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Birth of the Undead – Prologue – Chapter 7

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<from 3 months ago and leading up to the fight>

Mandi Olson is intrigued. A female vampire, An undead. Here on Earth. A stuff of legends that would have no bearing were it not for Lex’ photos and reports.

However, Mandi didn’t like unknowns. Since there are no “formal” records on Earth that can at least be a coherent reference to vouch for vampires’ existence, she turned to the old Atalantean records in her Martian home again. While she couldn’t find any new documentation detailing the presence of a vampire, or at least a creature of similar physical appearance, she did realise that the documentation regarding Velor and Aria was incomplete.

Or more accurately, as if those records were redacted.

As far as she could gleam from the records, there is a particular period of Velor and Aria’s history that is missing. A period that is referred to as “The Dark Enlightement” by Arions. By her own hazy recollection, it was a dark time where Arions had followed a leader down a “wrong path”, waging a war against an enemy that they couldn’t hope to win. As a result their proud race was almost decimated to the brink of extinction as the enemy infiltrated and killed their people. It was however due a hastily strung together alliance with the Velorians, and together they managed to turn the tide. It led to period of truce between the two races before the lust for supremacy and desire for power again brought both planets back into conflict directly and indirectly.

Being an extremely proud warrior race, Arions loathe admitting defeat. It was only natural that any weaknesses or losses are blemished or covered up, and if any such details exist it would have been kept under lock-and-key in the secure archives, accessible only by special permission by the Arion High Council.

Mandi toyed with the thought in her mind for a full-day before deciding to throw the dice and bring up the request to the Arion High Council. She dangled the carrot that she wants to find out more about this “creature” so that she can try to maneuver and defeat it, “clearing the path for Arion conquest”.

The High Command surprised Mandi by not only agreeing to the request, but have also decided to send Saul’Tel, an Arion Prime of a satellite scout team, to bring the old document to her! The reasoning is that “A Prime will be better equipped to remove any barriers better than a Beta.” The underlying tone however is undeniable – Mandi is now under surveillance.

It is an unfortunate turn of events for Mandi, for Saul’Tel is quite learned for a Prime having done time in multiple sectors gathering intelligence. “I will only share this little document to you, but only if” he smiled evily “you tell me what you are actually trying to do on this blue planet”. Mandi had little choice but to reveal her intent of trying to capture a Kryptonian and, or, a vampire, using a normal human by the name of Lex Luthor as her agent. Again, the correct emphasis from the point of conquest on behalf of Arions.

Saul’Tel too considered the possibilities if the operation is successful. “If these two beings are truly as unique and as phenomenal as you described, think of how much we can advance our genetics program and perfect it further! We can breakdown their DNA bit by bit, sequence it, and introduce it into our people’s genome and make our people even better and resilient! Finally we will be the best species of all!”

When he saw the videos of Superman flexing his dramatic supermuscles, and of Supergirl posing to cameras while gently floating in the air, Saul’Tel was even more convinced of taking them back to splice their DNA inside out, forcibly if need be, dead or alive. After having fucked them to submission, that is. Like all male Primes, he seems to be more fixated on capturing the Girl of Steel more, given her closer resemblance to the blonde Velorians, though when he mouthed his fetish desire it wasn't lost on Mandi that Saul'Tel might have accidentally let slip his own sexual tendencies unknowingly.

Being away for so long would have influenced that. Something for her to leverage later, Mandi thought to herself.

As both of them poured throught the old texts, they did find more information of the missing “Dark Enlightenment” period. Many Arion leaders were “manipulated”, “as if mind-controlled” to do their enemy’s bidding despite being stronger physically, brothers and sisters going up against each other until desparate measures were initiated with the alliance with their sworn enemies Velorians. There was also some mention of “a prevalent disease that seems to spread as more blood was shed” and that “severing heads were a common theme of their fight.”

The mentioned enemy is “Drakulon”.

“Could the creature you mentioned be of Drakulon race?”

“I do not know.” Mandi admitted “there is no mention about the origin, nor the physical appearance of such a creature or enemy.”

“It seems to indicate that this race has certain mental powers - mind control, able to influence minds. Did your source confirm that?”

“Negative. All we have at the moment are the physical traits.”

However, a light bulb suddenly went off in Mandi’s head, though she didn’t verbalise it.

Could she, Mandi Olson herself, a daughter of Aria, have Drakulon blood in her?

