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Miss Dynamo, Part 9

Written by shadoolord1979 :: [Friday, 07 November 2014 17:42] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 08 November 2014 11:06]

What do you mean our ratings are dropping Matt! Talk to me here!”

It is as I said Henry your show isn’t as popular as it used to be since well that fiasco over Iowa a few months ago it dropped some then and now it is so bad the people at the network think it is time to move on and not continue with a new season. Surely you can understand why right.”

You have no idea of what you are doing I am the best thing you got. People love my show because they don’t always trust our supposed heroines as they do their best to turn the people to their side. Their numbers grow with every passing day and I am their only real way to show their presence. You can’t cancel my show damn it. If you do that I will make my own network so I can run my own shows as much as I want.”

So be it if that is what you want to do so be it. You aren’t exactly very approachable to your fans or the people who keep your show running and yet you find a way to keep them working for you until recently. I don’t know what you did before but you are through working for us. As far as we are concern your show is history. Good luck with your new network you want to start up. I don’t see why anyone would want to partner with you to make it happen. We expect you to be moved away from our offices in the next week.”

As he left the office of main network executive, Henry saw his manager the Carol and she had a serious look on her face.

What is going on here damn it why is all this happening?”

It is because of the stranger that came before and began the process of ridding the world our essence. She is gone but she left Miss Dynamo with a parting gift namely a stronger strain of her original stuff and now people can fight it off more if it didn’t cure them entirely.”

Great so it seems that she got some help finally and naturally we made the people infect like our show naturally but now it is spreading even faster now.”

That isn’t all either more people are going to his pep rallies because they aren’t under our control anymore and his positive influence is getting stronger. The letters we send to people with our essence in it are being intercepted before hand too. This helps to reduce the people our essence can affect too. They are getting smarter about how to deal with our methods and something has to be done fast. I suppose we could use this chance to do what I always wanted that is to kill her finally.”

It isn’t her that is the problem. It is the her husband and the message he is spreading. She merely taps into his own legacy she has nothing to build on that is hers alone. Going after him now could be the worst thing to do as well since he is so popular and people will feel the need to avenge his lose. What is there left to do then?”

What indeed we could scare the world the bit and do the other thing we could do right we never bothered to try that yet. It would make the world lose faith in their message with the constant danger going on and no way to stop it.”

That is a possibility I will think about it and the publicity it causes would be what I need to give my new TV network the push it needs as well. Make it happen.”

Whatever you say my love. Seeing you happy again puts a big smile on my face.”


The havoc happening in Downtown San Francisco was driving Superwoman nuts as 3 alien looking humanoid creatures began to wreak havoc and she had to assist the police to cleanse the city of the threat. Tamara was alone as her boyfriend was aiding the special forces in Dallas doing the same thing for them. Trying to cover people as they tried to escape the effected area Tamara tried to keep the aliens busy.

This is stupid I toss cars at them and send them through buildings when I pound them silly and they keep coming back for more. They aren’t as strong as I am and they refuse to die what is it with these freaks?”

The area she was at was wrecked from the damage that she caused tossing cars and other random stuff around or damage the 3 creatures did doing the same thing as well. She was on 1 end of the golden gate bridge in the middle of a vacant street waiting for the creatures to stalk her as they clearly focused on her at that moment. It was sunset and her super senses told her where the 3 creatures were. The emptiness around her was creeping her out as a cold breeze went over the area. The humanoid creatures were holding out like they were planning an ambush. The whole time they worked together preventing her from hitting them as hard as she wanted but they clearly weren’t ready for the abuse that she was giving them. Their healing factor was barely able to bring them back from the hard-hitting blows they took making them act more cautiously as the battle wore on.

Up to now all they have done now is get beat down and yet they refuse to move in suddenly. What are they planning damn it?”

With a look of cautiousness on her face, she didn’t know what to do when she was suddenly approached by 2 of them suddenly. They rushed in looking to slash at her but she had no idea of why they were doing that.

More sheep to the slaughter suits me just fine boys come over here and face your demise.”

Grabbing the 2 of them as they, Tamara was attacked at an angle she didn’t expect. She would be slashed at suddenly from behind suddenly leaving her in agony . The pain from the slashes coming her could be heard for miles. Tamara was cursing up a storm as well but she realized at that moment what her boyfriend at the last attack 1 week earlier.

Those creatures can make themselves invisible to our normal senses but you have to focus our senses on seeing all energy around us when they do that to know where they are at that point. They may not have done that to you yet but I saw it done a few times to know how to handle it.”

They aren’t as strong as we are damn it why should I worry about them?”

The person that caused all of this has caused a mutation in their bodies making the poor people look like the creature that attacked Miss Dynamo in Houston many months ago. They are weaker versions of those original creatures fortunately but they can still slash at you for some real damage though. You were given easy missions compared to what I had to handle at my request because the groups I am dealing with would maul you now as dangerous as they are.”

The sounds of her yelling and screaming did get the attention of the people escaping from the city. It bothered the people there but the authorities told then she was okay regardless. They were slashing at her invisible thinking she couldn’t see them getting on the last nerve of Tamara but her power level wasn’t going down as she was being poisoned by their onslaught. She heard weird voices in her head as the poison tried to take her over and it made her actions harder to do. Her body wasn’t acting as it should as she seemed to want to help the enemies cause damage to the city as she tried to fend them off after being slashed at as often as she was from every angle so it seemed.

Damn it all I am hearing strange sounds in my head and my thoughts make me want to help those guys somehow when I don’t want to. What kind of poison do these guys have in their claws damn it?”

Half naked with her outfit barely holding on by a thread. Tamara could barely move the way she wanted as a second wave of attackers came her way.

Damn it is taking every bit of focus I have not to join their side. The stuff I was treated with before hand isn’t helping me as much as I thought. I didn’t think these guys would be this tough to deal with.”

