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Viona – Episode 2, Part 6

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Viona, the Warrior of Beauty – Episode 2, Final Part

Author’s Note: Again I wanted to highlight algae2k tireless effort in doing the proofreading. Thank you. Don’t hesitate to ask him for help if you needed somebody to proofread.

The doctor is livid. Each time he tried to call, the line was busy. When the call went through, no one answered.

Why won’t you answer?!?” He presses the redial button once more. Again he gets the same result. He gives up and switches his focus.

His trembling hands manage to assemble his energy harvesting device. This time he has upgraded the machine. It is capable of holding 20 times more energy than the earlier version. He is able to achieve this by turning his car into a huge energy storing device. From now on he just brings the harnessing device with a long, thick cable connecting it to his car. With a flick of a switch, the harvesting begins. Like before, it takes a short amount of time, though lit takes longer than before due to the increased capacity.

Again, I barely reduce the residual energy. Who knows how much energy she has?”

Hastily he packs everything and heads back to his lab. There he begins to recalibrate the machine …




The next morning, Fiona and Nate are having a breakfast while watching TV. The news about Viona rescuing a person last night is shown. This reminds Nate of the incident with the doctor.

Remember the night that we went to watch the movie? After you left, I crashed with Doctor Hansen. He is busy trying to track you.”

Tracking me? How can he do that?”

He has a tablet that can detect your energy signature. It’s a good thing you concealed your energy that time! He is too close now. You’d better be careful, hun.”

Fiona smiles and continues the conversation. “Speaking of which, the next day he wanted to see me. I went, and he asked a few questions about Viona.”

Nate is clearly surprised by that. “Wait a minute … he actually contacted you? Do you think he knows?” Nate is clearly worried.

He has no idea! He just went through my records and was able to connect Viona’s initial appearance with my expedition’s return from the Mayan temple. Of course I denied it.”

What does Syphia say about this?”

She sensed that he has no evil intentions but warned me to be careful.”

I’m with Syphia on this. Please let me know if he contacts you again. I’m going with you.”

He starts to do a profile check on the doctor, albeit a short one. “As far as I know, he is a leading expert in energy-related fields. Other than that, I can’t find much. Hopefully nothing else will happen.”

With that, days passed. The doctor took a few days off, citing family business, which in fact was not true. He was actually at his warehouse and totally focused on calibrating his machine. This time he is successful. His animal testing yields great results. With the machine tuned to the minute detail, he is able to control the amount of energy exposure. No longer do his rats turn violent as a result of overexposure.

He was just about to go to sleep when he hears someone knocking on the door. He hadn’t slept since the day of this discovery, but he remembers his appointment now. After a quick sip of cold coffee and tussling his fingers through his hair, he opens the door to face a petite woman – one who would have to tilt her head a bit to look the doctor eye-to-eye. Her face lacks any look of interest whatsoever.

Hello, Miss Sanchez! Thank you for coming; please come in.”

Yeah, Doc. I’m pleased to meet you, too. Whatever you have, let’s make it quick. I’ve got a deadline to meet.”

Briskly Juana Sanchez enters the lab. She and the doctor have known each other for quite some time. Their common goal is finding out about Viona. She figures that this is the ticket for her to return to her former glory as an anchorwoman for a cable news television network. Presently in her early thirties, her weight puts some burden on her 5’2” frame. Her tired face is covered with thick makeup in an effort to look presentable. Currently the cable network assigns her to cover obscure news, and she hates every minute of it.

Trust me, Miss Sanchez, you are not gonna believe what you are about to see.”

She casually walks around the lab during her initial visit. Usually they met at the university lab. She is intimidated by the machine she sees in the background. There is a chamber attached to it that is large enough to hold a human. She looks inside but finds nothing but darkness. She also notes that the machine seems to continue past the wall.

She sits on a chair near the computer.

Enjoy the show!” the Doctor says teasingly.

With one click, a video is played in front of her. Her indifference turns into amazement. She cannot believe what she is seeing. “Doc, how did you get this? Do you know what this means?”

Of course I do. Why do you think I’m showing it to you?”

Do you know her? Please, let me meet her!”

