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Jilly Milly – Chapter 07

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Jill looked up at Claire's window. She'd rather just fly up to Claire's room, but knocking would have to do. Claire opened the door. “Hi! I just finished breakfast.” Jill walked in and waved to Mr. Simmons, who was in the middle of assembling a model antique car. Jill pointed upstairs and the girls ran up to Claire's room.


“Are you doing anything today?” Jill asked. Claire shook her head. “Great! I've got tons of plans for us.”


“Really? What?”


“I'll tell you in a minute. But I need a favor first.”




“I need you to design some clothes for me. You're so good at it. A dress I can wear to look nice, and then something I can fly around in and do action things without showing TOO much. Like our gym stuff with shorts, but cooler and sexier. And it has to be with mostly blue and red. I'll have a little yellow to work with too, so I guess we can mix some colors to make some purple, green or orange too if we want.”


Claire pulled out her sketchbook and colored pencils. “Like this?” She drew for awhile.


“Uh, I think it has to be a little clingier. It's not a drapey sort of fabric.”


Claire scribbled a bit, then frowned. “You know, it would be easier if I could see the material.”


“Yeah, you're right. Let me see if I can get it now.” She looked toward the wall. “I think I can. Do you mind if I undress? I don't want to ruin another dress. Last time I flew fast I burned up my favorite jacket.”


“Yeah, it's fine with me. Let me get the door. My little brother's always barging in.”


Jill took her shoes, socks and belt off while Claire locked the door and then Jill shed the rest of her clothes. Claire couldn't help staring at her friend's body. She's always looked good, but now her large breasts were so perfectly round that they didn't look real. Claire looked away, hoping that Jill hadn't noticed her staring, but Jill was concentrating her gaze at, or through, the wall of the room. It was obvious she was using her X-ray vision.


“OK, the coast is clear. I should be right back,” Jill said. She lifted the window and disappeared outside in a flash. Seconds later she was back – with Superboy's uniform in her arms. She dropped it on the bed and dressed again with super-speed before Claire could say “OH!”


“He's not going to need it anymore. I bet he doesn't even look at it right now. He won't even know it's missing.”


“Isn't this, like, stealing?” Claire said. Jill shrugged. “He's going to explode when he finds out, and I won't be able to get it back the way it was once I cut it up.”


“He's not getting his powers back, Claire. What's he going to use it for? Parades?”


“Still, it doesn't seem right. It's not yours.”


Jill looked at her imploringly. “Are you saying I should give him back his powers too?”


“No. But …” Claire picked it up and pulled at it. “I guess I see your point. Well, ok. I guess you need it more than he does now.” She played with it a little. “It looks kind of stretchy, but I can't pull it at all, and it's not very soft, not that it would hurt YOUR skin. But how will we cut it? How will we blend the colors?”


Jill took it and pulled it easily. “It'll be fine for me. I thought about the colors. I could just unravel all the thread and separate it by color, then we can put the strands together the way we want. You'll show me how, and then I'll just do it at super-speed.”


Claire examined it carefully. “No, don't unravel the whole thing. I'm not sure we'd be able to reweave it without the right kind of equipment. I can see how it was stitched together before. It shouldn't be too hard for you. Just pull it out here, and here.” Jill nodded. “You can see the stitching with the threads wherever the color changed. It's pretty good work. I guess his mother did it.”


“We won't use the cape right away. I need it for something else.”


“Well, the cape's about a third of the material.”


“That's ok. I don't think I'll cover myself as much as he did. And he's bigger than me. Except in the chest,” she added.


“Yeah, I'll say,” Claire added. “From the way you pulled it before I bet it would stretch to fit too, if you don't mind something skin tight.”


“That's ok.”


Claire grinned. “You'll look really sexy. How about this?” She drew a dress with a cutout in the bodice.


“Yeah! Can we make the cutout bigger?”


“I thought you'd want me to.” She scribbled some more. “It'll be mostly blue, but we could add in streaks of yellow and red. It would take it little work, but it would look really sharp. You don't want an emblem or anything I guess. No 'S' or 'J'?” Jill shook her head vigorously.


“Yeah, it would look pretty tacky. But a red strip on the neckline and the little string to tie the opening closed and also at the hem would be nice. Like this.” She drew it and Jill nodded. “For the other one, do you want a one-piece swimsuit kind of thing? It would leave your arms and legs bare and look really nice with your skin. I guess you won't get cold or anything so you could wear it all year. We could get some ideas from catalogs.”


“Sure. The smaller the better, I think.” She pulled at the material. “There really less there than I thought. I bet it just stretched to fit his body as he grew. No wonder it's just been sitting in his drawer. There's no way he could stretch it to put it on without his superpowers.”


Claire looked through one of her sewing magazines and a pile of catalogs on her dresser. “How about this one? If it's too binding we can do it in strips and leave spaces.” She looked at it and sketched back, front and side views with a few changes and held up her drawing to Jill.


“That's amazing. You're so good at this.”


Claire smiled. “Well, there are some things I CAN do. OK. You'll have to undo the stitching and then depending on the shapes you may have to unravel and reweave some parts, but I'll try to do it with as much of the existing fabric as I can. Here are some spools. Just wind the threads on here, by color.” Jill snapped the threads and took the uniform apart in seconds, then handed Claire the spools and the pieces. Claire just shook her head. “OK. Let me measure you. I'll try not to tickle you.”


“That's OK. I'm not ticklish now.”


“Really? OK. 38”. Jeez, Jill! Have you grown?”


“I think they're just firmer. Well, maybe.”


“You're really gorgeous Jill. Hey, I just noticed – no glasses.”


“I'm wearing 'contacts' now. See? It's really just clear glass, but no one has to know that.”


“Uh huh. 23”. Yeah, YOU won't be worrying about chocolate anymore. And 34”.

You look SO good. Arms and legs don't matter for these outfits. Shoulders 14”, torso. Those haven't changed since I made us the Halloween costumes last year.” She scribbled the numbers down. “Pull this part over you – yeah, like that. Guess you're not going to wear a bra with these, right? Now, stretch it like you'd be wearing it. OK, I'm going to have to stitch these two parts together. Darn! The needle just breaks on it. How did she ever do the stitching? Maybe you'd have to stretch it so that you make the spaces between the threads wider and then I'd pull the needle through. But that'll take hours!”


“Not for me. Just show me what I have to do.”


Claire traced the area with her fingers and Jill carefully tore the fabric, pulled it and sowed as Claire directed.


After an hour and a half, both pieces were finished. Claire lay back on her bed. “I'm exhausted. You may not need to eat, but I do.”


“We'll eat soon. I promise.”


“OK. I'm really hungry though. You want to do something with the cape now?”


“Uh huh, but no sewing with it – yet. What do you want to eat?”


“I don't know. I was thinking of some pizza. We've got some frozen. Or maybe some yogurt.”


“We could go out.”


“Where? Applebee's? I don't think I want to go to the greasy spoon again. Besides, we might see Joey there. I sort of don't want to see him today.”


“Uh uh. I have a better idea but we need to go outside. We'll need this too.” Jill held up the cape and then put the new dress on. “It's great!”


“It looks great on you. Just wearing it would crush me – I wouldn't even be able to pull it over my head! But it fits you beautifully. And I just can't believe that your bust pushes the front out. I mean, think about it – your breasts are like more powerful than I am. I guess they're really 'super-tits'” They both laughed.


“C'mon, let's go.” Jill folded up the cape so the “S” didn't show and they walked downstairs.


“Dad, tell Mom we're going out.”


Mr. Simmons looked up. “Where, Claire?”


Claire looked at Jill. “Just around, Mr. Simmons,” Jill replied. “I want to show Claire something new.”


“All right then,” he said, going back to his model. “Have you girls ever seen a 1927 – oh, they're gone already.”


