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Jan’s Story

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Jan’s Story

by Alex F


Jan was convinced that the recent events in her own life were some how linked to the event that had just gripped the whole world unless she could come to its rescue.

Little more than three months had passed since she had found that belt on her bed. She could never have imagined the consequences of putting the belt round her slim waist. She could not deny to herself that since the death of her boyfriend in a car accident she had shunned her friends and family wanting to be on her own. She wanted to grieve privately but with well meaning people trying to give comfort, comfort she felt was unhelpful, so she had sort solace in solitude.

Some how someone had gotten into her flat while it was still locked. They had left no trace of there presence in her room except for the belt, she had never managed to discover how someone had gotten into or out of her flat. The belt lay on her bed and it all but begged her to put it on. It was very beautiful, encrusted with jewels around ornate carvings in the soft brown leather.

Since that day she tried it on she had not found a way to remove it. She could tighten it or loosen it but could not find a way of removing it completely. She got out of her bed and moved gracefully over to the full length mirror she had in one corner of her bedroom. It was funny how the belt did not chaff her skin even when she was in bed. The belt looked so much apart of her as she looked in the mirror. Her sensuous legs curved up to her hips where the belt rested across her perfectly flat stomach. A pair of pert breasts sat high on her chest and long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders. Her smooth silky skin was eclipsed only by the immaculate beauty of her hazel eyes that shone out of a hauntingly beautiful face.

As good looking as she was, Jan new that the belt had some how enhanced her features and skin tone. Not only did she look good on the outside but she felt great on the inside. Her whole body felt alive and vibrant. All that however was not what was so extraordinary about the belt. Taking hold of the tong of the belt in her long slender fingers and gave an easy pull on the belt. She looked in the mirror again, the transformation was instantaneous, she caught her breath, though she had seen it a thousand times she could not help but look in wonder and amazement at her reflection in the mirror.

Her sense of presence and well being were truly astonishing, she had an air of extreme self confidence that told her she could accomplish anything. Her body was absolutely magnificent. No longer had she a flat stomach, no longer had she slender arms, no longer the pert breasts or slender legs. The only thing about her that remained the same was her slim waist line, the rest was highly defined, tight packed muscle. Jan was at least six inches taller and twice as broad across the shoulders and everywhere about her was brilliantly defined muscle covered by even smother, silkier skin. Every muscle had the look of being pencilled in, her breasts were like golden globes 44 inches across and stood proud and true across her chest. Her nudity was now covered by a purple costume that stretched up from her crotch, high over her hips covering her six pack abs and magnificent breasts. It clung to her body like shrink wrap making her torso look like it had a second skin. How the costume stayed in place was a wonder as her shoulders were bear. Her arms no longer hung by her sides but rather seemed to be a downward extension of her powerful shoulders, tightly packed with heavy muscle that threatened to burst out of her silky skin.

She flexed her arms in front of the mirror, her biceps bulging and tightening at the same time stretching the silky skin to a look of polished bronze. Everything about her body was in perfect proportion. Her hair flowed over her shoulders like it had a life of its own topping of perfectly the beauty and serenity of her lovely face.

How the transformation occurred she knew not, was the body she saw in the mirror hers? Most definitely. Her body seemed to ooze strength and power but it belied the reality of the super powers she possessed. She had found nothing that tested her true strength be it a car, a bus, a lorry, a crane or even all four together. The biggest boulder she found was like holding candy on a stick. She was fire proof, bullet proof. She had found nothing that could test the limit of her magnificent strength and invulnerability. Not only that but she could fly, see through walls, look at something in minute detail from ten miles away. She had flown round the world in half an hour and had not come close to her fastest speed. Had swam across the Atlantic in the same time without noticing the effort. Once she had brought an old second hand car, packed it full of jerry cans full of petrol and gas cylinders full of gas. The car was so heavy with the contents she had to help the engine with her flight powers. She drove the car up a mountain and straight of a cliff. There was so much weight in the back of the car that it impacted the rocks at the bottom of the cliff first. Though the boot of the car had finished its journey down Jan had not, and she was in the back of the car when the whole thing exploded. Hot metal scrapped across her arms, legs face and torso and never left a mark. She ended up upside down still inside the car and she burned or rather the petrol that soaked her skin burned while she luxuriated in the warmth. She still burned as she made her way out of the wreckage the hot metal giving way to her hard invulnerable body. She had regretted doing that as it took a whole week to be completely rid of the smell of petrol.

