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32 days since last incident

Jennifer smiled as she put down the box. She had moved into Roy's modest sized but good spaced condominium in Park Slope. It was a real nice space. At some point he had told her mother had hired an interior decorator- that was several years and a lot of knick knacks and a couple of impulse furniture buys ago- but one could see it still. Somewhere.

She sat on the couch. Her arms were tired. She was in the final stages of taking all of her non ruined furniture from her old apartment here. The boxes were heavy. That was two things she wasn't used to. Heavy and tired. Though all told she had been She Hulk for a little less than three weeks- and it had been longer than three weeks since it happened … it still felt odd Weird .

But not necessarily bad. It was nice to be in a world designed for normal human proportions-you would be surprised how very much of everything is from cars, to cups, to door frames, how much of a pain it is to hold an Iphone in a giant hand. It felt awkward at best, frustrating at worst-as she became a hulk longer it got a little easier to avoid destroying things – but no … no

Oh also her grandma would comment about financial security.

Also she had missed … the more conjugal nature of things. As she hulk she had ultimately decided … that was a bad idea, though her hormones at time went into overdrive. There were risks involved she didn't particularly want to take on another person. Now she was human and could enjoy it and had a man to boot. And Roy was … okayish as a lover. If not inventive he was receptive to her needs and desires and well was making a college try at it. Yeah.

She was happy. She was engaged. She was getting back to work which had gone during her unexplored absence, but hadn't gone so far that it was missing- everyone at Lieber was questioning of her but it didn't look as if she was going to be fired for turning into a monster.

Life in short was good. She had a nice condo.

With blue walls.

Okay maybe they would have to paint that.

* * * * *

Carl sat in his plastic cell. It was at least a slightly better cell then before. His lawyer had come and talked and Carl kinda liked the guy. To a degree. This cell had a bed – still with plastic but soft plastic like you would put over a cushion. It had a TV set-well out of the cell but you could watch it.

Every couple of hours they would hoist in food on a plastic -which was usually not that bad. He could tell breakfast lunch and dinner from it most days. That and the light going off was how he determined his hours.

All things considering- except for the total lack of real human contact, day/night, things to do- it wasn't a bad life.

His Lawyer wasn't making much promises about getting him out of here-the government was doing a decentish job researching his past, and while only a small portion of that much stick he had assaulting police officers and a apartment. They had enough to keep in for 20 years at least. Probably the rest of his life if they found one murder. No His lawyer was talking about maybe sending him to a real prison or something … something- wasn't sounding very good.

Though he thought that was an outside chance at best.

So Crusher sat in his cell and considered. All he really had to wait was for a mistake. So far they had been clever-when he could transfer into plastic-that wasn't really going to do anything. All the liquids that past out of his cell went through reverse osmosis, which is not something he was looking for either.

So he waited-it was most likely only a matter of time.

And time was a luxury he did have.

* * * * *

Mary waited. She had spent the last month in a very nice bed in a very nice room. Covered head to toes in bandages that were “Steeped” in something. She couldn't even really see with the bandages covering her face. She just waited and felt comfy and was occasionally given nice meals by a pleasant nurse.

She had given up her life at school, her friends there(such as they where-they didn't really exist [footnote]) to stay here and be part of her father's mad dream.

[footnote: Mary would be surprised to know was actually considered reasonably popular at school-acceptably somewhere in the middle of it. She was funny,generally pleasant and people did like her-she of course never knew it]

Well after all of this … now her made dream really.

* * * * *

Actually Mary was being suspended in tank of chemicals with a virtual reality mask on. Her face to deal with the shock-the chemicals had not quite a tranquilizer in them but something that kept her calm-which was good as Dancy looked at the naked body of his daughter.

One hour a day he had to bring the crown in … but well sacrifices for family and such. Work Life Balance.

“Coming along nicely” he smiled as he looked a the progress “But does it really take this long”

“If you wanted a rampaging hulk” said Stevens his head scientist “I could do that in a hour- for a goddess …”

“A point” said Dancy “A good point. Your right. “

“We should be able to take her out of the tank in 48 hours …”

He touched his hand … to the tank … and saw in … to the massive creature inside dreaming of a beautiful summer's day … he smiled. A giant bicep swam past.

This would work out well.

* * * * *

33 days since last incident

“So how have you been” asked Jenn.

“Okay” said Bruce as they sat outside at a cafe in Brooklyn “Not bad … For the last however may there have been a tendency for me to go some place do something … then move on. Something that makes me move. I think I am pretty close to that”

Jenn. Nodded.

“It's … what my life is now” said Bruce “it's what I am”

“Did you envy me?” said Jenn.

“Maybe a little” said Bruce”Sometimes when the darkest night comes … it's I admire it admire its strength admire its purity-for all of it it has a moral core, better than a lot of creatures that aren't 9 foot tall and green …

“Do you think you could change into … me- does that make sense?”