What is wrong hero can’t move or is the mind altering poison in your system finally beginning to take its toll on you now. Either way you are finished. You will be on our side soon enough.”

Standing still as she hearing the voices in her head yelling in her mind louder and louder to stop fighting, Tamara was on the verge of giving in and the more power she drew into her body to enhance her defenses only seemed to make effect stronger somehow. Sweat saturated her face as she fell to her knees unable to do much as she was about to give when she lost track of her attackers. She had only dealt with 1 or 2 beings at a time in escort missions when the enemies were easy to anticipate but these guys were nastier than anyone expected this time.

I don’t think I can hold out much longer this poison is stronger than I expected.”

She would hear something happening around her suddenly as she was about to give in but she didn’t know what was happening. Her struggle after being slashed so many times was focused on her own mental health. When she felt she might win her mental war at the last-minute something inside of her snapped and things clear up suddenly. 2 dynamo bots had dispatched the enemies and when they approached Tamara a dark and twisted version of her welcomed them. She grabbed one of them crushing its wrist and tore its arm off before she stood up and ripped its main body in half with no effort.

I feel so liberated now that I don’t feel like I have to be a goody to shoes now.”

She approached the other dynamo not after that treating it the same moving at beyond its max speed to grab it before it could do anything to counter her actions. She ripped its head from its body and began to tear its body in half as well before she started to think about she should do next. Being all by herself didn’t bother her as she decided to let her powers lose and ran up to a building to try her luck there. Tamara had never tried to rip a building off its foundations before and the task was much easier than she expected. The area shook slightly and she had to wiggle it loose but she had the 5 story building over her head easily.

Wow this is fun but I want to see if I can lift a taller building though. I need a decent workout.”

Tossing the building in her grip aside into another building flexing her huge guns afterwards she hovered to another building about 10 stories tall. Instead of just lifting it off its foundation she pushed it over with just 1 arm. The amount of raw power she had amazed her as she had an evil grin on her face. The area shook some as it building fell over. As quickly as it fell over she caught it and hovered over the ground and lifted the building off of the ground. Rising over the ground the mostly nude superwoman loved how it felt to be liberated from her need to help people. Laughing to herself she tossed it aside into another building and flexed her huge super powered muscles wanting to rip the city apart as something was pushing her in that direction from within.

Let’s see what else I can do here.”

The people there watching it overhead from a helicopter as she lost it under the direct control of the enemy create category 5 hurricane force winds with her super breath devastating everything in her path. She clearly had no care in the world regarding what she did and even went to a safe region of the city that wasn’t affected before where she tormented them too. Her male partner would have arrived sooner but he was caught in a fierce battle with Henry’s pet superman as they fought each other. More dynamo bots would come as well as she ripped into banks and reduced vehicles and trolleys with people in them into useless scraps of metal basking in her dominant power.

It is a good thing Miss Dynamo is away or I might have some real competition well it seems like more of these tin cans want to fight me how cute. I suppose I could make their suffering as quick and painless as possible.”

Tamara was casually pushing buildings over at the time on people at the time to scare them making people scatter. Local law enforcement tried to stop her but her invulnerable body made the task very difficult. Crushing their vehicles as she took all of their weapon’s fire head on before she decided to push buildings over frustrating the local law enforcement. When she saw the dynamo bots coming in she flew up to them at beyond hyper sonic speed to take them out like she did the last batch of robots. She reduced 2 of the 5 robots to scrap quickly dodging their weapon’s fire as she did it. A type of rocket 1 of the other 3 bots had targeting her would hit and it created a force bubble around her. She tried to out maneuver it. It was too persistent and eventually the smart rockets that actually altered their course the whole time hit their mark. Once the bubble formed around her she felt her powers drain out of her making the bubble stronger.

Damn it all I can’t get out this stupid bubble is draining me of my power I have to get out of here!”

Each hit on the bubble felt like bomb going off over the San Francisco area worrying the people below. The desperation was growing and Henry’s servant was asked to get her out but the battle with him and the government’s super soldier Alpha 1 as he was called didn’t allow him to do that. Flying over the city would become a difficult task eventually as she was using up her super energy too fast and fell. The fall from a few thousand feet did hurt her but the bubble was still there to zap her of her powers. She fell onto a building close to being completed. Her senses were fading as her powerful looking female body and muscles began to shrink on her eventually. She lost track of time with no idea of what happened before she was reduced to a normal human and something knocked her out from behind.

When she woke up again she was a slightly slimmer version of her normal self before her change into a super heroine. Wearing a hospital gown in a cell with wall of energy keeping her in she felt weak and confused. The lack of power was something she wasn’t used to and it make her cry her eyes out. Her boyfriend Alpha 1 and Miss Dynamo were on the other side of the energy wall sealing her inside at that moment. Miss Dynamo had just got back from gathering materials to form a more permanent and refined cure for the symbiote control condition and she was very critical of the girl. Her boyfriend was there too saddened but firm. Tamara didn’t know how much damage she caused or how many lives she ended but it appeared that something was happening soon.

Are you certain she can be trusted, she attacked me as ferociously as she did that city and I never trusted her even from the beginning. What guarantees do I have I won’t have to get involved to stop her the next time hero?”

You won’t have to worry about that she will be under my direct supervision. She won’t be allowed to go out like she has making herself out to be a public figure. I still need dependable back up in tough battles and she will be a valuable aid in that because she is the only person I trust personally.”

You love her too at first you acted like you did to keep her focused but now you have grown to admire her and my employer sees some hope in you as a potential successor to him.”

That means a lot coming from you thank you but she is reason for that. That brave girl caged in there now gave me the will to just go in sometimes when my superiors wanted me to stay back and it helped me a lot. I admit I was too much of a boy scout back then but I have a good sense for when I should go in hard or listen to orders. It is all because of the woman we are looking at now.”