Opening her bedroom window she flew out into the bright morning sky. Ordinarily she would have thought the kind of events reported in the news a hoax. But since donning the belt she had a tendency to give credibility to the most outlandish of stories. Every TV channel had been covering the same story at around 2AM GMT, every single TV station around the world had transmitted the same message. No one could say how it had been done, the same pictures were being shown but the language was different in every country. The language was different but the message was the same. An alien invasion was to take place in one months time. As a precursor to this a 500 strong army of the aliens best fighters were being sent to the USA and every one of their military installations would be destroyed with in a month. After this show of indomitable power every country would have 48 hours to surrender unconditionally or face the terrible consequences. A few short months ago this sort of event would have sent Jan into a blind panic; she would have found the whole idea of an alien invasion absurd. But now with the belt around her waist and the wind in her hair she just could not dismiss the idea that this was the reason she had been given the belt to fight such a battle.

There was a loud boom in the air around her as she cruised through the sound barrier and headed out over the Atlantic to the United States. Reaching speeds of Mach 10 and beyond Jan soon found herself in American air space. She circled high looking for tell tail signs of a battle the Americans had little chance of winning. She thought back to the news cast recalling the pictures of American tanks being blown away by a single shoot from a hand held weapon of one of the alien invaders. She flew in the direction of some ominous black smoke rising from the ground to the north. Her telescopic vision showed Jan an overwhelming scene of devastation, not one building was left standing. Everything that could burn was either burning or smouldering, heavy armour lay strewn and broken in every direction and bodies peppered the ground. Vaguely Jan wondered how they would move from base to base to complete the job in a month.

Reluctant as she was to reveal herself Jan flew down to take up the fight. As she went she quickly counted the number of aliens, five hundred exactly not one casualty not there side and hardly a survivor on hers. Although she had expected them to have far greater fire power she wasn’t expecting total carnage on this scale.

She swooped low and fast smashing her fists into the aliens sending a dozen or so to the ground. She landed quickly, in a spot where she would have no one behind her back. She knew something was not right as soon as she ploughed into the first alien. A quick scan with her x-ray vision showed the truth of her suspicion. These were robots, they were covered in some kind of skin to make them look like humans but they were metal inside. This was going to be easier than she thought. Jan loved pushing her fingers through metal; she still got a thrill at how easily she could bent and twist it in her hands. It was like play dough to her and with next to no effort she could melt it between her fingers. She might even be able to have some fun with them. It was faster than a bullet but she could tell it wasn’t a bullet, it reminded her of something out of Star Wars like a red pulse of energy. She watched the strange pulse of light as it made its way to the soft flesh of left breast. Not even the slightest flicker of movement was registered as it bounced harmlessly of her mouth watering chest. She tried to catch the next one but it fizzled in her hand and dispersed. Then a plethora of red pulses struck her body. At least she could feel bullets these either deflected off her or dispersed harmlessly on impact.

Five hundred aliens fired their weapons at her, pulses of red light struck arms, body, legs and face. Her hand flashed as she caught the first blue pulse of light which fizzed in he hand for a moment then dispersed like the red one. At least she felt the blue ones as they dimpled her flesh slightly before dispersing. It was as though she was being bathed in blue light as hundreds of blue pulses found her body and their match. The firing stopped for the split second and a pulse of white light came at her. This was the one, she thought, that they used on the tanks. This would be much more powerful than the others as it could blast a hole in a tank five foot across, such was the impact that it flipped the tank either onto its side or upside down on its turret. She waited patiently as the white light came at her, she watched as it grew to the size of a football. It gave an almighty kick, that was disproportionate to its size and speed, the impact was like being struck by a brick wall and Jan was thrown back ten feet her head and ass impacting the ground at the same time. Shit she thought, she would have to do something about that or it could ruin her concentration.

