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Miss Dynamo

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It was another day in the life of Rebecca Stowe. She struggled to get up out of bed … her husband had raped her for yet another day, and she hated it with a passion. She was sore, and didn’t feel like moving regardless of how hard she tried. The only saving grace she had was that some of the cosmic powers that her had made her husband the renowned hero Mr. Dynamo went through her veins, for a time, given her by his super-powered semen and granting her a temporary boost in physical strength, healing, and speed. As hurt as she was, most of the power was used to bring her back to full health, allowing her to get sit up after about 30 minutes having recovered from internal injuries that would be fatal to most women, considering how bad she was violated.

“Another day and another power fuelled raping. I swear … will it ever end? I know his powers are trying to take him over, and it takes every bit of will he has to keep himself as a decent person, some of itstill comes out and it makes him want to torture me constantly. If I had the cosmic super strength, speed, invulnerability, and super senses he had … things would be so different.”

“Hey! Stop moping about up there! I hear you waking up. How about making me me some breakfast woman!”

As angry as she was, Rebecca knew she was powerless against her cosmically charged husband. Looking down at herself she saw the residual effects of the powers from her husband. She was slimmer, sexier, taller, and had bigger breasts that pushed her top to its limit. Her butt was firmer too, and she had a flat and sexy stomach as well. Seeing herself naked in her own bed was slightly enjoyable but she knew the power would fade as it always did and she would go back to being the normal woman she always was, losing about 4 inches in height and her above average looking features. As she was at that moment, she was easily one the sexiest women on the planet. Even her face looked about 10 years younger. Once again the sound of her husband’s angry yelling kept her from enjoying her body as she got up out of bed and got changed into some normal clothes and went down stairs.

The man she was married to was a tall stud about 6 foot 8 inches with powerful muscles and an awesome physique. He looked like the superman many kids saw in the comic books come to life, and Rebecca loved looking at her man even though he rapes her everyday and she knew it all too well. Wearing a T shirt and jeans, that were too tight as usual, only aroused Rebecca. She had a difficult time focusing on cooking as hot as he looked in her eyes.

“Well, how about my breakfast Rebecca? Come on now!”

“Right. I’ll have it ready in no time, okay?”

It was so hard to focus on cooking, as distractingly sexy as her husband looked, and it seemed her sexual emotions were going into overdrive, especially when she wastemporarily enhanced by his power. It made it hard to focus on her cooking, but she always managed to pull it off somehow. Naturally the food was for him alone, and she had cook her own food later, but as aroused as she wasat the thought of her husband she wanted to pleasure herself right away. She went into her bathroom, locking the door, and began to play with herself as hard and fast as she could. This was always the case when she was given his power for a short time, and she couldn’t stop herself as long as she thought of her man, as gorgeous as he looked. Images of him and herself making love danced through her head, and it only made her want to go at it faster with each passing moment. She didn’t even notice that her hands were moving at a speed no human could ever match in their lifetime, and she didn’t care either. She was in there for about 30 minutes as the temporary powers began to fade and her common sense began to kick in again. Her body was ageing again, going back to its 36 year old appearance, as the other features that made her sexier than the best looking model reverted back to give her the average looking body she had before. She wasn’t that bad looking for a 36 year old woman either. She looked like she could pass for someone 30 years old without make up on and her figure naturally wasn’t all that far off from the the slightly enhanced form she’d had before, with the obvious exception being her breasts. They were naturally B cups, but in her slightly enhanced form they were firm D’s easily. When she realised where she was, Rebecca found herself in the same place she usually was at that time of the morning, and it disgusted her. Why would she even had those feelings for a man that raped her every night?

“Damn it all to hell! Why do I even listen to that man? Or take all the money he gives me to stay? Seriously … I should report him. But no … who’s going to believe that Earth’s greatest hero is raping his wife every day? No-one. He can’t be doing that … right? Grrrrr.”

Standing up and cleaning herself up, Rebecca got herself ready for work. When she went downstairs, she found a thick stack of 1000 billsin the living roomfor her to spend as she wanted. It was the same thing everyday. She kept on telling herself that she wouldn’t take it, and walked away from it. But temptation was too strong, and she always took the money. And counted it.

“More than the usual. He gave me about 70 thousand dollars this time. He usually gives me closer to 50 thousand everyday. But still, I don’t want to accept this blood money … he knows how much I love shopping and having good looking clothes and shoes to wear. If only I could just get over this stupid love I have of money and luxury. That isn’t the real reason why he gives it to me, though. But still …”

Trying to put the money back on the table, she found out that she couldn’t and put it in her purse before she went to work.

Her trip to work was also as it always was: Stuck in rush hour traffic. She never wanted to listen to the radio, either. If she did, she would hear about what good feat her husband was doing in some remote part of the world and she got so sick and tired of it. She worked for a magazine that focusedspecifically on entertainment, and since she lived in LA she was right where it was all happening, without going very far. As she arrived, the other co-workers she had, especially the female ones, were watching the news. Rebecca’s husband was lifting a tanker ship, by himself, caught in a storm in the Pacific. He was taking it to safety, and dropping it off in the Philippines. Refusing to watch it, she just went to her desk and began to get to work.

“Why don’t you like hearing about the good thing this hero does Rebecca? Come on. You never let yourself watch the news when he saves someone from some great peril.”

“Anna, all you guys care about is watching him in that tight costume he is wearing. Seriously: Get over it.” She raised her voice so the others were sure to hear. “I expect the ladies to do that, but why do you guys follow him? All he really is, is a glory hog.”

“You are right about that, but hearing about him saving people is better than hearing about constant killing and murders going on. I like hearing about the good news once in awhile.” 1 male coworker said

“I tend to agree with Cody, but still: It would be nice if we knew who that bum was. It’s a shame that the government is protecting him the way they are. We should know who is protecting us. You know?”

Rebecca knew all too well what he meant. But the government had sworn her to secrecy as well. She knew that she was being watched as well, so she kept her mouth shut about his identity, even as much as she hated the bum. As the work to get the next magazine ready was happening, one of the other girls asked her how much money her husband gave her, but Rebecca refused to bring tell her.

“Come on, you have a man that will give you money just because he feels like it, and you refuse to talk about it. He must be paying you to stay quiet.”

“It isn’t like that, okay? I just don’t want to talk about it … okay? Why do you people always want to get in my business.”

“It isn’t like it is a big deal, Rebecca. Life in this office is quite boring, and you access to funds we don’t. You can’t blame us for trying to find out more, right?” another of her male coworkers pointed out.

“I keep telling idiots! There is nothing going on. Why do you keep asking me questions?”

