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Viona – Episode 2, Part 4

Written by aki_zz :: [Thursday, 30 January 2014 18:47] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:59]

Viona, the Warrior of Beauty – Episode 2, Part 4

Nate slowly walks around Viona. His head moves up and down, registering every features of Viona. He places his palm on her tiny waist and moves to stand right in front of her.

“Let me take care of you.” Viona slowly bends down, grabs his cock and place it in her mouth. She started sucking it hard while moving her head forward and back.

“That’s it baby. Suck those cock like you mean it.” Nate closed his eyes and enjoy the sensation from his crotch. He love the feeling of her soft lips wrapping his cock and when she deepthroats his cock deep into her mouth.

After a few minutes, Nate grabs her arms and pull her to stand up. They went into a deep kiss while their tongue touching each other. He grabs Viona asses and love how firm and dense they are. Viona on the other hand almost lose control of her breathing when they kissed as the sensations that coming from her rear is marvelous.

“Oooohhhh,mmmmm.” Is the voice coming from Viona as Nate slowly move his hands up, caressing her back and started removing her breast clamp. It easily dismounts and magically vanishes, revealing her firm boobs unaffected by gravity. As with her normal form, her lower garment also vanishes, exposing her glorious body to him.

Their kiss lasted for quite a while, and when they breaks up their lips, Viona is already breathing heavily from the foreplay. She slowly walks to their sofa and bends her upper body while her legs stands straight and opens her legs slightly. Her wet pussy is dripping wet. Looking through her legs, she summons Nate.

“What are you waiting for? I want you to slam my ass as hard as you can.”

“You have no idea girl.”

He went closer and puts his face close at her pussy and asshole. He licks them and then put his cock at the lips of her vagina. Her body writhes in pleasure as she tries to maintain her pose. She felt like a huge electric currents entering her body when he started to slam his cock into her cunt.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Aaahhhh Yes! Slam it hard!”

A high pitch noise echoes as his crotch skin meets her tout buttocks, like a clapping sound. He grabs her slim waist and pull her body towards him, making the slamming harder. This goes on for a while until he pulls out his cock.

“Turn around. I want to fuck you face to face.”

She turns around and lands on the sofa. She sensually lift her legs and spreads them 180. Nate positions himself on bended knee and wraps his arms around her legs. He puts his cock and started plowing her. They both locks their gaze on each other, panting heavily. Her magnificent bosom jiggles hard each time he slams his dick deep into her, sending waves of pleasure to her body.

Both of them feel they are about to cum. Nate increases the speed of his thrusts.

“Haah, haaah, haaah, I’m gonna cum! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” Viona screams as they came together. Her body arched and her head tilted back. Nate unloads inside her. At the same time a bright light emerges from the choker, and with that Viona detransformed into Fiona. They both crashed into the sofa. The choker now is in her hands.

“What do you think about your reward?” still panting, Fiona asked Nate

“Awesome. Magnificent.”

Nate kisses Fiona. She puts the choker on the table, unaware that the choker is a bit different. They continue to cuddle with each other and sleep on the sofa until morning came.

They wake up to a room full with light as it is already 9 a.m in the morning. Nate looks at the time and realizes he has football practice.

“Shit, I almost missed practice!” He quickly dashes towards the bathroom to wash his face.

Fiona, on the other hand, has one class in the afternoon. She casually picks up the towel that Nate used in order to cover her naked body. She looks over at the table and notices the choker is slightly different. The decoration on it is not what it used to be. It sports the peak-form pattern.

“Syphia, why is the choker is not in its normal pattern, and what is different when I’m in my peak form?”

“Your accumulated energy is very large. It will not burn out in one peak form. You have the opportunity to transform into the peak form of Viona for about three times more if you continue to fight the monsters at your current pace. It will certainly diminish quicker if you fight for a long period of time or do something that requires a lot of energy – like last night. When you are in your peak form, you don’t have to worry about your sexual energy accumulation. Your peak form is a channel to use that energy, so that means that you can be with anybody, not just your chosen partner. He is a medium for you to unleash your peak form. When you climaxed in your peak form, you will be automatically reverted to your mortal self. This will continue until the choker returns to the normal pattern, indicating that your peak form is finished.”

