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Birth of the Undead – Prologue – Chapter 8

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<1 month before the fight>

“How is he?”

“Hank Henshaw is still alive, if that’s who you’re referring to. These past few weeks have been a constant battle, though I believe that his current body can’t hold out much longer.”

“And Excalibur?” Lex asked.

“All the initial tests are fine. However like any large risky projects, we will never truly know until we operationalise it.” Lilian Hamilton admitted. “All the while, we have tried to give him enough morphine to dial-down his pain, but to be frank, whatever information that he can give us now is fairly limited. Are you sure…”

“Let me know when it’s time. But we need to make sure that the mind will be contained in a fairly secure location. I don’t want it going poking around and finding out the wrong things...”

“Obviously, my dear. The main server that we have earmarked for him has the access to the outside world, but not into LexCorp’s main servers. At least not without going through the multiple layers of firewall.”

“Keep me posted.” Lex remarked before turning off his mobile phone. Another item progressing as plan.

As he sat in thought, Mercy buzzed him on his phone. “Lex, Lena is here.”

He frowned, before replying “OK. Let her in”. He stood up as his half-sister walked into his office. Unlike her usual powersuits or lab coats, today Lena came dressed in a brown leather jacket over a dark coloured blouse and jeans. Her long hair tied into a neat bun on her head, her green eyes seem to glisten, and she looked nothing like a person who had just recovered from a major accident.


The CEO and Chief Scientist of LunarCorp, Lena Kieran Luthor and her team of researchers and engineers are leading the way on the sustainable energy research and customized medical robotics. However, it was also her specific research facility which was the site of the unfortunate explosion a few weeks ago that cost the lives of three scientists, and seriously wounding more than ten people including Hank Henshaw, and Lena herself.

After a long spell recovering in Midvale Hospital, she was finally deemed fit enough to be discharged just three days ago. And she had come to Metropolis to see Lex as soon as she is able to drive.

Lena walked up to Lex and stood inches away from him. Looking up at him from her 5’7” frame, she remarked “Upset to see me?”

Lex replied coolly “Why would I, given that you’re my own sister?”

“Sister, HAH!” Lena replied, crossing her hands in front of her. “A sister that is never mentioned in the same sentence as ‘Lex Luthor’. A sister whose life meant less than the life of one of my scientists. Some ‘SISTER’ I am.”

“I did visit you Lena, but you were still unconscious at the time.”

“Oh spare me, Lex. You couldn’t even bear to step into my hospital room to look at me up close.”

“What do you want, Lena?”

“Come now, Lex. You know why I am here now, or do you insist on playing our Luthor family games?” Lena’s green eyes bore into Lex’s.

Lex merely turned to the side and walked to his bar. As he poured himself a drink, she continued “I know that the LunarCorp explosion was not an accident, Lex.”

“Oh? Now that’s an interesting accusation.” He took a sip of his whiskey and turned to look at Lena. “What makes you say that?”

“I might be young, but I’m not naïve. After all, I, TOO, am a Luthor.”

“That, you are. A ‘Luthor’ I mean, unfortunately. And it is quite odd that you are bringing this issue up with me. If you have any evidence of foul play,” Lex took another sip, “surely you would have gone to the authorities investigating the matter?”


“In actual fact, both Lexcorp and I have the most to LOSE in this accident of yours. Hank, Tina and the other scientists who perished are all LexCorp’s employees seconded to your research team. This is also not to mention the fact that I have a stake in your company, and that unfortunate incident has caused my investments to drop in value. This accident, to put it mildly,” Lex stared into Lena’s eyes this time “has cost ME more than you. So tell me dear ‘Sister’, what do you want from me today?”


“If you have any information, any EVIDENCE at all, by all means, go and tell the authorities! Let them bring those perpetrators to justice! If those evidence points to me, so be it!”


“But if you have nothing else other than hot air, are you done? I do have other businesses to attend to. You can see yourself out.”

Lena stood still watching Lex as he turned his attention elsewhere in purpose, her eyes almost seemingly heating up as she thought the nine ways to none that she will want to kill her brother there and then. But she didn’t do so. She merely turned around, and with her fists clenched walked out of the office, simmering in rage.

