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Birth of the Undead – Being Undead 5

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<Metropolis, LuthorCorp, afternoon>

“Thank you for agreeing to see us, Mr Luthor.” Lois opened the conversation after both she and Clark sat down on the long couch in Lex’ lavishly decorated penthouse office, with Metropolis city as their backdrop from the large glass panels towards their back. The office is so large that there is a separate bar and lounge area for tete a tete, which is still separated from the office area for more serious discussions. Their initial appointment had been pushed out by an extra day due to to Lex “still recovering from the influenza” as Mercy Graves put it. How far that is true is anybody’s guess. 

Lex Luthor gestured to the coffee cups left on the settee by the tea lady, before replying “Come come, Ms. Lane. We have gone through this a thousand times before. A simple ‘Lex’ will do.” He then picked up his own cup and sipped it slowly, while observing the Daily Planet’s own power-couple in front of him.

He can’t help but smile as he observed both reporters settle into their habitual roles. Having gone multiple rounds with them both together and individually, he knows their usual play. As do they know of his.


Clark Kent, the all ‘prim and proper’ sharply dressed newsman. Standing a at a healthy 6 feet 3 inches, his well-built physique behind his tailored suit and tie suggests that he would be very much at home as a football player if he weren’t in the media industry. Despite his nerdy looks, Kent is known for his no-nonsense, direct approach style interviews, where most put it down mainly due to his smalltown upbringing; and he usually backs it up with those facts and figures that only the most hardworking reporters will normally bother to follow-up or verify. If they had time, that is.

Funnily enough, that was Lois’ own style as well for those who remembered her when she first started her career. However she seemed to have amended her approach, adjusting according to the situation (or more likely due to her working partner’s own preferred style). A bit more casual and conversational, she has the habit of getting snippets and comments out from those who are foolish enough to let down their guard. That she is a woman who knows how to leverage and exploit her own womanly gifts to charm the most stubborn interviewees is another advantage for her.

So, a battering ram with enough power and bulk for the frontal assault, coupled with the light but deadly side thrusts on the flanks. No wonder they are the best within the industry.

Being married to each other doesn’t seem to have harmed their professional relationship one bit.

It also didn’t go unnoticed to Lex that Lois’ purple dress today seemed to have a slightly larger opening around her chest area with just the slightest hint of the top of her boob peeking through. Not that anything that any woman wears nowaday is a problem for Lex now, for Lex is now more than just a normal Terran. Much, MUCH more. And he had a peek at her white undergarments when Lois walked towards him as they entered the office minutes ago.

“You know, my earlier offer still stands, Mr Kent and Ms Lane, for both of you to join my network. I am sure that we can come to a price that will be acceptable for both of you and the Planet.” He laughed inwardly as he noticed Clark’s frown at the casual comment. Lois however is more diplomatic “Oh, you know how it is with non-competitive clause, Lex. Even if we were to accept your offer we would be barred from joining you for at least 24 months. Being the astute businessman that you are, that would be a loss to your network anyway while both of us are also bored to death.”

“Besides” Lois smiled while glancing at Clark “we DO like the Planet, they are almost like our extended family, given the amount of time we spend at work anyway. In any case, I think that’s not the main reason why we’re here.”

“Oh? And what is?” and so it begins.

“A man wearing your company’s uniform was found dead outside your tower a few days ago. From what the police could tell us, he fell from a very high position. And based on photos taken around the crime scene” Clark produced the photos that has been published “there seemed to be a large opening from one of the tallest floors of LuthorCorp.”

Sighing, Lex replied “As yes, that is a shame. Jake Grifton was a good man. He reports to Mercy operationally here at LexCorp and is considered one of the most trustworthy, and that’s why he has the priviledge and heavy responsibility of being in charge of the security of the top few floors of my building including my office. Our organisation had gotten in touch with his family, and we have also provided a little monetary sustenance to them.”

“So you do confirm that he fell from this floor then? Why did that happen?”

“That’s a major allegation, Mr. Kent. Jake is a valued security personnel of LuthorCorp no doubt, and his unfortunate death does indicate he fell from high ground, but what makes you so sure that he exited from the hole out there?”

“Oh Lex, come on. Surely every man on the street can put two and two together. You have a large hole in your wall, and you have a man who went ‘splat’ on the sidewalk. Even if it is a circumstancial conincidence, it cannot be to that extent. Besides,” Lois leaned forward as she chewed on that fact “we are talking about thick, tempered glass here, what at least an inch thick, in order to withstand all the pressure and environment here? Not easy to break without a strong enough force.”

“Now THAT is an interesting theory. What I CAN tell you is that when I was out sick, there was a woman who came by to see me. Long dark hair, well-dressed, very beautiful. Supposedly she was in a hurry to see me, and when told I wasn’t in she wouldn’t hear of it. Maybe you can try to follow-up on that lead? If you find her I would like to charge my renovation fee on her too.”

