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Birth of the Undead – Multiple Identities 13

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“Did you hear that?” Anita Blake stopped short in her tracks, looking around the place. Rookie policeman Clayton was just two steps behind her, both of them less than ten feet from the main door.

Not five minutes ago, Clayton who had been testing the barrier out had suddenly remarked that things seemed to have reverted back to normal. The asphalt ground now acted like, well, asphalt instead of quicksand.

Taking the lead, Anita herself cautiously took another few steps up the driveway just in case.


Quickly gathering the rest of the team and armed with a fresh round of ammo, each of them had their guns at the ready by their side. Slowly fanning out in teams of two, Hodges and Craig took another route and circled over towards the back while Anita and Clayton braved the front.

They were almost within touching distance when they heard the commotion.

“Sounds like someone… shouting?” This was then followed by a continuous trembling and shifting of the building, the deep rumbles causing dust and pieces of various parts of the roof falling down the sides all about the perimeter.

“Earthquake? In the middle of the country? That’s not possible… right? What the hell?” Clayton just about avoided one of the bigger pieces of tile that had come down and as Anita pulled the rookie back, she saw the other two members also running back towards the driveway and out into the open.

“Nothing I have ever experienced before in my life… ” I’ve heard of earthquakes and epicenters, but this is beyond weird.. It was as if the building was literally shaking from within. The trembling went for a long, one minute before they finally heard a huge scream that came in tandem as every piece of glass window blasted outwards onto the ground. It was then followed by a powerful blast of red that blasted through the roof and upwards into the dark night sky. More noises were heard, of things crashing and banging against each other before everything finally went quiet.

All four members looked at each other for a long while before Anita shrugged and stepped forward. With the doors already partially collapsed, one well-placed kick sent it collapsing inwards. Walking in, the entire hallway resembled something of a dilapidated building where most of the ceiling had either collapsed or was about to. Walls and floors were all cracked from end to end. Feeling a gentle gust of wind from the side, Anita turned towards her right and saw Hodges and Craig who had come in using the back entrance. Motioning to one side, the others peeked over her shoulders and observed the debacle in front of them.

It was as if a meteor had chosen to come down on this part of Earth, this part of the manor, where a huge chunk of the roof had disappeared. A number of the rooms on the 2nd floors had collapsed and crumbled downwards, the impact was such that all those old stones and materials had been directed downwards forcefully, going through the ground floor and downwards onto the basement. 

“Geezus. What kind of explosion was that? Did we get hit by a rogue missle?” Hodges asked without expecting an answer as he shone his torch all around the place. With so much debris and dust all about he dreaded going down there to conduct search and rescue when they all heard the familiar voice calling out to them. 

“Mind pulling us back to civilization?” All four torchlights immediately pointed to and illuminating two young women who were at the base on the debris. Dusty and weary, Es and Dillie looked shaken but still relatively functional, with bloodstains over their clothes. 

“Can you please point the lights elsewhere please, it’s very uncomfortable.” Es complained.

“Both of you looked like shit.” Anita Blake commented once the two ladies were dragged up courtesy of the firehose that was fortunately long enough when extended. “Please tell me that there isn’t anyone else down there.”

“We happened to meet another one of… , well, us. Has shocking pink hair. A bit short, has a cocky attitude. Can’t miss her… ” Hodges nodded, before descending down with Clayton in tow. “All I can say is that it wasn’t really what I expected to find.”

“Is this entire thing due to your, uh, you know, doing?” Dil laughed while Es frowned at that, though it was more or less expected. “I wish. We were literally just trying to get away from our assailant alive. It was just fortunate timing that as we were trying to climb the stairs the entire ceiling collapsed downwards, missing us just that tiny bit.” It also meant that the hallway was now blocked by tons of debris, putting a solid barrier between the pink-haired girl and them. 

“So if it wasn’t you, who could it be?”

“That might be me. I’m fine by the way, thank you for asking.” The very pissed sounding voice came from the back, and a wounded Kat was practically dragging herself towards the group as she spoke. Practically collapsing on the floor in a heap, Es and Dillie quickly helped her towards one of the side benches so that raven-hair beauty could lean against the wall.

“So you caused all of this?” Anita asked again, after at least wrapping up some of her wounds.

