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Dawn of a New Age – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 - Infection

Under a microscope, the nanobots resembled a tiny ant: four legs, two pincers, a small squat body. Individually they were unimpressive, simple creatures. But tiny though their minds were, when united with other nanobots, they began to share ideas, until their minds worked together in a web of thoughts and intelligence began to form. They were a triumph of computing, of robotics and of miniaturisation from a world that they had helped to destroy.

The nanobots had been dormant for hundreds of years, sealed tight in their jar, just waiting for the cylinder to be opened.

When the cylinder opened they drifted out with a fine dust, coating the clothing of the two living creatures that stood in their vault.

Silently, invisibly, the nanobots explored the clothing of the creatures, but they could not get to the people within. And so, with patience born of centuries, the nanobots waited. The disappointment on the shuttle's return journey to the Magellan was palpable. The soldiers sat in grim silence, still fully suited, depressed that Ramirez had died for nothing. His remains were wrapped in a canvas tarpaulin in the cargo area.

The assassin sat at the controls, as calm and collected as ever, showing no emotion. Rowe sat beside her, looking through the shuttle's view screen at the fast approaching Magellan. “Do you think captain Brennan will be disappointed?” She asked.

The assassin didn't reply for some moments, and Rowe thought that she was going to ignore her, but then she spoke thoughtfully. “Captain Brennan should not feel disappointed, as the contents of the vault were beyond her dictation and she followed acceptable protocols to access the vault. Therefore, this mission has been a success.”

It was Rowe's turn to nod thoughtfully, impressed at the assassin's lack of emotional understanding.

Rowe was surprised to find that she liked the assassin. She may have been a cold blooded killer, but there was absolutely no vindictiveness about her. She didn't show off, or put people down, or any of the other things that irritated Rowe about Brennan. To the assassin, all humans were equally inferior.

Rowe looked over the assassin's body. The thick neck, broad shoulders, hard boulderous breasts and rippling stomach. Rowe wondered what it would be like to be so powerful. Her eyes rested for a moment too long on the assassin's huge chest, the pert flesh tight against the spacesuit, the hard full nipples tenting the straining fabric.

“You are admiring my body, ensign specialist Rowe.” The assassin stated the fact simply.

“Yes,” Rowe replied, surprised at her own confidence.

“Good,” the assassin said simply.

The shuttle drew closer to the Magellan and flew slowly towards a set of doors set slightly apart from the main hangar. The assassin spoke to the crew. “We will be irradiated to remove any potential trace biological material. Once this process is complete you may remove your helmets.”

This was standard protocol for an away mission to a non-atmospheric location, and all of the crew knew it, though none had the courage to tell the assassin that she was stating the obvious. “I'm glad there's no need for a long stay in quarantine,” said Chan, wondering how many of them would survive such a period with the inhuman killer at the controls.

The shuttle landed in the hangar with a gentle thud. The assassin pressed a button and there was a flash of light inside the shuttle as the irradiation took place. A short burst of radiation, powerful and invisible, sterilised their clothing, whilst a more powerful burst from the main ship cleaned the outside of the shuttle. In moments the danger from hostile biological material was gone. The computer spoke. “Irradiation cycle complete.”

The assassin pressed the button on her suit which removed the force field around her head. The nanobots immediately sensed that they had access to a living creature. Silently they communicated to each other their first command. Acquire Primary Host.

The nanobots that clung to the assassin's clothing rushed into her body via her mouth and nose, tiny airborne particles too small to see. The nanobots were weak after their long hibernation and they knew that it was imperative that they establish a colony in the creature's digestive system, where they could begin to repair and reproduce.

Like a small swarm of microscopic bees they felt their way through the assassin's body, searching for a location from which they could harvest minerals and energy.

But they had not gone far when the attacks began. The assassin's immune system, as massively powerful as everything else about her, sensed the unwanted presence and began to destroy it. The nanobots stood no chance. In a few brief moments they were overwhelmed by antibodies far beyond their power.

In seconds it was all over, and nobody even knew it had happened.

Then Rowe removed her helmet. The nanobots on Rowe's clothing were cautious. They were far fewer in number now, and they knew that one of the creatures was too powerful for them to infect from their dormant condition.

They found their way inside Rowe quickly, microscopic insect like robots, drifting in with the air that she breathed. They moved invisibly through her body, following blood vessels to reach her digestive tract. There they settled on the lining of her gut, expecting to be attacked by antibodies at any moment. But Rowe's immune system was weak and could do little to dislodge the tenacious machines. Furthermore, and to the delight of the nanobots, much of Rowe's immune system was already preoccupied with another infection.

The nanobots in Rowe's stomach and intestines signalled each other. Primary host acquired. Safely irradiated, the shuttle moved into the main hangar, where a ground crew was ready to greet them. The assassin disembarked first, without a word or glance to the others. Brennan was standing with the engineers, and the assassin snapped her a smart salute, her bicep swelling impressively as she did so.

“I'm glad you're back,” said Brennan. “You look so hot in that suit. I was getting wet just looking at you.” Brennan placed a hand on the assassin's thick neck and pulled her in for a powerful, passionate kiss.

For a moment the two superhumans stood there, locked in a deep exploration of each other. Brennan's left hand remained behind the assassin's neck, whilst her right squeezed the assassin's ass with enough force to crush stone. The assassin's hands were on the small of Brennan's back, running upwards along her spine and through her radiant hair.