Quickly she got to her feet, the alien robots were lining up in some sort of formation. Jan watched curiously as a blue glow surrounded the robots and they winked out of sight. Gone, Jan couldn’t believe it they were all gone in the blink of a eye. She was smashed to the ground by a pulse of white light. Looking quickly round Jan saw that not all of them were gone. Ten had been left to deal with her. This was not supposed to happen she was supposed to finish them here and now. “Shit,” she cursed aloud, She wanted the killing of soldiers to stop here, they were supposed to be concentrating all of their efforts against her. She would have to be rid of these quickly and then set about finding them again. She was pissed that she hadn’t thought that they would try to tie her up with just a handful of androids. What pissed her even more was that more people would die because of her misjudgement, but what really pissed her the most was that they had thought her only worthy of ten surely fifty would have given her some sort of competition.

She flew at the nearest android snatching it weapon and shouldering it to the ground. In a flash of bewildering speed she drove the barrel of the weapon into the chest of the android skewering it to the rocky surface below. Just to make absolutely sure she hammered her fist down into its face, the head crumpled like an empty can. For some reason her attention was drawn back to the androids chest, she stared in disbelief as the butt of the weapon seemed to melt into the androids chest and the hole she had made with it close up. Then the head slowly liquefied and returned to it original shape and the weapon reformed itself in the android’s hands. A white light flashed in her face and and Jan was flipped back her head smashing into the granite rock behind her. Pluses of white light repeatedly struck her abs and chest driving her back into the rough granite beneath her. She could hardly believe what she had just witnessed, it reminded her of a horrid scene she’d once seen in a movie. Androids that could repair themselves, this was just great she could destroy androids all day long and get nowhere. No wonder they only left ten of them. For the first time since finding the belt she felt like she was loosing control of a situation.

A foot smashed into her throat, the throat maybe a human weak point but it wasn’t one of hers, she thought. She grabbed the ankle of the android and brought it to the ground. Her left foot she drove into its groin, if it had one, and she gave an almighty yank on its foot. With a shrike and a whine the android’s foot came off in her hand and she threw it as hard as she could do lying on the ground. The android began to repair itself a new foot was starting to form. She scrambled round to it head sunk her fingers into its jaw on either side of its head, placed her feet on its shoulders and pulled. She tore the head off the android with ease but a blast hit her in the back and she was flipped ten foot into the air. She landed awkwardly on her face her nose and chin digging a double grove into the rock. Thankfully she still held the android’s head, swinging her arm quickly she tossed it in the opposite direction to the foot. A toss from Jan was anything up to five miles and a throw was anything over five miles be it a rock the size of a hand or a rock the size of the empire state it all seemed to weigh pretty much the same to Jan.