“I guess what your saying … but I guess that's it. Part of what I admire about the other guy is … his for lack of better words his stupidity, his freedom … You … you got the strength, you got the power … but well people stared at you and such-and I mean common in modern society the ability to lift a tank is a lot less useful than you think

“I didn't mind that” said Jennifer drinking a healthy fruit drink with more calories then a big mac “I liked people seeing me as this big powerful woman. This ballsy strong woman who could speak her mind and get what she wanted – I mean that's not heroic but it's real. It was fun to be her … it was fantastic at times …

“Do you want to go back?” said Bruce

“No” said Jenn considering “No. It's good to be home. It was like a Halloween costume. You don't want to wear it everyday … but well … it's what I was …

Bruce shook his head “and still really no idea of how it happened. That's the thing for me … you got injected by my blood. Great. Developed some minor healing powers. Great. That should have been it … but it wasn't … for it to make any sense you would have to been exposed a massive dose of radiation or …

Jenn paused. “I was feeling sick a couple of hours before”

“Oh?” said Bruce

“Yeah I remember that” said Jenn. “Went to one of my client's office and felt so sick I had to go to the bathroom for half an hour and not throw up”

Bruce considered “Nausea-is usually a symptom of exposure to radiation … anything unusual”

Jenn. Paused trying to remember what felt like a lifetime “He was a creep who …”

Bruce paused “What?”

Jenn. Considered “attorney client privilege, can't tell you what he did.” this had included attempting to murder her but well … she considered that privileged anyway.

“anything unusual” said jenn

“Roxxon Oil I saw his art room, it had some creepy pieces in it, picture, it looked like a medieval crown in a case … I remember that bit … I guess when I went in there is when I started it. Class act

* * * * *

they pulled Mary out of the amniotic fluid mixture, born anew on a steel floor

“Her vitals are stable” said Stevens. “She should wake up in 20ish minutes”

Dancy looked at her. And smiled.

“Can you make more?” said Dancy “More like her?”

Stevens grinned at his achievement “I can make an army of them if you want”

Dancy nodded to his security guard. He took out a gun and shot the scientist dead in the middle of the room.

“One will be enough” said Dancy “let this be a lesson for anyone who remembers how to do this to well … I want all the hard drives wiped clean”

“Why?” said one of the scientists who Dancy didn't remember the name.

“One will be enough … a princess … a queen to rule them all”

he looked at the woman on the ground.

“Yes one will be more than enough”

* * * * *

Jennifer stood in the kitchen. She had never been super gifted in the kitchen, but had never been a slouch either. Her mother had told her how to bake cookies and the lesions had more or less cook. She could cook a souffle as she was doing now.

Hers and Roy.

Now that he had a women in his life she had to fatten up. Wouldn't that be nice?

To be fair Roy hadn't pushed her into a domestic role in their relationship-Roy could actually be domestic if he wanted. He had a large collection of cookbooks in the kitchen a couple with the kind of notes in that suggested that he had used them-but well .he wasn't clean, he wasn't a super big eater. He was well-needed help. And here was the mighty she hulk to deal with that.

Right. She had given a radio interview the other day about the experience with NPR-which was a lot less glamorous than her bit on Kimmel. It was perhaps more likely to be listened to her friends but the point stood. Things were winding down. She had not a case, but a court hearing next week and well back to the grind. Back to putting on suits-which should theoretical fit, except somehow she had lost about 5 pounds and were starting to hang.

Roy walked in. “something smells good”

“cheese and chicken souffles … With olives

“ooh that sounds nice” said roy “Not super hungry but I'll have a portion”

How was she supposed to fatten up a guy with no appetite.

Still he walked behind her and hugged her. She could put his head on his shoulder

kinda. He was just a tad too tall for it … but it more or less worked. She felt cared for and loved-and

Being plain old Jennifer Walters who could do that was something right?


* * * * *

Mary saw the smile

the smile was the first thing- her father's smile

“Am I okay?” said Mary.

“doctors say you're fine” said dancy. Leaving out the part about the doctor not being fine.

“are you okay?” asked Dancy with concern

“When I see my beautiful new daughter”

Mary shook her head “Mirror”

Dancy smiled.

“As you wish”

“mirror” she said again as one was hurriedly brought forward

Mary looked into the reflection.

And screamed.

* * * * *

An hour or so latter dancy was very pleased walking into his office.

Not so pleased to see a fellow in it.

“Hi” said the man “My name is Bruce Banner.

“Security. Oh wait you're the hulk”

“people think oh big green giant 'rar' … but yeah do not underestimate my sneaking skills”

Dancy paused. He tilted his head slightly “So I assume you're not trying to kill me. That would have been done. Actual security will create a mess. Which means you want to talk. Do so”

Bruce Banner nodded “ My cousin mentioned a crown. There's plenty of them of course”

“Crowns?” said Dancy

“like the one you're wearing now” said Bruce pointing to Dancy's head.

