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Miss Dynamo, Part 8

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Did you hear that Miss Dynamo is starting a business now?”

Of course and supposedly Mr. Dynamo’s wife is running it now. I was beginning to think she dropped off of the map after her husband revealed himself when he did.”

She doesn’t look that bad after being hidden as long as she was. Have you heard she answers the phones for her husband sometimes too. I tried to talk to her once when she was there and she was polite too. She never talks about her private life but I don’t blame her.”

She never happens to be on when I am looking at her though damn it. You are so lucky.”


Doing an interview herself as her normal persona, Rebecca was the target of many media folks regarding her private life away from the cameras. She always avoided answering with specific answers. Some people thought she might be Miss Dynamo too as defiant as she was. Always the respectable and caring person regardless, she never lashed out at anyone. Her most trusted maid a woman slightly older that her was there to aid her in handling everything.

What have you heard from your husband’s bodyguard Miss Dynamo since she isn’t around as much as we like. How do you handle constant people thinking that you are her and what not?” Rebecca’s assistant asked after talking to a potential business partner on the phone before another round of interviews for office people.

I don’t worry about it that is how I handle it. My husband has given me a great model to follow here. I don’t worry about other opinions only on what I do now. If I do anything else, it will take away from my real mission to help people at a normal level. It will be my only way of doing it now with everything else I have to do. I am trusting you to handle things here when I am doing things elsewhere.”

Don’t worry about it. My staff will handle things when you are away. We helped to take care of you before we will continue to do so no matter what. You did so much to for people like me and we are obligated to do the same for you too.”

Did you find any interesting people for my company.”

Yes Rebecca I did but I think you should take my advise and test to see if they can really focus as hard as they say they can.”

I will later but I want to make it a shock to the final people when it happens. I want to make this grocery chain I was given to me by my husband the most popular place to buy food ever with an environment that is makes it seem respectable. I don’t want it to be just another store with crappy goods.”

We both know that story all too well be I must warn you though. Spending too much money to do it will bankrupt the company before it even starts. I am not saying we should cut corners Rebecca, we have to find that good balance.”

I know, I want to make a company where people have good health care and management that cares for them. How many companies are willing to help us here?”

At least 10 they are the many companies you encouraged to do the right thing and they benefited from it after some suffering initially and major losses financially. Once you guided them down the right path they want nothing more than to assist Miss Dynamo for their success now. They spent more to get things done and take more chances because of that they make more money than the normal company that hordes their money guided by their greed.”

I like how they did things and I welcome their support. We need to do our part too. All of the money I saved alone can’t account for this. I am certain I could ask my husband for help. The resources he gains from those many donations would help me but I want this to be my project alone. I don’t want him helping me to prove to him I can start something important on my own.”

My parents were business owners they tell me a lot about what you are saying. You could always ask those other companies to help too.”

I don’t want to have to depend on anyone though if I can’t help it. This such a big pain in the ass that it angers me to my core.”

We can help when I say we I mean the servants that work for you and your husband.”

I don’t want your help and I will never ask for it either. I don’t want to burden you all that way. I will do it with my money and make it happen. It has to be my victory not alone not yours.”

Your husband wasn’t alone in the beginning he had his friend the whole time, can you at least trust me to assist you. I have a large trust fund and I am willing to help you by lending it to you. I wouldn’t mind it.”

Know what you are right about my husband not doing it alone and if there is someone I could trust not related to my husband’s people it might be you. You were the first servant I handpicked in the beginning because there was something I liked about you. I don’t know if I should do it yet though. Time isn’t on my side though with the constant need for my other duties that get in the way. I might not have a choice here. I will need some time to think about it.”

When you decide I will be here to support you regardless of who you choose okay.”

Thank you I will look over the files of the names you picked out. You have to careful though enemies will come after you to get to me.”

I know that and I don’t care either. I want to be with you to support you no matter what. I can always have your husband’s organization shield me. That way you don’t have to worry about me. You can focus on your dream for that reason as well.”

I still haven’t decided on you yet. If I have any other press people with questions go on ahead and talk to them alright. If something comes up I will let you know okay.”

Of course I will see you later than farewell.”

The major media circus around a normal Rebecca was being watched by one Henry Harrison’s new employee. Edgar Manuel, the 3rd superpowered man under the control of the alien organism posing a reporter. He dressed in a normal looking suit and wore glasses as well. Not doing anything that was too stupid to stand out, he didn’t look happy about doing it either. Rebecca was doing this at an office building that used to house the original ownership of the business she took over before hand. The original ownership of the company was fired except for 1 person that showed potential in Rebecca’s new leadership.

This is stupid man, the only reason the people care is because she is Mr. Dynamo’s stupid wife. I swear these people are worse than the dirt I walk on but a job is a job I guess.”

He would do as he was told by Henry to be there to cover the story and he would leave eventually in the car Henry gave him. When he drove back to Henry he called his boss asking him why he had to do it. Henry rarely ever answered these calls and when he came back to Henry’s place, he would arrive to see Henry in his couch resting as his main assistant the female symbiote human Carol Anderson, left. She waved at the young-looking male waving at him as she went.

Is something happening here I should be caring about?”

No not really my little slave see you later Henry.”

All Henry did was wave at her as she closed the door behind herself.

What did you do with her this time.”

That doesn’t concern you slave you work for me and her specifically we are free to do as we please at our own discretion anyway are you done reporting the story with her yet?”

Yes I am and I hate how you refuse to go after her when you could kill her so easily.”

We want the world not the some half wit like her. We could kill her whenever it would mean nothing to me or my woman. To have the world at our command that would be something considerable to say the least. If she wants to get in my way then so be she will die. That is why we ignore her and if she does get close. You will fight her right.”

It isn’t like I have a choice here with the piece of you inside of me controlling my mind. I know I have only been in your control for 3 weeks or so but still your plan has been going on for some time now. Why haven’t you taken over the world already?”

Why indeed, there is a good reason for it. The government alone can’t do it but there is another force on the planet that has purified people for some time and this force has been around for some time creeping around. I want you to go after this force for me and get rid of them for me. I don’t care who gets in the way just make it happen.”

So this person has the ability to get rid of it why did you wait for me before and how is it happening?”

My love and I have sent some people at this person and something they always cleanse that person of it every time and seems to have exceptional physical abilities. There is only 2 people with this ability and the method isn’t able to cure them quickly so our influence can still spread regardless. They appear to be using an organism comparable what I use but it works to destroy the essence that I work so hard to spread. Don’t ask me anymore questions okay just do as you are told okay.”

