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The Love Of God – Part 3 – Parental Advisory

Written by enchantederotica :: [Thursday, 13 February 2014 02:40] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 13 February 2014 12:29]

This is Part 3 of my ongoing erotica series about a 25 year-old girl who randomly became omnipotent overnight and now absues her powers for sexual fantasies. She has chosen to hide her powers from the universe, except from her parents. This story contains no sexual content and is merely about her seeking advice on her love life from her parents. Read Parts 1 and 2 at 18+ only, please.



Deborah Deangelo actually enjoyed going grocery shopping. She did not mind the long lines or the occasional impatient customer ahead of her or behind her in line. The grocery store was an oddly relaxing place for her among the foods she enjoyed, the foods she wished she could enjoy more often, and the foods that just smelled good but tasted bad. She never had to buy those, but it was comforting to be around them. The married woman of fifty-two loved to cook more than she loved to eat, and each time she went to the mega-grocery store down the street, she would get a new idea of a new dish to cook for her husband. There was something about cooking that made her feel powerful; the ability to please another human being with just her knowledge of meat, vegetables, and spices.

On the other hand, unpacking after going shopping was a pain in the butt. Deborah hated it. She had only managed to get two bags of groceries out of her van before she took a break by the sink and washed her hands from her travels. As her husband Allen worked on his car in the garage outside with their neighbor Frank with hands too greasy to help, Deborah took a moment to let her hands rest under the hot water of the kitchen sink, absorbing its near-burning heat and letting it flow up her arms and into her body. The suburban woman with the two bedroom house and the stereotypical husband simply closed her yes and tried to forget that she still had six more bags to bring in from the van outside.
Yet as she stood in the kitchen with her hands warming in the sink, she heard bubbling coming from her garbage disposal. It would not have alarmed her at all except for the fact it would not stop. Curious if something else in the house was broken, Deborah took her hands from the water and turned off the sink, quickly ending her suburban-spa-treatment and looking down at the bubbles that rose up from the plug and ripped on the surface of the water. The older woman quickly became confused for the plug at the bottom of the sink should have stopped any bubbles from rising upward, yet as she kept her eyes on the sink full of clear, hot water, she soon understood what was going on. It was on the surface of the water that the ripples ripped into the shapes of two eyes, bubbled into the shape of a nose, and swirled into the shape of a smile. It was on the surface of the water that a watery face did appear, a face that looked back up at Deborah and calmly smiled a soft smile.
"Hi, mom!" The face made of water said as it looked up to the suburban woman.
"Hannah!" Deborah shouted back to the water. "You nearly gave me a heart attack. Can't you just drive up and walk in the front door like a normal person?"
"But I'm not a normal person." The watery face said again, a face that was none other than the face of Deborah's own twenty-five year-old daughter Hannah.
"Yes but … can't you act like it." Deborah continued as she talked down to the sink. "Get out of there. Frank is here so behave!"
With those words, the face made of pure water ripped away, leaving the sink as it once was. A small swirl of wind rustled up behind Deborah in her kitchen, a tiny tornado that danced through the woman's greying hair. Deborah waited and watched as a being of pure light began to appear floating in the middle of the whirlwind. It was a body made of light with glowing arms, glowing legs, and short, glowing hair. As suddenly as the winds began, the winds stopped along with the mighty light that beamed from this levitating being's body. As the light died, Deborah's own daughter Hannah was left floating in her kitchen: a gorgeous, slender, twenty-five year-old blonde girl who was wearing a top that was too tight around her massive, round breasts and a neon pink skirt that was too short to cover up her long, luxurious legs. As Hannah appeared before her mother, Deborah ignored the fact that her own daughter had simply materialized out of thin air with her neon pink heels floating a foot above the tile floor. Instead, the mother said what any mother would say to a beautiful daughter who was wearing such a skimpy outfit.
"Christ, Hannah." Deborah began. "Do you have to make your breasts so damn big all the time?"
"But I like them." Hannah complained as she floated before her mother, looking down at her giant breasts which were almost as big as her head.
"And what are you wearing?" Hannah's mother continued, looking down at the exposed mid-drift of her tiny, tight waist and her tiny skirt that danced high along her thighs. "I told you Frank is here and the last thing I want him doing is staring at you when you're dressed like that … especially with your breasts trying to rip your clothes off for you. Change or something."