Dancy nodded”go on”

“I can respect it, rock on and such-but I had access to some interesting databases. 8 months ago Roxxon oil in a field in … Southport?”

“it's in southern Colorado”

“Pulled out a metallic object from a well … it characterized as a 'crown like'. An official report was filed the next day with the bureau of land management pursuant to their records- that is the last of the records of anything with a crown dealing with Roxon.”

Dancy smiled.


“Well … this is something of a scientific discovery … I reviewed with a geologist … so interest excitement. But nothing. Now a good … what would that be … I suppose publicity department, legal department could keep anything more of it popping up in records …

“or it could have simply decayed the next day”

“but you're in fact … um yeah wearing it right now. That's odd-again can respect that um fashion choice”

Dancy stood silent “I Repeat- 'And?'”

Bruce nod “We had a revolution to put away the crown … but no specific law against it I suppose … so …

Dancy paused “and do you have anything more to discuss other then my choice of fashion as you put it?”

he walked to his throne and sat down.

Bruce considered “Well the interior decorating in the room is a little odd – but … My Cousin again your former attorney Ms. Walters … um she revived what looks to be a massive dose of Qr grade Gamma radiation

he pulled something out of his pocket

“I can tell there QR because of this geiger counter – its um … reading off your I am 99 percent sure your crown right now

“and?” said Dancy “You aware it's legal to own uranium in this country – useful to test geiger counters such as your own:

Bruce paused. “True”

“I merely own an artifact of interest to me …”

“you aware that 1 … it turned my cousin into … a well I was going to say rampaging … but that's not really true … either giant amazon woman”

Dancy nodded “Very aware

“Actually”he pressed a button on the throne “Can you send up Mary up please”

“ would you like to meet that amazon perfected? You of all people should. My company in fact based much of our development into it based on your research, and on improving its strength differentials without some of its side effects. Taking the original captain America formulations but have increased it nearly 5000 fold by slowing the injestation … its

there was a pause.

“I was actually kind of hopping that she would be here by now” said Dancy.

“Waiting for the elevator?” said Bruce

“You know girls. Always take to long” said Dancy

“ so um … pardon me for asking but since we have a moment … your um crazy right”

“By your limited mind”

“if you have to use the phrase limited mind the answer is probably yes … do you plan to take over the world or something” Answered Bruce

“that's the plan yes” said Dancy

“Ahh” said Bruce

just then a door open … and Bruce saw someone.


Bruce Banner more than most had seen things.

He had seen Gods. Man Made and Actual. He had seen creatures, things that were perfect fantasy. They had frankly at time caused him to chuckle to laugh at the state of reality He wasn't laughing. What was in front of him was more.

It was a woman. A perfect woman. From a distance she looked like something from fantasia created of beauty, some ideal of form and substance and strength. Oh what strength! Muscles, forms and trapezius, abs and sinew all formed all perfect, all there. So so much there! A face an eye, an expression that told him!! him that he was wanting that he could look at this being, This goddess … but he didn't deserve her. No possible thing created on heaven on earth could. There was something to her dark green eyes, to her soft brown hair that you could almost feel the clarity 20 feet away …

And how big was she. At first he thought she was closer to him as she walked in the room. Her body was so perfectly formed as an amazonian goddess. So perfectly there … that if she was close by she would make all the sense in the world.

But then she walked forward and it became clear that she was maybe 8 feet 9 feet tall? As the details shaped in as his eyes became to adjust to his new reality, and he could see the folds of her skin, the kind of weird red purple costume of gore tex flight suit type thing she wore her perfection increased – but this was no normal woman, this was no normal thing. He had seen a god, and this was not this.

This was more.

“Hi” said Bruce.

She stood over Banner her behemoth form make his appear midget – like. 'Hello” She flexed a muscle experimentally, watching it swell greater than a man's thigh with terrifying ease. 'Do you want me to kill him?”

“Yes Mr. Banner let me to introduce you to Titania … my greatest development. First get him as far away from here as possible – then

Bruce paused.

Then felt it it was quick. A lot of strength was really quickness transformed … and if that …

Bruce was punched out the window and about 200 miles into the middle of Pennsylvanian …

“… Then let me finish kill him far away from here if you can.”

“sorry daddy for not listening … I just wanted to really see what I could do now”

“That's okay pumpkin. Maybe it killed him already Most likely . In any case. My order to you is destroy”

Titania nodded “I want to test my new mettle against the strongest there are – Thor, America – anyone who can challenge me … for now I know what I am what I was destined to be … “

“They will come to you” said Dancy.

“let them” said Titania “First … let me destroy … oh so many choices. Manhattan is a cliché, but it's closeby”

Dancy smiled “I have steps to take but that sounds like an excellent plan.”

