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More Than One Way To Skin an Arion

Written by Velvet :: [Tuesday, 03 May 2005 13:01] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 26 March 2013 14:00]

More Than One Way To Skin an Arion


By Velvet Belle Tree






Author's Note: This is the second adventure of Arish’ka, a Vel who’s been assigned to Earth and is living incognito. Please go to the Bright Empire to learn more about her and her encounter with a man who definitely earned the sobriquet Studley.




When Studley and I had straightened out our misunderstanding, we both started to laugh uncontrollably. We threw our arms around each other, the laughter continuing. We lost our balance and landed on the floor together, happily rolling around, still laughing. The contact of our bodies had the usual effect. He looked me in the eye and said: “You want more?”

“You bet”, I answered with a big grin and we enjoyed each other once again.

We were both sorry when the fun had to end. He said he’d love to get together again, but he was at the end of a business trip and had to head back to the west coast early in the morning.

I’ve managed to meet a few men since then. Some were OK, but some were more dud than stud. But none came even close to Studley in looks or performance. To tell you the truth, I was getting a little disappointed in the quality of the local men.

One night, I was thinking about my youth back on Velor and the wild times we had. The object was to try all your friends, male and female. I definitely preferred the guys, but fooling around with another girl was a nice change of pace.

So I figured, why not a little girl-on-girl sex for a change? Even if I knew any lesbians or women who swung both ways, I still wanted to keep my sexual activities away from the prying eyes of my suburban neighbors. They do expect their librarians to be solid citizens around here.

So once again I turned to the internet. I went to a popular dating site and selected woman looking for woman. I looked at some of the women’s profiles to get the flavor. Some wanted relationships and some just wanted sex. You know which category I fit into. I went through the procedure of filling out a profile. Again, I toned down my height from 6’ 1 ½ “ to 6’. Said I liked fairly tall women. Didn’t care about hair color, but did like long hair. Race was not important and neither was educational level since I wasn’t looking for stimulating conversation – I wanted stimulation of another kind. Good figure, well toned, a plus. Not interested in a relationship. Checked off a few of the sports as hobbies to show I was in good physical shape. Again, checked off breasts as best feature.

Soon I got some emails from women with objectives similar to mine. I found one that seemed to fit the bill. She described herself as 5’ 10”, long dark brown hair, excellent figure and athletic and gave her name as Bonnie. Not looking for a relationship – just wanted to have some fun. We wrote a few emails and decided to meet. She said she didn’t want to meet in public – had to be careful about who saw her with another woman. She volunteered to get a motel room and then she’d email me with the details and I could meet her at her room. I thought that was a great idea and we agreed.

We arranged the meeting for Friday evening in a town about an hour’s drive from my house. It was now Tuesday. I didn’t mind the wait. It would give me some time to fantasize about the meeting. I find that anticipation is a great aphrodisiac (not that I really need one).

The motel was next to a strip mall. Figuring that there wouldn’t be room for another car, I parked at the mall and walked over. The evening was lovely. In a more enlightened society, couples would be outside coupling.

I heard a lot of sounds coming from the motel rooms. There were some families with children and some people had the TV on. But there was another sound and really gave me a shock. It was a woman speaking Arion! I focused my super hearing and realized that it was coming from Bonnie’s room. I stopped and listened. It was obvious that she was speaking on the phone.

“Just make sure you have enough cameras in the room to get pictures of me and Senator London from all angles. We want to make sure his face can be seen clearly in as many pictures as possible but we also want me in the same pictures so that it’s obvious what we’re doing.” There was a pause and then she continued: “A week from tomorrow when he has the big reception and his wife is campaigning elsewhere.” Then a longer pause before she continued. “Just because I prefer women doesn’t mean that I can’t easily seduce any man. I know my job and I’ll do it. Just make sure you do your job. Near Earth Command won’t tolerate any mistakes.” She hung up without another word.

I used my Tachyon vision to see into the room. Even if I hadn’t heard her I would have known her for an Arion. Tall and muscular. Hair and eyes as black as midnight. And walking with an undeserved arrogance. Would she recognize me as a Vel? I doubted it. Arions aren’t known for their brains. And if she did … She was only a Betan; they would never send a Prime for a job like this. So if she did recognize me, I could take her out easily. Besides, the danger added a certain amount of excitement to the encounter. And it might be interesting to find out what an Arion tasted like.