I see what he saw in you clearly. You have a good head on your shoulders and like the original Mr. Dynamo you know how to handle situations causing as little damage as possible. Not even I mastered that ability yet good luck with her and remember this. If she runs wild again. I won’t hesitate to put her down for the count got it.”

I will thanks for having faith in me.”

As Rebecca left Tamara as saddened as she was began think back to what her father said before his passing in his lab not too long ago. It referred to what he said after she talked about taking the new serum initially.

Nonsense then that wouldn’t be you. You would be something completely different and you are going to hate yourself for it later. I don’t want you to touch that kind of stuff now or ever okay, promise me that okay sweety.”

She didn’t want to have her powers anymore but her boyfriend didn’t like her personality at the moment.

How long are you going to mope like that Tammy wake up okay it happens. If you want to be the soft-hearted wimp you are now I can tell my higher-ups to make sure you never have your powers but that isn’t what you are now.”

But I caused so much damage and killed so many people. Seriously the body I had before wasn’t really my body naturally just some altered form of it. I don’t want to see anymore people suffer.”

Suffering is part of existence Tammy everyone suffers you have to accept it alright. I need a dependable partner that is actually human and not a machine and you are it basically. What happened to that go get em attitude you had before?”

I don’t know…”

I guess I have to tell the higher-ups to do what they wanted to do then since you can’t make up your mind now. I really care for you but the woman I cared for was going to charge in first before she had a chance to think about it. I guess that person I loved is gone now.”

He began to walk away but she told him to stop before he got too far crying and pleading for his attention at the last minute.

Why should I stop for you? You are just a whiny child now that refuses to listen to she really is. You better answer me quick.”

I am sorry okay, I am just confused okay honey, don’t leave me here I promise I will do better for you! I just need time to think okay. I beg you don’t leave me to those government pigs okay please!”

Tears were still saturating her face and he thought of leaving her still but he decided to test her resolve in that 1 moment. She dried her eyes as best she could as she saw him come back and stood up trying to cheer herself up.

There you go sweety get over it I think I will test you by doing something I have ignored up to now because of the missions I had to do.”

What is it?”

He would take out a remote control and press a button on it as the energy wall keeping her there vanished. At that moment her body wasn’t isolated from the energy around her and she felt her powers beginning surge out of her. Her energy level sky rocketed to its higher levels as she her body was beginning its tall, muscular, and sexy form again. Her breast inflated in her hands as she felt them as she felt her rear firm up as well. Her light brown skin became a darker tone of brown as her short hair grew and became very wavy covering her muscular back. As much as she didn’t want her powers back she loved experienced them and began to float over the ground closing her eyes focusing on her sexual urges for power. Her powers were changing her emotionally as it did that time she changed the first time and she welcomed it this time.

So much power hmmm it feels so good.”

She was about to lose it when she heard his warm touch massage her rock hard ass.

How do you feel now?”

I still feel like crap but with you here now. I don’t care about the rest of the world. I am beginning to see what you had in mind and I want it more than you do. Do you want to do it here or someplace else hmmm.”

Landing on the ground in that moment a sexually aroused Tamara wanted to relieve herself of her frustrations in that 1 moment. Hugging and kissing each other caressing each other passionately for what seem to be forever they would decide to go to a cave out in a remote part of the Canada where they wouldn’t be bothered. She was crushing him but he wanted her to relieve herself of her sadness. She didn’t feel like holding back either. Watching them go at it and playing around with their strength wrestling with each other naked in the forest alone made Miss Dynamo smile somewhat. It gave her some ideas of what she could do with her husband too for those private intimate moments.

There is hope for her as long as she hangs around close to him that is. It must be great to be young like them. I better get going now, I have business to oversee.”

Flying away Rebecca was happy the situation was resolved and Tamara was cured before the affliction in her system became a permanent part of her mental state.


The aggressive wrestling and another wild love-making session at home did help to revive the wild woman again but thoughts still lingered about what happened to all the people and the city of San Francisco. After washing each other in a long shower the calls they ignored regarding more potential attacks couldn’t be ignored. They were away for 2 days now and Tammy wearing a bathrobe in the kitchen was cooking up a feast for the man who revived her spirits. She didn’t bother to use oven mitts since her hands didn’t feel the effects of the extreme heat and used some super breath to cool it down some before she called her boyfriend to the kitchen. He seemed to be focused on Henry’s new TV network that allowed him to spam more of his hate for all super powered kind using the many attacks of random humanoid creatures that looked like the human alien symbiotes to back himself up. Naturally Henry used Tammy’s attack as well and she unplugged the TV once she saw it.


Hey nothing I don’t want to hear the gutter trash that is Henry’s Harrison anger fill rantings come on your reward for cheering me up is in the kitchen okay. I don’t want to drag you to the table and force the food down your throat.”

I am thinking about something that Miss Dynamo said when I asked her about cause of all of the attacks. She said there was a puppet master and she didn’t want to alert the government of the puppet master due to the lives that would be lost once that happened. You said you had faint images of Henry when you were under his control right.”

Are you telling me that Miss Dynamo knows who is causing it and keeps their identity a secret so this enemy isn’t provoked to fight back and you think Henry Harrison is involved in it too.”

He has to be and with the number of people still under his control it makes sense that Miss Dynamo keeps it a secret. The world would be in peril if they were all told to attack all at once. Anyway I would love to eat your dinner now lead the way.”

Kissing each other before they went to eat together. They didn’t bother get any real clothes on yet aside from bath robes and they didn’t mind it either.

So the stuff that Miss Dynamo introduced doesn’t help to cure the people right?”

It is helping some but still it can’t grant a subject resistance if they are targeted again. The enemy knows this. The rare stuff we have access to that rid you of your condition grants the subject resistance afterward allowing the human body to fight it off some until more of the stuff can be administered. Do you understand me know Tammy?”

