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Miss Dynamo, Part 2

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"Why isn't Mr. Dynamo flying anymore, damn it? Where did he go? What happened to our hero and when will he come back? Did he abandon us already? I think I saw him the other day, but he isn't showing up as often as he used to. I wonder what happened to him? Did he retire after just 10 years. I didn't think superheroes could retire that fast … aren't they immortal or something like that?"


In an emergency meeting with Danny, Rebecca's husband, people were clearly beginning to suspect something might have happened. They didn't see Mr. Dynamo often enough and it made them wonder if something happened to him. In a remote location somewhere in the Andes, a secret meeting was happening and Danny was invited, a meeting to specifically discuss the future of Danny's old persona: Mr. Dynamo.

"I told you people before, she has no desire to be a hero! All she seems to want to do now is fool around with her powers and, well, go to and from work … stealing entire food delivery shipments to quench her own hunger."

"She has a hunger greater than yours, that's for sure. The fakes we employ are doing the job so far, but still … something permanent has to be done. The robots we sent to take your place will only work to fool the public for so long."

"Can't you at least talk her into doing something related to helping us?"

"I have tried, and I always spend whole days at local hotels for bringing it up. She kicks me out of the house! Crime isn't that bad, but what about the alien that has been trying to control me for the last 10 years? Where is she right now?"

"You won't believe it. Someone killed her off and destroyed her base of operation. When you destroyed that mountain that day, it generated enough raw energy to potentially open a hole in the fabric of space-time."

"And you think that something came out of it, and beat her? If it beat her, then what's to keep whatever that thing is from destroying the world now?"

"It's hard to say. It's been about a month since you lost your powers to your wife, and nothing has happened yet. It's either biding its time, or has no interest in destruction. We have no way of knowing what's going on, but if your wife could look in on it … well, that would have been nice. But she isn't willing to talk to us or assist us in anyway, so we're in the dark."

"So what do you want me to do then? She refuses to listen to me, and insists on doing things her way … using her cosmic powers and super strength to do little things like move furnature around or steal food trucks so she can devour the goodies inside of them. It's a shame."

"That is unfortunate. Have you told her that we would be willing to compensate her for it, if she decides to do it?"

"That's something, too. No amount of money can make her budge on that point, and she demands double the amount of money I give her everyday, or else I'm forced to live in that crappy hotel I always stay at when I'm kicked out of the house."

"Something has to be done here, because what if a real threat comes … and she refuses to get involved for her own personal reasons? She is stronger, faster, and more powerful than you were at your best. That makes her a great asset, if she were willing."

"She also mentioned that she learned about certain events being staged to beef up my image, but still I find that hard to believe. I know you people do things all the time, and that's fine. I won't always agree to liking it, but still … every person has their secrets, right?"

"True. But for whatever reasons she has for not agreeing to work with us, something has to change fast for our own sakes."

"With that being said, what keeps us from getting rid of you Daniel? We keep you around to get her to listen to us, and yet she continues to do as she wants regardless."

"Because, gentleman, if you want her mad all you'll have to do is kill me. And remember, I save every agent you have by asking that she not vaporize them, once she knows where they are. I may not able to reach her now, but I am working on it. You have to trust me on that."

"Don't worry about him. We wouldn't want to do something so drastic as that, since you can reach her. But we would like to see some results, results that look more promising than what you are showing now, that's all. The resources we are giving you are quite expensive, considering we're giving them to a guy that, in the eyes of most, appears to be underachieving."

"So … are you going to replace me?"

"No. We want to remain on her good side … for obvious reasons. No weapon we have was ever able to hurt you, and based on the energy readings our scientists get, she appears to be stronger than you were. Can you explain that for us?"

"It's quite simple gentlemen. The power itself is evil in nature, and her greedy and evil intentions react to it by enhancing the effect of her power considerably. It's only natural that happens. I had it myself once … I felt the darkness within it, and the enemy was forcing it on me on top of that. In Rebecca's case it's simply sitting there untapped. I don't think she would be able to control it if someone were to do to her what that alien did to me."

"She lacks the presence you have, that is easy to see. We should let you get going, but let us in on what she's doing now before we call this meeting to an end."

"She was having a company meeting at the little magazine she works with. She seems to have them every day after work nowadays. Part of me thinks she's getting too close to her male coworkers, but it isn't like I'm in a position to complain about it. She has a pretty clear physical advantage over me, in every way, at this point."

"We can confirm that for you, that she has been seen going fancy restaurants with coworkers, as you say. but they all seem to be business meetings."

"Sure they are. She's sore about all the young women I saw in my 10 years as Mr. Dynamo. It wouldn't be much of a shock to me if she's taking her revenge out on me in that way."

"That is to be expected. She is a woman, right? those psychic powers of hers make it hard to hide things from her. Just do the best you can. That's all we ask of you at this point."

"Thanks. I need to get back home soon, to cook her dinner. I'm certain she's going to expect another feast after the little social gathering with her coworkers, as usual. I have to do some grocery shopping, too."

"You'll manage, don't worry about it, Daniel. You always have."