Lex merely smirked behind the close doors once Lena left.

As Lena made her ways towards the elevator, she heard a voice calling out to her “Lena, wait!”

She glanced back slightly to see Mercy coming towards her. “I can see my way out, Mercy; don’t bother.”

“Lena, I..” the elevator door opened, and both of them stepped in.

Awkward silence filled the air as they descended in the moving box.

“Lena, I’m glad that you have recovered well. You look much better.”


“Lena, I…please, can’t we at least just speak to each other like any normal people, like friends?”

Lena finally relaxed her clenched fists, and took two deep breaths before replying. “I should have known better, going up against him like that. The truth is, I really hate it when when they one-up on me. Bad enough they took all my most important inventions and use it for their selfish purposes, even worse is that they are able to put up so many barriers on my own personal research progress for the good of humanity…”

Turning to Mercy, she said, “and then, as coup de grace, they took away my bodyguard, who also happens to be my BEST FRIEND. Asking her to push paper and drive Lex around town. Imagine that.”

“Lena…I don’t know what to say…”

“But they made your position so untenable that you had no choice, didn’t you?” <DING> they have arrived.

Without waiting for a reply, Lena walked straight out, through the glass doors and towards her car. As she got in, Mercy’s hand held the door open. “Lena, look, for what it’s worth, you are BETTER than Lex and Lillian combined. You know you can beat them. Just…don’t let it get you down.”

“You know, I would love to believe that, but deep down, all these games do take its toll. Now let go,” Lena pushed Mercy’s hand away, “and let ME go.”

Mercy could only watch as Lena drove away in her vintage Porsche, dust flying in her wake.


Lex’ phone rang the moment Lena left the office.

“Hello, Mr. Fuchs. Good to hear from you. I trust that our arrangement remains intact?”

“…” The reply back was calm and cool, but its dangerous undertone is noticeable.

“Ah, the unfortunate incident in Gotham. Do not fret, that is but a small slip-up in the overall operations. This time however, I seem to have more information about the person disrupting the program. Let me send you the photo to have a look.” Lex then forwarded the vampire creature’s photo to the person on the other end of the line.

“.! …”

“Oh? Our beautiful creature has a name! Is this ‘Vampirella’ an acquaintance or a distant relative? I must say that she has made quite an impression. It must be distressful when a member of one’s family does not quite measure up, speaking from personal experience of course.”

“….” An annoyed voice came back.

“Ah, really. So I gather that I have permission to do what is necessary to ensure the viability of our operations? Do not worry, for you can trust my discretion on this matter. I did receive the latest report that our next shipment from South East Asia will be arriving soon. We will make sure things will be processed accordingly before you…sample…the merchandise.”


“The Congregation has more things to worry about in Europe than to be concerned about other people moving places. In any case, they are of appropriate age to move to a new country, to get a better education and try out new experiences! America does offer a unique dream to those who has aspirations and ambitions. All part of our ‘immersion program’ for people of the right …talents…and heritage to be placed accordingly. They will be ready for you, assuming that you continue to hold up your bargain.”

Lex smiled hearing the answer, and replied “Good. We will talk soon.”

After putting down his phone, he sat in his chair, and his mind started whirring in action.“The bait is ready, now to lay the appropriate…bloodtrail…for a vampire to chase.” He thought for a moment, then dialed a number.


< 2 weeks later, ie 2 weeks before the fight>

Gibbs doesn’t like it one bit. Even with assurances directly from the top, he still doesn’t like it. Having come through juve and graduated further up the ranks on the wrong side of the tracks, he knows enough about all things the black and grey that what he’s doing is already extremely risky. But to do it during broad daylight is practically suicidal.

However, the latest losses have reverberated throughout the entire operations team, and Gibbs felt that this latest arrangement is a force of hand. If the rumours are to be believed, a lone female vampire has disrupted operations enough that even the big guns are running scared. Supposedly unstoppable, she clawed, fought and drank her way through fully-armed teams, shrugging off knives and bullets like those two capes wearing an <S> on their chests. Dawson’s team was the latest to go down in Gotham three weeks earlier, and their entire shipment was lost. They had expected the Dark Knight, but what they got eventually was worse.