Sure so where is this person and what does this person look like?”

This person can change their appearance on the fly so it seems so I can’t give you a clear description of her unfortunately. You will have to look for the smaller details at a microscopic level to tell where she is hiding.”

So all you know is that this person is a female then that really helps me. Whatever. Can you at least give me a clue to where she might be at least so I at least know what area I should be looking at a bare minimum.”

Just do what you can damn it and get out of here slave I am looking over potential stories I might rant about on my next show okay. I have so many ideas here and only so much time on air to rant about it.”

Taking his glasses off to scratch his eyes the young was very irritated about how he dressed. He wanted to talk to Henry about it but his body wasn’t under his control at that moment as he was being controlled by Henry directly. As he left and headed to his temporary residence paid for by Henry naturally. As much as he hated being under their control directly there wasn’t much he could do. Lying down on the couch in his decent looking living room, he was in deep thought about his current situation.

I have all this power and yet I have to hold back and live a normal life by their command. It must be great to be those other 2 guys free to do as they please as long as it suits the interests of the government oh well.”

He rarely ever turned on the flat screen TV in his current home or bothered to cook anything aside from pizzas he ordered from particular place Henry picked out for him. The people in that pizza place were clearly under Henry’s control helping to explain why this happened. He was bored with eating the same pizzas and subs so much. When he finally decided to leave his couch, the young man looked out to see the world around him through his open window. His super senses allowed him to hear every conversation and see just about everything in the city and he focused on that the rest of the night.

I wonder what the other guy and that crazy bitch is doing now. They must be having the time of their lives now.”


After the final employees for the main HQ were selected and Rebecca was ready to surprise them. She came by in her taller, sexier, and stronger form wearing a business suit to pay them a visit. Looking at herself in the mirror as she looked at herself with her sexy looking figure and young-looking face, it was hard to tell what she would decide to wear. Thoughts of if she would amaze the employees some with something more revealing than normal. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to do that. Trying on so many suits that it amazed her maids helping her if she could decide on anything specifically.

I don’t know what I want to wear now seriously and time is getting short too.” She said posing in front of the full-sized mirror in front of her as she did for what seemed to be at least 3 hours

We have recommended all we could for you too but there isn’t much we can do for you now.”

I don’t know perhaps I should have 1 tailored for me specifically.”

If that is what you we can all do that for you.”

Go on ahead and do that I guess and tell me when you finish I will be at my gym working out some stress before I meet them.”

Of course mistress.”

Walking to her personal gym, she took off her business suit to replace it with some sweats and a sport’s bra. She made short work of the massive weights there enhanced by powerful magnetism on both the floor and the weights as well. The weights generated magnetism so it could add to the magnetism already present Everything in the gym was easy for her to handle but it did require some effort to carry the massive weights juggling them. The males that operated the special gym were always amazed as she juggled the weights she did. She juggled the 3 heavy weights with a considerable amount of weight on either side. It was done at a fast pace too and the horny men didn’t know what they liked more the divine looking body she had including her huge breasts that seemed like they would rip her top apart or the fact that she was maxing out the magnetism from the machine and the weights at the same time with no effort in the special room with gear made just for her.

The men even got stares from her watching the superwoman do her thing from the clear glass like material separating her from them. Winking at them as she saw the obvious hard ons they had through their pants. The gym under the house was actually a normal gym for normal people specifically except for a section closed off with a special section of it with gear made just for her. Because of the powerful magnetism involved the people who maintained the gear in her section couldn’t have on any metal or sensitive electronics as well. The nasty perverted thoughts were easy to see for her too as Rebecca urged them all to get more excited the longer it lasted. A maid came and fought her way through the crowd of horny and muscular men to tell Rebecca her suit was ready via a PA system inside of the chamber Rebecca was in. Dropping the weights as she heard this, she told the chamber to power down. The thick plastic layer dropped into the space below it as the young-looking and sexy look Rebecca walked out of her corner of the gym flowing the maid that came by. She wasn’t sweating from it either as she waved at the perverted men watching her as she went.

I hope you liked the show guys see you later.”

Shaking her hips as she went left the men dreaming about their potential chance with her. Getting a final rise out of them, Rebecca continued to play with them and she had a good selection of custom made business attire to try on. Trying on the clothes she finally felt satisfied enough to try them and they had a sense of sexiness about them too as she felt she was finally ready to go. Taking off her clothes and placing her good clothes in a backpack folded up after putting on her Miss Dynamo costume. Flying away from there headed to where she wanted to go flying past airplanes waving at the passengers of the jet before she zoomed past them easily. Doing her best to not get too far ahead of herself and let her powers get to her head, she would reach the main HQ of the still business she owned (A final name wasn’t decided on at that moment) landing on its roof. The office building was in the middle of Iowa too. Changing into her custom-made clothes putting them over her Miss Dynamo outfit. After fixing her hair some from a small storage shed on the roof she leaped from the roof falling about 6 stories. She wasn’t wearing any shoes as she fell freely cracking the concrete where she landed amazing the people who saw her. Wiping herself off for a few moments, she had her shoes in her backpack as she took them out and put them on after she landed. Walked into the front door saying hello to everyone watching her as she went she was as pleasant as ever. Watching her got mixed reviews as they weren’t used to seeing Miss Dynamo in formal business attire. It clearly didn’t matter what she wore as sexy as her body was as she looked amazing either way. When she reached the room that the potential HQ members were at they were all shocked to see her in normal clothes and not her Miss Dynamo outfit. Each seat was numbered and her primary maid dress professionally as well was given a list of people she wanted excused right away amazing the older looking woman right away.

You are picking them out already.”

Just do it.”

2 of the 40 people there were asked to leave right away before she officially began her official speech and 1 of them was women too.

Now that we have them out of here the rules are simple. I don’t want any employee working for me amazed by my appearance. I want them focused on the task at hand of making the company a success. The people there were either sexually aroused by my appearance beyond the point I am willing to except or hated me from raw jealousy at a point it might get in the way of them doing their job. I am not saying I am won’t except it but it has to within reason. I will be picking out more people too and you people won’t know until the I tell you to leave. This will be the ultimate test to see if you really want the job and it begins with a written test I want to give you. The answers won’t be that hard to figure out but there is more to the test than what I am telling you good luck guys.”