Jill led Claire to the woods behind the park. “OK, I have to wrap you up in the cape. It won't be very comfortable, but it won't be long.”


“What are we DOING?”


“It's a surprise, OK? We're going shopping.”


“Are you going to fly us to the Mall of America!?”


Jill shook her head. “Sssh. Just get inside and you'll see in a minute.” Claire complied and Jill made sure she was well wrapped. “Can you breathe?”


“A little, but it's really scratchy.”


“Well, next time we can bring a blanket too. Get ready.” She picked her up and streaked into the air, quickly reaching four thousand feet so they couldn't be seen on the ground. She accelerated more until they were traveling well past the speed of sound. She could feel Claire breathing. They were almost there now, and she slowed down, looking for a secluded area, and then set down in an alley. She pulled the cape off her friend. “Voila! We're here!”


Claire looked around, confused. “What did you do? Did we travel through time or something? It's dark.”


Jill laughed. “You're right, it is! But, no we didn't travel through time, just a few time zones. We're in Paris.”


“Paris!!?” she said in shock. “Paris!!” Jill smiled and nodded. “But it was like seconds. I didn't even feel it.”


“I know. I'm flying a lot more smoothly now, and the cape really worked to protect you. The dress held together perfectly too. It would have been cooler to land right next to the Eiffel Tower, but it was too crowded. We're pretty close though. It's this way.” She took Claire's hand and they walked into a street on the Left Bank. Suddenly they were surrounded by people speaking French. “So, you want to go to the Eiffel Tower, or should we get some French fries first?”


Claire stared open-mouthed at the scene around her and then got a panicked look. “Jill! We can't be here. We don't have passports. They'll arrest us.”


Jill looked alarmed for a moment. “Well, I won't let them. But look, there are all sorts of people around. No one's checking for passports. How will they know we don't have them?”


“Sshh! They're all speaking French! We don't know French. We'll stand out.”


Jill shrugged. “Well I don't know … just stay with me. No one can do anything to me, and I won't let anyone even TOUCH you.” She gave Claire a hug. “I think you're worrying too much. Let's just get something to eat.”


Claire looked around suspiciously. “It's just – you know I've never been outside of Kansas.”


“Yeah, well I've been to Missouri once, and to Chicago when I was four.” They walked down Rue Jacob. “This is unbelievable. I've never seen a place like this.”


“I know. Look at those dresses! Jill, the prices aren't in dollars! They've got a funny 'E' sign on them.”


“You're right. I wonder what it means. And all I have are dollars. There must be a way to get French money. Look, there's a restaurant. Hey, there are some words I know. Quiche. Pizza. Soufflé. I didn't know pizza was French.”


“What's a soufflé?”


“It's a kind of cake. My mom made it once. Allie spit it out but I thought it was pretty good.”


“I think I'd be scared to eat there. Look! There's a McDonald's on that big street. We can go there.”


“McDonald's?! Well, OK. I could go for a Big Mac and fries. It's not like we can eat there every day. There's no McDonald's in Chester.”


They went inside and looked at the line and heard some people speaking English. Claire tugged on Jill's arm and whispered to her, and they went over to them. “Excuse me. Do you know where I can get some French money?” Jill asked.


Two students stopped talking and looked at Jill, at Claire, and then back at Jill. “Uh, say again?”


“French money. You know, to buy some food. My friend's hungry.”


“You don't have any?” Jill shook her head.


“Well,” he looked at his friend, who was ogling Jill. “We can get you something. How about it? I'm, uh, Phil and this is Mark.” They were each tall. Mark was broad-shouldered and had short blond hair and blue eyes, and Phil was thinner with dark hair.


Jill looked back at Claire, who shrugged shyly. “OK. That's really nice of you. I'm Jill, and this is my friend Claire.” They all shook hands, Mark and Phil finding it hard not to stare at Jill's cleavage through the cutout.


“Did you girls just get to Paris?”


Claire looked alarmed, but Jill said, “Yeah. We just flew in.” Claire covered her mouth with her hand to quiet her laughter.


Although they didn't get the joke, Mark and Phil laughed too and gave each other a look. They ordered and Phil and Claire carried the trays to a table. “We've been here since September,” Mark explained. We're doing our junior year abroad. It's really great in Paris, and the food is really good too, even the cheap stuff, but sometimes we miss home a little, so we come here for dinner.” They sat at a table. “Are you going to be here long?”


“Not really. We just wanted to see a little of Paris and go shopping. We've never been here before.”


“Shopping? You mean – I thought you said you didn't have any money.”


“We don't have FRENCH money. We have dollars, you know, American money. But I think we need the French money here, like you used.” Phil hit himself on the forehead and Mark looked deflated. “Hey, what did I say?”


“Nothing. We thought – never mind. You need to change them for 'Euros,' but I think the stores are closed now anyway. Maybe Galeries Lafayette, one of the department stores, is open until like ten, so you might have a couple of hours but it's just a big expensive store, not like shopping in the little stores around here, and by the time you got there in the traffic they'd be almost closed. You should go shopping Monday, not Saturday night! Hey, I just had an idea. Mark and I were going to a party later. Would you like to come? You could come back to our rooms until it's time and we could all go together.” Phil looked at Mark and winked.


“I don't know. We'll have to get back, uh, to our parents, uh, at the hotel.”


“Oh, where are you staying?”


“Uh, the, uh, Ramada,” Claire said.


“I didn't know there was a Ramada in Paris. Where is it?”


“Near the highway,” Claire answered nervously. “You know, they're always on the highway.”


Phil cleared his throat. “Uh, you know, Paris isn't the safest place if you don't know your way around. You could come with us to the party, and we'd make sure you got home safely later.”


Claire started. “But we-”


Jill interrupted. “We came here to go shopping. But maybe we could join you when we're done. Where's the party?”


Mark wrote down an address and handed it to her. “It's near our school. Just tell them you're with us, and they'll let you in.”


“Mark Howard and Phil Neil. OK. Well, thanks for dinner. We're going to go now. Maybe we'll see you later.” The girls got up and Phil and Mark watched them closely as they left.


“That Jill is INCREDIBLE! What do you think, high school?” Mark said.


“Yeah, but they look REALLY young. Just remember, she spoke to me first. So stay away. I can't believe they're wandering around Paris – OR, that we let them get away!”


“FUCKING RIGHT! What are we doing sitting here?” They jumped up and ran out, but couldn't find them. “SHIT!” They ran down a few streets, then checked the Bureau de Change, unsuccessfully.


“Well, maybe they'll show up later. We'd better get ready.”


“You're thinking what I'm thinking, I bet. Well, that Claire's ok too, and I bet she's really tight.”


“I'm SURE she's a virgin. Anyway, she'll be easy. Let's get back to the room and get ready.”


Meanwhile, Jill and Claire had run back to the alley. Jill searched the city for the store Mark had named and then wrapped Claire up. “It'll be quicker than a taxi, and I can already see a place to land. But I'll have to move fast, so it may be a little bumpy.”


“It was fine last time,” Claire said, her voice muffled but perfectly audible to Jill. “That Mark was nice. OK, I'm ready.” In two seconds they had landed.


“Already?” Claire said as Jill unwrapped her. “This is so amazing.”


“I know!” Jill said. “I just love doing this with you. Come on, let's go.” They turned a corner and stared at Galeries Lafayette. “Look at all those people! And that building is ten times the size of anything in Chester!”


“At least,” Claire agreed, staring at it. “Do – do you think we're allowed to go in?” she said, looking at the well-dressed men and women walking in and out.


“I think so,” replied Jill. “We can try.” Holding hands, they squeezed into the revolving doors and shuffled through, then saw the main floor stretch out in front of them. “I can't believe this place,” she said, staring at the handbags and scarves. Look, this one costs 600 Euros!”