“It’s obvious Little Miss Grouch is angrier than usual. Don’t worry, though. We will get the scoop on her mysterious mystery man soon enough.”

Even though they did bother her there about her husband, they let her do her job as a graphic designer on the magazine online. That took up most of her day usually. She worked through her breaks, and always was ahead of schedule with her deadlines. Rebecca was one of the best workers there, making the founder of the entertainment magazine proud. As she left after work that day, never talking to anyone or trying to get anyone’s attention, it seemed like she was a ghost when she left. When she left, Rebecca did get some looks, but she didn’t pay any attention to the potential male onlookers and made her way to a local store to look at the clothes there. She had a difficult time picking out what she wanted, loving everything she was looking at. Buying some of the best clothes there, and stopping in another store, Rebecca would be home until late with a small smile on her face. The act of shopping had made her forget about the raping she took before as she tried them on again in her room. She never bothered to watch the news of her husband. She focused on her work on her PC in the living room after she tried her clothes on again in her room. Her husband was away for some time, and she didn’t want him to come back. And she didn’t care about where he was, either.


After saving the tanker by flying it with his super strength and flight powers to another port, with nothing but his raw muscle power, Dynamo (as he was called) was on his way to deal with another terrorist armed with stolen weapons. But they weren’t going to stop him from having his way with them, as he looked down at them from above. Flying down to this hidden hideaway in Pakistan hidden in the mountain, Dynamo’s super senses saw them through the mountain as his cosmic vision was an improved version of X ray vision, capable of seeing through any substance – even lead – and he could even hear things through solid objects with his cosmic powers as well. He heard them from high above the mountains and charged in. Burrowing through the mountain with ease as he found his way to where most of bad guys were, inside of the mountain … in a deep cave.

Finding himself inside of a shooting gallery, with high powered guns, Dynamo wasn’t bothered any as the guns started to fire and the bullets were piling up at his feet, having been unable to harm him. All parts of his body were hit, and it didn’t matter to him any as he enjoy being shot at constantly.

“Come on guys … we have been through this before, okay? Just give it up, okay? You can’t beat me with your guns. I’ve taken direct hits from missiles and nukes, and I survived them. What makes you think your petty weapons can hurt me?”

Dropping their guns when they were out of ammo, they all ran away. But he was focused on their boss, as he made his way to where he saw the main man in charge, through the many layers of rock in his way. He flew straight in that direction. The mountain itself was nothing to him, as he went through it the same way he went through air, until he made his way to where the leader was. He had rocket launchers aimed at Dynamo as he came in through hard rock wall.

“Welcome, friend. I see you met my initial group of goons, but you won’t be able escape me.”

“Rockets don’t hurt me, idiot. I’ve been hit by so many of them I lost count. When will you people ever learn your lesson?”

“I guess we won’t. And just so you know: I am not who you think I am.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is simple. The real terrorist you are looking for died 3 days ago and I took his place. You would be shocked at who I really am. Fire on him now.”

The force from the rockets, which were made to take out tanks, in such a small area acually took out the people that shot the rockets at Dynamo. When the smoke cleared, Dynamo saw someone he thought he wouldn’t ever see again … and it made him back away. The powerful rockets destabilized the natural supports holding the small cave’s roof up, though the hero was unharmed by the powerful blasts. He would see a female with red skin, wearing a short dress. And the body of the woman looked decent..

“No way! I thought I defeated you before.”

“Have you forgotten that I gave you your powers, human? I also programmed the thought in your head that you would always hold back when it came down to the killing blow. That is why you always fail to destroy me.”

He looked concerned, and he had a difficult time maintaining his cool as the woman walked up to him with a look of confidence on her face.

“Scared of me already aren’t you, human? I gave you your wish to become the most powerful man on the planet 10 years ago, when you were nothing. And now you are the greatest hero on the planet … and you always manage to fight off the mind control that I am using to control you. I commend you for that, but it won’t save you forever. The violent lust you show to your wife tells me that you are still under my control, and you are still within my grasp.”

He tried to attack the witch, but as he did so she evaded his every move. Regardless of how fast he went. And she didn’t struggle to do it either.

“You and I share the same thoughts. I lock you out of my head with my power, but you can’t do that to me. I know of every move you make before you even make it and can alter thoughts at will. You have a powerful will, though … I will give you that much credit. You resist me better than I expected, and can summon enough power within you to fight me off … but how long can you hold out? Hmmm? The longer you hold out the tougher it gets for you.”

Every basic attack he did missed. Even at beyond hyper-sonic speed, nothing could touch her. She contained the hero in a force field, quite suddenly, after watching him miss many times. The force field wasn’t breaking easily either, even with his great power, and the alien before him was laughing at Dynamo as he struggled.

“Give it up hero. I am back again, fully rested, and you used your great power to save this pittiful little world you like so much. You have no idea of how much energy you spent doing that in the last year. You have exhausted more power than you thought you did. I will have you as my minion again, one way or another, and nothing you do will stop me, either. Not as you are right now, anyway. So, are you ready to see your useless efforts from all this time wasted?”

“I won’t give up!”

“Whatever. Time to take back my official property … and I’ll make sure to kill your wife, too, when I strip you of all of your free will.”

“You had better stay away from her!”

“Or else … what?”

In a single burst of energy he summoned from within, as the woman before him begin a lengthy chant, he was able to break the force field he was in … barely. This got her attention right away, as the last of his energy was spent hitting her while she was still focused on the chant before she could cancel it. She was sent away, hitting the opposing wall hard and making a deep hole in it, but the single burst of energy he used to break the force field also destabilised the mountain above him and caused it to fall on him suddenly. The Earth around the area trembled as a massive quake hit Pakistan due to the sudden collapse of the mountain. The Earth cracked, and it was felt from a good distance out as well.

Two days would pass. When he did finally wake up, Rebecca was looking at him. He was in the hospital in LA, though he looked good, with no bumps or bruises.

“What happened to me, honey? What are you doing here?”

“I heard you were caught in a powerful explosion, and I thought you were dead. Thank god you are alright.”

Tears of sadness on her face made him smile, and it reminded him of why he fought the witch’s control in the very beginning when he first gained his power. Though he was commanded to kill his own girlfriend at the time, she was his current wife now, Rebecca.

“I feel so calm and relaxed, and the powers aren’t flowing through me like they used to.”

“You have been cured of your sickness. You’re normal again.”

“No, he is not. The powers within him are weakened, and are recovering. They will come back, and it’s a good thing too. The influence your husband has on this world can never be explained in words. He is giving us hope for the future, and through his good deeds he’s saving us from ourselves. That is something we couldn’t do on our own. The violent rapings are a part of it, but remember this it is a side effect of the power he has.”