After he spoke, he took out his IPAD and called up the appropriate video, before laying it on the settee for the reporters. Both Lois and Clark leaned forward as the video played, watching a long raven-haired beauty coming into the picture by gently floating down onto the floor, confirming their suspicions that the dark-haired Superwoman did come by for a visit. Clark’s eyes widen even more as they saw how casually she was able to jab her right hand forward and penetrate the meter-thick steel doors, and then slowly and inexorably closed her fingers to rip a big handful of steel from the door as if it were made of cardboard. The way her back muscles bunched up and her arms exploded into large curves while doing despite her normal slender form further confirms the fact this woman is indeed a super, and definitely more than meets the eye. 

They both looked back up at Lex’ double doors again, of which Lex just casually remarked “Mercy had it changed immediately after that debacle. Can’t have the entire place open to anyone. In any case I had the previous one sent to the Metropolis PD, you know, for evidence.”

“So… this woman. Someone you know?” Lex laughed at Clark’s question, replying “Given that I was out sick, I have NO idea who that was, though based on the generic description I can only say that she is very beautiful. Rather tall, fit, with long black hair.” Sitting straight, he continued “Given my reputation, you can also safely assume that list of people who has a grudge against me is a long one. It would also make sense that this person” Lex tapped on the image of the woman“might just probably be one that was sent by anyone who is on that list, just to make a point. Though I would like to add that I, Lex Luthor, don’t scare easily.” <especially not when I too have powers that rival a god now> thought Lex.

“A superpowered henchwoman? You DO have a knack of making many powerful enemies Lex.” Lois replied coyly.

“Maybe. And if I were you, I would even include all the supers in the list of potential suspects.” Lex remarked casually.

“Why? Because of the recent developments about superhero registration legislation?” Clark ventured.

“It is one legislation that I personall support. Think about it. That legislation is a critical mean of ensuring that all the supers are really who they say they are. Many of them are merely hiding behind a cape or a mask, a separate secret identity. All we have are THEIR own words that they are here to PROTECT us. No one truly knows who they are. What happens when we wake up one day and they betray our trust, that they turn out to be someone different from who or what they claim to be?”

“Given that this legislation applies mainly to superheroes as it would be reasonable to assume no superVILLAINS will ever be registered, it also means painting a target of each of their backs. Not to mention their families and friends will all be exposed. A very inbalance act to legislate, and unfair to the ones who have helped the community and people without asking for return.” Clark countered.

Trying to bring both men back on topic, she interrupted both men. “So, do you have any other videos that managed to capture the front angle? Might help us to find out more from other potential sources…” Lois pressed her luck.

“Unfortunately no. That’s the best that I have, given the duration she stayed on my floor. Others are only partial shots as well even if it’s from the front. In any case, as a responsible citizen I have instructed Mercy to assist the Metropolis PD in anyway with their investigation, and these videos have been shared with them.” Leaning backwards, he remarked “So, you can consider this your exclusive then. For quid pro quo, given both your reputations I expect to be informed the INSTANCE you have leads about her. What do you say?”

Both reporters looked at each other, before Clark pushed the IPAD back towards Lex. Smiling at Lex, Clark replied “Well, as you said so yourself, you only have a generic description of the woman who came by. There’s nothing much that we can use in order to get any substantial information back. Besides, given that you have passed these along to the police, this means they are now potential evidence to a crime scene, and we can’t really use any of this.”

Clark tried to keep calm as Lex sighed again theaterically. Lois could see that the interviewee is getting on Clark’s nerves already. “Pity. I would assume that with your exclusive network access to so many superheroes and heroines, some of them might be able to figure out who that person is. She does look… Super… you know”, a dangerous flicker in his eye.

“Well, we do need some breaks to get to the bottom of things…” suddenly they heard a knock, before the doors opened and Mercy looked in. “Mr. Luthor, your next appointment is up.”

All three person stood up, and as Lex showed the reporters to the door he reiterated “Again, I am still VERY INTERESTED to find this green-eyed woman, and if you have any leads at all do share with me. I will make it worth your while.” With that he raised his right hand and Clark raised his, and with a shake of hand, the reporters left. 

“He knows” Clark remarked as they waited for their uber ride at the edge of the plaza.

“About the superwoman?” Lois asked.

“I’m positive. None of us mentioned her facial features to him throughout the interview, there isn’t anything on video that captured her face clearly, and yet he remarked that she has a pair green eyes.”

“Plus, he only showed us the video of her entering the office. How did she leave?” Lois asked. “No idea. If she has superpowers, it would be reasonable to assume that she flew, given that he does have a balcony…”

Lois noticed something odd with Clark’s behaviour. “Anything up?”

