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Superstarter, Part 3

Written by HikerAngel :: [Thursday, 26 December 2019 17:36] Last updated by :: [Monday, 03 February 2020 17:16]

Superstarter, Part 3

by HikerAngel

Thanks again to ElF for all of the editing help!

Hannah arched her back in ecstasy at the massive flow of power that entered her body this time, significantly more than in the first round. No pain accompanied the pleasure as it had the first time, perhaps the effect of her invulnerability power that she hadn’t had prior to the last power-up.

As her top fluttered in the wind, she relaxed, then realized that she was floating several meters above her platform. God, how she loved the flying thing! She did a somersault in the air to look at the massive screen behind her. The voters had seen how hard she worked last week, right? They would reward her for her efforts, wouldn’t they?

They had… but a seed of anger formed in the pit of her stomach when she saw how much more they had rewarded Serena. After the second round, the standings were:























Laser Eyes




X-Ray Eyes











































Laser Eyes




X-Ray Eyes




















Serena glanced over to Hannah as she felt the younger girl’s growing fury radiating from her like a fireball… but was instantly distracted by how exquisitely beautiful the girl was becoming—and the power flowing into her.

Hannah’s ultra-fit body was clearly becoming ultra-sexy to match, stretching her clothes in all the right places. Her face was another level of stunning, huge cobalt eyes shining glassy with tears, over elegantly spellbinding cheekbones, with matchless ruby lips set in a frown.

Serena wanted to use her X-ray eyes to see through the girl’s clothes to check out exactlyhow luscious Hannah’s body had become with the latest transformation, but the disturbingly angry thoughts coming from the girl proved too great a distraction.

Hannah’s thoughts were dark. She was strong, yes, and fairly tough, but she couldn’t help but think of most of her other powers, sitting at under 100. Pathetic! PATHETIC!!!

Why didn’t the voters want her to be all around powerful? She might be as strong as Galaxy Girl, but what good would that do if the superheroine could run or fly circles around her, hammering her before Hannah could react? Worse yet, what would happen if she tried to take on a supervillain that could do the same? PATHETIC! That’s what she was. She was no superhero. She was a pretender. A wannabe. A never-was.

Hannah’s emotions were a whirlwind, and her fury turned suddenly into despair. Breaking into sobs, Hannah flew off the podium to the stadium entrance, stalking off in a desperate fury. She needed POWER!!! How could she make the people want to give it to her? There was no way she could train away the kind of discrepancy that existed between her and the premier heroes, or even the disparity between her and Serena. It was hopeless.

Serena’s eyes turned to Ultraman, who looked slightly concerned at Hannah’s behavior, but he simply shrugged. Serena’s look betrayed her fear for a moment before she tucked it under a veneer of smug confidence.

After the latest ceremony, Serena enjoyed her new speed as she rocketed back to the stadium entrance looking for Hannah. The blonde, however, had gone. Probably back to her quarters.

Ultraman came up behind Serena and lay a hand on her shoulder. Come on, Serena. We’ll see to Hannah soon enough. For now, though, we need to check in.

Ultraman and Serena walked into a private chamber, and the screen at the far side flickered on as they closed the door. A smartly-dressed middle-aged woman looked at them stoically.

“Hello, Director,” said Ultraman and Serena in unison.

“Good morning. So what’s going on in crowdfunded superhero land?”

“Everything is going according to plan, ma’am,” said Ultraman. “Serena has been playing her role to a T. I know we were worried about an unsavory character getting in and being powered up, but Serena seems to have been absorbing those votes with ease. No one else was a serious challenge to get to The Two except for Hannah, but she’s as safe as it gets when it comes to the people we’re sure won’t become a villain.”

Serena was concerned enough at the feelings she was sensing from Hannah at the vote that she nearly spoke up but decided against it. It was Hannah after all, she’d get back to her normal self after she got over her frustration.

“Of course, Serena may have been playing her role a little too well. Or at least, a little too sexy. And what was that telekinetic butt pinch all about?” Ultraman smiled at Serena beatifically.

“Well, a girl’s got to have a little fun, doesn’t she? And if you didn’t want sexy, you got the wrong person for the job… it’s what I do best! It worked, didn’t it?” Serena said with a wink.

The Director couldn’t help but smile.

