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Viona – Episode 2, Part 2

Written by aki_zz :: [Thursday, 30 January 2014 18:28] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:56]

Viona, the Warrior of Beauty – Episode 2, Part 2

Viona cautiously flies over the back alley, using minimal energy to make sure nobody notices her. At the same time, she points herself to the direction of the monster. After the transformation, she absorbs everything that Syphia knows and acts on it without much question.

This is the first time that I have encountered a monster from the sea. It’s slowly moving towards the city. Better intercept it quickly.”

After a few minutes of restraint, she unleashes a portion of her vast energy. Instantly her flying speed increases. She basks in the pleasant sensation of the wind against her sensitive skin. Without much delay she approaches the monster which by now has somehow entered an abandoned courtyard.

Just as she arrives, she loses track of the monster’s whereabouts.

I’m sure it is around here somewhere.” She floats towards the center of the courtyard and looks around. With the moonlight casting a light glow over one side of the courtyard, the other half is very dark.

Viona, be alert,” Syphia reminds Viona. Nowadays Syphia seldomly guides Viona since the heroine now has enough experience and confidence to face the monsters. After Gulora, the monsters don’t offer much of a fight, so Syphia lets Viona take care of it.

There.” Using her enhanced eyesight, she is finally able to locate the monster. It hides at the far end of the dark courtyard. Suddenly she senses something coming towards her. Viona successfully dodges it. It looks like a tentacle with suction cups on it. Unfortunately she didn’t manage to avoid the second tentacle as it swiftly wraps around Viona’s slim waist. It pulls her closer, and another four tentacles come in quick succession, each one grabbing a leg or arm. They stick on her skin and began sucking her body.

What is this feeling? It feels strangely good.” The sucking along with rubbing against her smooth, sensitive skin stimulates her.

That’s still not enough to make me lose my focus.” As a warrior, she is still able to maintain her focus. Confidently she uses her super strength to pull the creature out from the darkness; for the first time, under the moonlight, it reveals itself.

It looks like a combination of a human and an octopus. A human victim has been manipulated by an evil spirit of the sea who took the form of an octopus. Each of its arms has 3 tentacles, and it has a long tongue with suction cups on it. The lower part of the creature is still human with two legs.

The monster crashes to an abandoned building nearby. Its tentacles are still attached to Viona, causing her to get pulled, too. She hits the building as well.

That was careless of me.” Her breathing is getting heavier. Clearly the stimulation is affecting her.

Syphia is concerned. Each sensation that Viona feels can be felt it by Syphia, too. “Don’t let the sensations overwhelm you!”

Viona dusts herself off, regains her focus and forms an energy blade on each of her hands. The action successfully severs the tentacles on both of her hands. Immediately the remaining tentacles withdraw, and the severed ones fall to the ground and disappear.

The monster is now in front of her. Without wasting any time, she flies swiftly and punches the monster in the face. Physics take care of the rest as the momentum of the punch causes the monster to be thrown back, penetrating three thick walls before stopping. At the same time, it manages to wrap one of its tentacles around Viona’s head, covering her eyes and nose. It pulls the same trick of dragging her with it.

Another tentacle quickly coils around her bust and dislodges her nipple plates, leaving her nipples uncovered. As the nipple plates vanish, her thong also disappears, exposing her hairless vagina. The tentacle positions its suction cups on her nipples and starts to suck. Thousands of small, minuscule teeth rubbing against her nipples along with the sucking action sends shockwaves of overwhelming pleasant sensations to her body. Her pussy is dripping wet due to the stimulation.

Ooohhhh, wow! Ahhh, haahhh.” She struggles to breathe with her mouth as her only source of air.

This monster is totally different from others. Usually they only know to use brute force.” Viona starts to doubts herself. She feels like she wants to let go and give herself to the monster.

I believe this monster only acts on its instinct too. It’s just that its limbs work well against you. Focus. You can overcome this situation.” Now Syphia is playing her role as Viona’s guardian and mentor.

During this event, the severed tentacles quickly grow back and urgently latch onto Viona’s arms and legs. With her super strength, she could easily get out from this situation, but she is unable to execute because of all of the stimulation she is receiving.

While the monster is ravaging her hot body, it tastes the wet juices that flow from her pussy; seeing her exposed cunt results in the stiffening of the monster’s cock. It stretches its tongue and licks her pussy. The action causes Viona’s body to stiffen up and freeze. The stimulation is too much. Slowly it pulls her closer. Clearly it wants to fuck her.

Oooohhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhh!” She screams in ecstasy every time the monster strokes its tongue on her vagina, and it reaches her sensitive, delicate clit.

Viona, at this rate of stimulation, your will be forced to climax. You must get rid of the monster!”

That call snaps her back to focus. Using her awesome strength, she moves one of her arms that is captured by a tentacle. An energy blade materializes on that arm, and she starts to swing it wildly in front of her face as she still cannot see. It succeeds in cutting the tentacles that wraps her head and nose and also the one that is sucking on her nipples. Finally able to see and breathe properly, she grabs the monster’s tongue and yanks it down. The monster’s face slams to the floor and drags towards Viona. A quick slash to the other tentacles frees her completely.

Now the monster is afraid and flees. Viona is right behind. It tries to slow her down by doing some random attack, but this time Viona is totally in the zone and easily dodges the attack. She jumps from behind and wraps her legs around its abdomen. Both of her hands are now glowing brightly. The purging ritual is about to be executed.

Thanks for the foreplay.” She places her hands on each side of the monster head. It glows brightly.

Woooaaaarrrrrggggggghhh!!!” It screams as the monster disintegrates piece by piece, revealing the poor human victim underneath. Viona climbs down from the unconscious man. She scans him and found him completely unharmed.

Any longer … and I would have vanished too!” Her breathing is still heavy, and she is aroused.

The evil spirit chose this man because he desires you. That is why its attack was sexually oriented. That encounter aroused you too much. I’m afraid if you engage in another battle without unleashing your peak form first, it will be too late.”

The bad news is … my sexual energy is almost at its limit, but..the good news is I … can unleash my peak form.” She speaks while alternating with her heavy breathing. Viona always looks at the bright side. She is looking forward to the ritual, as she had never gone into her peak form since her battle with Gulora. The monsters after Gulora only allowed her to accumulate energy but not enough for the peak form. Until tonight.

Slowly she moved her hand, passing by her exposed private part and her boobs, restoring her magic garments. The unconscious man is wrapped in an energy cocoon. It takes off by itself to a nearby hospital. Each time she battle a monster with a human host, she makes sure the victim is properly treated. Barely able to focus, she manages to fulfill her duty.

She flies towards her apartment while thinking about Nate and what will they be doing later. Her right hand unconsciously moves to grab her right breast and squeezing it tightly. The wind that brushes her skin further aggravates her condition.

Nate, I want you right now.” Her thoughts are already at the apartment. The arousal has made her careless. She flies high in the sky but forget to control her energy radiation, leaving a huge amount of residue at the battle site. Only after a few minutes she remembers to control her energy.

Meanwhile, Nate walks calmly towards his apartment. He and Fiona have been living together since the incident with Gulora.

That was close. I was never that clumsy. I hope he buys my excuse.”

He arrives at the apartment and puts everything down. He looks out of the window.

She is not here yet. I think I’m gonna hit the bathroom first.”

Considering that tonight might be special, he wants to look his best. While in the shower, he thinks about Viona – her beauty, her sexiness, her strength. He is having a shower with a boner. When they fell in love, he never thought that his small, cute girlfriend would become a superheroine. To him, her being able to become something of a goddess is a bonus for him. Her personality won his heart.

Doctor Peter Hansen is driving like a maniac. His energy detection device points to a location near the sea. It is a few kilometers away, but usually Viona’s battles only took a few minutes. He cannot afford to lose this one, too.

They are at the abandoned resort. Come on monster … fight harder! Buy me some time!”

He arrives at the final minute of the battle. His energy radiation level shows outstanding readings.

It never reached this high before.” It is because of the stimulation Viona was receiving when the monster was licking her pussy.

Unable to enter with his car, he parks it outside the building. He spent the next minute trying to find the entrance. During that time, he saw Viona flying away, indicating that the battle was over.

No, no, no, no!… don’t leave yet!” The frustrated doctor punches the fence surrounding the building.

After calming himself down, he manages to find the entrance. Looking at his device, he sees Viona flying towards the edge of the university, but then her energy trace disappears.

She went to the university … another coincidence?” This reinforces his theory about Viona.

Perhaps I should speak to Fiona tomorrow.”

The doc presses a few menu options on his device. It now displays the energy residue at the site. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

This is the highest amount recorded ever. Maybe this is enough for my experiments.”

He goes to his car and opens its boot. Inside there is another device.

Lets get started.”


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