“I… his grip…” Lois stared at his husband for a while, before saying “Did it hurt?”

Shaking his head, Clark just mumbled “Weird…” The hailed car arrived just then, and both of them quickly got in before they continued the conversation.

 “Well, what now, Smallville?”

Clark thought for a while“As Lex pointed out, maybe we should check in with our network and see if they have heard of anything else. Who knows; maybe we can get lucky.”

High above ground, Lex looked out from his office’s window grinning from ear-to-ear as his powerful vision observed the reporters’ ride speeding off towards the Planet, pleased with what he had heard from his location. As he continued to look out of the window, he felt Mandi’s powerful figure slide up to him, her left hand moving over to his hip while her right gently moved up and down his muscular chest.

“Shall we move on to our next agenda, my dear Lex?” Lex looked back at his lover and remarked “give me another hour or so, and then I’m yours for the rest of the day.” He couldn’t help but smile as he felt Mandi’s powerful body gently rubbing against his back through his suit.


“Lena, it’s Dr. Danvers on Line 1”. Sara called out to Lena from the doorway of her office, stunning her boss out from her deep thoughts. Lena quickly took a few deep breaths, before picking up the phone, “Hi, this is Lena speaking” while shooing a smiling Sara away.

“Ms. Luthor. This is Eliza Danvers. I have given consideration to your proposal the other day…” a pause, “and I have decided that I will take you up on your offer…”

Lena couldn’t help but jump up and air-pumped a few times, before finally calming down enough to form a reply “I am so happy to hear that, Dr. Danvers. Now, I know that we still have to draw up the terms…”

“…with two additional condition. That is, if you’re willing to hear me out first.”

Suddenly feeling a sense of dread, Lena sat down once more and enquired “Oh? Is it more money? More time away for your family, or…”

“ I know that you have given me full authority to the labs, and that I have full autonomy on the research topics and all…” this time, Lena could hear a pause and a deep breath on the other side, “but I, and I alone will hold on to all the data and samples for any project or research that Lunarcorp conducts on the topics.”

Lena was stunned. This is basically a suicidal kind of offer, for it basically meant that should Eliza Danvers decide walk out on her and join another competitor, there would be nothing left for LunarCorp despite all the investment, hard work and sweat put in for the research.  

It took quite a long time before she could even formulate a proper response. “Dr. Danvers, as much as I admire your work, what you are asking for is basically the moon, the sky and everything in between. What you are asking from me is to hand you a blank cheque and think nothing of it should you leave with everything in tow one day.”

“…Yes, that’s essentially it. In other words, I am asking you to trust me, to do the right thing for you, the company and more. Will you put that trust in me, in my judgement, down in writing?”

Lena thought long and hard for a response, but the best she could blurt out was “…why is this so important to you?”

“Because I want to know if somewhere within your cold demeanour, despite all the pain and betrayals that you have dealt by Lilian Hamilton Luthor and Lex, that you can still find a place for love and trust. We will potentially be working on things which will be game changing, explosive even. I want to be able to trust you, and by accepting your terms I am prepared to put my trust on the line. Now, the first thing I am asking is, will you trust me?”

Lena stared at key pad of the phone for almost a minute, not knowing what to do. Finally she steeled herself and croaked out “…yes. I accept.”

She could literally hear Eliza Danvers smile on the other end of the line. “Thank you Lena. Please have your secretary prepare the necessary, and I will sign it the moment I get it. I look forward to working with you soon.”

Lena couldn’t even remember what her mumbled reply was. It was almost 15 minutes later before she realised she was still holding on to the phone despite the line having gone dead a long while ago.

<Around the same time, LuthorCorp>

It took seven rings before Dr. Hamilton finally got around to picking up the phone. “What is it, Mercy?”

“Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Danvers had just replied. She had decided not to take up our offer for a position in Cadmus.”

Leaning back against her chair, Linda Hamilton probed “Any reason why? You told me you made her an offer that no one would be able to match.”

“That I did. She gave two reasons for her decision. One, the family is planning to relocate back to their hometown area, and she thinks it is just to stessful to commute daily.”

“Despite us offering a pickup car for her? And what is the other reason?”

“That she ‘cannot bring herself to work for such a soulless lab led by a head of research that lacks all compassion and decency for scientists, and had to resort to going around stealing, buying and arm-twisting others for their research results.’ Those are her actual words.”

Smiling despite herself “My, my. Just as spunky as always, dear Dr. Eliza Danvers. We shall see who will have the last laugh eventually.”

The intercom line went dead. Mercy Graves smiled despite herself. Later she would hear from another lab assistant that when he went to see her later he found the place in an utter mess, as if a tornado had blown through.

More likely a tornado called Dr. Lilian Hamilton.

She did remember to send out a short text on her own private mobile phone, and her grin widened when she saw the reply.


