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Civil War – Chapter 3

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Civil War

Chapter 3:

Trevor received a visitor's tag into GeneCo. He began browsing the through the inventions they had on display to trick the peering eyes into thinking he was genuinely interested in them.

“Okay make your move to the third floor Trevor.” Allison commanded through the earpiece.

“Yes ma'am.”

He walked into the elevator and proceeded to the third floor. The plan was to gain insight into GeneCo's possible involvement in the Senator's plans. When he arrived, he saw that the elevator led him to a corridor with many doors around and at the end of the corridor was a steel door with a label. Trevor walked down the corridor and saw that the doors had labels on them as well like 'Cleaning Supplies' or 'Maintenance Equipment'. When he arrived at the steel door the label read, 'Changing Rooms'.”I'm at the changing rooms.”

“Good now there's one uniform with a name tag on it that belongs to the janitor meant to be cleaning one of the upper levels so we'll use that as our ticket there.”

“Won't the facial scanners pick up that mine and his don't match?”

“Are you doubting my plans?”

“No no no I was just worried that …”

“It was a joke Trevor, lighten up!” she said laughing into the speaker.

“Good one.” he said sarcastically.

“There's a face mask in your pocket.”

“I found it.”

“Now remember if things go south, get to the nearest window and jump. I'll catch you.”

“What did she mean by, 'I'll catch you.'?”

“C-copy that ma'am.”

“Good. From here on you are on your own. The building probably has security measures placed that will halt our comms but if I can establish a connection I'll talk you through. Good luck Mr Banks, and please stop calling me ma'am.” and with that, the comms link closed.

Trevor changed then made his way the 35th floor.

Hank trudged his way to Michael's office. He was determined to figure out why he had IT and mechanics as well as bioengineering working on human modification which was illegal in all states. Hank, and pretty much the entire building, knew that Michael Kinney was a man who liked his money and would do a lot to get his money but Hank didn't think that Michael would be so desperate as to break the law for it. Hank arrived at Michael's office ready to give him a piece of his mind when he saw Senator Morris seated in front of Michael. He hid behind the wall next to the door.

“The serum and the nanobots will be completed in two days. The exo-armours on the other hand will take more time due to our current machinery available to us.” Michael informed.

“So are you certain we will have the serum and nanobots by Friday?” Senator questioned.

“Yes Sir. However the exo-armours will take about three weeks to complete.”

“I'll provide you with the necessary equipment to complete the project sooner Dr Kinney and don't forget our discretion.” Hank knew he had to move fast. He was about to reach the elevator when Michael's secretary, Claire, arrived,”You're not allowed to be up here!” she exclaimed as she exited the elevator.

“No I was just

“Well look at what we have here.” the Senator announced as he walked towards the elevator.

Hank saw Michael following the Senator closely.”Hank what are you doing here?!” Michael asked him in an agitated tone.

“I-I-I came to see you about something.”

“No he didn't. He was about to leave when I walked into him.” Claire said, ratting him out.

“You heard our conversation didn't you son?” the Senator asked in an accusatory tone.

“… yes,” Hank conceded in defeat but he wasn't going down without a fight.” but what exactly are you up to with human modification. This is illegal in all states and we could all lose our jobs and get arrested if this were to get out to the public!”

“Okay Mr Fredericks, we wouldn't want this to get public though would we?” Morris asked trying to convince Hank.

“Should we tell him Senator?” Michael asked.

“I think that would be a good idea. Okay Mr Fredericks, we are at war with the Evos, specifically Ardent, but as you know, Evos are much too strong for the ordinary man. Even the most fit soldier would struggle greatly with a class one Evo and would be no match for a class two Evo and let's not consider what would happen with a class three Evo so I have taken responsibility in finding a way to battle Evos

“—by using a solution that consists of a serum meant to strengthen cells and nanobots to give energy to the cell so that it won't die. Yes we … I figured it out.” Hank completed the Senator's speech.

“What you didn't know was that we created exo-armours that will allow humans to battle even class three Evos. It's a promising plan really.” the Senator said proudly.

“Have you tested them yet? How do you know they will be able to match up against a class three?” Micheal stepped into the conversation now,”I've ran through many simulations and the results show that we will indeed succeed in a battle against a class three Evo.”

“How could you possibly know that your exo-armours can win against a class three Evo? And if you did find a way to do so, what was the success to loss ratio?” Hank asked, sounding less than convinced.