“Serena Serpent. That’s quite a name you cooked up for your cover too,” the Director said. “Just don’t get me any sexual harassment claims, agent.”

“I wouldn’t think of it, Director. Are sexual gratification claims acceptable?” Serena said with an innocent look on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

“Incorrigible. Just incorrigible,” Ultraman said, shaking his head with a chuckle.

“Alright, well good work, Agent. I expect you two to report in again in 48 hours,” said the Director.

As soon as the video screen went dark, Serena gave Ultraman another telekinetic butt pinch.

“Ouch! Stop it! That was a lot harder than last time!” he said, rubbing his buns of steel.

Serena shrugged.

“Just getting back into character. I guess I just don’t know my own mental strength… just watch out in fight training, Mr. Muscles…” Serena said with an evil smile.

“You are too much,” said Ultraman laughing again at her antics. It was no wonder she had managed to undermine the evil voting block with ease… the girl definitely had a mischievous streak! But he had worked with her a few times before when she was an agent. She was as loyal and trustworthy as they came.


Back in her room, Hannah’s emotions continued to swirl in her mind. As her despair pendulumed once more into anger, she slammed her fist into the reallyverytoughium wall, her newfound power actually made a slight dent in it. Still upset, she pounded her fist into it again. And again. Slamming into it until her hand began to hurt, her invulnerability not a match for her strength. But Hannah now noticed there was a sizeable hole now in the indestructible metal wall. She really had become powerful…

...just not as powerful as Serena. Why did that bother her so much? She was far more powerful than she had been before. Did it matter that she would never be one of the premier heroes?

It did! She had always imagined herself flying above the others as Ultraman’s equal. She had even fantasized about being his superior when she dreamed of becoming a superhero in her youth. Never, in her dreams, had she appeared as a second-rate, middle-tier Fairness Team member, watching someone else, whom the voters liked better, rise to the top of their ranks with unbelievably strong powers. If that happened, she would always look at Serena and wonder what could have been.

What did Serena have that she didn’t? Sex appeal? Hannah looked in the mirror inside her room. She was pretty, wasn’t she? She stripped off her top and skirt to just her bra and panties.

Petite feet met slim ankles, which fanned into artfully contoured calves. Smooth knees flowed to slim, polished thighs. Her skin had a golden tan, so flawless that it might have been airbrushed. As her eyes rose to her firm, rounded hips, her heart fluttered. Her reflection was so sexy, so astonishingly breathtaking, she couldn’t look away. She twisted slightly to the side to get a glimpse of her shapely, tight butt. Amazed at the level of improvement in her already beautiful body, she looked at her sleek, hard stomach, wondering how many planks and sit-ups it would take to achieve such perfection naturally. As her eyes met her full, lush new breasts, she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet, watching them jiggle to rest back to their gravity-defying perch.

Toned arms led up to a slender, graceful, swan-like neck. Her cute little chin was perched nicely below luxuriant, full ruby lips. Smiling as her gaze continued its rise, brilliant white teeth made her perfect face look even more perfect, if that was possible. High, burnished cheekbones gave her face a sophisticated air, a cute, button nose resting between them. Vivid sapphire eyes loomed large and wide under high-arching bold eyebrows. Waves of thick, platinum hair poured over her shoulders to mid-back. Running her long, slender fingers through her silken tresses, she fought to contain her rising satisfaction. There was at least one aspect in which she wasn’t coming in second.

This is crazy... how can these people not want to vote for me? she thought. I’ve got to be pretty enough. The women on the covers of magazines aren’t really even competition for me anymore. I’m at least a match for Serena. I might be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Now that was a thought. The most beautiful woman in the world! She might be the most gorgeous woman on the planet and here she was having trouble getting votes from people. She should at least be getting some male attention—and a bit of the female population, shouldn’t she? Serena really wasn’t any better looking, so what was it about her? Jealousy and frustration surged through Hannah.

Maybe she needed to take this competition more seriously. Maybe she should hate Serena. She wasn’t sure whether she could really hate anyone just for beating her, though. Maybe she needed to love -- no, not love…..CRAVE -- power? She could do that, she thought. If she truly hungered for more power, maybe it would come through to people.

So back to the real question—the one that had planted a burning seed of frustration and anger within her core. How was Serena so much more appealing to people more than she was?