Her own mental powers are almost unheard of among Arions and Velorians alike. That is why she has learnt from young to hide it from other Arions. Despite her Betan strength, her mental powers are such that she could even bend the minds of Primes and Velorians to her whims, at the right time and situation. It usually takes a lot out from her more fragile and weaker Betan form, which was also another reason why she doesn't use it unless absolutely necessary.

Could it be that some of the Drakulon’s dark DNA has somehow mixed among the Arion’s current lineage, and she is the living embodiment of the legacy?

Could she, if revealed, be in immediate danger as well from the Arion High Command? Unable to shake away that potential threat, she knows one thing for certain. That Saul’Tel MUST NOT know about her own bloodline, Mandi reminded herself.

Reflecting back on the Kryptonian and Drakulon however, both Mandi and Saul’Tel agree that the potential rewards are worth the risks. And in typical art of war, they also agreed to limit the information sharing to Lex. “After all, experience tells us that no one should be fully trusted, isn’t it?” Saul'Tel's words while simple rings true for those who have seen enough to be weary.

However, what was less agreeable to Mandi was that Saul’Tel had demanded to meet Lex, together with her.

“I am sure when this ‘Lex Luthor’ sees a proper male Arion Prime,” emphasis male ”he will feel more comforted with the Arion support, and will be more motivated to continue this arrangement until the end. This..” he flexed his bicep, “… should provide the necessary motivation for him NOT cross us.” Mandi only demurred, for she was other secrets to worry about. The promise that she made to Lex Luthor to make him a god among mortal men should they be successful. A promise that no Arions makes haphazardly given their honour, and one that is still hidden from the High Council.

Another unfortunate situation that Mandi found herself in, but that she has no say on, was the expectation of servitude towards Saul’Tel, especially in bed. For Arions are caste-based, and Betans no matter their capability is always deemed lower than Primes. While male Primes have treaded carefully with female Primes due to the ladies’ dominant capabilities and power, the Betans are fair game. Despite the knowledge that she can now snap his neck as easily as breaking a toothpick, Mandi will need to maintain the charade in order to sustain the overall facade.

And so it came to be that Mandi took Saul’Tel to meet Lex two weeks later, both present and agreeing to the updated arrangement officially – “A kryptonian and or a vampire” in exchange for the right to rule.

Lex had observed both of them when they walked into his office and quickly grasped the power dynamics of Arions. Mandi, now standing beside the Arion Male who sat down facing Lex directly instead, is obviously of lower ranked. All things must now go through Saul’Tel. His only musing is that how this closely mimics practices in many of Earth’ corporate world, especially the male and female dynamics.

Lex was however surprised of how brazenly discrimatory, or how insignificant Arions treat their lower-ranked member. Saul’Tel had throughout their meeting repeatedly fondled and caressed Mandi’s boobs and legs, eliciting silent gasps and sighs from Mandi even while they conversed. Intentionally or not, the male Prime seemed to want to show off that HE is the one with the power, the one in control.

“Keeping both of you informed, we have made progress on the Kryptonian girl. I can now confidently say that her base is in Leesville.”

“Your men saw her?” Saul’Tel asked, his eyes keen.

“Yes. How I managed it, THAT you will have to trust me. And no, I will not share other details, for any possible leaks might cause our little blue bird to flee.” Lex smiled.


“Oh, that. Both of you know Kryptonians come from a dead planet, yes?” Saul’Tel nodded. “Apparently, pieces of their dead planet seemed to have arrived together with our two Kryptonians.” He opened a drawer and took out a green stone the size of the palm of his hand, shining brightly and reflecting the lighting of the office.

Mandi took it in her hand. “What is it?”

“I call it Kryptonite, a play on the name of their heritage. Very rare, extremely difficult to acquire. A man of my business interests needs an insurance policy, and given that I do go up against Big Blue very often, this is it. This ” Lex pointing at the green stone “makes them weak. Impotent. And prolonged exposure could mean death, even.”

Mandi passed the Kryptonite to Saul’Tel, who played it in his hands. “So do you plan to use this against the girl?”

“Mmm…maybe. However, I have acquired this at a fortune given its rarity. I just loathe wasting it unnecessarily.”

Lex then continued. “Now, on the other matter of our vampire creature, my men also have new reports about her. Apparently” Lex leaned in “She can control minds.”

Both Arions exchanged glances before looking back at Lex. “How so?”