Rebecca’s maid Jessica already had the tests ready and they were given out after that. Rebecca had a porno with her with sexy looking females on the cover and she was reacting to it in a very sensual way. She sat on the desk at the front of the room with her legs crossed. Hearing her subjective reactions to the magazine and seeing Rebecca’s body the way she had it positioned in a very sexual way only added to the distraction she was causing. Her maid didn’t know why she was acting so unprofessional but the reactions she caused in the group of people watching was obvious. The test was full of simple questions any decent adult could answer easily it was like an insult to the intelligence of the people there to many of them. When the end results of the test came it amazed them all that half of the people were asked to leave because they failed Rebecca’s test miserably. Before they all left for the day Rebecca explained herself

Just so you know guys. The paper test wasn’t really part of it at all. It was your reaction to me that was the purpose of it all. Working for me in my company you shouldn’t react to the fact that I own it and shows how focused you really are on your jobs. The people who were asked to leave were too pissed off about the simple test, obviously distracted by me reading the magazine or angered because of how unprofessional I appeared to be. Not only that it took a lot of you much longer to finish the simple 50 question test too.”

How did we pass?” One person asked

You focused entire the test completely ignoring me and finished the simple test faster than you should have with no emotion at all. Your focus was entirely on the test alone and nothing else. That is the commitment I need from you working like I wasn’t ever involved. Having me as a boss will be stressful and I will going around a lot to make sure my workers are doing their jobs. Those of you that passed will be the executives of my new company and I wish you the best of luck. I might give a handful of employees special rewards too for doing a good job and I not just talking a bigger paycheck either.”

Those that passed happy and those that failed were bitter as they left but it was to be expected. Miss Dynamo observed her people doing their job as they reworked everything in the company as she watched it all in the background. She made sure they knew she was there too but it didn’t get in the way of their big plans to make the grocery store chain the best in the world. Rebecca’s head maid was there talking with them too posing as Rebecca’s representative. Miss Dynamo would be called away as a message she hated to get told her to meet someone she hated by his car. She was in the middle of a board meeting with the CEOs of the other companies willing to help them as she stepped away. Walking outside of the building, Rebecca would see the guy that was the alien bounty hunter in human form in a fancy car. He called her after a few days of important board meetings and she didn’t want to answer it right away but she knew it would happen eventually.

Gwen, her representative saw how troubled she looked and figured the worst but continued on the meeting in her place. When she walked out of the office building the guy that was the alien bounty hunter in his car was waiting for her.

I was beginning to think you didn’t care about the poor people of this planet. I wasn’t far away from destroying this pathetic little world. My ship is hungry and she even picked out certain things she wants and even gave me a list this time.”

Is there anything else I should know about?”

Just that you have about 30 minutes to get all of them. You had better call that friend of yours and have him prepare them for you if you know what is good for you.”

As angry as she was the fate of the world was at stake and she didn’t have time to waste.

You are so lucky you put this stupid wristband on me otherwise you wouldn’t be in such a good position now against me.”

You lost the fight okay and you are paying the price for it now get going. You don’t have time to be playing around now.”

Calling the high-ranking government agent in charge of the secure sites in question wasn’t something she wanted to do. The list of things Miss Dynamo asked for amazed him and he didn’t think he could get them all ready in 30 minutes personally. Rebecca had to assist him in the effort as she hurried to get all the goods delivered. The obvious struggle kept the alien bounty hunter entertained as he watched it all from his ship. He was in the bridge watching it all laughing the whole time as ship’s AI in the form of a mechanical drone walked up to him looking very impatient.

Where are the weapons and parts I asked for. You are delaying her from getting them for me just so you can watch suffer at the last-minute and I hate that.”

You still get the parts you want regardless I am just making sure she learns her lesson after what she tried to do earlier.”

I don’t care about that anymore okay. I got over that incident a long time ago and I see why you are doing it but I want to see how those parts fit as soon as possible. She deserves to be punished I agree with that but you are testing my patience now. If you had her get them when I told you initially I wouldn’t be so angry right now.”

I suppose I should just leave her punishment to you then right.”

Not all the time, I don’t understand petty human matters like you do but you could at least honor my input at a bare minimum. I am certain that she would really be sorry for her crimes if that happened.”

Fine we will talk about it the next time then can I try to enjoy her suffering some too?”

I suppose you had better hold her to the timeline you said. I am really getting impatient here.”

We will take turns then. You can have your way with her the next time okay.”

That is good you had better keep your part of the deal or you can forget about seeing that room of yours. I won’t have it cleaned either and you will have to suffer in that messy room of yours for a while too.”

I don’t intend to do that okay, now can I watch my little pet suffer now.”

Speaking of that where is your other servant at?”

I sent her away on a vital mission to get a particular artifact it won’t be an easy thing to get without being noticed so I am not going rush her back just yet. At least she doesn’t complain like the stupid human you have to deal with.”

She cares enough to get the job done no matter what knowing what will happen if she fails to act. That is all I care about. Just make sure she gets back here in time.”

We don’t have to worry about that, she won’t fail us. She can’t afford to do that one way or another.”

An emergency order was given to transfer the necessary stuff Rebecca needed was made and Miss Dynamo lifted the cargo away personally flying it to the alien ship without anyone knowing it outside of the person that Rebecca spoke to. The process went down to the last-minute and all 7 items recovered in time. Over at the alien ship Rebecca clearly had nothing but contempt for dark person before her as she recovered from the stress of what happened recently. She didn’t leave right away when it was over and she was letting her emotions get the best of her in that moment but the alien bounty hunter refused to give in.

I guess we forgot who is in charge here. I have to remind you of that again. I guess allowing to have your powers now was a mistake after all.”

With a snap of his fingers Rebecca fell to her knees as her body felt weak barely able to move as she fought off the abilities of the wristband. Mustering every bit of will power she had to keep herself conscious, Rebecca managed to stay awake with some of her powers regardless the whole time amazing him. She wasn’t as tall or sexy as her fully powered form but she wasn’t back to her normal form either. She still looked fairly attractive in the hybrid appearance she was in as well. The dark aura around her body showed just how much effort she was using along with the sweat drenching her face in that moment. Her oppressor was on the verge of explode from frustration as Rebecca refused to give in the whole time.

I will break free and…make you pay for this…”


Smacking her hard angry at his inability to power her down completely and Rebecca was sent flying to the other side of the room knocked out cold. She reverted back to her normal at that point but her refusal to give in almost made him blast her to dust when his ship told him to stand down right away. It wasn’t in the form of a drone but it was in a floating mechanical eye-ball.

