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Birth of the Undead – Multiple Identities 16

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“What are you planning, Lex? What are you hiding from me?” The deep, female voice barked at him from the other end.

Lex had just completed his final instructions for the day when the phone rang again. Being CEO of one of the largest company at the moment and a self-depicted genius criminal mastermind, no one dares question his judgment or actions unless they are of a certain calibre. The person on the other side of the line however was another who has enough official authority and clout to actually bring him down in a jiffey. Because of the importance of the relationship, he swallowed his pride and kept calm despite the inpudent tone.

“Nice to hear from you Amanda. I’m not very sure I follow. Care to give me more context on your accusations?”

“Don’t play coy with me. I know that you’ve been speaking to a number of persons, and groups of interest across the country. Gotham, Coast City and the likes. None of whom I would identify as regular businessmen.” Director Amanda Waller was trying to keep the conversation calm, but given that she’s used to ordering people around, it’s also a new experience trying to deal with an equivalent who was also used to getting things done his way.

“Amanda, since you’ve have really been keeping tabs on me, then you will know that I do have interests EVERYwhere. Whether you agree or not, at the end of the day I am just trying to earn a livelihood. We just happen to be better at what we do in many fields when compared to everyone else. Given my stature, there ARE bound to have quite a few of parties and conventions where the most important corporate decision makers turn-up. I do admit it can be quite tiresome for having my picture taken with them, but I do need to build strong networks to ensure the long-term survival of my companies. I’m sure that you of all people appreciates that fact.”

“Really. And what part of building relationships involve acquiring Kryptonite then?”

“My my, Director Waller. You seemed to have gotten ahead of yourself. Kryptonite you say? What you are talking about is an extremely rare resource, something that you can’t just buy from the open market. I will however cut to the chase, seeing little point to denying it. We have all talked about alternative renewable energies for so long, and our R&D team thinks that there is much potential from this rare resource from the skies. Given that I do have interests in the energy segment, an alternative to the world-polluting fosil fuels that continues to kill our planet would be the perfect god-send to humankind, not to mention that they will be extremely profitable. But, these are SOOOO limited in quantity that despite my immense wealth, owning such a valuable resource on my own is even beyond my capabilities. Hence you can understand the reason for me to go around and look for additional investors. BUT… ” he purposedly paused for awhile before continuing. “I do understand that that are certain people and organisations who DO have the means, AND with BIGGER backing behind them, that are also acquiring Kryptonite using whatever means necessary. Now, I am sporting, so what say we continue this friendly… competition, and may the best party wins?”

Leave it to Lex to quickly turn the tables around on Amanda Waller.

“Do not make things hard on yourself Lex, for I do hate to derail our ongoing arrangements. There are things that are bigger than even you and I.” Classic non-confirmation nor denial. Which just reaffirms the facts just fine for Luthor.

Lex chuckled at that threat. “Ah Amanda. Such the company man. Again, I still think that all of this have been a small misunderstanding. Let me make it up to you somehow. Dinner, at Carney’s in a fortnight? I have a standing reservation there whenever I fly into DC.”

“Save it, Luthor. Keep your hands in your own cookie jar, or else. That’s final.” Amanda Caller cut off the line before throwing her phone against the backseat of the limo, her teeth gritting in anger. She knows that Lex Luthor must be plotting something mischievous where the elusive green crystal of a dead planet will play a major part. With Mercy being observed traveling to multiple cities within the past two months, it’s not a coincidence that wherever she turns up there have been reported movements of Kryptonite stash at these different places.

Oh she knows all about who was keeping what and where. After all, she IS the puppeteer behind the puppeteers, many of the intelligence agencies eventually answering to her. As part of their plan to protect the country, she too had advocated for the use of whatever means necessary to stockpile and research on the use of Kryptonite, knowing full well that this was going against the most powerful superhuman on Earth. She had done all the influencing, hell even begging from all the higher-ups to do so. But many of those naive grey-haired politicians and hacks do not even know what’s at stake here. The things that Amanda needed in order to protect their nation. Too senior to learn about it, and couldn’t care less as long as nothing comes back to them. Always passing the buck around.

Either that, or they just happen to trust someone who looks and thinks like them, never mind if that person could eventually be a ticking timebomb that can decimate them and the rest of the world anytime.

Then again, that’s why they employ people like Amanda Waller. One who have been betrayed enough times by so many parties that she liked to have insurance policies whenever she starts engaging on any new activity.  

