We need time to study the maps, figure out an entrance with a better chance of getting us back where we started.”

Julia silently fumed. A silence settled on the table. Her attention became lost in the billows of hot steam that rose off the hash browns.

Eventually, Ruth spoke. “Perhaps you’d like to come to the beach with us for the long weekend? Relax a little bit before crawling through those dirty caves again?”

“The beach is fun!” Becky, announced, before inserting her nose into her glass of Pre-Nourishment.

“You’re very kind.” Julia’s diction was slow as she forced the courtesy back into her voice. “And you’ve been very generous with us. But I believe you can understand how critical it is that we discover the route home-- how distressing it is to be trapped in a foreign world.”

Ruth’s eyes were sympathetic. “I can certainly understand how strange it must be for you in particular, to grow up in an environment where men are stronger than women – and then to come here. The best I can do is make you comfortable for whatever time you are with us.” Ruth turned to Howard. “Our beach house has plenty of room. And it has internet access: perhaps you can study up on the caves – whatever information has been published in our society – to find a better route home.”

Howard nodded. “That sounds like a good plan to me.”

“Who cares what YOU think?” It was their little girl, Becky. “You’re a GUY.”

“That’s enough, Becky,” Ruth chided. “But Becky is right. As the woman in the couple, it’s her decision.”

All eyes turned to Julia. “The beach does sound like fun … But all the women there – will they all look like you?”

“Well, some might have blond hair. Or black. Or maybe a different skin color. Some might be a little bit taller, or a little bit shorter.”

“How short?”

“I don’t know. Six-four, maybe?” Ruth replied.

“And not an inch of flab to be found anywhere?”

“What’s FLAB, Mom?” Becky interjected.

“It’s something that men have, honey.”

Julia’s heart sank downward toward her flabby thighs. How could she don a bathing suit and walk around half naked next to these models of physical perfection?

Her gaze wandered the table. Becky was absently twirling a butter knife around her pinky finger, warping the stainless steel with remorseless power.

Ruth sighed. “Becky, do not play with your utensils. They’re for eating, not for fiddling. And I’m tired of straightening them out.”

Steel is nothing to the girl, Julia realized. So damn powerful. She watched Ruth’s powerful arms scoop another pound of hash browns out of the serving bowl. What would it be like to walk down a dark alley and never fear for my safety? What would it be like to eat a huge fatty breakfast with abandon – as Ruth and her daughters were apparently doing now – and know that the extra pounds would be pure muscle? They get all that not from a costly medical procedure, and not from endless hours of training, but from something they can buy in the grocery store. Her eyes found their way to the refrigerator in the kitchen.

“I’m not going to the beach,” Julia announced, sullen. “It would be humiliating. But Howard, you should go. It will be easier to do the cave research there, since you’ll need help translating whatever you find on the internet.” The written language of this foreign land had proved indecipherable to both of them.

“That sounds fine to me,” Ruth agreed. “Mindy will be around the house for a few hours this morning practicing for her recital next month. Just let her know if you need anything. I hope you find the downtime … rejuvenating.”

Rejuvenating. That was an interesting word choice, Julia thought.

Ruth appraised Julia with a glint in her eye. “And of course, our house is your house, Julia. Feel free to help yourself to anything in the fridge.”


The sound of bright, elegant music tumbled down the stairs and filled bedroom where Julia lay. Whatever instrument Mindy was playing, its sound was unfamiliar. Individual notes sounded like a flute or a clarinet, but Mindy was somehow producing entire chords, a three or more notes at once, at dizzying speed. The sound was simply beautiful, even when heard through the pillow that Julia had stuffed over her unhappy head.

“How could he be attracted to them?” Julia growled into the bedding. “They’re huge. Sure they’ve got curves. But those arms, those legs! And they’re taller than he is. What man could like that?”

The music continued to torture her with its excruciating beauty.

“It doesn’t matter,” Julia screamed. “I’m happy the way I am. I’m happy with who I am. I don’t need to be someone else!” As if to punctuate the point, she hurled the pillow across the room.

But that only opened her ears all the more to the intricate music that flooded the house. Fifteen years of playing the violin, and Julia had never produced a sound so elegant.

“Maybe I could drink just a little. It would help me slim down and tone up a bit, like I did in the woods.”

The music climbed the scale in an optimistic arpeggio.

“But, no, I can’t. Sixteen times the addictiveness of heroin, the warning label says. I wouldn’t stop drinking until I was huge and totally hooked on the stuff.”