I went up to the door and knocked, using the agreed upon signal. She opened the door just enough for me to enter and quickly closed and locked the door behind me. She put on a simpering air. “Oh yes,” she said. “You really are beautiful.”

“Your hair,” she murmured, stroking my hair. “So soft and silky. She kissed me and started to undress me. There wasn’t much to remove, just my top and jeans. I of course have no need of a bra for support and didn’t waste time with panties. I responded by undressing her. She wore a lacy bra and panties, I suppose thinking they were sexy.

When we were naked she led me to the king sized bed and we lay down together. She looked me over in appreciation. I thought the game would be up when she lingered on my hairless pubic mound, but those Arion bitches really are stupid.

We spent some time playing with each other’s breasts, taking turns sucking each other’s nipples. Her breasts were large and firm, though not as large as mine and definitely not as firm. Then she moved down and her head went between my legs. Her tongue was strong and rough and she knew what she was doing. I started to moan in earnest as she used her tongue and lips expertly while I came and came. I then did the same for her and found out that Arions taste pretty good, though I recalled that my Velorian girl friends tasted even better.

We continued in like fashion exploring and enjoying each other’s well honed bodies. Luckily, she didn’t want to talk, since I couldn’t imagine having a conversation with an Arion and not giving myself away. When I left, she said she’d like to email me again and arrange another meeting. I put my tongue into my cheek and said: “Sure, why not. It’s been fun.”

All the way home, I kept thinking about the conversation I had overheard. It really bothered me. I greatly admired Senator London. He was the kind of man the country really needed. He was married but had no children. His wife was supposed to be politically astute and was a valuable campaigner. He was a social liberal … didn’t preach the conservative line of supposed family values. If he was caught in adultery, it wouldn’t show him to be a hypocrite. It wasn’t that he advocated free love … no one could do that these days. But he just didn’t talk about those issues; didn’t make himself out to be some kind of saint. But in today’s political climate, and with his small margin of victory in the last election, he couldn’t afford to be caught in flagrante delicto.

I had to do something about it. Not only was he a good man, but if the Arions wanted him out of the way, it meant that he was a hindrance to their plans and even if I wasn’t given a specific assignment, it was every Vel’s duty to thwart the Arions’ plans.

I didn’t know what I should do. If I just went to another assignation and killed her, it would only be a temporary solution. Near Earth Command would just find another agent to do the job. No, what I had to do was prevent her from seducing him at the reception and teach him a lesson, so that he could not be trapped again.

I prepared myself during the week. I learned what I could about the senator. I researched the reception. Luckily, it was taking place in a nearby city and I would have no trouble driving there. I also purchased an appropriate cocktail dress, shoes and jewelry. I also got myself a supply of a drug I knew would have the desired effect on an Arion and applied a generous amount to the end of a pin.



I packed an overnight bag and gave myself plenty of time to drive to the city. I had booked a room in the hotel where the reception was being held. I checked in and asked for two key cards. My room was pleasant enough. There was the usual king sized bed and a small sitting area. The TV, of course, would not be used, but the mini-bar might come in handy. When I had made certain that both cards worked, I wrote the room number on one of them. I hung up my cocktail dress and went out again in my jeans.

I had heard Bonnie say that they would use a nearby motel as the place of assignation, supposedly because it would be easier to bug a room there. I waited in an alleyway that she would have to pass to get to the hotel. After a while, I saw her approach. She was already dressed for the reception in a cocktail dress that was tight and revealing to the point of vulgarity. Trust an Arion not to have any fashion sense.

I called out to her. She was startled and turned towards me. I implored her to come over so we could talk. As soon as she got near me, I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the alleyway. Before she could utter a sound I hit her hard enough to make her unconscious but I pulled the punch enough not to kill her. I stuck the pin into her neck. It would keep her unconscious for about 24 hours. I had been careful not to kill her, but I did not feel responsible for the punishment Near Earth Command might impose for her failure to carry out her mission.

