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The LaPorte Caves – Revised – Ch 09c – When Men Run Out of Other Options

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Hawk owned this town. The police – they worked for him. The drugs, extortion in exchange for “protection” – it all ran through him. At least, it used to. But today, two superpowered beings – chicks, no less – had shown up in town and torn his gang about bit by defenseless bit. Who they were, he had learned only this: their names Julia and Mindy. But where did they come from, how did they get so strong, and, most of all, why were they doing this to him? In an overheard conversation between the two monstrous women came the answer: fun.


This story contains adult sexual content. If you are not of age to read this stuff, don't. No resemblance between these characters and real people on Earth is implied or intended.

Fun, she said? Had Hawk heard her right? Decimating his crew had been just a game for them?

He clawed at the pounding pain in his head. They had thrown him around like a ragdoll before tossing him into the cab of this truck. Hawk tried the door again, increasingly desperate, yanking hard with the handle as he kicked with his feet.


Both doors had been pushed several inches further into their housing than they had been designed to go. And then, the metal roof had been folded downward on top of the door frames like a tin foil sheet around a hamburger for take-out. Except the hamburger was Hawk. Shattered glass from the imploded windows covered Hawk’s lap.

He slammed his foot into the roof, trying to bend it outward. But that only led to a loud BANG and more pain.

The two monsters were continuing to chatter. The one called Julia mused, “Who ever would have thought that meek little me would turn into a powerhouse that could demolish a biker gang all on her own?”

“You, on your own? No WAY.” The younger one – that Mindy – crossed her arms. “I did all the REAL work.”

“No you didn’t,” The Julia one replied. “I took down 48 of them!”

“The 48 EASY ones,” the one named Mindy taunted.

“Oh, you little brat!”

“Brat?!” The Mindy girl replied. “You’re going to pay for that!”

Hawk watched as the teenager hauled a five-hundred-pound motorcycle into the air, one handed, her alien muscles seemingly unaware that it was heavy. And then, the girl brought it down, with even more force, right on her friend.

WHAM – the thing smashed into the older woman.

But the powerfully-built Julia simply stood there, giggling, a look of contrived indignation on her face, completely unharmed. The crumpled bike and its many parts lay strewn across the ground.

“You meanie!” The Julia one fretted. Hawk watched her pick up a Harley Fat Boy and swing it like a baseball bat, smashing it into the girl.

Mindy hurtled through the air, laughing. Her trajectory was sent her directly toward Hawk. Before Hawk could brace himself, BAM – the girl’s flailing arm caught the cab as she rocketed by, sending the cab tumbling away.

By the time Hawk recovered enough to right himself, the Mindy girl was advancing toward her adversary, giggling. “You got me dirty!” She announced, kicking a motorcycle at her friend as though it were a soccer ball.

The chopper folded in half like a fortune cookie and rocketed at Julia.

Hawk watched as Julia stepped into the path of the huge projectile and caught it. And then, she tore the vehicle in half, alien-enhanced muscles pulling apart the steel as though it were soft dough. “I could play like this all day long,” the behemoth Julia bragged, holding one half of the motorcycle in each hand, then twirling them on one finger like a baton. “Wait. Do you think Hawk is losing blood?”

The teenager shrugged her shoulders. “Probably.”

“He’ll be no fun if he passes out,” that Julia pouted. “Should we get him?”

“Sure!” The teenager chirped innocently.

Hawk felt his skin go cold as he watched Mindy sashay towards the truck.

Don’t go down like a rat in a cage, Hawk thought. Fight to the end.

He threw himself into the door one last time, shoulder first. His shoulder exploded in pain, but nothing gave way. And in only moments, she was there.

For all the destruction the girl had dished out, not a trace of it was visible on her body. In the rear window of the cab appeared the girl’s sculpted calf muscle, its skin smooth and unscratched. The he saw her delicate-looking hand appear beside it. The girl was bending down, as if to pick up something weightless like a coin or tube of lipstick. Suddenly, Hawk felt the cab of the truck shift with a violent lurch, slamming him against the dashboard. A glance through the windshield revealed the terrifying truth: she had picked up the entire cab of the truck, one-handed, and was now carrying it easily back to her friend.

Every cell in his brain wanted to escape, but every muscle in his body knew it was impossible. His heart pounded hard in his chest as he awaited his fate.


Julia watched the teenager carry the cab of the truck across the parking lot to her. The ‘pillow fight’ with the motorcycles had shredded many of Mindy’s clothes, so the girl had liberated several articles of leather from men some of the larger men who no longer could stand.

The older woman could only marvel at the allure of Mindy’s walk. Her hips, wrapped tightly in an improvised, too-short leather mini skirt, swayed with a steady, unbroken rhythm even as she picked her way smoothly between the damaged bodies that littered the parking lot, even as she carried several tons of truck in one hand. Her chest was too big for the leather jacket she had now acquired, and so it hung open, its unzipped panels forming a frame around the perfect picture of the girl’s torso: huge, pert breasts barely contained by the shredded flannel of her shirt, flawless skin coating a six pack that was thicker than many men's biceps.

And above this, eye popping display, a face perfectly proportioned and entirely untarnished by the brawl. It was drawn into a playful smirk, dominant and inviting at the same time. The girl simply radiated sex appeal. Julia almost felt as though her heart was thumping in time to the graceful sway of the girl’s hips.

