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The Sandbox

Two immortal and impossibly beautiful superwomen use their irresistible bodies and their phenomenal abilities to do whatever they want with the powerless men of the world.

One woman is friendly, always respects the wishes of the men that she fools around with. The other is straight out of Conceptfan's works: a complete and total sadist who loves abusing her superpowers to abduct, hurt, humiliate, murder, and rape whoever she feels like, whenever she feels like.

Both have superhuman strength, complete invulnerability, mastery of flight, and several other powers, including one particularly special ability that ensures that they never have to face any consequences for their irresponsible actions.

This story is heavily inspired by the works of Conceptfan.

Depending on the character, this story will either contain…

  1. Consensual sex
  2. Graphic depicitions of violence and rape

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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