"What if I just don't let him see me?" Hannah suggested as her heels touched down gently on the floor. As the twenty-five year-old touched down on the ground and ceased her levitation, her entire body became transparent, disappearing slightly from her mother's sight yet still visible enough so Deborah knew where to look. She stood there in her equally transparent shirt and skirt, waiting for her mother to get over her appearance and get on with the conversation.
"Well don't let your father see you in that skirt. He'll have a fit."
As Hannah ceased being transparent again and reclaimed her normal state, Deborah turned from her daughter and pulled the plug from the sink, letting the hot water go down the drain as she prepared to get the rest of the groceries from her van. But when Deborah turned back around and faced her daughter, she found that the very grocery bags she was hoping to fetch from the van were now floating in the air all around her daughter. These levitating bags were full of canned goods, gallons of milk, bags of oranges, and bottles of wine, yet they all seemed to be completely weightless as Hannah stood in the middle looking up at them as if they belonged in the air around her. Hannah's hands were calmly held out from her sides, her palms facing upward towards the floating bags as if any minute they were going to fall into her hands. Yet, as Deborah stood by the sink and witnessed the strange phenomenon, Hannah moved both of her hands and pointed to the dining room table, directing the floating bags to go where she wanted them to. Without pause, the bags all moved towards the dining room table, floating through the air and landing softly down on the wood. With the groceries all inside, the grateful mother sighed a sigh of thanks mixed with a bit of annoyance. It had been over five years since her daughter Hannah came home from college with weird powers like the ones she had just witnessed, and despite having witnessed these powers and more over and over again, Deborah had still not become fully accustomed to watching them acted out.
For reasons that defined reason and reality, Deborah's own daughter had come home from college after her freshman year with impossibly powerful magical abilities. Curious if her parents had found her in a crashed spacecraft years ago or had lived too close to a nuclear power-plant when she was younger, Hannah showed her parents that she not only had staggeringly strong telekinetic powers, but could also transform into anything she desired, including the water in the kitchen sink. Deborah and Allen had absolutely no explanation for Hannah's new abilities as they sat in awe of their then nineteen year-old daughter's ability to jump up off the ground and stay in the air, floating above the carpet as she showed her parents she could now fly like a superhero. As they tried to get a hold of the idea that their own daughter could now fly, turn invisible, walk through walls, and even teleport around their house, Deborah and her husband Allen told Hannah that she could not tell anyone about what had happened to her. When their magical daughter used her new powers to create diamonds for her mother, new electronic gizmos for her father, and stacks of money for them both, they begged her not to abuse such strange abilities. Yet, when they saw how sad their daughter was when she was told not to be herself, her new magical self, they realized that all Hannah wanted to do was use her powers to make others happy.
And so as the months went on, Deborah became more accepting when Hannah used her powers to style her mother's hair. Allen was quite alright with his daughter when she snuck him in to a Boston Red Sox game, teleporting them both from the parking lot to a safe spot near the dugout. They became a little concerned when Hannah showed up one day without her reading glasses and with a much more voluptuous body, but rather than ask questions and pry into their magical daughter's life, they let her be the college girl she wanted to be and found bliss with their ignorance. However, when his daughter's new body, new hair, and new breasts appeared on the cover of one of his hot rod magazines, it was clear that she had some explaining to do. Thankfully for the parents of the magical girl, no one else suspected this busty in the tiny, neon pink bikini was also the dorky, nerdy, freckle-faced Hannah Deangelo because no one else knew that Hannah Deangelo had developed the power to alter her own physique with her mind.
“So what brings you home, Hannah?” Deborah asked as she started to walk over to the dining room table where all of the groceries now rested thanks to her telekinetic daughter. “We haven’t seen you in months … well, not in person. You have to remember to call us when you appear in one of your father’s car magazines wearing … well … less.” 
“He doesn’t subscribe to Maximum Magazine, does he?” Hannah asked, trying to avoid the temptation of using her telepathy on her own parents for there were things she simply did not want to know about them. 
“That trashy magazine with all those big-breasted bimbos?” Hannah’s mother laughed. The older woman then turned around holding two gallons of milk, gallon jugs that she held up towards her daughter and realized that these gallon jugs were about as big as her daughter’s own breasts. It was as she held these two gallon jugs that she also was reminded that her daughter was a big-breasted bimbo, or at least she pretended to be for attention and money. 
“You didn’t … pose for them with those … things on your chest, did you?” Deborah asked, noticing her daughter’s massive, neon pink bra under her tight, see-through white shirt. 