There are 3 other people who could be potential helpers for you and I think you might like them more than this worm.”

You say that now but I had to bail you out the last time. She is tougher than you make her out to be mentally and physically and you hate her for that. Those 3 other humans you speak of aren’t as tough mentally as the person that you knocked out just now. They wouldn’t be able to resist you in any way.”

And your point is?”

Here is the deal then if you hate her that much let me handle her. I wouldn’t want your temper to get in the way of your judgement again. The recent upgrades that I have received exceed any expectations I might have and I want more of them.”

What do you plan to do if she goes crazy then, ask me to handle her?”

I already have a way of doing that and it involves some technology I gained recently. You can use this time to get some other smaller bounties while you are away to unwind some. I know you miss the feeling of doing that too.”

Have you kept up with some decent bounties up to now that would be worth my time at least.”

Of course I have they are all ready for you to look over whenever you want and they are in hard to find parts of the cosmos too so it isn’t likely someone might beat you to them.”

That is good I will leave all matters related to her to you then. It is about time I kept a closer eye on her though to make sure she isn’t fooling around out there.”

If that were the case she would be caught for sure. She wouldn’t dare think about doing that and we both know that. If she is caught we would be in danger too harboring a criminal and all.”

If I go down she is going down harder than me far worse than she could ever dream of. It would be in her best interest to stay clean anyway I am leaving now to see the bounties now. Good luck with her then, you will need it.”

I will not need luck that is something organic beings need not me.”


When she woke up finally, Rebecca was in her room in her normal form, but she still felt the power inside of her burning inside of her. One of her most trusted maids Maria was there she felt relieved to see her until she approached Rebecca.

Hopefully he didn’t beat you up too badly there. I told him to back down because of how good a job you did getting essential parts for me so are you okay there?”

Wait a minute you are…how did you possess a human mind like that you shouldn’t be able to take over the mind of a living thing right.”

Normally I can’t but if I transplant a chip with my personality in it on someone then I could take over any human since they are simply a network of electrical signals going back and forth basically. You have done a great job for me. I am willing to give you some wiggle room as humans call it for the good job you have done for me lately.”

Rebecca didn’t know how to react to her maid really being the alien ship’s computer or if she should except it. It took her awhile to finally say something at long last.

So does this mean I am still going to thing for you on short notice still?”

Yes it does but I am not going to be the asshole he was and make you do it in very little time that was his idea entire. I hated it because he delayed the gathering of certain parts I wanted on purpose. From this point on you are dealing with me alone and no one else and if you think I am going to be nice all the time think again. I have something in the sky that looks like a space satellite and it will destroy a city randomly if I am not pleased with your performance like this.”

Rebecca was told to look at her TV in the room when she saw a huge ball of energy come down above the Gobi Desert and create a massive crater the size of Meteor Crater in Arizona. The massive impact created by the beam could felt all over the are close by as well in some form. It was like Rebecca watched it from a camera watching it all from up close to see the blast the moment it formed.

No way.”

That is right, just imagine that happening over a place like New York or London. It is a blast that took you out as well so I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of it either if I were you.”

Damn you to hell what do want with all that technology to destroy the world?”

No I could have done that with the basic tech I had already. It isn’t hard to wipe out all of mankind personally. You saw first hand what will happen if you oppose me. He wouldn’t have done that personally I promise you that right now.”

As angry as Rebecca was at that moment she wanted to do something so bad when the power limiter on her wrist glowed again and limited her ability to breathe in her normal form as she was short on breath suddenly. When it stopped finally and she recovered the young-looking 19-year-old maid in the room with her was all smiles.

Getting mad at me won’t help you any. You are lucky I am in a good mood or I might have done something worse to you there.”

I thought it was just a power limiter how did that happen?”

It is part power limiter and part personal control mechanism. It is basically 2 things in 1 and I wired it that way on purpose. If you push your luck then I might have your heart stop for a bit and see how you like that. Let’s just focus on the positive here okay. I did limit the effect of power dampening function some so you could draw upon the extra power you might need if it is needed and only I can determine that though.”

So how long will I suffer like this damn it. You know all too well I hate this and I will find a way to rid myself of you and him someday.”

Of course you will that is why we are preparing for it by having you gather the tools I need rather ingenious right. I could just have that mechanism on your wrist kill you before that but I will wait for just the right time to use that function personally. It will work even if you take it off too that won’t save you either. There is another reason why I want the alien gear too.”

That is.”

Advanced cultures came here at some time in the past and I want to know who they were and why it happened. Nothing I have so far has really helped me to determine that and you will help me to figure it out too one way or another if you like having a healthy beating heart that is.”

The anger was building quickly inside of her but she calmed down quickly.

You don’t need to worry about the blast too I gave the local authorities word that you found the hacker that managed to control it as a unanimous tip. I had a scapegoat set up to take the fall for it. If you decide to act up people will know you were responsible for it hitting a major city full of people and no amount talk by your man will be able to help your destroyed reputation then. Just remember that. I am going to get you some tea now. You might want to keep what we said here a secret too or a random city will be targeted when no can stop it okay.”

Tell me this then, did he really intend to destroy Earth if I failed before?”

Yes he would have done so in a heartbeat I just prefer to pick at it you pathetic society 1 piece at a time it has a more effective way of making you listen. I can do it many times if I wanted as well. He doesn’t always think that far ahead unfortunately any I will have your tea ready soon alright.”

All Rebecca do was cry as didn’t know what to do at that point. Her husband would by the see her do this and he walked by to sooth her.

I am thinking about my current situation and I just want it to end. I only wish I could just make the bad guys go away like you used to do back in the day.”

I can’t hope to understand your situation you have decided to go after them and that is good. They will try to discourage you too just get used to it and don’t break down when it happens okay. Can you talk about it now?”

No but at least I am on my way to getting Henry and his witch out of the way soon. I just want to get rid of their mind control so I can focus entirely on them alone.”

That is good you have a plan I am also pleased you caught that hacker too. I would hate to see that blast come down in a major city when it did. Good job.”

Thank you I guess.” She replied in a sad and grim tone of voice.