<Later that evening>


“Mandi, you’re too distracting…” Lex complained though he was grinning. His fingers flew all over the keyboard as he tried to continue working, what with the all the piled-up mails and documents, decisions required for both his legitimate and side businesses that needed to be addressed.  

Mandi have been waiting for Lex, with as much patience as she could muster, though it was only so long she could stand browsing her phone and what not.

So she decided to be a bit mischevious instead.

With the room occupied only by both of them, Mandi got comfortable sitting on the long couch with her back against the tall windows, doffing her white jacket and pencil-skirt to the side. Wearing only her white leotard top, she reveled in her super-powerful Supremis body, her muscular arms and long, powerful legs looked as if they were carved out of marble as the sunlight reflected off of them, her curvaceous buttocks deceptively soft, her pendulous breasts sitting high on her chest as if weightless.

Mandi had come prepared. Before she swung by the office, she had flown to a nearby power plant near the coastline for a Supremis-style recharge. She tore a few of the power cables from one of the generators, inserted one of them into her moist labia lips and another over her aroused nipples. The effect of completing the power circuit was instantaneous, as her Velorian-enhanced body absorbed the gigawatts of power maximizing each and every Velorian-Arion cell and muscle of hers to its fullest. Fully powered, her muscles expanded becoming wonderfully round and large, her buttocks tightened, and her twin globes could barely be kept at bay by the confines that is her white top now, her large areolas and nipples visibly stretching the cloth to its limit as they stored the extra energy away into her large reservoirs on her chest

That she had an intense orgasm lasting for a full ten minutes was the icing on the cake, though at the expense of the millions of homes along the coast facing a temporary brownout.

Mandi went through her stretches and poses, remembering and rehashing all she had learnt and done in her previous life as a fitness model posing for all those proper and lewd fitness magazines. Alternating between doing powerful body-building style setups before switching to those more risqué and sultry ones, she didn’t bother to look towards Lex’ desk as his quickened breath intake was all the evidence she needed to confirm the effect it had on him now.

And this was even before she started to truly use her Supremis muscles into its fullest extent that is befitting a goddess like her. “A little bit of appetizer for you Lex. Motivation for you to try to finish up quickly.” Mandi remarked casually without missing a beat, and she grinned when Lex seemingly sped up his work, his fingers now almost a blur. She couldn’t wait to try him out. All of him. 

Finally Lex gave up for the day, and per Mandi’s suggestion had changed into something more relaxed; a simple black T paired with denim jeans before he asked the obvious question “So what do you have in mind?” After which Mandi merely smiled, grabbed hold of him and carrying him bridal-style, exited through his balcony. A powerful leap into the sky, and soon they were speeding through the evening sky with sonic booms in her wake.

She didn’t even bother with the skirt nor jacket.

A few minutes later they have seemingly arrived at their destination; Lex felt as if his face was about to peel off as Mandi accelerated and decelerated so rapidly that even his now enhanced body is having a hard time keeping up. As Mandi hovered about three hundred feet above the ground for a while, from the landscape it looks like they are somewhere in the desert; looking about he could just about make out a sign indicating that they are somewhere in Arizona five miles away. It was a pretty sight what with the setting sun’s red glow casting all over the landscape and the sky. Just somewhere beneath them lay a dome-like structure.

Before he could even ask anything else suddenly Mandi dropped him from their position, and in seconds gravity had taken hold and he crashed onto desert ground in a heap. Leaping up, he glared angrily at Mandi when he saw her smirking, and then she pointed her finger at him. Hooking the finger back at her, she taunted “You want me? Come and get me big boy.”

Squatting down first Lex pushed with all his might, propelling him up towards the evening sky, but his effort fell short. He was only two-thirds of the way towards Mandi before gravity took hold of him again bringing back on the ground, though this time he had prepared and was able roll on the floor upon landing. For close to 10 minutes he repeated, even trying running leaps but to no avail. Just as he was about to get up and retry for seemingly the umpteenth time Mandi finally floated down onto the ground and walked towards him. She gently brushed away some of the dust and sand that had coated his shirt and trousers, frayed but still wearable just like her own whites, before pecking him on the cheek. “Hope you don’t mind, Lex. This is the only way to try you out practically without any other machines.”

“No worse for wear. So at least I can survive a fall, and I can leap tall buildings in a single bound like Superman. What’s next then?”

“Oh, I think you’ll like it.” Grinning like a cheshire cat, she gestured towards the domed building and both of them walked hand-in-hand towards it.

As they entered the structure, Lex thought the place looked more like a war armory than anything else. The size of about three football fields, it isn’t as large as some of the yards that LexCorp owns, but it has quite an extensive collection of army vehicles. Tanks, armored vehicles; old planes and jets; even an old destroyer and a small-sized oil tanker. Many, but not all, manufactured by LexCorp’s own Defense Division. These occupied about two-thirds of the space.