“How much is a Euro?”


“I don't know. Let's find somebody and ask. There's an information desk!” They walked over. “Excuse me sir, how much is a Euro in real, I mean, American money?”


The man looked at them crossly and spoke to a colleague in French, who looked at the girls, sighed and said, “What is it you want to know girls?”


“We wanted to know how much a Euro is, like compared to a dollar. And where you have dresses we can buy?”


“A Euro is about 90 cents. Teen clothes are on the fourth floor.”


“Thanks. And, uh, what about the really nice things?”


“I don't suppose you're looking for couture. How much do you want to spend?”


Claire said, “About $15.” Jill shook her head. “About uh, 450 Euros.” Claire looked at her in shock.


“You will find a few things for $15 or less on the 4th floor. In your price range mademoiselle, you may go to the 2nd floor. Do you need to change your money?” Jill nodded and handed over $1,000. The clerk raised her eyebrows and gave Jill back 1,080 Euro and then turned away to chat with her colleagues.


“Jill are you crazy? That's like a whole year's spending for clothes. And where would I wear something so fancy?”


“No, this is my treat for you and for me. I have $1,000 from my father, and I'm going to spend it on us!”


“I don't know if this is right.”


“Well, it feels right to me. Come on, wouldn't it be fun? And Claire, really, the money doesn't matter. My father has a lot more and he'll give me whatever I ask, and even if he didn't I could get anything I want now.”


“Jill! But he never gave you anything like this before! You're not going to start stealing, are you?”


“No! But I mean, if I wanted to, people would pay me money to do all sorts of things. You knew, lift things, drill holes, find things or people. I'm not saying I WANT to do those things, but I can. I, I mean, we, can have all the money we want.”


“Oh. I didn't think of that. I mean, Superboy never did things like that.”


“I told you, I'm not Superboy. Come on, let's get up to the second floor. This might take awhile.”


[Author's note: I will spare my readers and myself all of the “ooohs” and “aaahhs” that issued on the floor of the store and the endless sessions in the changing room that ensued, much as I know you would like to spend some time in there with Jill. Your time will come. But let us skip to the point after they have purchased two fabulous dresses]


“I still don't know what I'm going to do with this dress! I can't wear it to school.” Claire said, as she sat next to Jill at the makeup counter.”


“Mademoiselle, I cannot do your face if you do not hold more still!” the annoyed beautician said with a frown. Claire meekly turned back to the mirror.


Meanwhile, the beautician working on Jill was working intently on her face, stealing admiring glances at her figure and clothes. “Mademoiselle, you are sure you have not worked as a model? You are so beautiful!”


“No I haven't. But thanks a lot.”


“My girl friend is with an agency. I am sure they would take you as a client.

It would be very exciting for you, no?”


Jill smiled. “I don't know if I'm ready yet.”


“I give you my card, and you will phone me if you change your mind.”


“OK. Um, can I buy any of these eyeshadows? I only have 45-”


“You will take ALL of them, Mademoiselle, everything I have used, without charge. But you must promise to remember my name, Delphine Ribot, as your beauty consultant.”


“Beauty consultant? Delfeen Reebow. OK. Well thanks!”


“It is my pleasure, Mademoiselle.” Jill climbed down from her chair and turned to Claire. “Ohmygod Claire. You are gorgeous!”


Claire smiled bashfully. “Well, it's this dress, and the makeup.”


“No, it's you. Really.”


“Well, thanks. But YOU, Jill. You are really the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You are just unreal.”


“My life feels unreal. Hmmm. If we're going to wear these clothes we can't fly to the party. We'd have to take a taxi. Well, I'm sure we have enough money left. Come on, let's go!”


“Okay, I guess so. Those guys were pretty cute. I think I can do it.”


“Hey Claire. Two dates in two days. And this one's in college!”


“Shut up!” Claire said and hit Jill lightly on the shoulder, then shook her hand and her head. The girls left the store and watched other people trying flag down a cab. Jill put her arm up, and three taxis cut across traffic and nearly collided trying to get to her.


“I LIKE Paris!” Jill said as they went into the taxi. The driver stared at her, and Jill blushed, and then handed him the address. He took off through traffic and started talking to them.


“I'm sorry. We don't speak any French,” Jill said.


He grunted unhappily. “You English or American?” he asked. He adjusted his rear view mirror to look at Jill and nearly hit a car stopped at a red light in front of him.


“American. But please drive more carefully?” Jill said.


He cursed and kept driving, while Jill put a protective arm in front of Claire.


They arrived at the address Mark had given them. The music pulsed loudly, and a large crowd was milling at the door. “I don't know how we'll ever find them,” Claire said.


Jill looked through the building. “They're on the first floor talking to two girls. Let's go.” She and Claire went through the crowd, carrying the clothes they'd worn before in their shopping bags. The room quieted as Jill entered, and they pushed through the crowd easily toward Phil and Mark, Jill drawing stares from every man in the room and from most of the women. She tapped Mark on the shoulder. “Hi! We're here.” Mark turned around. His mouth opened wide, and his eyes opened even wider than his mouth as he stared at Jill's golden hair, her elegantly painted cheeks, the lipstick that echoed the color of her dress, and then her bust, thrusting out at him, barely contained in the pleated folds of silvery shimmering material that changed color with every small movement of her unbound bosom, and promptly dropped his beer on the floor, soaking his pants and Phil's. Thanks to a quick gust of air from Jill, she and Claire stayed dry, while the legs of the two women with Phil and Mark got sprayed instead.


“Shit, Mark! What's – oh. J-Jill! And, uh, um, Claire!


“Ewww!” one of the women shouted. “I'm all wet!” one of them squealed. “Who are the high sch-- “ she said, seeing Claire first and then falling silent as she looked over Jill.


Phil moved quickly, putting his arm around Jill. “These are the ladies I was telling you about. Listen, it was nice meeting you two. Maybe you can tell me about your Metaphysics class when I see you on uh, Monday, right?” He motioned to Mark, who followed him, then turned to take Claire's hand. “We weren't sure you were coming. Looks like you found the store.”


“Uh, yeah. Maybe we're a little overdressed.” Jill said.


“We can help you with that,” Mark said.


“How? You have other girls' clothes?” Claire asked, then blushed deeply. “Oh!”


Jill stopped and took Claire's arm. “We can't stay too long. Our parents would worry if we got back late.”


“Yeah, right. At the Ramada, right?” Mark said. “Listen, we know there is no … place like the Ramada, right?” Phil interrupted, completing Mark's sentence. “Listen, this party is really loud. And Mark's got us all wet. Would you mind coming with us back to our room for just a couple of minutes so we can change? Then we can go back to the party if you want. It's just a block from here.”


“Um, I guess so. All right,” Jill agreed.


“I'll just get us some drinks to have on the way. Beers ok?” Jill and Claire nodded uncertainly. “Good. I'll be right back.”


“Nice dress, Jill,” Mark said, staring at her bust, which rested comfortably in the pleated folds of the dress. He looked down at her firm legs, fully visible, since the dress ended only an inch below Jill's ass. “It, uh, looks very nice on you.”


“Claire got a new dress too,” Jill said, a little annoyed at Mark's attention.


“Yeah. It looks great,” he replied, not taking his eyes off Jill's chest.


“Here we go! One for you Claire, and you Jill. And here's Mark's and mine. Let's go. Drink as much as you like, girls. It's on us.”


Claire nervously sipped her drink. “It's good, kind of sweet. I think I like French beer.”


“The best,” said Phil, steering Jill to the right. “We're just on the other side of that bistro. It's a great place to eat when we don't have time to cook. How's that beer, Jill?”


Jill drank a third of it. “Pretty good. I don't really drink much. Is it strong?”


“Oh no. I got the light beer for you two,” he said.