* * * * *

Crusher woke up with a start. He periodically went asleep when they introduced knockout gas – the room was always cleaner when it opened up. He remember reading a story once about a kidnapped German boy they did the same thing hmm.

But he awoke. For a second he cursed his fate …

then looked up. He saw a janitor with a brush and a surprised look.

What he didn't know and would never know was that he had been given apples for lunch, and that his body had developed an antidote for the cyanide in it – which had the same effect on the mild cyanide gas injected in the room.

He did look up at the man and smiled.

The janitor …

Carl grabbed them man and put him in a sleeper hold … as he absorbed his DNA he fell unconscious – carl had no reason to kill him and wasn't by his nature a cruel man after all.

he put his finger against the DNA keyed to the guards DNA and …

went out into one of the most securely designed and well guarded facilities on the planet.

He simply smiled.

* * * * *

Mary smiled as well.

She couldn't believe how powerful she felt, how free, how wonderful it felt just to be like this to these things.

She landed for a second on top of a building. She looked down at the ground – a light turned green and people were crossing a crosswalk. To think. She had been one of those people – how long ago? It felt like a minute and a lifetime. Now here she was.

They looked little bugs. Part of it was her position hundreds of feet above, but part of it was.

She smiled. She had power – and with it freedom. To think of the little rules of society the ways and means of this and that, and how they spent so much time focusing on it. She had remembered reading man and superman – that there are a type of people that the traditional rules don't apply to – for school, the professor had brought up that there wealth effected things in some misguided effort to impress them-so little did he know.

Now nothing could be denied her – and nor should it. She had the power. No one could deny that.

She her veins pop with the juice inside of them the massive muscle bundle together. The process was simple enough. A German man had invented a super serum in the late 30s. It was created Captain America, the Red Skull and the Hulk. Hers was it perfected. She had actually gotten a weaker version of the formula- but over a longer delayed period which like an actual steroid was less about making her stronger but the recovery time shorter. It had maximized the effect of the power … the wonderful beautiful power.

She was the most rigorous woman on earth. She was the most powerful woman on the earth. Now it was a simple matter of convincing others of these facts and she was home free. She was

Titania now.

But first she paused to watch the crosswalks … a little old lady crossing the street it was funny to her now.

Then she went down picked up the Chrysler building with her bare hands like it weighed as much as an ant and smashed it against its fellows.

* * * * *

Meanwhile Jen went to the park that day with Roy. It was a nice day as days go. Pleasant sweet. Roy was even charming if …

“There a lot of sun out here”

“You were planning to go to Africa” said Jenn “isn't there a lot of sun there.”

Roy considered “Maybe that wasn't a good idea”

“Hey” said a voice.

Jennifer turned. It was the Romanov woman, Natasha the shield agent. She was with …

“This is Sue” said Natasha “She's my new friend”.

Jennifer looked at the cute little shield agent. Both her and Natasha were holding ice cream.

“We're going to the central park zoo” said Mary “Natasha has never been”

“To actually any zoo” said Natasha “I grew up in Russia and we don't”

“I have been to Russia” said Roy “And I have been to the Moscow zoo. It's actually pretty nice. Soviets were pretty good at architecture when they wanted to show off”

“is that so?” said Mary

Natasha paused “Well … I never went there”

Jen rolled her eyes.

“I am going to go to the bathroom” said Roy “You two catch up … wait a second … did we meet?”

“No” said Natasha. She had seen him before and read his dossier, but that was technically true enough.

“Going to get us some tickets “ said Mary as she walked off

“She's very cute” said jenn.

“Isn't she?” said Natasha “We're going to get our nails done … I never got a pedicure before”

Jen shook her head. “Ahh the wonderful world of the quasi superheros”

Natasha shrugged “With great power comes great responsibility-or something to that effect”

“Not me.” said Jen “That was my problem … I may have had all the power in the world … but I had no

desire for it … no desire to do with it … I mean after the fact I have thought about conquering the world and killing all the lawyers … who aren't me … and my friends … but well”

Natasha shrugged “Can I tell you something- something I noticed … When ever there was a problem-the terrorists … the fire … all of that, all of that-despite all your bitching and moaning, you where the first one in, the first one who wanted to save everyone-the first one to help. Which made you a kind of a hero … and … well you had superpowers … so … Well what would you call someone like that”

Jenn smiled “A woman who is going to get married, enjoy the rest of her life as a quiet …

and then she heard the explosion …

* * * * *

Mary was giggling.

She stood in the middle of New York destroying buildings and property-and it was more fun than she could possibly imagine- to think of all the time wasted, all the hours …

but no time to dwell

now was the time to revel

she grabbed a light post and tossed it into the middle of the Atlantic

she picked up a taxi and crushed it into a cube.

Nothing couldn't be done …

and it was easy. When you watch a circus strongman the Olympics, all the grunting the screaming.

None of that.

All of that was effortless as cloud.

She put down her foot and a massive shock wave created a rift in 5th avenue destroying a subway underneath.