“You don't need to worry about how I got the data and it was an 80:20 success ratio.” Hank thought that those numbers actually sounded very promising. He had to give Micheal and the Senator credit because this seemed well thought out.”So when the exo-armours are completed as well as the necessary number of nanobots and serum has been produced, what then?”

“We advance to Ardent HQ. We know their location. We will send out troops through the air because they will intercept us on the ground.” the Senator announced.

“Okay, when do we attack?” Hank asked.

“We attack in a month's time. We still need to gather troops and test fit soldiers. So Mr Fredericks, do we have your support and discretion?”

“Yes Senator. My full discretion and support.”

They both shook hands. Meanwhile in the corner, no one noticed the figure recording the entire conversation.

A few hours later, Hank was riding home with Lexi. Lexi was complaining to him about Michael's unfair expectations that were common to all.”I think you should give Micheal a chance, I mean he does seem like he is under pressure.” Hank said, trying to convince Lexi.

“No I'm under pressure because if I don't produce, I get fired not him. Why are you siding with him anyway, didn't he threaten your job too?” she asked accusingly.

“I read this thing online that people need to be given chances.”

“Yes people like us. I think we should tell somebody about Michael's plans.”

“No! No we shouldn't.” Hank said, sounding nervous.

“We should. It's fine if we get fired, we can find other jobs but the public needs to know about Michael's illegal dealings.”

“What's so bad about it anyway Lexi? I mean it's not like it has not been done before.”

“Yes but the last time it was done, a lot of people died both humans and Evos but more humans though. If Michael does do this, it will be all out war. Innocents will die because of this. Why are siding with Michael though?! Did he get to you? What did he offer you?”

“The Evos deserve war Lexi. You know they do.” Hank said as he stopped the car.

“No they deserve peace. None of them asked to be like this though.”

“Yes but they take advantage of what's been bestowed upon them and innocent people have lost their lives because of that!”

“So you'll condemn an entire peoples for the actions of a few. How many humans have taken advantage of power but humanity was never condemned because of their actions!?”

“I can't believe you're protecting the Evos!”

“I can't believe you're allowing war!”

They both sat in silence.

“Is this hatred of Evos because of Madison?” Lexi asked Hank.

“… I don't want to talk about her.”

“You have to because all you did was ignore it not deal with it.”

“She lied to me Lexi!”

“She lied which was bad enough but it was only about what she really was. It's not like she cheated on you.”

“She lied to me Lexi! I loved her and she just couldn't bring herself to tell me what she really was.”

“Would you have loved her if you knew she was an Evo when you met her?”


“What if I was an Evo, Hank?”

“You're not.”

“What if I was Hank?”


“I didn't expect this from you Hank. I didn't think that you would hate someone because they are a bit stronger than you.”

“Wouldn't you?!”

“No I wouldn't! Unlike you I don't immediately think that just because someone is better than me they deserve war! That they deserve to die!”

“Yeah well they do.”

They both sat in silence for a few minutes.

“Hank …”


“… what happened with Madison?”

“Senator Morris plans on making an army to battle Evos, specifically you guys.” Charles said in resignation.

“Hmm. Okay, what sort of army?” Madison asked in contemplation.

“I don't know all the details but some super soldier army.”

“Why? The last super human conflict ended up with a hundred dead Evos and a thousand slaughtered super humans.”

“Well it was a slaughter because the super humans ran out of energy. Their serum didn't last long enough.”

“If it's a super soldier army, he will need a super serum. He's been with GeneCo right?”

“Ye-yeah. For the past few weeks now.”

“Luckily, a team has already been assigned to keep tabs on them. What else do you know about this?”

“Uh nothing much.”

“Charles …” she said in annoyance.

His family reappeared behind Madison again, still with faces of misery.”The Senator plans on using something called exo-armours as well.”

“Well this is getting interesting now. What do they look like?”

“That's all the information I could get. I honestly know nothing else.”

“Okay well thank you Charles.”

“Uhm, can I go back to my family now?”

“Not yet, I'm not done with you yet but soon you can.” she announced as she stood up.

“But I've done everything you wanted

“Not everything I wanted. There's still more to be done.”

“Like what?”

“For now,” she thought in deep concentration.”nothing so I guess I'll let you see your family, but I'm coming with you.”

“Y-you won't hurt them will you?”

“Maybe.” she said sarcastically.


“Stop being uptight Charles!” she said as she began laughing.

“That's not funny.”

“Yes it is now let's go before I change my mind.”