Calm down. It has already been arranged. Let’s wait for her to come.”

While waiting, the doctor busies himself with his lab animals. While attending his lab rat, he recalls his earlier experiments. At the same moment, he sees Juana walking around the machine. A sinister smile rests on his face …




Meanwhile, Fiona leaves the lecture hall after her afternoon class. Nate is waiting for her just outside. As they head out to get coffee, Fiona receives an e-mail. Her happy face turns to concern as she reads that it is from the doctor:

Dear, Fiona, I would be pleased if you would come to my lab now. I already know who you are. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the attachment. It would be wise if you co-operate. I also appreciate if you come as Fiona. I have sent you the location. See you soon.”

The attachment is a video. It is only a few seconds long, but it is long enough. Strangely she is calm.

Hun, the Doc knows who Viona is. He wants to meet me.”

What?!? How?” Clearly Nate is worried.

She shows him the transformation video. Nate could not believe it. Both of them walk in silence for a moment. Fiona is busy thinking about how she got caught off guard. With the choker nearby, she talks to Syphia.

Syphia, did you notice anybody inside the room that day?”

No, I did not. I’m sure there was nobody around at that time.”

Then where did he get the video?”

I’m afraid I have no answer for that.”

When they pass the lab hall, Fiona recognizes the location. This is where she transformed a few days ago, and the lab belongs to the doctor!

Nate, do you remember the day when Viona rescued the man? This is where she transformed. Look at the sign plate.”

“’Doctor Hansen’? That makes sense.” Nate clenches his fists.

Clearly he wasn’t joking. He sent me this map. It looks like he is at the industrial complex at the other side of town. I guess I don’t have any choice.”

If that’s the case, then I’m coming with you.”




At the lab, Juana’s mind is muddled. She looks like she is looking around, but she is thinking about the correct approach towards this development. She has no shortage of questions to ask.

Doc, please let me bring in my camera crew. I want to record this.”

If you want to meet her, you have to follow my conditions. In the meantime, please come here. I have something else to show you.”

Grudgingly she comes close to the doctor. He gives her a box.

Please hold this,” he says as he slowly moves behind her.

What do you want me to do? Hmmmphh!” Suddenly a cloth covers her face, blocking her nose and mouth. She has no choice but to breathe through it. “Doc … what … are … you …”

She falls to the floor. The doctor manages to catch her shoulder before her head hits the floor.

You are an important piece of my next experiment. Don’t be afraid!”

He carries her towards the prepping table.

I’m sorry, but, for this experiment, you have to be undressed.”

He carefully removes her clothing, piece by piece, leaving her naked. He positions her flat on an examination table, and takes a few full body photos as a baseline.

This is for your before and after.”

He proceeds along the standard scientific approach, recording every detail of her. Due to his lack of sleep, though, he misses a few details that the experienced scientist would normally not miss. He picks her up and heads towards a door. On the other side, there is another chamber attached to the machine. He opens the dark chamber to place Juana inside. At each corner of the chamber are straps. Carefully the doctor ties each of her arms and legs using those straps, standing her upright in a star position. All he has to do now is wait for Fiona to come.




On the way to the lab, Nate and Fiona walk in silence, deep in their own thoughts. Nate is busy worrying about what will happen, and Fiona is figuring out how to deal with the doctor. The silence breaks when they finally reach their destination.

Who would have thought that inside this warehouse was a lab?” Nate says while trying to lighten things up.

Yeah, I couldn’t have guessed it.”

Fiona grabs his hand, and they walk together to the entrance. Nate knocks the door as hard as he can. They didn’t have to wait long for the doctor to open the door.

Ah, just the person I want to see. Please come inside. I believe you have a lot of questions to ask, as do I.”

As her eyes met with the doctor’s, Syphia’s voice echoes in Fiona’s head.

Be careful, my dear. I sense something is not right with him.”

Fiona silently nods her head and grabs Nate’s hands tighter. She can’t believe her eyes! The huge warehouse, including all of the scientific equipment and computer, is dominated by a large machine at the background, and she feels uneasy while looking at it.

It looks like you have found my masterpiece: the energy conversion machine.” He turns around and proudly announces it to her.

Energy … conversion … machine?”

