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Tales of An 'Mazing Girl: Soylent Green is …

Written by castor :: [Tuesday, 21 January 2014 23:50] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 04 February 2014 22:15]

Sarah felt trepidation, more so then she had in a fair amount of time. Calling it fear would be a little far, but giddy would be too far in the other direction. Trepidation.

She was about 90% sure that she was going to have sex tonight.

Now this was reasonably rare for her. She had had sex in the last year or so – as recently as last week, in fact, with her likely sex partner. About 6 times either way. But never at 90 percent. Never with the sense of, 'yeah, this is going to happen tonight'.

But she was not … absolutely sure.

And which did she want?

It was a Friday night, and Sarah had had a decent day at work. She had gotten a fair amount done on props for a medical office, which were always fun. Two days before Lana had called – using a phone, something Sarah was sure that the Eternal Flame would never deign to use – it would interfere with her mysteriousness – but yes, apparently by pressing a series of numbers on a keypad Lana could call her and speak to her, asking her if she wanted to do anything Friday night. In so many words.

Sarah knew the game. This 'being a superhero' game. It could be mind bogglingly busy: A crisis was always coming up, and 'Mazing Girl always had to save the city. Or somedays, ehh. You had go out and look for trouble, and often (but not always) find it but, yeah: she could take a night off. Of course, predicting which night was which …

But Sarah said yes.

And so it was decided that, after going to the art museum the week before, Sarah would come over and they would watch Soylent Green.

For those not familiar Soylent Green: It's a movie about overpopulation. Soylent Green is, in some ways, kind of dated … but interesting. Soylent Green … made in the period between Planet of the Apes, which was a huge hit, and Star Wars, which was a bigger hit … in a period where big budget sci fi movies could be about ideas. Soylent Green is visually interesting, occasionally hammy in spots, and some of the sci fi ideas are a tad dated in places, prescient in others (the virtual reality scene at the end was a trip). Soylent Green is, probably, the movie that invented Cyberpunk, without having any cyber or punk.

Soylent Green … was a movie she had on Blue Ray. Even though it had never been released on Blue Ray. Because, well, she was amazing, and she had the kind of connections to make that happen.

(Actually, it had been released on Blue Ray in a limited edition, but Sarah did not have the power to know that. She could toss around cruise ships though, so best not to take that away from her)

But as she sat in her her car wearing normal work clothes – or, in fact, slightly better and sexier then normal work clothes, that to a casual eye would look like work clothes - and spent a couple of minutes doing her makeup. She wondered if Lana (the dark mysterious avenger called the Flame, who went through the city burning things) would be impressed. Sarah was a pretty-ish curvy girl, who had a tad of earthiness to her. She was the most powerful woman in the city, and an behind-the-scenes person in the TV industry, though she didn't have any tattoos. She had a cat, an apartment and …

She was a she.

That shouldn't really get her she thought but there you go.

Sarah had, 3 times, what might be called sexual contact with women, counting the previous weeks escapade. Prior to that it had happened twice. It had all, as the expression went, made sense at the time. Or, more correctly, alcohol and laughs had made it make sense at the time. This didn't quite make sense.

But here she was, with a fellow superhero, nonetheless. Well, life was funny. At some point a comics company (not DC, or Marvel, but Boom. You can be forgiven for not hearing about them) had come to her and suggested Her own Comic book. Turning it down had been the hardest thing in her life, 'cause well, without her secret identity, what was there to her life? 'Mazing Girl was kind of a bland, pleasant hero, for the most part, who tried to save the day. It felt slightly detached. Also because her agent had pointed out that the comic involved giving away some of her life rights if they ever wanted to make a movie about her, which he thought someday could get top dollar.

But the point was: her life was funny. I am not sure why I went on that tangent.

Sarah climbed out of her car and walked to the door, going through Lana's very large front yard. Looking at the house – the word mansion may not describe it … but, well … the English language didn't quite contain the words otherwise. Sarah looked into a driveway and saw a Lexus. She looked over a landscaped space that looked fairly impeccable, in a vaguely Tudor way. She looked on at a piece of property in the heart of Los Angeles that was impeccable and beautiful.