And so, this particular evening with the setting sun’s rays slowly dimming across town, Gibbs found himself taking charge of a small 4-men team running the trans-shipment in National City’s railroad yard. The thinking is obvious – go small for minimal attention in daylight; get in and get out.

Since they picked daylight to run the operation, it is also obvious that everyone is currently subscribing to the view that since vampires in general cannot stand the sun, this will give them enough time to transfer all the necessary cargo, setup the redirection before disappearing into the night. Hopefully before the vampire lady shows up.

“Think she’ll turn up?” Mikey asked. Gibbs could see the necklace with the cross over his neck. All of them are wearing one; Gibbs’own is on his left hand bracelet.

“Let’s hope for the best, shall we? You have those special bullets all loaded up and ready?”

“Yeah. Can’t be too safe. Brought more firepower in the van as well.”

The rumble of the approaching train shook Gibbs out of his own thoughts. Within another 15 minutes, a diesel engine pulled into the yard, with six cargos trailing in its wake. “Looks like everything is going according to plan so far.” He muttered. As the engine came to a complete stop, Gibbs and his crew approached the cargo cars, and proceeded to unload the merchandise.

All under the watchful eyes of Vampirella.image017.jpg

Perched on a nearby church’s gargoyle up high, her profile partly obscured the various stone statues surrounding the building, Vampirella observed the coming and goings of the team. Dressed (or under-dressed, depending on one’s point of view) in her usual red sling bikini dress covering only the most private of parts coupled with a white collar and black boots, she is definitely a sight to behold. That is, if one is not scared stiff when they see her approaching.

Despite the distance from the rail yard, the relatively deserted area meant that with her enhanced senses she could still hear and see quite clearly the members’ movement on the ground - how the team unloads their crates, remove their merchandise, and then placing them into the vans. She smiled despite of herself – looks like all her previous exploits these past few months has caused quite a commotion to the men in charge. That they have changed their modus operandi to the day indicated clearly that the intent is to avoid rather than confront.

Not that she minds. The end game is sweeter if the hunt is more challenging.

And of course, the men didn’t get everything right about her. For Vampirella, like all Drakulons, have no problems walking under the sun whatsoever. Garlic, crosses, holy water? They just irritate her.

Silver, however, is a bit more tricky. Regular bullets, knives will still cut and hurt, but silver causes a lot more pain and is more difficult to recover from. And if it happens to hit the right place or cut across the right angle…there have been a few close calls, though with the legends going around, Vampirella does consider herself running on the right side of luck. Other than the supernatural, no other normal human or even superhumans have ever gone up against her directly and lived through unscathed to tell the full tale. For those lucky enough to survive, a bit of mind manipulation will help keep her existence quiet. Just the way she likes it.

The new informant has indeed come through with the goods despite her earlier reservations. Cautiousness has always been part of her ingrained trait and it normally takes much more to convince her. This one seems legit, as the information thus far had brought her so much closer to the top of the chain. Hopefully it won’t be long before she can close out the case, and continue to clear out her books with the Bat.

As the sun continues to set, Vampirella saw that the team seemingly ready to pack it up. “Time to make my entrance”. She stood up and lept over the ledge, bat-like wings sprouting from her back naturally helping to arrest her fall and allow her a gentle landing.

Gibbs and his team had just finished loading the last of the crates into the large Ford Transit. “All done, Westley. They’re all yours.”

“Actually, they’re mine, if you don’t mind.”

Turning around, Gibbs was alarmed to see a woman with a skimpy blood red bikini walking towards them, her back towards the setting sun. His blood turned cold as he saw the bat-like wings extending from her back, and the fangs extending out from her mouth. She looked just like a hungry predator who had just found her prey.

“I…I thought vampires can’t survive sunlight. How…how is this even possible?” Mikey was hanging on to his right arm, even more terrified with the scene than him. He unconsiciously made a cross over his chest.