Another blast sent Jan another ten foot into the air and she hit the ground with a solid thump. Those weapons were pissing her off, she got to her feet and disappeared, in the blink of an eye she was back holding ten weapons in her arms. Dropping them to the ground she picked them back up one by one launching each one into orbit with an incredibly powerful throw. As the last one was launched out of her hand the first android was on her a powerful fist to the back of her head sending her sprawling to the ground. In an instant she was flipped over smashing her face, tits, abs and legs into the granite hard rock sending shards of rock flying in every direction. Then she was slammed onto her back then again onto her front her face and tits digging deep into the rock as she was hammered back and forth with tremendous force. Of course Jan’s body could have taken this punishment all day. She tried to see what was happening to her as her face was yet again slammed hard into the now jagged rock. She couldn’t feel it at all but an android had hold of her by the hair and was tossing her bodily over its shoulder then back again with an impressive speed which she realised only added to the force of her body impacting the rock. She used her heat vision to sever its arm just below the elbow. Getting to her feet she noticed that the android’s hand and fore arm had dropped from her hair and had liquefied on the ground and was eerily making its way towards the android. She flew at the android knocking it to the ground and straddling it around the waist, making a double fist she smashed her hands down onto its chest and forced her hands into its body until her arms were buried in the droids chest. Then she opened her arms and tore it in two. As she opened her arms the body of the android was pulled from between her legs and two halves of the android fell to the ground, the torn sides of the android immediately began to liquefy. A foot connected with her ass and Jan was shoot forward 20 feet and she hit the ground hard her massive tits leaving a huge a gouge in the rock below her. She was on her feet in an instant but was drove back down again as something hard and metallic smashed into her face. A hand grabbed her throat another her crotch and she was lifted into the air and slammed down into the ground head first. Jan’s head easily rent a hole in the rock as she was buried upside down to her shoulders by one of the androids. Another kick this time to the stomach tore her head out from the rock and she landed 15 feet away on her back. A huge rock shattered into a million fragments as it impacted hard against her face. Seconds later two androids took a hold of one of her hands and with a coordinated effort launched her into the air. A second later she was travelling parallel to the ground at 170mph another second and she stopped dead as an android’s fist was driven into her face. She tried to fly out of her predicament but the two androids that had just thrown her stopped her backwards flight with a double kick, one found her shoulder the other her head.

Jan was lifted bodily from the ground by a hand round her throat a fist smashed into her eye another hit her abs, another caught her in the small of her back and another on the chin. Fists rained in on her from every direction, her breasts felt as though they were being used as punch bags so did her face and back. She took a moment to count them there was still ten; all of them seemed to be completely in tact. She had thought it would be easy dispatching a handful of robots. But at the moment there wasn’t a scratch on any of them as there blows rained in harder and faster. She looked at the android that held her by the throat, its other hand was balled into a fist and was hitting her abs in a supposedly weak point below the belt. She wondered briefly if her body had a weak point. It was obvious to any rational mind that the androids efforts were wasted but these things were just machines programmed to kill. Something in which they had no chance against her invulnerable body, blow after blow just bounced off her taut muscles.

Jan swung out a powerful left arm that swept five androids off there feet sending them flying back fifty foot. Her right arm took out four more in a similar manor, leaving the remaining android that still held her by the throat in its powerful grip. Staring into its eyes she released her heat vision, the android’s eyes liquefied in their sockets and molten metal streaked down its face. Taking hold of the hand at her throat she bent it back at the wrist. The android’s hand left her throat as Jan continued to bent it back, a loud screeching noise came from its wrist as the hand was broken off completely. The android’s eyes were repaired in time for it to see its left hand completely crushed in Jan’s powerful fingers; she continued to apply pressure on the android’s hand and it squished between her fingers sending rivulets of molten metal running over her hand and wrist. The hand was still in her fist as she punched it into the android’s face, it took of in a backwards flight landing a hundred yards away. Jan was then moving at lightening speed as a single blow brought down each android in turn scattering them over a wide area. She wondered how she was to defeat them when they could repair themselves so incredibly quickly. She was thousands of times stronger than they were but she couldn’t spend forever fighting the same ten androids. She needed to think of something.

Two androids rose up but instead of heading towards her they made for each other. A third arose and made for the other two. She watched incredulously as the first two androids stood side by side and literally melded together. The third one melded with the other two and was soon joined by a fourth. As she watched Jan wondered if she should try to stop them all becoming one android or whether dealing with one would be easier for her. Moments later it was too late the process was complete all ten androids were now one. She looked it over using her telescopic vision; it was not covered in human skin like the others its metallic skin gleamed in the warm glow of the sun. The android stood around fifteen feet tall and looked immensely powerful. Jumping into the air Jan flew at the android, her fists slammed into it chest and it crashed to the ground sending shard of rock flying in every direction. An incredibly tight turn brought Jan round for a second charge, she struck it hard and square in the back as it got itself into a sitting position. The double fisted blow made two huge dents in each shoulder and sent its head crashing into it legs. The dents were quickly pushed out and the android was even quicker at getting to its feet. Jan was again flying at the android’s chest, it put its arms out ready to stop her but she dove down quickly her arms crashing into its ankles flipping the android face down on the ground. A second later Jan was a mile above the android another second saw her heading back down her fist extended; at Mach 3 she hit it full in the small of its back. The impact made a massive exploding noise and a myriad of cracks radiated from the Android’s prone body.