This conversation went on after dinner ended and Tamara want to repent for what she caused and aid in the recovery of the city she helped to destroy. He was slow to respond to the request but some sensual touching and kisses forced on him by his stronger girlfriend were enough to make him at least talk to his superiors about it. The force of her powerful hug was nearly crushing him too helping to speed up his decision too. As much as she wanted to go out get some action in she also promised that she wouldn’t do anything to attract attention to herself from that point on as well. Walking out into the neighborhood for casual jog at a human pace with her head covered up she saw a few crimes she would have stopped before but a promise was a promise. She would get herself something to drink on the way back from a soda machine but her super senses would see so much that needed to be corrected and someone nothing was being done at a pace she felt was suitable. Her mail box was full of requests for interviews to talk about her story but they were all declined as a government agent made sure everything was done as carefully as possible. Some news stories talk about how Tamara did encourage some people to do the right thing. Most of those people couldn’t go to Mr. Dynamo’s free public meetings because of their busy lives 7 days a week. Some people were upset about Tamara not being out there but at the end of the day they focused on their own lives instead of her. She heard this with her super hearing too. When she got back home her boyfriend was gone back to work leaving her a note.

Duty calls again if I need your help I will call you and I need you to stay home though remember the promise you made.”

Watching TV bummed her out even more as showed TV talking about her with mixed reviews good or bad were on every network so it seemed. She so hoped that people would have had a different opinion of her expecting something more positive.

I thought they cared about me more but they didn’t give a damn about me at all. It just isn’t fair. I wonder if Mr. Dynamo had to deal with this crap early on.”

She wanted to talk to someone to cheer her up and that understood her position at that moment. Only 2 people met that description she knew of but how was she going to contact them without attracting too much unwanted attention. After many calls and many unanswered voice mail messages an enraged Tammy thought of flying to where he was to smack him around for angering her when he finally answered up at long last he gave her the number to the corporate office of Rebecca’s new company. He insisting that the President had him doing many things that didn’t let him answer the phone right away. At first all she got was Rebecca most trusted maid the person that acted as Rebecca’s representative because Miss Dynamo wasn’t always in the office. As frustrated as she was Tamara would fly over to the cave where she had sex with her man and vented her frustration there pulverizing tall trees there knowing no one would bother her there. Her mood would shift from good to bad and worse as the damage Tamara was causing there alone extended further than her boyfriend expected and he spoke to Mr. Dynamo asking him to speak to his bodyguard.

Watching Tamara lay waste to the area around the cave in question, Rebecca saw the area tremble as she pulverized trees she knocked over or uprooted casually and crushed rocks like they pebbles. She didn’t hold back much as she let the area barren of people have it as she vented her frustrations out as best she could before she flew back home feeling so much better afterwards. Tamara even went there in sexy looking workout gear on purpose as well beforehand seeing all of the trees she blasted away with her fists as her boyfriend ignoring her as he always seemed to do more often than not. Her screams were quite loud too as she was cursing as well talking like she wanted to kill her boyfriend if she saw him again after avoiding her for days on ends.

She is quite the interesting character to say the least it is a good thing she isn’t in a major city or I might be concerned.”

Tamara spent her half the night out there destroying the forest and the other half of the night star-gazing before she zoomed back home. The day was spent like any other day listening to slow jams as she was in the hot tub all day thinking about all kinds of naughty thoughts. Naturally frustration would set in as her man was nowhere to be found as she wanted him to keep her company. At least she got a phone call that day instead of nothing like she usually got on most days but it said what she always expected that he was busy at work again. Sexual frustration was beginning to kick in and along with the lack of an answer from Miss Dynamo as well. Trying to contain her feelings just weren’t helping much as she punched a hole in a wall close to her before she knew what she had to do. She held much longer this time around as it was almost midnight local time before she felt she had vent somehow as upset as she was at that.

Great another hole in the fucking wall and my stupid boyfriend continues to avoid me I swear I am going to crush every bone in his body and Miss Dynamo continues to dodge me too when I want answers. I could just do what I usually do but I always destroy that part of the sub Arctic forests damn it.”

She was clearly tired of being mad but unless she had a passionate moment with her man or got an answer from Miss Dynamo she didn’t know what to when an idea.

If I leave the planet then…”

Nothing she wore would survive the trip and she knew it so she decided to leave naked and sped up as she went. The view of the Earth as she left it was an exceptional view as she looked back for a moment. Her power levels reached the higher levels she felt when she fought Miss Dynamo quickly as she landed on the moon looked at the Earth. Focusing on the energy she was getting from the sun was almost beyond compare when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

I figured you would think of coming here kiddo. You must really hate being alone in that fancy home of yours.”

Miss Dynamo what kept you. Why don’t you answer my calls?”

Now let me see how should I answer this yes I know. I am a busy woman who has a life and business to run. I can’t be around for your own personal needs all the time. If he didn’t nag me about it I would have continued to ignore you. It appears you are finally ready to listen now right about why I don’t save every human 1 at a time.”

Focusing on the task at hand and not the growing power levels she was getting was hard for Tammy but she would do it eventually and finally answer the question.

Sorry for not answering right away. I am not used to having my strength double so quickly but still I avoid watching TV because if I do I will see people who didn’t care that I saved them many times. Part of me wants to use these powerful muscles to knock some sense into them but another part of me wants to understand why they are so quick to forget about me but I can’t figure out why.”

Why in deed the way you handle things is the big reason why. You allow bullets, missiles, speeding cars, and what not to hit you to prove how much tougher you are compared to a human. You also lift many tons of weight lift huge ships or airplanes that lose altitude to name a 2 examples just to prove to yourself how strong you are. I learned this the hard way but the more you push the harder they push back and many people I saved resented me because I was impossible to harm and I could lift anything I wanted. Many people still do as well even though I saved them many times.”

Why would they recent us we can do things no humans are capable of doing and they hate us for it. I would think the world would praise me like they did your employer.”