Vampirella merely smiled, and replied seductively “Well, they do say NOT to believe everything you hear. I guess that applies to vampires too. Now” looking at the van, and back at the crew “why don’t you all be good boys, and just leave them to me.”

“No can do, missy. I don’t care who you are, but you’re not getting us today!” On cue, Drake and Westley pulled out their guns and fired two shots each at Vampirella. All four men were shocked as Vampirella is still standing despite the bullets hitting her arm and chest.

“Ouch! Is there how you treat a lady?” Despite blood flowing down her body, Vampirella merely smiled and looked directly into Mikey’s eyes, her own eyes flashed red for a moment as she influenced his thoughts. “Baby, why don’t you show your friends the error of their ways?”

Upon the deadly instruction and entranced, Mikey pulled his gun and shot Drake in the head, killing him instantly. Before he could do more damaged he was immediately tackled by Gibbs and his gun was knocked away as they tussled on the ground.

Meanwhile, Westley fired more shots at Vampirella, but she was too agile and too quick even at close range, seemingly able to read his mind a split second before he unloaded. The moment he ran out, he felt a slash across his chest and soon fell forward, down for the count. Vampirella merely licked the blood that was still on her right hand, trying not to waste too much of it.

Gibbs finally got the better of Mikey, managing to throw a punch and hit his mate unconscious. Still whizzing from the effort, he realized too late as a shadow hovered over him. Before he could stand up, he felt himself held up by two hands and thrown against the back of the van. Blackness took over soon after.

Dusting her hands, Vampirella thought that today was a pretty straight forward task. “Pity about the blood though. I could have had a bit of a snack to tide me over the next few days. But then again, no point to cause unnecessary commotion for the sleeping ones. Ah well...” She then proceeded to extract the bullets from her wounds, wincing slightly as her fingers dug out each slug, before dropping them on the ground. That helped her wounds to close as the healing process started. “Silver-coated bullets. Interesting.” She thought to herself.

She then opened the doors to the back of the large van, and proceeded to check out one of the casket-like boxes.

Just as she was about to open one closest to her, the casket seemed to explode outward throwing up dust in the confined space. Before Vampirella could react, she found herself being choked by another being. She tumbled backwards and threw a punch hitting the creature away, but before she could get up another two creatures were upon her, one sitting on her chest and pinning her arms, while another held onto her legs.

A trap, she realized too late.

As she struggled to get free, the first creature came to her slowly and knelt beside her. “Alena” Vampirella grimaced through clenched teeth, her eyes dangerously red and her fangs extended fully. She is in trouble, for Alena is similar like her. While not a full Drakulon vampire, the raven-hair beauty has enough of the vampire Elders’ genetics within her to be able to survive under sunlight. It was futile to try to get free as she realized that the other two are also vampires, and with the last of the sunset disappearing over the horizon just minutes ago, both of them are now as strong as her, no light impeding their ability at all.

“Hello, Vampi. It’s been some time. Looks like our plan worked just like we anticipated. Nothing like a nicely laid bloodtrail to hook a vampire in. And in this case…” Alena leered “supposedly the One ‘vampire adjudicator’ that delivers justice on behalf of the Congregation, or rather, the de Clairemonts.”

“If you’re here, that means Fuchs is involved.”

“Wow, you ARE smart! Given that you have been giving his…subcontractor so much trouble, he thought that a little supernatural support of equal capability will be highly appreciated. It looks like our efforts paid off.”

“Why are all of you involved? We’re a long way from Europe.”

“Questions, questions. But today we’re not answering them, no no.”Alena proceeded to take out a syringe, and brought it closer to Vampirella, grinning evilly. “You see, Benjamin has made some interesting investments into alternative medicine that might be of use for, and against creatures. However it’s still early days. So who better than you to be our first lab rat?”

Vampirella’s eyes opened wide and flashed bright red and she thrashed about even more wildly. The other two vampires however just managed to hold on, and Alena plunged the needle into Vampirella’s neck, discharging the entire content into the vampire’s body in one go.

Before long, Vampirella’s body seemed to relax, her eyes reduced back to their normal dark green colour, her breathing slowed, and soon she dozed off. Listening closely, Alena could only detect the faintest heartbeat, and its beat continues to slow.