Same shit, different people, different day.

“Goddamit.” She cursed again under her breath, and then suddenly lurched to the front as the car braked hard just as they were about to pull out from the parking lot. She barely had time to curse when the driver spoke to her via the car-comm.  

“Ma’am. There’s someone who wants to talk to you.”

“Tell him to take a number.”

“He won’t take no for an answer. That’s why he just stepped out onto traffic and nearly caused me to hit him. He’s right outside the car now, coming towards you.” Amanda peered through the tinted window, and a familiar face came into view. All the time in the world couldn't remove the determined frown that brought back memories of the days during the second gulf war almost three decades ago. Desperate situations that led to hastily established alliances. While the person wasn’t wearing any uniform, the well-built frame and the rim-rod straight stature indicated to a career in uniform.

The knock on the window brought her back to the present. Winding it down, his familiar voice called out. “Nice to see you again Amanda. You’re a hard person to get hold off, much less meet in person. Glad to see that you’re doing well for yourself.”

“Hello John. This is an unexpected surprise.” A very troubling and unexpected surprise.

“Heh. I’m sure. They let me out early, you know. Good behaviour, thought you’d like to know. Then again, what’s a couple of years or decades in the slammer for OLD friends eh?”

That comment wasn’t even an attempt to mask the intent. That stirred memories yet again. “What do you want?”

“Come now Amanda. Don’t be so harsh on me. After all, we used to be SO tight, remember? The least that you could do for a friend that you've known for three decardes is to treat him to a nice meal. Given that I’m released back out into society, guess it’s not so much a leap that I’m also looking for a job. No handouts for me, no siree! With your current position, I’m sure that this should be a walk in the park for you? ”

Amanda Waller wanted to just drive off when a sudden thought flashed across her mind. Keeping her poker face, she asked the driver to open the door on the other side. Taking the hint, Sgt John Corben walked across and the climbed into the limo. Within moments, the car pulled away and drove towards the city into the night.


Lex wasn’t feeling that much better despite his earlier bravado. He knows enough about Mercy’s quality of work. However, there was only so much that she could do to stay under the radar. With so many eyes in the sky, eventually there was going to be whispers and eventually ‘leaks’ no matter how discreet she was. Even if most of their partners have no qualms in utilising the trusted way of making a problem ‘go away’ permanently, the deterrant might sometimes come too late.

Luckily they have more or less reached the end of their shopping list, so at least they will be done with this outstanding item very soon. He still sent a text to Mercy as a precautionary measure though.

At least this was still better than the debacle in Midvale-Leesburg. The only saving grace was that Otis had managed to escape with whatever he could get his hands on, but all the rest of the genetic materials had to be abandoned. It was even more troubling that he found out that they were not destroyed, but were taken by someone else. It was not something he liked on his record, and as penalty he demanded one of Otis’ finger and toe each, ensuring proper control and 'motivation' maintained.

“You know, you could do everything on your own now, with the immense powers at your disposal without having to rely on anyone else. Don't you think that reduces the risk and potential problems that might arise?” He smiled at Mandi Olson’s comments.

 “That might be true, but there is something more important at stake here.”

“Which is?”

“Perception. Maintaining the facade that Lex Luthor remains a regular human being with a typical frail human body. That with all the intelligence, he still needs people to execute on behalf. It keeps many of them at bay, for when they habitually or unconsciously believe that to be true still, they will let down their guard eventually, providing an opportunity for me to pounce should there be a need to do so.”

That, and the fact that he is Lex Luthor. Why get your hands dirty when there are many others who can do the work better and more cost efficient? And there are many, MANY who are more than capable to doing the job.

“Oh, and I brought you this. The very latest, from our team. Another labourious effort that has now come to fruition with the right motivation.” He passed a small box over to his lover, who squealed when she saw the content. It was all an act of course, the cardboard box meant nothing to one who could see through walls. Still, it still made his heart flutter slightly as he saw how excited Mandi Olson was. He knows she's a difficult one to please.

“May I put it on?”

“Of course my dear. After all, it is tailored according to your measurements.” Lex beamed.