He left the formal meeting room to be teleported back to Los Angeles, where he would resume his boring life. A sit-at-home husband with no real day job. As all this happened, Rebecca was enjoying her day at work and listening in to all of the happy conversations all the people around her were having. In her normal looking appearance, with a slight strength boost, she was really enjoying her life as a normal person more and more each day. She was always in a good mood, regardless of what she was doing, and it was because of the positive words she heard from other people using her super hearing. She worked that much more efficiently, never complained, and her coworkers seemed to catch her positive attitude as well, like a cold.

On this day she went out on assignment with a field reporter for the magazine who was covering the opening of a new movie, staring the hottest new martial arts action star: Michael Li. He even struck some cool martial arts poses for the media and the movie premiere had all kinds of A-list celebrities all over the place, along with the stars of the movie themselves.

"It was great that you brought me along for this, and we'll see movie before it releases all over the country in a week too. That's just so cool."

"It is only fitting I do something for you, considering all the great meals at fancy places you paid for, inviting the entire office as well. It must be great to have a man as loaded as Daniel is."

"He can be of some use, every once in awhile at least. So, when does the movie start?"

"Soon. Once I escort you to your seat, I'll get the popcorn and snackage."

"I want my own extra-large bucket of popcorn, too … on top of whatever you buy."

"Well, aren't we greedy today? I would complain, but this is a special day and I want to celebrate it. You could have brought Daniel along too. He would have loved this."

"I don't think he deserves to be rewarded like this just yet. You have no idea of what he's been doing all these years."

"I can only imagine."

"Well, well! If it isn't the hench wench that took my job, and the ace report Aaron Collins! I think it's funny seeing you here."

"What do we have here? It's Hard-luck Harrison. You're still bitter that you got fired from the online magazine you yourself began after 5 years? Still?"

He was a bald black man with a shabby looking suit and bitter disposition, and he never stood down from a challenge either.

"I began it all! You people don't deserve to follow in my foot steps, damn it."

"If that's the case then why did you go overboard with your lack of proper media etiquette, then? Remember that Rob. You lost control. We had no choice, and had we had a choice, but to fire you."

"Sure you did. I was the best guy you had! You'll pay dearly for releasing me, but that doesn't matter now. My new job put me in charge, and I call the shots."

"Good for you, Aaron. And I have something to do too now. You bug us about your new gig later, okay?"

They would attempt to move on as Rebecca was grabbed by her wrist, but with some effort she freed herself and moved on with Aaron.

"You've been working out, I see. You're stronger than you look."

"You have no idea. I'm leaving now … let's go Aaron."


They would leave, finishing their job, and the guy that they talked to went back to his car to get something quickly before he went to watch the new movie. As he approached his car he heard the voice of woman screaming like something was happening close by or she was being attacked. A roar that sounded like some strange creature could be heard as well, from a building nearby. He was quick to rush and see what was happening. A young woman was on the ground as a creature that looked like a human being with red and black skin and sharp claws, and the tongue of a snake behind sharp teeth.

"What the …"

Police appeared, and for a moment the creature looked like it would attack when it then leaped to the top of the building behind it, leaving the woman alone. The police rushed past Mr. Henry Harrison and continued to check out the scene. He didn't know what the creature was, but it had looked like it came out of a comic book, as ugly as it was. He would go back to and watch the movie, with thoughts of what he saw in that alley still bothering him. When he went home to his dirty looking apartment, Henry saw it clean and everything was in its proper place, making him wonder who had broken into his home.

"I don't know get who broke into my house, but damn it, show yourself now!"

"Why are you being so hostile towards me? I'm doing you a favor."

The woman he saw in the alley dead, or so it seemed, was standing before him somehow unharmed.

"Wait a minute … I saw you in that alley before, being attacked by that creature. What happened to you?"

"What indeed? I was given a new life by that creature. It infected me with some of its organic material, and I was revived. I found the original creature … but it was dead. It was passing on its genes to me, you see, and now I'm like this."

Before his very eyes her skin became black and red and her nails became sharp claws. Stuff seemed to come out of her skin like it was some type of ooze or slime. Henry was creeped out as he saw it all happen, and thought of leaving … but he was curious to know what was happening as well.

The Latino woman became a female version of the creature he saw in the alley, and she didn't do anything too intimidating to him at all. She actually got sexier, so it seemed, as her breasts grew larger and firm female muscle comparable to a fitness model covered her body. If she didn't have the face of an alien looking creature with sharp teeth and she might have been very attractive. She would allow her human face to show and it seemed to look slightly younger as well. The black and red suit looked like it was painted on her taller 6'5" female form, making it hard to focus on her face … but he managed to do it.

"So you came here to show me you have this power? Okay. Do you want to share it with me or something?"

"Yes. It was the last will of the being that you saw. It saw a hatred in you for all humanity that it liked considerably, and it wanted to join with you."

"Okay, this is interesting. So … is there a catch to this? Specifically … like you controlling me, or something?"

"No! Silly human. You would be in control of yourself. And this power has another perk you aren't taking in to account, as well."

"Aside from the usual super-human strength and speed part?"

"That's obvious. But if the nano-organism affects someone at the microscopic level, it leaves its marks on them permanently … making them our slaves. We could have the world as our little play ground, and no one would be able to stop us."

"Okay then. Why should I trust you? What if I take the power and run away?"