“I said it MIGHT be me. Can't confirm or deny. The probability is on the higher side though.” Each word remarked sounded like venom to Anita’s ears, but she kept her cool as Kat continued. “I stumbled upon a spell being cast in one of the rooms upstairs, and as I was searching for a way to stop it I was interrupted by a young blonde woman attacking me. During the commotion I uh… WE might have actually disrupted the spell. That MIGHT have caused this entire unfortunate spectacle, but I was also too busy trying to stay alive then to validate my hypothesis. She didn't bothered to to stay back and explain the details to me after she knocked me out cold.”

"Shit. Are you guys really THAT powerful?"

Dillie nodded while Es chimed in. “It's not about the caster, but the spells itself. Some powerful ones can generate a powerful feedback of sorts when it was disrupted untimely. We normally stay clear of any of those spells that are of unknown nature, as a precaution.”

“Really? As big as THIS?” Dil only shrugged before commenting “That’s why we never touch stuff that we don’t know. Quoting Forrest Gump, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

“Wait, there are more people upstairs?” Craig suddenly asked.

“Well, there was that one young, blonde woman whom I think is the muscle. Funny, ‘cause I don’t think she looks any bigger or taller than you and I. Still packed a punch though. That, and I found some of the girls, sleeping soundly in their beds in all the dorm rooms upstairs. Their rooms are all on the other end, so we've lucked out. Out cold though. Not sure from spells or just simple chloroform. Ouch!” Kat winced slightly when Es’ dab on her forehead reminded her of how badly things could have turned out for her. “Feel free to check it out.”

Anite nodded to Craig, who jogged towards the stairs. “But if the attacker is as powerful as you said, so how is it that it’s only you now?”

“Hey, see this lump on my head here? Like I said, I was too busy trying to stay alive. When the entire building started trembling and shaking, things started falling with me dodging hits from the woman. Given that I don’t have eyes behind my back I was quickly knocked out by her… or something. Maybe one chunk of rooftile, I dunno. When I came to, I thought the place looked stable enough for me to try and get out of here. Hearing you guys talking through the hole, I thought it wise for me to come down and seek help. Again, thanks for looking out for me. Ouch, HEY!!!! WATCH IT!” Es practically laughed as Dil purposedly pressed the cold compress harder on her head in response to that sarcastic remark.

Despite the thorough checks there were no signs of the two young female assailants that the three Asian witches talked about, though with all the damage to the property, it was also highly unlikely that forensics or anyone can do much more.

Left unsaid though was one particular superheroine who was unaccounted for. Anita was puzzled. Then again, that the blue bird was here for the appetizer doesn’t mean she would stay on for the main course especially when it's not going to paint her in a positive light. Any of those whom they were supposed to call up have all flown the coop. This entire thing was now a washout.

All except for one, that is. Hodges found Gaius Marcus curled on the floor very close to epicenter, amongst the debris. Given that the male witch had fell two floors down (at least they assumed so, since he wasn’t very talkative), it was literally a miracle that he only had minor cuts to go with fractures on his ribs and limbs. The only curious thing was that he kept holding onto his crotch, even though to the best of anyone's observation he was not hit nor pinned by anything heavy when he was found.

<Later that night>

“So, all accounted for?” It was already way past midnight when the three finally found themselves back at the resthouse.

“Pretty much so.” Es checked her phone, going through the list again. “To the best of my knowledge all of girls are there. At least we’ve done as much as we could.”  

“What did they do with those girls? And why did they just leave them there eventually?” Dil’s question was on point for once.

“If I were to run, better not to bring any unnecessary baggage right? Besides, it’s not as if it’s easy to transport tens of young women elsewhere without bringing any attention to themselves. Even if America is supposedly a huge country. Saving their own asses was more important then whatever they were doing at that time.” Kat picked up a piece of potato chip from the pack that was being passed around as replacement for dinner. “I thought you guys were supposed to find out about the first task?”

“Nothing much of note, except the basement which resembled a fully-funded laboratory of some sort.” Dillie replied, having explored much more of the rooms. “Most of the things have been cleared out already, no documents or even a laptop… ”

“… even though they left a couple of people waiting for us. Waiting for us, or just leaving them to delay the discovery of their flight?”

The question was left hanging in the air as all three thought about what could have been. As it stood, all three witches have gone way above their heads this time. It could really have gone worse than what happened.