“You told me not to use my powers to make myself rich, but you didn’t say I couldn’t use my powers to make my self hot … to make myself rich.” Hannah pointed out, standing before her mother with two milk jugs off her own.
“That wasn’t exactly what I meant when I told you I wanted you to earn your way through life.” Deborah sighed, walking past her blonde daughter as she stood by in her white shirt and neon pink skirt. The mother of the omnipotent college girl shook her head for she did not need to be telepathic like her daughter to know that Hannah had obviously been abusing her powers for wealth, something she begged her not to do for herself and especially not for them. Deborah did not understand how impossible it was for Hannah to avoid temptation being that she could do and have anything. All Hannah wanted to do was help, but it was not what Deborah wanted. She didn’t want ‘God’s’ help. She wanted to live her life and work for what she had. 
However, it was the smaller chores in life that Deborah was not that interested in, and Hannah had always known that. It is why she helped her mother bring the various bags of groceries in from the car using her teleportation abilities, and it was why when Deborah opened the fridge to put the milk away, she found the fresh vegetables, orange juices, eggs, butter, jam, and everything else she needed to put in the fridge waiting to greet her. With a quick spin up from the fridge, Deborah looked not to her obnoxiously big-breasted daughter as she stood behind her but back to the dining room table. Looking past Hannah, Deborah noticed that the various paper bags which were once full of groceries were now all empty and folded up on top of each other. The busty blonde in the white shirt and neon pink skirt said nothing and did nothing as she stood by with her eyes looking up towards the ceiling as if she had no idea what was going on. With her short, shimmering golden hair dancing in front of her eyes, Hannah ignored her mother’s glare and instead pretended like she had not unpacked all of the groceries with her mind, zipping them into place in various cupboards, shelves, and the refrigerator with her magical mind. 
“If you want to go help someone, help you father.” Deborah told her all-powerful daughter. 
“You said he was in the garage with Frank. You said you didn’t want Frank to see me like this.” Hannah said, showing off her sheer, white shirt, a see-through shirt that clearly did not hide her neon pink bra underneath. 
“Then I guess you better change, sweetie.” Deborah smiled, getting the upper hand on her busty daughter despite her daughter’s godlike abilities. 
With an annoyed glare, Hannah crossed her arms over her bulging chest, bouncing her massive breasts upwards under her tiny shirt before disappearing from the kitchen. Without the spectacle of light, glitter, and magical winds, the blonde college girl in the white shirt and neon pink skirt simply disappeared in a blink of an eye, fading into nothingness and leaving her mother to do something else other than unpack all of the groceries.

Allen Deangelo’s fingers were black with oil as he and his neighbor Frank tried to fix the starter on his truck. The balding man in the red-plaid shirt was not about to take his favorite truck to some stupid mechanic, and his nosey neighbor Frank was always willing to lend a hand. They had been working all morning on the truck; taking parts out, finding new problems, washing their hands six or seven times, having a few beers, putting parts back in, and then forgetting which order the whole thing came apart in. It took hours of work to get done, and thankfully, as Allen reached down deep into the engine to try and screw a tiny screw back into place, their hard work was coming to an end. 
“I gotta go use the john.” Frank blurted out, slapping his neighbor on the arm and leaving him to finish up. “Be back in a second.” 
As Frank left his neighbor Allen to finish putting the last few screws in place, leaving him with his arm buried deep between metal spokes and oily cables, Mr. Deangelo just shook his head for his neighbor was never very helpful. He was going to have to put the screws back in place all by himself, screws that were far out of reach from both the top and bottom of his favorite truck. Yet, as he heard the sound of a screw popping out of its socket and dropping down to the concrete floor of his garage, Allen’s frustrations with his truck finally erupted, causing the older man to pull his arm from the cobweb of car parts and leapt up from under the hood. His frustrations quickly got the best of him for he snagged his arm on a steel cable, a cable that slid along his forearm and ripped through his hairy skin. 
“Son of a bitch!” Allen cried out as he felt his skin tear, ripping his arm up from under the hood as blood burst from his arm. He latched onto his arm with his other hand, squeezing the wound with as much pressure he could, but the blood was already dripping through his fingers and on to the ground by his dirty shoes. No one was around. No one was in the garage to help. No one was there to witness the red ooze that rose from between Allen Deangelo’s fingers as he clenched his arm in pain. 