Charles felt relieved to see his family again although he didn't trust his accomplice. Charles bought a 'safe house' as to say to protect his family if terrorists decided to attack anybody associated with the Senate and Charles knew that the Senator had made plenty of enemies. He decided to try and see if he could fool Madison.

They drove on until they reached downtown. His safe house was in an apartment building with 25 stories. They walked in to the lobby and were greeted by the new receptionist whom Charles didn't recognise. They arrived at his apartment on the 20th floor. His apartment was large with a nice living room, to the left was the hallway to the kitchen and to the right was to the bedrooms and bathroom.

“I don't think anyone is home right now so make yourself comfortable.” informed Charles to Madison.

“Okay.” she said as she casually went around looking at his apartment.

Charles entered his bedroom and holstered the gun he kept in there.

When Charles walked back into the lounge he saw Madison watching tv. He pulled out the gun and aimed towards her head.”Turn around slowly!” he said with anger.

She turned around and looked at him straight in his eyes, unflinching nor without an apparent care in the world.”Shoot but you had better hope it kills me.”

“Don't tell me that class threes are bullet proof now.” he said with sarcasm.

“I could have taken your gun and broken your arm already but I think this will be a lot more fun!” Charles paused to consider the honesty in her words but he figured that if she could, she would have done it by now. He prepared to fire.

“I really want you to see the futility of your situation so go ahead, let 'er rip.”


Charles stared in disbelief as Madison stood unmoved, with that smirk of hers that reminded him of the previous night. He looked at the wall beside him and saw the bullet lodged into it.

He fired at her again but still the bullets ricocheted off her into the surrounding area but she stood there smiling the entire time.

“I warned you.”

She turned into a blur and Charles felt a sharp pain in his hand. When he looked at it he saw that his thumb, index and middle fingers were dislocated. She reappeared in front of him holding a mangled wreck of his pistol in his face.

“Lesson number one, always remember that I'm in control.” she gripped his throat quickly and lifted him off the ground.”Your life is in my hands.” she said mater-of-factly. To emphasize the point she squeezed his throat more. She threw him across the lounge and into the dining table. He got up slowly while still cradling his injured hand.

She sped in front him,”Lesson two; if you're going to threaten me, make sure you follow through.” She back handed him and he felt himself in flight again and then slammed into the far wall of the lounge. His body was battered and bruised. He spat out some blood. He looked back to Madison and couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. She was floating towards him!

His eyes were wide open. There has never been any rumour of any Evo flying yet he could clearly see Madison floating in front of him. She landed in a seated position on his chest while setting her feet on both sides of his head.

“Surprised much?” she asked rhetorically.

“H-h-h-h-” he stammered in a pained voice.

She hushed him and put a finger on his lips.”You unevolved gnats think you know everything about Evos but you haven't even scratched the surface of what Evos can do which is why your Senator's plans will fail miserably.”

“What else can you do?”

“So much more than you can imagine. You know, there is a missing part of that war between Evos and enhanced humans. Do you want to know what it is?”

Charles just remained silent trying not to show how much pain he was in to Madison. “Most of the Evo army were only class one Evos and maybe one tenth of that army had class two Evos but there wasn't a single class three Evo there … well not until it seemed as if the humans were winning anyway. Only one class three Evo actually arrived at the battle scene and he was the reason why the enhanced humans lost. He slaughtered them all single handedly. So now maybe you have a clearer picture of how powerful class three Evos are.” He didn't want to believe her but it did make sense. In every public report of the war, the humans were winning against the Evos and eventually, to prevent more deaths, the war was ended by a peace treaty but that doesn't add up if the humans were winning.

“You're lying! No Evo in history could ever defeat an army of enhanced.”

“You're right about that Mr Finnigan, no Evo in history could do that … but he wasn't just any class three Evo. I think it's safe to say that he's the strongest Evo ever. There's even a rumour that he could generate energy.” She was examining her hand and suddenly sparks of electricity began dancing around her hand. She clenched her hand and more arcs of a violet colour of electricity began twirling around her hand in a more ecstatic nature.

Charles thought that Madison floating was crazy enough but what she was doing now sent him over the top.”There's no way

“Of course there is Charles. I mean you are seeing it right in front of your eyes. I'm generating my own electricity!”


“Evos have a nickname for him, 'The Warlock'. The things he did on that battle site could only be described as 'magical'.”

“W-wh-what are you gonna do now?”

“Whatever I want.” she said as she started playing with Charles's shirt.

“Wait before he could finish, he saw her index finger poke at his heart and felt electricity flowing through his heart and his body and then stopped feeling anything as his heart stopped beating.

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