I now returned to the room to dress for the reception. Luckily, the current styles were such that I could wear a revealing cocktail dress and still easily blend into the crowd. Bare legs were also the style so I needed no underwear. I slipped into the dress and sandals with stiletto heels. I brushed my hair so that it flowed in soft waves to my shoulders. I added tasteful jewelry and makeup that was subtly flattering.

I had no trouble entering the reception room and mingling with the crowd. I soon saw Senator John London across the room surrounded by a crowd of people. He was a shade under 6 feet tall and was in very good shape for a man in his early fifties. It was obvious that he worked at keeping his figure trim but didn’t go to extremes. He was known to be a runner. His hair was very dark brown, verging on black. It was full and luxuriant with just a hint of gray. His eyes were a warm brown with a direct and penetrating gaze. But his best feature was his voice. It was a deep, warm baritone. He had a way of addressing a large crowd and making it seem as if he was talking directly to you.

But the most important thing was what he said. He wanted the country to be strong and still give every individual the maximum amount of freedom. People had a hard time categorizing him. Some thought him conservative for the first idea and some thought him liberal for the latter.

I made my way to the edge of the crowd and then slowly worked my way towards him. When I got in front of him, I simply smiled at him, looking him in the eyes, and told him how much I admired him. He thanked me, returning the smile and the gaze. I unobtrusively placed my key card in his hand, and without skipping a beat, he placed it in his pocket.

I turned away, leaving him to greet his next guest and bedazzle her with his smile and gaze. Just as slowly, I worked my way back to the exit and took the elevator to my room.

I changed into an azure blue thin, silky wrap-around robe that covered me from shoulder to calf. It clung to my body, outlining it and making it obvious that I wore nothing underneath.

Now, all I had to do was wait. I did not doubt that he would come … But if he did resist … well, then I didn’t have to worry about him being compromised by another woman. For if he could resist me, no woman could lure him to her room, especially not an Arion bitch.

It wasn’t long before I heard footsteps in the hallway and the key card in my door. I positioned myself to the side, so that I couldn’t easily be seen by a passerby. He opened the door and quickly shut it behind him and threw the locks.

He seemed nervous, unsure of what to say or do, his eyes riveted to my body. His voice unsteady, he said: “I’m not in the habit of going to strange women’s rooms. But you’re so beautiful … I couldn’t resist your invitation.”

“I’m so glad you came, Senator. Please make yourself comfortable.”

“Please … call me Jack. And you failed to introduce yourself downstairs.”

“I’m Marissa”, I said, using a name close to the beauty of my real name, Arish’ka.

I loosened his tie and helped him off with his jacket. “Would you like a drink? The mini-bar is very well stocked.”

“Thanks. I’d appreciate a scotch on the rocks.”

I placed some ice in two tumblers and poured a generous portion of Johnny Walker Black Label into each. I handed him his drink and we sat down on the couch. His hand shook slightly as he raised the glass to his mouth. The drink seemed to steady his nerves. “You seem tense,” I said, as I gently started massaging his neck. With my other hand I unbuttoned his shirt, slipped my hand inside, and caressed his chest, my hand enjoying the feel of the springy hair on his chest. He visibly relaxed.

Then he started to take the initiative. He turned to me and spread the top of my robe, so that my breasts were exposed. “Magnificent”, he murmured. He bent his head to my breasts, as I knew he would, burying his face in them and breathing in my scent, the effect of my pheromones visible on his face. Then he slowly started to feel the shape of my breasts with his hands and his lips. His mouth found my left nipple and sucked hungrily. I opened his belt and fly and my hand went inside his pants. I entangled my fingers in his dense pubic hair. I reached in further. As my hand started to stroke his hard cock he groaned so deeply, I was afraid he’d come then and there. I withdrew my hand, stood up and taking his hand led him to the bed.

I shrugged out of my robe and helped him undress. I lay down on the bed, my arms and legs open for him. He entered me quickly and without a pause started to thrust fast and furiously. He breathed heavily, moaning and groaning loudly, as if he was satisfying a hunger long denied. He came quickly and explosively with an incoherent shout.