“That's good,” said Claire. “I've never had a beer before.”


Mark gave Phil a look. He fiddled with the key for awhile before opening the door. “OK, we're in. We're on the third floor. You have to hit the switch here. That's right.” He guided them upstairs. “You may as well finish up. We can get more beer later.” They walked upstairs and then entered a dingy apartment. Mark turned the light on. “We probably have another bottle here if you want.”


Jill shrugged and drank the rest of hers, while Claire struggled to keep up.


“Oooh, it makes me feel so funny!” Claire said, and then suddenly she fell onto the floor.


Mark picked her up. “She must have drunk it too quickly,” he explained. “I'll put her on the bed so she's comfortable.”


Jill looked at them in alarm. “Wait. I told her I'd stay with-”


Phil put his hand on her to keep her in the room and to steady her. “It's ok Jill. She's with a friend. Are you sure you're feeling all right?”


“Yeah, I feel fine but – She looked down at her drink and stared at the last bits of beer, then at Phil's mug, which was still one-quarter full. She turned on him angrily. “Hey! You put something in my beer!”


Phil looked concerned. “What are you talking about?!”


“I can see – I mean, smell it. Mine smells different than yours.”


“That's because they're, uh, different beers. The light beers for you and Claire and the regular for us, that's all.”


“You put something in our drinks!”


“No I – well, just to make is a little sweeter. You know-”


“So why did she pass out?”


“I don't know. Maybe she drank it too fast. She'll be fine after a little nap.”


“You drugged her, and you were trying to drug me!” Jill shook herself loose and ran into the next room, with Phil in pursuit. “Claire! Claire! Oh no!” Mark had already pushed up Claire's dress and had pulled her shoulder strap down. Now he was taking off his pants. “What do you think you're doing! Get away from her!”


“Fuck, Phil!” Mark said. “You were supposed to have her under already.”


“Shut up. I gave them both the same – listen Jill, why don't you and I just – He had his arm around her shoulder and was pulling her out of Mark's room, but she wasn't budging.


“Just get your filthy hands off her and leave her alone!” Jill ordered.


Mark was steaming. He pulled his pants back up and marched toward Jill and Phil. “Damnit Phil. I let you have the looker, and you're fucking this whole thing up. Did you give her the stuff or not?”


“I did! Just like we said. She should be out any second – like her friend!”


Jill pushed Phil away again and rushed over to Claire. “She's out cold. And you ripped her new dress!”


Mark glared at her, his muscles tensed. “Listen. If you know what's good for you, you'll get out of here right now. Go with Phil. I'm warning you though, either my friend here take care of you,” he walked toward her menacingly, “or I will.”


“I'm warning YOU. Stay away,” Jill replied, her jaw set.


“Listen girlie, we can be gentle, or rough. And since you're going to be on the floor here any second like your friend, if I were you I wouldn't make me too angry.” Jill was trying so hard to control herself she was shaking. “Aw, so the brave little girl is scared now. Where are you from, Kansas? Didn't your parents ever tell you not to go out with older men?”


“Shut up, Mark. We want to fuck them, not torture them.”


He turned to look at Jill. “Yeah, and I want to fuck HER!” He reached for her.


Jill reacted instantly, her anger and disgust overwhelming her, and slapped him in an explosion of rage. It took only an instant for the force of her hand to crush his head and tear his neck from his body. Blood spurted to the ceiling and drenched the floor, as well as Claire's new dress, Jill avoiding it only by using her lightning quick reflexes.


“Oh NO!” Jill cried, kneeling to the floor. “You idiot! Look what you've made me do!”


Phil looked at the mangled corpse of his friend. His lips trembled as he tried to speak and then he promptly threw up. “Oh god! Oh god!” he said, again and again in between heaves, staring at Mark's headless body and at Jill, her hand coated in Mark's blood. He turned and started to run. Jill saw and sped around him, blocking his escape.


“No you don't!”


He tried to push her out of the way, but bounced off her. She put a finger on his chest and pushed him backwards. “H-hey, what the hell are you?” he said, trembling. “What are you doing?”


She grabbed him. “I'd like to crush you into a little round ball, that's what I'd like to do,” she said, shaking him.


He kicked her and screamed when his shoe crashed into a leg harder than granite. “Aaggghh! Y-y-you're a supergirl! D-d-on't you know y-y-you're not supposed t-t-to kill?”


He pushed against her shoulders futilely, trying to get away. She picked up his hands and pushed them off her, as easily as if they were pieces of cooked spaghetti. “Don't you DARE touch me!” She held them, and then closed her hands around them, thinking about squeezing the bones into dust.


“Agghh!” he screamed. “You're crushing them!”


“I am not. I could, you know, if I wanted.” But she eased her grip slightly.


“You're gonna kill me!”


“I should. I really should.” She thought a bit. She glanced down at Mark and shivered in disgust and then looked at Claire, breathing heavily in her sleep. “You are such a creep! If I were Superboy, I'd probably just take you down to the police.” She shook her head. “But I'm not Superboy.”


“Wh-who are you? His cousin?”


Jill ignored his question. “I bet you do this all the time, don't you. You take advantage of young girls, drug them, rape them?”


“No I – agghh, you're hurting me. How can you be so strong? You're like – ok. Yes! Yes! Ok. I admit it. I've … we've done it before. But please, I've learned my lesson.”


Jill shook her head. “It's not like I'm some kind of super-hero. But creeps like you …” She glanced over at Claire. “What if she's hurt!! How long'll she be like that?”


“I don't know. A couple of hours maybe. I never … I'm never around when they wake up. But I'd never kill somebody.”


“Huh! You mean, not like me?” she said angrily.


“No! No! That's not what I meant. It's just … she'll be ok, really. It's just stuff to make you sleep. I … I'm careful about how much I put in.” He tugged on his hands. “What are you going to do to me?”


“I'm thinking about it.” She looked at his arms. “Yeah, that'd be perfect.” She let go one of his hands and hit him sharply on one shoulder and then the other. He screamed and then his arms hung limply at his sides.


“Agghh. What'd you do? My arms are like numb.”


“Uh-huh. They'll stay that way too. I've crushed the nerves that lead to the muscles in your arms. And now, one more thing. Open wide.”


“What're you going to do?” he said fearfully.


“Are you going to open your mouth, or do I have to shove it open? I won't be gentle.” She put her hand on his chin.


“OK, OK,” he said, opening his mouth. “I thi fa enou?”


“Yeah, it'll do.” She pushed him down and looked down his throat. “It'll just take a second. There. All done.” She let go. “Ok punishment over. You can go now.”


He blinked and moved his lips but no sound came out. The shock registered on his face.


“Yeah, your vocal cords don't work anymore either. I figured without your hands or your voice, you'd have a hard time raping or sweet-talking any more girls, so I burned them out. Just get out now, ok?” She turned away from him and looked down at her dress and Claire's. “I can't believe your dress is ruined! Well, maybe it can be cleaned. You'll know, Claire, I'm sure. But you better wake up soon, or we'll be in real trouble with your folks.” Phil was making scratching noises on the floor. Jill turned around. “You still here? If I were you, I'd be leaving right now. You should be thankful you can still see. I was thinking of blinding you too. What do you think?” He looked terrified and started running clumsily out of the room, pushing the bedroom door open with his knee and then kicking at the front door of the apartment.


She followed him to the foyer. “Aww, that's going to be a problem for you from now on, isn't it?” She grabbed him by the belt and lifted him in the air. “I would LOVE to run my fist right through you, you know? But I'm really not a violent person.” She opened the door and deposited him outside. “Don't come back for awhile, because if I'm still here when you do, I'll get really mad at you.”