He didn’t get the praise he deserves until after he revealed himself and said he was going to help people normally. No one hates him too much now and my current business venture I am doing now is helping to make people think of me in a different light as well.”

So what is it then what do I have to do to not make people hate me when I save them. I need to know this. I want to use these amazing powers to help people and prove that I mean something at some point.”

That is your first issue kid. You lost your faith as a normal human being. This is the point that my employer always focuses on because it is the most important thing we should be focused on. We are humans after all and we can’t forget that. Your main issue now is that you’re seeing yourself as someone greater than any other human based on what you are telling me now.”

No human would ever be able to stop a missile or take on army of terrorists by themselves unaffected by their weapons. These powerful bodies we have are immune to any normal human issues physically are a gift from the gods and make us better than anyone else. Why can’t you see that.”

Life is a greater gift and we all have the power to make a difference kid. If it wasn’t for those humans wouldn’t be here now. I also see another issue with your approach you should know about.”

Okay I am listening.”

What want things to happen to fast and humans aren’t ready for a quick change as they are now. I will tell you what will happen if you have your way okay just here me out okay.”

A story of a world where change would happen fast was described but the people wouldn’t be able to fathom the changes as they came. The world would fall apart and without a strong peace-loving person to guide it, the world humans knew would destroy itself. Tamara refused to accept it naturally but she was listening just the same.

You would be gone quickly as you tried to stop every issue that came up without trying to figure out why it happened to begin with and you will be a soldier fighting the whole way. Instead of trying to go with the flow and enhance it as it goes gradually your subtle method of doing things would corrupt you and the power you possess would lead you to be something you didn’t want to become to begin with.”

So the only way to stop this is to do what then, allow the people to suffer.”

Suffering is a part of living it can’t be avoided and the only way to stop what I described is to live a perfectly balanced life embracing the changes happening in real-time. It will be a hard process and it will take time. You take actions when they need to be done for yourself first then you can help others too. You would be different if you just loved yourself as a human deep down. You must really hate yourself as a human and yearned for something more right.”

You talk like you know me or something but it seems to work for you since people seem to like you but still can you really tell me you cherish your human self that much really?”

Yes I do and I mean it too you had a very hard life didn’t you before you became your current self now. Do you want to talk about it?”

No I don’t. As much as I wanted to believe you I can’t now I am sorry. I hated being a powerless human without the powers I have now seriously having the figure I have and the muscles and sex appeal along with the powers as well are the best thing I can ever have. I can’t embrace my human self okay. Why do the answers I wanted only give me more headaches than I expected. I wanted them to be easy to understand.”

Life isn’t fair okay and I am sorry you can’t see that but for you times aren’t easy right. Goof up 1 more time and you will be reduced to a normal human and you hate that. You just have to learn to manage it. The powers you have must feel good but they are temporary but your humanity will last longer remember that.”

Tamara looked away from Miss Dynamo forming a fist and pounding her foot on the ground hard making the ground for miles shake violently as angry as she was.

You speak like an older woman and not the young woman you look like now. Can you tell me who you are at least?” Tamara asked after some time to think about the current situation still in a bitter mood.

Who I am you ask whatever. So many people ask me that but the answer is always going to be the same. It doesn’t matter who I am now or ever, it is about the message and legacy I leave behind as long as it improves mankind for the better. I have a lot of things to do and I only intend to stay here for a few more minutes. If you want to know who I am find it out yourself if you tell the world about it later so be it I don’t care. As far as I am concerned I am a friend to humanity looking to make a permanent mark on the world that is all.”

That is so lame you know that. You refuse to tell me it because I would spill your secret.”

A lot of people know it they just don’t care to talk about it because they respect me as a person. The vast majority of the world would focus on who I am and not on their own lives if I just said it out loud. My employer felt that way and had to fight hard to get people to focus more on themselves finally after he revealed himself at long last. I don’t want that to happen now sorry if I didn’t answer your question like you wanted. You wanted to know my real name right.”

Okay then if your power is related to his then why is the energy within Daniel Stowe different from yours then? My boyfriend and I saw it many times amid it always bothered us why it is like that.”

Another question I love hearing but I am not going to focus on that you want to get away from your own issues but I am not biting on the bait. You should focus on your own life and comes to terms with who you really are as a human being first okay. You clearly have a life you want to forget but you can’t do that. I know all about you but out of respect for you I will not say much about it. There is more to your life then the public persona you told to the TV shows but I am done here. If you want anymore answers you need to find them within yourself okay.”

At that moment, Rebecca walked away even though Tamara was insisting that she stop.

Her already massive power levels rose to massive levels as Tamara’s anger seemed to explode out of her. Glowing with energy as she thought of attacking Miss Dynamo to make her stop Rebecca did stop for a moment.

You still have a lot to answer for I am not done asking questions here. It is a good thing you stopped too.”

Or else what, I beat you before and I can do it again. The extra power you gain in space is amazing to say the least. You have to be at least 3 times as strong now as you are on Earth normally but it means nothing to me. It would be in your best interest to calm down and think about what I said just now. If you cause too much damage up here to our precious moon I could always tell them about it. Your powers that you have now would fade away for ever once that happened. Venting out here is should be okay for you just don’t get too crazy with the extra power you have out here in space close to our sun. Goodbye now kiddo.”

Thoughts of her previous defeat would eventually creep into her head and hold her back as Miss Dynamo flew away back to Earth. Yelling out loud after she stomped on the ground even harder than before making a bigger quake Tamara yearned to exert her rage on some body or something quickly. Going Mars from there since the moon had no mountains she hit them as she could. The destruction she caused to the few mountains she targeted were catastrophic. She pulverized the vast majority of the mountains she touched slamming into them at super speed. In the wake of her destruction, she would finally calm down sitting atop a rubble pile that used to a mountain, Rebecca basked in her growing power levels at how easy it was for her to destroy those mountains. Thoughts of what she did at San Francisco would get in the way of those visions though eventually and it made her go against her previous thoughts.

