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Atomica – Issue 3

Written by castor :: [Monday, 29 June 2015 09:00] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 30 June 2015 14:42]

Nancy was letting Bill have sex with her. Taking her from behind as she sat on her knees from the back. She arched her back and moaned.

It was one of the safest positions, really. Nancy could, with little effort, destroy a fair amount of the North American continent. A simple man was a little challenge: she could break not just in half, but into a light misting smear on her fist. However, at this point, she wasn’t touching him with her fist. She wasn’t touching him, really. She couldn’t crush him with her arms or even her legs. Not wrap them around him and find there wasn’t anything. Not that she ever did that. Over the years she had made love to him in a number of manners – from missionary to while flying – but the thought of it, the fear of it, meant she often assumed this one … which was well and good, cause she liked it.

Bill was, of course, handsome. She loved his face, his muscular perhaps manscaped body, which was free of hair pretty much anywhere, but she couldn’t see him. Her powers did not include eyes on the back of her head, but she could feel his penis inside of her hitting in a particularly wonderful spot …

She was enjoying it. In fact, she would probably come in a little under a minute, if he kept that pounding up.

Yet, there was something in there. She was letting him fuck her.

At the doctor, she had made an outburst, a remark of her feelings to them. He wasn’t there however to respond to it, giving her a kind of a power advantage, but not the traditional one in their relationship. However, dealing with a large fire in old Delhi meant that she hadn’t talked to him about it for a couple of hours.

When she came home she found him … smiling … but not communicative.

Until she took her top off. Breasts puffy, soft, large and defying gravity.

It was a curious notion, really, letting him. She liked sex. She knew he liked sex. However, well … sex was a useful tool in a way. When she did something stupid, she could offer one of the most beautiful bodies in the world. It was a more useful power at time than being able to lift the Chrysler building.

It did have a curious effect, though. For, right now, she couldn’t help feeling a touch like an object, something to revive his cock. She couldn’t see him after all. Se was just getting fucked. There was a feminist line that sex was something that happened ‘to’ women. Tonight she couldn’t help wonder if that was a case.

It separated her from him and, as he shuttered inside of her releasing his seed, maybe a few seconds before her own should happen.

Of course this was how it happened in the first place. Some of his spunk had wormed its way through her, presumably, super-tough but, apparently, not impenetrable barriers to her ovaries and …

He relaxed on her back, nuzzling her a bit, but almost felt asleep. It was an odd thing. Most people would climb off to the side to give her back some rest. Of course, she could support his weight and the weight of a dozen elephants with ease. It was weird. One of the tiny ways they weren’t a normal couple, weren’t just Bill and Nancy the nice, kinda hip, couple that lived an upper middle class life in Dallas. Though this precise thing wouldn’t be obvious.

She turned her back and not so much tossing him off her and throwing him into the middle of the Atlantic, but nudging him as she put him beside her. She turned and just held, even if he didn’t say anything, him in her arms like she was a normal woman and he was a normal man but, well, that was fiction. Or was it?

She looked down at her stomach. They would have a normal baby.


“So” said Atomica “10,000 … personally delivered by me”

“When he hears your voice on the radio he will give us the coordinates at 6 tomorrow. You have to be there within one minute.”

She was talking to the police chief of St Louis sitting in his, full of pictures, office. Politicians often had lots of pictures. Him with the president, him with, she thought, a senator she recognized. Him with a bunch more people, who were probably important. Not her, but she wondered if by this time the deal was over he would get one. Thanks.

“Our detectives think it is a trap.” he added.

“No Shit.” she said “This isn’t my first rodeo. People try stupid things all the time. This is more elaborate than normal. When were they kidnapped?”

“On their way to school”

She saw the pictures. Three kids about 10 from a Southern area of the city, two boys and a girl. Very cute. There was something haunting about the girl’s green eyes and her dusty skin.

“The most innocent shall suffer.” she sighed closing her eyes for a second “The most innocent shall suffer.”


“What are you going to do?” asked Bill.

“I’m going to help of course.” said Nancy “That’s what I do.”

Nancy had come home, finding it spotless head to toe and that Bill had moved his desk (she could have helped or actually done that and pretended to use Bill’s help) into a spot in the living room, leaving the spare room into a space that resembled a would-be bedroom. There were still a couple of bookcases, filled with the kind of computer games a baby shouldn’t play.

“I mean it sounds dangerous.” said Bill

“Well …” said Nancy “Pretty much everyday I go out there is dangerous, but not really … I fight monsters and meteors and … well … I am pretty tough, if you haven’t figured it out.”

Bill shook his head “But this is the unknown and that’s always scary.”

Nancy laughed at this, though she didn’t think it was a joke. “Well, yes. I suppose and

“I mean: I know you go out there everyday and everything.”

“I’m invulnerable.” said Nancy “If I start doubting that I couldn’t do my job. I have never encountered any Kryptonite, or magic bullets, or any of that …”

“I worry.” said Bill

She moved over and hugged him. “I know. When I told you all about this that was my big concern. Not that I was in danger, but that you would be scared for me.”

“I’m sure plenty of people are afraid for you.” said Bill.

“But they don’t love me like you do. All they see is this kind of flying goddess.”

She stopped before she ranted. She had caught herself doing that rant numerous times before, but stopped.

“Well,” he said “It’s not like I could stop you … so what do you want for dinner?”

He had said that before. A number of arguments had ended with some variation of it and she supposed that – when you thought about it – wasn’t really about her superpowers. She was an intelligent adult being, who could make her own choices regardless of her partner and she knew he respected her as that.