She looked spectacular, dressed in the replica Arion Valkyrie uniform. The costume was mostly red with black highlights, the representative black “V” sign crossed over her large chest to meet on her naple before inverting downwards towards her thighs. Two wrist-band-like black highlights on each hand and a red coloured cape completed the ensemble. The size was purposedly made slightly smaller to accentuate her entire feminine figures. The frontal assets that Mandi sported were easily on display through the sheer fabric that was partially transaperent towards the center of the chest; and the partial exposure extended towards the 6 chiseled blocked on her abdomen.

The Arion woman looked absolutely radiant. In a sense, Lex thought that the woman acted like a child who had just been handed her most desired toy as she twirled around and posed for him. As far as he could remember he had never seen the Arion woman so happy before.

Looks like this was one instance where he really got into her good books.

“I gather that you like it very much.”

“I love it! But first a little stress test… ” Lex’ eyebrows raised up slightly as she proceeded to do a double-bicep pose. Two large Arion-large muscles bunched up from her feminine arms immediately, and her 36DDs rose up like inflated balloons to stretch the entire costume even tighter. Despite the additional punishment that she was exerting, it held.

“As you know, the men have woven-in some additional materials when producing the costume. Kevlar mixed with spandex together with these new materials to make it light and tough, yet still stretchable and breathable. You will still be able to feel impacts on your body however, even though it was designed withstand impacts from light weapons.” It was one key selling point that they made to the various organisations that are looking for such lightweight yet durable armour. It was also one the agenda that Mercy carried as she zipped across the country, visiting organisations from all spectrum of grey and black to gauge their interest in this new composite fabric.

The extravagant booking fees that LexCorp has received definitely helped defrayed the cost of the development substantially.

Mandi merely looked back at him with interest. “You should know by now that I absolutely love being shot at. The feeling of being gently caressed by those little peashooters… they feel arousing, especially when they hit here.” She purposedly moved to hold and caress her large, firm busoms in front of her lover, who looked on with interest as her nipples and areolas tented up on her chest with growing excitement. “This should be the feature and not a flaw, in my opinion.”

She then walked sultrily over to Lex who was sitting in a large single couch and sat on his lap. A simple act as such had already made him hard, she could feel little Lex poking at her beneath her lap.

“You’ve done well, Lex. I think a little reward is in order. Arion Valkyries were known for taking and exhausting squadrons of Arion males during their pre-war nighttime sexual conquests. A precursor of sorts of going all the way without regrets. Perhaps we might want to emulate that by breaking our record of number of orgasms in tonight's session?”

The Arion-Velorian woman gasped as she felt that indestructible rod ripping out from her enhanced man’s pants, growing larger and thicker upwards, pushing insistently against the lower part of her costume between her legs. Even though he hadn’t forced himself forward yet, they knew from previous experience that if need to, both of them could literally tear the material apart with their bare hands. This being a very limited edition fabric though, the Supremis woman merely used her powerful fingers to adjust and move the thin cloth aside. The subsequent pleasurable moan from both of them as her softness held his hardness signaled the prelude of things to come for the rest of the night.

Wonderful things. Incredibly erotic and powerful things.


<Midvale-Leesburg. LunarCorp>

It wasn’t unusual to see the lights still on over the weekend at LunarCorp. Given that the entire organisation is stacked with researchers across a variety of fields it was also a common scene to see the young and beautiful CEO tinkering in the lab or workshops, trying to get things to work.

In reality, it was something that Lena Luthor did more to pass the time and be more productive, rather than sit at home and junk out in front of the television and surf Netflix. Granted that her place was the most expensive in town, but at the end of the day it’s merely a place for her to sleep and rest. Stripping away all the furnishings were just the cold hard facts – four walls, and no one else. Not even a pet. Hence she rather just spend time in the lab to see if she could get her brain to focus on other things besides running through financial spreadsheets and presentation slides.

The CEO doubling as lead researcher has made good progress on one of her pet projects. The artificial limbs’ contract with the military have been a boon for the company’s cashflow. Besides that the potential lead-in to an actual multi-year contract deal in the future, LunarCorp could also finetune and extend different offerings from the initial model and make it relevant to the B2C market, given that the exclusivity clause only has another year to run.

But for the regular Joes who already need to fork out money for such an expensive mechanical limb, regular battery replacements are going to be a major burden. The least they should do is to extend the longevity and usage of whatever they bought.

Cue the need for a battery that is both lightweight and powerful; able to hold more charge yet discharge slower than others.  

Looking at the latest read-out on screen using the latest sample, Lena looked pleased. “Looking good.” Ten percent improvement in charge hold, 25% improvement on power saving for the limbs, everything is going on the right direction for the traditional battery packs leveraging on the currently popular NiCad and Li-On.

