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The Phoenix Initiative – Prologue

Written by papayoya1 :: [Saturday, 20 October 2018 14:09] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 20 October 2018 22:51]

Considerably improved thanks to Conceptfan.


Colonel Christian Rhodes walked along the corridor of the motel, looking at the numbers on the doors as he went. It was more out of custom than need, since Christian would have been able to get to room 1023 with his eyes closed if he had wanted to.

He felt his heart accelerating when he finally reached the cheap wooden door and removed the keycard from his wallet. At that precise moment, the thrill he felt from his weekly meeting clearly outweighed the guilt he felt about Martha and the boys.

The electronic lock beeped, the light turned green and a smile appeared on his face as he pushed the door open. Then, his excitement died in an instant and was replaced by an intense fear.

Objectively, the woman waiting naked in bed for him was as alluring, if not more, than Allison. Rhodes, who had always had a weak spot for women, had instantly became attracted to her distinctive Polynesian features once the young lawyer had awakened from her coma. This was before he had come to know her better. Arrogant, short-tempered and rebellious, she had given them all sorts of trouble before she finally ended up breaking out of the facility, having first killed a researcher and two guards.

Recovered, after the initial freeze of seeing her in bed, Christian hesitated on what to do. He shot a glance at the still open door over his shoulder. It did not go unnoticed by the woman in bed, who addressed him with the deep and sensual voice he had enjoyed at first and had learn to fear later.

“Don’t be stupid. You know it would do no good.”

Christian knew she was right. Once she had found him, he had no chance of escaping from her. He looked to the front and nodded.

“Close the door, Christian,” the woman then said.

He hesitated and then realized that the initial shock had made him forget about the most important aspect of the situation. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

“Where is Allison?” he asked, his voice unable to hide the anxiety.

“Close the door,” the woman insisted.

Christian wanted to yell at her, to jump and pound his fists at her, to hit her until she told him what she had done with his lover. Knowing that it would be useless was frustrating at a level that he had never experienced before. He had his teeth clenched when he turned slightly and pushed the door closed.

The room was only lit by the light that filtered through the window. Still, the full moon and streetlights were enough for his eyes, which had already adapted to the dark, to get a good enough picture of the scene as the woman that had been lying in bed stood up with a grace that her height should not have allowed her.

The bed groaned as the woman shifted her weight to her feet and stood to her full height. She then bent and reached for something at the opposite side of the bulky bed from Christian. He felt his blood chill when she stood back up holding a bound and gagged Allison as if she were a child.

The size difference as the menacing woman held his petite lover managed to convey her proportions in a way that the large bed had almost masked. Her head was not that far from the ceiling as she stood in a confident pose, looking almost like the perfect mix of a WNBA player, a fitness model and a centerfold.

The Flare had done wonders on to Nicole Keilani, as it had with the other three girls. Christian had seen pictures of her from before the incident and she had been undeniably beautiful, but the pictures had nothing to do with the sheer perfection standing in front of him now.

In her hand, Allison looked like a doll, even if the lingerie she was wearing highlighted every inch of her curvy but petite 5’2” body. Nicole was holding her two feet off the ground without any apparent effort.

“Your secretary, Christian? That has to be a classic!” the sculptural woman said.

“Don’t hurt her!” Colonel Rhodes said, his voice sounding more afraid than assertive. “She’s done nothing to you!”

Just then, Allison tried to scream, but her attempt was muffled by the gag. Nicole frowned and simply shook the petite woman with disdain.

“Shut up, darling!”

“Let her go!” Christian yelled.

Nicole looked back at him and shrugged. And then, she dropped Allison to the floor. She hit it with a loud thud. He thought he could hear her sobbing through the gag, but Nicole’s voice came back and masked the sound.

“Come here” she said softly as she beckoned him with a finger. She was stark naked, the pale light coming through the curtains highlighting each and every muscle of her perfect figure.

It was the last thing Colonel Rhodes wanted to do. It is what he did, each step bringing him closer to the woman that he both lusted after and dreaded.

“You were never bashful,” Christian said between his teeth.

“You were expecting a naked woman. I did not want to make my presence too startling,” Nicole replied with a smirk.

Christian Rhodes look down to see the bound body of his lover squirming behind Nicole’s feet, then sighed and looked up at the intruder. He was a reasonably tall man, but he could not prevent feeling dwarfed, like every time he stood next to one of the girls. The fact that it was Nicole, with everything she represented, made it worse.

His head could basically make it reached as high as her disproportionate and impossibly erect breasts. When she stooped a little to push him with her unyielding mounds, Christian knew that the disposition had been on purpose.

“Enjoying the view, Colonel?” she asked in a mocking tone.

Her hand, delicate despite being quite larger than his own, reached for his shirt and took a fistful of it before lifting him up like a helium balloon.

“I’m up here, though” the Hawaiian woman said with a smile as she brought their faces level.

Christian’s feet were dangling a foot-and-a-half off the ground, but he resolved not to scream and kick. The last thing he wanted was to give Nicole further reason to keep bullying him.

“What the hell do you want?” he snapped.

It only made the amazon chuckle.

“I’ve been looking forward to having a quiet conversation with you.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

Nicole did not reply. She just raised her oversized right foot and placed it on Allison’s back, covering almost all of it. Then, she started pushing. The moans of extreme pain were noticeable even with her mouth covered.

“Ok!” Christian let out.

Nicole removed her foot from Allison right away and chuckled.

“I knew you could be reasonable.”

She then sat on the bed, making the heavy-looking piece of furniture groan once more, and brought the colonel to her lap, cradling him like a baby. It was meant to humiliate him. It was successful.

