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Misery's End – Chapter 7

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 11 March 2023 01:33] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 March 2023 13:06]

Misery’s End

Written by Wizalex with Max and 10K

The world is a dangerous place for young love. When Mary develops superpowers on her 18th birthday, she is taken away from her childhood sweetheart to be trained by the International Heroic Front. Eager to demonstrate her powers, she causes fear among the heroic community and complications arise in the lover's reunion. Misery's End is a dark tale of love, power and powerlessness.

Chapter 7: The True Face Of Villainy

Peace. Blissful, quiet contentment. Mary lay on top of Damien, drinking in his presence with her entire being, inhaling his scent, hearing his heartbeat, feeling the new, rippling muscles and scar tissue lining his body. She had considered fixing the scars for him, but before she even made the offer she realised that she didn’t actually want to. Both of them had been changed by their years apart; there was no sense in trying to deny it.

The fact that the scars were turning her on also factored into it.

Drifting on the verge of consciousness for hours neither had felt the need to speak yet. A large part of Mary was horrified by what she had done to Damien, but that had been stewing for long enough now to show signs of shifting to anger. Someone was going to pay dearly for that.

“It’s been so hard without you, puppy.” Mary rubbed her cheek against Damien’s neck as she finally broke the silence. “They told me you died.”

“I’m here now, baby. Point me at the fuckers who lied to you and I’ll take their heads off for you.”

Mary giggled.

“Don’t be silly! There are much worse things I’m going to do to them.”

“That’s my girl.” Damien turned his head towards Mary, planting a kiss on her forehead.

For the briefest moment, Mary’s body shuddered, her curves receding, height reducing and hair flickering to its former shade of blonde. The orgasm that Damien’s kiss sent coursing through her body had briefly reverted her form, reminding her of the last time they were together.

“Are you okay, baby?”

“I’m good. Great, in fact. I’ve just remembered that I owe you something.”

“What do you mean?”

“I never got my turn to be on top.”

The small mining town of Peak Valley had been growing over the past years. When it was discovered that a supe had destroyed an entire mountain range, tourists had come to look at the raw power on display. What people hadn’t considered was that some of the power may have lingered.

In the wake of Mary’s actions, a thick smog of oppressively intense power lay blanketed over the region. Anyone in the area could feel themselves being overwhelmed, their bodies succumbing to fatigue and their minds dulling at the sheer pressure her residual power exerted. Over the years, it had built up in various locations around the world, but none more so than here, where she first tested her powers.

The town was only populated by a resident for a maximum of a week before the shift rotation occurred. When people had initially arrived and spent longer than that, they found themselves unable to leave the area, their bodies now entirely reliant on the ambient power to function. People didn’t need to eat or drink while in the valley, simply processing the power around them was enough. But too much exposure led to the inability to process any other form of sustenance.

As a result, the power came to be referred to as Ambrosia.

Some questioned the wisdom of creating the town, but Ambrosia could be harvested so easily. It seeped into machines, powering them and delivering electricity whenever needed. There were also other effects from Mary’s initial testing of her powers: veins of minerals had been uncovered; ready to be easily harvested, and other highly coveted materials had been created; diamonds primarily, but also super dense, heavily compacted metals.

Today, Mary was returning for the first time.

She flew with Damien in her arms, holding herself back from straddling him midair and riding him into the centre of the Earth. The journey didn’t take long, but it was agonising for her.

The several thousand people currently residing in Peak Valley were first alerted to Mary’s presence when she landed. Having flown in too fast to be detected, the impact on the ground shook every building in the town. Cracks ran out from beneath Mary’s feet as she looked around in amusement.

“Aww, they put some toys in my playground.” Mary gently placed Damien on the ground, beckoning him to link arms with her. “I’ve reinforced your body, so you can touch me without worrying about breaking.”

“You can do that now?”

“If I want.” Mary shrugged. “I generally haven’t really cared enough to not just let people fall apart. I did that with Kevin actually.”