Allow me to explain. This machine is designed to extract the energy that you release during your transformation. It would then be stored and could be used later for further experiments. For that to be feasible, I need you to transform inside the chamber.”

Suddenly Nate grabs the doctor by his coat and lifts him up.

Careful what you wish for, Doc!” With a stern face, he lets go.

Fiona decides to play hardball with the doctor. “What makes you think I’m gonna do it? Even if you release the video, people will not buy it. They will think it is all special effects.”

Well, not most of them, but don’t you think I have a ‘Plan B’?

He tidies his lab coat and heads to his computer. Suddenly the monitor shows a person inside a chamber. It is Juana! She has woken up and is screaming and crying for help.

If you don’t co-operate, I will kill her.”

Nate is clearly upset about this. “Don’t believe him! She is not really there!”

Fiona is taken aback by the revelation. She clearly is concerned about the woman inside the chamber. She knows that she can rely on Syphia to detect wether the doctor is telling the truth.

I’m afraid he is telling the truth,” Syphia ascertains.

It isn’t what Fiona had hoped for. Now she feels like she has no other choice than to follow the doctor’s plans. She reluctantly agrees.

Okay, Doc. I will do this but on one condition. You have to delete the video after this. I mean everything, even the backup. Also, you must release the victim. Do we have a deal?”

Alright, I’ll do it.” The doctor’s face says it all. He was not pleased with the agreement.

The doctor’s voice is drowned out by Nate screaming. He hasn’t given up in trying to persuade Fiona not to transform, but she already made up her mind.

Please, hun. Trust me.” Her assurances calms Nate. They hug each other tightly and give each other a quick kiss. Their embrace is interrupted by the sound of the doctor eager to begin.

Can we begin? Fiona please step inside the chamber and awaits further instructions. Young man, you need to step aside.” Reluctantly she enters the chamber. Inside there is nothing except glass panels alongside its walls. Suddenly it gets dark. It turns out that the doctor already sealed her inside. He can’t wait to start the experiment.

Doctor Hansen runs a quick settings check on the machine. Unfortunately he is too excited to see that the machine is not set to operate at 100% capacity. The only thing on his mind right now is asking Fiona to transform. It is eerily quiet inside. The quietness is broken by the doctor’s voice over the speaker.

Please begin your transformation.”

Okay, Doc. I’d better make this quick.”

As soon as she attaches the choker, the familiar feelings rush through her. She revels in her transformation, and this time she chooses to do a quick one as she is now able to control her transformation. Because it is not her first time transforming into her peak form, it takes only three seconds to complete.

Meanwhile, the doctor’s body freezes when he sees the reading. It is much higher than he anticipated, and he is clearly happy. “What? This is unprecedented! The amount of energy is massive!”

The machine produces some weird sounds after that. It is trying to handle that massive spike of energy. The amount of energy that is released during her transformation causes the glass panel at the wall to glow. It continues to glow for another twenty seconds before it finally recedes. After the glow dissipates, the chamber door is unlocked.

In Viona’s mind, she waited for an eternity before the door opened. During that time, she discussed her strategy with Syphia.

We wait until we get our hands on the victim, then we destroy the machine and wipe his mind clean.”

She was just about to exit the chamber when a loud woman’s screams echo through the warehouse. They are stunned.

Viona, I can sense a huge amount of energy on the other side of the wall. It seems like your energy is being consumed by someone. Tell Nate and the doctor to take cover.”

Never before had Syphia spoken like that. The event really unsettles Viona.

Nate! Doc! Take cover!”

As soon as they start moving, a huge explosion blasts through the wall and completely destroys the machine. Viona, Nate and Doctor Hansen are thrown back by the force of the explosion. Both men are knocked unconscious by the blast. Viona is able to shield herself. Unfortunately the animals do not survive. She wasted no time rescuing Nate and the doctor. Luckily the fire caused by the explosion does not spread, but it created a huge hole at the wall near the machine. At the same time, a woman’s screaming still echoes under the cover of smoke, dust and debris.




Moments earlier, Juana slowly regained consciousness. She opened her eyes greeted by a terrible headache. She wanted to move her hand, but she couldn’t. She felt a cold chill on her body. She looked around and was horrified to see her current condition.