What was Serena? She was sexy in all the ways that Hannah wasn’t. She was mysterious, flirty, flaunting her body. She was confident and carefree.

On the other hand, Hannah was more reserved but still less mysterious. She dressed more conservatively and was less daring, less bold in her choices. She had always been the good girl, doing things that her parents would like. Did she like being that way, or was she doing it for others?

She considered. She wasn’t sure.

She was sure of something, though. She was sure that she wanted to be among the Fairness Team’s elite. She wanted to be powerful. Secretly, she was beginning to admit to herself, she wanted to be more powerful than him. She wanted to be stronger than he was, faster than he was, more invulnerable than he was. She wanted to be everything that he was and more. She wanted to be the best, better than anyone on the Fairness Team.

As this insight into herself dawned, she knew what she needed to do—anything she needed to do in order to gain power.

If Serena’s confidence and flirtatiousness were gaining her power beyond Hannah’s level, than she would be twice as confident. She would be twice as flirty. Except… was that really her? Could she do that? Beat Serena at her own game?

Hannah wasn’t sure about that. She was sure of one thing, however. She would give it her all. And when she did that, she was rarely stopped.

Hannah was staring into space as she thought, but she focused her attention again on the mirror. She gave herself her best come-hither look, insanely long eyelashes lowering slightly, the light blue radiance of her eyes penetrating into her soul. The look sent a shiver of an emotion she didn’t recognize through her. She was powerful, but she would become much more so.

Her nipples hardened as she thought of the power she would have if she could do this. Arousal, long suppressed, came forth, and she allowed it. A moan escaped her perfect, full lips before she shook herself to her senses, turning away from the mirror. Her magnificent body could be a symphony of sensuality if she let it -- asuperpowerful weapon of a different kind.There was a twinge of concern in Hannah’s mindthat if she gave into this idea, she might not be able to stop.

She didn’t care.


“I’m so glad to be training you this week, Hannah, and not Serena!” Galaxy Girl told her, as Hannah set down her bag in the sparring gym.

Why? Because I’m less powerful than Serena is? Because I’ll be easier to deal with? she thought darkly. She said none of this to Galaxy Girl, however, merely smiled. Let her think little Hannah is the same pushover that everyone else apparently does. I’ll show her in the end…

Galaxy Girl danced around Hannah, far too fast for any of Hannah’s strikes to land.

Suddenly, Galaxy Girl slipped slightly on the mat. Hannah saw her opportunity and took it. She lunged into the superheroine, once her idol, and grabbed her in a bear hug, determined not to let her go.

Hannah knew that her strength was far greater than her other powers. She wasn’t sure whether it was greater than Galaxy Girl’s, but she knew that it was her best hope of beating her in their sparring.

Galaxy Girl tried to shrug Hannah off. Then, she tried to force her arms out. Hannah’s arms didn’t budge. Galaxy Girl’s eyes widened as she realized that the young blonde was actually stronger than she was! Hannah’s eyes lowered to slits as she realized the same thing. She doubled down on her squeeze, putting every ounce of effort into it, determined to show Galaxy Girl that she wasn’t to be taken lightly, that she wasn’t the easier opponent of The Two.

Hannah added her telekinesis power to her efforts, and a look of pain crossed Galaxy Girl’s features. Galaxy Girl’s armored uniform seemed to creak under the strength of Hannah’s grip. Hannah felt that seed of anger within her expand as this display of power, of dominance seemed to feed it.

A gasp escaped Galaxy Girl’s lips, expelling more air from her lungs as she felt Hannah’s powerful body begin to crush hers. Hannah squeezed even harder, growing arousal at her own power fueling her, giving her energy. Galaxy Girl gave a groan of pain with the last of her air. She seemed to want to say something to Hannah, but Hannah’s eyes were now closed, enjoying the feeling of power, of control. She allowed herself to be lost in it, just for a moment.

Galaxy Girl began to panic, her chest and arms aching under the pressure of Hannah’s strength. What was Hannah doing? Didn’t she realize that she was hurting her? She needed to say something, but she couldn’t. Hannah’s grip was too tight for her to suck in any air…

Ultraman appeared at the gym entrance, smiling.

“Hannah!” he called out.