“You did what?”

“He was flying towards me, so I kind of just let him hit me.” Mary smiled fondly at the memory. “His body just kind of burst, and his head flew straight off.”

“You killed Fearless Guardian?”

“Actually, I think that might have been the first time I orgasmed since I was taken from you.” Mary turned to Damien, an apologetic look in her eyes. “I hope you can forgive me for getting off without you. And for getting off while breaking you earlier. I just got so mad thinking about the people who hurt us!”

“Don’t worry yourself about that. If it made you happy, I’m happy too.”

The two of them paused in the centre of the town. Mary located a random house, walked towards it and strode through the nearest wall, Damien in tow. The place was empty and they headed to the bedroom upstairs.

“Lay down, pants off,” Mary instructed Damien as she began to remove her outfit. Various trophies clacked against each other as she undressed, eyes never leaving Damien.

“You certainly changed since I last saw you.”

“You like? I know you said you liked me as I was, but a lot of this was for me. Who doesn’t want to look perfect?” Mary was still ogling Damien’s more muscular physique. “You’ve changed a fair bit too. I like it.”

“Had to toughen up a bit, didn’t want to get jumped without my best girl to protect me.”

“I'm gonna protect you now, puppy. Right after I unleash six years of pent-up lust on your little body.”

Keeping her bra and panties on for now, Mary jumped onto the bed. Her obsession with the scent made sense now, as she grasped Damien’s cock in one hand and ran the other across his chest.

“I’m taking what I need from you baby, but you’ll always be safe. Just let me know if there’s anything you need from me.”

“Mary, all I want is you, doing whatever makes you happy. You have permission to do whatever you want to me.”

Mary leaned forward, running her tongue across Damien’s chest while she allowed her breasts to press against his now rigid cock. She placed her hands on his rib cage and shuddered as she refrained from crushing it into dust again. Instead, her mind reached out, grabbing the nearby wardrobe and tearing it apart into shards of wood and fabric. She would need some other outlet if she didn’t want to inflict that pain on Damien.

Mind reaching out further as her eyesight bore through the walls, Mary clutched a couple standing outside in her mental fingers. As she ran her fingers across Damien’s body, her mind broke the bones along one side of each of the pair’s bodies. The quake that spread from her pussy knocked dozens of people to the ground.

Now focusing on using her breasts on Damien, she pushed them inwards, engulfing his member and mirroring the action on the couple outside. Their bodies were forced together in her grip and she was taken back to her first hero outing. Completely collapsing the helpless people into one messy amalgamation of the two, Mary achieved her first orgasm of the encounter.

With Mary’s pussy now dripping wet and her nectar leaving a slick trail on his legs, Damien’s psyche was assaulted by the aura of wanton lust permeating the room. The air warped to Mary’s intent, eliciting the rawest of emotions and passions from anyone who experienced it. Her musk; cloying and sweet; would have rewritten his mind completely if her protection hadn’t already been offered.

“Hmm, I wanna taste you now, puppy. I’ve been craving your cum for so long.”

Instantly, Mary’s lips were around his cock, tongue lapping away at the precum leaking from his slit. Sparks of lightning arced from Mary, sending a tingling running through Damien’s body as his cock was forced to become harder, but still not enough to resist Mary’s firm tongue pressing into it.

The sky outside crackled along with Mary, storm clouds forming and striking down at the buildings below, electrical devices exploding and the Ambrosia collectors becoming overloaded instantly from the presence of a far more intense power source.

Inside Mary’s warm mouth, a hurricane raged, battering Damien’s manhood and ravaging his senses. When Mary began to suck and drew him deeper inside her, his balls started swirling furiously, his cum eager to escape. Lips now locked around the base of his thick shaft, Mary gave one last suck and drained Damien completely in the most intense ejaculation that he had ever experienced.