Jack didn’t look like he was going to heed the call of wild sex, so I decided to start a conversation. “Do you consider yourself a liberal or conservative?” It was as if a dam had been breached and the words came out in a flood.

“When I hear a liberal speak, I believe myself to be a conservative and when I hear a conservative speak, I believe myself to be a liberal. I can’t seem to find my rightful place in the Senate hierarchy. Only my constituents want me. The other senators don’t understand me … And I guess I don’t really understand most of them. Where are their brains? Where are their ethics? Most of them don’t seem to know the meaning of the word integrity. And it’s not just the other party, some of those on my side of the aisle are just as bad, if not worse.

“I’m trying to revise the Patriot Act so that we can have real security without depriving people of their constitutional rights. It’s so frustrating … When I talk about the first part the conservatives nod in agreement, but when I talk about the latter part their faces turn to stone and the liberals nod in agreement. But then instead of supporting the parts they agree with they spend their time arguing against the parts they don’t like, trying to add amendments to water down the security parts or the freedom parts, depending on their position. How I’ll ever get them to agree on a bill is beyond my comprehension.

“I just talked to Senator Snodgrass. His brain is the size of a pea. He hardly knows what’s in the Constitution, so how can he defend it as he’s pledged to do? He talks about being a strict constructionist but he doesn’t even know what the ninth amendment means. And Senator Throckmorton, she believes in the first amendment except if it might offend a minority. And Senator Reed, he bends with the wind, just like his name implies.”

And on and on and on he went till I thought I’d go out of my mind. I had to shut him up and get the evening back on track, to wit, back to sex. There were far better uses for his mouth. I leaned over him until my right nipple was near his mouth. Like a normal human male, his head went up and his lips got to work sucking. His arms went around me, down my back and he started caressing my ass, making lovely wide circles. I ran my hand up and down his flanks and pressed my body against his.

Soon, my charms and pheromones did their work and he was pointing to the ceiling. I threw my right leg over him and his mouth lost its grip. I slowly lowered myself onto his erection. This time I would be in control. I moved slowly, savoring the feeling, going all the way down for maximum penetration and then moving upward so that he almost slipped out of me. I lowered my lips to his, my tongue darting into his mouth, circling his tongue while I kept up a steady, controlled motion. I gradually increased the speed of my movement and he began to moan ecstatically. I stopped, I resumed, I did all I could to prolong it, my moans joining his. I finally let loose, rocking wildly until we both exploded.

We lay side by side, resting a while. Then it was time for me to get to the real purpose of the encounter. “Senator, there’s something I have to talk to you about.”

He looked at me quizzically. “Don’t you think that after what we’ve done you could call me Jack?”

“I deliberately chose to call you Senator because of what I have to say.” I paused to emphasize my point and started again: “Senator London, how do you know that there are no cameras and recorders in this room?”

He sat up quickly and started looking around with jerky movements, as if he expected someone to jump out from behind the curtains. “There can’t be … you didn’t … why would you do that?”

“Calm down, calm down. The room is clean. I didn’t and wouldn’t do anything to harm you. I really do admire you, but you know there are people who would be glad to ruin your career. You came into a room you had never been in and had sex with a woman you had met only a few minutes before. You had no way of knowing that you could trust me. I know for a fact … don’t ask me how … that there are ruthless people who would do anything to discredit you. Senator, I implore you, be more careful in the future.”

He seemed to think about it for a moment. “You’re right Marissa. As wonderful as it was … and it truly was wonderful … I can’t allow myself to take chances. I thank you for your concern and honesty. Is there anything I can do for you?”

I reached into the night table for a slip of paper I had previously prepared with the PO Box I had rented in another town. “Just let me know if what I’ve predicted happens.”




It wasn’t long before I received an unsigned letter:


Dear Marissa,

You were absolutely right. At the next reception that I attended without my wife, I was approached by a woman who I would have thought beautiful had I not met you. She was tall, though of course not as tall as you. Her coloring was the opposite of yours, dark hair and eyes. Her approach was similar to yours but much more blatant and her clothes bordered on vulgarity. When she slipped the key card into my hand, I thought about refusing it. But I then I decided it would be more fun to take it and then let her wait and wait. I wonder how long she waited.

Once again I thank you.

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