This shook Hannah from her trance. Her eyes shot open, and her grip relaxed. Galaxy Girl sucked in a lungful of oxygen and broke free of Hannah’s grip with the aid of the distraction. She turned and walked to the corner of the sparring ring, breathing heavily.

“Good work, Hannah! You managed to use your best power to subdue your opponent! Right, Gal?”

“Right!” she wheezed. She considered adding something, but she didn’t want to take away from Hannah’s moment. She would talk to the girl later about what had happened. Hannah simply didn’t know her own strength. Hannah didn’t know she was in trouble there. Right?

Hannah looked hesitant, a bit unsure of herself, as she looked blankly at Ultraman. She shook herself out of it.

“Thanks! Yes, superstrength is the one thing I really have going for me…” she said with an uncertain smile.

“You certainly are strong. The voters really liked giving you more strength. That’s hardly the only thing you have going for you, though. You have all sorts of other powers!”

“I do, but they’re almost irrelevant!” said Hannah, her expression darkening once more.

“Oh, come on now, Hannah. You’re doing great! You just overpowered Galaxy Girl, for goodness sake! All that strength that your voters gave you—you should be proud!”

Ultraman smiled then left, his check-in complete.

Hannah supposed he had a point. But she had only been able to overpower Galaxy Girl by a fluke when she had slipped. Most of the time, she was far too quick for Hannah to hit. It had been fun to overpower her, though. Hannah wished she could dominate the heroine without luck. To be faster, stronger, invulnerable to her feeble blows… the thought sent another twinge of desire through her.

She turned to Galaxy Girl, and the two began their sparring exercises again. This time, however, Hannah could swear she saw a hint of worry in Galaxy Girl’s eye.


Serena, meanwhile, was wearing the strength nullification vest while she worked out with Ultraman. She bounced up from yet another burpee, handling the workout that had wiped out Hannah with relative ease.

“Come on, Ultie, aren’t you going to give me a real challenge?” said Serena with a wink.

Ultraman couldn’t understand it. He had cranked up the setting on her vest to the point where she should be struggling to stay upright! He knew she had increased in power enormously after the last round of voting, but he had seen her stats. He knew where she was—still below him but gaining fast. He wondered if her strength would overtake his in the next round of voting. But how was she so strong right… AHA!

“You’re using your telekinesis to help you aren’t you?” Ultraman said, a sly look in his eye. He had finally figured out her secret!

Serena gave a knowing smile but said nothing.

Ultraman walked up to her and gave the dial on the vest a big crank until Serena wobbled under the magnified weight of the thing.

“Okay, now. Fifty penalty push-ups,” he said.

“Fifty! With this weight?!” Serena groaned.

“Yep. Hop to it!”

After fifty quivering, sweat-soaking pushups and thirty ‘real’ burpees, Serena sat on the ground, exhausted.

“Sparring time!” said Ultraman.

“Sparring? Now?” asked Serena incredulously.

“You bet!”

Serena removed the vest and grudgingly took a fighting stance. Her legs felt leaden. This was not going to be much of a fight.

Ultraman moved toward her and launched a half-powered fist at her. She moved to block it, but her tired limbs were too slow. The blow struck her in the shoulder, spinning her around and sending her to the ground.

“Come on, Serena… you’re a better fighter than this. You going to let a little tiredness give you an excuse to lose? What if you were exhausted from fighting the Killer Kings supervillains and were up against the last one? Would you just let him pound you because you’re tired? You and I both know…”

Serena tuned out Ultraman’s lecturing at this point. He was right, of course, but she was completely wiped out. She needed to think of something else she could use. She thought of the powers the voters had given her. Ultraman was just so powerful. Those other abilities would barely be able to… WAIT! A smile crept across her full lips as she realized that she had been completely underutilizing one of her most powerful abilities this whole time.

She rose to her feet and motioned for Ultraman to come at her. He grinned and did exactly that.

Serena reached out with her mind to find his. As he focused on his next move, her strong telepathic abilities were sufficient to pick those thoughts out of his head almost as fast as he thought them.

He was going to send an uppercut to her stomach! Serena leapt to the side just as his quick, powerful blow whooshed upward next to her. Her smile widened as she sent a telekinesis-aided jab into his eye, knocking him backward a couple of steps.