Wh-what happened? Why am I naked and tied up?”

She struggled in vain to free herself. She remembered that she was meeting with the doctor and holding a box. She recalled what happened next. “Doctor, why are you doing this? Please, release me! Help me, Doc!”

For a while she screamed and shouted, and nothing was happening. Suddenly the glass panels within the chamber wall started to glow, and she panicked.

What is that? Please, help me!”

The glass panels glowed so brightly that the light engulfed her completely. She closed her eyes, expecting something bad to happen. Instead it was the opposite. She felt a pleasant warmth all over her body as the energy flowed inside her.

Ahhhh!” Another surprise emerged with a sudden burst of pleasure washing over her. At the same time, her body started to undergo a physical change. Her skin improved, removing any imperfections in her smooth, silky skin. Her hair grew, stopping just above her buttocks, and her black hair turned to a wavy brunette.

The sensations she felt were relentless because of the continuous exposure of her body to the released energy. There was nothing she could do when both her hands and feet were tied.

The changes continued. Her age seemed to regress, now looking like a 21-year old woman. Her weight also decreased with her excess fat burned away. She felt her muscles becoming denser. Then an unexpected thing occurred. The pleasure she felt earlier turned to agonizing pain.

Arrrghhhh! Stop it!”

Her body continued to grow. Muscles bulged everywhere. Shoulders broadened, and her neck thickened. Her abs were showing 8-packs, and her breasts were also expanding. Her thighs started to grow, followed by her buttocks becoming hard as steel. The energy flowed to her legs as well.

What is happening? Help me!” She was terrified. Her emotions were a mixed bag of pain, confusion and fear. It didn’t help what would happen next.

No more pain! … Arrrrghhhhhh! …” Another wave of unbearable pain hit her like a wrecking ball. She grew even more massive. Bit by bit, the chamber became smaller and smaller. The glass panels stopped glowing, but she didn’t stop growing. The straps on her four limbs had long been broken. She kept growing until the chamber could not contain her anymore. Easily her growing body tore it apart. Her thighs were thicker than Viona’s body. Her breasts were now as large as basketballs. The floor started to crack, unable to contain her mass. She kept growing until she reaches 8 feet tall. Finally the pain subsided.

She looked down to see that she was not herself anymore. She was now a tower with muscles bulging all over her body. Her arms looked like big boulders as thick as her legs. Her core was thick like concrete post. Without a warrior spirit to infuse with her, her transformation had gone out of control. She could feel the energy she had absorbed inside her raging and flowing violently.

What is happening to me?” As soon as she heard her deep, growling voice, her confusion and fear turned to anger.

Arrrghhhhh!!! Noooooooo!!!” Instinctively she jumped to the machine behind her and crashed her body through it. The machine looked like paper being torn to shreds. It exploded and left a huge hole, exposing the other side of the warehouse.




Woarrrrghhhhh!!!” Juana lets out her anger, but it still doesn’t calm the raging energy inside her. She stands there for awhile, looking around. The wind blows the smoke away and creates a clearer view of the warehouse. There she sees Viona flying around, trying to locate the screaming woman.

You! I’m going to kill you!” Juana yells as she lunges towards Viona.

Viona can see that Juana is coming towards her fast. Fearing for the safety of Nate and the doctor, she braces herself to absorb Juana’s attack. Two huge fists land on her torso. The force is so great that it sends her moving backwards; it is only stopped by the combination of her flying ability and the concrete wall.

Just a second after she stopped, Viona sees Juana charging at her again. Juana positions her body to slam into Viona only to be foiled by Viona’s quick dodging. Viona counters with a hard kick to Juana’s left rib, causing her face to be dragged for a few feet on the ground and resulting in a small crater around the area.

Viona continues her relentless attack with a few energy bolts towards Juana. It directly hits Juana and creates small explosions, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect other than to make Juana angrier. Again Juana lunges herself towards Viona, who is already on a collision course. They crash, and, due to Juana’s massive size, Viona is thrown back a few feet.