"Just take it, and see what happens for yourself, human. I left you a capsule. It's the last of its original self. Take it and you will become strong and powerful like me, and it will enable to take out your revenge on her as well. I did my research on you … and you hate Rebecca Stowe considerably, right?"

"Revenge on her … that does sound quite rewarding. But why would I need your power to do it?"

"The memories of the original beast you saw told me many things. One of those things are that the power of the man you know as Mr. Dynamo in fact resides in her now."

"What? No way! How did this happen? Why don't we see her flying around in tights now if she has all that power?"

"I would think she has enough common sense not to, but I am not going to answer that right now. You can't do anything to her now, not with her powers being even more enhanced compared to what they were when Mr. Dynamo had them. The power I have now has an advantage here. The raw energy with this power I have naturally nullifies any advantage she may have. My claws can cut her like she was a normal human and any physical enhancements she may have are weakened when I'm in contact with her. She created symbiotic organism, that makes up the suit you see now, with this unique ability just in case she lost control of Mr. Dynamo completely. You would have the power to reign her in, and force her to obey you and be your slave."

"Now I'm confused here. When did all this happen exactly? And where did the power come from to begin with?"

"Come human! Take the power and you will learn everything instantly. If all else fails, you will have a stronger, faster, and more agile body than anything you can ever dream of. I know you want to."

As curious as he was, Henry was slow to comply, but after about 10 minutes he finally ate the pill. He fell over as the organism he put inside his body was allowed to finally do its job. His body bulked up as he began to look just like the creature he saw in the alley earlier. The ooze he saw coming out of her skin was coming out his skin as well, as a powerful dizziness overtook him and make him fall to his knees. In his mind however, he saw the memories of the the original creature and all of the events that lead its death. The battle between the female cosmic alien that tormented Mr. Dynamo, and another humanoid being that looked like a female elf, went through his and fierce exchange each side was having. He even seemed to hear the conversation they had like he was there too, and the elf-like being only wanted a specific item and her foe refused to give her the item.

"Now I see what happened. This original organism watched the battle, and was told to leave and continue the fight with the person that acquired Mr. Dynamo's power in her place. If this other being didn't show up, then she would have went after Mr. Dynamo directly," he said in his head, and the female voice of the other woman he saw before added to that as well.

"She was also recovering from the failed attempt and being buried alive as well, human. You know that too. The other cosmic being you saw had been tormenting the master for some time, even after she recovered as well. Now you know why it all happened."

When he woke up from his vision, he looked liked a younger version of his normal form with the same type of symbiotic suite as the woman before him wore, and he was holding her close to him as well. He began to see her thoughts too, almost like they were the same being in two different bodies.

"You see my thoughts, don't you darling? And how much I love you, right?"

"Yes. I assume you see my thoughts too, right?"

"Yes, my love, I do. If either of us learn anything, the other will know it right away. How does it feel to be stronger than any human can ever hope to be, and faster as well?"

"It's amazing! The powerful muscles I have now really are amazing, to say the least! And I have someone that shares similar thoughts as me."

"You resent the world as much as I do. Is that why it choose you?"

"I would assume so, since it looks for dark and hateful people to inhabit, and it picked the first two people it saw that fit the bill: You and I."

"What do you think will happen? When that other being decides to show up and stop us?"

"You saw the original thoughts of the organism like I did. I don't know what to think about it at all, personally. But it seemed to be focused on the artifact it took and nothing else. Why it did that is completely unknown to me. We will have to hope that it chooses to leave us alone. If it could kill her, it could destroy us easier than that with no issues. Enough about that. Do you want to do something else? I wouldn't mind it."

"You must reading my mind. Of course I you are. You want me more now than you can ever dream of … and don't lie to me either."

"You don't fool around, do you?"

"What's point of doing that? Besides I'm going to have to get you used to cleaning and cooking."

"I see all those those thoughts going through your head. Why should I be concerned about that?"

"Just because you know doesn't mean you will actually apply the knowledge as you should. If you're going to be my man, you will have to be willing to do those things. But enough small talk!"

Taking Henry in her arms, carrying the heavy man easily, slinging him over her shoulders and walking him to the bedroom where she closed the door behind them. When she placed him down she thought of being nude, and the symbiotic suit vanished to reveal her tall, gorgeous, and sexy female body in its full glory. He would do the same, using knowledge of he gained from her to make it happen. The muscular man was massaging her warm and firm breasts as she was caressing his chest and eventually her hands went down to his raging hard on.

"Do you mind if I'm on top?"

"No chance, rookie. You'll have to earn that right by serving me, okay? Besides, you prefer that I be on top."

"You keep acting before I have a chance to do anything."

"You have to get better at reacting to your emotions, little man. I'll show you how later … but for now I want to find out what a real man feels like inside of me."

"Suits me fine. When you get tired, I'm going to be the one on top, and then I'll show you how its done!"

"I want to see you try, silly man."


After watching the movie, Rebecca was escorted home. Being the gentleman he was Aaron kissed her hand as he left.

"You know … if you ever feel like throwing that ring away, I will be there for you."

"Aaron please, I love Daniel more than anyone I can ever know. I can never seriously consider seeing anyone else. I said that when we were in college, and I keep saying it now. That won't change anytime soon, no matter what you want. Sorry."