But by now she was slightly bored with it.

She waited for the first challenger to appear.

* * * * *

Jennifer ran. She saw Roy run behind her.

Jennifer ran … and as she did she realized something.

She was running towards the sound towards the chaos and not away, towards it …

and as she got and she saw what looked to be a woman larger and more powerful than her jump on top of a building and laugh …

she knew why

“Whats going on?” said Roy as he looked behind her running and breathing hard.

“Somethings happened” said Jenn.

“What” said Roy

Jenn paused and closed her eyes.

And felt it begin.

It was slower this time … slower and yes more painful. You don't think of the pain but it was most definitely here.

“I am going to help them”

“What? Said Roy

he heard a rip noise on the back of her stocking.

“You can't do this” said roy.

Jenn turned to him stroking his face … however he could see trembling in her body. “I have to”

“There other people” said Roy

“its …” she said as the change started to happen in earnest. Her skin was getting green now. Her lengthening … her body …

“I'm not going to be here when you get back” said Roxy.

Jennifer looked up and saw a subway train hurdle through the air faster than a speeding bullet.

Jenn looked at him, she smiled “ that's good because I doubt that I am going to survive this”

“Jenn” said Roy. “Don't make me into Lois Lane-I don't have the gams for it”

“you should work out more”

“you're going to” said Roy.”you're going to die … and I can't stand to see that …

the she hulk in the tatters of her clothing looked at him standing now three feet above his body. “I love you”

Roy turned and walked away.

Jen sighed.

She was alone really wasn't she- the romance a pleasant illusion.

Jobs, money, all of it could be gone tomorrow.

There was only one thing she really could depend on.


She Hulk jumped forward

* * * * *

Dancy smiled hearing the sounds e and the chaos outside.

If nothing else it would be a good distraction. Din and noise.

Dancy felt the crown on his head more than ever-it felt … heavenly. A different kind of power then his daughter experienced but none the less there. The most beautiful weight in the world.

And the thoughts it was giving him.

He could now know its history, the history of the universe, and how it came to be.

And how he could … manipulate it.

He sat down in his throne … and simply closed his eyes …

and felt a transformation begin.

In himself.

In the world.

* * * * *

Natasha first impulse-was to get on the phone. She called Shield headquarters, called all units-all of which would take time. She Forgot in the process a bit about Mary but that was fine. This was more important. She had to concentrate

which is why she totally ignored Carl As he stood behind her wearing a coat. He remembered her.

And smiled.

* * * * *

It took Jenn a second to remember it, to remember how to be she hulk-how to move without damaging things, how to run how to jump 100 feet in the air and land with some semblance of shoes.

But she found it was like riding a bicycle.

She was. This was who she was, this is what she could do …

She was She Hulk one of the most powerful beings on the planet …

it had been a long strange road getting here.

She saw Titania. She was lifting up one of those long steel beams that supports building-and Jenn has no idea where she got it … she was lifting it to smash down. This was random chaotic destruction-it wasn't necessarily aimed at people … but … casualties were probably pretty high

ugh. Thinking about them wouldn't do her any good.

Titania however smiled. She put down the I beam fairly gently- and turned.

“Ms. Walters” said Titania” we met briefly several months ago. I am Mary Macpherson, Dancy's daughter-do you remember …

she hulk looked. She was glad she was giving the details because this was drawing blanks.

“You may not recognize me-I doubt you really noticed me anyway-I have … changed … I have transformed as it where … I have become. Much as you have. I am now Titania.”

“Mary-this may come as a cliché from me especially but” said she hulk. “This isn't you”

“This isn't me? This isn't me? You never knew me, you never cared anything about me. No one did not really.How do you know who I am. I am power”

she hulk nodded. Fair enough.

She hulk assumed a fighting stance. She put her foot forward. Curved

Titania walked forward … and punched.

She Hulk ducked.

Titania punched again.


“You don't want to face my strength!”

“Not particularly now that you mention it

swipe side …


A body blow of Titania hit She Hulk in the gut-it hurt … not fall down hurt …

“You're still standing” said Titania “ I don't whether to be impressed, or to kill the scientists who created me”

“my turn

she hulk leaned in and punched Titania in the stomach. It didn't do much but it's obvious she felt it a flicker.

Well this was going to be fun.

They started to fight. She Hulk guessed she was maybe ¾ as strong as Titania-but and this was a bit- she was obviously a bit more experienced with having a super body and combat in general maybe a tad quicker overall. Titania fought as if this was irreverent-and was it This was helping as she dodged and got blows in-but when Titania got lucky it hurt. And she hulk wasn't an oriental master by any stretch of the word. This was skill versus Strength, and she wasn't sure about how this would go.

When a good kick to her midsection caused her to fly backward 200 feet.

Okay that hurt a lot.