 There is a sort of makeshift, open-area gym with all the usual weights and loadouts together with a double-sizes sparring ring. Then, towards the end of the structure, a number of rooms, among which included a bathroom and bedroom with a sporty wardrobe, seemingly. Mandi looked with interest as she observed how he seemingly focused towards two of the rooms, laughing inwardly as she knows that there is no way he could look into those two room with his x-ray vision. They were purposedly lead-lined, and each at least a foot thick, to keep supers with such power to pry away, including her now supposedly lover.

“Don’t you want to ask me how I put this place together?” Mandi seemingly read his mind, while trying to turn his attention elsewhere.

“I assumed that you had built this together with Sau’Tel…when he was still around, that is.” Mandi just laughed, before flexing her left arm to make a muscle “Male Arion Primes don’t really WORK on this kind of things; I built this by myself…took me about three months on-and-off to construct my little playground.” Given that her powers rival that of the Kryptonians, Lex has no doubt that it would taken her little effort to take and transport anything that she needed for construction. Nevertheless, that she built everything on her own is still impressive.

“So you took them as they were being transported from the frontline, or…”Lex replied while touching the hood of one of the large army transport vehicle. He noticed that none of the vehicles here are in prinstine condition – all have scratches, multiple dents and holes, some even crushed at different ends. Mandi smiled again. “Since these are going to be left rotting away somewhere anyway, I thought I’d just take some of them to play with. I run through them quite fast anyway, though it was tempting to try to pit myself against the best that you humans have to offer these days. But then, I don't want to bring unnecssary attention. Yet.”

With that, Mandi walked over to a small armored tank. Bending down she stretched her left hand downwards and proceeded to lift the two ton machin nonchalantly like it was made of cardboard. Turning around, she winked at Lex before remarking “Show me what you are now, Lex. Show me what you have become.”

Feeling slightly turned on, Lex followed Mandi’s lead and bent down in front of the armoured vehicle closest to him. Since he woke-up from his transformation coma 2 days ago, that he now walks around with a ripped physique with enhanced speed, vision and hearing is testament of his gaining many of the powers of a Supremis, and this time he too expects that he should have a big bump in strength as well. However his old Terran habits still came to the fore as his placed both hand on the edge of the undercarriage, squatted down before lifting the vehicle expecting the weight resisting his lift. He was more than surprised that he had used too much force, and his first attempt had instead tossed the 3 ton vehicle twenty feet in the air before it crashed back onto the ground upside down in a heap.

Mandi just giggled on the side as Lex stood up and looked at both is hands and arms. His confidence seemingly growing, he walked towards the mangled mess of a vehicle and spread out his arms wide. Grabbing hold onto the six-inch steel armour, his fingers easily crushing the armour inwards to give himself proper holds, he easily lifted it upwards and above his heads, as if it weighed no more than cardboard.

His smile widening, Lex took his left hand off and held the entire vehicle with only his right arm, and then bending his arm backwards slightly, he tossed it gently into the air as if he were tossing a football. It flew almost the length of the entire building before crashing into the oil tanker, ripping a hole through its top deck and dealing a maze of cracks all about the structure.

With his confidence soaring, Lex jumped upwards 20 feet into the air before landing on top of the main hold door of the mid-sized armoured tank. His put a little more power when he came down, and the resultant force of his landing resulted in the crushing of the entire tank and almost breaking it in to half. He then stood up and did a double bicep pose, which succeeded in finally shredding his t-shirt further to fully reveal his muscular torso, as he reveled in the the strength and power flowing within his body.

Feeling pleased with his current physique, he kneeled on top of what was left of the tank, and placed both hands on the protruding turret. He laughed as he tore the 10 feet long main gun apart from the main structure like ripping apart paper, the squealing steel no match for him now. Again, Lex realized he had used more strength than necessary – the places that he held onto the main gun has been crushed and flatten to that of a penny.

Mandi watched Lex antics bemusedly, before she walked towards the damaged oil tanker. Standing on the ground she focused her heat vision, using its beams to cut through the mangled structure until it is truly broken in half. Then she lifted the stern side both hands, her entire body exploded into a maze of muscles from her torso down to her calves and legs as they tensed with handling the weight. Bending slightly, she leaped and flew off the ground, floating over towards Lex who had now almost reduced the tank to a pile of mangled steel.

Lifting the stern high over her head, she playfully called out to Lex “Oh lover boy. Catch!” before throwing the structure at Lex. Despite his superspeed ability he was too shocked to run away, and all he could do was to raise his arm as the oil tanker landed on top of him, crushing him together with many other vehicles which were closeby.