Slowly removing Damien’s spent manhood, Mary held his load in her mouth, savouring the sweet taste as she orgasmed once more. Closing her eyes, she cradled his balls while massaging his cock again, refuelling her lover’s body and bringing him back to his peak for another round. While she did, her pleasure assaulted Peak Valley, pressing into the skin of the residents, corroding metal and heating up the surroundings. Her aura caressed the sexual organs of the nearest people, driving them to their own intense orgasms, along with a feeling of supreme inadequacy at their own meagre offerings of cum.

And then Mary swallowed.

That next wave of orgasmic pleasure drove the entire town into perpetual orgasm. The sound of her gulp echoed across the landscape, followed by her sigh of contentment. Untold and irreparable damage struck the landscape and the minds of anyone nearby. Climactic bliss was permanently etched into reality, making the former deposits of Ambrosia left from her first visit look like a match burning next to the Sun. This was Nirvana, a place that only existed to be literal bliss.

Mary hadn’t even started riding Damien.

Now restored to full vitality, Damien was far more able to appreciate Mary’s actions than he had been the first time they had sex. He had just been gifted the greatest orgasm of his life and Mary was more than eager to grant another.

She floated off the bed and angled her now bare pussy towards his cock, descending onto it slowly, taking fractions of an inch at a time. Occasionally, she allowed her body to rise back up slightly, grazing her inner walls against the protruding head, moaning quietly, head tilted back and mouth wide open.

But while her moans were quieter, they are still just as dangerous. The ceiling, the roof and the clouds above were launched into the atmosphere under the effect of Mary’s breath, a column of pressurised destruction directly up from her breathy panting. Aircraft in the surrounding area were now spacecraft, albeit ones entirely unfit for that purpose, walls buckling outwards and passengers ejected into a reasonably swift death, masturbating to the scent of Mary’s breath in their last moments.

Crotches finally making contact, Damien was engulfed within Mary, a pleasant tingling against Mary’s cervix confirming that he was still the perfect size to completely fill her up. She couldn’t imagine ever taking anyone else inside of her. There was just no way that anyone else would be able to match up.

The pounding began in earnest after that. Mary lifted herself and jackhammered back down, collapsing the bed beneath them. The floor succumbed too, meaning that the house now only consisted of the three remaining walls, no ceilings or roof.

That would be rectified soon.

Lifting Damien’s hands, Mary placed them on her tits as she telekinetically removed her bra. She pressed his fingers into her flesh, demonstrating how much power he should be using.

“Any lighter than that and I’ll be mad, puppy. Try to break me, I can take it.”

Taking the incentive, Damien roughly manhandled Mary’s breasts. His grip was much stronger than she remembered, but her boobs were even more significantly larger. He was going to need to do a lot of work to keep them fully occupied.

Meanwhile, Mary had gone back to her rhythmic pounding, hands exploring the taut muscles in Damien’s legs. With expert control of her inner muscles, she sent cascading waves of pressure down Damien’s cock, pulsing pleasure penetrating his core and sending his lower body into a frenzy as his corded thighs tightened under her.

In response, Mary squeezed her own thick thighs around his torso. The slightest force exerted by her body easily outmatched the most extreme abilities of his reinforced abs. She watched as her plump thighs began to compress his newly chiselled body inwards, about to collapse his body, before stopping and smiling at him.

“You trust me, don’t you baby?”

“Of course I do. Whatever you want to do, go for it.”

So Mary wrapped her thighs around his body and lifted the two of them high into the sky. When they reached about a hundred feet, she took them crashing back to Earth, using her ass to crush Damien’s own firm, perky butt into the ground, driving him down several feet. She quickly checked for any damage and a wide grin from Damien confirmed her desires - she was free to do it again.