“I know. But still.”

“You are vital too. You are the one that made him stop attacking the world 10 years ago, when he lost control of himself after first becoming who he is now, Mrs. Stowe. You made him want to become a hero in the first place.”

“I know. But I don’t want to see him suffer anymore. I can’t help it. I want to relieve him of his pain in anyway I can, as he suffers with the mind altering effects of his unique abilities. I don’t see how I can do that though.”

“You already have darling, and you always will.”

“Thank you, Danny. You always were a great man, even when you were a scrawny guy in college before getting your wish. And you are now too. I just wish you didn’t make that request to that witch.”

“What is done is done and it can’t be undone okay. You need to focus on your life now. I’ll be fine in no time.”


In an unknown space station high over the planet, data on the event that happened during the quake in Pakistan revealed some interesting results. They had to be double and triple checked and tested in simulations but the same thing happened again and again. When the President of the US was called in from his vacation about it, you knew something bad was happening.

“Why was I called away from Camp David for this, gentleman? This had better be good.”

“It is sir. We think, no … we know that something like a black hole was formed for a moment when the that quake hit Pakistan a few days ago.”

“Are you kidding me …?”

“Don’t worry sir. It’s gone now, and our world isn’t in any danger from it, still being here, but we think something might have come out of it.”

“What makes you think that gentleman?”

“We ran scenarios in our computers, based on what we saw from our satillite footage, and it always forms what looks to be a black hole, only it worked in reverse. You could call it a white hole, basically, sir.”

“And what do you think came through?”

“Something very powerful indeed..and if it were allowed to run wild, bad things could happen. Its dimensional signature is stronger than the alien that tormented Danny Stowe.”

“What happened to it after it arrived here?”

“That’s the thing … we don’t know. It synchronized with our universe and vanished from there. It seems to have the ability to adjust its mass for any universe it enters. It could potentially be a real inter-dimensional being, the likes of which we always thought might exist, but never dreamed we’d see.”

“I want this being found, and its motives discovered one way or another. I assume news of this was kept under wraps, right?”

“Do you even need to ask, sir? There is still some uncertainty over this conclusion among many of the scientists here. But for me: I’m certain of it, personally. Based on the multitude of comprehensive simulations we ran.”

“Keep up the good work, then … and keep me informed. So, is our little insurance policy ready? Just in case it decides to go after the people of Earth?”

“His powers are back to their full power again … as expected. But he might not be strong enough to deal with the threat if it decides to attack right now, sir.”

“What plans do we have if he can’t handle it?”

“We don’t know, but we have some ideas on the drawing board that might help if the worst case scenario happens.”

“This stuff is very interesting. Keep me informed on what goes on here. I would like to enjoy my days off here while I have them.”

“Of course, Mr. President.”

Back at their home, life was back to how it was before as the violent rapings Rebecca took continued. His powers being restored seemed to make him even angrier, and she couldn’t get out of bed for a considerable amount of time … even with the temporary healing factor kicking in faster than ever. The powers within him were really trying to make Danny Stowe into an evil person, even harder than ever, but he always fought it off. As much as he loved being the strongest man on the planet, he hated how it appeared to have an evil intent to it. Since getting them back, he tried to understand what the connection was between his power and the female alien with red skin. The concern was easy to see on his face and it consumed more of his time than usual. Rebecca, on the other hand, didn’t know whether to hate him or love him since the beatings she took weren’t entirely his fault, and another part of her wanted to be separated from him so he could work out his issues in private. Her work still wasn’t affected by it all, but she didn’t bother shopping after work and went straight home after his return to full power.

7 days after seeing him return, the look of concern was really obvious when she saw him at home more often. He didn’t go out to save the rest of the world as often as he usually did, and he refused to say why he was acting like that.

After another day of work was over and done with. She sat on a bench at a nearby park next to an old woman. Rebecca looked really sad the whole time, and the old woman looked concerned and asked what was wrong. Rebecca refused to explain it at first but she would open up eventually.

“I am just having some issues with my husband, that’s all. Nothing to worry about too much.”

“Nonsense! You’re breaking apart at the seams here! I have a good luck charm that might help you.”

“I don’t believe in that kind of that thing. Sorry.”

“Just keep it for me, okay? I am an old woman and I don’t have a lot of time left among the living. The bracelet I have here helped my son get his relationship back on track, and I’m sure it can help you too.”

“I couldn’t accept it, not from a woman in her last days.”

“I insist! You keep it, please. For me.”

The emotion between them was flowing, and eventually Rebecca would take it, but she still felt guilty doing it. The bracelet had an unusual looking jewel on it, and the woman said it was a good luck stone. They would have a friendly conversation and move on from there and nothing seemed to happen after that for the rest of the day. The old lady stayed on the bench for a bit longer and walked into an alley where she vanished suddenly at a dead end.

On her way home, Rebecca had no idea of what to expect from her husband, whether he would begin to violate her, or if he would restrain himself. But either way she saw the happiness on his face when she got home. Seeing that was enough to make Rebecca happy, knowing the lover she knew deep down was still there in the hero the world knew as Dynamo. As the car came to a stop in their driveway things seemed quiet at first, and it seemed like Danny would go wild when she entered the living room. He wanted dinner at that moment and began to caress his wife’s ass turning her on making her smile.

“Do you have any requests?”

“Just go and make me something, okay woman? This body of mine makes me feel like I haven’t eaten anything in ages even after I eat everything, and I want some of your cooking.”

“Then your wish is my command honey! I love it when you rub my ass like that too.”

“I know. Now get going.”

Once she got to the kitchen something suddenly hit her, and it made her worry. The kitchen didn’t have enough food to make the amount of food she needed. Her husband was getting restless and with his emotional state as unstable as it is she didn’t want to risk angering him, knowing what would happen.

“Why aren’t you cooking anything yet honey?”

“I need to make a run to the store first.”

“Don’t worry about it then … I can think of something else I want to do now.”

Before she could say anything about it Rebecca was already in her husband’s arms as she was carried to the bed. Her clothes were torn off and he began to pleasure her.

“Honey please. You might just kill me right now.”

“Don’t worry! I will be gentle … I promise.”

It wasn’t like she had much of a choice in the matter, but initially he wasn’t trying to kill her and it seemed like he might treat her like a normal man would having sex. It was very enjoyable for her, and she was yearning for more of the same. Towards the end of the session, however, he began to get bad and she was struggling stay conscious as she felt his usual rage begin to kick in. The look on his face wasn’t what it was before. It was look he had when he was going crazy with reckless abandon. The sexual moans were quickly replaced with screams of agony as she felt the raping began, and unlike before Danny wasn’t listening to anything she was saying about speeding up or slowing down either. This was usually the point where she passed out from the overwhelming pain but this time the experience was different. She wanted him to stop, and nothing was working to make him do that. As the overflow of cosmic power began to flow into her body again, as it did (without her knowledge) from the small amount of power that was in his semen, it seemed like her body was beginning to siphon more power out of him. And the good luck stone was glowing.