Lex sat back and crossed his fingers. “She was able to … convince one of my top men to give up my base of operation for my ’immigration programme’. He then took her to the facility, stood in front of others, listened to our friend’s sweet whisperings in his ear before he shot his own brains out. We did manage to get a brief photo shot of our friend before they …expired.” Lex tossed a photo Saul’Tel’s way.


The photo depicted a scantily clad woman in red, with bat-like wings protruding from her back. The facial expression and the posture indicated a dangerous hunter who has found her new prey. A dangerous, and hungry hunter.

“As you might expect, the usual clawing, and biting ensued. Very little blood at the scene, as you can imagine. Yet somehow…” Lex paused ”I have the impression that she’s still thirsty despite all the feeding. I wonder why.”


“How strong are they?”

Mandi looked up from Saul’Tel’s crotch. They have proceeded straight to the bedroom after their meeting with Lex, and Saul’Tel had immediately demanded Mandi’s servitude in bed.

She was in the midst of giving Saul’Tel a titfuck when the question came. She paused a while, before continuing to administer care on his Arion steel with her twin Ds.

“Maybe…stronger than a Prime?” A calculated response, to provoke a reaction.

Saul’Tel snorted, and sneered at her. “And what makes you say that?”

“Well…it was rumoured that Kryptonians trace their roots from both Aria and Velor. Superman’s body looks very much like an Arion Prime – muscular, powerful, where his strength is his pride. And coupled with the ability to fly, that seems to indicate his DNA has evolved to grant him more abilities that ours. Whereas the female” Mandy suddenly crushed her breasts together, bringing a moan to Saul’Tel’s lips, before continuing her bobbing motion “is as blonde as a Velorian Protector – extremely pretty, provocative even. And like all the Protectors whom we have faced, seemed adapt in hiding all the potential explosive power under her skin.”

“Are you saying....suggesting I might not be able to best them?” Saul’Tel didn’t deign to include Mandi in the consideration, despite the unknown fact that SHE is more powerful than he could ever imagine now.

Letting the indirect snub slide, Mandi merely sped up her ministrations, and it wasn’t long before Saul’Tel was ready to climax. Sensing his pending explosion, Mandi timed herself so that she mashed her powerful breast and trapping his crown within her deep cleavage at the very last moment. That set the Arion Prime off as he ejaculated powerfully within its soft prison, his cum had nowhere to go but kept confined within Mandi’s 36Ds. Mandi could actually feel his powerful cums hitting within her lovely mams multiple times, though contained in such an erotic way. That it did not feel more painful than a gentle rain shower is proof now that her Velorian-Arion powers have made her more powerful than a mere male Prime.

When she felt him calming down, she pulled her breasts slightly apart to release the Prime’s manhood, his cum flowing down her torso and drip onto the floor, slightly warm. She used her fingers to gently trace some of it that was still left in her cleavage, raised it up, smiled seductively at the Prime before licking her finger clean. She then climbed up and over Saul’Tel, and placed her knees on both sides of his muscular chest on the bed. She then sat on the Prime’s torso and and looked directly into Saul’Tel’s eyes.

Slightly buzzing from the orgasm high, the male Prime’s mind had become more open and malleable, and Mandi grasped her opportunity immediately. Giving him her most seductive smile, she applied her dark mental powers yet again to push the thought into him “YOU are the most powerful superhuman in the universe, and here on Earth you literally a GOD! Why don’t YOU go out and test them out? And we shall show them what a pureblood Arion Prime can do!”

“Yes. YES. I think I will do that.”

“Start with the female first. She should be easier to test.”

He smiled. “Yes….and I shall have her as my playmate.”

Mandi grinned, and proceeded to move her right hand behind her back to grasp Saul’Tel’s tool. A few powerful jerks later and it became as Primed as a steel rod again. She moved herself slightly lower down his body, lifted herself up, and plunged herself onto Saul’Tel’s cock. Both of them moaning loudly before Mandi started her humping again, as she expertly took both of them to more climaxes throughout the night.


<The Next Evening>

Alan Crouse groaned to himself when he heard the pitter patter of raindrops on his car roof, followed by raindrops on his windscreen. He was just about to leave the office on time, and now this. It’s a 20-mile drive to pick up his son from daycare in Leesville before going home, and he just hopes that he has started early enough to avoid the evening traffic between Midvale and Leesville, which will definitely get worse with the heavy downpour.

As he drove along the four-lane trunk road, he heard weird rumbles somewhere up ahead the road, followed by some weird vibrations along the path. With the rain lashing outside, he couldn’t see much outside his main windscreen.