CRUNCH. Mindy had deposited the cab of the truck roughly on the ground, at Julia’s feet, like an oversized gift box. Inside was her human present.

Julia watched with curiosity as Hawk tried to open the doors, first using his hands, then throwing his body into it, then kicking. She could only giggle at how weak these men now seemed, that his entire body was incapable of a task that would require only a single flick of her hand.


Hawk watched Mindy yank the door of the cab, the force of her hand deforming it like a bed sheet being pinched and then lifted. In an instant, the door snapped, the hinges exploding like they were nothing more than toothpicks. He felt the cab shift and rise: the girl was holding the entire thing high above her head. It shifted again, the open door now facing straight down at the ground, ten or eleven feet below him.

Then, all of Hawk’s surroundings rattled violently, like a giant salt shaker. He tried to maintain his grip but it was pointless. He felt his body tumbling out and then – SLAM – collided with the ground with agonizing force.

He tried to stand, but instead collapsed, his eyes only inches from her manicured toenails. With trepidation, Hawk turned his head upward, his gaze traveling past the thick balls of her calves, up her massive thighs, and then up, and up, and up the pillar of muscle, until he met her eyes full of teenage arrogance. But also, so full of power.

“I’m bored,” she complained. “Let’s kill him.”

Hawk’s skin went clammy. His chest clenched. Oh, fuck.

He heard something behind him and turned. The two immense columns of muscle that formed the other woman’s legs were shifting: Julia had sunk down to her haunches to examine him.

Hawk searched the Julia woman’s expression for clues of his impending fate. But all he saw in her face was an unsettling sort of perfection. Nose perfectly straight. Eyes without a single bloodshot vessel. Teeth perfectly white. Unlike her friend, Julia had always spoken and carried herself like an adult woman. But where were the crows feet? Where were the freckles, moles and blemishes that came with age? Her appearance was that of a college-age girl in her sexual prime. No, it was more than even that. Her appearance was perfect in a way that no human’s should be.

The fact that her body could shrug off not just the punches of his brothers, but also the effects of time itself, made the woman doubling disturbing. It was as though she were unaccountable to the laws that the rest of the universe had to follow. And if her body was this unregulated, what about her mind?

“Killing you.” Julia brought a hand to her chin in thought. “The idea does have its appeal, Hawk. If we let you live, I have no doubt that you would waste no time putting your little empire back on its feet the first chance you get. And I can’t have that. I want to enjoy myself a little bit, go to the beach and stuff, without having to babysit this defenseless little community. So I need a way to know that you’re not going to come back and terrorize this bartender, that you’re not going to shove a bunch of prescription drugs into the hands of someone who should not have them. And ending your worthless little life seems so much more convenient than interrupting my beach vacation.”

“I’ll pay you off. I’ll pay you anything,” Hawk gurgled. A few broken teeth decided to tumble out of his mouth with his speech. “We could even go into business together. My connections, your power – we would be unstoppable.”

“Ha!” Julia laughed as she stood, her body now a horrifying tower of muscle. “We girls already are unstoppable. If we wanted to run some sort of disgusting criminal enterprise, it would dwarf whatever you could possibly imagine. And we wouldn’t need your pathetic ass to help us.”

But the monstrous girl named Mindy did not join in the laughter. She placed a bare foot under his chin and tilted his head back, as if she were dislodging a small rock on the ground to see what was underneath. She tilted her head slowly, appraising him with all of the empathy one would normally reserve for a worm.

“Pay us… money,” the girl said studiously. “He may be onto something Jules. We can take his money. All of it. They taught us that in MMP. Depriving them of resources is more effective than any other kind of control.”

The sense of dread in Hawk’s gut doubled. If ever there were a fate worse than death, it was this. No money, left with nothing but an endless list of enemies and no gang to defend him. He would live the rest of his life on the run, constantly in fear. This girl seemed to take pride in being a monster.

“That’s a good idea,” the older one agreed. “Where’s the money, Hawk?”

“I’ll never tell you.”

“Should I tear one of his fingers off?” the girl asked.

Hawk’s mouth went dry.

“Not yet,” Julia sauntered over to a parked car.

Hawk watched her notch a foot under the front bumper and kick that end of the car upward, as if it were little more than a broomstick. She then picked up the vehicle by the axle – one handed – and walked casually back to him. He began to rise from the ground. But she placed one foot on his sternum and slammed his chest back into the ground, so hard that the blue sky filling his vision also had stars in it.

“I think you’ll find this fairly distressing,” the woman said as if everything to this point were not.

Or, at least, Hawk thought she said it. Her really wasn’t listening anymore, because she was in the process of lowering the vertically oriented car onto his nuts.

“Several tons, Hawk. Sitting right above your squishy little sex organs. Doesn’t that make you a little bit nervous?”

Hawk felt the mass press into his manhood. He tried to contain his fear.

“Tell me where the money is, Hawk, or I’ll let go.”

The car filled hawk’s vision. It blotted out the sun. So much weight – how could an arm of flesh and blood hold it so easily? The car descended, digging painfully into his groin. Hawk gulped for air, the panic setting in.