As this was happening, the female alien with red skin felt an odd feeling. She felt a strange sensation coming from the man she granted a wish to. At the time she was out searching for the strange presence she felt as she woke up from being buried alive at the bottom of a collapsed mountain. From that day on, something was stalking her … and she wanted to know what is was. It had a unique cosmic presence about it as well. The sensation she felt from Mr. Dynamo was an obvious power draining effect. She managed shield herself from it, since there was no direct link to her involved, but she couldn’t tell right away what was causing it. She had to transport herself to where Mr Dynamo was to see what was happening, and it caught her offguard.

“No way! His powers are being drained out of him, and going into his stupid human wife! No! I have to stop them.”

As she tried to do this, the cosmic effect was nullified. This happened each time she tried to do it. Nothing she could think of was able stop the change, and source of the energy nullifying her power was right behind her as well.

“We can’t have you ruining my fun that soon, now, can we?” A dark and shadowy voice said as she looked back to see the faint outline of a ghost-like object as it entered her body and began to take her over, assuming her powers as well as its own power. Every last ditch effort to break free of the strange alien force failed as her face was drenched with perspiration as she tried to break free. She was even on her knees, but she did slow down the change in her body considerably. While this was happening back, at bedroom of Danny and Rebecca Stowe …

She actually felt her body reacquiring the appearance of her temporary body, but she recognized it for the first time. She was being raped as her body was getting stronger with every passing moment. Her energy level was growing as well, but it still hurt her horribly on the whole as the healing factor her body was getting barely kept her conscious as well. She would lose consciousness as the pains of being raped by her stronger husband over took her. The angry and sexually aroused out of control husband of hers, overwhelmed by the his powers, never let up. Things would change, though, as he woke up the following morning.

The next morning he was back to his normal self, without powers, and he looked to be at least 10 years older than he did the previous night. His body felt very sore, like he was put through the ringer, and every bone in his body felt like it was broken. He couldn’t move, either.

“What happened to me? Damn it! Why am I back to normal? And why is my whole body so sore all of a sudden?”

“That’s because I have all of your cosmic powers. That’s why. Do you like the new me? I do!”

A tall, sexy, amazonian beauty unlike anyone he ever saw was before him. A woman as tall as he was, at about 7 feet, was standing by the door. Naked. She had a perfect female figure with washboard abs, perfectly tanned skinned, and huge breasts. Her long red hair went all the way down her back and her fitness-model physique was making Danny hard and erect at just the sight of her.

“Wow! And who might you be?”

“Don’t tell me you can’t even recognize your own wife, honey.”

Walking up to him the gorgeous woman would lift the bed with Danny on it over her head and bench it up and down a few times before she placed it back down.

“I can see your every heartbeat through your skin. And my my … I see something else too.”

Looking down at himself, he saw his penis hard, standing at attention at that moment, as he tried to contain himself … but Rebecca carried her man up to her mouth and began to take in his load while she held him up with just one hand on his butt. The taste of his love juices was so sweet to her, and it didn’t take long for him to relieve himself inside of her waiting mouth. When she was done, he was placed back on the bed as the goddess before him licked up the remainder of his cum from the side of her mouth.

“Now I’m beginning to understand what it’s like to be like you. I can see everything on the planet, through the walls. And hear everything as well. Your power is so intoxicating. I don’t know how I got it, but I’m sure not complaining about it.”

“What’s going on? When did this happen?”

“I always felt some power before, when you dominated, but this is different though. I love how powerful these muscles feel.”

Flexing some saw a decent sized muscle form, but it wasn’t huge though … upsetting Rebecca some.

“I guess the power I feel right now doesn’t allow for a large muscle mass, but it doesn’t matter to me. I feel enough energy. Feels so good, though … hmmm.”

“This is bad we have to get you back to normal before something bad happens.”

“Me losing this power? Please! That isn’t going to happen without a fight, and I saw how useless the nukes and other weapons were against you, just like the rest of the people people of the world. The power belongs to me now, and I won’t return it either. If you want it, you will have to knock me out and take it from me by force. I don’t the people of this world are prepared for that.”

“But honey … don’t be so unreasonable damn it! Come on …”

“Sorry. I told you my answer, honey. And you can’t do anything to me now. Can you? You love looking at me … I can tell that by seeing your every thought in that pathetic little head of yours. I see the memories of all the pretty faces you laid your eyes before as a hero. You seemed to like that pretty little brownette reporter from England the most. I think her name was Chrissy, right? You were never going to tell me about her, were you?”

“You have psychic powers … but … how?”

“Apparently when a female has it, your power works more efficiently. I don’t care personally. I love it! I’m the strongest, fastest, most powerful woman on the planet! And if anyone has a beef with me, I’ll know it before they can even act on it. Anyway, the extreme hunger I have right now is almost unbearable. I am going to a food warehouse and get me some, hungry as I am right now. You had better learn to cook, too. Because when I get back from work, I’ll expect you to have a feast made for me.”

“But honey! Can we talk? Please? Surely there’s something else I can do …”

“My terms are set. I might cook for you once in awhile, if you do a good enough job keeping the house clean while I am away saving the world and going to work. Enough talk! I’m leaving now. I can already see where I’m going to go first, and I think I will have some fun with the armed government dogs there too! See you later honey.”

Taking her husband Rebecca gave him the best kiss he’d ever had, and it was a long one too. She gave him three kisses like this, melting away any will he had to make her rethink her decision. He enjoyed the kisses considerably, and began to caress her body before she placed him back down.

“If you are a good boy, and never look at any other woman, I will reward you handsomely with the chance to see me like this again. But you will have to learn how to cook and clean first. And fast. Can you do that for me darling? Hmmmm?”

“Sure! If I need to do that to experience more kisses like that.”

“That’s a good little worker-bee! Now rest up, okay? I’m leaving now to feast, and I’ll be back soon enough okay?”

Blowing him a kiss, she flew out of the window she opened along the way, quickly approaching the sound barrier as she did it. Danny still couldn’t move since his body was still too sore, but he would be visited by government agents that asked if he was okay just a few moments later.

“What happened to you, and why are you normal again?”

“I don’t know. I was in my stronger form, and I tried to control myself so I didn’t rape and violate her like I usually do. And it worked … but I lost control at some point. When I woke up I was like this. Did you see Rebecca?”