The music answered with carefree notes.

“And once I’m hooked on the stuff, I could never go home, ever. I wouldn’t be able to fit in a car or sit in a normal chair. I’d be a freak. My family would see me and start sobbing. And there’s no supply of Nourishment at home; I would wind up in withdrawal, and rehab, or worse … No, I could never allow that to happen.”

The music danced with blithe indifference through its upper octaves.

“I need to get out of bed. I need to get up and face this world. Face the world as myself, Julia, a normal, un-Nourished woman.”

Get up Julia did. Donning the same shirt and jeans she had worn when she tumbled into this world, Julia jerked open the bedroom door and strode out.

The house was expansive, which made it all the more remarkable that one set of lungs was able to fill it with music. Traversing the living room took longer than a walk through Julia’s entire house.

With Mindy occupied, Julia had the enormous residence to herself. She found herself wandering aimlessly, taking in the strangeness and wealth of this family’s alien existence. The living room was perhaps one thousand square feet in size. The furniture was elegant, and yet ribbed with steel supports, as if it were designed to withstand immense abuse. The fireplace was imposing. It featured a mysterious rack over the logs that seemed to contain drinking cups. Photographs of the family adorned the walls – Ruth and Mindy towering over the father and brothers, young Becky standing shoulder-to-shoulder with her father.

The entertainment room was huge, almost like a tiny movie theater. The garage she had seen before: cars hanging vertically on racks like carcasses of meat. There were some motorcycles too, which she had not noticed before.

Following the music upstairs, Julia found the kids’ rooms, as well as no fewer than three guest bedrooms, and the master bedroom. The doors to the kids’ rooms were closed, but the master bedroom was ajar. Julia poked her head in.

The bed was littered with scraps of cloth, which Julia found curious. She picked up one of the scraps and found it to be in the shape of small triangles. A bikini top, she muttered. The triangles were not even large enough to be drink coasters! She found some matching string, in the shape of a “Y”. That must be the bottom, she realized – a thong. Julia quickly grabbed at the other scraps of cloth on the bed and realized that they, too, were swimsuits. Sewing them all together wouldn’t produce even half the covering Julia needed at the beach. She threw the cloth onto the bed in frustration. Wearing this stuff was tantamount to nudity! Who could get away with it?

If Julia wasn’t willing to provide the answer, the family photos on the dresser were. There was Ruth, clad the same raspberry-colored bikini that was sitting on the bed. The woman was in her mid-40’s, but sported a body that 22-year-old college students could only dream about. In fact, they couldn’t even dream about it: a body like Ruth’s would hardly have been imaginable to Julia before she saw it with her own eyes. Titanic tits of unreal firmness shaped the triangles of her top into raspberry-colored pyramids. Thighs like cannons, biceps like cannonballs – every inch of her was carved muscle. To top it off, she beamed smile that could win her a Homecoming Queen crown three times over.

She can wear next to nothing and never give it a second thought, Julia realized with disgust.

Her husband was in the picture, too, sitting on top of her bicep as she flexed it, feet dangling like a kid’s from a playground swing. The swelling of the her watermelon-shaped arm muscle must have thrown him off balance: he was yelling with playful alarm as he groped for her more stable forearm in order to keep himself from going over.

So fucking powerful, Julia thought. She’s being gentle, but really, he’s nothing more than a toy to her.

To call her beautiful was missing the point. Her strength, her confidence, her indomitable body – she radiated physical and sexual power. She was more than Julia had ever thought a woman could ever be.

Julia picked up the raspberry-colored bikini from the bed and turned it over in her hands. These little strips of cloth once encased a living goddess. She’s off at the beach showing off her perfect body, letting her husband use it for a jungle gym, and I’m here in the house, hiding. A rotten ache of jealousy developed in her gut.

She let the suit tumble out of her fingers in disgust.

Without remembering how she got there, Julia soon found herself in the kitchen. Like everything else, it was enormous, well-equipped, spotless. Eating would make me feel better, she thought. That must be why I’m here, she reassured herself. She opened the refrigerator door. Cheeses, fruit, yogurt and other items were inside. The food looked fresh enough, but for some reason it wasn’t appetizing. No, that’s not why I’m here.