"That's a shame because, he doesn't deserve you."

"He's still my man regardless, and don't be so jealous of me. There are plenty of other women that would love to have you as a boyfriend or husband."

"Please! Any decent woman looks for hard luck guys like Daniel, or the typical jocks. If they look for me, they're gold diggers looking for a payday."

"That isn't true with everyone, but you'll that soon enough. Just be patient."

Going into her house, the smell of the food waiting for her on the table was enough to excite her. The house was decent looking from her point of view, and though she wasn't really pleased with how clean it was the food was more than enough to distract her as she went to the table to see a note on the fridge. Looking over at it, she just ignored it and went straight to the food and began to devour it aggressively. She had two large tubs of popcorn at the theater, amazing Aaron, and now she was consuming the food at her table like she hadn't eaten in weeks. Letting her shoulder length hair hang down after dinner, Rebecca looked over at the note on the fridge. Seeing the message written on it made her shake her head, but she wasn't shocked to see it.

"He always has something going on at the office. To think that he's as busy now as he was being a super hero,and he always comes back dead tired. It isn't like I care anyway."

Savoring the meal she consumed, Rebecca still felt hungry so she went back to the food delivery she left in her back yard the last time and found it to be empty.

"Damn it all! I devoured the food in here, too. I have to go and get another food delivery truck again! I might just have some fun playing around with the locals while I am at it, as well. It isn't like they'll be able to stop me in my ultimate form!"

Standing up from there, Rebecca walked to her living room and began to allow the rest of her power, which was waiting impatiently to come out, to flow like a raging river blowing past a dam trying to hold it back. The end result was as it always was. The clothes she wore couldn't contain her taller and sexier body and began to rip and tear. The sounds of her normal clothes ripping was the only reason why she didn't want take her clothes off first as her body destroyed her clothes easily. When the full extent of her cosmic power was out again, she sounded like a sexier version of herself and saw long strands of red hair hanging over her shoulder, replacing her normal looking brown hair. The endless amounts of energy she felt at that moment almost made her lose control, but she managed to reign herself in after ripping away the remnants of her clothes, what little of them had somehow survived the change.

"Where should I go now? Hmmm … so many possibilities. I think I'll head up first and look around to see which target I want."

Running out of her door, closing it behind her super fast, Rebecca then flew at Mach 20 to the edge of Earth's atmosphere and looked down at the planet below. The young looking superwoman saw everyone living their lives, and heard their conversations as well, as she scanned the planet. A fierce conflict in China with some triads close to Shanghai got her attention the most, since they were fighting another group of weaker thugs, apparently taking over their territory. The fight seemed even, and they both had weapons that she felt they shouldn't have normally, but she didn't care. She flew down to the battleground once she decided on exactly where she wanted to go.

The town she landed in was ruins and the advanced laser weapons, capable of wiping out tanks, destroyed the Chinese army as they tried stop the fighting. Back-up was called in and some of the officials called for Mr. Dynamo. The problem was, the special weapons being used weren't supposed to exist.

"I thought those weapons were destroyed after Mr. Dynamo stopped the potential nuclear war we almost started 5 years ago. Was that how he built up his image up to what is it now? How did those weapons get out of India? Damn. Those things could potentially bring down a nation, and we expected Mr. Dynamo to get rid of them for us, too."

"I have word that she might be headed in that direction for some reason. We don't know what she might do there. She might help us to solve the issue, or she could just make it worse. We don't know. Where is our other project, the former Mr. Dynamo?"

"He's investigating an issue with a strange creature seen somewhere in Los Angeles. The readings there seem to be unusual, from what he says. Let's just hope his wife takes care of the issue here in China. Those weapons dealers have to be taken out quickly, before any more people learn of our dirty dealings."

"I will have some troops look over the issue. Don't worry friend. If she doesn't get the job done fast we'll have some back-up to make sure the situation is closed out properly."

As the fight wore on and an excited Rebecca, eager to see how good those weapons would feel, charged in and stood in the path of one of the larger mounted lasers as it was targeting what seemed to be a normal looking house. It was harboring some gangsters, but Rebecca didn't care about that as she directly took the full force of the beam. Her sudden appearance out of nowhere seemed to get them off-guard. Then again, seeing a young foreign woman in her early 20s with red hair and a flawless female figure was odd to them. The ground shook slightly as she landed, and the high powered laser weapon was just about to hit her. The wonderful warmth of a gentle suntan was all she felt as it hit, and the laser didn't have any negative effects on her at all either. She seemed to like basking in its powerful energy as her nude body showed clear signs she was getting turned on by it.

"Oh yes! That feels so … good! Hopefully you have a higher setting for that thing, because I am barely feeling it now!"

"No way! How could she be surviving that? We vaporized a tank with this earlier, and she's utterly unfazed by it! Do you think she's a secret weapon?"

"Who cares! We have to make her pay for opposing us."

More lasers of the same type were called into force, and as she cooked in the immense energy of the powerful lasers hitting her, Rebecca just felt like she was in sexual bliss the whole time. The people in the house behind her got away, but she wasn't concerned about that as Rebecca walked up to the men attacking her with a playful look on her face. The energy beams were still hitting her the whole time, and that didn't matter either.