“We were monitoring the appearance of the alien that tormented you, and she flew away like she was struggling to maintain control. We don’t know what she was fighting, and we came here to make sure you were okay.”

“My body is broken. Looks like when she absorbed enough of my powers she began to treat me as I treated her, and well … now my body won’t move much. When I do, it hurts like hell.”

“Damn. Did you see anything odd she might have had that might have done it?”

“I didn’t see see anything specifically. Now she’s going to a food storehouse with military people to feed herself, since the hunger that comes with the powers is driving her at this point. I fear she will hurt people if she does what it looks like she wants to do.”

“Is there anything else you can think of that you want to speak to us about?”

“She has psychic powers along, with all of my old powers as well. This worries me alot.”

“Thank you. We have to talk to her before she causes too much damage. We need to learn of her motives before it gets too late. We’ll have some healing nanites sent your way to aid in your recovery, as well. Just be patient.”


At a miltary base in Norfolk, an aid mission was being sent to Africa to feed some poor people there. Everything was going as schedule when radar saw a figure appear traveling like a missile and it was headed right for them. Anti-missile defences were used and yet nothing seemed to work … the object was accurately hit by the lasers coming down from the space station above. But was not destroyed.

“What do you mean it’s still coming? Didn’t the big beam destroy that missile?”

“Nothing seems to have the ability to stop it. In fact, it’s speeding up, Sir.”

“Damn it all! Where is this object now?”

“It seems to be coming from space station, Sir. It completely destroyed the space station from the inside out, and it was being hit by the anti missile laser weapons the whole time it approached. It isn’t a missile, that’s for sure Sir, and it’s headed straight for Norfolk.”

On her way there, Rebecca grew to love her newly acquired powers from her husband, immensely enjoying the fact that lasers designed to destroy potential missiles from foreign nations seemed to sooth and relax her, rather than hurt. The first beam came from infront of her from a hole that appeared in the clouds above her.

“What is this I see? It might be a test for this powerful new body body I have.”

When the beam came down and struck her, it felt like the best full body massage at first. From there, the radiant energy of the beam made her body glow, its energy immense.

“That’s right, boys. Keep it up! Mmmm … feels so good.”

Basking in its raw power and energy for a while, it was her stomach growling that told her to get back on course, despite how much she liked the laser beam.

“As much as I love this weapon … showing off my invulnerability … I need to eat. I have to destroy this silly toy before I die of hunger.”

Exposed to the raw power of the beam, still in her naked glory, Rebecca flew to where the beam was coming from, going into space to get there. Charging into the space station head on, she destroyed it as she charged straight into the inner workings of the machinery. Her body was so hard that the metal she was going through didn’t impede her progress … and she loved it too. After going through the space station and ripping it apart from the inside, even tearing the nuclear core in half, the whole thing exploded. The powerful explosion was seen from Earth, and Rebecca loved the feeling of being in the middle of it all. As quickly as she began to enjoy the sensations of the explosion it was over, and she saw the Earth in the distance. The feeling of being out in space was something special, and that she was able to survive so comfortably in space amazed her.

“As much as I love being out in space, I still need to eat.Though being able to survive out here without air is so cool. I destroyed that space station so easily, as well. I will definitely have play around with this strength later.”

Flying back to Earth, Rebecca savoured the heat upon reentry, loving how her body was unaffected from it all, and saw her destination fast approaching, licking her lips. The food, in heavy storage containers, was being loaded into the transport ship by a fork lift when the order was given to get away. In a few moments after the warning was given, Rebecca came down hard and fast like a rocket … making a deep indentation in the ground where she landed. She hit between the food truck and the plane, crushing the fork lift as she landed. The soldiers guarding the location got their weapons out as they saw a tall and attractive, and naked, redhead carrying the ruined fork lift over her head, crushing it into her hands and scaring the people who looked on just a little.

“What’s wrong boys? Are you afraid of me or something? I don’t blame you. Once I destroy this pathetic toy in my possession, I am going to take some of the food in that food truck. You are welcome to try to stop me, but I don’t think you will be able to, though.”

“What are doing, men? Fire!”

Some of them listened, and watched the bullets bounce off of her skin while she took her time to crush the fork lift in her hands.

“Silly boys. I told you that you couldn’t stop me! Here: Have a gift for all your troubles.”

The remains of the compressed fork lift was tossed in their direction, making them run away. Laughing at the cowardly behavior they showed, Rebecca ran to where the food truck was, with less than half of the perishable food still in it, and carried the entire truck overhead with one hand, tossing it up and down as if daring someone there to stop her. “

Thanks for the food, guys. Thanks for being such great gentlemen here, and here is your reward! I hope you like it.”

Breathing in for a moment, Rebecca began to blow, creating hurricane force winds that blew away the soldiers, and anything else not tied down. The massive plane almost fully loaded with food was okay, but everything else there was blown back. The other large air craft in the airfield were moved some as Rebecca amped up the force of her super breath. Even the aircraft around her began to move. She loved how the massive plane close to her was finally blown back hard and sent tumbling upside down a few times into the background. The act of doing that wasn’t even leaving Rebecca out of breath, either … and she laughed out loud as more soldiers appeared after she was done.

“Back for more! I would play with you, but I am done here. It’s no fun playing with you at all, weak as you are compared to me.”

Before she flew away, a hard stomp on the ground made the area shake like a moderate quake had hit the area, and the damage to the airfield was considerable. The force of the impact sent the normal soldiers and their jeeps away as she laughed at them and left the ground, flying off with the food truck in her possession.

“Who was that? And how did she get so strong?”

“I hope she isn’t related to Mr. Dynamo, or we’re doomed. Speaking of him … where is our hero at right now? He should have reacted to this.”

Flying to a remote area outside of the Norfolk, Va, that was forested, Rebecca landed. She was absolutely amazed by what she had done at that airfield as she placed her cargo on the ground and began to chow down of the food inside of it. The fact that it was cold worried her at first, and she tried to use some form of heat vision to cook it … but she vaporized so much of it that she decided to go to a nearby store and get something that could be used for cooking outdoors. Running to a nearby Walmart, she went through the exterior walls and made straight for the section of the store where camping supplies were. She grabbed something that allowed for heating of food out in the woods. The sight of a naked woman, sexier than any supermodel, was enough to amaze every person there and getting the erotic fantasies of the men there going. A female manager would attempt to tell her to get dressed but Rebecca initially ignored her. She was an older looking chubby woman, about a foot shorter than Rebecca, and she hollered at Rebecca the second time around. This angered Rebecca.

“Listen bimbo! You can’t be in here without clothes, okay? Get out of here, right now!”