“Do you think I might drop it by accident?” The woman asked in a sing-song voice. “Or lose track of how high I should be holding it?”

Her arm shifted. Hawk felt the bumper sliding up his abdomen, pressing a painful furrow into his soft flesh as it moved.

Hawk heard Mindy’s voice chime in. “Break a few of his ribs. I love the sound of their little chests snapping.”

“Cool…” Julia said softly as the car came to rest on his sternum. “I think I’ll do them one at a time.”

He suddenly felt an enormous pressure and then – POP – a pain shooting through his ribcage. Then more enormous pressure, and then, UGGGGHH, another POP. The monster was slowly destroying him.

“You see, Hawk, having this sort of power is, well, intoxicating. It creates an EXPECTATION – an expectation that a girl can get whatever she wants. And then, when the girl doesn’t get it, she finds that…well, annoying.”

The tip of the bumper scraped across his chest until it was on his sternum. Pressure built. He couldn’t get a full breath in. He tried to control his fear.

“Hawkie here isn’t talking. He’s just making it worse for himself,” Julia observed.

The car lowered itself further onto his sternum, squeezing his lungs closed. Instinct took over. He put his hands on the bumper and pushed upward with all his might.

The air filled with female laugher, dulcet voices backed by hideous strength.

“Seriously, little man?” Mindy chided.

The car lowered itself even further. Hawk couldn’t move his lungs at all. Total panic set in.

“The way I see it, your boys tried to KILL me and my friend here.” Julia’s voice was carefree. “Little did they know that they would have had a better chance against a column of battle tanks. But it’s the THOUGHT that counts, Hawkie, and the thought makes me pretty upset. I would think that I DESERVE to take everything you own after such a disrespect. Do you agree? Or would you rather I just crushed your ribcage like a grape?”

Hawk tried to say something, but there was no air in his lungs anymore. His mouth produced only spittle.

“Nothing to say, Hawk? That’s a shame. Guess it’s the ribcage.”

The car sank even further.

As blackness conquered the edges of his vision, Hawk mouthed, “OK.”

And he pointed at the safe.


“By the light of both fucking moons, Hawk, really?” The Julia woman seemed aghast.

Hawk watched the females follow the line of his pointing finger to a dilapidated house on the ridgeline, only a hundred yards from the bar.

“You stashed it here?” She continued. “Within sight of the bar where you idiots hang out all the time?”

“No, no, no, no…” Hawk mumbled his regret as he tried, and failed, to sit up.

“So THAT’s why you guys are here all the time,” Julia announced. “This area is your ATM machine. You can come and go all night long and never raise suspicion.”

Hawk watched Julia toss the car aside – toss it, like a toy! It landed with a BOOM.

“Mindy, would you do the honors?”

“Gladly.” The girl bent her legs and launched skyward, landing one hundred yards away with ease. The roof of the shack caved around the girl when she entered it like a missle. And then the wall exploded into shards of plank and plaster as Mindy walked through it, a large cubical safe on her shoulder.

Hawk’s regret only grew as the girl returned at an easy gait with the safe on her shoulder. It was one thing that his guys had been beaten up. They would heal. But it was another thing entirely that they had found the money. If they managed to get the combination, his entire empire – everything he had built – was over.

When she arrived back in the parking lot, Mindy handed the safe to Julia. “I didn’t find any money. There was just this stupid boy box.”

“That’s what they call safes where she comes from,” Julia volunteered. “Boys are the only ones who can’t get into them.”

Hawk watched in growing horror as the Julia woman splayed her fingers wide and then sank them into the thick steel walls of the safe. It was like she was sticking her fingers in a block of jello rather than a block of steel.

Then, the safe emitted an unearthly groan, like nothing he had ever heard. She was separating her hands with her absurd strength, pulling the steel apart as though she were simply opening a cushion. Hawk stared at her muscles and wondered what sort of nightmarish magic could make them so strong.

The Julia woman reached in, pulled out a few large bricks of hundred-dollar bills, and whistled. “Looks like we got it all.”

No, he fumed. It was HIS money. HIS gang. And nobody, nobdy fucked with them. The bravado that had made Hawk the leader of this dangerous crew resurfaced inside of him. Hawk slid carefully away from the distracted pair, and with cat-like precision, stood and backed silently to his parked chopper.

The chopper had a gun in one of the saddlebags. Hawk extracted it carefully. When he raised the gun, his arm was shaking. He used hatred to steady it.

Julia turned with only a raised eyebrow, unsurprised and unimpressed.

“You must have been stuck in the truck cab when your buddies tried this. Pull that trigger, Hawk, and I will destroy you. I swear it.”

“I’m good on the destruction part. That’s what I had in mind for you, too.”

The Julia figure was closest so he would take her out first.


When the smoke began to clear, Hawk peered through to observe the result. No, he thought. No, no, no – It couldn’t be.


Julia had seen Mindy take more than a few bullets only moments earlier. But it was no comparison to the thrill of being shot directly. Julia watched the flash of the muzzle, the disturbance in the air, and instinctively braced for the pain of the projectile tearing into her. But, of course, the pain never came. When the high-caliber bullets crumpled against her, it felt like nothing more than being poked with the eraser end of a pencil.