Finally they moved apart. In the hangar everyone was watching them, the shuttle's crew now all back on the hangar floor. Brennan placed her delicate hands on the assassin's shoulders. “That was good,” she purred.

“Shall I remove my spacesuit, captain?” the assassin asked.

Brennan giggled, running her fingers slowly down the assassin's chest, sliding them along the side of her breasts whilst her thumbs circled rigid nipples. “No, I'll do it,” she said, and with a sudden movement she grasped the reinforced poly-alloy fibre and ripped it apart.

The assassin's clothes fell in a heap on the floor at her feet. Her powerful, sensual body looked every bit as good as Rowe remembered. Brennan bent down to run her tongue around a nipple, her teeth grazing the areola, her hands squeezing hard on the huge mammary. “Your tits are so fucking big. I could lick them for hours,” Brennan gasped.

“Yours are bigger, captain.”

“Well, that is true. I guess that makes it your turn,” Brennan said with a smirk, leaning back to emphasise her incredible figure as she did so. “Tear my clothes off! “ she commanded.

The assassin gripped the fabric of Brennan's uniform and effortlessly ripped it apart. Brennan was naked underneath, her slender, hard body a masterpiece, perfect in curvaceous beauty. The flawless skin of her huge chest rose in goose bumps as the assassin's lips closed around her left nipple, whilst powerful hands squeezed the solid flesh of her right breast. Brennan took one of those superstrong hands, and dragged it down her toned abdominals, down further, down to her sodden quim. Fingers that could snap a man’s neck like a dried twig vanished in a blur of speed speed, and Brennan gasped with delight. “Take me to my quarters,” Brennan commanded breathlessly.

The assassin slid her hands around Brennan's buttocks, squeezing them firmly as Brennan wrapped her long, slender legs around the assassin's narrow waist. The two superhumans were locked in a deep and passionate kiss as the assassin easily strode across the hangar towards the lift doors that would lead to Brennan's quarters. They entered the elevator together, and the doors closed to the sight of Brennan reaching upwards towards the ceiling, whilst the assassin's hands and tongue explored her chest.

“Fuck me,” muttered Mack, who had walked up beside Rowe. “I guess waiting for privacy is beyond them.”

Rowe smiled. “What do they care what us humans think?”

Mack grinned. “I'm not complaining, they can show me they don't care like that whenever they like!” He pretended to mop his brow with a chuckle. “Anyway, it's time we get the rest of you out of those suits. It may take you a bit longer than they managed, I'm afraid!”

The soldiers and Rowe removed their suits and hung them on pegs. Around them the routine business of the hangar resumed, as crew checked over the shuttle. The laser cutter was being removed by a forklift, whilst four men respectfully loaded Ramirez's body bag onto a trolley. Chan watched them, his face ashen. “Are you okay, sir?” Rowe asked him.

Chan glanced at her, disgust written across his face. “Fuck off, D class!” He snapped, before marching out of the hangar.

A small science team had collected the cylinder and had placed it reverently into a sealed box. A hangar crane was lifting the cut-out segment of the vault door into a crate loaded on a heavy transport van.

Rowe looked around. The soldiers were filing away, the ground crew were busy, the pilots were gone. She was alone and forgotten. She sighed and headed for her quarters.

Brennan let out a deep moan as the assassin went down on her, twisting the bed frame between her elegant fingers as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her.

Rowe stood in her tiny quarters. She slipped her hair band off, letting her straggly hair fall around her plain face. She slipped her contact lenses out, reaching inside the bathroom cabinet for her thick glasses. She pressed them on, grimacing at her reflection.

Brennan screamed, unable to contain herself any longer. There was a crash as the bed collapsed beneath her, chunks of wood bouncing harmlessly off her perfect, goosebump covered skin.

Rowe changed quietly into her thick, flannel pyjamas. Her room was cold and the night clothes were sensible. She brushed her teeth, feeling her head lurch as she bent forward to spit into the sink. Dizziness hit her as she straightened up.

Brennan was in the bath now, neck deep in boiling hot water, the steam rising through her silky hair. The assassin was under the water, her hands and mouth all over Brennan, her bald head in Brennan's mighty hands. She’d been down there for nearly an hour now, seemingly not needing to breathe in water filled with the shattered tiles that Brennan had torn from the walls in the throes of ecstasy.

Rowe washed her face in the small basin of her bathroom. The water was lukewarm, the small bar of soap hard, the towel still slightly damp from the morning. Rowe felt the start of a headache in her temples and hoped that it was only a migraine coming.

Brennan closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh. For the first time in a long while she genuinely felt tired, her legs aching, her nipples sore. The assassin's arms were around her, hands resting now on Brennan's belly, her face buried in Brennan's hair. The assassin had closed her eyes, though Brennan guessed that she wasn't asleep. Brennan hadn't felt so satiated in a long time, as she let herself drift deeper into welcoming sleep.

Rowe squeezed into her bunk, automatically pulling up her knees so that she fitted into the short space. She pulled the sheet up to her neck, the rough blanket rising over her feet as she did so. Specks of light flickered across her eyelids as she closed her eyes, whilst a thick pain pummeled her head. She rubbed her forehead irritably as exhaustion consumed her. And the nanobots began to build.

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