“That isn’t very nice of you to say that. I will have to punish you for that mistake … I hope you have life insurance.”

Squinting her eyes for a moment, Rebecca’s eyes glowed and the next thing anyone knew the defenseless Walmart manager was instantly reduced to dust by the powerful beams of energy she deployed.

“Serves her right, ugly bitch. She needed to lose some weight, too. I guess I helped her in that regard at least. I got what I wanted … time for me to go and warm up my food. I’m so hungry right now I could die.”

Blasting a hole in a wall leading outside with another beam of energy, creating a small explosion, Rebecca winked at the many men completely awestruck at her nude body, and ran out through the hole she made. Doing exactly as she did before, she went through anything in her way or knocked it out of her path with her free hand as carried her cargo in her other arm. The hyper-sonic boom she created set off the car alarms of vehicles parked along the way and the force of her movement could be felt for a good distance away from her as well.

“What do you mean she took a food truck and killed a person. You can’t be serious right?” Danny asked, as word of Rebecca’s exploits were reported to him.

“She appears to have all of your powers and more, and we know where she is too.”

“Why haven’t you tried to do anything yet?”

“She has already vaporised a number of agents that got close to her in the last half hour. She refuses to talk to us, or anyone else for that matter, and seems to be focused on the food she took from NOB not too long ago.”

“Her hunger must be ravenous, because I was never that bad.”

“You didn’t recognise it from your point of view, but to be honest it’s comparable. She is clearly more violent, though. It could be safe to assume that your hunger wasn’t as great as her is now. If any more people go there, she’ll most likely vaporise them too. You have to speak to her and make her stop.”

“I figured as much. Great. Get me over there, then. Where is she at now?”

“Just outside of Norfolk, Va. We will use an experimental teleportation device we’ve been working on, and it should get you there in a few moments.”

“Is it safe?”

“We tested it on people and they got where they were going easily, and unharmed, on every test run. You’ll be fine, but we have to hurry.”

He was taken to the van parked outside of his home, where the teleportation device was, and it filled the entire back end of the large van, almost encroaching on the driver and passenger seat up front. Danny stood on what was a slightly elevated platform, under some odd looking laser beams overhead.

“Are you sure this is safe?”

“Just trust us, okay Danny? Have we ever steered you wrong before?”

Crossing his fingers as it happened, the beams overhead hit him and seemed to deconstruct him, sending him to the other side of the country instantly, so it seemed. He was alongside of a road, where he smelt the remains of dead bodies close by, and it was coming from his feet.

“She incinerated them! I have to do something about this before things get out of hand here.”

It was early afternoon here, 3 hours ahead of local time he was used to being at, and he didn’t know where start looking for his wife.

“Where do I start looking for her, though?”

Walking around for a bit, lost with no sense of what time it was, he would hear the sounds of someone munching on some food in the distance. He was out in the woods and wasn’t in any camping ground, so he felt he may have found her. He was tired, and the bugs were really bothering him too, making him wish he had a big fly swatter. When he arrived at the truck that Rebecca had taken, just as she was cooking some more food over a campfire out in the open, he saw Rebecca wave at him, blowing him a kiss.

“Care to join me, honey? There’s plenty of food to go around, sweety.”

“Why did you kill so many people? You’re supposed to be helping the weak.”

“I don’t think so, honey. I have the power to do as I please … and no normal weapon on this planet can hurt me. Walls don’t slow me down, either. I don’t have the desire to be a hero. Sorry, dear. That was your job, not mine. So are you going eat with me, or do I have to drag you over here. I won’t bite … much.”

Urging him to move forward with nothing but a sexily alluring expression, she was making it hard for him to say no. She pulled him close to her as he got near. Giving him the remainder of her plate, she used her own nails to cut open some more cans, since her fingernails had become as tough as the rest of her body as well.

“Honey, please … you have to listen to reason, okay? There has to be a better way to do this.”

“No. I told you just now. I have no intention of being used by the people for their own benefit. The people of this pathetic world should be protecting themselves from everything. Sorry. If I hear any more lecturing from you, I am going to leave you here to suffer and in the woods and find your own flight home.”

“But … what do you plan to do with so much power then?”

“Whatever I choose to do. I might save some people, but not because I feel like I need to. The people of this world need to stand on their own two feet, and they’ll have to wait until after I get off of work, too … if I even consider helping anyone.”

“How do you plan to go to work as you are right now?”

“How indeed? I wore you out so fast that I’ve had plenty of time to experiment with these powers some. I know a few things about them that you not even you thought of doing with them.”


“Assuming a normal looking form is one example. It took me a while to focus at first, but I got the hang of it after a few tries. I had a few hours to burn before you saw me enter the room, before you woke up. You would be shocked what I learned about these unique powers while I had all that free time to experiment. You were so focused on saving people that you didn’t even stop to think abot all that, hmmm.”

Eating the food together, Danny was forced to watch Rebecca pig out on most of it as she seemed to have an endless stomach. She ultimately decided to take the rest of the food home as she saw her husband dying of boredom waiting for her to finish. Putting her husband in the driver’s seat of the truck, fastening the seat belt around his waist, Rebecca flew her hubby home super fast – travelling across the country at beyond the speed of sound. The vehicle actually protected Danny from the forces created travelling that fast, and it was placed in their back yard. Taking the door off of the its hinges and tossing it aside casually, Rebecca ripped the seatbelts off of her husband and carried him over her shoulder, taking him to the bathroom … where he was commanded to scrub her down as best he could. The sight of seeing his wife, 10 years younger than normal with fiery red hair, more vibrant than her normal dark brown hair, and with a perfect looking female form, was making the task very hard. He was turned on by just being around his wife, let only with the sensual moaning sounds she was making as she focused her efforts on her sense of touch, making herself as sensitive as possible. Controlling his raging hard on was a nearly impossible task, but Rebecca demanded he do so or she threatened to kick him out of the house for 24 hours. Unfortunately he would be kicked out in the end, as the sensual moan of his gorgeous wife made him discharge love juices early against his will. He tried to play it off naturally, but it was too late. The bath ended there, and Rebecca didn’t look happy about what happened either. He was tossed out of the house with his wallet, a sleeping bag, and a warning him to stay away from the house or she would extend the amount of time he had to stay out there. Having a wife strong enough to take on an army, and win easily, was more than enough motivation to keep him focused on what she wanted him to do, if he treasured his life in anyway.