Closing the door of the first fridge, Julia turned her attention to the second one – the one which contained the Nourishment. Her mind wandered back to her journey through the wilderness with Howard – the anxiety and the fear of being in a foreign place, but then also the deep satisfaction that came from eating that fruit for the first time. It satiated her body in way that no other food had ever done. What’s more, it made her look good – not just healthy, but a little bit slimmer, a little bit more athletic. It had done more for her in a day that countless diet regimens had done in years. The result had not been lost on Howard, and that – the way she aroused him that night – had been the best part of all.

How much harm could come from sipping just a little bit of the fruit concentrate, having its wonderful taste back on her lips, feeling the joys of looking just a little bit trimmer? That seems harmless enough to me, Julia assured herself.

With her mind thus at ease, she grasped the handle of the fridge, and she tugged.

Nothing happened. She yanked harder – still nothing. She looked for a lock or some other type of closure mechanism, but saw none. Jamming her foot into the crack between the door and the body of the fridge, she placed both hands on the handle and leaned back. Nothing. It was like trying to pull a handle that had been screwed into solid rock. So hungry was she for the Diana fruit that she could almost taste it in her mouth, feel its raw energy coursing through her blood.

Julia scanned the fridge for buttons to push, levers to trip. There was nothing. Damn it. She fastened both hands over the panel and yanked --hard.

“WARNING.” It was a pre-recorded message, being emitted from some speaker on the refrigerator itself. “Appliance Intended for Nourishment Only. Nourishment is Toxic to Males. Multiple Unsuccessful Attempts To Open Door Have Been Detected …”

Julia swore to herself. She searched desperately for the speaker on the refrigerator, hoping to muffle it with a dishrag or a sponge.

But the appliance droned on with its pre-recorded speech. “WARNING. Possible Attempt at Male Access Detected. Refrigerated Compartment is Negatively Pressurized to Prevent Unauthorized Access. Nourishment is Toxic to Males. WARNING mpfhh mfpfh mpfhf mpffhf mppfh … …”

Julia had finally found the speaker and covered it with a dish towel. So caught up was she with the yammering appliance that she hadn’t noticed the silence from upstairs. The music had stopped.

“Can I help you with something?” It was Mindy, standing at the foot of the stairs.

“No,” Julia replied, reddening. “I was just poking around, just … curious.”

Mindy strode into the kitchen, her heavy legs THUD-THUD-THUDing in the house’s silence. She wore a stretchy white miniskirt that hugged every sinful curve of the girl’s bottom. Her top was a lavender sleeveless collared blouse that would have been normal if not for the fact that fully half the buttons were unfastened. That left a deep valley of cleavage on open display. Is there any outfit in her collection, Julia wondered, that doesn’t constitute a form of bragging?

“I was just looking for some yogurt or cheese or something,” Julia lied, slipping the dish towel discreetly back onto the counter.

“Wrong fridge. The one on the right’s for Nourishment. Strange that you managed to set the alarm off – that usually only happens when someone really yanks on it.”

“I guess I was hungry,” Julia muttered. “Hope I didn’t break anything. Back home, we never put locks on our refrigerators.”

“It’s not a lock. They designed the fridge to suck all the air out of itself. That makes it a little bit harder to open the door. You need like 300 pounds of force to get in. Keeps people like my brother out.” Mindy hooked two fingers around the handle and swung the door open.

I feel so silly, Julia thought to herself as she backed away from the appliance. Nonetheless, as Mindy reached in, Julia stole a glance over her shoulder. The jugs were bigger than one would normally find in a house – varying between two feet tall and four feet tall. So much … so much wonderful juice.

Mindy grabbed one of the larger bottles and kicked the door closed. “There’s a strange look in your eyes, you know.”

I need to change the topic, Julia realized – now. “What kind of instrument were you playing?”

“You want to watch me play it?”

Julia only nodded in reply, anything to get away from the mockery of a juice-filled fridge that she couldn’t access. Julia found herself following the girl’s expansive, carved thighs up the stairs. The girl flopped herself down on a huge bean bag and patted the seat next to her. Julia sat.

The instrument reminded Julia of an oversized, distorted harmonica: a rounded mass with a dozen of apertures across which one could blow air. There were perhaps eight finger valves for each aperture. “Your airflow has to be precise,” Mindy explained, as she took swig from the bottle. “You have to hit all twelve holes at once with the same air pressure. Men can’t do it.”

“That seems to be a theme around here.”

“Men aren’t that good at music generally. Some of them try to compete – spend their whole lives practicing this thing. But I was better than the best male player by the time I was in high school. People watch male performers only for their entertainment value.”

“Entertainment value?”

“Sure. Like watching a ferret ride a tiny unicycle. Weird, kind of funny. By not exactly serious art.”