But the weight problem remains. Lena held up the pack, and frowned. “Not good.” Despite the best efforts of the contract manufacturer it still weighed like a brick.

Then switching to her baby, the NexGen battery pack that was purely based on solar and kinetic energy. Powering up and checking the latest readouts, while the latest performance is now better than the previous version, it was still a distance away from making it viable for any regular users.

Sighing, she was about to pack it up for the day when her gaze turned to the small metal box sitting on the side.

About the size of her palm and seemingly made out of brushed metal, it was already on her desk early when she came in yesterday morning. There was a scribbled note remarking “Have Fun!”, which she could tell was not written by either SaraLynn or Sam. Alarmed, she pulled the CCTV videos, but checks only revealed the cleaners and security detail walking along the hallways, which led to nowhere. As a precaution, Lena had gotten it scanned before handling it. The Luthor name was enough to attract the worst of threats. Once confirmed that there was nothing dangerous with it, she steeled herself to open it to reveal its contents - small, crystal-like green shards of various sizes, the largest no bigger nor longer than her thumb. 

Surprised and intrigued she had taken the smallest shard and had it put through a battery of tests. It was surprisingly resilient. As hard as diamond, most tools failed to crack or even dent it; trying to corrode it with acid and alkaline liquid also didn’t result in any effect. A peek under the powerful microscope indicated that this crystal could be naturally formed, but that it wasn’t anything that she had ever seen on earth. Extremely rare, seemingly. From outer space, possibly.

Then again, if gold was also a result of components of asteroids crashing down from space, technically this shouldn’t even be surprising to find this sort of material on Earth.  

But who would pass on something like this to her? With a larger than life ego and a demeanour that everyone else is beneath him, he just couldn’t resist the dramatic entrance and exit that is befitting one that is called Lex Luthor. Having lived part of her life in the same household she was sure it wasn't his brother's handwriting either.

Back to the question on hand though. Her mind started to rewind to the paces that she had subjected the materials to. “So if it can’t be cut by any normal means… ” she remained in deep thought again, having opened the box and picked up one of the glowing shards.

If anything, Lena had to admit that the glow of the shard was mesmerizing. If she could somehow use something to reshape or break it into even smaller pieces, she could actually have the jewellers to try to set them on a ring, a bracelet or a necklace of sort. The radiant, green glow would have paired well with her own emerald eyes.


She wasn’t sure what else she could do with it until her gaze fell back on the machine that she had used to calibrate and evaluate the energy from the batteries. Working on a hunch, she placed the shared on the small platform, and then switched on the machine to run its course as she took a coffee break.

Her eyes grew large with amazement when the results appeared on her computer screen later.

She expected something unusual, but nothing THAT sensational.

“My GOD! What the hell??” The readings were absolutely off the charts. Despite not looking nor feeling anything different when she was handling it, this crystal shard was actually radiating immense amount of energy. Enough to theoretically power an entire energy grid for one state continuously for at least a year, or even an entire country for at least a month! On a scale of capability, this would be the level of nuclear-fission even, or more!

More importantly however, if she can some how find a way to place and utilize it on any of their mechanical devices or limbs, this could mean a lifetime of clean power. However, unless she could figure out how to get to the source of this crystal there will be no way for her to include this into a mass-produced artificial limb.

But for the life of her, Lena just couldn’t figure out how and what enabled this crystal to generate so much energy in the first place. After all, energy can’t be created, as it merely changes forms from one to another. Picking it back up from the platform and turning it left and right for a while, she finally placed the unique artifact back into the box. This discovery is a huge one, and it’s definitely something that she will definitely try to figure out what to do with that latest insight later.  

As the CEO was walking out from the lab she accidentally brushed past a small figurine on the workspace of Dr. Eliza Danvers, causing it to clatter on the table. Righting the miniature back, Lena noticed how the normally spotlessly clean area now has a stack of papers parked towards the right. Normally she doesn’t pry, but for some reason her curiousity got the better of her this time and she picked one set up and flipped through the binder.

The more she read, the more she couldn’t put it down. Despite microbiology and genetics were not her majors back in college, the genius in Lena Luthor meant that she actually understood most the research.

But it wasn’t just the method of the research that was interesting to her.

It was the main subject.