As he continued to approach Stanley Bridge which bordered the two towns, he suddenly felt lurches and then heard a loud, cracking sound. In an instance, through the rain he saw suddenly the middle portion of the bridge collapsed, and a gaping hole appearing in the middle of the road.

Alan stabbed on his brakes and tried to will his car to stop immediately. While the car slowed, the wet surface meant that the car’s momentum still carried it towards the edge, and he was approaching the gap WAYYYY too fast. He turned his steering to the right which brought his car skidding on its side tyres, slowing it down further. It continued to skid until one pair of tyres eventually went over the edge, his undercarriage hit the road surface before the car screeched to a stop.

Alan just about had time to pant and wheeze, thanking his lucky stars, before he realized his precarious position. Given that his door opened up into the gap, the only option was to try and get out through the passenger side. However as he tried to unbuckle himself, he suddenly felt his car tilting ever slightly further down towards the abyss, which made him stop moving out of terror.

Looking out and around, he realised he is not alone. Another 2 cars on the other side of the road are in a similar situation as him.

Looks like he will be late after all, though for obvious reason it is also the least of his problem.


Kara Zor-El was also trying to get home. There had been a large nine-car pileup along the highway connecting National City with Midvale involving trailers and cars, and she had flown over to help pull victims out from the crumpled wreck. It was just her luck that the sky opened up on her way back before she could fly up above the clouds, drenching her.

Thank goodness for having superspeed on Earth. “A little superspin while changing back to my civvies, and I should be ready to help to set the dinner at the orphanage.”

She suddenly heard weird cracking noises that didn’t sound like thunder as she flew closer to Leesville. Using her superhearing, she tried to follow what sounded like the source of the sound, leading her to the bridge. Suddenly she saw a huge chunk of the bridge collapsing in the middle, falling down into the river. Before she could react, she saw three cars from both sides breaking desperately and skidding, finally coming to a stop at the edge. She immediately flew down to help.

Alan was becoming increasingly desperate when he saw the familiar Blues and Reds with the <S> insignia floating near to his side off the window. His heart immediately lightened, as he shouted “Supergirl! Am I glad to see you! Can you get us out of here?” She looked in on him through the window, gave him a signal to “wait”, and flew over to do the same with the other two cars.

Kara could see that all the passengers seem safe in the three cars – one elderly couple and two middle-aged men seem shaken, but otherwise unhurt. So, “priority by age then.” She thought to herself.

Placing her deceptively slim arms under the undercarriage, she flexed her teenage Kryptonian muscles and she lifted the couple’s car upwards and away from the edge. Then slowing moving herself towards the middle of the car, she balanced herself before flying the car towards the end of the bridge.

As she was just placing elderly couple’s ar down, suddenly she heard another two <Booms>. She was shocked as suddenly the bridge swayed left and right, and the two remaining cars fell over.

The moment the shockwave hit, Alan could feel his entire car jumping up slightly before tumbling over the edge of the hole. As he felt the weightless of a free fall as his life flashed across his mind, suddenly he felt himself thrown against his seat when his car stopped in midair, caught by Supergirl.


Using every bit of her superspeed, Supergirl had managed to catch hold of both cars as they were falling towards the dark rapids below. Grabbing hold of one car’s front fender and the rear axle of another, she had tried to keep them in place while not using too much of her strength for fear of crushing the steel too much. Once she got her balance right, she then flew both cars to safety.

After checking and making sure all the drivers are safe, Kara looked around in the rain, puzzled. Leesville and Midvale nowhere near any tectonic plates or fault lines, so there shouldn’t be any earthquake. There were no lightning nor thunder despite the heavy rain. A quick scan with her supervision did reveal something powerful had impacted the road surface on a few points at the end of the bridge, the slight cratering of the impact points still visible. What could have done this to a section of the bridge to break up?

She was still lost in thought when she heard the approaching police and ambulance sirens, no doubt called in by one of the drivers who still managed to keep his head and his phone. She however didn’t notice a muscular looking man looking at her from 2 miles away near a small shop, looking please with himself. For Saul’Tel was impressed with the Kryptonian girl. Even though it was a simple test, it was good gauge to see what kind of adversary he will be facing in the future.

It was the Arion Prime who had struck the bridge at key points in the middle of the span, which resulted in the breaking of the entire middle section of the bridge. While he could have used his heatvision to laser the section off, it was much more satisfying for him to leverage his Arion Prime superstrength instead. And it was also his stomping of his feet near the bridge that caused the secondary shockwave to push the cars over the edge.