“So fucking cool,” Julia whispered to herself, her enhanced motor skills allowing her to snag the slugs out of the air after they ricocheted off her body. She marveled as how they had formed little zig-zags upon impact, as though they were hitting something harder than iron. And they had. She closed her hand gently around them, deciding to keep them as souvenirs of her very first time being shot. Then she rubbed the black residue off her abdominal muscles finding only smooth peach fuzz underneath.

When she looked up, she saw the disbelief in Hawk’s eyes. Her cheeks flushed with the thrill of the moment. For all intents and purposes, she was invincible.

The man stared at his gun. “It … how …?”

“How does that feel, Hawk – to see everything you have, everything you are, destroyed in only a few minutes?” Julia held up a brick of money. “Maybe I’ll burn it, just for the fun of watching you cry.”

Hawk just shook his head slightly in a slow, listless motion. “No… no… no…” he whispered.

“Fascinating,” Mindy said, peering at him as though he were a lab rat. “We never see this stage back home.”

“See what?”

“Denial. I learned about it in MMP class but never saw it for myself. When all the men in your world have no ego, then there’s nothing ever to get over. But Hawk here actually thought that he was going to amount to something, so now that we’re destroying his future, he’s all pouty. It’s really cool to watch.”

“Is that what you are, Hawkie?”. Julia taunted. “Big egotistical man, in denial? Come on Hawk, you can say intelligible stuff again. It’s not like there is a car on your tiny little pea-sized nuts.”

“Fuck you.”

“Did I hear that right?” Julia said.

“Fuck you,” he repeated. He had raised the gun again. In the distance, Julia could hear the wail of police sirens.

“Oh wait, I think this is supposed to come after denial. The second stage of the grief cycle is ang—“

BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM. Hawk was unloading the whole clip now, with the predictable result. Julia could only giggle as the high-caliber ammunition pinged off of her. She practiced turning her body this way and that, seeing how the impacts felt on her breast, her face, the palms of her hands. She experimented with flexing her abs, too, watching eight perfect half domes, far harder than rock, form across her tummy. One of the bullets hit one of those hardened domes, producing a loud PING as it ricocheted off at high velocity. Hawk let out and OOFF and crumpled back to the ground. He was clutching his side.

“Did you just get hit by your own bullet?” Mindy asked. “That’s a new level of pathetic.”

In the distance, Julia could hear the sirens grew louder.

Clutching his side, Hawk stumbled back to his chopper. Sirens could be heard in the distance. He swung a leg on board, still awkwardly clutching his side.

“Stay, Hawk,” Julia said. “You need to get that boo-boo looked at. Ask for an ambulance.”

But Hawk didn’t seem to listen. “Stay the fuck away from me,” he growled as he revved his engine.

With a cloud of dust and a roar, the motorcycle carried the man into the distance. He rode with his torso bent to one side.

“Men,” Julia whispered in resignation.

“Men!” Mindy whispered in delight, as the sheriff's deputies got out of their cars.

The deputies came out with their guns drawn, a sight that would have been frightening to the old Julia but was de rigueur for the new one.

The parking lot with the hundred groaning gang members was not even visible from here. But the destruction of the truck and the safe, the overturned car – there was plenty to cause a cop concern.

“Don’t move!” one of them shouted.

A second of the deputies, reached for the radio on his shoulder. “We may need some backup-here. Stand by.”

“Don’t break any of these men,” Julia instructed her friend.

“I didn’t plan to. They’re hot.” Mindy announced, motioning toward the front of the car.

Mindy was right. Recently showered, clean shaven men who didn’t sport beer-stained clothing and tobacco-stained teeth was a welcome improvement over their previous company.

“…and I’m horny,” the girl added, as if that ever weren’t the case.

But Julia wasn't one to criticize. The sight of these men set off a small eruption of need in Julia. The horniness she had felt as a teenager was nothing compared to this.

“I said, don’t move!” The deputy repeated, clearly unnerved by Mindy’s uncowed attitude, but the fact that she was sauntering toward him so casually.

“Do you want any?” Mindy called back to her friend.

“I’m saving myself for Howard.”

“Fine. More for me.”

Julia watched with amusement as the deputies’ arms began to wobble. The sweet smell of Mindy’s pheromones had flooded the area. The mouths of the men sagged open. Two of them dropped to their knees, too unsteady to stand. Guns clattered to the ground, forgotten.

A smirk crossed Mindy’s face. The girl had reduced three grown men to trembling messes all without raising a hand.

Mindy could have done that to Hawk and Butch, too, Julia realized. She let that scene in the bar deteriorate into a fistfight not because she had to, but because she wanted to. She wanted to see me destroy those men. Criminal gangs, law enforcement – they were all just entertainment for her.

Mindy approached the deputy with the radio. With one hand, she rand a finger down the front of his shirt, popping the buttons and rending the undershirt as she went. She spread her hands over his bare chest, seeming to enjoy the feeling of his tiny pectorals beneath her fingers. Then that hand gently cupped his rear end and lifted him towards her. With the other hand, she placed two fingers under his chin and invited his trembling lips to approach hers. She closed her eyes and inhaled, as though he were a delicacy to be consumed. Her kiss was supple and and assertive, conquering his mouth, pulling his lips into hers before releasing them.

“Are there only three of you?” She asked.

He nodded.