As the dust settled , Mandi grinned as she heard the familiar sound of screeching and screaming steel beneath the ship. Turning on her x-ray vision, she saw the outlines of a muscular and slightly pissed man slowly prying away all the steel that is encompassing him. It took some effort before Lex just decided to punch holes through the sides as handholds before slowly lifting it up the massive stern from himself.

As Lex sat up slowly and lifted the entire weight up, he could finally feel each and every part of his now super muscles tensing and powering the strength necessary to hold up the large structure. As he lifted the mangled steel structure above his head and he stood up, that he could feel a gentle breeze on his entire body confirmed that he is now in his birthday suit, the tatters of clothing strewn all over under him. The breeze was caused by one superlover, of which he could feel her body melding into his back, both her muscular arms sliding around and over his chest. Feeling every bit the superman that he is now, he continued holding the 10 thousand ton structure over his head, gasping and moaned as Mandi’s powerful hands moved gently around, tweaking his nipples slightly before gently rubbing over his well-defined six-pack.

Mand Ieaned in closer, gently rubbing her large breasts and her protruding nipples against Lex’ impressive back as she sultrily spoke into his left ear. “Do you like my gift for you Lex? Just as I promised, you are now a GOD among men. Do you like how you are as SUPER; know that each and every part of you is as big, as strong, as powerful and invulnerable as Kal-El of Krypton?”

“Yes, my love. And it’s all thanks to you that I feel so fucking INVINCIBLE!” As if to emphasise the point he started to benchpress the entire structure, his arms flexing and relaxing in tandem as it moved up and down. This made the Arion-Velorian behind him even more aroused, and her right arm moved slowly downwards to grab hold Lex’ now Supremis-large cock, while her left hand continued to play its gentle tune across Luthor’s washboard stomach. Mandi gasped as she felt his large girth, the size as such that she is barely able to surround him with one hand now after his mutagenesis. She licked her lips as she stroked his length, increasing her pace and feeling the tool lengthen and expand even further.

Just like an Arion Prime.

Lex for one almost dropped the large weight when Mandi held his protruding manhood so firmly with her natural strength, and it was all he could do to try and concentrate benching the large tanker as Mandi’s wonderful hand worked its seductive magic. He already knew how big he was even when flaccid, when he first woke up two days ago down at Cadmus. But even he was surprised how big little Lex could grow to with his superlover’s loving handling. As Mandi’s hand stroke him faster and faster, he could feel a gentle heat warming up along that part of his, as his tool grew to a size that is slightly longer than a foot in length, and about a quarter in width.

Sensing his nearing peak, Mandi sensually surrounded his cock with both fists now before stroking him even faster. Before long Lex closed his eyes and cried out in pleasure, cumming for the first time as a Supremis male, his arms stretched out over his head rigidly despite the weight as his fingers crushed inwardly within the holds of what was left of the tanker. The force of his supercock’s recoils and ejaculations were so powerful that Mandi literally had to use more strength with her hands, aiming his cum against the other vehicles as targets. Lex could hear the literal blasts hitting against some of the vehicles, as its force sent some of them tumbling and crashing against each other. It took a couple of minutes before he finally came down from his peak, panting slightly from his exertion.

It was then Lex realized that none of his exertions playing with all the armoured vehicles could even be compared with his first superorgasm. As he dropped the large tanker onto the floor with a large crash, he also realized how large and stiff his organic steel remained when Mandi released his tool; Its length and size indicating it is still ready for more.

Just like an Arion Prime.

As Mandi released Lex’ cock, she moved both her hands upwards past his chest and over his shoulders. Then, using part of her own flight powers to augment her own strength, she used her hips to push Lex forward as she whispered “Show me more, Lex. Show me how hard, how strong, how POWERFUL you are. Show me again, the power that you have in that hard cock of yours.”

Lex gasped at his goddess’ commands as he felt himself being pushed forward insistently, and he moved until he came up to the broken leftovers of the ship, coming to a stop as his mushroom head gently touching the armoured plating. Mandi glanced over and down at Lex’ position, before flexing her buttocks and using her hips to push Lex forward even more. Lex eyes widen as he felt himself involuntarily flexing and pushing his erection forward.

The armoured plating merely squealed in protest as it tried to resist the invulnerable penis trying to pierce it. It was a contest it was always going to lose; in seconds, Lex’ cock broke through the six-inch armour belt and even without Mandi’s physical encouragement he has already started involuntarily see-sawing through the hole that his powerful manhood had made. He slowly sped up, and in minutes he was already ready to blast off again, when suddenly he felt Mandi’s hands changing positions and crossed his torso, and in a sudden burst of strength, ripped him away from the plating before dumping him heavily on the floor a few feet towards the side.