Repeating thrusting; now consisting of Mary driving Damien’s body from the tops of buildings to several feet under; dominated the environment. Waves of air were forced outwards, gale force winds emanating from the centre of the scene of debauched lust. Winds that served to carry Mary’s scent even further out, ensnaring more hapless creatures to mindless but blissful death by orgasm. The crust of the Earth weakened below, subjugated by Mary’s blows, shying away from the powerhouse pounding down on it. There was no weather for miles around anymore, merely the effects of Mary’s body on her world.

The next time that Mary and Damien orgasmed, it was simultaneous. Damien felt Mary’s body briefly relax, allowing this withheld climax to rush into her as her pussy accepted his seed hungrily. He felt Mary’s insatiable womanhood milking him, as once again, her body forcefully tore all cum out of his overworked balls and slurped it up to fuel Mary’s orgasm.

Everyone within a hundred miles died when she finally did.

The sensation was so overwhelming that Mary herself almost blacked out, unable to believe that she was finally feeling this good. She felt the deaths of thousands, then tens of thousands of people. Caused simply because she had just had the best fucking orgasm in the Universe.

It was enough to cause aftershocks of pleasure through her body for hours.

Laying in the ruins of the now completely nonexistent house, Damien looked curiously at Mary’s breasts.

“Did you get a breast tattoo?”

Looking down, Mary finally remembered Melanie. Her body was completely flat, squashed under her tit flesh. That wasn’t too unusual, Melanie could come back from that, but there was no escaping that aura of sexual power. Melanie’s body might recover, but her mind had been torn apart. She lay lifeless on Mary’s palm as her limp body was peeled from the bottom of the enormous breast.

“No, Melanie! She was my best pet. She’s been with me for years.” Mary looked down at the tiny, still, mess of a body with genuine sadness. “She helped me a lot dealing with the loss of you.”

“Well, it’s a shame I never got to meet her; I would have liked to thank her.”

Suddenly, an idea popped into Mary’s head. She idly traced a symbol of a love heart in the air, then laid a finger on Melanie’s broken form.

“Come back to me.”

With a jerk and a gasp of breath, energy rushed into Melanie. She reinflated, regaining her former size and form. She lay in the wreckage next to Damien as Mary looked down at her fondly.

“I’m so happy that it worked! I’ll have to thank Amelie and Desmond later.” Mary ran her hands over each other in uncontained glee. “Melanie, you have to meet Damien!”

The shapeshifter looked dazed, eyes slowly moving back and forth between the pair. She recognised Damien of course, she had spent a large portion of the last few years wearing his form after all. Although she would have to update her mental image, otherwise Mary would be upset with her.

By the time Mary realised what Melanie was doing, it was too late to stop her. She was blushing furiously as Damien looked at a younger version of himself in bemusement.

“Nice to see you, Melanie. You look dashing if I do say so myself.” Damien grinned up at Mary. “I’m glad to see you remember my body so well. Every single feature too.”

Mary buried her head in her hands as she glanced between the nude bodies of Damien and Melanie.

“It’s sweet. She seems very sweet too.” Damien observed the much more innocent-looking version of himself, who tentatively held her arms out to Mary.

“I’m sorry, I just got so lonely at night. I wanted you there, to cuddle. She’s really good at comforting people.” Mary gave Melanie a brief hug. “But maybe we can have her take a different form now that I have you back.”

“I’m sure we can work out a place for your favourite pet in our lives.”

“Ooh, you have your own criminal empire.” Mary looked at Damien with her doe eyes. “Please can I be your right-hand woman, puppy?”

“Of course you can, baby. But I don’t really have much of it left after today.”

“Oh, I kind of destroyed your organisation, didn’t I?”

“They don’t matter compared to you.”

“I’ll make it up to you. I have some ideas I think you’ll love.”

“You broke his fucking foot!“

The IHF HQ was in chaos. Majestic had returned with a crying ball of nerves that sometimes resembled Francis, informing everyone present that Damien was alive and well, but that the couple would need some time to catch up. Everything had been quiet, and Mary was under constant satellite surveillance.

“He was running away from Mary. You know the punishment for that as well as me, Omen.”