She guided his hand to the radio on his shoulder. “You’d better call in that backup.”


The cackle of the campfire, at that moment, was the only sound to fill the night sky. Julia lay on her back, hands laced behind her head like a pillow, watching the dance of orange light on the towering trunks of pine and the three sheriff department cruisers parked beneath them. The momentary silence was a relief – the first such silence Mindy had allowed.

But it didn’t last long. Mindy had discarded her fifth man and moved on to her sixth.

“MMMMMmmmmmm,” she moaned as she slid herself down his manhood, rendered rock-hard by her beauty and her pheromones. Sargent Johnson’s shoulder patch said “Protect & Serve”, but right now he seemed to be entirely devoted only to the latter.

The way Mindy played with these deputies was unlike any sex Julia had ever known. The men would start off fresh, trying to keep up with Mindy’s pace or even drive it. They would reach up to bury their little hands in her huge breasts or dig at the iron spheres of her derriere with their feeble finger muscles. But sex with the Nouished was like a breakneck sprint – one that never ended. After only five or ten minutes, the man’s stamina would begin to wane and smoothly, effortlessly, the girl’s pheromones would take over. Even as his eyes rolled back into his head, his body would pound away in sync with hers – the inferior organism obeying whatever the superior one needed. Mindy would ride him in this way – blissful smile on her face – until his body began to quiver with life-threatening levels of exhaustion. Then, with an expertise that belied her tender years, the girl would coax the seventh or eight ejaculation out of him before discarding him for a fresh man.

“Are you sure you don’t want one, Jules?” The girl held her partner’s radio by the cord. “Or a few? We can order as many as you like.”

“I’m good thanks.”

But Julia wasn’t. Sergeant Johnson’s johnson was getting the ride of its life, and the man attached to it was moaning with unabashed rapture. The exclamations of his weak little male voice sent shivers through Julia. She jammed her thumb into her thigh to create some distracting discomfort. Her need for men was now as great as her muscles were strong.

Mindy slowed the pistoning of her hips into a smooth rhythm as the man shuddered, his body on the verge of jetting more of himself into her. “Oh… here comes another… Oh… Oh… Oh yeaaaaaaa…”

Julia tried to ignore the couple’s delighted squeals. She tried counting stars – first a thousand, then two thousand. Then she powered up her telescopic vision and the number of stars visible exploded. In less than a minute she had cataloged 2,138,684 stars in her supercharged memory. She noted the Andromeda and Whirlpool and several dozen other galaxies far too faint for the male eye to see. It was no use. She needed Howard’s touch so bad that it hurt. She bit her lip so hard that it drew a tear from her eye.

After an hour-long marathon tryst that would have left some men with heart attacks, Mindy’s partner finally collapsed. The girl laid his head on the forest floor, gently, and then rose herself with a single languid motion. A slurp sound announced the extraction of his manhood from her body.

As the girl rose, Julia was surprised to see that the innermost portions of Mindy’s thights were clean: not a single drop of cum, wandered down them. Six partners with seven or eight ejaculations a piece, and her body had captured it all. It was almost as if her body was actively drinking up what these men had to offer.

Mindy circled the campfire and lay down alongside Julia.

“Ahhhh…”. The girl laced her fingers behind her head and joined the older woman in gazing at the stars above. “That hit the spot. The men here – their juice tastes different than the juice from the men back home. Not better or worse, just different. Like a fine wine of a slightly different vintage. It’s wonderful. I’m glad you brought me along.”

“For a girl who hates men, you sure seem to enjoy making love to them.”

“Not making love,” Mindy clarified. “Having sex. Their cum is fucking liquid heaven. But the rest of them I can do without.”

“Because they are weaker?”

Mindy rolled onto her side, toward Julia, their bodies so close that Julia could feel the heat. In Mindy’s hand was a knife— something she had clearly confiscated from one of the bikers.

“Yes, because they are weaker…” She undid the knot of Julia’s shirt and slid the knife over Julia’s bare breast. “… and weakness is beneath us.”

Julia watched the point of the knife dance across her breast. When it found her nipple, Mindy began pressing the point of the blade downward with a hundred pounds of force. Julia hitched her breath and felt her nipple thicken in reply. An assault that would have easily impaled a man felt SO good to her!

Julia’s body wanted so much more pressure from Mindy than she was applying. Julia felt her back arch sharply driving her nipple up into the blade. A hundred pounds of pressure became several hundred more. She shuddered with need. She arched her back further, only to feel Mindy ease away. The girl was being the worst sort of tease.

“Please…” Julia’s voice cooed of its own accord.

Mindy finally relented, the tendons of her arm flaring slightly as the gentle touch of the knife point increased to a thousand-pound driving force.

“Mmmmm… uuuggggghh…” Julia moaned, her body yearning for so much more.

It was surely a high quality blade – colored grey with some sort of carbonization process to make it all the stronger. But trapped between the superhuman force of Mindy’s arm and Julia’s harder than granite body, it was only a matter of seconds before the carbonized steel shattered with a SNAP. It left Julia wanting so much more.

“Now…” Mindy whispered, “…see how much better it feels coming from another woman.” Her lips fastened onto Julia’s shot glass nubs. Teeth far stronger than any earth blade nibbled at her flesh the way that no earth blade could. Then came the suction – easily enough to bend sheet metal into a wad, but so, so pleasant for Julia.