And here she was in jeans and a nice-ish shirt/blouse type thing, holding a DVD and a Little Caesar's Mushroom Pizza. She felt a little weird, like a delivery woman instead of someone who was 90% likely going to have sex with the owner.

Which she had almost forgot.

Mentally it had been a long two minutes.

But she knocked on the door and heard distinct weird buzzing noises … and the door was open. Like weird things unlocking and …

There was Lana. There was the Flame. Wearing a camisole style tank-top and yoga pants. She looked … slightly less dressed then Sarah. Huh?

"Whats that?" asked Lana.


"The pizza box."

"Little Caesar's."

Lana paused. "That's vaguely familiar. They sell two pizzas, and they have a man in a toga as there mascot."

Sarah paused. "No. Well … maybe was that the case. Anyway, this was one of those pizza's, if you go over, they have ready. I picked some up …"

Lana considered. "I can't recall the last time I had pizza like that. Or really any. This will be fun."

Sarah shook her head. Huh?

They entered, and went to a living room that wasn't really the size of her condo. That would be unfair to her space. She had two bedrooms after all. This one was maybe … 60%. That sounded right. It was however very nice, with lots of soft woods, and house plants, and shit. A good space. With a large TV and a really large couch, which sitting on Sarah got the distinct impression had never been sat on before – not that it was new, and this was entirely an elaborate rouse to capture her and take over … but well … it just hadn't been used.

She looked at Lana, who sat on the other end of the couch. Who was she?

They put the video in, and it started … straight into the movie, as legal – but not studio issued – Blue Ray played.

Soylent Green took some time to setup its story. Soylent Green is, basically, a murder mystery set in an over-populated future, a world that appears to be going through something similar to the Greenhouse Effect, though that term didn't exist when the film was made. Prescient.

Sarah watched it … but she also watched Lana.

She also ate pizza.

And so did Lana, who, Sarah watched eat pizza. It was dainty. She wasn't a pizza blotter, but she ate it..and it … it was something. Sarah wasn't a watcher of food but this was something.

This was getting to be a complicated event.

Lana, of course, had never watched the movie, so it was new to her. This wasn't an action movie, really, and definitely not a comedy – so there wasn't a lot of thrills, chills or laughs.

Yet after the pizza was over, Lana moved over and put her arms around Sarah.

"So, what is the secret of the Soylent Green?" asked Lana as they leaned together.

"You really don't know?" asked Sarah.

"No," said Lana. "As I mentioned, I never watched the movie before … but it's interesting."

"A heatwave all year long … a greenhouse effect …" Charleston Heston was saying in the movie.

No … wait. This was made in 1972. Sarah thought that the greenhouse effect wasn't something they discovered until the 80's. Damn, this was prescient. But there was a question …

"Oh. Soylent Green … lets watch the movie."

Lana nodded. "It's fun to watch movies. I don't really do it much. I fell out of the habit at some point.

"The movie looks neat," said Sarah.

"You work in that industry, don't you?" asked Lana.

"Props," said Sarah, "I do props"

Sarah looked on ,feeling a shoulder next to her. "I came into art design – it's kind of movies like this that caused me to get into it – it's an evocative world. Richard Fliesher the director was never all that great with actors or anything, but he's good at making the movie look interesting."

Lana nodded."It's a take on what people in the 70's would call today. Not so much the future but, today."

"Doctor Doolittle, Conan, The Fantastic Voyage … he just had an eye for visual detail."

Lana nodded "This isn't a painting, but it's something to see."

Which Sarah felt. And she put her arm back around her and drew Lana into her. Lana didn't object. And she really couldn't object, now, could she? Sarah was a thousand times stronger then her.

They sat for almost an entire act in silence. Two people together.

"I wanted to be an art director," said Sarah. "But other then some porn, and a couple of other really low budget stuff, I never got into it, so I went into props. It's easier to do with my other life."

Lana nodded.

"Know the feeling."

And then she kissed her.

Sarah hadn't remembered if they had actually kissed before. It was perhaps a shame of their relationship – if that's what they had. Sex was still a blur to her, the simple bit where their lips met had never quite happened.