To think that these hands destroyed a considerable amount of a major city and it also destroyed the mountains here on Mars too. I don’t know if I should consider myself a monster or savior to mankind anymore.”

Taking a rock close to her in her hands watching her muscles reduce it to ashes quickly as she saw the energy from space flow into her muscular body only made her current thoughts muddled even more. She thought about her normal life more intensely in that moment. She wasn’t tall, sexy, muscular, with a flawless figure and huge orbs for breasts but an ugly-looking black girl who was fat and she had diabetes too. As much as she hated being normal her life was much simpler now that she thought about seriously. Her love for her father kept her going and he made her love who she was regardless of what she thought of the matter. Tears of sadness went through her as she wanted to be with her father again but she knew that wasn’t possible now. This was her first time thinking about her father this deep since her change and the love he showed was something she wanted more than anything else at that moment.

She began to cry now and associated her other self with him not her current form. Standing up from there she flexed her huge muscles seeing the huge guns she had and her breasts that blocked her view of her powerful lower body. As much as she loved seeing her powerful muscles and feeling the energy she had part of her wanted to be normal still.

I think I am beginning to see what father meant. These muscles are fun to look at and the power they have never ceases to amaze me but I changed too much from the me I was before and I don’t think I like the current me as much as I used do.”

Leaving Mars right away she headed back to Earth to look over her old neighborhood again. It took her some time to find Earth again but when she did enjoying the heat from Earth’s atmosphere as the friction tried to slow her down with no success. With the extra power in her system she found flying much easier than before and she had to really hold back to not overshoot her target. Looking down at her old neighborhood from a few miles up seeing them live their innocent lives made her smile especially when she saw her old friends still living the same life as before. When she finally made her way home her boyfriend was there. Instead of killing him like she said she would, she ran up to him hugging him. The sounds of his bones being cracked and broken were enough to make her back away quickly though. Any concerned was dispelled as they kissed each other and enjoyed the rest of their day at their personal hot tub with boiling hot water in it.

So what made you finally come back home? Was it the threat of the ass kicking I was going to give you if you didn’t or was it something else hmmm.” She asked leaning up against her boyfriend.

It is funny you ask that Miss Dynamo spoke to my superiors insisting that I get more time off if nothing serious was going on. Based on what I got from their tone of voice they were afraid she might actually vaporize them or something if they didn’t listen to her too. All those briefings and meetings I went to were quite boring to say the least and I would have rather spent that time with you.”

Thank you for saying that honey I really missed you.”

Clearly all she wanted at that moment was to be close to her man and feel his love and affection for her as much as possible. She didn’t even ask for a long love-making session either but she did ask him how much he loved her many times. They would settle down on top of their roof star-gazing until word of another symbiote attack came. She wanted to come but she knew what she had to do at that moment and allowed him to go as he flew away from the house headed to Russia. He would have a big feast waiting for him when he returned and a happy Tamara urged him to enjoy it. She spent the time alone thinking about her father lying in bed. It made her begin to detest her powerful form but thoughts of how her boyfriend loved how sexy her powerful muscles looked on her helped her to get over it somewhat.


As the random attacks of the lesser symbiote humans happened, the ratings of Henry’s show was at an all time high so it seemed. It applied to both his web show on the internet and his live TV network as well. He even had other people who weren’t hot on the idea of having powerful people like Miss Dynamo have time on his network as well. It was the hub for all people who hated the Dynamos and all things supernatural or alien in nature. Rallies would form after the attack initial human symbiote attacks and they had a following. Even normal people not effected by the mind control of Henry and his assistant joined it spreading the hate even more.

Daniel and his people weren’t shaken by it and continued to spread the word of human cooperation regardless. His side was neutral on the topic of all things alien causing disputes between Henry’s growing side and Daniel’s people. He still went to public rallies and when he visited Atlanta Rebecca was there watching her store in that area and visited him before the pep rally was about to start. Linda was with him doing some last second details on his face with some facial cream before he approached the door out of his preparation room when he saw Rebecca there. Naturally she was in her young-looking and sexier appearance as always dressed like she just came from work at the office.

How are we doing today sweety. I happened to be in the neighborhood so I decided to stop by and see how you are doing now.”

I am doing fine thank you very much it has been awhile since you started up your business and from what I hear things are going well.”

Yes they are honey from what I have been told the prices are among the best with the highest wages for retail people with full benefits too. The people care and the high-tech touch we added to the stores really make them stand out. How you doing now Linda?”

The big is out hunting bounties now with his ship and he is more pleasant to be around but that doesn’t mean he is any closer to releasing us from his service. I assume the ship has a copy of itself here watching you here right.”

Yes it does and unlike him it gives me plenty of time to get what it wants gradually so I have to get them once a day as much as I hate doing it. Enough of that how are your pep rallies going Daniel.”

I can ask the same of you and that business you started it appears to be doing well from what my friend tells me.”

I happen to be here because I opened a store here in Atlanta recently and I since you were here I decided stop by to see how you are doing.”

You don’t come home much now you must be doing those all nighters at the office it is good to know that you are all good want to watch the show?”

Of course I do.”

The excitement and electricity as he walked out was hard to gauge as he waved at the people watching him. Daniel was greeted with joy in the crowded arena. The initial cheering lasted for a long time before he was finally able to say something. Watching him talk to the people encouraging people to help themselves in an intelligent way gave Rebecca and Linda much joy overall

I don’t notice many Dynamo bots here now Linda are you doing some of your trickery to cover them some. You can be honest with me here.”

Alien technology is making them more efficient and they are hiding as normal people in the crowd without standing out. They are covering many angles too scanning for people infected with Henry’s bugs and he found many people who got in. They are cleansed of their condition right away too so nothing happens.”