Feeling all sticky and geeky, Kat groaned in pain as she slowly took off her blouse and tights as she reached for some fresh clothing, revealing all her bruises and bandaged cuts to her friends. Es was practically flabbergasted when she saw all the marks. “Kat, don’t you think that you should run away from a fight sometimes?”

“I tried. She was faster AND stronger, even if she wasn't that skilled. I got lucky this time. WE got lucky.”

They then heard a knock.

“Door’s unlocked.” The fact that Es didn’t even go over to open it was testament that they already know who their guest was, despite the late hour.

“Sorry for dropping by so late. I thought I’d give a bit of time for everything to settle first before I come by. Hope that you guys don’t mind. I did bring some food though, if you’re up for it?”  

Despite themselves, all three Asian witches found themselves taken in by her beautiful voice, even if sounded more sheepish than confident. The young woman in red and blue stood near the door with a couple of boxes of chinese takeaway, looking hesitant and checking around before being quickly ushered in.


“After saving all our collective asses, I’d say that you are more than welcome to crash my room anytime, anywhere. OWW!!!” Kat quipped, though she winced yet again when Es hit her on her ribs.

“You do know she could literally do that, right? Remember what she did to the Manor.”

That brought a wry smile to the Girl of Steel even as the colour rose on her cheeks. “Not that I will do that, unless you need me to be there.”

Guess even Supergirl can have a bad day after all.

“Well, I don’t care about any of THAT. What I DO care about is that you brought Guo Tie for all of us, and that for me is more than good enough!” Dil chipped in. That brought another smile to Kara.

In essence, everything that the witches told the police were true, barring a few missing parts. Kat had heard a woman having the orgasm of her life in the next room throughout her fight, though it was after she missed one particular powerful heatvision blast that blew through the connecting wall between the two rooms that she realised who it was next door.

That initial heat blast was partially an aftereffect of an uninterrupted orgasmic climax that Supergirl had been denied for a while. Though given how perilously close another two powerful beams missed her more or less confirmed that Supergirl was still able to maintain some modicum of control to her physical abilities. At least enough that she still managed to avoid Kat's witchy body throughout.

One orgasm wasn’t enough for the Girl of Steel though, as she seemed hellbent on showing Gaius Marcus what he was ‘missing’. Holding his frail Terran body to herself as she ground herself against her fingers, moving faster and faster to bring her to her next climax, the male witch was crying out desperately to be let go as he felt his lower regions being crushed and burnt up, the proximity to the heat generated by the friction of Kara’s repeated plunging of her fingers into her own cunny was more than enough to scald a human being.

Supergirl however was too occupied with her own fingerwork to care anymore, and instead focused on bringing herself to even more pleasurable climaxes, while trying to prove a point to Gaius Marcus that she’s more than what he thought she was. That she was more in control than ever, and it was a huge mistake to poke a bear. Or in this case, a sexually aroused Supergirl.  

Unfortunately, buildings built from bricks and mortar are just not built for Kryptonian superorgasms. Two orgasmic cries, two incredible heat vision blasts upwards and through the roof, coupled with her powerful shudders was more than enough to weaken many of the pillars, causing the rood to collapse. The aged foundation and old cracked floor inadequate to sustain the additional weight and the incessant shaking. As such, both Supergirl and Buzz soon fell through downwards onto the basement floor with the huge hole that the powerful superheroine made, where Dillie and Es had just about avoided the entire collapse by clamoring up the stairway. 

Despite it all, Kara with her natural superhero instinct was still fast enough to wrap her cape over the male witch, and then used her own body to shield him from all the collapsing tiles, stone and concrete even as they fell. Her flight powers had instinctively kicked, and so when they landed he was still on top of her albeit winded, in pain but otherwise unharmed. 

Knowing that they had limited time with the police finally entering the partially destroyed manor, Es had urged Kara to trust the witches on the rest. After grabbing Gaius’ balls yet again to ensure that he won’t be able to stand for at least a couple of days, she had quickly flown out through the open roof with superspeed, avoiding the encounter with the police who entered moments later..  

“Remind me not to piss you off for any reason. I dare not imagine the pain he’s going through at the moment. Though for what it’s worth, he deserves it I’m sure.” All four of them laughed, even if that made Kara blush.

“So what happens next? What are your plans?” Kara asked, placing her arms under her chest over the large <S> insignia.


Commissioner Danvers and Detective Blake had eventually turned up with paramedics in tow. Based on their experience, they believe that whatever was administered to the girls will be cleared out of their system within another 12 hours or so. But it is a very messy immigration problem now, and that even the federal Immigration and Homeland Security.