Mindy placed her fingers on the valves, pursed her lips, and blew. An enchanting sound filled the room – a chord, or several, in a warm and earthy tone.

She took a swig from bottle, “It helps to whet your mouth first with a little liquid,” Mindy elaborated. She returned her attention to the instrument. The song undulated into greater complexity.

Julia watched the young girl’s fingers race across the valves at a virtuoso’s speed. As Julia listened, she noticed that something else filled the room as well. It was that sweet, fruity scent --- demanding Julia’s attention. She felt her limbs quiver slightly with need. At the next break in the music, Julia found herself whispering, “That smell … the fruit … it was so nice.”

“What, this?” Mindy blew a gentle breeze across her companion.

Julia felt woozy when the sweetness hit her.

Mindy took another swig of the Nourishment--- a big, sloppy gulp that left left a trail of stickiness running down her cheek. It reminded Julia of that night in the wilderness, how the fruit had dribbled over her chin and down her neck, how she was still sticky with it when Howard had cleaned it off using only passionate kisses. “Why were you poking around the kitchen earlier?” Mindy shifted her position to look Julia straight in the eye. “Staring at the fridge for no reason?”

Julia’s knees nearly went out from under her at the inviting aroma. “I … I don’t know. I guess I was curious.”

“Curious about what?” Mindy watched as Julia’s eyes roam the girl’s massive biceps. She flexed and observed, nonplussed, as the her arm ballooned with power. “Curious about that?”

“No, no,” Julia objected, as a soft moan escaped her lips. “I already know that you’re strong. I’ve seen it.”

“But then what are you curious about? What it feels like to have muscles like these?” Mindy took another swig from the bottle, delectable drops of beige liquid tumbled off her lips.

Julia breathed deeply the inviting scent, and her mind swooned with need.

“Why did you arrange to have the house to ourselves this morning?” Mindy asked.

“I didn’t arrange …”

Mindy only grinned.

“I needed some time to myself, I guess.”

“To think?” Mindy shifted her position on the bean bag and was suddenly much closer to Julia’s lips. “Or to explore?”

“I feel so inferior to all the women here.” Her voice was meek. “It’s hard for me to even set foot outside the house. You girls command everything that’s around you.”

“Not everything. Sometimes, the sensations we experience overwhelm us.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’ve done studies.” Mindy extended herself in a languid motion across the bean bag. “A woman goes off Nourishment for a few months and returns to her un-Nourished body. And then she goes back on Nourishment and notes on the differences. When they were un-Nourished, women didn’t say they felt bad, per se. But when they went back on Nourishment, they were shocked at how much better everything felt. They had more energy. Colors seemed brighter. Smells were more appealing. And of course they were stronger and all that stuff too. But the best difference that all the women noticed was sex.”

“The sex?” Julia remembered back to the night in the woods, in Howard’s arms-- it had been unforgettable. And it felt that way after she had consumed all that fruit.

“Yes, the studies showed that the sex was, like, a hundred times better. Just getting your nipple sucked in a Nourished body was like having a three or four orgasms in an un-Nourished one.”

Julia’s eyes found their way to the girls chest. Her nipple, thicker than a broom handle and probably harder as well, protruded triumphantly through the thin material of the girl’s top. Julia tried to remember the last time, apart from that night in the woods, that she had had an orgasm. Had it been months, or longer? And when was the last time she had experienced two in the same session? Her hands trembled at the thought. She found her gaze back on the girl’s erect nipple.

“You’re staring,” Mindy noticed. “And it’s turning me on.”

At that moment, a musk of some sort flooded Julia’s nostrils, and brought with it a heavy wave of heated sensations. Julia stumbled, trying to clear her head. “What’s happening to me?”

“It’s my pheromones, silly.”

Julia gazed with longing at the luxurious brown of the girl’s eyes. “I don’t … I don’t understand.”

“Whenever we’re turned on, we release pheromones that turn the wills of weaker beings to jelly.” Mindy spread her legs slightly, the fabric of her miniskirt stretching to accommodate the expansion. “See?”

The delicate wisps of musk that had reached Julia’s nose earlier were now replaced by a thick cloud. Julia’s heart raced. Her breathing shallowed. And her thoughts scattered like bowling pins tumbling away from a well-aimed ball. I’ve got to have her, Julia’s mind screamed. I’ve GOT to. Her hands flailed about seeking the floor anything that could hold her.