And not only that Darling’s public meetings happen after a city is attacked too every single time so it seems too.”

That isn’t always the case, great care is taken in finding out where he wants to go next and he always has a selection of cities to pick from so he is never limited to a specific place. I have to say you are doing a good job with things on your end too. You find enough items to keep the annoying ship happy daily and run a business that spends more money than most and you still manage to make a decent profit too.”

It wasn’t easy but the hard work paid off. We pay wages that exceed the standard for a standard retail store with full benefits so we have limit how many people we hire. It is worth it for me personally. They are always happy and with me being anywhere at anytime to keep an eye on things to make changes on the spot, they know not to slack off. No shortcuts are taken and the technology in each store is amazing to say the least thanks to the business partners I have helping me. Then there is the board of people I created to review the finances of every store changes can be made on the spot now so no dollar spent is wasted.”

Then there is the public events your company run to generate money too on the side and the real low prices that are comparable to the best stores in the nation. You did a lot to make it all happen. You even support the competition too by giving them money too. How do you even get any profit from doing that.”

It is called effort that is all it is basic human effort and desire. I like it though and when the real profits come in I will expand to other areas too and creates the perfect business model to follow. All those greedy companies that claimed that I couldn’t do without falling flat on my face are beginning to get green with envy now.”

So that is the legacy you want to leave for us then. It appears to be working too.”

My husband wanted to do things different but I want to do it using a more conventional method and give the people something they can relate to even if something happens to me.”

You really thought this out Rebecca, I am impressed.”

Part of me wants to go out and bail people out some too to show them the errors of their ways again like I used to. I think it will show the most shameful businesses on the planet just how bad they are doing things. With everything I have going on with the trips I spend helping to get the materials for the special cure the world needs watching over my business etc I won’t be able to do that unfortunately.”

You could let your company run itself that would give you time to do that it would be a good way to evaluate how good your people really are. Have you thought of that before?”

As the pep rally was going on a nearby military base had an experimental jet that needed to be tested. It was going to fly over the Caribbean to do some test there when something took the planes over and caused them to fly over Atlanta.

Something is happening sir we lost control of the planes and they aren’t responding to our commands damn it. They appeared to be headed to downtown Atlanta too but what is happening there that is so important that it would go there.”

We need to intercept them fast before they cause too much damage regardless. Make it happen now soldier!”

The planes were headed to where Daniel’s rally was and 4 dynamo bots went out to investigate the fast-moving objects getting close. The crowd watching Daniel were unaware of this including Rebecca but Linda suddenly felt something happen and asked that Rebecca go with her in private. At first she didn’t to go but Linda would convince her to play along for now.

What is it now?”

I know you are focused on the show but you might want to focus your senses on areas around us now okay just trust me on that okay. You might want to change too if you know what is good for you. You might just ruin the nice clothes you are wearing now.”

Okay why don’t you help me then?”

Just do it okay I can’t let the people involved know about me here just get going okay.”

At least I won’t be bored and I will get some real action at long last as well.”

They went into a storage closet and Linda would go back to watching the show. Rebecca would let her hair hang down and reveal the Miss Dynamo costume she always wore under her normal clothes just in case before she looked around to see what was happening over the city. Seeing 2 odd-looking fighter jets attacking Dynamo robots with their advanced weaponry in a game of cat and mouse amazed her considering how maneuverable they dynamo robots were and they couldn’t shake themselves free of the cross hairs of the jet fighters. Shielded from damage using an energy barrier forced them to use all of their energy in defense as they tried to guide the jet fighters away from the city. Of the 4 bots that left before only 1 was left because it caught the 3 other dynamo bots off guard. The jet only allowed it to happen for so long as they eventually wanted to go back to hunting Daniel’s convention. The obvious distractions the dynamo bots were causing required the jet fighters take out the annoying robot left over as it always destroyed every missile aimed the public Daniel was at or any other building it targeted as well.

Those jets don’t have human pilots in them damn it and yet they are trying to take out my husband. Those things better not think that they will get away with that without me saying something about it.”

After seeing who was inside of the jets, Rebecca used her eye lasers to target main fuel system of the plan from afar causing 1 jet fighter to explode violently. The second saw Miss Dynamo hovering over the city and abandoned the Dynamo bots going after her.

That is right come to mama show me what you got.”

Using the last of its missiles on her in an explosive display of power, Rebecca continued to be where she was about 3000 feet above the city unaffected by the missiles. The warmth of the explosion felt so soothing to her as they happened but it ended quickly as it was out of ammunition that could be shot at her. Miss Dynamo’s body and costume took it all easily the plane was still there flying around and she had to take the jet down. People on the ground watched what happened overhead with great interest as the odd-looking jet had no way to fight Miss Dynamo off as it dodged her powerful eye laser beams time and again. She had the ability to curve them and make the adjust to the movements of the enemy but it allowed the beam to almost hit it on purpose. It dodged at the last possible at a margin so close no human could account for it normally. She had to limit the intensity of the beams she shot out naturally. The weak energy beams she used would still be able to do the job either way and she knew this too. It dodged the attacks of both Miss Dynamo and the last dynamo not it didn’t shoot down before with flawless timing using maneuvers no human could live through. The level of annoyance Rebecca had been beyond imagination eventually as she could slam into it either as it dodged her direct charges too. To make things even worse any attempt to lock onto it with long ranged weapon systems always failed to get a lock on it too like some aspect of the jet prevented it from happening. It would be shot down as Miss Dynamo and the dynamo bot had to make it use a flight path that could be anticipated and powerful beam attack from another dynamo robot had to destroy it aiming manually the whole time without any tracking system in the projectile.

Watching the battle from atop the highest building in Atlanta Henry’s personal bodyguard, the other superman Edgar was dressed like a decent looking reporter recording what he saw up there as best he could. When the battle ended finally, Edgar thought of leaving when he was suddenly approached by Miss Dynamo and she didn’t look happy.