“Cool. I can’t wait to use it again!”

Fiona is certainly pleased with the news. She grabs the choker to examine it more closely. It reflects the sun rays beautifully. As usual she then places the choker inside her handbag. After cleaning herself up and having breakfast, she checks her cell phone. Nate already left. While browsing through a social website, an email comes in.

“Dear Fiona Hill, my name is Doctor Peter Hansen. I have read about your achievements in archeology and would like to meet you in person. There is a matter that I want to discuss only with you. Please meet me at my office whenever you are free.”

Fiona is intrigued by this. This doctor is an expert in energy fields. She wonders what his intentions are.

“Certainly. I have class in the afternoon. I will meet you this morning at 11 am. Regards.”

“Syphia, can you sense anything from him?”

“I cannot sense him from here. My abilities are effective on monsters. On humans, my abilities work in close proximity. You just have to go and find out.”

With that in mind, she goes to see the doctor. As a distinguished scientist and lecturer, he has his own office. She takes a deep breath and knocks on the door.

“Come in.”

She opens the door and sees the doctor behind his desk reading something on the monitor.

“Doctor, I presume you wanted to see me and not to give me medicine.”

He let out a smile and gestures his hand to the chair in front.

“Please, have a seat.”

Fiona sits in front of him. For the first time, she is able to see the doctor closely. Surely she had seen him around the university, but she paid no attention before.

He is in his late 40s with a bald patch at the center of his head. His face shows his Scandinavian heritage. There is a bit of a belly on his medium-build frame. His wide smile shows his wrinkles.

“So how are your studies going?”

“They are going well. I love what I’m doing, so I don’t feel any pressure at all.”

For a moment he stays silent and looks straight into her eyes. Then comes the golden question.

“From your records, you went with your faculty on an expedition to a Mayan site a few months ago. On the day your team got back, the mysterious heroine appeared. For your information, I have done some research on her. Clearly she wears some sort of Mayan garments. Do you know anything about this?”

Fiona is a bit startled by the question but keeps a straight face. “As far as I know, we did not bring any live specimens back. Apart from an artifact, there is nothing more. I suggest that you to speak to Professor Figgins if you want more information. As for me, that is all that I know.”

“I have read about the artifact. It turns out that it’s just a normal box. If you hear anything about the heroine, please contact me. Here is my card.”

“Sure.” Quickly she takes the card and stands up to leave.

“If you don’t mind, Doc, what are your intentions if you should meet the heroine?” She wants to know the doctor’s hidden agenda.

“I would like to study her because the way that she manipulates her energy is different from the superheroes we know. Maybe she can help advance technology in a new way.”

“Sure, Doc. See you around.” With that, she leaves.

She is concerned about what the doctor said. “What do you sense, Syphia?”

“I can sense his deep desire and hunger for knowledge. But even the noblest intention can turn dark. Be careful, Fiona.”

With that, the day moves on.

For a few days, nothing major happens. The doctor continues to monitor the presence of Viona while tinkering with his mysterious machine. Fiona and Nate carry on with their lives, studying and socializing like normal students.

On the sixth day after the meeting, it is Fiona’s turn to take care of the archeology archive as part of her curricular activity. As the afternoon ends, she closes the archive. She is on her way to meet her friends, walking slowly along a corridor with labs to the left and right. A sudden vibration inside her handbag catches her attention. Indeed it is the choker that vibrates, not her cell phone.

“Duty calls.”

She looks around. With nobody in sight, calmly she pushes a lab door; luckily, it wasn’t locked. It is quite dim inside and she can barely see anything apart from a few large machines inside. She takes out the choker and sees its faint glow. Carefully she puts her belongings on a lab table and takes a deep breath. As this is her first time transforming directly into her peak mode, she doesn’t know what to expect.

“Here goes nothing!”

She attaches the choker to her neck. What she doesn’t know is that it will also change other peoples’ lives …


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