Despite the heavy rain, Saul’Tel thought this Supergirl has at least some experience in handling crisis on her own. She had analysed the situation critically and reacted appropriately to resolve the most pressing issue first, which was (predictably) to save lives first. Her speed to the victims and flying down from the air indicated flight and superspeed as part of her powersets. Despite Supergirl’s slim figure, he could see how easily she had grabbed the cars in her hands, her arm muscles flexing and bunching up as she grabbed and held them in the air. Her slim athletic figure confirms that she is still maturing – not a girl, yet not quite a woman yet.

A point that is not lost on Saul’Tel. “Wonder how does a virgin Kryptonian girl tastes like in bed” as he felt an involuntary stirring in his loins, his Arion pride slowly rising in line with his fantasy.


Mandi wasn’t idling as well. Based on Lex’ report of the latest sighting of the Drakulon, she made her way over to Gotham City to do her own intelligence gathering. A large city similar to Metropolis, it has its fair share of skyscrapers and large companies, where the biggest of them all seems to be the Wayne Industries empire. And it is the city where Batman and his team call home.

Throughout her time on this dimension’s Earth, she had heard enough stories about Batman’s own dark vengeance heroics, as well as disdain of supers in his city area. Word has it that even Superman gives the Dark Knight a wide berth when it comes to matters in his city, and she suspects that he has eyes and ears everywhere. Hence she hoped that by her going into the city via Uber instead of flying in will give her some time and enough freedom to check things out.

Dressed in dark blue blouse with black leather pants, she looked every part a femme fatale looking for trouble. Or for getting laid. Getting out near the city center, she casually walked along the main street pavement before ducking into a deserted small street, and then silently flexed her powerful legs to propel herself up into the night sky. She landed minutes later near the dock area, where the vampire was last seen.

The docks are a mass of lights, as operations continued into the night, with people and machinery went about their paces processing all the import and export shipments through the area. It was here at one of the major warehouses that Lex’ key operations were broken up by the scantily-clad woman.

Using her super vision and hearing, she didn’t pick up anyone or anything that looks out of the ordinary. She floated silently into the air again, and looked at Lex’ warehouse. Her x-ray vision revealed that other than a few shipping crates still sitting inside, it was otherwise empty. There are still dried-out patches of blood on the concrete floor, no doubt a gruesome reminded of the encounter that the men had a few nights ago.

Expanding her focus around the area revealed a row of shops about two blocks away, where a few bars are located. One in particular seems to be the preferred judging from the crowd size at the place, the party currently in full swing.

“That looks more promising”, Mandi thought to herself, and she proceeded to land at the corner of a dark street before walking up to the bar.

The bar is fairly typical of one that can be found almost everywhere else, with the main exception of it main clientele. The smell of salt water, grease and cheap booze wafting through the air, it seems to cater mainly to the blue-collar dock workers and seamen who come and go. Quite a few of them seem to be getting it on with the local ladies in backrooms, their muffled shouts and screams audible though the thin wall panels. Most tables are taken, one in particular having a large crowd over it, as there seems to be an alcohol challenge round going on.

Making her way to the bar, she ordered a drink and sat down at the bar. It took a while, but the question came. “So what’s a pretty lady like you doing out here in our part of town?” the bartender asked. In her late 20s, wearing a simple white blouse, blue shorts and boots, she seemed to regard all the comings and goings in stride.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to try something different. The city center can be so…mundane and uninteresting. All the same ole’ bankers and overweight men, looking for company and if lucky a little excitement. I thought maybe tonight I can score something a bit different for myself.”

Raising her eyebrows slightly and looking at Mandi’s outfit, the bartender remarked “Well, our place is quite a come down where you are used to. Those blue and blacks you’re wearing, where your large puppies seem to be straining to come out from? I know enough about clothes to know that one of those can definitely buy a round for everyone here tonight. In any case, what type of 'action' are you looking for anyway?”

“Someone…powerful, energetic. Doesn’t just have to be men, you know” Mandi gave her smile and used her mental powers to try and push the bartender for information. “Someone with…unique abilities. I’ve heard that the Bat and a few female supers have turned up here once a while.”

“Nah. Whenever the Batman turns up ANYWHERE in Gotham, you know something bad’s going to go down. Definitely bad for business, girl. If you’re looking for some superloving, you’ve better chance scoring that somewhere else. Try Metropolis, Gateway or even Coast City. With your money a jump into your private jet will get you there in no time. Given the way they wear their spandex, makes them easier to spot too compared to all the darkness and gloom over here.”