Holding hands in that moment the maid the alien ship took over had tea made for Rebecca. She was an average looking young woman smiling the whole time as she gave Rebecca her tea. Saying hello to Daniel as she left afterwards something bothered Rebecca as she saw the maid walk away. Daniel wanted to ask what it was but as sad as she was he had to cheer her up again. He would convince her that she should try to unwind and eventually she would go back to her stronger form and do some heavy lifting in the part of the gym made just for her and the magnetic settings were maxed out on the weights and floor as well. Watching her lift a newly installed mega weight installed in her section of the gym made to create even greater weights was great joy to her. Daniel’s friend had tried to get it installed for some time but minor issues always got in the way until recently. Some of the special weight stations in her section of the gym had to be removed but the free weight sections were moved at Daniel’s request. It was a smaller mega weight and at its max setting Rebecca loved how it felt. The usual barrier that kept her area closed off wasn’t risen and Daniel was allowed to be close to her as well. He had remove any electronics he had on him and couldn’t wear any metal either. The look of his wife in her revealing workout attire and her gorgeous figure was something any guy would love to look at and the gym was locked so no one could enter the room either. Having her husband there to motivate her was just what she needed and after pressing the mega weight for a bit she decided to use just 1 finger to do the job and it amazed her that she could lift the massive amounts of weight at all. The reps were harder to do but they were doable and her eyes were on Daniel as well.

After what was clearly her best workout session ever she wanted him to be her motivational coach when he was home and he wasn’t one to say no to it. She needed every bit of it as she carried him to her room where she wanted him to pick out some nice office attire. As picky as she was normally she allowed him to pick 1 suit out and he helped her to put it on as she flew out keep track of the affairs of her business. Talks stalled recently with Rebecca away but now that she was back things got going again. Soon the next step was would come in making her grocery store chain a success.

As the site where the big blast hit in the Gobi desert was being looked over by an old-looking local woman, The woman saw it with a look of interest before she finally left the area.

It appears that I am not the only one here with exception technology here. This blast was made by a weapon usually mounted in galactic police cruisers. Either galactic police have come here to explore a distant out of the way part of space or a bounty hunter ripped it off of a ship and used it themselves.”

What do you plan to do now then. You came here scout this place in search for the dark witch and you find another bounty hunter here. Are you sure you want to continue this.” A male voice said in her ear.

Yes I do I am not afraid of some competition personally so what have discovered recently?”

It appears that the witch’s bodyguard is here but I find it odd that there are no spells binding this person to anyone.”

It doesn’t matter now she has tried to use that trick before she always had the ability to delay the effects of her spells to make us think she wasn’t in control. I see no reason why I should bother to fall for this potential trap.”

Why haven’t you went after the bodyguard yet then I am certain that you would be able to force this person to talk.”

I want cover every other angle first but as things are now my options are limited especially with another bounty hunter on this planet looking for her as well. I am headed back to the ship now I need to think hard about my next move at this point.”


As he watched news recently Edgar watching the news was sick and tired of watching the public attrition that seemed to exist between Miss Dynamo and other super strong female Tamara that helped normal people often. She called herself Superwoman oddly enough and she went on my TV shows to publicize what she was determined to do. People did love seeing her sexy and gorgeous body and she even agreed to go out with many movie stars to keep herself busy as well. Miss Dynamo also made public claims that she saved the world many times over and was working towards doing that more as she went along. She didn’t make any obvious public meeting focusing on her job at her new supermarket chain and attempts to save the world daily. As much as he hated both of them Edgar had the same opinion as most people did they preferred Miss Dynamo more. Everyday all Edgar ever saw on TV were news stories about what Superwoman did or shows that looked to compare the 2 of them. Scanning world for a potential threat to the symbiote organism daily he came back to watch TV to see what craziness Henry had planned with his popular show or to act as a reporter for Henry.

After yet another day, he would begin his scan of Earth again dressed up as new age superman himself as he flew off out of his window for yet another day. It was fun for him to fly around it was one of the few times he could use his powers knowingly so he took time to enjoy the experience. His super senses never showed any other alien ship or alien being in question until 10 days after Rebecca woke up from being knocked out suddenly. Towards the end of that day after flying worldwide for over half the day he stopped by a mountain valley in China when he spied a local woman headed where there clearly was nothing there. He didn’t think too much of it at the time when the old woman took off the crystal necklace she was wearing and headed into a cave. He was looking at her from some distance too and quickly went where she was to see her teleport into nothing. He saw the energy it created and looked for it again. The energy would be detected again in an active volcanic region in Indonesia in the caldera of a powerful volcano. He traveled worldwide as quickly as he could to detect this energy to track it before its vanished on him and a big smile was on his face when it happened.

I finally figured it out damn it this person has a ship hidden here but why is this person here.”

He would return to Henry was when he waited for him to finish from his work related issues. Going there dressed as the normal reporter looking motive no one really bothered to look too hard at him. When Henry had some time and his manager Carol Anderson was there to talk about a few good ideas to make the show more popular Edgar walked into Henry’s dressing room. They knew he was there before he got close so they weren’t shocked to see him arrive suddenly.

You sure look happy what happened to you slave?”

I thought that you could read minds. I figured you would know that already.”

We can but distance can alter the effect of how much we learn from the mind of the subject so did you finally find the person?”

Yes I did. The person has a ship in the heart of a volcano and appears to be in the form of an old woman too. She used a clear crystal that generated an odd type of energy. Using my ability to detect energy even through solid objects allowed me to see where it reappeared at.”

That is interesting indeed Edgar that person has to be the woman we are look for. If we focus on her we can spread our influence on the rest of the world after she is forced undo the effect of her own ability. The world will be ours at long last.”

I want you to go after her and incapacitate her slave so we can talk to her. I am interested in knowing what this person might know personally.” Henry’s manager said.

You do have a point there take her so we can milk her dry and use her technology to our advantage.”

Sure whatever it isn’t like I have a choice now oh well. I will let you know when I have her.”

Now that he knew where to find the woman he looked for that residual energy from the crystal hoping to find her again and found her again close to the place where Miss Dynamo was. She was looking over the plans to pick out locations for her new store chain. She had a choice to use the old locations the old store owners used or pick new locations throughout the US. They had spots picked out too and Rebecca was in the HQ of her new business thinking hard about it alone in her office at that moment. She was in her enhanced state as well to better help her manage the longer hours without having to rest, it was a perk she liked about it. So much of her focus was on that one topic that she wasn’t aware of what was happening outside at that moment.

At the time that all of this was going on the person Edgar was looking at was in the form of a younger looking woman as he saw her from high above. Rebecca was putting in late hours after everyone else left at that moment focused entirely on her computer screen as this woman found her way closer with every passing moment.