Viona had never fought with such a strong opponent. All of Juana’s energy is directed on strength, which is why she is a tower of muscle. While avoiding Juana’s mindless assault, Viona and Syphia try to find a weakness.

I could wear her down until her energy is used up.”

Yes, you can, but we don’t know her energy levels,” Syphia raises her concerns. “In a long battle, we would put innocent lives in danger. We could try the cleansing ritual on her.”

Yeah, lets do that!”

Viona, in her peak form, swiftly moves to the back of Juana. She attaches herself to Juana by locking her arms at her shoulders with her legs wrapping around Juana’s waist. Viona is only as big as Juana’s torso. As soon as she latches on, an insurmountable ecstasy washes over her. She moans in uncontrolled pleasure. Juana also experiences the same sensation. For a few seconds, they are stationary.

Must … focus … on … task … ooohhh …” Although she is used to the sensation of her sensitive skin, this time it is different. She manages to gather her thoughts for a moment and places her left and right hands on Juana’s head. Her hands glow blue, signaling the ritual is in progress, but nothing happens; it only aggravates her sensations.

Ahhhh!” both Viona and Juana moan in unison.

Unable to cope, Viona releases Juana and flies high above the ground. On the other hand, Juana is still standing like nothing had happened.

What was that?” Viona asks as she is puzzled by the event.

For the few seconds that we bonded, I was able to probe her. The sensations that you felt were because the energy inside her is your own energy. When you two were close, it triggered an energy flow between you two. That is why you felt the sensations. You two were sharing each others’ pleasure.”

That was intense! I don’t know if I can handle it again.”

United to Syphia, she knows what she should do. Still she liked to talk to Syphia. “That means I have to wear her out first.”

Juana, after having a breather, steadies herself. She gains enough composure to control her raging emotions. She looks up and sees Viona floating right above her. She carves out a smile, as she also knows what to do. Unknown to Viona and Syphia, when they bonded and Syphia linked her mind with Juana, the raging energy inside Juana suddenly subsided, giving her a clear mind; while enjoying the intense pleasure, now she knows how to stop Viona. Syphia, after finding out that Juana is imbued with Viona’s energy, wrongly surmises that she has the same weakness.

Up above, Viona is getting ready to strike. Her peak form’s speed makes it look like she is teleporting. She notices that Juana is standing there with no movement whatsoever, but nevertheless she continues to execute her plan. Again she flies to Juana’s back and embraces her from behind. Again she is flooded by the overwhelming energy and pleasurable sensations as they bond. Her small arms are just able to reach Juana’s huge breasts to play with her nipples.

Oooohhh …” Both moan in pleasure. While Viona is busy manipulating Juana’s nipples, she feels two huge hands grabbing her firm buttocks to squeeze them. Viona is overwhelmed by the stimulation. The huge hands easily tear Viona’s thong, causing it and her breastplate to vanish while exposing her breasts and vagina. Now her nipples and skin are rubbing against Juana’s back. She cannot move away due to Juana’s hands still pressing her body. She almost loses control of herself. They move in unison as Viona is playing with Juana’s nipples and Juana is pressing Viona against herself, using Viona’s buttocks as the leverage to rub against each other.

While Viona struggles against her sensations, Juana’s clarity gives her the upper hand in this encounter. Using her big arms, she easily plucks Viona from her back, bringing her to the front. Viona feels like a doll to Juana, unable to escape her clutches. To her surprise, Juana suddenly locks lips with her. In her current condition, the kiss turns her on even more. Viona is losing her resistance. With each passing time, she is getting weaker.

Must … fight … back …” Viona knows her situation is getting dire. Never before had she lost her focus like this. While Juana is lowering her and turning her upside down, in the process their nipples make contact.

Aaahhhhh, help!” Both of them tilt their head as a result of the surge of sensations. The next thing Viona knows is that she is upside-down. Her face is pressing against Juana’s abdomen. She tries to move, but Juana’s big arms are pinning her. At the same time, her private parts are right in front of Juana’s face. She is already soaking wet.

Smells good.” The scent along with her pheromones kicking into overdrive is pleasant to Juana, and she starts licking it. Slowly her tongue covers Viona’s clit and plays along her vaginal wall.