In a flash Jan was standing next to the android a huge dent of folded metal was where its back should have been. Quickly she took hold of its ankle and bent it round 180 degrees she did the same with the other foot, curiously it didn’t break off like the hand of the android had. But she could bend it easily. She could hear it starting to repair itself so a swift kick with a booted foot sent the android flying through the air and it smashed into an outcrop of rock some way off. When she reached the android it was obvious that it was not fully repaired she reached out to deal it some more punishment while she tried to figure out a way of destroying it. A white beam of pure energy stopped her dead in her tracks, white energy rippled over her body trying to tear her apart, it hit her so hard she was flung backwards 200 yards and she ended up being buried deep in the side of an upturned tank. Shit she thought to herself that blast had come from its arm, dam thing had some sort of built in weapon which was ten times more powerful as the hand held ones she had gotten rid of earlier. Another blast hit the tank which took off, crashed and rolled with Jan still buried in its side. The scrap metal of the tank glowed red hot and hissed against the coolness of her soft invulnerable skin. As quickly as she could she pulled herself from the remains of the tank just in time to catch sight of another blast of white light coming her way. Quickly reaching back she sunk her fingers into the red hot remains of the tank and threw it at the on coming blast of white light. In less than an instant the energy beam hit the tank and almost consumed it and a glowing lump of molten metal hit the ground with a resounding splodge somewhere behind Jan. She didn’t want to be hit by another one of those if she could help it; it was like being bitten all over by billions of powerful jaws full of jagged teeth. It didn’t exactly hurt but it made her body tingle in a very eerie and unpleasant way. She deftly jumped the next one and dogged round a fourth working her way towards the android which was fully repaired and making its way towards her. She jumped into the air and flew at the android but as swift as she was the android matched her speed snatching her out of the air.

With a swift and powerful motion the android grabbed her head with its other hand and slammed her down hard onto its metallic knee which shoot upward, her back hit the android’s knee with enough force to shatter a three foot thick slab of solid steel. The impact jarred her whole body; this android was more than ten times stronger than one of the original ten. It was easily hundreds of times stronger. Jan was in awe of the technology the aliens had, such a pity they put it to such poor use as fighting machines. She wondered how much destruction the other 490 androids were wreaking on the American forces.

The Android was unrelenting it was built and programmed for one purpose which was to destroy if it couldn’t destroy Jan then it would stop her from getting to the other 490 androids, they would easily achieve their mission. Jan was pounded repeatedly head first into the solid rock on which they fought, each time she was buried up to and beyond her massive tits which easily rent huge holes in what should have been unyielding rock. The ground around them was pockmarked with perfect mouldings of Jan’s fantastic body. She tried to force the metal fingers that were wrapped round her perfect waist and buttocks but as soon as she tried to put any amount of force on the fingers they would liquefy and her hand would pass straight through them as if they were made from water. After making yet another hole you could have made a jelly Jan in The android changed tack and brought Jan up and sent a jaw breaking blow to her head which snapped round to the left as far as her powerful neck muscles would allow. Before another blow could land on her gorgeous face she used her heat vision on the android’s arm. Two red beams shot from Jans eyes and easily cut through the metal arm but this time the metal reformed around the red beam, wherever she took her heat vision the hole appeared but closed up again as the red beams move on. Another massive blow to her jaw snapped her head to the left again and the red beams disappeared. Blow after cruel blow hammered into her face and upper body. Jan wondered how much of this punishment her body could take. Then her head was smashed down into the rock again her nose cutting a smooth V shape and her huge breasts turning solid rock to dust in an instant. To Jan’s relief the android released its grip from around her waist and there she remained her torso buried deep in the rock, her legs pointing straight up at the sky. It wasn’t long before a metal foot connected with the huge mass of muscle that is Jan’s abs. The force of the blow ripped her head out of the rock sending her body flying 300 yards in less than two seconds. Her head smashed into one of the few remaining walls of a now demolished military building. Bricks and mortar were shattered and scattered as her body passed through the wall as though it were tissue paper. She disappeared into a huge pile of bricks and rubble which collapsed into the Jan shaped hole, a cloud of brick dust was the only clue as to where she was. The reason she did not continue out of the other side of the rubble was that there was an iron girder buried deep in the rubble the end of which was buried deep in Jan’s midriff or would have been if not for her invulnerable abs that had splayed the end of the girder so that it looked as though it had been struck repeatedly by a huge hammer.