"No way!! She must be related to Mr. Dynamo or something. Hit her with the grenades!"

To her, physically she couldn't understand what they were saying. But with her minor psychic abilities, the images in their minds told her what they were saying. The lasers stopped coming eventually, as she had gotten too close. They all tossed what seemed to be grenades at her and ran off. Taking one of the grenades in her hand as it was about to explode, all the others went off as well and the powerful explosions felt like a nice full-body massage to her. But as quickly as it began, it was over.

"That's disappointing. I thought I would feel something better than that. These people are pathetic."

The overall leader of each group of heavily armored and armed gangsters that were there were warned of it, and they didn't know what to think until word came the foreign red head began to go after the gangsters directly suddenly.

"What do you mean she is attacking you? I thought she was on our side." one leader said.

"I know, Sir … but she appears to going after the bigger weapons in our arsenal … and they can't harm her, either. How can a naked woman suddenly have the power to take on this kind of firepower like that? Is she Mr Dynamo's sister or something?"

"I don't care. I want that witch taken out now!!"

"We can't sir. She's evidently invulnerable to all our weapons. Nothing we do can stop her, and she's destroying them too … daring us to keep trying as well."

"Great. She's attacking us, and the enemy too, just for her own amusement. What kind of sick joke is this?"

The other general thought of backing away, and running off with his men, to avoid the threat as the weapons he smuggled in to help him were being destroyed. Word of the reinforcements to the original Chinese army made him think twice about it … his options were being taken away quickly. In the war zone, tanks stolen from the Chinese military and used to supplement the advanced weapons they smuggled were reduced to scrap metal as the female force of nature that was Rebecca was playing with them. Allowing herself to be shot at constantly, she never cared to take cover as her body repeatedly took the full force of the explosions and impacts. Sometimes she blasted them with powerful eye beams, other times she walked up to them (taking direct fire the whole time) and ripped them apart with her bare hands. She even learned to juggle them around, dropping them many times, but she picked them up and continued to practice as long as she felt like. She made sure the people inside got out of the tanks she played with, and allowed them to run away. As scared of Rebecca as the triads were, they ran right into the reinforcements of the Chinese military and quickly surrendered.

When the back-up military forces in question saw the carnage in the town, it wasn't much of a shock to them. This town was owned by the triads and had been fought over many times before. What shocked them was when they saw where Rebecca was … and what she was doing. She was compressing two tanks together in a way that seemed to be impossible, but with her strength was in fact easy for her to do.

She had one tank in each hand as she pressed them together and the ease that she had doing it made them drop their weapons in total amazement. Looking in their direction the young woman winked at them and kept on doing what she was doing. She even pressed her toys against her own body after making a single mass of super dense metal, reducing what was in her hands to a smaller size. The whining of the metal alone kept her going and the sexual display kept the Chinese soldiers stuck right where they were. The thoughts of their horny perverted female fantasies were easy to read at that point, and it encouraged Rebecca to keep on going … so she took their weapons and did the same thing to them as well.

It took them a while to finally respond to their radios. They were focused on how easily she treated the weapons they had like they were soft putty in her grip.

"What is happening, damn it? Report!"

"You won't believe what we're seeing now, Sir."

"Tell me what's happening then."

"A young looking woman, clearly American ,with red hair and a lovely figure just compressed the combined mass of two tanks into a ball about six feet wide and then destroyed all our weapons like they were soft putty. She even swallowed our grenades and gas bombs … and they didn't do anything to her either."

"And you people are still there watching it?"

"She seems to be keeping the men hypnotized by her antics, Sir. It's like she's bored and looking to keep herself entertained, more than us. Believe me, Sir, if you were here you … wouldn't want to leave either."

"Just clear the area will you!"

"Don't worry Mr. Grumpy!"The voice had a sexy sounding tone and spoke in English. "I'll take care of that for you, since your men did such a good job of keeping me happy. You can tell them to leave the area I'm at right now, okay little man?"

The man in charge was fortunate enough to be able to recognize what she was saying and responded to Rebecca in English.

"Who are you and who's side are you on."

"It doesn't matter now. Besides, it's nice to know that somebody here speaks English. I've had a lot of fun here, playing around with the toys I found in this place, but a lot of the weapons here are strange and seem to have more power than your typical weaponry. Can you explain that to me?"

"Answer my questions first."

"How rude of you! I happened to be in a good mood. And it's a good thing too … otherwise I would snap your body in half right now the same way I did so many of your pathetic weapons here! Talk to me like that again and I might go after one of your cities. If I do, you won't be able to stop me … I can guarantee you that! Just do as I say and no one will die, alright?"

Crushing the radio, Rebecca smiled as she heard the thoughts of a stray gang member hiding close by. He was hiding in one of the last homes still standing, in its basement. With a single burst of super breath the building was quickly reduced to nothing.

"That was fast! Now to get to my real target …"

The sounds of the house being demolished overhead worried the poor guy as he poked his head out eventually … and was grabbed by someone as he did. He saw the face of Rebecca as he was being lifted up over the ground. He was a decent height himself, but he was about six inches off of the ground and Rebecca was clearly on the ground as she held him up to her face with just one hand.