“How did you…?” Ultraman said, confused at the sudden quick agility Serena’s tired body had displayed.

“It must be that whole long winded pep talk of yours, Ultie! It got me inspired. You should be proud of yourself…” Serena winked.

Ultraman swung again, Serena seeing the intended movement in his mind just before he made them, and dodging out of the way almost before he started his motion. She laughed as she slammed another fist into his invulnerable face. After two more misses and stinging Serena counterstrikes, Ultraman decided to use his full speed and power against her. The battle was much more even from that point on. When they finished, Ultraman looked at Serena with sincerity.

“With your fighting ability and the variety of powers the voters have given you, you’re really becoming formidable! If we really went at it, I’m not sure who would come out on top!”

“Just wait until the next vote, Ultie! You’re going to be glad I’m on your team…”

“Yeah,” said Ultraman, a strange feeling twisting in his stomach as he watched the incredibly powerful girl walk away.


After Hannah’s workout with Galaxy Girl, she checked the email on her phone. It was full of fan mail, requests for pictures, and various other things. She smiled, grateful to those who had given her what she did have. The seed of jealous anger remained, however, building, not fading, as time went on.

She was supposed to work on being confident, sexy, flirty. Like Serena, only… more. If she could only pull it off! She would do everything she could to show that girl just how sexy she could be!

She scanned through her email and one caught her attention. It was a request from a men’s magazine for a photo shoot and an interview. It wasn’t a naked magazine, but it did tend to have revealing pictures of the women that graced its pages. Hmmm… what about that? It would certainly make a statement to the voters about what she was willing to do for more power. Nerves fluttered in her stomach. She barely ever wore revealing clothes even in private—could she really go through with this?

It certainly would be outside her comfort zone… but wasn’t that exactly what she was telling herself she needed to do? She replied to the email agreeing to do it before she could chicken out of it.

“Sure! How about Thursday?”

Their response was nearly immediate.

“Perfect! We’ll meet you at the Fairness Team compound on Thursday at 9:00 AM if that works?”

“Done,” she wrote back.

“Oh my God! What did I just do?” she said out loud to the mirror. Her gorgeous face simply looked back at her as her nerves did some sort of salsa dance through her body. If she was this nervous now, what would it be like on Thursday?!

Her reflection in the mirror frowned and looked as if it were ready to throw up.


It was Thursday. Hannah received a call from the Fairness Team compound security.

“There are a half dozen people from Ogle Magazine here to see you, Miss Heroikos. Would you like me to bring them to you?”

“Yes, bring them,” she said. Her emotions swelled to new heights, and she was literally shaking with trepidation.

When the group arrived, they shook her hands and carefully explained how things would go. Thankfully, they were incredibly professional and kind.

As they set up in her room, Hannah took the revealing superheroine costume that they had given her into the bathroom to change.

She stripped, then pulled the skimpy, tight fabric over her exquisite body. Hannah looked in the mirror once she had the whole thing on.

The outfit was black with silver highlights and a silver “H” shield over the chest. The top was a scoop neck, showing significant cleavage. It was also extremely cropped, more like a revealing sports bra than an actual top. It was tight under the swells of her breasts and revealed her entire taut, ridged midriff.

A low-rise black skirt hung from her dynamic hips, ending high on her long, shapely thighs. Tight, black boots rose just above her knee, covering her curvaceous calves, but making the firm, flawless flesh of her thighs that much more eye-catching.

A small, black cape drifted down her back, not long enough to cover her lower back, let alone the sexy bulge of her spectacular ass that shaped the thin fabric of the skirt into mouth-watering proportions.

Hannah looked smolderingly hot, seductive and sensual. She gulped. This was exactly what she wanted, wasn’t it?

She steeled her nerves. She could do this. She was a showstopping sex bomb, she told herself. She almost believed it.

As she opened the bathroom door, she gave a hesitant smile. She watched the faces of the Ogle team, which ranged from awe to obvious lust at her appearance.

Hannah was absolutely uncomfortable, but she was determined. If this were the price of power, she would pay it. She was a showstopping sex bomb, she told herself again, repeating it in her mind like a mantra.

She was ushered by two women to a makeshift makeup area that the team had set up in the corner of her room.