Jan wondered about the blow to her stomach and though she had felt the force of the staggering blow, which was the equivalent of being hit by a steaming train, she had not been bent double by it. A fact that lent testament to the shear solid mass of muscle that covered her super powered body. Though she was taking a bit of a battering she thought it wasn’t taking its toll on her. She used her flight powers to lift her clear of the rubble, the heavy blocks of concrete that fell from her scrapped across her soft skin without leaving a single blemish. A blast of white light sent her crashing into the hole from which she had just emerged. Another blast forced her deeper into the course brick and concrete as it moulded itself around her body. Blast after blast drove her into an ever deepening hole and generated an incredible amount of heat. Molten concrete, brick and rock sizzled against her body as it tried and failed to have any effect. She used her flight power to counter the force of each blast and slowly managed to rise up out of the hole. Tingling white sensation after tingling white sensation coursed through her body yet still she continued to rise slowly out of the hole until she was in reach of the android’s arm. She reached out and placed her hand around its arm and squeezed. Her fingers sank easily into the android’s arm and the blasts of white light faded away. Leaving her with an easy follow up punch to the android’s metallic chin. But instead of sending it flying backward her fist just buried itself in the android’s chin. Three similar blows in quick succession ended the same way in a mass of molten metal that reformed immediately her hand was removed.

Moving round the back of the android she locked her arms round its waist and took off while holding onto the android. Within seconds she had broken through Earth’s atmosphere and was soon travelling faster than the speed of light in the direction of the sun. The android for its part kicked and hit and struggled to break her grip but Jan proved to be far superior in terms of raw strength. Soon the journeyed towards the sun passing Venus and Mercury. Lying in that pool of molten concrete had given her an idea, maybe she could get close enough to the sun to melt the android. They came within a million miles of the sun, when the android’s body started to turn molten in her arms she let go letting the momentum of her super fast flight carry the android near to its eventual destruction. Jan decided to follow to see what would happen, her curiosity getting the better of her. Minutes later the whole of the android was one big lump of molten metal which soon began to vaporise as it neared the white hot sun and within minutes it had completely disappeared. Jan hadn’t realised how near she was to the sun herself and when she looked she was amazed to find that her eyes were not affected by the glare of the sun and nether was her body affected by the heat. Though her body had to be heated to thousands of degrees she didn’t even feel uncomfortable, she decided to go in closer. She was absolutely fascinated by her body and how much it was able to withstand. While her mind wondered her entire body was engulfed by a solar flare. Her entire body was bathed in white hot flame. Looking at herself she could see that her skin glowed white. Gingerly she touched herself but her skin merely felt warm rather than boiling hot. She flew in closer until she was covered in white hot flame the entire time and luxuriated in its glorious warmth. When she eventually returned to earth she glowed like a brilliant white hot mini sun. She felt purified somehow as if her body had been quenched in the glorious fire of heaven.

End of Chapter One

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