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Viona – Episode 2, Part 3

Written by aki_zz :: [Thursday, 30 January 2014 18:43] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:57]

Viona, the Warrior of Beauty – Episode 2, Part 3

Doctor Hansen brings out a large suitcase which fills the boot of the car completely. It takes both hands to lift it. It lands on the ground with a loud thud, suggesting its weight.

After taking a breather, he slowly drags the briefcase to the center of the courtyard. Unlatching the briefcase, it divides into two parts. One part of the suitcase contains flat panels that look like solar panels. This half unfolds itself, expanding its surface area. The other part of the suitcase contains a control panel and a battery that fills the case. A thick cable connects the flat panels to the control panel.

Let’s begin the harvesting.” He takes a deep breath and switches on the device.

The panels start to glow in dim red light, pulsing every 3 seconds. The battery capacity meter shows that the energy level being stored is increasing rapidly. It is harvesting the residual energy that Viona left behind. In fact the harvesting is so efficient that it only takes a few minutes for the battery to become full.

That was quick.” He then switches off the device and observes the energy level at his tablet. It barely drops.

This means that the amount of residual energy is huge. Perhaps it looks small on the surface, but the energy density is high.”

He packs the device and drags it back to his car. By the time he finishes loading it, he is out of breath.

It is all in the name of science and progress!”

He smiles and proceeds to drive. Instead of driving to the university, he goes in the opposite direction. He keeps driving until he arrives at an industrial zone full of huge factories and warehouses. Finally he stops in front of a medium-sized warehouse and drives his car inside.

Inside, it is dark. The only light visible is the moonlight and his car’s lights. The moonlight only reaches the edge of the door. Usually people would switch on the light at the entrance, but not Doctor Peter Hansen. He makes sure the door is completely shut before he finally switches on the warehouse lights. It reveals its secret: a research facility containing computers and huge transformers at one side with a huge mysterious machine is at the other side. In the middle is some sort of a bio lab, where inside there are a number of animals, presumably for testing. This side of the doctor is unexpected.

He opens the lid of the boot and uses the lab’s crane to pick up the huge briefcase. Using a trolley, he pushes the briefcase to the computer lab and picks up a thick cable that sprouts from the computer lab’s panels. Its destination is a plug at the side of the briefcase. After a few seconds, details start popping up on the computer monitor. It states the capacity stored.

500,000 mAh in a matter of minutes … impressive!” In this age when a 20,000 mAh power bank is normal, it takes a few hours to have it fully charged … let alone half a million during such a short time.

He walks to his bio lab, returning with a rat in a steel cage. What is unusual is that the cage is very large for an animal as small as this lab rat. The cage measures 3 cubic feet while the lab rat is only a few inches long. He attaches the cage to a table and pulls down a solid cage that has the same type of panel that he used to harvest Viona’s energies earlier. It completely covers the rat cage like a lid. After making sure that the cage is securely fastened, he returns to the computer panel to power up the device. A eerie humming noise breaks out as the device charges its power. He presses a recording button.

Experiment number 30. Power conversion. Now the battery is at full capacity; it should not have any supply issues. My theory is that I can convert the energy that is stored back to the original energy type.”

A green button is pressed, and the panel starts to glow a dim red. He watches his computer monitor intently to see any changes to the lab rat. Indeed there are. The lab rat, bathed in the dim red light, gives a loud shriek and starts to grow. Its fur drops to the floor, revealing a smooth skin underneath.

At the monitor, the battery energy capacity is rapidly decreasing. In just 10 seconds, it is completely empty. The dim red glow also stops, but it is enough exposure time for the rat.

The lab rat keeps growing. Now it is one feet long and is as big as a fat cat. It keeps growing until it measures 2 feet long with bulging muscles like a pitbull. The doctor can barely contain his glee. He knows he has succeeded in converting back the energy. Then his smile turns sour. The rat, now stronger than ever, starts to pound the cage and in turn damages the panel. Terrified, he quickly presses a red emergency button to release electric current to flow to the cage, intending to kill the rat. The rat still continues to pound the cage, leaving a big dent in the cage. Suddenly it starts to shrink back and subsequently dies from the electric shock. Its rampage only lasted for 15 seconds. For the doctor, this breakthrough is huge.

I have succeeded in the energy conversion. It took a lot of energy, and a minimum exposure time is required to trigger the process. With that conclusion, it is safe to say that the source of this energy is needed to further the experiments,” he said objectively.

He can see the success that is in front of him. If he can really replicate the process and do it on a permanent basis, the military would pay him top dollar. It is what he would need to get back his investments in this facility. He has left everything in order to pursue Viona. Apart from his university job, he practically has no assets. He had sold his house, withdrawn all of his savings and now lives in this warehouse, when not at his lab at the university.