She closed the door and went back inside. Mark's body was already starting to stink. “I really overdid it with him. We've got to get out of here.” She changed into her super-suit, then undressed Claire carefully and carried her to the bathroom to wash off Mark's blood and then dressed her in her original clothes, then rinsed Claire's new dress, dried it with her heat vision and her breath. Then she folded both dresses and put them away and put her new superdress on. “Well, it doesn't look nearly as good now, but at least most of the stain is gone.” She rubbed Claire's cheeks. “Come on, wake up. Please Claire.”


Claire's eyelids flickered and she half opened them. “Hey, wha-


“Oh Claire! Claire!” Jill hugged her.


“Wha hap?” She shook her head. “So slee.”


“I know you're sleepy. They drugged you! Come on, we've got to go. I'm going to wrap you up in the cape.” Claire nodded and closed her eyes. “Ok, you can sleep a bit more. We'll have to go somewhere until you wake up. Maybe the Mall of America WOULD have been a better idea. We can go there now.” She wrapped her and their new dresses in the cape and flew out the window, hurtling back toward the US and then to Bloomington, Minnesota, landing in some trees on the side of the Mall. “Claire, Claire! You can get up now,” she said, taking her out of the cape.


“I feel so … groggy. Where are-”


“Back in America.” Jill was supporting her friend. “I think you ought to walk around a bit.” She helped her to the entrance.


Claire's eyes opened wider. “We're … at the Mall of America! Wow!”


Jill laughed. “We should have come here in the first place. This is where you wanted to go.”


“Yeah, well.” She yawned. “Oh I wish I were more awake to enjoy it.”


“Maybe we should get some coffee or something. Oh no! All I have are those Euros now.”


Claire smiled. “I have a few dollars. I can treat YOU. Hey, but what happened back there?” She yawned again. “I still feel funny, but like I can't remember anything after I drank some of that beer. And I'm in my old clothes. Did those guys do anything to me? Or was it a dream or something? Were we really in Paris?”


“Uh, yeah we were. Those guys drugged you, and ripped your dress and I uh, I got mad at them and I uh.” Jill looked down. “There's blood on your dress now Claire. I got most of it off but it may be stained.”


“Oh, a little blood is easy. I can – but JILL you DIDN'T-”


“No! I … well, I … I hurt them a little. I was mad.”


Claire looked at her in shock. “Oh Jill! Are you in trouble? You didn't …

KILL them, did you?”


She shook her head. “No, I didn't kill them. But let's not talk about it, ok? I was really upset.”


“OK.” Claire was quiet for a minute. “Jill, please be careful, OK?”


“OK.” Jill hugged Claire and they went inside. But after fifteen minutes of wandering around the stores, Claire pulled on Jill's arm.


“Jill, I'm sorry, but I really don't feel well. Would you mind if we went home? I'm like, exhausted.”


Jill's face fell. “But I wanted – yeah, it's ok.”


“I'm sorry. It must have been that stuff. I can hardly move. I feel so bad, because you're not tired, but I can't even keep my eyes open.”


“I know. It's hard for me to remember. It's been a long day for you. How about tomorrow?” she said as they walked out of the mall.


“I can't. I have to do homework after church, and then I promised Mom I'd help her clean.” Jill's face fell. “I'm sorry. You should, like, do something only you could do. Like see another country, or go to the moon.”


Jill was wrapping her in the cape. “Yeah, I know, but I wanted to do them with you. I wish you were super too.” She whisked them back to Chester and unwrapped Claire. “What if we tried that kissing thing, to see if it worked on you?”


Claire frowned. “I don't know, Jill. It would make me feel weird, kissing you like that. It's just, I don't know …”


“Yeah,” Jill replied. “It's ok.” They walked back toward Claire's house and Jill started to take Claire's dress out of the bag.


Claire put her hand on it and felt the fabric longingly, but then shook her head. “Uh, can you hold on to the dress for now? Or else my mom will find them when we clean up tomorrow.”


“Ok.” Jill said. She stopped and looked at her friend with a hurt expression.

“You're, like, acting like you don't even want it. Everything I suggest you're like, saying no, pushing me away.”


“That's not true. I love it. And I love you. You're my very, very best friend.

I'm just … scared. What if my mother finds them and starts asking questions? What'll I say?”


“You can just tell her I gave it to you.”


“But she'll ask why, and where we got it and how much it cost and where she can get one and a million more questions. You know how she is. And she'll talk to everybody about it.” Claire looked like she was going to cry.

“You're looking at me like I'm a total wimp, but these are real things Jill.” Jill started to speak, but Claire stopped her. “No, wait! You can't change that. You can't do everything to protect me. I have to deal with my mother. I have to do my homework, to sleep. I feel like I'm ruining everything for you, like I'm just holding you back. But I'm not super like you. I can't make everything just the way I want it to be. I'm normal. And I have to live my life. You can't protect me from everything, change everything to help me.” She looked into Jill's eyes, tears running down her cheeks. “I love you Jill. But I … I just can't be everything you want me to be.”


Jill's eyes were wet too. “Claire, I'm sorry. I want everything to be perfect.”


“Well, me too,” Claire sniffed. “Me too. But they're not. They're not.” She gave Jill a hug. “I'll see you, ok?” Jill nodded and Claire went into her house.


Jill stared at the door and suddenly felt the limitations of her powers. Sure, she could break down that door, push Claire's parents aside and take Claire with her, wherever they wanted to go. But she couldn't make Claire want to do that. And she wasn't sure she wanted to either. Right now she wasn't sure what she wanted to do at all.


She walked slowly home and looked into her house to see what her family was up to. Allen was playing video games with one of his dorky friends. Her father was out – she glanced around town – at Mrs. Wilton's, of course. Her mother was cleaning up after dinner. They hadn't even waited for her – but then, her father probably told them not to. She glanced up at his office. He had put the collector back together – she should have done it this week, and now he was probably too afraid of her to ask her to do it. But she would have – if he had asked. She waved to a few boys from the high school who were driving slowly next to her, calling out to her, and then smiled at them, but shook her head when they asked her to climb in. Not tonight. She walked a little more quickly, then darted down an alley to get away from them and continued home at super-speed.


“Hi Mom,” she said.


“Jill! Your father said you might be out all day. I was worried.”


“No, I'm fine. I just went out with Claire.”


“Oh? Where were you? What's in the bag? I was at the mall but I didn't see you. What's that – Galaries Lafayette? I haven't heard of that store before. Did they just open up?”


“Uh no. It's uh, it's at the Springfield mall.”


“The Springfield Mall! How on earth did you get there?”


“I got a lift – with Claire.”


“Jill, I know as well as you that Claire has no car. Now don't you lie to me! I've TOLD you before about hitch-hiking! I know your father seems to think you've suddenly grown up and can be trusted, but he knows nothing about the dangers of being a young, attractive woman, like you are.” She shook her head and then looked sharply at Jill. “I don't know HOW I'm supposed to supervise my daughter when my husband tells me suddenly I must let you do just as you please,” she said under her breath but loudly enough to be sure Jill could hear her.


Jill opened her mouth to argue but then closed it. She'd won the war – no matter what her mother thought she wouldn't dare go against her father – and there was no need to fight this battle.


“Still, even if I'm not supposed to TELL you what to do, I do have my own opinions, and you will have to hear them. For one, you and I BOTH know that you're wearing much too revealing a dress. You know as well as I do – and don't be shocked Jill if I am speaking as one woman to another – that you have very large breasts. In fact they seem to have grown even larger lately. I can see them very plainly through that hole in the top. Why, you're not even wearing a bra! You're almost ASKING a man to proposition you, Jill. You must know that.”


“I didn't have any problems today.”


“I can't believe that! Springfield Mall is filled with young men looking for girls. Can you honestly tell me that no one there made comments to you?”


Jill nodded. At least she didn't have to lie yet again.