It was a bizarre meeting. With very little left in terms of senior, powerful heroes, this committee consisted of Omen; who could at least claim seniority, Majestic; who could definitely claim superiority, Demon ex Machina; who seemed to have made his way into the good graces of most of the current members of the IHF, and two new ‘heroes’.

“Mary’s punishment! You don’t have to go around enforcing it for her, Jennifer.”

The tall, slim and stacked woman with the golden-tanned skin went by Biocide, real name Cherie LeBlanc. If the Universe had been struggling to find a suitable picture to associate with the term ‘femme fatale’, it need look no longer. She had been recommended as a consultant on the necromancy spell by Demon ex Machina, given her proficiency with organic matter.

As it turns out, her help hadn’t been necessary, but seeing a good job opportunity, the world’s most efficient hitwoman had decided to accept a hastily offered position in the IHF.

“You know what I really fucking hate, Amelie? People using a name that I didn’t choose for myself and fucking despise. The next time you call me anything other than Majestic, I’ll make up my own set of rules about how many teeth you lose. And I don’t have Mary’s healing abilities.”

Amelie was taken aback by Majestic’s outburst. She was aware that the supe was particularly sensitive about her real name, but hadn’t expected such a violent response. Still, the girl was their best chance of keeping tabs on Mary. Best not to antagonise her.

“Sorry, Majestic. But, Hells! It’s still a fucking stupid thing to cripple one of your teammates.”

The last new ‘hero’ was barely a supe. She had been arrested that morning when she had arrived at her place of work and put all of her colleagues in the hospital. Full-blown elementalists were rare, but Ally May; now going by Nature’s Wrath; had shown perfect control of fire, earth, water and air as she took her revenge on her coworkers.

She had been offered the same deal as Cherie: take a job with the IHF, have your record wiped. That had happened just ten minutes ago when Francis had been deemed unable to deal with the current situation.

“You really think Francis is in any state to even think about Mary right now? Think of me as a welcome distraction. Trust me, I did him a favour.”

Amelie went to continue to argue the point, but found herself unable to speak or even to catch a breath.

“Wow, you two are so fucking extra.” Ally causally twirled a finger around as she played with the air she had removed from Amelie’s lungs. “Have you ever tried, I dunno, just shutting up?”

“The little girl has made a good point.” A sadistic chuckle came from Cherie.

“Aww, that’s so nice of you to say.” Ally shifted her focus temporarily as Cherie’s body sunk deep into the ground, only her face remaining unsubmerged. “But call me a little girl again and I’ll bury you where no one will ever find the body, m‘kay?”

“I’ll fucking end you if you try any of that shit on me.”

“Oh Majestic, what could I possibly do to you? I mean, other than, I dunno, rip all that moisture out of your cells and let you shrivel up into a raisin? I mean, that probably wouldn’t even work right, you’re just so fucking powerful. Wanna go at it girl and see who wins?”

“Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been at a good old planning meeting, but maybe we keep the threats for our enemies, Nature’s Wrath. Here, let me get you a coffee, I think there’s a pastry selection around here somewhere too.” Demon ex Machina busied himself at the side table as Ally watched him, perplexed by his actions.

“Erm, super girl throwdown about to commence here? You’re about to witness some real hot girl shit, why are you making me a coffee?”

“It’s your birthday, isn’t it? Someone should be able to treat you, even if it is just by waiting on you. Milk and sugar?”

“You are such a weirdo. Milk and two sugars.”

“Now, how do you feel about bringing the nice hitwoman out of the ground? She doesn’t like concrete much, you see.” Demon turned to hand Ally the coffee. “Oh and if you could please give Omen her air back, she’ll be needing that in the next 30 seconds or so.”

“Where’s the pastry at?”

Demon looked around, located a box and smiled.

“Ah, doughnuts. Would you like plain or sprinkles?”

“Sprinkles, duh.”

