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Rescue Him Now!

Written by marknew742 :: [Wednesday, 04 January 2006 18:03] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 December 2012 18:06]

Rescue Him Now!


by Marknew










Barney needs to be saved. A thousand word story for SWM Workshop 2.3




Emilia lifted her long, slender leg and laid it over Barney's body. She ran her finger along her soft, hairless skin, all the way up from her round calf along her generous hip, into the valley of her slender waist, looping carefully around her incredibly large breasts and then grazing her firmly erect nipples. With a tigerish sigh her fingers hopped over to Barney's waiting body. She pressed her fingertips lightly into his chest, caressing him. "Come ON, Barney," she purred. "Shouldn't you be going? What will Sara think? What will she say if she finds you here? Don't you know how DANGEROUS it is to be HERE … with ME … like THIS?"


Barney knew. Sara had warned him time after time about what Emilia and her kind would do to him. But Sara was NOTHING like this in bed – when he could even GET her in bed! What should he do? Leaving Emilia was nearly the last thing he wanted to do, but part of him couldn't forget what he knew, and that part of him was panicking. So he tried, tried harder and then made a supreme effort to get up. Nothing happened. Well, nothing moved, nothing other than the fierce tensing of Barney's muscles, the compression of his skin and muscle against Emilia's delicate-looking fingers, the gritting of his teeth, the stress lines appearing across his cheeks.


"Oooooh, you mean, you CAN'T leave?" she giggled, delicately stroking a most sensitive part of Barney with her free hand. "You mean, you're my prisoner? My completely helpless, adorable little prisoner?"


"I'm NOT little!" Barney protested.


"Of COURSE you aren't!" Emilia agreed, her fingers doing their very capable best to stiffen and extend Barney's argument. "But you ARE helpless, aren't you?"


"I … am!" Barney agreed heatedly, struggling, barely getting out the words between his pants.


"Oh, you SO are! You men! Why, I could hold your entire adorable body down using only one isty, bitty pinkie. Or I could tear you apart with nothing more than my sweet little tongue." She flicked her tongue in and out of her mouth so quickly that it seemed to be in all places at once. "But what good would THAT do me, hmmmm? There'd be one less man in the world, and you men are so cute, with your big, useless muscles," she cooed. "Awwww, does it bother you terribly that we supergirls can be so slender, so little and so sexy and can so EASILY take advantage of you with our tiny but so VERY SUPERpowerful muscles, all for our OWN pleasure" she teased, "And maybe yours too! Hmmmm?"


"Ummm … it's just that …"


"We KNOW you're fragile. SOME of us do!" she laughed. "And SOME of us know JUST how to rescue you from your ordinary, little lives, because WE know what men really like, that you men like women, even when they're super, to look and act like women. Y'know what I mean!" Her voice was so musical, so beautiful it gave Barney fits. His eyes fixed on her small, red lips, her perfect, small, white teeth. Blindingly white. She shook her head and her lush, dark hair, so thick, so enchantingly arranged around her pretty face, buffeted the air. She rose slowly off the bed and hovered just above Barney, her breasts poised above his eager lips. "Sara's not at all like me, is she?"


"Nnnnoo …"


"She just can't do the things to you that I do."


Barney thought briefly of Sara's squarish face, her short haircut, her flattish chest, her sharp, efficient manner. No nonsense Sara. How she hated girls like Emilia, whose powers were a "terrible danger" to men and their morals.


"She thinks we're so … bad! Supervixens!" Emilia said, reading his mind, and squealed with laughter. "And what do YOU think, darling? What do you –




The unlocked door flew open and a short, thick leg stepped through followed by a square-jawed girl with hulking, muscular arms.


"H-h-h-i Sara," Barney said.


"Thank goodness I arrived in time!" She glared at Emilia. "Release him, you evil supervixen!" Emilia dropped closer to Barney and closed her legs protectively around his body. "Did you HEAR me?"


"I did," Emilia said with a note of defiance. "But Barney doesn't WANT you to rescue him. DO you, pumpkin?"


"He wouldn't DARE say so, the poor helpless man, not in the position you have him."


"He likes this position. Why don't YOU try it?" Emilia teased, making her luscious boobs sway gently back and forth across Barney's face.


"That's enough!" Sara took Emilia's legs and lifted her from Barney, who stood up slowly, fearful and shaking. Sara averted her eyes from Barney's nakedness, quickly transferred Emilia's ankles to one hand and effortlessly stifled Emilia's attempts to kick free while tossing Barney his clothing with the other. "There! You're decent now! Stand back!" Barney obediently cowered in the corner. "Now, vixen, your turn!" She took Emilia by the shoulders and shook her violently. Emilia's breasts jiggled, her hair flew and her flesh wobbled. Sara scowled in disgust. "Look at that revolting motion in your body! Uggghhh! A 'super' without muscle, built like an ordinary woman! An abomination! As if men weren't weak enough, you and women like you cruelly keep that … so-called 'feminine' shape to tempt men, distract them from their duty, waste their pitiful strength, encourage their useless fantasies and emotions. Thank heavens I rescued him in time, before he spurted his precious essence and further weakened his frail body!" She shook Emilia once more for emphasis and tossed her through the wall, distastefully.


"UltraSuperSara to the rescue! Doing the Lord's will with god-given power!" She flexed her obscenely huge biceps and allowed herself a triumphant smile, then lifted Barney into the air, her hand down the front of his pants to pull them outward and shield his still aroused member from further stimulation. "Come, Barney," she said emotionlessly. "Home now. Back on the Path to Glory."

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