“Well!” She crossed her arms, blinking back a tear. “You are really making things difficult for me, Jill. Do you really have as little respect for me as that? First your father treats my decisions about how to raise my daughter with total contempt! Then he even tells me who I have to put on the Garden Committee! What is going on here?” she said, her voice rising as the tears flowed from her eyes more quickly. “I mean, is my daughter suddenly in charge of my household?” Jill felt torn and then went to her mother and hugged her.


Mrs. Pell held onto her tightly. “Oh Jill, please don't grow up so quickly. I'm not ready to give up on you yet!” she said, weeping.


“Mom, I'm sorry. I-”


“Jill, Jill,” she said, hugging her daughter, “you're still my girl! Don't you know that?” Then she pulled back, still sniffling. “But dear, that dress is so scratchy. How can you wear it without underwear? Your poor skin must be raw!”


“I – it's fine Mom. The inside is … a different material,” she said, moving further away.


“Oh. Well, maybe it'll soften some more when I wash it.”


“I'll take care of washing it Mom. I think it's still clean.”


“Jill, you are acting so strangely, like you're hiding something.” She looked at her closely. “You're just a teenager. You're supposed to be angry and emotional, not mysterious,” she said, trying to laugh. “Well, I guess I'm not very good with jokes, am I?” She sniffed. Trying to change the subject, she went on, “Aren't you going at least to show me what you bought?” Before Jill could stop her, she reached into the bag and pulled it out. “Jill, this is beautiful! The material looks lovely.” She looked at the label. “It's in French! Oh I MUST find that store. I've never SEEN dresses like this, except in Kansas City of course! Did they have anything like it in my size? You have to show me what it looks like on you, Jill! It must have been very expensive!”


Mrs. Pell pulled out the receipt. “It says 500. It's – it's in French. It looks like it's from Paris! But how-”


“They must have ordered it from there Mom. It – it didn't come from-”


“Oh I'm so stupid! Jill, why don't you just tell me how you got it? You were in Paris today, weren't you!” Jill stared at her, her eyes frozen in fear. “I knew it! It was Superboy, wasn't it? Now tell me. Superboy flew you to Paris and you picked out that dress with him, right?” Jill stood rigidly, then gave a bare nod. What was her mother going to say now? To her surprise, her mother burst into a huge smile. “Oh Jill, I'm so HAPPY for you. Of COURSE that's why no bothered you – no one would DARE bother you when he'd have to answer to SUPERBOY! I KNEW I could trust you! But Jill, you won't wear that dress when you're alone – I mean, without him – will you? You understand, don't you?”


“Yes Mom,” she answered quietly. “But Mom, you won't tell anyone, about Superboy and me, will you? It's kind of a secret.” Mrs. Pell's face fell. “It's, uh, for my own protection, and yours. People might try to get at him through us, you know?”


Mrs Pell sighed. “Not even my sister?” Jill shook her head. “Well, if you insist. But I want to be the first to know when you two get engaged! Well, that explains everything. Does you father know? He must – you must have told him this morning. Now I understand everything. Well, at least I can talk to him. But if I know him he'll just say three words and then tell me to be quiet. Oh I wish you confided more in me Jill. But maybe, as you grow up, and get married and have your own children, then we'll be closer. What's this other dress? It's too small for you.”


“It's uh, for Claire.”


“Why it's ripped! And it's stained too. Well, wasn't it nice of you to buy something for her, but you really should be more observant, Jill, and when you're spending Superboy's money too! Well, she's handy. I'm sure she can sew it. You'll show her, won't you? It wouldn't be right to let her wear it as it is – I'm sure it's still much nicer than anything else she has and she'll still be very appreciative.”


“Y-yes Mom. I'll do that.”


“Are you going over there tonight?”


“I don't know. I think I'll just go to my room now. But I may go out later.”


“OK dear. You must be tired. It can't be easy going to Paris to shop for a day, not to mention trying to keep up with Superboy! I can't IMAGINE how excited you must be! But I'm so glad we had this talk. I feel so much better understanding everything at last. Just remember, Jill. You don't ever have to lie to me. You can always trust me.” She kissed Jill again and watched her disappear upstairs.


Jill sat on her bed and stared into space. How could she EVER level with her mother now? She was so excited about the idea of her daughter dating Superboy – her mother could never imagine that her daughter had actually destroyed Superboy instead of being his girlfriend. And now she'd killed someone else today. Killed one person and crippled another. No one knew; no one could possibly understand how she felt. No one! She pulled Claire's dress out again.


Even Claire was withdrawing from her – and she didn't even know what she'd done to Mark. She'd lied to Claire too. She felt completely alone. She looked over at Claire's house – she was already asleep – at nine on a Saturday night! But she HAD to talk to somebody. Not her father, not her mother, not Claire! What about Superboy? She looked at his house – he was out! She quickly scanned Smallville. There he was, at the carnival! He was with Jessica! Look at them, kissing, on the Ferris Wheel! She looked closer – why, he was absorbing small amounts of the super-nutrients from her! That scheming, manipulative jerk! She didn't know what made her madder, that he was kissing her, or that he was just using her to get his powers back. She had half a mind to fly there right now and drag him away. But no, she would deal with him later! She'd show him, for sure. Well, she could find someone too! She didn't need to stay in her room on a Saturday night. She opened her window and prepared to fly out. No! She couldn't do it that way. What if her mother came in, wanting another chat? She'd have to go out the usual way. She went downstairs.


“Jill! I thought you were resting. Where are you going?”


“Uh, out Mom.” She looked down at her super-dress. “To meet Superboy.”


“He called you? But how? And why doesn't he pick you up here? I'd like to meet him.”


“Um, he can't. Because it's secret. We, uh, have a place to meet.”


“Maybe I should go with you – just because of the way you-”


“Mom!” She stared at her mother angrily. “I need to do this myself,” she said, shrilly.


Mrs. Pell was startled. “You're just – but I thought …” Her face darkened and her voice became cold. “I know. I'm supposed to let you go. 'Dr. Pell's orders'. Well, go then! Go! Don't tell me when you're going. Don't tell me when you're back. Just go!” She ran away crying. Jill stared after her, and turned angrily and opened the door, nearly pulling it off its hinges. She closed it carefully, then ran off into the darkness and leapt into the air, soaring quickly above the ground.


Where should she go? She looked up at the full moon. She might as well go there! She accelerated through the atmosphere until she was glowing red hot. It didn't bother her, or her new super-dress, and she continued to speed up aiming for the moon, which grew larger and brighter with each second. Finally, forty seconds later, she slowed down and landed in a small crater. She looked back at earth, which stood halfway down in the sky, several times the size of the moon. It was beautiful! She felt calmer. The US was in darkness – although she had no trouble seeing what she wanted, but it was daytime in Hawaii and Asia. She looked at the Monday morning traffic in Hong Kong and Sydney and the warm, lush beaches of Hawaii. That's where she could find somebody!


She took off again and passed by her house, picking up her other costume at super-speed and then headed for Hawaii, landing in the ocean half a mile offshore to cool off and then swimming toward the island and walking out of the ocean onto the beach. She focused on one man, about twenty five years old, she guessed, six two, with light brown hair and powerful-looking arms and chest. A month ago, she would have swooned to think that a man like that would be interested in her. Now she walked proudly across the beach, aware that his eyes followed her. She slowed down and turned slightly toward him, letting him see her profile, and then continued walking slowly down the beach. She heard him approach, and felt his feet hitting the sand behind her as he caught up. He tapped her on the back.


“Excuse me. You must have just arrived. I make it a point to get to know all the beautiful women at this resort.”


She flashed a smile and looked up at him. This was nice. “Uh, Jill. Jill Paltrow.”


“Paltrow? Are you related to the actress?”


“What? No. I – what's your name?”


“Lan Holbert. Lance is my real name. Were you meeting someone? Going up to your room?”