But it happened now. Lana was a good kisser. It wasn't sweetness, it wasn't passion, but it was there. There was a power to the kiss, a sense that Sarah was vaguely connecting something to somehow that was tangible. Sarah was with someone. and that's what it was. Now there was no question. Something existed …

And as Lana felt her arms … then nuzzled her head in her boobs with strange passion for a passionless woman, it was very sexual.

Now Sarah was up to 91 … 94% …

Now that was a hand undoing her pants. This was a go.


They stopped the movie. Sarah was simply holding Lana in her arms a bit. It was a weird sensation, one that she felt wasn't bad. Some of the tension was gone. Now she definitely knew. Lana wasn't a friend in the same industry who she'd had a one-time fling with. That was a weirdly cheery sensation. To think beyond any thoughts of girlfriend or fuckbuddy, or any other words one would ascribe, now they definitely weren't that.

Which kind of removed some of her power.

Sarah had once read that supergirls gained a lot of the power from their costume, from their attitude. To simply take off there clothes and have sex with them – to remove their mask took that away. That, hell, that was true of just about any woman to a degree. A nude woman was a nude woman. A nude woman, in this case, with an extremely large bush. This was sexist and dehumanizing, but it was a fallacy to say a woman couldn't do that. She tickled Lana's pubic hair. It was fuzzy. A rats nest, but fuzzy. Huh.

Sarah smiled. Was there any pizza left?

Then … she felt something.

"Need to go," said Sarah abruptly.


"Superhero stuff now."

And Sarah got up.

And realized that she had left her superhero bag in the car.

And she was naked.

She grabbed her shirt, and was out of the door in like 2 seconds, before realizing she had parked on the street about 40 feet away … and well, doing anything more would remove the immediate emergency that was needed. despite the fact that she was pantsless, I repeat pantsless.

Well, she put her costume on when she got to the car.

Because she was going …


'Mazing landed 10 miles out to sea.

"Mazing girl!" said a guy, probably the Captain. "I never expected this."

Sarah stood in the crows nest.

"Oh! You're Amazing Girl!" said a sailor with a Greek accent. "I excepted someone taller!"

'Mazing Girl got that occasionally. But very rarely, as she was a decent height.

And ever more rarely on ships that were swarming with pirates.

Actually, 'swarming' may have been overstatement.

"There's about five of them," said the Captain. "We were parking off the harbor, ready to get into port tomorrow. We put out a call to the Coast Guard, but they're coming."

'Mazing Girl nodded. The Coast Guard was loud … she wasn't.

She heard automatic fire. Well, Sarah thought, she had surprise on her side, but that was gone now.

"Normally with pirates, they try to take the crew," the Captain told her.

"Is there anything valuable, on the ship or anything?" said 'Mazing Girl.

"Dunno," said the Captain. "We don't have a manifest."

Sarah didn't know that, but would read that the next day. Most ships these days litterally had no idea what was being carried in order to avoid thieves. Fun fact. Except for the pirates. and who knows, pirates could be fun.

Especially when Sarah looked down from the raised dais to see that at least one of the pirates had an impressive beard.

"I got everyone on board up here," said the Captain.

"There's only 8 of you," observed Sarah.

"Standard crew size these days."

Sarah read a lot the next day about the modern day transport industry. It was neat. Her granddad was a sailor.

That was it. He sailed.

But in the meantime

"Stay here," said Sarah "We'll try to get our pirate friends."

"They're no friend of me," said the Greek sailor.

"It's an expression."


Sarah casually jumped 30 feet down from the nest to the main floor, making a loud thump.

She walked over.

She saw a boat with a guy in it.

Best to cut off their escape. She had a working theory. There was something really valuable on-board. These pirates were there to get it. In Los Angeles Harbor, which wasn't exactly Somalia. Find it, get out. Smash and grab.

Sarah jumped, and landed in what looked to be a speed boat.

And then went through the bottom of the not-as-strong-as-you-might-think boat.


Sarah didn't go all the way through. She grabbed the bottom with her arm but, she was still half in the water when she did.

The guy in the boat was looking very surprised, but got himself together and started to shoot at her with an AK-47.


This was hurting.

And then she felt bellow her that a shark bit her.


