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Viona – Episode 2, Part 5

Written by aki_zz :: [Thursday, 30 January 2014 18:50] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 10:01]

Viona, the Warrior of Beauty – Episode 2, Part 5

The choker fits snugly around her neck. Magically, she floats in the air. Instead of being engulfed in a bright light, an ever-fluctuating full-spectrum sphere of light appeared in front of her. Slowly it moves toward her, encircling every part of her body. Her clothes gradually disappear when the light passes through leaving her naked. As the ball of light moves, Fiona feels soft touches caressing her body.

At the same time, Syphia appears, mirroring Fiona’s position . The two of them slowly come closer towards each other.

“Aaahhhnn …” Fiona coos in pleasure when the ball of light positions itself in front of her pussy and slowly makes it way into her through it. It feels like someone is stroking her pussy and clit. She can feel the sphere moving to the center of her waist.

“Ooooohhhh!” She arches her back and tilts her head backwards when the ball of light suddenly explodes inside her, overwhelming her with power and bliss as her physical transformation begins.

The metamorphosis starts from above her shoulders as her hair grows to a long and lustrous golden blonde. Her face rearranges to feature perfectly arched eyebrows; big blue eyes are framed by long, curling eyelashes. Her beautifully shaped nose rests just above her sexy, plump lips. The unrivaled beauty of Viona continues to manifest itself flowing down her long, slim neck.

Her normal, modest skin slowly turns into immaculate soft porcelain with no body hair. It glistens with a tasteful tan. The evening sun shines on her, outlining her yet untransformed body.

A second explosion of power and pleasure occurs, leaving her breathless and signaling the transformation of her body.

Under her tanned and oiled body, her torso started to change. She can feel her shoulders slowly broadening. Her 28-inch waist starts to shrink inch-by-inch until it reaches her peak form’s 23-inch flat, sexy abs. Her chest and arms realign themselves to her core’s new dimensions.

“Mmmhhh …” She lets out a sensual sigh when her legs start to lengthen, increasing her height from 5’2” to 5’7” and embracing the golden ratio for sexy, slender legs.

The third explosion follows, sending her deep into ecstasy. Now it focuses on her hips and butt. Her 32-inch butt reshapes, firming and gaining definition to become a perky and irresistible 35 inches.

Her breathing increases rapidly when she feels sensations like an electric current coursing through her wet vagina. With each pulse, it receives an enhancement. As her clitoris becomes more sensitive than ever, her vaginal muscles tighten, outlined by elegantly hairless lips.

After enhancing her pussy, the power shifts its focus to her chest. She can feel an endless stream of power filling her breasts. Gradually they expand from 32A cups to 34DD cups. The swelling overwhelms her with pleasure.

“Ooohh … mmmm … wow!” Her breasts settle to a firm, round shape as the power enhances her nipples. She screams in pleasure as it feels like invisible fingers are playing with them. The areolae change color to a light pink as the hypersensitive nipples protrude proudly.

Explosion number four arrives, and, with it, every fiber of muscle on her body flows with power. The pleasure washing over her is immense. Her sexy body now stands firm and toned, yet not muscular, displaying her tout, feminine body. A thin layer of makeup covers her face with her nails properly manicured.

Because this is her first time transforming directly into her peak form, the process is happening slowly to allow for her body to adapt to the increase in power compared to her normal heroine form.

By this time Fiona and Syphia have been successfully infused. Now her peak garments start appearing. First the outline of the garments appears, slowly moving on her skin. After completing the outlining, her armor starts to solidify. On her forehead rests the crown with a beautiful embedded diamond; earrings dangle from her ears. Her breasts are secured by a tiny breastplate that covers her bosom from her underarm. It is gold with a beautiful Mayan pattern on it.

A sexy G-sting appears to cover her crotch. It cuts high at the waist and sports a low teardrop shape at her vagina. Its decoration is the combination of her normal form’s belt and thong.

A pair of strappy platform heels are secured by a pair of plates just above her ankle, wrapping her lovely feet.

During the creation of her garments, Fiona can feel a pressure building up inside of her. The sensations she experienced are already electrifying, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger. When the final pieces of her garments appeared, she was already at her tipping point but it still would not release. The final pieces of armor appear as pairs of bracelets on her thighs, arms and wrists.

“Oh yes, oh yes, aaaahhhh!!!” The built-up power is unleashed, allowing her to climax and complete her transformation. She closes her eyes and relishes in its sensations. The climax is so intense that she almost touches the ceiling that is about five meters above her.

She floats high in the air, shining bright like a diamond. She takes a moment to examine her peak form. She smiles to herself while admiring her exquisite, beautiful body protected by these sensual garments. If she could, she would just like to stay there, basking in the afterglow; however, she is fully aware of her duty and rightfully shifts her focus.

She turns her head towards her belongings and waves her hand. Instantly they disappear and reappear at her home.

Gracefully she heads toward the door while trying to conceal her power. Using her sensing abilities, she feels that nobody is around, so she swiftly moves outside to head towards the monster. To normal eyes, she looked liked she instantly vanished from her spot – such is her abilities in her peak form.