“That’s what happened to Howard in the bath. He tried to resist touching me. I don’t know why, but he really tried. It was so cute. But the more he tried to deny his desire, the more it turned me on, so there was no hope for him. I completely crushed his will. Having that kind of power over men – it’s is my favorite part of being Nourished.”

Julia felt another wave of desire hit her. I can’t let myself do this, Julia objected to herself! Howard did this and I hate him for it. Now, I’m fantasizing about committing the same sort of betrayal myself! But her will felt no sturdier than a drinking straw tasked with propping up a brick.

Before she realized it, her lips were on Mindy’s. The dribbles of Nourishment that she found there tasted every bit as delectable as they had smelled. Julia felt the posture of the girl’s powerful body rise into her. Julia’s hand slid up the warm steel of the girl’s midriff. Julia forced herself to stop and take a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Mindy. I’m … I’m not a lesbian.”

“What’s a leb-sian?” The girl replied. Her eyes were like warm, delicious chocolate. Her face was the epitome of womanly perfection – a slightly olive skin, high cheekbones, wide and full lips, a perfectly symmetrical nose aligned with perfectly symmetrical teeth. Mindy’s expression was innocent and yet hungry at the same time, and so … damn … sexy.

“A lesbian …” Julia wondered if her mind could even function with this marvelous girl in her hands. “A lesbian is a woman who desires women rather than men.”

Mindy’s features screwed up into a confusion so alluring it made Julia’s heart ache. “You guys have … categories?”

“I guess. I’m not sure,” Julia conceded. She didn’t know which reality to cling to. But her lips seemed to have more certainty. After the girl finished another swig of Nourishment, Julia found her lips back on Mindy’s, hungrily lapping up the lingering drops. The liquid traced a path of delight down Julia’s throat, even as the sensation of kissing Mindy triggered new delights in the rest of Julia’s body.

“You like my body, don’t you?” Mindy challenged.

“Women in my world … we’re not supposed to be that big … those muscles …” Julia’s hands left her companion’s midriff and made their way back down Mindy’s frightening large biceps. “Nobody is shaped like that …” Her eyes found their way to Mindy’s massive bust. “And those tits … so firm and so huge … on our world those could never exist.”

“You want to touch them, don’t you, to see if they are for real?”

She found herself grasping the volume of Mindy’s breast in both hands. She stared into the girl’s eyes, her will evaporating.

Before she knew what was happening, Julia’s hands had unbuttoned the girl’s blouse, and her lips had fixed themselves on the girl’s large nipple, sucking for dear life. Her tongue raked across the rough, distended surface of Mindy’s protruding arousal. The girl arched her back powerfully, piling a firm breast into Julia’s face, forcing her head back violently. Julia hung on, wrapping two hands firmly around the girl’s volleyball-sized breast as she were holding a saddle in a rodeo. Hungry, Julia’s mouth again descended on the hardened nub. She sucked with renewed force, raking her teeth as well across the quivering flesh.

The moan that escaped Mindy’s lips shook with its power, like a roll of thunder. For Julia, arousal was now mixed with jealousy. “You weren’t kidding … about the orgasms … you feel them more powerfully than I ever would.”

Mindy nodded. “You want to feel the same thing, don’t you?”

Julia was torn. “But …”

“And you want to know what it’s like to be hundreds of times stronger than you are now – to never fear for your safety again?”

“But …”

“And you want to know what it’s like to have all your blemishes removed – to be the same beautiful woman outside that you already are inside? To turn drive Howard mad with desire whenever you feel like it?”

“But …”

“But what?” Mindy asked.

“I promised Howard I wouldn’t”

“It’s your body, Julia.”

“But if I drink it, I never be able to return home. I’ll be stuck here, addicted.”


“And that would mean that I lose Howard. Either he returns home without me, or he stays here and becomes the sex toy of whichever woman takes an interest in him. You already had your way with him, and so did Amanda. It will never stop, will it? I would lose him into this world of promiscuity.”

“Lose him? Just because he slept with Amanda doesn’t mean he’s forgotten who you are.” The girl’s insouciance was stunning.

“I don’t want him sleeping with whichever woman happens to take an interest in him. Howard and I are in a committed relationship!”

Mindy’s face screwed up in sweet confusion. “What’s a ‘committed relationship’?”

“Like your mom and your dad. She doesn’t do this with strangers, does she?”

“Not now.” Mindy shook her head, looking at her watch. “Not before lunch.”

Julia needed a moment to take in the implications. “She sees other guys? Openly?”