After kicking her husband out, a sexually aroused Rebecca wanted more pleasure. So she took care of herself, hard and fast … the speed and pressure she was applying to her own body was more than any man could ever accomplish. And she kept at it all day, forgetting all about her normal life completely. She even ignored the phone calls from her job as she was so lost in the most amazing cosmically charged orgasm she ever experienced in her life … so far. Not only was her body glowing with radiant energy, she was floating over her bed as well, halfway between her bed and the ceiling. The constant phone calls from her job did finally get to her at long last, and she came down from her orgasm Her body recovered right away. At that moment the powerful hunger from before hit her, and the food truck was still in the backyard so she knew right where to go … after she answered the phone calls from her job.

“Yeah? What do you want?”

“Rebecca! Our deadline is getting close … where were you all this time? Do you have a cold or something? I don’t recall you having such a low tone of voice …”

After hearing that, it made her stop and think about another aspect of her body that changed. Her voice now had a lower, much sexier, tone to it, and her co-worker seemed to like it somewhat.

“Rebecca! Are you there? Answer me!”

“I’m fine. Like you said, I’m just suffering through a sore throat just now. I’ll be back to work before the deadline.”

“That’s the Rebecca I know! You sound different, really sexy now though.”

“Thank you, Matt.”

As she hung up the phone she really thought hard about if she really wanted to live a normal life when she could be the ruler of the world, immune to the effects of every weapon known to exist. Laying down on her bed thinking hard about it, the choice was tougher than she thought it would be.

“With all this power … I could do whatever I want, to whoever I want, whenever I want … and no-one would be able to stop me. I could have my own palace on some island, where I’d have all of the leaders of the UN begging and pleading for my happiness, as well. But there’s a downside to all that, too …”

The boredom she would experience knowing she would be immune to any weapon they tried to use to take her out would quickly kick in. Thinking of the fun she’d have beating up on foreign armies would keep her smiling, though. Thoughts of missiles and rockets blowing up on her with no harmful effect, basking in the raw energy of each blast, would keep her wanting to stay in her cosmically powered enhanced form so bad, though.

“Both plans sound so tempting … I don’t even know what I want to do. I think I’ll do what I said I would, for now. But I need some clothes to wear … where will I go to get them? Paris? Rome? Milan? New York? So many choices … and with my cosmic powers I can be at any of these places instantly. I am so going to love being a cosmic goddess with absolute power! Ha ha ha!”


The next day, Rebecca looked at herself in the mirror prior to going to work. She was dressed in some clothes she took from clothing stores worldwide that hugged her body flawlessly, loving how it looking on her that morning. She had flown all over the planet, daring the local authorities everywhere to fight her as well, as she knew she would win at the end of the day. The clothes and fights with local authorities made the trips worthwhile for her, and she went back home telling herself she would it again in the future. Seeing her perfect female body, feeling the endless amount of energy she felt, really made the option of powering down a very uninviting option at that point. She almost went back on her word but, she did begin the process eventually, stripping herself of her fancy clothes as well.

The young looking red headed angel watched as she saw the youthful looking face of someone in her early 20 reverted to an older looking version of it, and her E cup breasts shrank before her eyes in the mirror. Her perfect looking figure degraded to what it was before, back when her husband was in charge of her life. Her senses degraded considerably as well. She could see or hear everything on the planet before, but not anymore, as the cosmically enhanced super senses that allowed to see things at the microscopic level dropped to a minute fraction of what they were. She was getting shorter, too, going back to being under 6 feet tall. The minor aches and pains she felt as normal human kicked in as well, and they seemed to be magnified from what she had felt the last time she done this, when she had been learning how. Her body seemed to be in pain as it all happened, but the power within was still bubbling close to the surface, from what she felt … waiting almost impatiently, eagerly, for her to awaken their full effect again. When the painful process ended, she was back to how she had been before, and the first thing she noticed was an overwhelming need to get some clothes on, not pleased at seeing an uglier version of herself. The pains went away, eventually, and she began to experiment with something else she thought of doing. When her body began to calm down from the change a bit, she began to summon some of its power and enabled some of her invulnerability, while maintaining her normal appearance. She was able to do some experimenting before seeing her husband wake up from his sexual experience, but a loud knock at the door ruined her focus … and she went too far. The moment she lost focus, all of her powers went back to what they were, and Rebecca returned to her fully powered, younger looking form, suddenly closer to 7 feet tall and with the absolutely divine looking female form she had a few minutes earlier. She almost lost herself in the moment, almost subconsciously massaging her large breasts, but managed to break free of the spell she was under. When she had quickly realised what she was doing, it had upsetted her somewhat.

“Great. As much as I love this power I want to go to work now. Still, I wonder who the asshole is that broke my focus? I was actually trying to do something here. I wonder who I’m going to strangle!”

Her fully restored cosmic senses saw through the walls as she looked down through the floor as well to see her husband there.

“That stupid idiot! He can stay out there for all I care! I’m trying to focus on something specific here! But … oddly enough, the last change I had back yesterday didn’t hurt as bad as this one did, and I didn’t feel the obvious pains afterward either. Why is that?”

Ignoring the obvious knocking at the door from her persistent husband despite how hard it was for her with her super sensitive hearing, she began to focus on powering down again. Oddly enough, the change seemed to happen slower than the last one. And it still hurt afterwards, but not as much as before, and it only took half as much time as normal to adjust to it.

She then wore earplugs she had from when Danny had been normal, and had snored loudly, and Rebecca began to focus on invoking some super strength into her body like she did before. It took some time, but it worked. She went through deep breathing exercises as it happened, as she used to when by herself before she introduced herself to her husband as her stronger self. She felt her body get stronger slightly, and it was apparent … and it felt good too.

Some of the natural emotions that came from her stronger self remained as well, and she didn’t feel the need to cover up as quickly as before as she approached her bed and hoisted it over her head easily. It was a slight struggle with one hand, but with two hands holding it up it was very easy. She then went to carry the dresser in her room, full of clothes, after putting down her bed.

“This specific amount of strength should be enough to live a normal life I guess. Even my old dresser has some weight to it, but I can still handle it with two hands. I better get back to work, though, and it’s a good thing I didn’t have any work clothes on when changed just now, or I would have destroyed them. I better get going then. Now that I think I know how to let certain powers I have in, I think I’ll enable some of my super senses, too. But after I get dressed though.”

Putting on her work clothes, she walked out of the door to see her husband there. He was close by the door, and appeared to be pissed off.

“It’s been well over 24 hours.”

“It slipped my mind. Sorry. Anyway, I want that money you always give me doubled. And I want it on my bed when I get back, or I am going to hurt you.”

“You are back to normal, now, right? Can you make me do it?”

“If only you knew the truth.”

Holding Danny by his collar and easily lifting him as he struggling. Her deceptive strength startled him, and he found could not break her grip. She looked just like she did before her change, but she was much stronger.