“No, just swimming, and looking at the beach.”


“If you're not here with someone, then would you like to come with me for dinner? I was just going to change.”


Jill nodded. “OK. But I – is it formal? I, uh, have a dress in my room.”


“I'm sure you know by now Jill, that you could wear anything you like here and outshine everyone.” Jill murmured an OK. She looked up into his brown eyes and felt slightly faint. “Shall I pick you up at your room in an hour?”


“An hour – I – can I meet you at the restaurant? What's it called?”


“The Golden Parrot.” He squeezed her hand. “I'll see you there. The table will be booked for Holbert.” He went off toward the hotel. Jill watched him and then blushed when he looked back and saw. She turned and walked the other way, then ran back into the water and swam out to sea. What had she done? But she felt all warm and tingling inside at the same time. She burst out of the water and headed back to her house for her Paris dress. She wrapped it in her cape, along with a purse that wasn't too bad, and then headed back to the beach. This time – all of ten seconds later – she landed in a wooded part of the property, not wanting to risk getting the dress wet, and changed quickly, stowing her super-suit and cape at the top of a palm tree, and then walked to the bathroom of the hotel to finish her hair and makeup. She wished Delphine Ribot were there to help her, but then decided she'd stick with her own natural look – it had worked on the beach before. She walked over to the lobby and looked around, blushing at the stares from all of the men. Just then, Lance came in and they went to dinner.


They talked for a couple of hours over dinner and drinks, Lance getting more animated from the drinks, while Jill became more and more animated from Lance. She let him guide her upstairs after the meal. His suite was lovely, with a ocean view – which she could see clearly even in the dark – and the sound of the waves breaking. She let him quickly remove her dress and he stared in wonder at her body.


“You're magnificent Jill,” he said, as he gently stroked her breasts. She shivered in pleasure and looked up to him, waiting to be kissed. He obliged, then undressed himself. Jill felt his chest and arms, concentrating on keeping her touch soft, her body relaxed, even as it screamed to pull him to her with all her strength. She felt her lips all over her and then he lifted her and carried her to the bed, pulling the sheets back with one hand while he held her with the other, this little demonstration of strength thrilling her, even though she could have done the same with just her pinky. He lay down next to her and pulled her close.


“Jill, please don't be insulted by this, but you look so young. Just tell me, how old are you?


“Eighteen,” she lied.


He nodded. “And, are you still a virgin?” She meekly nodded. “I thought so. No, don't worry. It's nothing you're doing wrong or anything. I can just tell. I want this to be very special for you. Now if anything hurts or you see blood, don't get upset, just talk to me, ok?”


“OK Lance. But I don't think I'll bleed. I, you know, cut my hymen in gym class in middle school.” She realized with relief, that if she hadn't, no man would ever be able to do it now. But then she started wondering whether Lance would start gaining super-powers. He'd been kissing her for half an hour, yet he didn't seem any different. She examined his system. No super-nutrients! She must not be shedding any, now that she was using them more efficiently. Well, that must explain why there were never any stories about Lana Lang gaining superpowers from kissing Superboy!


“Are you all right? You seem like you're away somewhere. You're not having second thoughts, are you?” Lance asked. Jill shook her head and nuzzled closer to him. “All right then,” he said, pulling her closer still. “Now just to make sure you're fully relaxed and wet, I'm going to use my tongue first, all right?




He kissed her breasts gently, holding her and touching her body. “I've never seen a girl with such a perfect body Jill. Never.”


“And you've, uh, seen a lot of girls?”


He smiled. “What do you think?”


“Uh, yes?” Lance started burrowing down her body until he reached her vagina, and then began to circle it with his long tongue.


Jill couldn't help herself. She started moaning loudly, trying to concentrate on Lance, remembering to keep her legs open, while she worried about crushing him between them. Electric shocks were sparking all around her body. She wanted to fly in the air, to squeeze SOMETHING with all her strength, but somehow resisted the temptation, even as the tension kept building in her, higher and higher, until with a final scream she came. She looked down and Lance was still there, intact, his tongue still moving gently against her. “Oh god! Lance! Oh GOD!”


“You're wonderfully responsive, you know. And you taste as splendid as you look.”


“Oh really?! And how do YOU feel, Lance?”


“I feel wonderful. And I haven't even started.” He worked his way back up her body, kissing each breast for ten minutes, at least, before starting on her neck and her arms, and then back to her lips. After another long kiss, he climbed out of the sheet and guided her hand to touch his erect penis.


He was even bigger than Joey. “It's so big, Lance. I never thought-”


He smiled. “You would have seen it if you'd looked,” he said with a wink. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a condom. “Would you like to put it on?” She nodded, and unrolled it onto his long shaft. “I'll put it in slowly. Just tell me if anything hurts.”




He lay on his and guided her next to him and then slowly entered her. Jill kept herself relaxed.


“Amazing,” he said, when he was all the way inside. “Your first time, you're tight as anyone I've ever felt, and yet you're not in pain. You were made for this Jill. You know that?” She beamed at him. He started rocking inside her and she put her hands gently on his back as he pulled and pushed her. She couldn't help herself and started screaming again in pleasure, the feelings overwhelming her. She came once, then again, and then a third time harder and then he thrust more strongly into her and came as she had her fourth orgasm with him inside.


“Oh Lance,” she said, crying. “Oh Lance! Oh I love you, I love you!” she cried out. He held her tightly and slowly slipped outside her. He nibbled her neck and kissed her a few more times and pulled back the covers to admire her body.


She smiled at him shyly as he climbed out of bed and removed the condom.


“Can I get you another drink? Some cognac maybe?” He put on a silk dressing gown.


“Oh, won't you come back here?” she asked. “This is so lovely.”


He smiled. “A cognac would be good right now. You don't smoke, do you?” She shook her head. “Good for you.” He walked across the room and poured two glasses and came back, handing one to her while he looked at her, sprawled across the bed. “What a beautiful girl you are. You are truly blessed, you know.”


“Thank you. I, uh, feel very lucky.”


“You are. I hope I've given you a first time to remember.” She nodded. “Good.” Except for the movement of the glass to his lips he stood perfectly still, waiting. “So, where are you staying? In the hotel, or in one of the cottages?”


“The hotel.”


“And you just arrived today. I imagine you'll want to get back to your room and get some sleep. You must be jet-lagged. Where did you come in from? From your accent, I'd guess you live in Nebraska, or Kansas.”


“Kansas,” she said in a small voice.


“See! I'm very good with accents. Are you staying long?”


“I don't know yet. Are you?”


“I leave early tomorrow – for Tokyo. I like to stop over here for a couple of days vacation on the way. It helps me get used to the time change, and it's always fun.”


“Oh,” she said, a little downcast. “I thought we might-”


“Oh no! Not a chance,” he said, smiling easily, and putting his empty glass down. “But I won't forget you. And maybe, somewhere, we'll see each other again. Now, I really do have to pack. My flight for the Big Island leaves at 7:00 tomorrow.”


“But I thought-”


“I know you did. But it's never quite the same on the second night. You'll learn that too. I think you've made a wonderful start tonight, and I don't mind saying that you couldn't have had a better teacher, Jill.” He looked her over amd sighed. “You truly are a beautiful girl.” He picked up her panties and her dress and laid them next to her on the bed. “You can dress here, or in the bathroom, whatever you prefer. You really should try the cognac; it's an excellent vintage,” he said as he pulled out his suitcase and began laying his clothes inside.


She stared at him. “You're trying to get me out of here.”


He paused. “Yes. I am.” He went back to his packing, looked at her again, and then turned his back.