She felt the warmth of Mindy’s breath on her ear.

“You’re sweating,” Mindy observed. “And it’s a chilly night. Your deserve more than what you’re giving yourself.”

She felt the girl’s arm burrow under the small of Julia’s back. And she felt the pleasant crush of their bodies being pulled together.

She heard a tiny POP. A plastic button on one of their shirts had somehow wound up sandwiched between the girls’ breasts. The softest parts of their bodies were crushing together with such force that there was no chance even for the tiny disc of plastic to stay whole: it had shattered under the pressure.

Then, she felt a pressure between her legs, accompanied by the sound of thread breaking. Mindy had poked a finger through the crotch of her denim shorts, rupturing the material, and then pressed her finger into the hood of Julia’s engorged clitoris. Julia gasped— it felt SO,SO good.

“We shouldn’t,” Julia breathed in protest. “We can’t. There’s still Howard.”

“Ugggh,” Mindy groaned in exasperation, rolling away. She reached into the service belt of a slumbering deputy and extracted his gun— a semi-automatic pistol. “If you won’t let me touch you, then at least let me use a toy on you.”

Julia let out a gasp as she felt the barrel of the gun part her nether lips. The anticipation thrilled her. The instinctive fear – built up over the years of vulnerability to bullets – only heightened the thrill that coursed through her. Her heart pounded harder and harder.

She felt the muzzle linger at the entrance to her womanhood, the front sight digging into her clitoris. Julia exhaled a soft moan and undulated her body into the gun, only to have Mindy pull it back.

“You bitch…” Julia moaned, her voice deep with want and the affection.

“No,” Mindy whispered, “YOUR bitch.”

Julia felt the barrel of the weapon slide into her now, in one even thrust. The barrel was nice and long. Julia thrilled at the sensation of it burrowing into her. The irregularities of the gun’s surface, rather than discomfort Julia’s insides, only further enticed her. She could feel the shape of the object in breathtaking detail – every notch, every protrusion, every texture was visible in her mind’s eye. Mindy was holding the gun upside down, the bottom of the handle grip pointed at the night sky.

Without thinking, Julia bucked her hips and felt the trigger guard come up against her clitoris. An orgasm shot through her body. “Uuugggghhh,” Julia groaned. It had always been a sensitive part of her body, but the number of nerve endings she used to have down there paled in comparison to what she had now. Her unthinking hand found the handle grip and pulled the gun into her.

The trigger guard – a simple strip of steel – jammed into her much harder clit. Another orgasm coursed through her body as the device crumpled under the pressure.

From with the trigger’s protection gone, the pressure of her body instantly depressed the trigger. THUD THUD THUD THUD, the gun went as it buried bullets deep inside of her. Mindy had tilted the muzzle upward as the semiautomatic began to fire, so all of that fire power went into her G-spot.

And it was amazing. “Oh my god Mindy, oh my gooouuuuuuhhhhhddd.” Orgasm after orgasm thundered across her body as bullet after bullet flattened itself against her most sensitive inner parts. Julia looked down to see the hand grip of the gun, and even mindy’s wrist coated with the thick juices her body not jetted with ecstatic abandon. Explosive, divine – Julia’s orgasm-addled brain couldn’t even find the words.

She came again, and again, her new body’s capacity for sexual pleasure so far outstripping the old one, it was like the difference between night and day.

“Oh wow oh wow oh wow,” Julia muttered as she felt the gun leave her body.

For all the fullness she had felt when the gun was inside of her, the emptiness was greater. The orgasms had been immense, but something deeper and richer had been missing.

Mindy held the gun between thumb and forefinger. “Shit, girl.”

The barrell had been crushed, like a depleted tube of toothpaste. A thick coating of Julia’s juices oozed down its length.

Julia‘s chest heaved for air. “My insides did that?”

Mindy turned the object slowly. In addition to being crushed, the barrel had also been lengthened by the brutality of extracting it from her needful body. “Uh-huh. Every girl needs a regular supply of cock,” Mindy announced factually. “And your body is pissed off that it’s getting any.”

Mindy folded the gun in half, and then half again, the metal groaning in pointless protest at her overwhelming strength until it was shaped like a ball.

“I can’t wait to see what happens when your little brat of a boyfriend finally does make love to you. Your body is so starved, you’re probably going to destroy the guy.”


It wasn’t too long after that Julia found herself walking the woods alone. Mindy was going yet another round with her law enforcement boys, and the need that provoked in Julia was too much to bear.

In the quiet of the woods, she heard an odd whine – a motor of some sort, but running too fast.

Julia decided to check it out. An easy fifty-mile-per-hour jog down the darkened rural roads brought her to the noise pretty quickly.

It was Hawk. He was pinned under his own bike, which was still running. His face was white as the Weald’s larger moon. His eyes were unfocused, distant.

She picked the five-hundred-pound bike off him gingerly, cut the engine, and set it aside. The bike was pretty banged up, a sign of the severity of his accident. His limbs trembled uselessly.

“Hawk, it’s Julia,” she said softly.

“I went off the road. I think.” He grunted, his eyes unfocused. “I’m not sure. I was riding away from you when everything went blurry.”