Back in the lab, at the far corner of the room, a tiny red light blinks constantly …

“I miss this speed.” Certainly she is faster than her normal form and arrives at the monster’s location in a flash: the roof of a shopping mall. The monster stands at the edge quietly, staring down towards the people who are oblivious to the threat that loomed above. Its form was an abominable cross between eagle and man.

Viona wasted no time spring into action. She approaches the monster from behind, trying to catch it off guard. The monster senses her and spreads it wings. It takes off vertically and manages to avoid Viona’s ambush.

“You chose the wrong day to appear!” She follows behind as the monster keeps climbing higher and higher. With her abilities, she could catch the monster easily, but these monsters only have a fraction of her power. This was refreshingly different than dealing with Gulora, her true nemesis.

High above the clouds, the monster suddenly takes a sharp turn towards the civilians on the ground. With amazing agility, Viona alters her flight path to intercept the monster. She is much faster than the monster and manages to approach it from below. Using her speed and strength, she collides with the monster, sending it upwards. It spins violently out of control and show no signs of stopping.

“Better end this quick!” Viona prefers to end a confrontation as quickly as possible to limit the damage generated from her fights, thus saving innocent lives.

She curls herself slightly and slingshots herself towards the monster. The monster, still unable to grab a hold of the situation, suddenly feels like someone is hugging it from behind. Using her arms and legs, Viona latches herself to the monster and begin the purging ritual.

“Begone, monster!” A blue light engulfes the creature, disintergrating it and revealing a poor man underneath. Swiftly she positions herself to catch the man and carry him to a nearby hospital.

The man gradually gain consciousness and is startled to see such a beautiful face in close proximity to his. He recognizes her instantly.

“What … happened?” He instinctively tries to move but Viona holds him tighter.

“Don’t move too much; you could fall.” Her charming voice calms him down. He looks around and notices he is in the air. With that realization, he obliges and wraps his arms around her shoulders.

For a while, the journey is silence. The man is entranced by the sight of a beauty with soft, smooth skin, her firm body and her lovely arousing smell.

Viona on the other hand is revelling in the sensations of her sensitive skin contacting the man. The minute movement of touching and rubbing against each other pleases her. She could have made love with him, but his safety is her utmost priority; besides, she already has a boyfriend.

Gracefully she touches down at the hospital entrance. She knows he is okay, but she always insists that the victim has a proper medical evaluation.

“Thank you! I will never forget your beauty and kindness. In a way, the monster has fulfilled my dream of meeting you; never in my wildest dreams would I have been as close to you as I was. Good luck in your future battles!”

Inside the hospital, medical staff had already begun preparations for the victim. They now know what to do when Viona sends people here and take the responsibility seriously.

“You’re welcome. Please let them have a look at you.”

“May I know who you are? You have been here long enough, but nobody knows your name.”

Viona always thinks that it is not important for people to know her; for today, she continues this policy.

“One day you will know.”

With that she takes off vertically and immediately out of sight. For her this is just a normal routine, yet the victims are always mesmerized by her beauty.

Up in the sky, she is totally enjoying herself.

“That monster never stood a chance!”

“Indeed, Viona.” Syphia acknowledges.

“It looks like I can still catch up with my friends tonight!”

She heads towards home, wise enough not to get carried away. Concealing her presense, she makes her way to her home and into her bedroom. Unhooking the choker, she reverts to Fiona and prepares for her night out. The night passes on peacefully until for her but not for Doctor Hansen.

At his warehouse, the doctor’s head rests flat on the table. He fell asleep while working on his machine. It is almost complete, only needed calibrating. From his research he is able to determine that this is the most crucial stage. A slight miscalibration can wreak havoc to his experiments. It could take weeks for him to get the correct settings if done alone, but the process could be done in a matter of hours if more data were available.

His deep sleep is interrupted by an alarm coming from his computer. Still groggy, he stumbles his way to his computer and presses the mute button. It takes him a while to realize the situation.

“An intruder in my lab?” It turns out that he installed a remote surveillance camera at his university lab that is activated when it detects movements inside the lab. The monitor displays the link to the video. The time of the event was just a few hours prior. His exhaustion vanishes the moment he clicked on the link. His eyes widen and become glued to the monitor, as Fiona’s transformation was captured on video!

For about half an hour, he keeps pushing the replay button, still not believing what has happened. His feeling is indescribable – more than euphoric, more than happy – for he has found his holy grail. His body literally shakes with excitement.

“I cannot believe this! This does not makes sense. Somebody must be pulling pranks on me!”

His heart says this is true, but his scientific mind tells him to verify it first. Quickly he grabs his energy detection tablet and fetches his energy harvesting device. Time never moved so slowly for him as he loads the device in his car. On his way to the university, he ponders the potential of this discovery for mankind. Indeed, he is ecstatic.

He arrives at in front of his lab door and takes a deep breath. Once inside, he brings out his tablet and is astonished to see that the readings are through the roof. The jigsaw puzzle is complete.

“With this data and energy, I can finally calibrate my machine to the smallest detail. Of course, with the help of its source of power, I can further my experiments.”

Clearly a professional in his field, his scientific head prevails.

“I have to focus on my machine first. Then I will meet with her. In the meantime, there is someone I need to call.”


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