“What do you want?” Rhodes asked. He was almost pleading.

“I want to know about Sully’s side project,” Nicole said.

Christian’s mind had been too focused on the immediate danger to facing him and his lover to consider the threat Nicole represented beyond that. He had only just realized this mistake, and judging from the large woman’s reaction, it had shown on his face.

“I… it’s above my clearance level,” he replied, realizing that denying the project was not an option anymore.

“I know,” Nicole said, which made him feel hopeful for a while. “But you can point me in the right direction,” she added.

“Why me, then?” Christian asked. She was right. If he talked, Nicole would know more about the project than if he did not, but she would still not know enough.

“Easy. You were the weakest link,” she said. “And I’ve been looking forward to meet you again. I had to leave without saying goodbye.”

This reactivated Christian’s rage.

“You killed three people!”

“They were in my way,” Nicole said softly with a shrug. Then, she closed her hand around his skull and started applying pressure, increasing his pain to unbearable levels in a fraction of a second. “I trust you are smarter than they were, though.”

“Ok!” he groaned. The pain vanished immediately.

“Talk, then,” Nicole urged him.

“If I do, will you let her go?” Christian asked her.

“If you talk, I’ll give you what you want,” Nicole replied.

Revealing secrets he had sworn to protect made Colonel Christian Rhodes feel miserable. It improved as he went on, though. Nicole did not interrupt him much, only to get some clarifications or to nudge the explanation in the direction she was interested. Eventually, he had nothing left to explain. Nicole seemed to understand.

“Those were good directions,” she said with a smile.

“You’re going to kill me,” Christian said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I would say it’s not personal, but both you and I know that would not be exactly true,” Nicole said.

“We always treated you well,” Rhodes said.

“Well?” Nicole asked with a laugh. “You mean, well as in a bed, a roof and three hot meals per day? Well, excuse me if I saw a little bit beyond that and realized about the lab rat aspect, and double-guessed Lindbergh’s intentions. Are you close enough to using the rest of the girls as publicity stunts? Or would you rather explore their military suitability first? Or maybe you don’t want to risk any of that until you can finally use all the research we were so gladly taking part in to develop a weapon that can kill us?”

“You don’t know that!” Rhodes screamed.

“Yet you are not denying it,” Nicole replied in a soft tone. “In any case, what I know is that I am a free woman, who went through three crappy months in unbearable pain and that you have no right to keep me locked away from the world. I bought your crap about society not being ready for my new conditions and skills for long enough. And then I realized that you have neither any rights nor any power over me. If society isn’t ready for me, then that’s society’s fucking problem!”

“You stand out too much!” Christian said.

“And what’s the fucking problem with that?”

“Well, there may be something, since you escaped three weeks ago, and you essentially vanished.”

“That’s because I’m the one who is not ready yet. And I’m not too keen on the idea of having you use the other three girls on me.” Nicole said.

“They will find you.”

“We’ll see about that. I have some very resourceful friends,” Nicole said.

There were a few seconds of silence. Then, the amazon said:

“I think it’s time, Christian.”

“Let Allison go first,” Colonel Rhodes pleaded.

Nicole smiled. The evilness of the gesture made him freeze.

“I told you I would give you what you wanted. And believe me, I’ve known what you wanted ever since you first set your eyes on me.”

Without further word, the massive woman used her free hand to push her mammoth breasts apart. Christian yelled when her other hand pushed his head between the two massive and strangely solid mounds of flesh, muffling his screams in the process.

“You know, Christian? One thing that still surprises me is how you guys didn’t find out about the details of my previous life in your background checks. I know you went through everything, but somehow, you never dug deep enough when it came to my sexual preferences,” she said.

Christian wiggled and kicked, but it was piece of cake for Nicole to hold him in place.

“You know, I’m a vigorous girl. I always was. I got into sex early enough, but it failed to be as satisfying as I expected. I naturally started looking for ways to make the most out of my sex-life, and I tried some very wild stuff, but I could not find anything that fulfilled me until I discovered S&M.”

Rhodes kicking became wilder just then, but Nicole just giggled and kept him in place.

“Can you imagine, Christian? Feeling all this strength in my body, knowing the things I could do with it… and not taking advantage of it? Can you imagine the self-control that required? I’ve been a very restrained woman, Christian. But that’s about to end!”

Just then, Nicole pushed her breasts together. Colonel Rhodes’ skull never stood a chance and it crushed like a grape as her two unyielding mounds were pushed against each other with the force of a hydraulic press. The crunching sound was sickening for everyone but Nicole, who moaned in delight as she felt the gore spreading over her chest.

She enjoyed the feeling for a few more seconds before letting go, making the headless corpse of Christian Rhodes roll onto the bed.

Then, she stood up and headed for the bathroom. Allison’s body was kicking wildly on the floor, right on her path. Nicole did not even divert her path to plant her massive foot on Allison’s back and rest her entire, substantial weight on it. The petite woman’s kicks died in an instant, as Nicole’s sole crushed her in half.

The motel’s shower looked ridiculously small as Nicole tried to maneuver her prodigious body into it. Fresh and clean after a certain degree of contortionism, she put her baggy clothes back on and moved Allison’s body from the floor to the bed. It took her no effort to roll the two corpses in the bedsheets and make a bundle with them.

It was late enough at night that there was no one around to be attracted by her height. In any case, all they would have seen would have been a rather tall woman carrying a bundle on her back, without knowing just how easy it was for her to hold the weight of what used to be two people.

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