He removes the dead rat and keeps it in the freezer. Then he assesses the damage the rat has done.

This will take a few days to repair. Actually I don’t even need to repair this right now.” He looks at the huge mysterious machine at the other side of the warehouse.

That machine needs an upgrade. It will take a couple of weeks, but it will be worth it. In the meantime, I will check on Fiona.”

Viona slowly floats towards their apartment. From the distance she can hear that Nate is taking a bath. Silently, she enters through the window and stands a distance from the bathroom door. She patiently waits for Nate to finish his bath.

Nate finishes his bath and drapes a towel around his waist after drying off. When he reaches the bathroom door, he sees an exquisite beauty floating at the other end of the room. Accidentally his towel drops and reveals his rock-hard member.

Viona, looking at the throbbing member, bites her plump lips.

I see you are well prepared, and that’s good because I am now hot and bothered.” Slowly she inches her way towards him, each step moving the right curves, while looking deep into his eyes.

Nate just stands there transfixed. The soft golden glow that emanates from her body outlines every curve. Her big blue eyes capture his attention, making Nate get lost in her gaze; the way she moves guarantees that there is nobody in the world that can stop that now.

She stands in front of him and lets his hard cock touch her skin. She lets out a sigh. She kisses him while her left hand grabs his cock and starts to stroke it.

Hmmpph, so soft.” He compliments Viona for doing that. Her soft, smooth hand running along his cock is truly wonderful, and her soft, full lips are amazing.

After the kiss, she whispers in his ear in a soft voice.

Nate, I have a request.”

Anything for you, baby.”

I need you to ravage my body. Make me cum. If you do that, you will be pleasantly rewarded. Trust me.”

She floats to the center of the living room and, while in an upright position, spreads her arms and legs slightly. Nate looks and smiles.

I can’t say no to that!”

Viona feels his hands all over her body. It feels like an electric current is surging all over her body … caressing her. When he presses his body against her chest, squeezing her bosom, the rubbing gives her wonderful sensations.

Aaaahhhhh.” She feels his hands on her buttocks and sighes in pleasure. His hands slowly move up, tracing her thin waist, and then grabs her breasts. He slowly removes the nipple plates, revealing the sensitive nipples and also her clean pussy. Viona floats while Nate takes control of her body. He moves her legs apart to make a clean 180-degree split, leaving her wet pussy exposed.

Ooohhhh, mmmmm.” It is all that Viona can say as Nate places his mouth to her right nipple and, using his tongue, plays with it. His right hand is gently squeezing her left nipple. Instantly her nipples harden. Slowly he works his way down to her vagina by licking her body until he reaches the focal point.

He bends his knees and now faces her vagina as she floats in the air. He stops to take a good look at it.

This pussy smells good.” He was just about to lick it when Viona interrupts.

Please, make me cum right now.”

Not yet, girl. You have to wait.”

He gets up and makes his way behind her. He presses his body against her behind, and Viona expertly floats high enough to rest her vagina slightly on his cock.

Don’t put in your cock yet.”

Nate grabs her right breast from behind, squeezing with one finger on her nipple. His left hand is at her vagina, slowly stroking her wet clit as he moves his cock, humping Viona from the back while caressing her vagina externally.

Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhh, ahhhh.” Her breathing quickens. With Nate’s hands on her nipples and clitoris while her vagina rubs against his cock, she can feel that the energy is building in her loins. Even Syphia is not spared from this pleasure.

Yes, Viona … a bit more.”

Mmmmm, ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, yeeeessss!!!”

The orgasm triggers the process that Viona was waiting for. She is now entering her peak mode. Nate wisely takes two steps back and faces Viona to witness the transformation.

All of her magic armor disappears. Her body now feels like it is wrapping itself tighter. The wave of pleasure and power pulsates all over her body. Her peak form is smaller than her normal form as Viona. Her 5’10” frame shrinks to 5’6”. Her 36DD breasts are reform to 34DD. Her 24-inch waist slims to 23 inches. Her 36-inch bubble butt is now 35 inches. Her beautiful face accommodates to the new dimensions. Her peak form armor lays over her tastefully tanned and oiled body. First her diamond crown and a pair of diamond earrings appear, followed by her enhanced diamond choker. Her breasts are secured by a single gold plate that clamps from back to front that pushes and squeezes her lovely breasts together. The combination of her belt and thong armor creates a sexy G-string plate that cuts high at the waist with a low teardrop shape at the vagina. A pair of strappy platform heels appear secured by a pair of plates above the ankle that wraps around her sexy legs. Pairs of bracelets appear on her thighs, arms and wrists.

With that, she completes her peak form transformation. She stands straight with her hands on her waist and looks at Nate. Slowly, she spins around to give Nate the full-body view.

What do you think? Wanna try this body?”

I thought you never ask. Let me have my reward!”


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