“No way! You can do this, too?”

“Yes I can, honey. I may look normal … but I still feel the power inside of me, waiting to burst out at anytime. I’m only using a small fraction of it now. Imagine: I could crush you flat right now, and I’m not even coming close using even 1% of my real power. If you don’t have my money, I’ll make you suffer horribly. Oh, and you still aren’t allowed to come into the house, either. Not until I come home.”

Flailing, his feet that well off the ground, Danny was quick to agree and Rebecca dropped him on his ass.

“And you had better get those cooking lessons sorted out, too, Dear. I don’t mind if people help, you know … but next time I expect a real dinner and I want it to be from you alone, understand me?”

The stern look on her face was enough to make him focus as he stood up before she walked away. The way to work was full of the same traffic as always, but she kept herself going by giving herself some of her super senses and listening in on all the conversations of the people around her for the fun of it. She seemed to like eavesdropping on all the random stuff, focusing on the good stuff specifically, and it kept her going through the annoying traffic. As she arrived at the office she was all smiles, saying hello, and she seemed to be more open than usual.

“How are you doing guys? It’s a nice day isn’t it, hmmm?”

She had plenty of snacks with her to munch on during the trip, and even at her desk too. She even offered to take everyone out for dinner after work as well. Her sudden openness made people wonder what was happening, and she heard all of their conversations with her super senses. It somehow helped her to focus on her work more. She was even flirting with the guys some, every time they looked her way, in fact. It made them think they might have a chance with her, and one guy bit on the bait and approached her. During their lunch break, the man in Andrew Warren ponied up and he asked if she was willing to accept a personal date with him. He was shocked by the answer.

“Sure, why not? But I will only do it if you do one little thing for me.”


“I want your wife to show my husband Danny how to cook. She’s a popular chef in the area, right? Doesn’t she work at that restaurant downtown?”

“That’s easy enough. I thought you’d ask something hard.”

“I won’t make it easy on you either way, remember that. But this is a personal favor, though. You had better please me during our little date, okay? For your own sake. Or I’m going to embarrass you in front of everyone here.”

“Won’t Danny be upset about this?”

“He has other things to do now. Besides: This is a business meeting here, and I have some some new ideas I want to introduce to the website in the future. I think you might like them.”

“Okay. But … would you have gone out with the one of other guys here, too? If they asked?”

“Sure! But they lack the bravery you have to even ask, thinking the ring on my finger is a big stop sign. At this point, I personally don’t care. I will date any guy I want, and I’m getting bored of that stupid man anyway.”

“Then why do you stay married to him?”

“Because I love him, that’s why. Just not enough to stop me from considering seeing other men. Seriously … he looks at other women, too. I know. So, I’m doing the same thing he has been doing all this time, but this time it’s on him. It is only fair, right?”

“That is so cold.”

“You have no idea how cold I can be. Trust me when I say that.”

Thinking back to the darkness within her own power, separate from Rebecca’s own consciousness, made her wonder where it came from. It seemed like it was the darkest form of dark emotion ever, and yet she could control it … and feed on it too. She wished to know more about the power, and where it came from, and so called her husband at the end of her lunch break to ask him about it.

“What do you mean you want to know about it?” he asked. “I don’t know where it came from exactly, but I do have some theories, though.”

“I want to know what they are then. And if you talk quickly, I might consider cooking for you every weekend, at least … or taking you out to where you want to eat. I might even consider showing you some secrets about how to cook, too.”

“Will you agree to try to listen to me, and not deliberately kill anyone? That’s all I ask.”

“It’s a deal, then. I will do my best to avoid killing, and causing trouble, as much as possible … within reason … but you have 30 seconds to talk before I change my mind.”

“I think the power I was given 10 years ago belonged to a loved one that the alien with red skin was attached to. I don’t know if it was a brother, or father, but there was a clear mental link between me and her … there was some type of connection.”

“It’s a dark and evil power, as well. It must allow me more control then when you had the power.”

“That isn’t it. The female alien was trying to control me the whole time, and you didn’t notice it from your point of view then, and because no one is trying to control you now. It would be bad if you went nuts, because the sensors I was told of say that your power levels are higher than mine were. I can see why.”

“You do?”

“I wanted to save as many people as I could, and looked to create as much positive emotion as I could. That weakened the power for me. You obviously have more obvious negative intention, since you want focus more your own greed.”

“You’re trying to tell me I’m greedier than you? You have some nerve to tell me that.”

“It’s just the intent, that’s all. It doesn’t mean that you are more evil than me, okay? All I’m saying is that more evil intent exists in you, and the power within you sees that. I saw the connection of the darkness within and the power itself, okay? I am still curious to know about that bracelet … how did you get it?”

“I got it from an old woman. And I like how you tried to save face just now. You’re already in my doghouse. You don’t want to be in it any deeper.”

“Are you still sore about what happened before … with those women … before? I never really liked any of them.”

“I don’t care. I saw your emotions with my psychic power, honey. Have we forgotten about that? That was your real self, not the dark emotions like what you saw. And you know it. You have a lot to answer for, especially those yearly auctions where you sold yourself for a date for that superhero charity. When I saw your emotions then … You really loved it especially when you were bought by those slutty movie stars ,or one of those billionaire do-nothing whores.”

“So … were you lying about what you said earlier? About doing all those things you said you would do?”

“You’re going to have make up for those actions in the past before I agree to do all of it. All I will agree to now is that I won’t deliberately kill people if the opportunity presents itself. Aside from that: Nothing is guaranteed. I’ll be late tonight, and I intend to have a guest come over to help you out. I will tell you when she’s coming, and you had better keep your hands to yourself when she’s at home with you. If you know what is good for you, that is.”

“Right. Of course. So you called someone else to hound me. Is there anything else you want to hate me for?”

“Of course there is. But I’m saving that for later, for when think you finally got anywhere with me. Don’t be so sad … I will always come home and honour our marriage, okay? As much as I hate you for all the rapings, I still have some respect for you, and that will never change, okay?”

“Am I at least at the starting line? The way you’re talking, it’s like I’m not even worth being your partner.”

“You are the only man I really want to be with dear, okay? And that is how it is always going to be. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are at least at the starting line, from my point of view.”

“That’s at least one good thing, so far, since I have so many strikes against me that it isn’t even worth trying really, but I’ll put forth an effort regardless. I don’t know why though.”

“Ha ha! You’re so funny, you know that darling? That is why I love you so much. See you later, sweetie.”

Sounding like the caring and loving wife again, instead of the negative person she was before, Rebecca ended the call and went back to work. She thought hard about what her husband told her over the rest of the day as well, and especially hard about who the old lady was she spoke to yesterday …

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