Then, in a whirlwind of white, Allen looked away from his bleeding arm in his hand and quickly realized something supernatural was happening before him. A tornado of light appeared in his driveway, tossing up a few leaves and dirt Allen soon saw his lovely, magical, twenty-five year-old daughter Hannah within the tornado of light. No stranger to witnessing the odd supernatural powers of his beautiful blonde daughter, Allen instead looked down the driveway and out along the block, making sure no one else saw his daughter magically appear out of thin air. Hannah opened her eyes as she faded in from nothingness, tossing up small winds from her magical arrival which blew a few loose leaves down the driveway. No longer wearing her white shirt and neon pink skirt, the beautiful blonde girl was wearing a lovely white dress which flowed down to her knees, covering up her bare thighs so that her father would not throw a fit. In addition to redressing herself in more modest attire, the young blonde had also decreased the size of her gargantuan breasts, appearing before her father still with larger-than-average breasts, yet not so large that they dwarfed her own head. Having finished her magical arrival, the college babe with the short, golden hair quickly took notice of the large gash in her father’s arm, a cut that was bleeding through his clenched fingers of his other hand, a six-inch gash that would easily require many stitches and a fun ride to the hospital.
“Dammit, dad.” Hannah frowned, bouncing up to him in her matching white heels and taking his arm into her hands. “You’re lucky I was here.” 
“Grab me a towel quick.” Hannah’s frantic father begged. “I gotta get pressure on this thing. Don’t tell your mom to call the ambulance. We can drive to the hospital.” 
“Shut up, dad. That’s stupid.” Hannah sighed. 
Hannah ripped her father’s arm from his clenched hand, demanding that he let her take it into her own hands so she could see how deep it was. The cut was not deep but was dripping red blood onto the concrete below and promising more blood to come. With her father’s forearm in her hands, Hannah looked down at the cut without grimacing and gave it a mighty glare. Allen watched as the six-inch gash in his arm quickly became a five-inch gash, then four, then three, the in just a few seconds the wound was gone. Allen stood by and watched as the cut in his arm sealed up under the eyes of his daughter, leaving only the leftover blood on his arm to wipe clean. Still holding her father’s arm, Hannah turned her eyes to the wall behind her father, spotting a clean rag which was going to be used to clean up his oily hands later on. With a glare from her eyes, Hannah called to the clean rag, demanding it rise up from the countertop, float through the air, and then land in the hands of her father. After obeying the blonde’s girl’s desires, the rag found its way into Allen’s hands from afar, floating over to him so that he could wipe the blood from his arm, his hands, and from the ground below. 
“Thanks.” Was all Allen could say after having witnessed more of his daughter’s mighty magical powers. “No one saw you?” 
“I wouldn’t have done that if people were around. You need to be more careful, dad.” Hannah sighed. “If you fell out of a tree and split your head open … I can’t really do much about that.” 
“I know I know.” Allen told his daughter who could heal almost any wound with her mind. 
“I got rid of Frank ‘cuz mom said you might need help, so I thought I’d pop in.” Hannah said, looking back to his truck as the hood was propped open while referring to abusing her powers to force Frank into a bowel movement. “Did you need help?” 
“Actually everything is back in place. I just couldn’t reach those damn screws in the bottom.” Allen replied tossing the bloody towel in the trash so that Frank wouldn’t come back and ask questions. “There’s a few screws I need to get back in, but I don’t think I can get to them without raising the car up, and no! Don’t pick the car up with your … powers, Hannah. Someone’s bound to see that.” 
“Fine. Then let me see!” Hannah sighed. 
Before making sure no one was watching, Hannah placed her hands upon the edge of the truck and bent down, sticking her head under the hood and into the engine of the truck. The lovely blonde obviously was not about to stop as she bent over further, slipping her face and head right through the metal gears and hoses without pause as if they were not in her way. Thankfully, Hannah’s father was on the opposite side of the truck so he would not notice his daughter was not wearing panties under her white dress. With her flawless, bare butt peaking out from under her dress, Hannah’s head vanished under the oil reservoir and various hoses, passing right through them so she could find the screws which needed to be fixed. Allen watched as his daughter’s head disappeared through the metal framing of his truck, turning quickly to make sure no one was around to witness his daughter's ability to pass through solid objects or her long, bare legs sticking out from under the hood. With his headless daughter’s torso bent over under the hood, all Allen could do was wait until her head flipped back up, tossing her short, golden hair from her lovely face yet letting it still dance in front of her beautiful eyes before bouncing back down on to the cement floor of the garage and letting her white dress dance back down along her legs and cover her bare butt. 