Aahh … noooo … ahhhnnn …” Viona is panting heavily and struggling to breathe.

Viona, we have to endure this. Be strong!” Syphia also is struggling.

By this time, Viona has already lost the battle. She didn’t realize that Juana had turned her upright and rotated her so that her back pressed against Juana’s enormous breasts. Juana’s big arms wrap around her tight body. One hand is on her breast; the other one is on her pussy. Expertly Juana exploits Viona’s nipples and clitoris, doing it in a rhythmic fashion. Viona knows her time is up as she is edging closer to climax. Then, in an instant, Juana increases her tempo, and Viona reaches her peak.

Ahh, ahh, aaaahhhh!!!” A bright light engulfs Viona.

Juana closes her eyes. The encounter does little to damage her. Apart from the pleasant sensations she felt, it instead gives her advantage over Viona. After the bright light subsides, it reveals a limp Fiona. She falls to the ground, panting heavily. At the same time, the choker unhooks itself and falls beside her, indicating that the peak form is over by returning to its original state. Juana looks at it and picks it up. For a while she looks at it, marveling in its beauty.

Let’s see if this works.” Without further hesitation, Juana wears it.

Stop! …” Fiona objects with a voice too weak to be heard; it is already too late.

The choker shines brightly, enveloping Juana in its light. A wave of energy enters her body.

Oooohhh …” she gasps in pleasure. The energy is filling her, preparing her for transformation. Syphia’s figure appears beside her and slowly inches closer as her transformation is about to begin.

A wave of energy arrives, leaving her breathless. Her smooth, tanned skin glistens, as with all warriors of beauty. Her brunette hair becomes even more lustrous and dazzling. Now with a warrior’s spirit fusing with her, she receives a makeover.

Her face takes an oval shape, with her eyebrows curving softly. A pair of blue, almond-shaped eyes is coupled with long, thick eyelashes. Her nose is now straight-edged with a subtle upturned tip, flanked by a pair of prominent cheekbones. Her lips gain volume to become voluptuous, pouty and plump lips above a narrow, tapered chin.

Hmmmmhhh …” Trying to control her breathing, the third wave comes, focusing on her body. She feels that her huge, muscle-bound body is compressing and tightening. Bit by bit her height shrinks as she loses her bulging muscles, stopping when she reaches 5’ 7”. Invisible hands, just like those Fiona experienced during her first transformation, start sculpting her body. A voluptuous hourglass figure takes shape, starting with her broad shoulders. Her breasts form like two hemisphere, taking on a full volume of 36DD, and her waist resizes to a tiny 22 inches. Her hips are home to two perky and firm 35-inch buttocks that lead all the way down to her long, shapely legs. She moans in ecstasy as she feels the energy flowing through her protruding pink nipples and her clitoris on her hairless and perfect pussy. There are no more bulging muscles, but her body is gaining definition. She is now fit and toned with hints of muscle underneath her skin.

Oh, yes!” With that the fourth wave enters her body, and Syphia becomes one with her. The golden armor emerges as a golden crown wraps around her forehead while a pair of earrings dangle on her ears. She moans in the feeling of a pair of nipple plates forming upon her ample chest. Circling around her waist is a thin belt and a gold micro-thong; its strings rise high above her hips to conceal her vagina. A pair of 5-inch stiletto heels appear on her feet with ankle wraps covering two thirds of her shins. Simultaneously her arm and wrist bracelets appear with her rings to complete her wardrobe. Her face is now graced with light make-up that covers her lips with a soft pink hue as well as her eyeshadow.

The final wave of energy sweeps in, releasing all of the stimulations that she received.

Aaaaaahhhhh!!!” she lets out her most satisfying climax ever. She closes her eyes, basking in the ecstasy.

Suddenly things around her become silent. She opens her eyes and finds herself alone in a wide open space.

Where am I?”

She looks around, and there seems to be an endless space of white. Then she notices her standing pose. She looks down surprised to see her present body, with silky smooth skin; her huge boobs make her unable to see her legs.

Is this … me?”

Yes, it is, Juana,” a voice echoes. “You are now a Warrior of Beauty. For every Warrior has a name, and yours is Xuana.”

Where are you?”