The shark cinched her legs a bit – not in a painful way.

But then he let go. Sarah knew that sharks tended to attack by taking a bite, letting go, and waiting for you to bleed out. Except she wasn't bleeding all that badly in the scheme of things. It was more like a scrape on her knee than a wound normally inflicted by sharks teeth.

It was the AK that was hurting.

She let go of the top of the boat and was underwater. The bullets were no longer hitting.

The shark -who dimly looked like some kind of reefer, not a great white, but a reef shark – was away with a kind of smug, 'any minute now I am going to have human flesh' kind of way.

Sarah punched him for being stupid. He quickly swam away.

Then Sarah grabbed the edge of the small boat, and overturned it and the guy. He dropped his gun and screamed.


Sarah grabbed the guy (not leaving him for the sharks) and with one arm climbed up a rope to the main deck of the boat. She took the rope afterward, and tied him up.

"So, where are the rest of your guys?"

"No hablo … no speak English."

"Oh, come on, you're clearly Greek," Mazing Girl observed.

"And that makes me speak English?" the guy demanded.

Sarah sighed.

Then Sarah scanned the deck, and she saw Beardy. She liked Beardy.

She ran up to him at about 50 miles an hour, and then politely taped his shoulder.

"Drop your gun."

He did so.

Nice guy, Beardy.

She picked him up and ran 50 miles an our back to the other guy, and used more of the rope to tie Beardy up. She didn't bother questioning him, as she liked him to much to be annoyed.

Okay 2 … that was 3 more and …

She heard shots.

On the far side of the boat someone was shooting. No … wait … was it a boat or a ship? She knew there was a difference.

Again, next day: Wikipedia.

But now, she walked toward the gunman with a moment of caution. He didn't nearly have a beard – but he did keep shooting.

And shooting.

it's fun to say that 'Mazing Girl got shot and shot dozens of times before his gun ran out of bullets. And they did run out … but none of them actually hit her or anything.

It's hard to shoot a gun at, what … 10:30 already?

He looked down to reload.

She grabbed his gun and turned it into make-shift handcuffs – she needed a funny name for them, like a Coney Island white fish, or something.

Then she noted something … why he was shooting.

There were about a dozen boats. Some of which looked like they carried Navy Seals.

What were they carrying on this ship?

Was it soylent green?

Ahh … she didn't care.


The first Coast Guard came 5 minute latter aboard ship. There were two more guys on the ship, theoretically, but she left them for the Coast Guard. She and Navy Seals had a thing she didn't want to get into, 'cause of that one time … with the noodles. Not a good scene … besides …

She jumped 10 miles over the harbor. The water was pretty at night.

She thought about going home. But she had her stuff back at Lana's … including her car and her wallet. And..

The entire thing had taken 45 minutes by the time she knocked on Lana's door, still in costume.

More weird noises, and Lana came down and opened it.

Lana had dressed again as well. "'Didn't know if you'd come back."

Sarah nodded. "Left my stuff."

"I took the liberty of folding it neatly for you," said Lana, "If you want to come in."

Sarah did see that Lana had cleaned up. The space was once again immaculate, clean whites, nice spaces.

Sarah got dressed in another room, putting on her street clothes. She didn't have her costume bag, but that was clearly enough.

"So," said Lana.

Was this the end? Of the date – and they had sex, so it probably was a date. Was it the end of the them?

And Sarah realized the most important revelation of the night.

She didn't want it to. She wanted to spend some more time in this weird immaculate house, and watch movies with Lana … and be.

She was people. Lana was a real person who was very, very, different from Sarah, but had something.

"Do you want to watch the rest of the movie?" asked Sarah.


And so they sat down and watched. And had two pieces of cold pizza. They only had, like, 20 minutes of a very trippy, weird climax. The movie was known for its ending. But that was actually the second act break, as Charleston Heston tried (and failed) to save to the day. It wasn't great …

But Lana was … people. The movies where people, and for the time being at least. Lana was her … people.

And that was the secret of Soylent Green.


"Oh! they're all cannibals!" said Lana after it was over. "That's pretty dark."

The End …

(special thanks to Dru for editing and proofreeding)

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