By the time she finished reading the last page her brain seemed to have processed the data and information enough to form a hypothesis. She looked for a large post-it, scribbled a few lines on it, then pasted it on the results page, before arranging the stack back in order. Looking around, she then made her way over to the small chiller where she thought the samples were stored. Picking up a disposable syringe, she then took her own blood and placed it into the regular tube. Replacing the additional vial of blood into the same set that she saw was labelled by Eliza’s neat writing, Lena closed the chiller door and went on her way, smiling slightly as she walked down the empty hallway.

It was a productive day today.  

As she had soft-locked her computer when she left per the usual habit, there was no way for her to know that a copy of the report on the unknown crystal has also been automatically been sent towards an outside party.

To Cadmus.But not redirected into any storage locations or emails.

It was as if the data had been 'consumed' by the Cadmus intranet environment, for that information never reached any of their employees or owners.


<Hong Kong>

The famous entrepot in the Far East have seen its fairshare of politics of nations more a couple of centuries, even being part of conflict for a couple of turns. From the old chinese junks and sailing ships of yester years to the current mammoth cargo ships and oil tankers, the vibrant city continues to welcome all to are willing to come by and visit.

Despite it being distinctly Asian, the city also has a strong contingent of foreign expats who live and work in the city. As such, the entire city is a prime example of a melting pot of people, culture and habits. Light, dark, and everything in between even. With many locals already so used to the varied and different faces going about their own business it was easy for anyone to pass through and disappear within the crowd irregardless of how unique or distinct they look.

That is why this city has been the designated headquarters for Asia’s own Congregation for the past two centuries as well. While Europe have always loved the hidden location out in the middle of the sea in Venice, Asians however prefer to be somewhere more… accessible, and for good reason.

The old English-styled mansion that housed the members’ meetings were always in need of maintenance, but that lent even more taste and flavour to the heritage that it holds. Located on Lantau Peak, the mansion is fully accesible with modern transportation and roads. Coupled with a great view of the Tian Tan Buddha, it currently doubles as an exclusive event location for the rich and famous.That it is only available for exclusive bookings made the demand skyrocket, the waiting list running up to the next 18 months already. Twice it was used as backdrop for major Hollywood productions. With the rich history and the abundance of olden interior deco including a well-stocked private library, the place have been featured on many lifestyle magazines depicting the best of the olden days. 

Leave it to the Asians to figure out how to make the place commercially sustainable for such a private location.

Today however, the Mansion was closed for Congregation business. But instead of having nine bickering leaders jostling for leadership, the relationships between the creatures in Asia are much more reconciliatory and trusting. Even if they still maintain a certain ingrained wariness with each other. That slight tension that buzzed in the air however was still cordial enough. As such, only three representatives, each representing a sect, received the three young witches. They sat across from the mission team from across a long, intricate wooden table that was carved out from wood.

“Next time, a little bit of warning will help. Even if we have good political connections, there are still many strings to pull and red tapes to cross.” Keisuke Yamashita remarked in a polite but strict tone. The three ladies bowed slightly. Despite looking middle-aged and slightly rounded on the belly, the elder vampire have been around for more than two centuries. Having been a ronin prior to the Meiji revolution, his occupation has surprisingly taken a dramatic turn, and is now instead a tenured professor at the University of Tokyo lecturing on history. A remarkably apt occupation for one who had lived and seen much of what he lectures everyday. Always impeccably dressed he was in a dark zhongshan suit that would be more in line with bankers and politicians.

“Ah, Keisuke, you know how things are. They might be young, but they are still resourceful, to say the least.  That they managed to chase down the trail and get the young ones back to their families, that I must say is a good result in my opinion. Even the expenses have been managed well.”  Damir Korsakov remarked heartily. A businessman hailing from Middle Asia, the daemon had honed his capabilities since young by deftly tricking and winning all those gambling games played in small lanes. He has been silently building his fortune in the energy and mining sector as well as the financial markets, making a killing each time whenever there is a turmoil in the markets or without. Tall and balding, he was muscular, a throwback to his time where he turned to weightlifting as his gyme work forcus. His body seemed primed to burst out from this tight shirt at anytime.