* * * * *

Carl watched Natasha for a second. He realized his inherent problem of his powers. He was by nature a sniper-he liked to shoot people as far away as he could get it-he had done ½ a mile which was tricky but …

and his power sets as an absorbing man weren't designed for that all. and this was perfect.

But well maybe that was the problem-there wasn't any real glory in doing that-of killing so impersonally-it had never bothered him before

Well he aimed up once more no time to bitch.

When he felt something against his head

“Freeze”said Mary The CIA agent/Friend of natasha pointing a gun at his head

“Huh” said Carl as his entire body turned “The idea of a gun is that power of the blast can't escape the metal sides around it … if I am made of the same material-they

when mary kicked him in the head pushing him forward as he flew 10 feet forward to the ground with a powerful jerk that felt like it would brake his spin”

“it's a rubber gun”

Carl put a hand against the ground

“Well I am rubber and you are a glue and everything … ahh screw it I'll be cememe”

he turned dark grey and got up

* * * * *

Jennifer fell backwards landing on the rock.

This was hurting … she needed a second to heal but didn't think she would get it …

when someone came forward from the crowd, like she did, some like an idiot. Captain America, Batman?



Him and in his stick legs

“Jenn I came back, I came to do what I can to help you … you're my life partner … you're my friend.

“So what precisely can you do in this situation? Asked Jenn “This isn't … this isn't”

she sighed. And cried … and

When Titania jumped forward landing in front of them.

“Don't I look strong?” she said to Roy. “After you're done with her how about coming to my apartment to see a real woman”

Roy paused and looked up.

“That's a movie reference” said Titania “I think I am younger than you but you didn't get it. Ahh well”

Titania took a gun out of a pouch on the side of her suit and shot Roy in the heart.

“What?” said Jennifer then screamed

Roy stood for a second and screamed … then fell into Jen's arms.

Jennifer leaned down and kissed him kissed again

“Darling” she said “my love, my love … please please …

“it's okay Jen” said roy, fading fast and getting … its okay … like I said … you can replace me in the band … even get someone … competent

“But that kind of goes against the spirit of it”

“Well then … that sucks doesn't it. We sucked.”

“But gloriously” she said touching his face.

He looked her in the eyes …

And then died.

“Touching” said Titania “Very touching”

Jenn moved her fingers to close his eyes and brought him down to lie on the ground cold.

“Why” she said looking at her.

“If kept him as a hostage. You would focus on something clever and smart … something …”

Just then The rampaging Incredible Hulk came forward screaming at the top of his lungs bellowing at full speed

Titania extended a hand and hit him in the forehead with her open palm as he came forward.

The Hulk he fell down knocked down for the count, out cold.

“As I was saying alive you would try to save him as a pathetic little human-but thats thats not what I am interested in. I want you She Hulk. I want to fight you, to test my metal against yours … to really face the monster … I hope your more challenge than him”

Jenn paused.

“your pathetic. To destroy lives and cities and whatever just to see who's stronger. We have all the power in the world, and that's what you want? Your a more a monster than I ever … but worse your petty and small no matter what else. “

She Hulk stood 9 feet tall and strong as ever

“And for that Hulk Smash”

“Isn't it She Hulk smash?” said Titania.

And Walters hit Titania in the mid section with more force than a locomotive.

Natasha rushed over watched the giant cement monster come forward

“clever, clever” the absorbing thing said. “clever

Natasha kicked him in the head behind. N He turned to see her as she dipped down and tried to hurricane ram him into a small pound

“that's a weight move” he said

he pushed her off with a hand “your body weighs more then my upper torso. Nope”

She fell on the ground … as mary came forward with a large tree branch and hit on the headquarter

“Trying to make me change into wood” Crusher chuckled “nope”

Natasha looked at him “Creel

“you can't fight me” said crusher “Not with toy guns. Where did you get it”

“I stole it from a kid” admitted mary

“Thats low” said Crusher “you die for that

When natasha leaned down and swiped his leg turning him over. Creel rushed over falling into the water. And started to sink

“that's dependent on your weight” said natasha as she jumpe in and pushed him “and your gravity which is high”

Creel started to drown … until he turned in panic to water … he pushed out and tried to push her out of the weight-but water doesn't work like that-despite

he pushed to the surface and turned him again getting air … when he saw a gun at his head, but not touching

“This I by the way brought from home”

* * * * *

now it was a smash fight, to titans going out in the streets of New York, through streets through buildings. They fought they clashed hitting and punching

“You're a monster”

the voice could have been said by either of them. Both of them.

She through Titania into a building, with a giant push … and sighed breathing.

She knew her foe was still around still breathing unlike …

she jumped into the building looking around …

when Jennifer got massive tree trunk sized arms behind, her grabbing her pulling in a giant bear hug of incredible power and might – it was tight … and Jennifer didn't know how to respond … she didn't know.

“You're a worthy opponent … Hulk … but it's natural to lose to the best”

Titania kissed her ear.