Ally accepted the doughnut and occupied herself with her treats, releasing her hold on Amelie and Cherie. Both of the other women were visibly fuming.

“Demon, what is it that you are playing at?” Cherie pointed at the supe elementalist. “She has been trying to kill me.”

“She’s just testing her limits, and yours too, I’m sure. I seem to remember a newly born supe who spent her own 18th birthday turning her enemies into leather jackets. Just be glad you don’t currently feature pockets.” Demon gave Cherie’s outfit a pointed look. “Don’t recognise that one though, anyone I know?”

“Urgh, you know everyone, mon amie. It is so very likely.” Cherie gave the birthday girl a last reproachful look, then took her seat again.

Amelie was regaining her breath, but her look spoke volumes. She was still glaring at Majestic, as though blaming her for the current course of events.

“How the fuck did you do that? I thought you were a mage, not some kind of mentalist.” Majestic was still confused about Demon ex Machina’s exact role here, as well as his relationship with Omen.

“I worked retail for a while. I’ve seen the true face of villainy and thought Ally here could use some comfort.” Demon ex Machina shrugged. “I’m a villain, not a heartless dick.”

“How do you manage to seem more insane every time we meet?”

“Thank you, I try my best.”

“Okay… all of you… except Majestic… get out.” Amelie had found some of her voice but was having difficulty speaking.

“Allow me to show you the facilities. We’ll start with the torture dungeons I think, an excellently fiendish room.” Demon left the room, taking the new recruits with him.

“What the fuck is his role here?” Majestic floated herself into the air, lying down in front of Omen to offer her an intimidating view of her cleavage and a knowing smirk.

“He’s bizarrely good with people and knows basically everyone,” Amelie responded to Majestic’s blatant attempt at establishing dominance by closing her eyes and rubbing her forehead. “We need to discuss your role though.”

“What, I mess up and I’m off the team?”

“Fuck no, you could probably level most of a country and we’d keep you here. Mary is a hazard and we need someone to keep an eye on her more directly. Someone who can approach her without immediately dying.”

“I’m your liaison? Cool. I can do that.”

“Right, I’m going to sort out the mess here. I’ll keep you updated on her position. Keep your distance, observe, and report. No direct contact until you think it’s safe or we tell you, got it?”

“Sure. Follow her, maybe talk to her.”

“Try not to die, Majestic. You would be hard to replace.”

“Which one do you like the look of?” Mary gestured down at the city below while Damien floated in the air next to her. Melanie had gravitated back towards the familiar comfort of Mary’s breasts and was sleeping at her now more familiar size, nestled in the warm bosom.

“Obviously the big one. We have a reputation to uphold.” Damien pointed at the skyscraper in the centre of the city.

“Boys and their obsession with size. Can’t say I really blame them though, more is always better.” Mary considered for a moment. “Talking of size though, wanna see something cool?”

“Everything you do is amazing, what makes this particular thing cool?”

“Just watch.”

A small blue disc appeared in the air in front of Mary, and a matching enormous disc appeared in the sky over the building. Mary licked her finger seductively, then gave Damien a wink and placed it into the portal. In the distance, an enormous finger, hundreds of feet wide, descended from the paired portal and onto the building.

The building was unharmed though, as the finger phased through the concrete, moving down through floor after floor.

Inside the building was another matter. When the fingertip met organic matter, it did not pass through, instead forcing the material to be pressed flat and smeared against the floor. There was no escaping it: the finger itself was significantly larger than the skyscraper, meaning that all available space was covered, the only escape being the choice of jumping out of a window.

Given that the building was hundreds of stories tall, ‘escape’ was a very final way of looking at that jump.

Mary felt the tiny bodies popping under her finger in sadistic delight. She focused her senses and allowed the terrified screams to play in her ears, a discordant melody of horror, backed by an orchestral choir of grinding flesh. Biting her lower lip, Mary shuddered as her finger dropped another dozen stories, the rush of blood flowing along her fingertip mirroring the blood flowing to her womanhood.