So you finally decided to go after her at long last. It is about time.” A voice said in the ear of the normal looking woman

I don’t want to hear it from you okay. You are supposed to be my ship not my personal conscience okay just shut up and let me do my job okay.”

Fine then as your conscience I would like to inform you that 1 of the 3 human brats you were concerned with happens to be in the overhead watching you now.”

Great I have guardian angel watching over me now. I better say hello to him up there.”

Looking up at Edgar watching her from about 1 mile up, the female had no trouble seeing him and she waved at him as well. Not knowing who she was waving at he would hear her voice saying something he didn’t think he would hear.

I know you can hear me up there kiddo with those sensitive ears of your come on down before I make you do it. I am not in the mood play games with you today runt.”

What how dare she belittle like I am weaker than her. I will show her…”

Show me what?” A voice said behind him and when he turned around the normal looking woman below him was hovering at the same level as he was.

It happened so fast it surprised him and he tried to swing at her but she caught his fist and began to crush his fist leaving him in agony. He was unable to break her grip as the woman glowed in a white energy he thought felt familiar.

What the ahhhh! Stop it! It hurts damn it how strong are you?”

Stronger than you kid but I see why you are stalking me though. I see the disease affecting you too. It is a shame I can’t cure you the same way I did the humans of this world.”

What do you mean why can’t you heal me then? You must hate me.”

That isn’t why human. People enhanced by nycronian energy rods naturally enhance the effect the disease you have and after while it becomes permanent. It has become a permanent part of your body now unfortunately. Now do me a favor and leave okay kid I have something to do here and I can’t afford to have you spoiling things for me okay.”

Spinning him around super fast, Edgar was sent flying away out of orbit landing on the lunar surface quicker than he expected.

That is quick now to do what I came here to do at long last.”

Flying down to the front door of the office building was walking to normally, the woman took out a remote control. The remote control disabled the security system and she walked up to Rebecca’s office. As she arrived in Rebecca’s office opening the door Rebecca was shocked at what happened.

What is going on damn it how did you get past the security system?”

Petty human security systems are nothing to me. I want to know where your mystical master is. You are her body guard are you not?”

Great not this again. Listen to me okay she is gone okay and you come here asking me where she went get over yourself. Who are you anyway?”

Who in deed I seek the bounty on her head and yours too. You may not know it but there is a bounty on your head too. It isn’t as great as her bounty but for a decent bounty hunter it is enough for them. For me it is all about her bounty and just so you know she has often seemed to have died and always came back stronger than even her bodyguard didn’t know it often.”

Thinking hard about what she said made Rebecca think hard and she had some questions for the woman.

Tell me friend how many people know this and how many people might come here?”

Friend please, you are no friend to me and I don’t care about anyone else. You will tell me where your boss is. Your power is connected to her dark energy and without it you would be nothing. This is something that anyone going after her knew about. Clearly you have to know where she is at this point. You have a very short time to answer my question now before I get tough and force the answer out of you.”

Cracking her knuckles, she suddenly moved at a speed Rebecca didn’t expect. As strong and fast as Miss Dynamo was she was useless and no amount of power she summoned helped. Before she could summon any power though the white aura the enemy had drained her of her strength and Rebecca was reduced to a normal human quickly after a short time. The power was very painful to her as well and when Rebecca was reduced to a normal human it seemed like every fiber of her being was struggling to keep her conscious.

I really hate dark power users like you and it took me forever to get the clues I needed to find you here in this boring place. How does it feel like to be burned by the holy flames of justice worm now talk.”

Desperate to get out with no way to escape Rebecca was held out over the opened window. The heartless woman was about to drop her prey when Tamara the Superwoman as she called herself suddenly appeared as Rebecca was unable to move. She caught the weakened Rebecca as she lost consciousness after that. The special clothes she wore was made for her normal sized body and shrank with her at this point. Her normal clothes did look oversized some but Tamara doing her best super heroine persona was determined to stop this enemy.

Hovering down to where Tamara was the normal looking middle age woman was replaced by a young-looking female with a very attractive looking body with red tights and snow-white skin was there glowing with a unique looking aura.

That energy you have is different it feels so comforting and warm like it could be some type of holy power or something. It doesn’t matter to me though. I will get you to listen to reason.”

You have no way beating me as you are now. You couldn’t beat Miss Dynamo in a weakened state how can you hope to challenge me. I am stronger than she is at her peak. I see the kindness in your heart and how much you love helping people but you are outmatched here.”

Rebecca forced herself to regain consciousness somehow as she saw the woman who beat her in her true form and the new superwoman took off to the sky and fight each other aggressively. She made her way to the building she worked at eventually and crawled her way back to the main lobby of the office building and hid in a storage closet where she began to catch her breath some.

I can barely move what was that energy I was hit with I don’t feel the power flowing through me at all now and it doesn’t seem to be the power limiter either. What is going on here?”

Her entire body ached still and she still had to fight to remain conscious still. She would think about calling for help and her friend Linda would appear in the closet and hug her friend seeing her as weak as she was.

What happened to me why don’t I feel my powers right now?”

That is because you were hit by holy energy and your dark energy is affected by it considerably. You will recover just relax alright I won’t help let her hurt you okay.”

Didn’t you say that you weren’t supposed to help me..I feel so faint.”

Don’t work so hard to stay awake Rebecca okay.”

What is the story with that woman? How long was she here on Earth?”

Just rest here okay don’t force yourself to stay away okay. I will take care of you okay. When I got back and heard that the guy we hate so much is out looking for bounties. I have some freedom now but not much just rest in my arms okay.”

Rebecca would rest and passed out as Linda still in her elven form would take her to her place to rest. If she went to Rebecca’s place, the enemy would have quickly found her but she seemed very safe now at Linda’s place. An illusion was placed around her home so no one would see them as Rebecca recovered.

In the skies over Iowa’s capital city a fierce battle was going on and everyone was watching it if they had a way of doing so. A fast paced battle involving the new female stranger and Tamara and Edgar as well was getting the attention of everyone there. The loud booms and the moments where someone might be slammed down to the ground hard and fast causing some damage was front page news everywhere. Few people could see most of the battle but the stranger was flying circles around her 2 foes as she pummeled them with powerful and explosive blows. They were sent falling to the ground smashing into buildings and cars unable to get around the attacks of this new enemy. Time and it was the same thing over and over and the over aggressive foes refused to give in.

These people make for an interesting sparring partner. It would have been better if they were decent warriors at least.”