Looking up from his position Lex grinned as he saw Mandi’s facial expression. The hunger, the NEED for his not-so-little invulnerable cock now. For Mandi had seen enough of Lex Luthor to know that he is now truly of similar capability as an Arion Prime, his invulnerability and strength a testament of how successful his mutagenis had been. As she slowly moved towards him, Lex felt himself growing larger if it were even possible when he saw how her areolas and nipples have clearly ripped through the white top, which still managed to hung on to her large invulnerable breasts and her washboard stomach. He gasped loudly as Mandi suddenly bent down and using both of her fists, grabbed hold of him with a force measured in tons, a force which even the ship armour was unable to provide. And yet she felt no give in his Supremis-powered penis, though it succeeded in smothering Lex’ impending explosion, his frustrated moan bringing an evil grin to Mandi. 

Licking her lips, she gently floated from the ground, pulling Lex up with her in such an intimate and erotic manner. As Lex kept his posture parallel to the ground, Mandi slowly moved downwards to straddle Lex’ powerful legs, her own pair locking behind his back and squeezing him in midair which brought a “WHooph” out from her superlover as his large tool protruded high-up into the sky. As she continued rubbing her hands over his penis, Mandi took a deep breath and flexed her chest muscles, finally completing her undressing Supremis style, as her twin 38 double-D globes burst forth from their Terran confines. Fully aroused, her bosoms and nipples now Velorian-protector sized now, she scooted forward slightly and upwards, and in one final move plunged downwards forcefully, squealing in ecstacy as she took in the penetration of her superman’s full-size.

Lex grunted as his manhood finally penetrated Mandi’s flower, her Terran leotard no match for his superhard steel, ripping through the thin cloth like tissue paper. As he felt himself being held so tightly by her intimate folds, it is a dream come true for one of the most powerful man in Metropolis. For the longest time he had dreamt of making love with Mandi Olson with every power that he had within his penis, and thanks to her he is now built to give it, and then some!

Despite his trying to take control of their lovemaking, a controlling trait that is so ingrained in the Luthor family, it was obvious however that Mandi was in no mood of letting go, her wild lovemaking in the air taking on an even more aggressive and exaggerated movements as the minutes ticked by; humping and pumping powerfully as she seemed to take him at full strokes.

Soon Lex realized that both of them have landed back on the ground, Mandi seemingly unaware as she continuously smashed his buttocks and body against the ground as she continued to moan and pile on force to fuck Lex, with her superlover trying to use an equal amount of his newly enhanced strength to thrust back. It was as if Mandi was working out all her pent-up sexual energy frustrations after being denied her due for so long.

It didn’t take much longer before the raven-haired Arion-Velorian tossed her hair about like a halo, before crying out in absolute pleasure as she finally reached her climax, her powerful hands grasping onto Lex’ shoulders with dear life as she arched her back when she crested her peak. Her loud screams also pushed Lex over the edge as he came powerfully again, though this time the force of his ejaculation is contained intimately within Mandi Olson. Blasting his seed multiple times within her hotbox, her cries seemingly climbed higher in octave as she came again and again.

Just like a female Supremis in heat.

After their mutual long drawn-out orgasm, Lex had just about time to catch his breath when he felt Mandi’s  vagina muscles clenching his tool powerfully to stop his gentle withdrawal. With an animalistic growl, she spoke in a dangerous and seductive tone “Oh no you don’t! I have made you a god among men, Lex Luthor. And for that, you shall now pleasure your goddess in a manner befitting a superman!”

With that, while still clenching his partial stiffness within her intimates, Mandi flipped onto her back pulling Lex on top of her. Before he could even respond he felt her legs clenched around and behind him, pulling him deeper into her again; her actions coaxing his softening tool back to its full erect size again despite both of them having just cum mere moments ago. Involuntarily, he started pumping again into his superlover as he laid his large hands on Mandi’s powerful globes and squeezed them in tune with his movement; Mandi’s moans of pleasures again echoing throughout the place as Lex finally realizes the price of his transformation. A price that, upon hindsight, was well-worth the wonderful pleasures both superman and superwoman are now able to have from now on.

And they repeated the coupling ritual that is so common among Terrans and Alien races throughout the entire night, the resultant mini-quakes being picked up continuously across the various tracking stations’ Richter scale across the country.

<Across the country, LunarCorp>

It’s already late and yet the office of Lena Luthor is still brightly lit, as three ladies congregated within the CEO’s office to blow off steam. Lena was leaning against her desk facing two of her staff - an attractive slim-looking brunette with slightly curly shoulder-length hair coupled with hazel eyes, and a stratesque, tall blonde with azure-blue eyes sat on individual chairs; three of them facing each other in a loose triangle setting, each one holding a glass of red-wine in their hand.