"I was wondering when you would come out, darling. We're going out for a little trip … and if you behave yourself I might just drop you off where you live. Do I make myself clear? I know you speak some English, so just nod if you agree with me, okay?"

He nodded like he was instructed as the naked woman flew him to Shanghai where they went to his friend's place smashing through the roof of the apartment. The friend in question was a Chinese local with a decent looking apartment. When he saw his friend in trouble he looked like he was about to lose it. Assuming a kung-fu position the friend charged in but Rebecca welcomed it all, just the same.

"I don't know who you are, but you won't get away with threatening my friend!"

"I threatened him already," she told him."Make me pay for it … I'd like to see you try."

Rebecca tossed her hostage aside as the barrage of unarmed attacks came hard and fast. Crossing her arms as the attacks came, she never once flinched as she was viciously assaulted. Each hit had no effect on her, either good or bad, and to him she felt like she was an immoveable wall, tough as she was. Fatal martial arts moves only served to amuse her until she easily caught his fist and began to crush it with an evil smile on her face.

The crushing sound was enough to make the guy she brought with her take out his gun and shoot her, but the bullets were bouncing off of her body uselessly. The only result was that Rebecca looked in his direction.

"Are you some kind of alien like Mr. Dynamo?" he demanded.

"Alien you say? Whatever. You'll need something much bigger than that pea shooter to make me let him go."

After emptying his clip, reloading, and emptying the second clip, he discovered that nothing was working. He tossed the gun at her and she crushed in her hands, making sure that both men watched her.

"What do you want, damn it? Let go of my hand! Please?!"

"I want you to tell me where your group got all those weapons. I happen to know you know something that might be able to answer that question for me. I brought your friend here so I can personally force you into telling me. If you want to use that hand of yours again, you had better do as I say."

Their desperation was getting bad as the friend that was free smashed a chair on her and they saw it shatter, doing absolutely nothing Rebecca.

"If you want to die that badly, just tell me and I'll make it quick. Like this."

Seeing her vaporize a nearby table with a beam of energy from her eyes made them think twice about resisting her any further, and she asked the man in her possession her question.

"I want to know how your group got those weapons. Tell me quickly, or I'll reduce your friend there to ashes."

He hesitated, and her eyes started to glow. She looked the direction of the guy she had taken from the battlefield. He thought of resisting, and she began to crush the hand of the man in her grip and began to slowly release the beam in the direction of her target. At that point, he finally cracked.

"Fine! You win!"

"No! Don't forget what happened to the last one who talked!"

"I can't stand losing you! I'm sorry my friend. My hand … can you please let me go?"

"Fair enough. But you both have to stay in this room. If I have to chase either of you, well … just think about what I did to that table."

She aimed another powerful beam from her eyes at another piece of furniture, vaporising it as as well, only further enforcing her point.

"Look for a man named Mr. Mao, okay? I don't know where he is … but I have his phone number."

"Good. Let me see your phone. Quick! Or I make short work of your friend."

Handing her the phone she made a call to Mr. Mao and watched the energy from the phone transmitting out as it left the phone, following it with her remarkable eyes. She soon knew where her real target was, and crushed the phone in her hands before she flew straight there. She went right through the wall like it wasn't there and relief finally came for the two men she had tormented. Using her super hearing she heard Mr. Mao talk about some weapon he would consider selling. He was in a boat off the coast of Hong Kong when Rebecca barged in through the roof in all her naked glory. His bodyguards were there, and guns were drawn as they fired on her, but the bullets bounced off of her body just as she expected.

"Come on, guys! You can't hurt me with your pathetic excuse for bullets! Get real here."

Not really knowing what else to do the guards eventually charged in for melee combat. That didn't work out for them, as she began to vaporize them even as they started to move in. The tall and muscular hitmen were gone almost instantly, leaving only Mr. Mao an older looking Chinese man in the room with her.

"What are you anyway?"

"The woman that will learn about where you got those weapons used in that fight outside of Shanghai today. The buyers of those weapons wiped out the Chinese army before they had a chance. Where did they come from? Tell me that, and I won't treat you like I did your silly henchmen."

"Go right on ahead and cook me! I don't care. I am not talking, and no type of fear tactic will make me talk either."

"That's too bad … but I read your mind just now, so I know the answer I wanted to hear. I was hoping that I could force it out of you, but if you want to die that badly … so be it, then."

His hand reached into his coat, looking like he might take something out. She urged him to do it.

One of the hand-held versions of the special laser weapons she had encountered earlier tried to incinerate her, but it only made her body glow. It felt like the stronger weapons she was hit with before, and the energy of the weapon only seemed to relax her, taking any frustration she might have had away. The longer she exposed to the red laser beam, the better she felt.

"Damn it all! No way!"

"That was quite enjoyable … to say the least … but I have a US government to visit, and I have to you tell people I was here."

Instantly vaporizing the poor victim to ashes, Rebecca saw more bodyguards armed with guns and swords enter. The rain of bullets quickly bored her, as they felt no different from rain drops, and the swords broke as they hit her hard flesh. Snapping the necks of each of the men one at a time as they attacked her, they were very quickly all dead. It amazed her at how easy it was to kill them, but she had other things to worry about at that point and flew through the wall behind her, headed right to Washington DC.