“All in all, I think they did meet their objective, which I thank both of you gentlemen for supporting us on this unusual excursion.” Both men nodded in acquisence. The quiet feminine voice was from the lady sitting in the middle amongst the three. Despite being the smallest, Chen Lin wasn’t actually that short, her 3-inch heels easily pushing her stance to 5”11 when she stood up. Dressed in a flowery and slightly subdued coloured cheongsam with a high slight up her tighs, her remarkable brown eyes seemed to encompass much wisdom. Every word she spoke seemed to have been done after given considerable thought. That was to be expected from an experienced witch who have lived more than eight decades but still looked to be in her early thirties. The benefit of being born from a Witch’s Weaver mother and a Vampire father.

“Any issues keeping these as quiet as possible?” The need to stay under the radar remained top priority still, irrespective of culture and country.

Kat was the first to reply. “The incident was only reported in the local papers in Leesburg, not elsewhere. The raging protests on the economy in major cities had been a boon for us.”

“No issues in sending back all the ladies back to their home countries?”

“Most of them are fine, except three. Since they are close to finishing high school they appealed to stay on to try their luck to go for college there. For a chance for a better education and future over there.”

All three council members snickered at that comment. Despite most Western media’s depiction and pushing of a common narrative, universities in the West have been in decline research-wise and in monetary support for at least the last three decades. On the latter they tried to sustain it through alumni funding (which is also dwindling in the current economy) and appealing to international students paying astronomical fees. On the former, it was also a known-fact that many of the best brains and minds that have helped propped up Western universities’ research have been recruited from the East as well. Many of those have started returning to the East as opportunities increased back in their homecountries.

But for the many who have not travelled much beyond their borders, the grass is always greener on the other side.

“In any case, we seeked help of friendly covens to place them, and one of them from Upstate New York had responded positively. Ms Chen, I think you mentioned it was a reference?”

“From dear Janet Gowdie, yes. Recommended enthusiastically, I might add. With links to some of the ivy league universities too.” Chen Lin smiled. Having met the Scottish witch during a trip to Europe, both of them had immediately clicked given their similar heritage and relatively small circle of common friends. She had also been invited to visit London and UK recently to meet the latest Weaver that had come into her own powers. “They will be in good hands, and their host, Sarah Bishop, will definitely appreciate the company.” 

Pausing for a while, Lin’s eyes narrowed. More piercing this time.

“You mentioned that you found out about something else.”

Dillie stood up, and placed a small briefcase on the table. Turning it around she opened it for the three leaders to see. All three leaned forward slightly to observe the vials of blood.

“No names? Then how do we know whose does it belong to?” Keisuke asked. His sense of smell being very acute could actually help pinpoint the source of blood, but it was going to be more work. 

“I don’t think they belonged to anyone, actually. I believed these are created.” Dillie said.

“Say what??” Damir enquired.

“We believed these were mixed and manufactured. In a lab.” Es continued. “I think the humans are experimenting on mixing the witches’ blood to see what kind of combined abilities that they can get. Playing god to a certain extent, instead of through natural evolution and procreation. I think they are trying to shoot for either granting humans powers, or give new ones to existing witches. From what we experienced, I think they succeeded to a certain degree.”

Yamashita sat up straighter. “And you know this how?”

“We fought two of them, there. Two enhanced humans, or further enhanced creatures, we couldn’t tell. The fight was purposedly suppressed in all reporting to avoid unnecessay attention.” With Carter and Linda’s help, the final news article had only written about the collapse of the old building, speculating that inadequate maintenance was to blame. It also didn’t mention anything about one particular superheroine and her ‘exploits’ at the scene. Unconsciously both the witches and the police force had not been keen for her name to appear in the local news, for different reasons. 

All three council members looked at each other. The same thought crossed their mind.

Someone is trying to create an army of creatures, and the advancement of technology now seemed to allow them to do so. If they had succeeded with witches, then the same methodology could be applied on vampires and daemons too. If this is what the humans seek, and they are already on the path, who knows what else they can be capable of?

“Have these sent to our lab for analysis. Call Dilip directly. We need to be prepared.” Dilip Sharshank heads the research lab for the Asian Congregation, and for decades have been helping to research and keep track of the creatures lineage. Even though they have heard about similar undertakings by the Knights of Lazarus in the West, the limited working knowledge meant that cooperation is still limited for now.

“Prepared for what??” Damir asked.  

“I think a war is brewing, and whether we like it or not all of us are going to be caught up in it.” Lin’s eyes closed for a moment, as she thought about the potential repercussions that will come soon. “I think we might need to call-on the De Clairmonts very soon for an in-depth discussion about this latest development.”

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