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Viona – Episode 2, Part 1

Written by aki_zz :: [Thursday, 30 January 2014 11:04] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:54]

Viona, the Warrior of Beauty – Episode 2, Part 1

  • This is the continuation of the series. I hope you guys enjoy it.

  • Special thanks to algae2k for the proofreading.

X city … a normal city where millions of people live their lives. Apart from its quite reputable university and tourism due to its vicinity to the ocean, it’s just like any other city in the country … until Viona appeared a few months ago. It now joins an elite group of cities that has its own superhero. When she first appeared, she generated lots of attention. Some people loved her, some people hated her and others wanted her to leave. Some even worship her. Naturally this brings all sorts of people focusing their attention to her. The media in the first few months constantly mention her in their news, while law enforcement is looking for her intently. Scientists also have their attention aimed towards her.

This continued for a few months. Every time a monster appeared, she dispatched them effortlessly in front of the reckless media who don’t have any concern about their safety. Then slowly it becomes a norm for them, and, now apart from occasional news about her appearance, she has slipped under their radar, which allows her to do her duty.

At the entrance of the movie theater, Fiona and Nate have just finished watching a movie. Ever since her “discovery”, both of them have grown closer as now Nate became her partner and her wingman.

That movie was great. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much watching a movie.” She grabs his hand and leans her small body to his chest while walking.

Yeah. Me, too,” Nate responds by holding her hand tighter.

While walking along the corridor, the choker inside her handbag suddenly vibrates.

Fiona, prepare yourself,” Syphia voice echoes in her head.

It’s that time again.” Fiona smiles and looks at Nate.

You know I will never get tired of watching you do that.”

They went to the back alley, and, after making sure nobody was around, she takes out the choker. It vibrates, and the Mayan patterns on it glow faintly. Nate leans his back to the wall, and Fiona stands in front of him. She takes a few steps back and places the choker at her neck and secures it.

Sit back and enjoy the show.”

She locks the choker, and the amazing transformation begins.

Magically, she floats in the air, and instinctively she spreads herself. A bright light emanates from the choker, and instantly her clothes disappear, leaving her naked. Being a warrior of beauty and given that the nature of her powers are about sexuality, she has learned to exploit its powers, even during her transformation. She can now control the speed of her transformation, allowing Nate to appreciate the process. One might wonder if this will jeopardize the safety of civilians, but Syphia can sense a monster from quite a distance, thereby buying Fiona time to transform.

Oooohhh,” she moans as she can feel the power entering her body, giving her pleasant sensations. At the same time, Syphia’s transparent figure appears and slowly merges with her. Her skin slowly turns impeccable – smooth as silk – and all of her body hair has been removed. Any skin imperfections have disappeared. Her hair, face and neck slowly alter to become the flawless beauty she has been known for.

As another wave of power arrives, she sighs, and her breath becomes heavy as she struggles to contain the pleasure. Her body slowly morphs to the dreamlike figure. Her legs slowly stretch and become more sexy. At the same time, her shoulders broaden as her arms accommodate themselves to their new dimensions. Her waist now tightens and tones – no longer a shapeless 28 inches – displaying a thin waist and sexy, 24-inch flatboard abs. Her torso adjusts itself to the correct proportions of a leggy 5’ 10” body.

She screams in pleasure as the power surge arrives at her hips. Her butt reshapes to a perky, firm, solid and round 36 inches, and her private parts tighten and become more beautiful. Her super sensitive clit feels like thousands of tongues are licking it. Muscles all over her body tighten and tone the right amount – enough to give her a lean, powerful yet slightly toned feminine body – and her smooth silky skin is tastefully tanned and oiled. Light pink makeup appears on her face, and her nails are perfectly treated.

Her bodily transformation does not end yet. She purposely leaves this for Nate as she knows Nate loves seeing this. Another wave of power enters her body, and now it’s focusing on her boobs.

Mmmmmmmm aaahhhhhh …” She lets out a moan as her sexy puckered lips let out air and try to breathe. She wanted to climax, but she can’t as the transformation process inhibits her from doing so.

Her bosom slowly expands, filling with power. Her breasts defy gravity and take firm, round shapes. They swell from 32A cup to 36DD.

Wowoahhh …” Her nipples feel like someone is twitching and playing with it, turning pink and hard.