As she arrived at the White House bullets from the snipers on the roof hit her with no effect, and jet fighters scrambled to take her out were destroyed by her eye beams, which penetrated some sort of force field the planes had around them. White House staff were trying to get the President out as Rebecca and her cosmically power body went right through the building and intercepted them. They were about to reach the emergency transport. She was in front of the vehicle and wasn't going to move either, not until she got some answers.

"What do you want from us?"

"I want you people to tell me why you risked nuclear war just to give Mr. Dynamo's image a boost. I learned from Triad weapons dealers that you sold weapons to Indian terrorists to help them take nukes from China, and they nearly caused World War Three."

"Nothing happened … because he was there to stop them. Why should that be an issue now?"

"I figured you people would do some dirty things to make him look good,"An angry Rebecca said with her hands on her waist. "But when I see your thoughts I see many dirty deeds you did, rigging everything up so he could benefit from it."

"So what are you going to do, then? Bring down the strongest nation on the planet just for your petty desires? No one can stop you. Our defenses on the outside couldn't even scratch you at all. The world would be yours for the taking, if you wanted it. So why did you hold back for the past month?"

"I thought about it really hard, and decided to leave things the way they are because it would be a bigger headache to deal with starting over. I could have any government begging me to lay off of them, and they wouldn't be able to stop me. But there are a lot of good people in this world, and they are innocent. They don't deserve to the punished for that. That's the main reason why I don't just kill all of you anyway. All of you stupid politician are the same as far as I am concerned. If I killed all of you whenever I felt you were doing a terrible job … well, it wouldn't be worth having your positions open because the next guys would be just as bad. I will make you people suffer,though … if you consider threatening nuclear war again. I won't help you by making your issues go away. You'll have to handle them yourself. I don't see why my husband even offered to help you people, but you won't see me aiding you any!"

"How about helping the people, then? You don't even help them either."

"The people of this world don't need a hero, and never did. Bad things happen. It can't be helped! In fact, when you were using my husband the amount of trouble increased because the bad guys wanted to challenge the hero. I refuse to fall for that trap."

"So why come here, then? If you don't want kill us or make us suffer?"

"Who said I wasn't going to make you suffer? I can start by showing you just how pissed off I am at you people."

Carrying the vehicle they would have escaped in over her head, she began crush the car in question in her bare hands after folding the tall limo in half. The sight of this made them cringe and they had their hands on their guns as they watched.

"This might be you if I get pissed off. And one more thing too."

She up to the men, making them back away, but the secret service hesitated to shoot even as they aimed their guns at her.

"You don't want your President to die, right? You better do something about it." Some shots went off, but the bullets hit her with no effect, including the head shots. Tossing the secret service men that stood between her and the President she approached him suddenly. Looking down at the slightly shorter man, she briefly held his chin before she took him by the neck, and held him over the ground threatening to kill him. Trying to break the grip of the stronger woman, unable to save himself, the President knew he was in grave danger and nothing could save him.

Another secret service agent got close, but with a slight flick of her middle finger he was sent flying away.

"Don't worry boy. I'm not going to hurt him too much. Besides, it's better just to scare you people. I love seeing you scared and pissed off at me. I think I might just randomly stop by and scare you people sometimes. I'm beginning to like coming here. And by the way, before I go …"

Kissing the President she dropped him and flew straight up through roof of the underground area they were in.

"Damn that witch to hell! Coming here for the heck of it! There has to be some way to slow her down, or stop her … but her husband was absolutely unstoppable when he had the power. How do we deter her from coming here again?"

"We can only hope we find a way soon. Someone of her power level, free to do as she pleases, can't be trusted to behave on her own. I'm amazed I'm still alive right now."

Flying in figure eights as she made her way to another of her favorite food companies, Hostess, Rebecca picked up a delivery truck in her grasp and flew off with it. She held it high over her head, winking at the men that saw her naked before she flew away, heading back home. She took it from a distribution center close to Washington DC before she flew across the country.

"What just happened here, Matt?"

"Who knows but I think I am in love."


When he reported what he had learned about the creature found in Los Angeles, the people that he reported to were unhappy about something. It was the day after Rebecca came back from her trip, and she was happier than usual. She didn't even ask for money from her husband before she went to work. Having the truck with Hostess cakes of all kinds in the backyard helped to explain why, and naturally Danny wasn't allowed to touch any of it, though. As he arrived at the office, tired from cooking a big breakfast for his wife (a breakfast that he wasn't allowed to touch), his contact wanted to talk to him.

"Did something happen regarding my wife that I should know about?"

"She went after the President and threatened him. It had to do with the incident that happened in China … with the attack of the triads close to Shanghai."

"I heard of that it was between two clans of the triads in a town they basically control. There were special weapons used from what I heard … right?"

"Those weapons took out the Chinese army, including the tanks and aircraft they used … even the experimental stuff we suspected they had. They don't sound happy, to say the least, and from what I heard … I suspect that she learned the truth about that."

"Truth? Are you telling me that something unusual happened there? I know some nasty things happened that were kept a secret, but was this event really that bad? I handled the last event that happened in that area regarding potential nuclear wars, so what's the problem?"