The wetness surrounding his entry wound glistened in the moonlight. “I told you to wait for the ambulance, Hawk. You’ve lost a lot of blood.”

“Is it pitch black out?”


“There’s blackness for me. Only blackness. We both know what that means.”

“I’m sorry.” Julia found herself running fingers through his hair, the way she did with Howard.

“I did it to myself. My bullet. Doesn’t mean you’re not a bitch.” His arm flooped to the side, as if the lifelessness was starting at his fingertips and working its way inward. “You said that you’d destroy me if I pulled the trigger. I guess you were right.”

I didn’t mean for the bullet to ricochet the way it did, Julia wanted to say. She had thought that her body was hard as iron, but in fact it was harder – hard enough to repel a bullet at nearly full force, perhaps harder than anything on earth. It would be little consolation to a man whose flesh was so easily punctured.

“Are you going to use the money for charity?” he rasped.

“I hadn’t thought about it. When I said it, I was mostly just trying to piss you off.”

“You should use it for charity. I think that’s a good idea.”

He coughed. Blood came out. They both knew what that meant.

“And there’s one more thing, too. In the shed behind my house you’ll find two choppers. Vintage. Beauties. The chrome gleams. Their my babies, or …” he coughed “…as close to babies as a guy like me gets. Make sure they wind up in good hands, OK?”

“OK, Hawk, I will.” She stroked his hair again. “I never would have pegged you as a guy who could be so selfless.”

Hawk expelled only a few more words before slumping over. “Men can change, once they run out of other options.”


“That should do it,” Julia announced as she exited Hawk’s house.

All of the affairs of the deceased had been rearranged by Julia’s lightning fast brain. His password had been remarkably easy to hack – at least, for her.

The next time he checked his bank account, bartender would mysteriously find enough money to open the restaurant of his dreams. A few local charities were on their way to discovering that they, too, had received unexpected gifts. And the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation would soon open its agency inbox to find a comprehensive detailing the evidence against each of Hawk’s lieutenants and suppliers, documented by the extensive records Hawk himself kept on his home computer. The only task that remained was to make good on his final wish.

“The authorities will rule it a suicide,” Julia announced. “His little empire in ruins, one bullet in his gut, matched to his own gun, with only his fingerprints on the handle.”

“It WAS a suicide,” Mindy clarified. “He fired a projectile at your abs.”

“He didn’t know they were harder than titanium. Everything here seems so fragile to me now. Did you find the bikes?”

Mindy motioned down a dirt path. “I’ll show you.”

The carefree chirping of the birds at dawn heralded the ladies’ traverse of the property owned by the dead man. When they had traveled the Kentucky roads out to Hawk’s property, Mindy and Julia had done it at a speed that would have earned them speeding tickets two times over, not that there was even a single police car on earth that could catch them. But now that they were traversing the residence of the deceased, Julia found herself walking on cat’s paws.

As their feet continued to crunch through the gravel. Julia worked up the courage to ask a question that had been bothering her.

“Mindy, last night, with the gun…”

“You mean, the sex toy?”

“… my body completely destroyed it. How could any man survive that? Am I just doomed to destroy every man who comes into contact with me?”

“Normally, no. Your body knows the difference between a blob of steel and a man. His smell, his warmth, the chemicals on the surface of his skin – your body senses all of that and knows that it is touching the real thing. That causes your body to relax – not just your vaginal muscles, but all of your muscles. With all of the guys I’ve played with, I’ve broken a pelvis only twice.”

“That’s reassuring. I think.”

“The problem is that you have abstained so fucking long. There are limits to how restrained your body can be. Once you finally do make love to Howard, I wouldn’t be surprised if you worked him to death. Not that I’d mind.”

“Your empathy is heartwarming.”

They arrived at the deceased’s barn. “For once, we can walk through a door without having to duck,” Mindy said as she drew the barn doors back.

“He had more than just one or two of these things, didn’t he?” Julia said, crossing her arms.

Mindy nodded as she looked over the assemblage of motorcycles. “Five complete ones, and then lots of parts. And that doesn’t include the bike he crashed. I found the manuals while you were working on the computer. They were interesting, actually.”

“Did you read them?”

The girl nodded. “They were only about five hundred pages combined.”

“You? Learning, in your free time?”

“I know, pretty fucked up, right? But it was actually interesting. Bikes here on Earth on much better than what we make in the Weald. See, take a look at this.” Mindy picked up a well-worn, older bike, its bulk appearing diminutive in the hands of the massive girl. She rested it on the hood of a dilapidated pickup truck. Then, she dug her fingers into the bike’s engine block, her fingers driving easily into the thick steel, and separated the block like the wedges of a tangerine. “These here are compressors that turbocharge the engine. These here are fuel injectors, which are much more efficient than the carburetors our world uses.” Mindy’s nails slices into more steel before her fingers peeled it away. “And these spark plugs here – much more accurate than the ones we have on the Weald.”

“That’s strange that the Weald would be less advanced. It’s not as though the Weald is deficient in other technologies. Computers, for example, on the Weald they seem every bit as advanced as what we have on Earth.”

Mindy shrugged. “Computers are really a women’s product. We buy them for our own use and we let our men play with them on the side. But a motorcycle —would I ever by something that can go 150, when it feels so much better just to run 200? The only reason a woman would buy one is for her man— so that he could do errands for her, follow her around on an outing, that sort of thing.”