What do we have here the ring leader behind it all did he cause all of this to piss me off or was there another reason for it?”

Shaking his head, Edgar took his glasses off and turned around to see Rebecca with her arms crossed.

Listen and listen good hero. I wasn’t involved with this and neither was my master. He doesn’t have anyone that could do the type of hacking job needed to make it happen okay. I am here to record this stuff for his TV show that is all okay. As much as I would love to fight you now I don’t have the motivation right now so can you leave me alone please?”

Something tells me you might be telling the truth but are you certain of that. I can’t always trust anything you say since you work for him.”

Know what I don’t care right now I am leaving if you want to stalk me fine just be warned it will only increase the number of random lesser symbiote attack worldwide if something happens to me. Is that what you want hero? The loss life would be catastrophic the choice is yours. It isn’t like I am going anywhere new to you. You already know where I am going, if you have a beef with someone take it up with him. I hate him as much as you do but his mind control prevents me from snapping his neck in half. I hope you see that with those powers of yours.”

As much as she hated to admit it he was right and the hatred she saw in him was difficult to put into words. He would leave from there flying off at subsonic speed. Rebecca had other things to attend to like getting answers about where those jets came from. It didn’t take very long to figure that out. At the air field for the military base in question where it all started every effort was made to learn how it happened. It was pointless as word of planes in the air field being vaporized by a beam from above went over the radio.

What is happening over there! I need a status report now!” The base commander said as he was monitoring network traffic in and out of the base.

Communications outside went out as something was destroying area outside of the base. Miss Dynamo was tossing planes in the air strip into each other or into other nearby buildings with her super hurricane force winds to get the same result or she invoking fear in the heart of them men there. The rookies there were still shooting at her ignoring the orders of their superiors but they weren’t able to hurt her as she demanded they bring their base commander quickly. Most of the and helicopters at the airstrip were gone or heavily damaged when he finally came out seeing. Miss Dynamo holding 1 of the last working planes high over her head as she ripped it in half with raw power in her powerful muscles alone. Rebecca was about 20 feet over the ground too as she heard his voice trying to reach her. Hearing the voice she would toss half of the plane aside as she saw the source of the voice approach. The soldiers scared to do anything to Miss Dynamo were quick to get out of the way of the jeep speeding in Miss Dynamo’s direction.

What is the meaning of this! Why did you destroy so many of my planes and jet fighters!”

Vaporizing the half of the plane on her possession after she tossed it for everyone to see, the gorgeous red-head landed and approached the jeep that the base commander was in shaking her hips as she went. As she approached the man in charge about as tall as she was. Rebecca grabbed the helpless man squeezing by his neck people there threatened her if she harmed him but she dared them to try as went back to main issue being the man in her possession.

Because you took your good old time to come out here I was about to get creative as pissed off as I am now. I want to know about what happened with those 2 special jet fighters. I wasn’t fond of having to chase it over the Atlanta metropolitan area and I want to know what happened now.”

Her body glowed with a raw power as she stood there with her arms crossed. As scary as she looked some weapons were still aimed at her but she put an answer to that quickly as she took them from the men and began to compress the weapons to a single mass of metal easily to put more pressure on them. No answer was given to her as they didn’t know anything either. Looking parts that remained from the destroyed craft didn’t work either and the mystery remained as well. Going back to Linda and her husband, Rebecca wanted to know why Linda suddenly acted so funny and she would see the human maid that bounty hunter’s ship took over suddenly appear as she left her husband’s side. She looked concerned as they both went to an empty alley close to the convention center where Daniel was.

You must know something now so was all this your doing, because you wanted to punish me.”

No I didn’t don’t be so quick to accuse me of things there is another power here on Earth and he wants you to stay away from it. He cares because it threatens his plan for domination considerably.”

What kind of force is this then can you tell me that at least?”

We can’t be too loud here just do as I say and with their presence here things will change for a bit and I won’t be able to talk to you like this as much as I do now. Going against me now will cost you dearly later that hasn’t changed just watch yourself and don’t forget to do as you are told. I already spoke with your friend too and she won’t be allowed to talk about it either. It would be in her best interest to keep quiet but you will see why soon enough. Goodbye now.”

Leaving normally only left Rebecca confused even more as no one with any knowledge on the topic wanted to talk about it. Henry was just as curious to know what happened when his female partner was approached by a strange man known as Mr. X towards the end of the last attack and she seemed to be interested in him. At first Henry thought it was an intimate relationship but was quick to put that accusation to bed quickly. A meeting was planned with Mr. X without Henry’s knowing Carol promised him things would be different from anything he could ever expect. Edgar, Henry’s bodyguard would be asked to meet up with this stranger first in a meeting in Sydney Australia. The normal looking man in a fancy suit would be civil and respectable overall surprising Edgar considerably. A gift was offered to both Henry and Carol and Mr. X expected Edgar to give them the small box with 2 pills inside of it.

What is this stuff?”

Looking at it with his super senses, Edgar saw a fragment of the original organism that infected Henry and his lover but it was strange looking compared to the organism in their bodies.

All they have to do is eat it and they will gain a considerable amount of power from it. It allows the main organism inside of them to evolve to the next level giving them new abilities. It won’t work for people they control because it only affects the main organism not residual organisms they use to control other living things like you.”

Where did you get that thing and who are you really? I only see a normal human now but you clearly aren’t human to have that type of organism.”

I am merely burrowing the body I have now for the time being to keep people guessing. I will show my real self to you and your master in our real meeting later on. Let’s enjoy the evening okay. You came half way across the world to see me right relax and enjoy yourself some.”

They would leave eventually and he would fly back normally in an airliner thinking hard about the meeting with this stranger. He didn’t know what to think about him and didn’t know what to expect either when the real meeting would occur.

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