Instantly a woman appears in front of her. She is beautiful, tall and slender, wearing identical armor. Her body language clearly shows her strength.

Hello, Xuana. My name is Syphia. I am the warrior spirit of the choker. When you wore the choker, I merged with you to become the Warrior of Beauty.”

Warrior … of Beauty?”

Yes, and our duty is to protect innocent people from the evil spirits that roam free.”

Naturally, her journalistic integrity compels her to ask more questions. “Where do you come from? Were there none before this?”

I am from the ancient Mayan civilization. This power is a gift from the Amazon people with whom we were in contact a long time ago. I am here today because an evil spirit has been released here, and it needs to be vanquished. The Warrior of Beauty here is Fiona.”

She opens a viewing portal, and Xuana sees Fiona gathering herself.

She is the true Warrior of Beauty. You, my dear, were able to transform because of bizarre circumstances.”

So, this is a freak accident?” Then she remembers what happened to her. The doctor had drugged her, and then she became a monster. “I remember now.”

Syphia quickly interrupts her. “There is no need to be aggravated. This damage can be controlled, and we can take care of the doctor. Right now, I, as a proud warrior spirit, are pleading with you to understand what Fiona and I are trying to do. We need you to be on our side to keep people safe and to eradicate all the evil spirits.”

Without hesitation, Xuana agrees. She is wielding the power that was her obsession for months, and, after tasting it, she feels fantastic. Now she knows all of the secrets, and it makes her realize that she is not worthy.

Don’t worry. You and Fiona have my backing. I will help your cause in my own way, as a journalist.”

Thank you.”

Suddenly she is back at the warehouse. She looks down and sees Fiona, naked. She approaches Fiona.

Hi, Fiona. In this form, I am Xuana.”

She waves her hands around Fiona, creating jeans and a t-shirt. Fiona stands up in front of Xuana. She is transfixed by the sight: a flawless beauty, sexy and powerful.

Thank you, Xuana. Wow, you look beautiful.”

Xuana blushes when she hears that; however, she quickly gains her composure. “I want to tell you that, after merging with Syphia, I understand your cause. I also realize that the doctor and I have created a lot of mess. I am sorry. Speaking of the doctor, there is something I need to do.”

She flies over to the doctor and places her hand on his head. A blue light emanates from her hand for a few seconds. She then heads back to Fiona.

Don’t ask me how I do it. It is all Syphia’s power, as you know – even the flying.”

They laugh together.

About the doctor, you don’t have to worry. I have erased all the memory he had about you, and the video was destroyed when the lab exploded. He forgot to make backups.”

Thank you very much.”

Syphia, thank you for this experience. I know this is once in a lifetime for me, and I will cherish this memory forever.”

She unhooks the choker and reverts back to her normal self. She looks down and realizes that she is naked; however, she does notice some subtle changes. Her skin is now impeccably smooth, and the excess fat that had been on her stomach is gone. She is surprised but happy.

I believe this is yours. Please be quick; I don’t want to be naked for too long.”

Thank you.” Fiona hugs Juana and then puts on the choker. Juana is entranced by the transformation in front of her. A beautiful warrior now stands replacing Fiona.

In this form, I am Viona.” She works her magic to give Juana some decent clothing. Then she turns her attention to Nate and Doctor Hansen.

I’ll take care of those two.” Swiftly she picks them up and takes them to the hospital.

Juana stands there and watches as the Warrior of Beauty disappears into the horizon.

Good luck, Warrior.”





It has been a few months since the incident. Fiona and Juana have become good friends. Juana often supports Viona in the news, making her the sole journalist who is on Viona’s side.

The doctor returned to his duties. He doesn’t remember the incident that happened that one night or his obsession with Viona.

Nate is relieved that incident is a thing of a past. He is delighted to have Juana as a friend.

Today is a special day for Viona and Juana. They have planned this for a long time, and it is time for this next stage to unfold …

Hello, X City people! Tonight, live and exclusive on the X City News Network, is an interview with the heroine that has been with us for a while. Join me, Juana Sanchez, your host for tonight. Here with me is Viona, the Warrior of Beauty.”

Greetings, people. I am Viona, the Warrior of Beauty …”


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