The transformation now enters another phase. Syphia’s body now infuses and becomes one with Fiona. Piece by piece, the magic armor that Syphia wears materializes and attaches themselves to their respective parts. As the final piece of the garment, the nipple plate, appears, the final wave of power arrives.

Ooooohhh, ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh!” She climaxes in a sexy, seductive manner.

She stands in front of Nate, one long sexy leg slightly in front with one hand on her thigh, bending forward slightly to accentuate her glorious bosom with the other hand on her fantastic arse. The soft moonlight combined with the oil coating her body highlights the outline of her figure, therefore enhancing the view of her ample assets.

Enter Viona, the Warrior of Beauty.

Enjoying the show?” Viona breaks the silence.

You have no idea.” Nate stands there with a boner.

Viona notices that. Slowly she comes forward and whispers, “I’ll deal with that later.”

That comment really excites Nate. It has been a while since Nate and Fiona in her heroine form made love.

Good luck.”

She kisses Nate and takes off vertically. He looks up and enjoys the view.

“That ass.”

Viona stealthily flies away, concealing her presence. This allows her to escape the media attention that has been around since her appearance. Although now it has calmed down, she cannot afford to be careless.

Let’s get outta here.” He picks up Fiona’s student ID and her belongings and puts it inside his backpack. Usually Fiona will use her magic to send her belongings to her apartment, but because she is with Nate she did not do that.

Slowly he approaches the main street. After a quick look to the left and right, he joins the crowd. Suddenly his movement is abruptly hindered.

Hmmpfff!!” the sound of a man colliding with another man who is running. Nate and the other person fell to the ground, and the contents of his backpack and the other man’s item are all over the street.

What the hell?” an annoyed Nate looks and sees a familiar face on the ground as well.

Sorry, I’m truly sorry. I’m so focused on this device I forgot to look ahead,” The man apologizes. That man is Doctor Peter Hansen, a well known scientist and also a lecturer at the university.

Nate gets up and helps the doc to stand up. He notices the device that the doc is carrying. It is a tablet with a fairly large antenna attached to it.

That’s okay, doc. My fault too. What are you doing?”

I’m tracking the signal of a mysterious heroine. Last time it detected that she was here. But then, just a few minutes ago, it disappeared. It is exactly at the place that you just come out. Did you see her?”

The heroine? No, I didn’t see her. Just my luck. I really hoped to see her up close.”

Nate tries to act cool. For sure he knows about the person.

She is MY girl!” He said it out loud, but only in his heart.

Both of them ended their conversation and started to pick up all the stuff that is laying on the street. Nate quickly tries to pick up all the stuff related to Fiona, but it was too late. The doctor picks up his device, which happened to land beside Fiona’s student ID. He notices something is not right. He knows Fiona is Nate’s girlfriend, but he doesn’t see her nearby.

Where is Fiona? What are you doing with her student ID?”

One of Nate’s unpleasant scenarios has just become a reality. Calmly he talks his way out.

I’m holding it for her. She has some personal business to take care of. Don’t worry about it.”

Make sure she gets it back. Security will not tolerate any indescretions.”

Sure, Doc.”

Quickly Nate leave the doctor behind. He is relieved that he got away with it. His mission now is to get home quickly and without crashing into anybody.

The doctor is still standing there looking at his device. It shows the last location where it detected Viona’s energy signal. Although she normally masks her energy, during her transformation she cannot control it. That is when her energy radiation is at its peak, which is why the doctor can track her.

Deep in his thoughts, his instincts tell him to find out about Fiona. He turns around and heads back to his lab. As a lecturer, he has access to the student profile; as a well known scientist, he has his own lab. He opens Fiona’s profile and reads her history and achievements. After filtering out a lot of interesting papers and presentations, he finds interesting information.

A few months ago, she went to the Mayan temple for her field work. On exactly the same day when she came back, the evil witch killed people at the university field, and the maximum security prison event happened. That is also the same day when the heroine appears. Is this a coincidence?”

Suddenly his detection device raises an alarm.

It’s her! Where is she?” He looks at the tablet. Slowly the map points the present location of Viona. She is moving fast towards the sea.

She is at the seaside. Probably another battle.” He wasted no time in going there as fast as he can. He hopes she fights long enough for him to arrive as it is quite far, a few kilometers from his location.


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