Mindy bit her lip and nodded. “All women have multiple partners.”

“And the men?”

“Not if they can help it. The lucky ones get Claimed by a woman. That makes the man one of her favored partners and puts him off limits to other women. The unlucky ones never get Claimed: they bounce from woman to woman, getting thrown out of each girl’s life whenever she gets bored of him. For those guys, there’s usually with a long hiatus between women. Or they never find anyone at all.”

“So, your dad, as a Claimed man, is exclusive to your mom, but not the other way around? How the hell does your dad feel about that?”

“He feels great about it. Women need more than a single man can offer – far more. He would never want the pressure of meeting all of her needs. But at the same time, she’s more than capable of meeting all his needs. So, being Claimed is the best of both worlds: affection, without the pressure of monogamy. All men understand this.”

“I’m not sure Howard would! And besides, he and I are equal partners. If he’s not going to touch other women, then I’ m not going to touch other men.”

“I’m tired of talking,” Mindy moaned, raising her hands above her head in a stretch. The large swells of the girl’s breasts rose like waves on the ocean. “When are you going to go ahead and fuck me?”

Julia shivered. She was oh … so … sexy. Suddenly, it was Julia’s hands that were providing the answers, cupping the girl’s breasts-- her voluminous, teardrop-shaped, firm, perfect breasts. The girl seemed to have no objection: Mindy’s back arched sharply, jutting the masses further into Julia’s greedy hands. Julia found again the girl’s nipples once again. The size of strawberries, they blossomed excitedly at the touch of her fingers, as the panels of the girl’s top fell away.

Mindy took a swig of Nourishment and offered the bottle to Julia. “Last time I ask.”

“No …”

“But you want to, don’t you?”

“I promised Howard …”

“Howard’s not the only one you can make promises to.” The girl propped herself up on one elbow, a precocious smile on her face. “I want you to make me a promise, too – just a tiny one.”

“OK.” She liked it when Mindy smiled.

“I’m going to do an stupid stunt with my belly button, and then you have to kiss it. And not just a peck, but a real kiss, like you mean it. You have to kiss it for like, a whole minute. And I’ll be timing it. Promise?”

“Fine, I promise!” Julia smiled. It was hardly a chore. There was not a scrap of the girl that wasn’t perfect.

“OK, but first the stupid stunt.” Mindy grabbed the Nourishment bottle and lay herself back on the floor. She focused her eyes on her abdomen and flexed the muscles there.

Julia’s breath caught in her throat. She had always known Mindy had great abs, but she had never seen the girl flex hard before. The result was remarkable, as if two mountain ranges had suddenly risen up out of the foothills of her midriff.

Mindy grabbed the bottle of Nourishment and then carefully poured it on her belly. So defined was her musculature that the liquid became a lake between those mountains. GLUG-GLUG-GLUG went the bottle. Julia could hear Mindy’s labored breathing as she tried to keep her diaphragm steady, so avoid upsetting the pool she had created.

“I can’t kiss your belly button now!” Julia giggled. “It’s under a fucking lake!”

“But you promised me a kiss down there!” Mindy wined, her sultry innocence tugging at Julia’s insides.

Before she could think better of it, Julia brought her face close the girl’s midriff. Her astonished fingers ran over peaks of Mindy’s abdomen. Soft peach fuzz skin adorned the surface. But underneath, Julia could tell that these mountains were made of marble.

The Nourishment was sweet and inviting as ever. I’ll drink just this little bit, she thought, just enough to get to her belly button and end this stupid game. But when Julia’s lips touched the surface of the pond, her senses exploded. Before she knew it, she was inhaling the liquid in deep gulps. Her mouth, her throat burned with joy. She lapped up every bit of what remained, running her eager tongue over the hard, hilly terrain of the girl’s midriff before exploring the tiny folds of the girl’s navel, her lips gladly delivering the promised affection.

When Julia looked up at the girl, Julia’s expression must have been pure, unabated thirst, because Mindy reacted wordlessly. Before Julia’s conscious mind could catch up, it was Julia, and not Mindy, who was reclining against the beanbag. The powerful girl straddled her now, holding the massive bottle to Julia’s lips.

I’ll try drinking this, just for a few days, Julia reassured herself. It will scratch the itch, get the temptation out of my system. And it can’t be as addictive as they say, can it?

But there was no time for her mind to continue the debate. Mindy tipped the bottle back with expert precision, and Julia found herself consuming the liquid with a hunger she had never previously known.

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