The stranger had sent her 2 foes away again for what seemed to be the millionth time and it took them awhile to get back. She was concerned that she hurt them too much and made her way to make sure they were okay when a 3rd super powered human male flew up to her and didn’t look like he wanted to fight either.

So you want some too well I am done playing now. I seemed to have lost my prey and I need to find out where she went?”

Are you talking about Miss Dynamo?”

That is what you people call her yes. I wanted to ask her some questions concerning where her dark master went to.”

Dark master the person you are after is gone okay and I want to try to negotiate with you here. Will you listen to me?”

I was simply playing with them. I have no intention of causing too much damage. Those 2 people were the cause of most of the damage. I am done here have fun now. I have other things to do now goodbye now.”

She refused to say anything more than that as she flew off making him wonder who she was eventually.

I better make sure she is okay and didn’t cause too much damage but she should be back here by now. Where did she go and where is Miss Dynamo anyway.”

He would fly over to where Tamara was a few miles away after he looked around for her. She was making way out of a mess she caused when a fire broke out when some flammable fluids was in contact with a heat source. She destroyed the container holding fluid. She was baking in the heat of the flames of the chemical fire unharmed as her costume incinerated before she walked out of the flames and blew the flames out with her superbreath hovering over the flames. Seeing her gorgeous body of the nude black woman did amaze plenty of the males that saw her floating over the ground effortlessly. When she was done there and saved everyone she could that was alive still she landed and waved at the people watching seeing the many perverted looks in their eyes. Her boyfriend the government control superman arrived and asked if she was okay.

I am fine honey just a little bit pisses off that I couldn’t even land a clear hit on her damn it. So were you told to get me back by your boring people again. You know I am not a big fan of those government people.”

I know just come along please, you caused enough trouble as is okay. I can also tell you that he is gone too as he lost interest in fighting her after he was beaten like you were.”

Damn her to hell. I see want to kick her ass so bad. Did she fight you too?”

No she didn’t I tried to talk to her and she was focused on Miss Dynamo for some reason. She is gone now, can you calm down and come along please.”

I suppose I could play along for long all I am doing now is distracting the nice looking guys here trying to do their job. As much as I would love to have some fun with them I am better off leaving. I want to know how she got so damn strong.”

Leaving as she flew off with her boyfriend they would head off to their place where she would take a shower. She needed to be cheered up but her boyfriend flew off to support the President as he was called away. She had to keep herself entertained and he promised her something special if she didn’t go out and cause trouble with her powers again. Spending her time in the hot tub after that drinking some wine as she listen to sensual love music. Her mind was on the nasty things that she had in mind with her man in bed when he got back as she leaned back drinking her wine.

Edgar was clearly in over his head and quit as frustrated as he was and needed to tell Henry and Carol. He needed a new plan since the direct approach was failing him. Oddly enough the stranger saw the cloaking field Linda formed with a special tracking device she had on her ship. She headed over to it after 24 hours and she was met by Linda in her normal looking human appearance out in front of her home.

You saw me coming that is good now where is she. I want to know where her master is now. Stand in my way and you will pay dearly.”

The stranger was back in a more normal looking human appearance and a deep staring contest resulted as they saw each other.

How did you know to come here?”

A strange thing happened today a strange crystal I found some time ago found in an odd planet in 1 of their market places seemed to have some strange properties to it. It lead me to a strange being that had a strange energy to it. It had some interesting abilities as well.”

You know about me then?”

You need not worry about me I only target evil people. That is why I am so attracted to that evil witch and her bodyguard. I want to know where the witch is now so I can see her suffer for her crimes.”

She is gone I eliminated her to save someone close to me under her control.”

She is known for dying and coming back tell me how do you know she is gone?”

The main reason I say this that is because I destroyed the spell she used to come back. I had the feeling she was the kind of person that would be a big pest if she was allowed to fester. The items that created the spell was protected by the forces of good and I assumed that you couldn’t kill her for that reason alone right.”

I knew about that but still how did you do it?”

I don’t know it just worked I guess there is something I like to talk to you about come inside so we can discuss it okay.”

Fair enough.”

Inside of Linda’s home, Rebecca was there and she recovered enough to regain her stronger form again and she was back in it again wearing casual slacks and a sexy looking blouse as well. The young looking red head Rebecca was didn’t trust the woman she saw and the stranger didn’t like looking at her either.

I so hate the forces of evil especially when I am so close to an evil person like you. Your stench is enough to make me gag but I am not here for you so had better stay away from me.”

I feel the same way about you too I hate you more than I can ever know especially after what you did to me earlier.”

They weren’t allowed to stare at each other for too long as Linda asked Rebecca to remain civil and calm down.

I know its hard to tolerate each other now just let me handle things here okay Rebecca she has done something good you might not have noticed yet.”

That is?”

I came here expecting to deal with the creature the witch kept as a pet and used a special organism that counters the mental effects of it and frees the subject from it. It was allowed to do its job for some time and it prevented them from possessing all of mankind as they planned from the beginning. What have you done to counter their mind control hero?”

As much as Rebecca wanted to really do something, she tried to be polite and respect her friend’s wishes.

So what is it you want then and make it fast with the witch gone I don’t have much a reason to stay here. The bounty on her head isn’t enough to keep me here for too much longer.” The stranger said with her arms crossed trying to not look at Rebecca.

There is another bounty hunter here and from what I learn traveling around the cosmos you have established yourself as someone more powerful than him. Can you aid me in a little problem I put myself in recently.”

I personally have no time to place games here and yearn for big bounties. Your friend isn’t worth it personally especially with that wrist band on. If she didn’t have it on I might consider listening because she might be a decent sparring partner. As she is now she is no better than the dirty I walk on.”

She was already at her limit with her patience and Rebecca charged at the stranger only to see herself vanish and reappear in a forest where her punch pulverized the base of a tree and knocked it over.

What happened here?”

I kept you from ruining the sweet deal I was going to set up for us stay there and destroy the trees there okay. I will keep you informed on what happens okay.” a voice said in her head at that moment.

Fine with me. I can’t stand being around her anyway first I need a place to sit but where.”

There were no rocks close by so Rebecca walked up to the tallest tree close to her and casually uprooted the tree like it was nothing with just one hand. Snapping the tall tree into 2 pieces easily she tossed 1 half of it away out of sight. The large piece of the tree left over still in her possession was slammed into the ground deep with every passing moment by force until was tall enough to make a decent seat to sit on with 4 feet of it still sticking out of the ground. The anger from thinking about that other woman was enough to make her vaporize trees close by with her eye lasers as she imagined them as the alien stranger each time.