She was halfway down the tower.

The people on the lowest floor had managed to reach the exit at this point, to find it had disappeared. Instead, every exit was a blue portal, linked to the underside of the one that Mary’s finger was currently passing through and looking directly down onto the enormous expanse of Mary’s breasts.

The choice was now clear. Stay in the building and become a thin smear of paste on Mary’s finger, or willingly jump into the cavernous cleavage and risk a worse fate. None of the victims were creative enough to consider a suitably worse fate though, so jumping it was.

“Look Damien, they want to touch my boobs! Isn’t that rude of them? Such presumptuous little ants.” Mary eagerly eyed the half-an-inch tall people diving into her cleavage. “What do you think I should do with them?”

“Keep them.” Damien followed the downward path of the slowly descending, minuscule people. “Take them into your body. They’ve given themselves to you now, pretty sure that means you own them.”

Grinning widely, Mary let the escaping residents bounce gently on her boobs, then consumed their bodies into her breast flesh. Their squirming attempts to flee were hopeless, the only landscape in any direction dominated by the smooth skin of the perfect tits that were currently absorbing them.

Almost imperceptibly, Mary’s breasts swelled with the additional mass. A gurgling sound echoed from within, a rumbling of hunger accompanying the processing of her easily conquered victims. Mary placed her free hand on her left breast and massaged it as her finger finished its descent. There was no resounding crash, the finger simply buried itself into the Earth, ensuring that any potential dwellers in basement rooms were entirely snuffed out.

A bead of lactation appeared on Mary’s left breast as she removed her finger from the portal. Bringing it fully out, she showed Damien the blood-smeared fingertip and beckoned him towards her. Inserting her finger into her mouth, she used her tongue to lick it clean, savouring the metallic tang of the pathetic nobodies who had died from such a simple act.

A wave of pleasure wafted out from Mary’s soaked pussy, bringing a new assortment of orgasmic deaths to the people formerly living below her lofty position in the sky as she removed her now clean finger from her mouth. Her right hand now gripped the back of Damien’s head, forcing his lips to her leaking nipple.

“Drain me, puppy,” Mary cooed as the suckling began in earnest. “I made it just for you, from those worthless specks.”

Body more vitalised than ever before in his life, Damien found his cock immediately hardening as he gulped at Mary’s milk. She noticed too, sending her free hand down to playfully stroke it.

“Maybe next time, I’ll use them to fill your balls with your yummy cum. Then I can be the one who gets to drink them down.”

Damien ejaculated in Mary’s hand as she squeezed his shaft, forcing an orgasm out of him. She caught his seed on her fingers and slurped it up, giggling occasionally.

“You taste so fucking good.” Mary forced Damien’s head harder against her breasts. “Just imagine. I could probably force the whole planet between my big, fat titties. Squash every single person until they can’t find a way out of my cleavage.”

Mary looked at Damien with her doe eyes.

“But that doesn’t sound nearly as fun as what I have planned for us.” Mary was completely smothering Damien now, his stomach was full of warm, pleasant milk and his eyes were struggling to remain open.

“We’re going to build up your empire again. And we’re going to show the world just how bad it really could have been. I think you’re going to like it. I know I can’t wait.”

As a second buxom supe appeared, waving at Mary, Damien fell into unconsciousness.

“Okay, so he’s fucking cute. That’s Damien, right?” Majestic sidled up to Mary in the air, heart pounding from watching the finale of Mary’s use of her powers. “I would just grind his pelvis into dust if he were mine.”

Giving the tall, blonde and busty superhero a once over, Mary smiled.

“I know, right? I’ve had to restrain myself so much. He’s such a fragile little guy.” Mary cradled the sleeping Damien in her arms as she kissed his forehead. “Why did you even join the IHF, Majestic? You obviously don’t want to play at heroes and villains.”