“I think I’m just going to get rid of this foundation. Her skin is so naturally flawless that I think she looks better without it,” said one.

“Agreed. Just a bit of eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick should do it. This is going to be the easiest job we’ve ever had!” replied the other, as if Hannah weren’t sitting right there.

They finished in about 30 minutes, and one of the photography assistants guided Hannah into the area they had arranged for the shoot.

Hannah was stiff and awkward at first. As the minutes passed and the team oohed and aahed their encouragement and she began to grow accustomed to photographer and his barked out requests, she began to relax into it. As she became more relaxed and confident, her expressions grew smoldering, her eyes simmered, and her posture became more and more suggestive.

Hannah smiled, realizing she was getting the hang of this when the photographer nearly dropped the camera in his haste to capture her latest pose. After a few subsequent minutes of rapid-fire photography, the assistant came up to her with a fake metal barbell as a prop.

“Okay, we want you to bend this for this next set of shots. You know, show your super-ness!”

Hannah gripped each end of the fake barbell and promptly snapped the thing in half, as it offered no resistance whatsoever.

“Oops! Sorry about that!” Hannah looked at the photographer sheepishly. “Maybe we should use a real one instead?”

The photographer’s mouth dropped open.

“You mean, you can… bend… a real piece of metal?”

“I’m pretty strong, you know. The voters have really made that clear…” Hannah’s sheepish look began to turn to one of confidence. Strength was the one thing that she had in spades.

An assistant disappeared from the room, then reappeared a few moments later with an actual barbell, emptied of all its weights.Despite that, the assistant seemed to struggle with the shiny silver 4 foot piece of solid metal.

Hannah took it from him as the photographer readied the camera. She pressed down, and the iron gave a squeal as it bent downward into a U shape. The entire Ogle team gasped at Hannah’s casual display of power.

Hannah, encouraged by their reaction, decided to show off even more--this is what she wanted to do more of, right? She needed to show that she was powerful, sexy, and confident, just like Serena--this was exactly what she was hoping for!

Hannah re-gripped the barbell, then twisted the bar still more, the metal groaning as it was reshaped. Hannah tied it into a bow to match the silver in her costume, then gave a brilliant smile as she concluded her show.

“My God!” said the photographer. “This is fucking gold!”

Hannah gave him a wink, which he also promptly caught on camera.

By the time the Ogle crew finished, they seemed giddy with excitement over the shoot. Hannah was proud. She had broken out of her comfort zone and done something truly provocative for the first time in her life. Would the voters reward her with more power? She hoped so. Power was what she was really after with this. It was what she really craved.

As she thought back on the shoot, however, she realized that her sexuality created a power of its own. She had held those men rapt with her sensual movements, the tantalizing displays of her perfect body. Was this what Serena felt like? Probably. After an uncomfortable start, she was beginning to like the feeling of showing off her body. Maybe the voters would give her a costume like the one she wore for the shoot? She would have been beyond discomfited before, but now… she might even like that!

Hannah looked in the mirror at herself, still clad in the black, skimpy outfit and gave a dark smile, considering… when an alarm went off in the Fairness team compound!

“Intruder in the Xinth device room! Intruder in the Xinth device room!” a voice cried over the compound speakers.

Hannah raced to the room where the Fairness Team was keeping the Xinth devices that were empowering her and Serena. As she raced toward it, she saw one of the middle tier Fairness team members, Lightning Lass, fly through the door and crash into the wall across the hallway. She slumped to the ground.

Hannah’s eyes went wide. Someone was in there, probably trying to steal the devices! She couldn’t let that happen. She needed the powers they were giving her!

Hannah’s concern overrode her caution, and she flew into the room. A slender, wiry man stood over the devices. He looked as if he were about to do something to them—or maybe he already had…

Hannah thought about ordering him to stop but didn’t want to lose the advantage of surprise—not after seeing what he had done to Lightning Lass!

“Stop!” came a voice from behind Hannah as she nearly reached the thin man. It was Serena!

The man turned and spotted Hannah at the last second, dodging out of her way. Hannah reached out and grabbed his shirt, twisting him to the side as he tried to fire some sort of energy beam at Serena. The beam blasted a hole in the reallyverytoughium wall next to the brunette, as she shot both of them a look of dismay.