“Pity that.” For some reason, the bartender didn’t really respond to her mental push, as if she’s come up against a kind of mental barrier….

A futher scan with her supervision and superhearing around the place revealed nothing else of note, though she did note that over at the crowded table, a thin, young man in a grey hoodie whose back is facing Mandi seems to be winning the drinking competition. “What about THAT one?” she pointed at the slim-looking man to the bartender. For some reason, she can’t seem to see the person’s features very clearly.

“Don’t know anything about him. Only came in today for a rest stop; supposedly leaving early morning tomorrow with the one of the ships. Sounded Arabic, or is it French? Can’t really tell, you know…”

It was a washout tonight, though not really unexpected given that the female creature has always been elusive. Staying on for a while more to just observe the crowd, Mandi finally paid the tab, walked out of the bar, turned a corner just in case before leaping upwards and flying up and away into the night.

Despite her powers, she didn’t notice another silent black figure observing her flight away from above the bar’s rooftop.

About ten minutes after Mandi left, the crowd finally broke as the slim raven-haired figure finally drank all the other men down the table. The figure stood up, and walked towards the bar. As the person approached, the dim light threw enough lighting against the figure to indicate that it was a woman beneath the oversized cape and hood. This time, the bartender looked up, gestered for the person to take a sit and poured her a glass.


“Bloody Mary with a twist, your usual”. She passed the glass to the guest. The woman drank, savouring the customised offering. It wasn't that fresh, but being a regular meant that the bartender works hard to keep her happy with her drinks. Among other things.

“Seems like a few people are looking for you. Powerful. Alien even, if I'm any judge.” A pair of green eyes looked back at her, her fangs extending from her mouth.

“Also, some new information came my way just a while earlier. Does the name ‘Lex Luthor’ mean anything to you?” The figure’s grin rose to become a smile. “Do tell.”


“So you think the girl can be subdued more easily?”

This time, it is Saul’Tel’s turn to look up from below at the face hovering just above him. Mandi has been humping him, riding his powerful Arion manhood while he lay on the lazy couch in the living room, her powerful inner muscles massaging and coaxing him. They have gone two rounds already, and is now working their way onto their third. Arion supercoupling doesn’t stop until the Prime demands it so.

“Yes. She is young. Less experienced, given her youth. Unlike the Velorian Protectors that we have defeated so many times, I have not seen the kind of musculature or huge endowments on her chest. If she truly still has some of the Velorian trait, then it must mean she has not reached her full peak powers as yet.” He sighed as Mandi tensed her vaginal muscles, embracing his tool in such an intimate way inside of her. The Supremis way of lovemaking. “Perfect timing… to take her” as Saul’Tel attempted to push back more forcefully inside of Mandi, and break her hold.

Mandi responded to his more forceful push of his 13’’ steel by relaxing her hold a bit more, and starting to hump faster. Soon her movement sped up to a blur, bringing them closer and closer to release. Before Saul’Tel could climax yet again, Mandi suddenly tensed herself to crush his climax within herself, denying him release as he groaned his frustration. Good frustration that is, for such containment will mean when he truly lets go it will be akin to an artillery blast.

Then, she turned her body 180 degrees until her back is facing him all the while still having his manhood inside of her. She then turned her face back and and said to him playfully “I need a bit of encouragement too, you know.”

Saul’Tel understood her immediately. Bending his body slightly by flexed his powerful torso, he rose up slightly from the couch. He then moved both his hands in front of Mandi’s chest, opened them wide, and proceeded to grope Mandi’s powerful boobs using his natural Arion Prime strength. Mandi merely moaned in heightened pleasure as Saul’Tel also used his fingers to hold and pinch her nipples in the way that excites and arouses a Supremis woman in heat. Using just the right amount of strength for a Velorian-Arion superwoman to feel pleasure. She slowly started her own movement again, the air now thick with the honey and wildflower scent that signified a Supremis’ arousal. Moving up and down, faster and faster on his steel rod, Mandi began working hard to bring both of them towards a climatic finish. It didn’t take that long before both of them reached the crescendo of their ancient ways of lovemaking that is so common among all races, Terran and Supremis alike.

It was all she could to do to hold down her enthusiasm as she felt the powerful bursts hitting within her, feeling each and every climax of his super ejaculation within her. Allowing her body to absorb all that power of his super orgasm into herself. Just like a Velorian protector.

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