“Seemed like the only sensible thing to do, honestly. Plus, I was kind of terrified that if I didn’t, they might send someone after me.” Majestic gave Mary a pointed look.

“Well, I feel like my time with the IHF has ended. Given what I saw you do to those guys in the prison, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be opposed to a new, more open employer?”

Eyes glittering with an otherworldly radiance, Majestic chewed her lower lip. Mary could hear her increased pulse rate - in fact, the pounding of Majestic’s blood through her body was becoming loud enough to hear even for people without enhanced senses. A wave of seductive, mind-warping pheromones wafted from the blonde stunner as her entire body began to heat. Her loins pulsed, going wild with the thought of what Mary’s offer could mean.

“You want to offer me a new job? Working for you?”

“Sure. You’d need an upgrade, of course. Your powers are way too weak at the moment. I mean, if you can’t break a planet with an eyelash, what’s even the point?”

Majestic’s near-incandescent body ran into overdrive, heating the world around her and utterly saturating the air with her natural perfume. Damien stirred in his sleep as Mary held him protectively close. The pure white of Majestic’s costume was beginning to scorch under the extreme temperature, black marks spreading across the fabric.

“Just submit to me and Damien, Majestic. I’ll give you everything you ever dreamed of.”

Majestic’s thoughts ran as wild as her raging pheromones. She thought about her life before her powers. About how she had been labelled a slut by all the guys she shared her body with. About the shaming she had received from her former boyfriends when she inevitably moved on to the next one.

And the reason why there had been no fatalities at her 18th birthday party: so that she could fuck them all to the brink of death as many times as she liked and reduce their lives to being her sex toys.

“Do it. I want as much fucking power as I can take. I’ll be yours. I’ll do whatever you say, Mary. And Damien too.”

“I knew you’d say that.” Mary smiled that sadistic little smirk of hers as she kissed Majestic softly on the lips.

The heat finally overwhelmed Majestic’s outfit, consuming the white fabric and leaving behind a new one of pitch black. It stretched and groaned under the expanding body of Majestic as she grew taller, curvier and more voluptuous, filling out the costume impossibly.

The pleasure of the orgasm that coursed through all parts of Majestic’s body was immediately siphoned into Mary, allowing her to experience the secondhand pleasure of her new subordinate. If not, half of the world may have been torn apart by the uncontrolled expulsion of power and sexual dominance.

Majestic’s body continued to transform as she greedily drank in the pleasure of another long-awaited orgasm. Eager to acquire more long-sought sexual release her body was remoulding itself to define a new pinnacle of sexuality and then exceed that even further. Her thick thighs bulged with corded muscle and the intensity of the heat from her womanhood now visibly distorted the world around her with a red glow. Her panting breaths were rocking the world around her, but Mary made sure to contain the brunt of Majestic’s new residual power within her own aura.

When Majestic finally came down from her climax, her body was just over eight feet tall. Her breasts were large enough to enclose a man’s torso within the cleavage, then crush him into an unrecognisable mess. Her already perfect blonde locks had turned divine, shifting not in the breeze, but from the sheer power that radiated out from Majestic’s body. She was perfectly toned with the muscled form of a fitness model, while the length of her legs alone would place her crotch at chest height to the average person. She curled her toes and the air rippled around her in response to the motion.

“Are you going to need any Australian guys, Mary?” Majestic’s voice boomed across the landscape as she struggled to restrain her new power.

“Go ahead, indulge yourself. But come back after, I have a job for you.”

“On it.” Majestic vanished in a blur, reappearing moments later.

“Fuck, I don’t think any of them even realised that their cocks were inside me before they came. They probably didn’t even see me.” Majestic sighed in contentment. “It feels so good to just be me again. I can fuck whoever I want. Let’s see who tries to call me a slut now.”

“Happy to get that out of your system?”

“You bet. Shame there’s no Australian guys left, but I’ll pace myself now.”

“Good. Now, I need you to do something for me…”

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