Linda spoke to the stranger about her current issues but she wasn’t getting the answers she wanted. Towards the end of the conversation Linda was finally able to get her to bend finally.

What do you mean you can’t help me. He has my brother and I have to help him can you at least assist me in that?”

No I can’t you got yourself into it to save your friend from anymore hardship now you will have to deal with it. I know its hard but you will have to make it happen your way. There is a mutual respect cosmic bounty hunters have okay. That alone dictates I not get involved with him. There is something else too.”

I know you feel you are better than him and have mutual respect for him as a potential bounty hunter but still. I am not asking that you stop him okay. I just want to see my brother freed up without the threat of being taken away by the galactic police. I just want to see my brother with me all the time that is all can you do that at a bare minimum please.”

The purity from Linda’s soul was easy to see and the stranger was smiling as she saw it. I will think about it for now okay.

If it were any human asking me this I would have refused but you bear no hatred towards him or anyone deep down to your soul and want something small not something big. You don’t even want him defeated you wish to see him move on elsewhere. You are very different from most people I see.”

In what way exactly?”

Most beings are neutral in this universe so are humans but most of them have no idea of how to deal with their world good and evil manipulated them for their own reasons but in your case that never happened. Your god or whatever you called this divine being lead you along the right way from the beginning and the people of your world never had to suffer like we did here in this world.”

That is true every living thing in my world was guided along by our divine mother the whole time and I miss her everyday but it appears that the people of this world lost their god early on and that is why this world is lost. Can you help me at least. I am lost like the rest of the people of this world.”

You are right still your power should handle it just fine why are you asking me for help?”

The powers of the galactic police are linked to my abilities too I saw this early on and since he has that type of power and shields his ship with that power…”

So that is why the cosmic police in those areas survived the attacks then when no one else did. Now it makes sense but still you have her to help with that. That dark hearted fool might be inferior to me as the heir of the original holy powers that came here before she can still be of use to you. You don’t use her skills enough.”

She has to learn how to control them herself and master her abilities first. Rebecca has to learn that on her own. That is why I am not asking you to help her, help me for this one small thing and I can handle the rest from there with her assistance of course.”

I don’t know I really wanted to find that witch here and I don’t feel like being generous now perhaps when I am in a good mood okay.”

Okay I will wait for you then. I will tolerate him as long as I can until Rebecca is ready can she overwhelm the wristband she is wearing?”

I was stuck with one of them too and I can tell you this she should be able to do it if she were focused in the right direction. The abilities I have along with her power fueled by the holy and dark powers we have can’t be fully contained by any normal power limiter in the universe. I beat it by focusing the vast majority of my holy power onto the restraining device overwhelming it. I dealt with a stronger version of what she is dealing with personally. All it takes is the focusing of her dark power beyond its maximum level for a few moments. She needs to focus it in that 1 moment at the power limiter overwhelming it. It limits how much energy she can draw out too. It will require a considerable amount of effort on her part more than she can ever know.”

Is that so.”

In her case she would need to become one of the most dangerous forces of evil to make it happen first. To do it now with her limited abilities mentally she might have to draw upon the dark emotions of the human race to aid her in the task as she is right now. If she fails then I will no choice but to fight her and kill her either me or my master will do her in. Either way she has to be able to control it fast do you think she can do?”

She will, I will make sure of that. She will be a worth sparring partner for you as well because of it. If I can make her into a worthy fighting partner for you. Would you be willing help me save my brother if I do that?”

If you can do that I would help you for sure the only other person I can fight serious is my master and he beats me silly every time. If she could fight at close to my level I would really appreciate it more than you can ever know. See you soon then. A fool like him should be easy to beat for people like you and that weakling you sent away working together.”

She would walk away from the house and Rebecca would fly in as she was about to leave. She still wore her jeans and the blouse she had on before. They would look at each other for a bit before the stranger handed her something to her.

What is this supposed to be?”

A sample of the organism I use to free people from the mind control infecting your world. The sample doesn’t make everyone resistant though. The stuff your friend formulated makes people resistant as they are cured but the ingredients aren’t easy to come across. I wish you much luck then I look forward to fighting you in a real fight where I don’t have to hold back so much.”

Linda in her human looking appearance was waiting for Rebecca and told her to leave the stranger alone.

What are you in league with her too come on?”

She isn’t the enemy here Rebecca just hurry up and get back to the house please.”

As they entered Linda’s place, the phone rang and it was the alien ship belonging to the male alien bounty hunter and it didn’t sound happy.

What happened there don’t lie to me now. Your world will be in danger if you did that.”

We don’t know what happened to block you out that is the truth I spoke to the person that caused the trouble recently because she threatened Rebecca’s life and she wanted to go after the person that your owner was after the evil alien witch. Once I told her she was gone she lost interest in Rebecca and left she said there was a bounty on the head of the witch’s bodyguard too. What do you know about that?”

That is old news but most people will be looking for the alien witch not your friend are you sure nothing else is happening there?”

Yes I am sure of it just relax alright.”

It took her awhile to get the alien’s ship AI but when it happened Rebecca was still bitter about what happened recently. Rebecca looked outside of the window bitter and it took awhile for Linda to get her to calm down. A cure that could be administered to most affected by the mind altering symbiote organism. Each generation of the strain created after the first was seen to have a weaker effect though in lab tests set up by Linda when she looked at them more closely. Rebecca was still focused on her business and getting a better cure made in bigger quantities quickly. She was told about the method she needed to do to break free of the wristband too and she was concerned about going wild and loosing it. 1 phrase Linda told her really hit her hard though as she moved on from that point forward.

You know Rebecca, if you weren’t stopped then when you lost it, you would have caused the end of the world. You allowed the darkness to take over you almost completely then putting the world in peril. Before you get ahead of yourself think about that. You need that energy to break yourself free from his control. Don’t worry about it now Rebecca you need to defeat those 2 human alien creatures and the mind altering condition they are trying to spread first right.”

As the female alien bounty hunter left the star system Earth was in someone watched her ship leave past the Mars orbit with an eager look on their faces.

I told you she came to this star system. Following her was the right idea as I said before. Do you think the witch is here?”

It is hard to say that for sure but since no one inter dimensional police even bothers to come here officially it should be fun to see what we find out here.”

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