“See it!” Hannah smiled. The blonde then looked straight up to the ceiling and twirled her finger in the air ever so slowly, spinning her finger around and around and waiting until she was done. “Got it!” She said, having screwed all of the screws back into place with her telekinesis. 
“I didn’t get all the screws in yet, sweetie.” Allen told his daughter, showing her the three screws in his oily hands. 
“I know. I made more.” Hannah admitted, quickly referring to her ability to create anything out of thin air such as her new dress or perhaps a few metal screws for her father’s truck. “Frank’s coming back. Gonna go talk to mom. Love you, dad!” 
“Love you too, sweetie.” Allen replied “And stay out of trouble. And visit more often!” 
In a zip, the lovely blonde girl in the white dress vanished from sight, swirling away in a blur of white light and disappearing before her father’s eyes. The last flicker of white faded into the air and vanished as well just as Allen’s neighbor Frank walked around the corner, walking back into the garage to help his friend. The poor neighbor had no idea an ultra-hot blonde girl in a lovely, white summer dress had stopped by while he was away, a gorgeous blonde with massive breasts that Frank never would have thought was the dorky, freckle-faced Hannah Deangelo.

Deborah was sitting at the dining room table reading a magazine when the wooden chair across from her slid out all on its own, sliding backwards as if someone was behind it pulling it out to have a seat. The older woman ignored the chair and returned to her reading, caring very little when her blonde daughter appeared in the chair across from her in a white dress. With her short, playful, silky golden hair dancing in front of her eyes, Hannah reappeared in the dining room with her mom, anxious about asking for help with her love life for her mother had made it clear she wanted no part in knowing about her daughter’s ‘magical sex adventures’. Deborah knew all about her daughter’s baseball playing boyfriend, and since Hannah had never brought him home and introduced the slugger to her parents, Deborah considered him to be Hannah Lynn’s boyfriend, not Hannah Deangelo’s. 
“Fix your father’s truck?” Deborah asked as she read, knowing well and good that her magical daughter had just appeared out of thin air across the table from her. 
“I know you didn’t come to visit to help me unpack the groceries and fix your father’s truck.” Deborah continued, still turning the pages in her magazine.
“I need to tell someone about … my powers, mom. Someone … special to me.” Hannah finally said, scared not to talk to her mom about her powers and the state of the universe as she saw it, but that she wanted to share her powers with another girl. Hannah had already admitted to herself that she probably loved girls more than boys, but she had never told her parents she might be gay. In fact, Hannah still was not even sure if she was gay; she loved both genders fairly equally. However, thanks to her asshole-boyfriend and her long-time longing for Cindy Harrington, Hannah had to decide if having a real relationship with a girl was what she wanted. It was not just lesbian sex this time like it had been with supermodel Jenny Carver and countless other beautiful babes; it was a relationship. Yet for the sake of conversation, Hannah knew she had to try her best to hide her lesbian relationship from her parents, at least for now. It was not that they would not approve; it was just that Hannah did not want to share that part of her life with them just yet for she was not even sure she wanted it. 
Upon hearing the words of her daughter, Deborah closed her magazine and got serious. When Hannah came home asking about where her powers came from, there were obviously no answers her parents could give. They had no powers. They had no secrets. Hannah was their daughter and they loved her very much, even if she had somehow become an omnipotent being overnight. It was a role Deborah and Allen both knew would be too much for their nineteen year-old daughter to bear, so they begged her to hide her abilities, hide her powers, never tell a soul, and go on with her life. If the world knew that there was a little girl who could kill them all with her thoughts, they would never trust her, they would never like her, and they would always obey her commands for fear of being deleted by Hannah’s magical mind. Hannah would be alone on her throne over mankind even if she made people love her, which convinced Hannah to hide her powers and try to live a normal life. However, being that Hannah was unable to share her powers with people she loved, she would always have a secret. She would need to pretend to be something she clearly was not; an average girlfriend, a housewife, a co-worker, and maybe even one day a mother who could not fly, could not walk through walls, could not teleport in a zip of light, and could not control reality with her thoughts. Yet Hannah could do all those things and wanted to be what she could be; a girlfriend, a housewife, a co-worker, or a mother who could fly, could walk through walls, could teleport, and could control reality with her mind. Either way Hannah turned, she was alienated by her supernatural powers. ‘To share or not to share?’ was the biggest question forever lodged in Hannah’s mind, and she needed an answer. 
“Something tells me you already told him.” Deborah said, using her mother’s intuition, which can be a very strong superpower. 