“But even so,” Julia objected, “in a world where there are ten times as many men as women – that’s a huge market! That would seem to create a huge incentive to produce a great product. If I had a harem, I’d want my men to have the independence to travel around a bit, and be safe as they did it. Buying a dozen quality bikes would seem a great alternative to buying a half dozen male-oriented cars.”

Mindy seemed to think about this, flipping the bike in her hands as though it were a playing card rather than an object weighing hundreds of pounds.

“It’s hard for us to relate to the needs of the weak,” the girl concluded. “You could explain all the safety differences to my mom, for example, and she’d understand safety conceptually. But if you asked her what she was excited about spending money on, she’d mention jewelry, maybe a helicopter. She would never get emotionally excited about replacing the harem bikes with better models. They move so slowly – you’re just replacing one version of pathetic with another.”

By now the rising sun had angled itself into the barn. Mindy wore only a tube top and skirt she had fashioned out of the clothing of the defeated bikers. The sun coursed over the thick triangles of her neck, the rounded domes of her shoulders.

“And if my mom give a shit,” Mindy continued with her usual delicacy, “imagine how the people that run the bike companies feel. I mean, the companies that make the bikes, the agencies that regulate them, the investors that fund the companies – they are all run by women.”

The bike made a groaning sound as Mindy tore it in half, the steel quickly giving way to her hard-than-steel muscles. Tossing the rear half away, she focused Julia’s attention on the front. “Here, look – these are anti-lock brakes, which help the bike stop safely on slick surfaces. Because when a motorcycle crashes, the man can get hurt,” Mindy pointed out helpfully, as if this were somehow new information to Julia. “And here…” Mindy tapped the center of the handlebars. An airbag exploded out with a POW. “These cushion the blow of his body against the machine, which also reduces injury. They’re called airbags. That’s pretty cool. This world has done some really clever shit to cope with how fragile men are.”

For this first time since Julia had known her, Mindy was talking in a way that was serious, deliberate, almost somber.

“For a girl that doesn’t like men, you have an admirable level of interest in male safety on the road.”

Oddly, the girl didn’t answer, and appeared deep in thought. She brought her thick arms together, the steel groaning as it collapsed. She turned the deformed object end-over-end and pressed again, the warmth of the steel now palpable as it was deformed repeatedly by the girl’s insane strength, until all that remained was a ball. “I guess we all have our obsessions,” the girl finally answered.

Julia knew it was time to leave. She could feel the dearth of Nourishment in her system, and it was a hunger that would only continue to grow. “Which were the bikes Hawk wanted us to find a home for?”

“Probably these over here.” Mindy lifted a sheet, revealing to two vehicles. Their chrome, perfectly polished, glistened in the pink hues of dawn. She picked the bikes up, one four-hundred-pound chopper in each hand, and handed one to Julia.

“They’re beautiful.” Julia held the bike at arms length and turned it over slowly, as if it were a four-hundred-pound jewel.

Julia had never given a serious look at a bike before. But this object was a sight to behold. I was pained a rich, sparkling red, like a ruby. Mundane components such as the exhaust system and the gas tank were cast in flowing, voluptuous lines. The seat, the fenders and even the engine had the organic curvature of swollen muscles. It was a powerful machine, at least for a man, but a stunning one too.

“Howard had always talked about getting one, but he had never pulled the trigger on a purchase.” Julia admitted.

“It looks like Hawk pulled the trigger for him. You should bring it back. Maybe it will give Howard an excuse to go away for a bit rather than just sit around our house and pout.”

“Yes, he might enjoy having it – a chance to explore, to get some time alone from the Nourished when he needs it, maybe to feel like he’s got some power at his own fingertips. I can always bring it with us back to Earth when we return. And what about you, Mindy? Is there a special man in your life that might appreciate such a refined machine?”

The girl seemed to consider the work of power and sculpture in her hand. It’s blue and silver color scheme was as understated as the machine was powerful. The light of the rising sun slid down the swells of chrome as she turned it. “Yes, I suppose there is. I’ll bring it to him as a gift.”

On the floor of the shed, Julia found a thick chain with links the size of eggs. She measured a six-foot length, gave it a quick tug and snapped it apart. Then, she attached the length to each end of the bike and fusing the links back together by hand where needed. She then slung the bike diagonally across her back, with the chain crossing her chest like the strap of a messenger bag. She had wondered whether the chain would dig uncomfortably into her flesh, but her iron-hard body found it no less comfortable than it would have found a small purse.

Once they had done the same for Mindy, they were ready to go.

“What did you think of my home planet?” Julia asked as the pair made their way through the woods.

“It’s stupid. I can’t see how you’d want to live on a planet where you’re weaker than men when you could easily live in a place where you’re hundreds of times stronger. Are you seriously thinking of coming back here?”

“Not for a while. Perhaps a few years.” Julia hadn’t realized that she had made the decision until the words were out of her mouth. This trip wasn’t a scouting trip any more. It wasn’t laying the groundwork for a return. Rather it was a reminder why she didn’t want to return.

“And what about your little man?”

“If a thug like Hawk can change, then Howard can too.”

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