“I blame you…” Lena pointed at Sara, who acted in mock surprise “…for everything that happened today between me and Dr. Danvers today. Oh god, she was infuriatingly difficult…”

“Moi? But all I did was to help you get the most DESIRED genetics researcher in the country. And I might add, since she has decided to join us, isn’t that a great win for LunarCorp?” The personal assistant laughed slightly as she took a sip of red from the glass. “That she chose us over Cadmus is the icing on the cake, no?”

“Yes, but UGHHHH!! I have tried to be more respectful; I have tried NOT bringing up the personal stuff, and only wanted to focus one professional career, the prestige…but she left me no choice when it’s again down to my accursed family name! And the demands that I have to give in to her! That…That…”

“…that is Unacceptable for a Luthor? That is so NOT how a Luthor should behave?” laughed the brunette sitting cross-legged towards Lena’s left. “Come on, I thought we left all that stupid stuff back in Metropolis when we decided to strike out on our own. But you HAVE to admit that being a Luthor does have its downside sometimes…”

“Don’t you DARE rub it in me Samatha Arias! AAARGGGHhhh…how could I? Maybe I should call it all off, Sam…we still have time you know. The deal is not done until she signs on that dotted line…”

“And risk destroying our reputation as an up-and-coming research company? Good luck in recruiting ANY excellent candidates for anything else later; We might as well kiss that division and any potential future business good bye. Though I AM a bit curious why she already mentions ‘trust her’ within this particular context…”the brunette took a big gulp of red wine when she thought about the current finances of the company. “In any case, I am just glad that it’s something intangible for now, god knows how difficult it is to just to sustain our current cash flow…”  

 “….that bad huh?” Lena stared at Sam, her friend obviously still sober enough to run the numbers within her brain. Even for a genius, Samantha Arias has proven to be an invaluable help to her through current difficult times.

A whiz with all things related to numbers and more, Lena had met Sam back at LuthoCorp the few times she worked there while still studying. Despite being an accountant by training, Sam had proved to be more than meets the eye, showing an aptitude in really understanding complex scientific concepts and technology babble, even better than some of those PHDs who were toiling in Cadmus under Dr. Lilian Hamilton. In fact, Sam was able to even correct some of the mathematical equations and modeling assumptions that some of them have errorneously included their calculations on the board, more than impressing Lena while at the same time rubbing Dr. Hamilton and her staff the wrong way.

That she was stuck in LuthorCorp’s large accounting department pushing spreadsheets and reports were largely due to her age (only a year older than Lena), being a single mom (she has a 7-year old daughter in tow), didn’t come from a prestigious college experience (community college and correspondence degree while working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet for two), and being a woman. In no particular order.

So when Lena decided to form her own company, Sam had joined her immediately as employee number two despite needing to move to Midvale with a child in tow, even when the prospect of making serious money is still very much a dream. Despite her own wonderous STEM gifts and knowledge, Samantha Arias had been content on helping Lena set up and monitor her finances for the moment, content to let scientists alone.

“Well, the insurance claims have FINALLY come through, and as long as you try NOT to burn through them as fast we can still sputter along for at least another year before we have to go and find more investors again.” Begging, more like it, thought the attractive CFO. Sighing, the brunette continued “and I hope it will NOT be in front of Lex if we get there yet again.”

“Funnily enough, I have received some feelers from a few people in Europe who are interested to find out more what we do. Maybe when we are further along, we can both go and meet them?” Lena remarked ruefully.

Sam sat up upon hearing the news. “Now THAT’s something positive for a change. When did this happen? And who are they?”

“Just after the call with Eliza Danvers. And that person calls himself Hamish Osbourne…” Lena looked at Sara, who nodded and chipped in “The man sounds British. From what I could glean, he seems to be a private investor who is looking at new ventures in emerging industries, especially in the bio-medical and biotechnology front. Representing old money, probably. Supposedly have put up seed funds for some other microbiology and genetics research by some Yale and Oxford professors. Looking to add-on more etc. etc.”

“Wait. Yale. Genetics. Micro-biology. That sounds familiar. Did he mention who?”

“Some guy name Roberts, I think.” Lena’s eyes opened wide upon hearing the name. “You know who the person is?” “Christopher Roberts! Only that he’s one of the Top Three persons I would LOVE to have on our research team!! But then…” her excitement dropped a notch after that “that would mean we are competing for funding from one of the best researchers in the WORLD? This is going to be tough…”

Then Lena sighed slightly on that notion again “That is, if we really do make SOME progress on the bio-technology front to complement our mechanical side of things. Eliza Danvers apparently already has some research on hand that is looking quite likely for commercialization, so it might not take that long…”

Sam reached for and Lena handed over the half-full wine bottle, of which the brunette proceeded to pour another round for everyone again.  “Well, I say we take our small wins as they come along, and not worry too much about the future as yet. Live in the present, I say.”

“Here here!” Sara seconded, as together, all three raised their glasses to each other before draining them in gulps.

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