“You're going to enjoy hell”

Jennifer roared. She grunted she tried to fight …

when Jennifer realized something

she was having a hard time thinking.

Now you could say lack of oxygen something like this

but this was different-this was rage, a terrible rage behind her and it was affecting her actions how she thought felt-it wasn't just quite her-but that, and that along inside of her-an emotional pain, as white hot as a fire.

Jennifer was terrified and she fought back tried to stay calm stay in control that's how she would win this by being a smart resourceful who was …

Jennifer felt it.

Because the angrier the Hulk is …

The stronger hulk gets.

She pulled her arms apart, Titania strength being nothing.

Mary looked nervous unsure … for a second as

She hulk moved her hands not thinking, a single action of hers connecting with Titania face. All the rage in the world behind, all out all out at once … A punch. A hit .


200 hundred tons of force in 4 square inches of mass. It hit Titania right in the kisser.

And Titania. Hit the ground like a sack of bricks.

Jennifer trembled. Trembled in rage, in anger and fear. She looked down at the being below her … looked down at herself … and roared.

* * * * *

Natasha flickered for a second and was about to pull a trigger

when her gun barrel was garbed … and liquefied

she turned to see she hulk

“Jenn what are you doing”

She hulk looked at her for a second. She flicked her wrist and tossed Natasha into the lake

she turned to see the confused crusher wood lying around

she hulk grabbed his arm.

“Touch me if you want” said Jennifer. “Get all my strength”

“What” said crusher. He did so turning green … but

“I am very strong, very powerful-but do you think I am all powerful? No hardly” said Jenn. “ You're just going to go back in there if you don't get that-nowhere on earth to hide, nothing. We're going to stop you … so

Jenn dropped crusher to the ground.

And jumped.

Crusher stood there for a second confused.

* * * * *

Jennifer landed on the south part of the island, near battery- the 50 story headquarters of Roxxon oil.

The street unlike the chaos in midtown was empty and quiet-people had no doubt fled.

While she was walking into the lion's den. Well that was was being a superhero was.

She walked into the lobby. No one was there. Not even a guard.

Jennifer waited in the elevator. A very silly tune played nearly silently in the background as it took too long.

She got out walked the familiar steps and …

the room was the same size, but larger, the same height but taller. It had the feeling of the laws of the physical rules didn't quite apply any more- they where still there but different. The colors looked different though they were same shade, the lights different if the same hue. It was all more … serpentine and in the giant room sat Dancy on his throne. Smiling.

“Good afternoon She Hulk”

“What's your game” she asked.

“People ask me that, why, why why? What what what?it's something … and it's taken me a long time to figure it out … it's like what's happened to you, happened to my daughter, what will happen to the world … Transformation”

“Well” said Jennifer “It appears I am the superhero that's going to stop you”

she shrugged.

“You know I shot you right? Started this. “ said Dancy “ Killed Walker, his attorney. You knew but you didn't tell anyone. You could have stopped me but you didn't. I can't imagine why other than inaction … let's give that

Dancy waived his fingers Jennifer felt something subtly different …

her feet weren't touching the ground which should feel more different than it did- she was in fact off the ground.

Jennifer tried to move … and she could for example extend her arm for a punch … but well she wasn't actually moving. She punched, she kicked, but she had nothing to connect with not the floors not the ceiling, that should be low enough … but … nothing. She had all the strength in in the world but …

“you can continue to that as long as you want” said Dancy “Nothing will do good. Strength requires something to push against. Its obvious physics. If you don't have that all of your powers are rather useless”

he was right. And she was calm.

“Someone said this once-it's silly but true. Kneel. If you kneel before me as my servant I will let you live. Don't and you die.”


“you were at one point” said Dancy “Charged 350 an hour for it if I recall”

Jennifer closed her eyes and opened them … and watched Dancy.

Or more accurately watched the creature on the throne.

It was hard to say what was different about Hugh Dancy man she had known before and grown to despise-he looked more or … less the same.

But it wasn't him. That was I apparent. Something in his eyes. Something changed

“what are you” she asked questionably

“something that wants in” said the figure “something that can't quite get in … but that doesn't mean I can't have some fun”

Jen nodded. “ahhh. Well then. Irony I guess?”

“What?” said the figure.

“All the time he wanted power … but you took it from him. He gained to lose it.” said Jenn “ a waste of human life and potential.”

The creature laughed.” Do you know how long I was imprisoned in this crown-more time then you could even possibly imagine, more time then time”

Jenn smiled “I knew Dancy. I never liked him, but I would see him sometimes smile, or laugh. Once I even saw him pick up his secretary coat when it fell to the ground. I remember that.

“Why do you say this?” said Dancy

“Because someday that person will come looking for you after you trapped him” said Jenn “remember that”

it merely laughed.

Jenn felt pressure grow on her-she wondered what would break. She thought she was for all practical purposes invulnerable-what wounds she had would heal-however there were limits.