“Job done. Let’s load her up and get it over with.” Alena then walked to the front of the van and pulled out a mobile phone.

The other two vampires seeing their foe incapacitated, slowly released their hold of Vampirella’s body. Just as they collected themselves, suddenly Vampirella’s blood red eyes opened wide, her nails growing back into claws again. She sat up quickly and with a burst of strength, plunged her right arm into the nearest vampire’s chest, pulled out his heart and crushed it. The stunned vampire just collapsed with barely a murmur.

The other vampire panicked, but in his haste, tried to move forward to grab hold of vampirella’s hands. It was a costly mistake, for Vampirella just moved slightly to her left to avoid his lunge, turned around and this time used her left arm to penetrate his back and crush his heart within him.

Two down, one to go.

Feeling slightly woozy, she just managed to stand up when she saw Alena in front, who had just turned around and saw the debacle. Vampirelly quickly ran towards her to try and close the gap, and she just managed to thrust out her left hand to block an incoming stake aimed at her own heart. But it was painful as the stake pierced her left hand. In reflex, Vampirella also quickly thrust out her right arm and closed her hand around Alena’s throat, and with every bit of her strength started choking her. It was a battle of body and mind as Vampirella is losing blood quickly while she struggle to incapacitate Alena, but eventually her will won the day, as eventually Alena too fell unconscious first onto the ground.

Sitting down and panting heavily from her extertions, Vampirella had to compose herself for a few minutes before she proceeded to pull the stake out from her left hand. Crying out in pain, she then moved slowly over to her prey, and plunged her fangs into Alena’s neck and drank the life-giving blood from her.

As she drank deeply from Alena, her inherent vampiric powers allowed her to pick up her victim’s memories, especially the past few days where images are still fresh. And finally, once full, Vampirella proceeded to twist Alena’s head and snapping her neck, ensuring Earth now has one less vampire to worry about.

It seems like Alena was that “new informant”, and she was the one that has been feeding the breadcrumbs to Vampirella via her trusted bartender source over at the Gotham City docks. All of this is actually part of Benjamin Fuchs and Lex Luthor’s long-game play to try and bring Vampirella to heel, while still protecting the real shipment which in actual fact is due to arrive in Leesville in another ten days or so. After a quick transfer, the latest from South East Asia will be moved to LexCorp in Metropolis before it is redirected on to Europe for the client - Benjamin Fuchs, an age-old enemy.

The experimental drug that Alena introduced into Vampirella is actually a new type of blood thinner mixed with diazepam among others, supposedly aimed against a superhuman or a creature’s healing powers. Designed and manufactured referencing a vampire’s own DNA, the main aim seems to be trying to impede or disrupt the healing power long enough to allow the attackers to bring their foe down. Given that it is still experimental, it also means that there is no cure for now.

It is this drug that is currently proving more problematic, for Vampirella realized her wounds are not healing despite drinking Alena’s own vampiric blood. The only way for Vampirella to recover is to try and allow her own immunity to slowly get rid of the toxin in her bloodstream, but in the meantime she will need to feed much more often in order to replenish her bodily fluids to allow for a natural recuperation. She can actually feel herself getting thirstier as the minutes ticked past, no doubt her own Drakulon physiology trying very hard to use every bit of fresh blood within herself to counteract this new and unique toxin.

She tore away some cloth from her foes to bandage herself as much as she can to minimize blood loss, before flying away in the quiet night, planning to rest up a little before taking the next step towards closing out this case. Leesville is firmly in her view, followed by a showdown with Lex in Metropolis, before informing the De Clairemonts about the latest on Benjamin Fuchs.

Not realizing that she is now walking along path that Lex himself has planned for her, for a pre-determined encounter for Vampirella and Supergirl.


“Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.” Mandi remarked. Earlier, Saul’Tel had decided that he wanted to impress the locals today with his manly Arion powers. Soon after guiding him to the hottest night club in the city, Mandi had hooked up with Lex for a little enjoyment of her own for the evening.