“Well… assuming that the girls are all checked out, hopefully we will be allowed to go back soon. I really, REALLY need to be on that beach in Goa. Or Maldives. Or any beach someplace secluded. No more fighting please for at least three months. I really need to recover.” Dillie and Es nodded together with Kat.

“That’s something that could be arranged.” All three looked up suddenly at Kara who merely crossed her arms in thought, before pointing to the large <S> on her chest.. “About your travel plans, that is. I can fly remember? It's the least that I could do for all of you. Just let me know where and whan. I just keep my speed down while I’m carrying all three of you and we'll be there quick, and you don't even have to worry about luggage and flight delays.”

Now THAT’s one way to travel. The Supergirl Express. But before Dil piped-up the rest quickly smothered the young woman, even as all four went into giggles.

<Around the same time, at the Midvale-Leesberg hospital>

“Hello Gaius.” The male witch winced in pain upon hearing that voice, slowly opening his eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“mmGMookkkkiGUssss” he could barely see or hear clearly, much less string together a coherent sentence. The superheroine bitch had really outdone herself. All that rumble and tumble had caused so much bruises and cracks everywhere on him that he was practically incapacitated. All he could do is just to turn slightly on the bed, and even that is causing him pain.  

“That’s good.” Finally he was able to focus to see the person standing next to him, shining a torchlight to check his left eye before moving towards the right. With that prominent white coat over the woman’s blouse and trousers, he assumed that she was the doctor on-call.

“Can you raise your arm or leg in anyway? We just want to try to gauge your mobility.” Gaius Marcus winced as he tried to move his limbs. Not withstanding the jarring pain everywhere, he also realised that he was handcuffed to the side as well. His mind was still hazy for it all…

“Ah, that’s a little inconvenient isn’t it? That’s to be expected, given that I’ve given you a little something to, well, numb the pain. Now, one final question before I leave you to your sleep. Did you tell them anything? Anything at all, about us?” That practically woke Gaius up when he realised who it was currently in the same room as he. Despite this being a four-bedded ward, he was somehow the only patient in the room, alone with this person. He wanted to call out for help, but then realised he wasn’t able to utter anything. In response, he could only try to shake his head, but all he could muster was a lazy roll of his head left and right.

“I thought so too. You've been a good boy, after all. Given that you were so confident about everything that you were doing, they told me to just hang back and leave you to your whims, as long as you deliver the goods. If you could only but bottle a little bit more of that useless urge to stick your dick into any woman in costume, we would have finished all the necessary and left without even a peep from anyone. I guess Benjamin Fuchs and Lex Luthor were wrong with their assessment of character for this one time. Then again, you were always so charming when you’re at it, isn’t it? Pity you couldn’t last to see the very end of this story though.” The person leaned closer before continuing. “It’s such a pain to clean-up after others, but given that I am trying to keep things under wraps. I guess this will have to do. Being professional and all.”

The person then plunged a customized syringe consisting of two heads instead of one into the side of his neck, and then slowly extracted the unique blood that was his alone. When done, the unique device was placed in her lab coat pocket, just like any other medical professionals would. Turning around, the person turned the small knob of the drip next to Buzz’s side. As the drips fell faster, it seemed to make the man even more dull from all the medication.

“Rest well Gaius. Don’t worry about getting up anymore. Rest assured your burdens will be lifted by the end of the hour. Oh, and thanks for your little donation. I will ensure that your blood will also go a long way towards the success of the program.” As Gaius’ eyes slowly closed, the person exited the room and nodded to her right. Shannon Rodgers and the pink-haired girl both stood up from the bench and started walked in stride with Dr. Allyson Fender. As the three stepped out of the hospital and disappeared into the night, the vital signs monitor of Gaius Marcus went from harmonious beeping, to erratoc tones before collapsing into a a standard monotone.

At that very moment when Gaius Marcus’ breathed his last, across the country a red-haired woman suddenly collapsed onto the marble floor just as the closed-door fundraising event was just starting. A newer member of Chris Robert's multi-disciplinary research team in Yale on all creatures, Dana Dearden's faint caused quite a commotioni. It took a full five minutes before the yound woman finally came to, and despite being asked repeatedly she refused to answer why tears kept flowing down from her eyes.

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