“You very strong hulk, but no amount of strength can stop me. Not the big bang itself. And strength is the hulks only power”

Jenn smiled. “ you forget I am a lawyer”

Dancy chuckled “Lawyer? Do you expect any kind of law to effect me?”

Jenn looked on. He didn't view her as a threat which gave her the time she needed.

“people always think the law is about rules and codes-it's not. Sometimes it's very little about all of what I do. It's irrelevant. The law is really , about getting people together. About negotiation”

Dancy paused.

Then his body burned up into cinder

he was replaced by a 10 foot tall being made of pure energy, a light creature of fire and ash, with a crown on its head.

“Well then … negotiate your way out of death”

Jenn smiled “Well I'll tell you the secret … it's all about one thing … giving everyone what they think

they want

the creature known as Dancy smiled

“So what do I want?”

“Not you” said Jenn.

When behind her pushing her out of the way of the rampaging absorbing man came barreling into the room.


Crusher roared as he came fast as he can … and moved his hand and grabbed Dancy's crown.

She Hulk shrouded her face as – as for a brief second crusher was turned into a being of pure power …

And then exploded. Taking him the crown and the being who had been Dancy into an explosive mass.

Jenn paused. She fell to the ground. The roof of the building had blown off but most everything else seemed structurally sound- the shock wave had been tremendous for- then she looked down to see that Dancy's and Crusher where smoldering remains of nothing.

And the crown rolled to the ground.

Jennifer paused and looking at it stepped on it. At the end of the day it was simply a piece of gold which meant that it was surprisingly brittle and shattered into a hundred pieces with as much pressure as an average man could put.

And whatever was behind it what had ever caused the chaos and pain … was gone

at least temporarily.

* * * * *

Bruce woke up in the hospital, or at least a hospital bed. He shouldn't generalize. He had a splitting headache but seemed fine . he remembered turning into the hulk about 1500 feet in the air … and he was on the ground human. A lot could have happened.

She hulk stood in front of him

“Hi” said Jenn

“This has been an interesting turning of events” said Bruce “Did I do a lot of damage?”

“No I did” said Jenn.

It took him a second to remember “oh I am sorry, I am so sorry … said Bruce

“not that … I think I have learned to control this actually” said Jenn.

She paused and concentrated … and felt it happen in reverse which strangely after the tremendous pain of turning into a monster felt like nothing at all. Only that she was wearing tatters.

“It's not that at all”

she put her head into Bruce shoulder and started to cry, to cry into the arms of the man who may as well be her brother … he stroked her hair.

“it's okay” said Bruce “it's okay”

“You are so lucky … you get to forget, you get it not know it … I remember everything and it was horrible … its …”

Natasha walked into the room”You did it anyway” she said shrugging. “You were her”

Jenn got up. “and now the question is who do I wanna be? Get a costume . Something spandex probably so it expands under my normal clothing”

“I don't think that actually exists” said Natasha.

“ and What” said Bruce “Did I tell you about costumes?”

“Who do I wanna be?” said Jenn drying her tears. “who do I wanta”

* * * * *

The placed was packed-if not to call the fire Marshall level, more than the small little cafe space normally was designed for. Whether the staff of this place was happy with its increased business or not was hard to say. Cause they where lazy.

But there were people and they were here for a show. Here to rock out. For a band that was not really designed for rocking out, as the 'ultimate universe' got there ukuleles and walked on stage

“This one is dedicated” said the 8 and a half foot tall green woman on stage “To our late Keyboardist. He wrote it just before he died, and we came all the way from Brooklyn-which is a very short distance in so much as where in queens to play it for you tonight”

“Ha ha thats funny, oh really funny ha ha

You're not really serious, this is a joke la la”

Why are you suddenly crying so loudly in tears

it's the funniest joke I have heard now in years”

and they played the night away.

(special thanks to Dru and Circus Cup for suggestions and encouragement)















The functionary walked into what looked like an abandoned apartment. He didn't like it particularly, but it was the only place he could perform the next action-well the place he had set it up so he would have privacy.

In point of fact he could be said to like very little. He had a combination of training and genetics been predetermined not to. It made his job easier. Things like Love compassion, etc.

he turned on what looked to be a 1970s Zenith TV-because that's what it was. He turned on a cheap 480p old fashion Camcorder-because that's what it was.

On the Screen was Thanos, Herald of Death.

“The Crown has been destroyed” said The functionary “ It was designed to be a channeling

gauntlet to place the stones on. An infinity Gauntlet, though the stones themselves were long since removed.

Thanos nodded “What happened?”

“This was at least 100 million years ago. But we can theorize that the power grew to much for the wearer … and he was sent to another dimension leaving only his echo in this universe …

Thanos Smiled “Do you think that will happen to me?”

“I didn't say that lord Thanos …”

Thanos merely laughed

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