Serena’s inaction didn’t last long however, as she used her telekinesis to strengthen Hannah’s grip on the man. She raced up and launched a fist into his face that rocked his head back and sent him flying into the far wall. He wasn’t moving.

“Are you alright?” Serena asked Hannah.

“Fine! Lightning Lass back there might need some assistance, though.”

Hannah walked over to gather the odd man. As she looked at him, she recognized his face. This was Amplifier, a member of the Killer Kings! She had, with Serena’s help, just subdued her first supervillain! Hannah hauled him up by the neck of the costume and flung him over her shoulder. She would take him to Ultraman or Galaxy Girl. They would know what to do…

Serena was already on her way out the door to check on Lightning Lass. As she walked through the doorway, she felt a soft form bump into her and bounce off, falling to the ground. She looked over. It was Galaxy Girl!

Serena offered Galaxy Girl a hand, and she took it. The brunette half of The Two pulled Galaxy Girl to her feet. The superheroine had a strange look on her face, clearly unaccustomed to bouncing off of more powerful superheroes not named Ultraman. Serena smirked, looking forward to her next sparring match with Galaxy Girl, now that it was clear who had the superior abilities.

Now wasn’t the time for intra-team rivalries, however. Serena needed to make sure that Lightning Lass was alright.

She rushed over to the girl and checked her pulse. It was strong. Good! That was a relief! She picked the superhero up in her arms, then turned to Galaxy Girl.

“She’s okay. I’ll take her to the infirmary. Can you make sure Hannah is okay handling Amplifier? I’m not sensing any thoughts from him, so I’m pretty sure he’s unconscious. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared…”

Galaxy Girl nodded and went to help Hannah.

As the two of them brought Amplifier down to the maximum security cells, Hannah wondered what he had been doing there. Amplifier’s powers centered around magnifying power for his own use. Could he amplify the effects of the alien devices? Was he attempting to hijack them for his own uses, or was he doing something else?

She wondered if there was some way she could take advantage of his presence at the compound to gain more power. When he regained consciousness and she could get a moment alone with him, she intended to find out.


Ultraman adjusted the microphone at his podium.

“Thank you, voters! We have had turnout better than anyone ever expected, and The Two are progressing incredibly quickly. They are already among the upper echelon of the Fairness Team! We can’t wait to see how much they will progress in the next round! May I present… The Two for your third round of voting…”

As Hannah and Serena awaited their cue to fly out to their places in the stadium, they shared another telepathic conversation.

“New outfit, Hannah? I must say—I approve,” said Serena with a wink to her blond compatriot, who was wearing a midriff-baring lycra workout outfit that put her phenomenal physique on full display. Serena’s manner didn’t betray it, but she was still worried about the jealousy, anger, and hunger for power that she was consistently sensing from Hannah this week. It wasn’t like her, and the feelings seemed to only be growing in strength, not fading.

“Thanks, Serena!” said Hannah, trying desperately not to blush. Blushing wouldn’t be in character for the new sexy badass persona she was attempting to develop.

“Are you making a case for a more skimpy costume from this week’s voting?” Serena asked in Hannah’s mind.

“Maybe…” replied Hannah cryptically.

“Well, you certainly have the body for it!” Serena gave her a half-smile, as Ultraman finished his introduction. Despite her friendly banter, Serena’s concern over Hannah’s changing mindset and tastes creeped into her thoughts. Was this the same shy, innocent girl she had met in the bathroom outside the auditorium for the psychology interview? It sure didn’t seem like it anymore.

The two girls rocketed out of the stadium entrance to take their places on the podium.

“Alright, voters, this week we have two votes this week and another two next week. Not only will you choose powers this week, you’ll also be choosing costumes! Next week, you will help us choose superhero names for The Two in addition to empowering our lovely ladies…”

“That said, please head to Superwomenmania and help us decide the costume design that our super-tailors will use when they turn their indestructible fabric into a uniform for Hannah and Serena.”

Back in BlackWhite and GoldP-GirlThe ThiefPsycho JesterQueen of the SeaThe ClassicThe PantsWhite and Gold v2

The ReturnsPsychic NinjaThe PatriotBack for the 2000sWarrior Princessthe spywarrior queenold schoolHotpants Jester


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