News of the latest loss came while they were still enjoying their evening wine, and Lex simple laughed in glee when he heard that Vampirella had been heavily wounded. That she managed to escape brought neither disappointment nor despair to him.

Lex’ happy mood had quickly led to both of them escalating their nighttime rendezvous. They quickly shed their outer garments, with Lex in his boxers; while Mandi still have on her light blue top undergarment and red-lace stockings.


As Mandi gently stroked Lex’ manhood with just a drabble of her vast strength, bringing moans of pleasure to one of the most brilliant minds on the planet, he proceeded to lay out the steps that had led the players to this current stage. “True, there have been losses, including three very able lieutenants of mine, but one cannot achieve final victory without making the right sacrifices. I just have to regard them as my cost of doing business.”

“Are you still sure are you that they will eventually conclude the way you envision it to be?” Mandi asked as she slowly sped up her ministrations, feeling a bit of cum flowing out from Lex’ crown. She could also feel a bit of wetness between her thighs. “Remember, I want both of them, alive.”

Lex’ gasped a few times, before gathering his thoughts enough to reply “You know, there can be a third possible option you know.”

Mandi stopped her stroke halfway, and tightened her hold slightly to douse Lex’ climax slightly bringing a moan of frustration to him. “And what is that Lex?”

“You…You could theoretically get a Kryptonian vampire, you know…their encounter could also result …in a calamity for one of them…it could very well end with one being having the powers of both. The one that bites…” another moan “could theoretically drink up everything our little Kryptonian girl has to offer.”

“But Kryptonians are invulnerable on Earth, are they not? How can a Vampire best a being that cannot be harmed by any man-made weapons?”

“Ah…Even though they are physically impervious to harm, they can still be affected by magical or supernatural means. And vampires are supernatural beings, are they not? But”…Lex remarked “it is still theory that I am putting to the test, and I am sure we will have our answer very soon.”

“My MY, looks like you HAVE given this a lot of thought. Yes, that will work nicely for us, definitely.” Mandi resumed her gentle stroking again.

“mMMMm…uhgg….y…Yes. In any case, we shall see what happens when…when… our oh so hungry little vampire visits Leesville and meets our little blue bird…all strong and powerful but oh so young and inexperienced…Ughhh” Lex continued to moan as Mandi sped up before he finally climaxed, cumming all over his boxers.

Panting slightly as he came down from his orgasmic high, he lay down on the bed and looked at Mandi. “And once I delivered my end of the bargain, I expect that you deliver on yours too.”

“Don’t worry, Lex. When you bring me the prize, I will definitely honour my word and make you a god among men, with powers that could surpass even Superman himself. And then,…”Mandi proceeded to sit on his crotch, and rubbing her pussy lips against his slightly spent cock “you and your little Lex will be able to show me how a proper superman makes love to a superwoman .“ She then sped up her rubbing, and moaned in pleasure as Lex’ cock rises up again in response.


Two weeks later, the inevitable happened. <Birth of the Undead by Shadar– suggested full reading, though there are some creative differences on the characters and portrayal.>

The historic meeting of two aliens in Leesville. A landmark fight, a fateful meal, and a transformation of two powerful beings into something that no one has seen before. A transformation of two beings into something much more powerful and potentially more dangerous to both Terrans and superhumans alike.

One is an Angel of Darkness, now embued with Kryptonian powers augmenting her Drakulon genetics flowing within her, powering each and every cell of her supposedly immortal body.

Another is an Angel of Light who had actually fallen, in order to be Reborn. Now a Kryptonian vampire with all the genetic traits of two ancient races, she will have to forge her own path in order to navigate the darkness and the light and find the balance in between in her adopted home.

On the sidelines, the most brilliant criminal mind has gotten his wish to augment his physique to rival that of any superhuman alien races. Another being of alien origin too is in the process of setting herself up for godhood, as she continues to plot her extraordinary path towards world domination.

The rise of powerful enemies is imminent, and things looked bleek. But one should never underestimate the will and heart of heroes in their quest to overcome any and all adversity. The Last Daughter of Krypton is not done yet, for her journey and adventures have only just begun.


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