He turned around. “Jill, we had a lovely dinner, and then an absolutely splendid fuck. You came four times, maybe five – I usually stop counting after the girls hit three – and you've learned what your ripe little body is capable of. I think we've both gotten what we needed here. But now it's time for you to go and for me to have a night's sleep before I go on to my business. I think that's clear.” He looked her in the eye. “You're a bright girl, I can tell. You understand what I'm saying, don't you?”


Jill's lips were trembling. “Y-you're a phony, a total creep!”


He stared at her sternly. “Now wait a minute. I'm a phony? And are you what you appear to be? Don't tell me that you appear on a beach dressed like that, accept a man's proposition after two minutes of chat, and expect him to propose marriage to you, do you? If you do, you're not at all the girl I thought you were.”


“No, I'm certainly not that girl,” she said angrily. She pulled on her stockings and her dress and faced him. “You can't treat me like this. I won't let you.”


“Oh I can. I have and I will.” He sighed. “Don't make this ugly Jill. We all know this game. I've held up my part of the bargain, and you've held up yours, so far. That's it, ok? All right, I've overestimated you, that's clear. But you can still be an adult. Try it.”


“An adult? Like you?”


He sighed. “No, not like me. That would never work, would it? I'm a man. But you can act like a woman, sniff a little, act hurt, cry perhaps, and then leave, so we all know that I've been a bad boy and you've been a victim. Go back to your room – if you have one here as you've said – and have a bigger cry. And then, if you're a grown up, you can crow about the great lover you had, or if you're a baby and a whiner, you can complain about me to your girlfriends, about the rough turn life has dealt you.” He stared at her. “You have a lot to learn, and the longer this goes on, the less I really care. I don't want to hear any more about it. And now,” he held open the door, “it's time to say 'goodnight Lance, goodnight Jill'.” Jill put her hand on the door and wrested it out of his hands, slamming it. He sighed. “I should have guessed you'd be a spirited one. No girl who comes the way you did would ever do what she's told that easily. OK. What is it? You want money? Did I miss a trick? What's your rate? $500? $1,000? $2,000?”


“How dare you! You are so full of yourself!”


“I am. I ought to be. Listen, do you want to hear it straight? I'll tell you then. I've got money, looks, style, and a fucking big dick. I'm one of those ubermen, Jill. That's why you picked me, and that's also why I'm careful about who I fuck and where, and why don't leave my sperm in places where I can't see it. Don't start getting big ideas about money. I'm not going to get caught that easily by a little tart, no matter how cute she is or how big her tits are. Listen, the staff here knows me well. I checked before and I know you're not a guest here. I can have you thrown out with one phone call. Arrested too for trespassing on the beach. And for soliciting. So what'll it be? A nice kiss on the cheek, or a swift kick on those other cheeks of yours. The rear ones, if you don't comprende.” Jill turned red and then blinked a few times. “Oh, this is so tiresome. If I'd only known how dreary you'd get when it was time to go I would have slept with that red haired girl under the umbrella. Her tits weren't as big as yours, but I could tell she knew how to move – something you could learn.”


Jill sputtered, “I never imagined that – but when my mother said – I thought that-”


Lance rolled his eyes. “Come on Jill – if that's really your name – you can do it. You're getting there. You've almost spoken a whole sentence. Let's pretend you're back to school. Subject, verb, object … Let me help.” He pulled open his dressing gown. “Subject, that's me, or more properly, I, or more crudely, John Henry here. Verb, that's fuck – what my good friend John does. Object. That's what he does it to, or, to be precise, tonight, you.” He smiled. “Now your turn. I'll give something very simple. Say, 'Bye-bye Lance'”


“You …! All right. All right!” She stared at him, a small smile crossing her lips and then looked down at his penis. “You'll see what I can do. Bye-bye, Lance!”


He staggered, clutching himself. “Ouch. That was … odd.” He looked down at it and put his hand on his penis protectively. “What the fuck was THAT?”


She crossed her hands in front of her chest. “My turn is right, you creep. You were saying something about sentences? How about this one? Subject, breasts – mine. Adjectives – huge, firm, round, pink, bouncy, luscious, young. Verb, how about 'make'? Object. 'John Henry' – yours. Now another adjective: what about 'hard'? Whoops!” she said, looking down at his drooping penis, “NOT hard. How about 'Soft, flaccid, small and limp'?” She rotated her shoulders, letting her breasts bounce, then leaned back, pushing them out more against the shimmering fabric and holding them up with her hands. “They ARE pretty sexy. I know that.” She looked down at his penis. “Subject – 'penis'. Intransitive verb, – 'is'. And, uh, oh I don't know what to call it – 'not what it used to be'.” She smiled. “Sentence has another meaning too, doesn't it? Like, punishment.”


“What are you fucking talking about?”


Jill's eyes were bright. “Yeah my first time WAS special. And I hope it was special for you too, because it was YOUR last time.”


“My last? What the fuck are you talking about? Are you a fucking nutter?”


“Ever have problems getting it up Lance?”




“Well, you will now.” She danced around, shaking her breasts and hips. “Feel anything? Anything growing down there?”


“Get out of here!” he ordered.


“You're going to have to change your name. Instead of Lance, how about Bud?” she teased, touching herself provocatively in front of him. “Come on, I'm ready. What about you?”


He grabbed her arms. “Listen to me, you little cunt. I don't know who you think you are, but in thirty seconds I'm going to throw you out of here on your pretty little ass.”


She freed herself and shoved him against the wall, holding him there with one hand while he strained against her. “No you won't. You want to fight me now? God, you must be such a weakling, I'm surprised you'd even try! Look how easy it is for me to beat you up!” She pulled him and he flew across the room, crashing against the bed. He looked up at her, puzzled, but jumped off the bed, hands in a combat position.


“Just so you know, I have a black belt in Karate. And I'm not afraid to use my skills.”


“Right,” she replied. “And my little brother used to wrestle me and beat me every time. But I'm not frightened – not of you.”


He grabbed her and tried to throw her, but Jill just used her flying power to resist and stayed planted, notwithstanding Lance's use of all his strength and the weight of his body. He was strong, but hardly a match for Jill's superhuman powers. “What the – he grimaced, as she stood there calmly, smiling. She shot her leg out and tripped him up, throwing him to the floor and knelt down next to him, hooking her leg around his and twisting his arm back onto the floor. He squirmed helplessly, grimacing in pain.


“What an uberman YOU turn out to be,” she laughed, stroking his chest with her free hand and shaking her breasts right above his eyes. “I know enough German to call you unterman instead.” She drummed her fingers lightly on his chest. “I'm not hurting you am I? And you SAID I was sexy, but look, your stupid thing's still as limp as can be. Don't I turn you on anymore? Or maybe the switch is broken.”


She blew on it lightly, then let her hot breath graze it, then brushed it lightly again with her free hand. “Nothing's happening, Lance – I mean Bud. What kind of man are you?”


She shrugged, let him go, and stood up, looking down at him. “This is boring. I'm definitely ready to go now. I don't know what I ever thought I saw in you.” She tossed her head back and sauntered out of the room and rounded the corner, then flew out the open window on the hall to collect her other suit and change.


Jill thought she felt a little better. She looked back at Lance, furiously pounding his limp penis to no effect. After she'd cauterized all the major blood vessels feeding it he'd need some serious circulatory work to have even a chance at an erection again, and from what Jill remembered from her father's medical books, that procedure was never wholly successful. More likely, he'd need a pump from now on, she thought triumphantly as she flew higher, heading for Australia and more fun. She could do this all night, and then, when it was Sunday in Kansas, she'd pay Superboy a visit. She'd be fully ready for him now. She'd know exactly what to do with him, and she'd make him come and give up all the power he'd gained from that other girl, and then she'd taunt and tease him, show him what he'd lost by being so fickle. What could Jessica give him? Just a few scraps of power. Jill was the only one who could really give him his powers back, and he'd know he'd have to beg and crawl to her from now on. She'd make sure of that!

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