As they decided for pizza (he or, occasionally, she cooked often but he was tired from moving furniture). She was glad for the undercurrent. What he didn’t mention.

She wasn’t crime fighting for one any more.

She moved a hand to her stomach. She still didn’t look terribly pregnant, but how long would it be. She could see that the flat plane of her stomach wasn’t flabby … but it felt less flat. Her abs were still there … they would always be there in fact, the baby wasn’t on top of them, but behind them … yet …

She sighed.


She stood in the task force center of the Saint Louis police department. The room felt like someone had spent a lot of time and effort to design a cool professional space – in 1996 – and had updated the computers a couple of times, which made it look less cool.

Still, she sighed and closed her eyes at 6:00 o’clock a dozen people were in the room.

“We have the call.” a voice came.

“Put it on speaker.” she said.

She heard the voice of the person “Are you really there?” said a kind of tinny voice. It sounded mad, not necessarily in the sense of insanity, but in the sense that there was some unknown slight, some secret anger that was pushing him forward into some destructive path.

“Yes.” she said calmly.


“Do you have means to doubt me?” she asked over the empty air without even a phone hook to intermediate.

“It looks like the phone signal is being modulated.” said a voice

“No matter.” he said “Don’t bother I’ll tell you right where I am. I am at 345 West Albrow in Platte City Kansas. Did you get that? Goggle it.”

“I think they did.” said Atomica

“Good, be there with the money within 80 seconds … from

She didn’t even hear him. She moved at super speed out of the room, faster than the people could see. Someone, she noted had opened a window for her. Huh, that shaved off 1 seconds from her trip. Thanks.

Within less than a second she was in the air. Platte City was about 400 miles away on the other side of the state. It was obscure, she would give it that, and she had never been anywhere nears it.

Overall it took her about 23 seconds.

She instantly saw her target and landed. It was a large moving style van, with a large behind. She landed behind it. The first impulse would be to crush it but, well, kids maybe inside it.

Instead she saw him walk out. He wasn’t old, but aged. It was the look of a man of about 40, who had a very hard very severe life that had vexed him. He looked at her.

“Right where I want you.” he smiled

“I have the money.” Atomica said with a bag. With money. She didn’t intend to pay the money but, well, money was useful.

“Where are the kids?” she asked

“Right over there.” he said pointing across the street to three kids-about 8-10 sitting on a curb, like in a picture. One of them looked at her and, for a second, his eyes caught hers: these kinds of mournful, sad eyes suggested an infinite story of pain, but also tiredness, over the last 72 hours, now that it was over now that she was …

She felt it.

She looked in front of her to see the back of the cab had been pushed open and a giant ray gun like device – like a laser you would mount on the top of a building or in a mad scientist lab.

A 10hundreth quarter of a second latter – too fast for even her to react – it hit her. A blast of powerful light, an instantaneous blast of pure blinding kinetic force … unlike anything she had ever felt before.

It did nothing to her.

Well, it did hit her in the stomach and as it did, it singed the bottom of her top leaving a hole near, but not on, her boobs … but … nothing.

Nothing …

She was fine

Wait a second. Was it hitting her baby?

She moved out of the way at super speed, literally traveling a half mile in less then a second in a mad dash to get away …

As she did she realized: maybe the villain would steal the children back.

She flew back in another instant.

As she did, she flew over the truck but didn’t go down right away. She watched as the man got up walked forward to the ray and smiled dancing in glee. Just utter contented glee. As if a life’s work has been completed, as if the goals had been met and that, for the first time in forever, he could just smile and kick up his feet.

Then she realized. She had been hit by the gun for about a second … disappeared in a flash … which was probably close enough to.


Atomica did not kill people. She didn’t. That was a basic rule of being a superhero and she followed it. Because, well, someone with her power and her sense of morality couldn’t get around it from whatever angle. It was wrong. If you don’t have a wrong in this business you’re …

So it should be stated this. In this exact moment, in this moment floating over a dancing homicidal kidnapping son of a fucking bitch, who had tried to kill her and her baby, who had tried that … she never ever wanted to kill someone as much as she did. She had the rage before, but it was never this white-hot fluttering into red in her eye. Never quite the sudden urge to kill. No one would ever miss him not a second. Hell, he was threatening kids. Or had and …

She paused, as she often did in moments like this thought of Bill. He was probably waiting up, worried sick about her and she would have to tell him. She would have to look him in the eye …

Not because of what it made her feel … but because what it would do to him.

Because she loved him. As this happened. She would have to remember that.

So, perhaps even more gently then she normally did, she flew down and grabbed him. Even more gingerly than she normally did, she reached into the device, grabbed a strip of metal, put it around his arms and pushed him to the ground, but not hurt him in the least.

She called over to the children, who looked at her and felt the recognition in there eyes. Recognition of, maybe, fame – but that wasn’t the proper word really – awe. She was in the most literal sense of all their hero. Most literally, sense of awe.


She flew home an hour or so latter. The man was in custody. The children were on the way home.

When she heard the voice in her ear a hundred feet from her window.

It wasn’t a big disaster. A cruise ship was taking on water in the Mediterranean. They had life boats of course. Causalities would be light if anything and she wanted to get home. To think. Because she had a lot of thinking about the next step, her reactions and what to do as a pregnant super being.

But, well, if she didn’t help, she couldn’t look him in the eye either on that one.

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