“Yeah … but it started to go bad and … I made … I made him think it was just a dream.” Hannah said, nervously changing Cindy’s gender from a female to a male to avoid going off on a conversation tangent. 
“How bad?” 
“He was just … scared … like you said people would be.” Hannah said as she sat across from her mother in her white dress. “But then … he thought it was cool that I had powers. He woke up thinking it wasn’t real, but it was. To me it was and I want to try and tell him again. I think I can convince him my powers are not scary and I don’t want to hurt anyone.” 
Deborah gave out a long sigh, signaling that her daughter’s idea may not have been the best. 
“Clearly you can do whatever you want to do.” Deborah began as she made eye contact with her omnipotent daughter. “But just remember that there are two people who can get hurt here, and your … abilities … while I’m sure they bring you lots of fun … will always be quite a large problem in the grand scheme of things. I want to tell you to enjoy the feelings you have, but if things go bad, you’re either going to end up using your powers to stalk a boy who dumped you, or you’re going to have a boy who got his heartbroken by a girl with a big secret, a secret he will end up having to share with whoever’s shoulder he ends up crying on. Can you accept that either of those things is a possibility?” Deborah asked, trying to talk some sense into the blonde god. 
“I’ve dealt with bad relationships, mom.” Hannah pointed out. “Shit, I’m in one with what’s-his-name baseball guy.” 
“Yes, but he thinks you’re some supermodel and not … you.” Hannah’s mom added. “You’re talking about telling someone that you have all these powers. They might like you for your powers … or those milk jugs on your chest … and they may love you for all the wrong reasons.” 
Clearly Hannah had a lot to think about. She could not tell her mother that it was a gorgeous, dark-haired girl named Cindy Harrington who she was talking about, and that this particular girl was already a living goddess … without magical powers, of course. Cindy was the closest thing Hannah had found to someone like her in the world; someone who had everything, could have anything, yet just wanted to find someone to love her for who she was. While Cindy’s modeling career had not blossomed yet, Hannah knew it would only be a matter of time before the busty dark-skinned, dark-haired babe would become even more popular, more desirable, and more alluring that Hannah’s alter ego Hannah Lynn. Cindy would not need to ask her omnipotent lesbian girlfriend for magical favors for Cindy could get what she needed on her own, unlike Hannah’s current baseball-playing boyfriend who Hannah knew would only ask for more home runs, more endorsement deals, and for Hannah to create a few other girls for them to have an orgy with. Cindy had already been a goddess in college; doing as she pleased, doing who she pleased, and getting everything she wanted, so perhaps she would not need to rely on Hannah for granting her wishes. 
Perhaps the best lover for an omnipotent god was another omnipotent god; someone who did not need their magical mate to do them favors. Perhaps the best lover for Hannah was indeed Cindy, someone who was just like her in almost every way. Hannah had abused her powers to reach her current state of beauty and fame, yet Cindy had no such powers and was on her way to the same result. Perhaps in a way, Cindy was more powerful than Hannah. Perhaps Cindy was the only one worthy of being with Hannah, and perhaps Hannah was the only one worthy of being with Cindy. However, even with their similar lives, it was not going to be easy for Hannah to convince Cindy that her supernatural abilities were nothing to be afraid of, and it was not going to be easy for Cindy to fall in love with Hannah for who she was … and not what she could do. 
“I better go, mom.” Hannah said, coming to the same conclusion she had come to when she had arrived and easing her way out of the wooden chair. “I need to figure out how I’m going to do this.” 
“So you’re going to tell him … again?” Deborah asked as she watched her blonde daughter rise up from the chair in her white dress and prepare to do … whatever she was going to do. 
“I think I have to.” Hannah concluded. “How can I not try?” 
“Be careful.” Hannah’s mother told her. 
Hannah just nodded down to her mother before wishing she was somewhere else. The blonde girl in the white dress closed her eyes and let her own mother watch as her body started to fade away, slowly becoming more and more transparent as tiny flickers of white light danced around her fabulous curves. In a matter of seconds, Deborah’s omnipotent daughter had disappeared from the dining room, leaving the older woman to go back to her reading. With a long, deep sigh, Deborah looked down at her magazine but read nothing, instead worrying about Hannah and her faltering attempts to stay a normal, average, ordinary human being. Unsure of where her daughter had teleported off to, the older woman made an attempt to get back to her ordinary life in suburbia, trying to ignore the fact that her own twenty-five year-old daughter now controlled the universe.

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