"People I talked to don't have positive feelings about that incident. Something about it bothers them, but they never confirmed to me what is was. Your wife most likely knows about it, but what did you find out?"

"I learned that a creature attacked a woman close to one of the big theaters in the city. She died, but her body later vanished from the morgue."

"Do you think she is still alive?"

"I don't know. But an unusual individual was seen on the other side of town, swinging like some type of Spiderman … from what I could get from people that saw it."

"Can you tell me what this creature was like from what you were told?"

"It had what seemed to be red and black skin, sharp claws, and sharp teeth. This came from the poor people on the street that happened to see it as it went by."

"Interesting. Do you recall this creature before?"

"Yes I do. It resembles a terrible creature I encountered the second time I tried to raid the base of the evil female. She sent her pet at me … a creature that matched the description, only it was more red than black in appearance. It's claws ripped through my skin like I was normal, and I recall it hurt considerably."

"You faced a creature that could actually hurt you at your best? You must be kidding, right?"

"I am not. This being was strong, but when it slashed at me its poison was affecting me, reducing me to its level of strength. I doubt it was as strong as I was in my stronger form, but still … the battle was scary. It felt as if I would die, but I managed to wear it out and get out alive somehow. The witch set a trap for me during that battle to trap me there. I was able to notice it at the last minute … an energy gradually trying to surround the place."

"You could have used ranged attacks against it, right?"

"I did, but it was resistant to it all. It resisted it more and more as the battle wore on. A long and drawn out battle with it would probably have been fatal to me, and that was just against one of them. If I had faced two of them, I would have died."

"So it made a weapon specifically to fight you? A weapon in the form of a living creature. That is interesting. If it belonged to her, and the alien that created it died, then do you think it will seek revenge?"

"First of all, I didn't go after its master. But if it did decide to go after my wife, she would die in the first battle. Something I noticed about it during that battle is it was adapting to what I was doing to it. It learned from each attack it landed on me, and each one I landed on it."

"What do you plan to do if it does go after her, then? Would it be as unstoppable as you were?"

"It didn't seem like it at first. I think the weapons of this world could handle it but I'm only guessing at that though."

"Interesting. I'm going to report this to my people, okay? If something happens I'll let you know."

As they were about to leave, an assistant ran in asking that they look at the news fast. They saw what seemed to be the defeated remains of a robot that was posing as a copy of Mr. Dynamo, revealing it was a robot to the people that saw it lying on the ground.

"What did that?" Danny asked.

"A woman with a mask on. She seemed to be able to slash at it and cut through its outer skin easily. No conventional weapon could have cut into it as easily as she did … unless something else is at work here."

As they watched the original news cast report by Henry Harrison, a long time hater of Mr. Dynamo.

"As you can see for yourself, the proof of the fraud I kept on telling you about for so long is now lying on the ground here. He really is a fake. Mr. Dynamo was always a nobody, and if he ever wants to prove me wrong he can go on ahead and do so, because I would love to see how the government that protected you all this time plans to explain this away."

Danny turned the TV off and shook his head, but the man that he reported to wasn't too concerned about it.

"Stupid media attack dogs … always overreacting to things."

"This was your idea then?"

"This plan was in the works for a while, Daniel old friend. It was our contingency plan until you decided what you wanted to do. It was the idea of the UN. If I recall, you said you didn't always plan to hide behind your persona for as long as you did, and planned to reveal yourself, right?"

"Yes I did, but not like this. People are going to hate me!"

"It wasn't about the costume or the powers. It was about the example you were providing to them. They felt they 'd be better because of you, and it showed worldwide. If you talk to them now honestly, they will listen. The robots were there to assist you as well, and took your places where you were living your normal life with your family and it boosted your image some. Do you think you can do it now?"

"Know what? You are right Ronald. I got lost in the image I was trying to create and this could be my chance. When my wife mentioned that the world didn't need a hero before, and refused to follow in my footsteps, I don't blame her for that. My old job can suck sometimes."

"It can still use an example to follow, though. Every once in awhile. I don't think she believes I can exist outside of my persona, and I was lost without a clue of what I should do until now. I might finally get to her if I let my actions show her I understand."

"Yes she might be willing finally put on the mantle as your replacement finally when you do that."

"How do I do this then?"

"Just come to the media room and we'll begin the broadcast. People like him need to be silenced, and you are just the man to do it. You didn't need the power to do this. It was always inside of you first, and now I think you are finally going to take the first step to figuring that out."

Focused on her job as usual, word of the robot seen in the woods outside of Wyoming was getting worldwide attention and Rebecca naturally ignored it. She was under the assumption her husband would hide behind his persona as he continued to do, and wanted to do, but when a second broadcast showing her husband on live TV to make an important announcement, one of her co-workers urged her to go watch the TV.

"Rebecca! Daniel just appeared on the TV, and he is making an official announcement about word the Mr. Dynamo robot discovery was made."

"Yeah? So? I have work to do, so why should I care about it?"

Another coworker would run to her and say that he had revealed himself as Mr. Dynamo, and that was enough to finally get her attention, and she looked in the direction of the TV in the office once that happened.

"I am sorry for deceiving you all this time, but the robot you saw was one of the helping hands I had made to assist me since I knew I couldn't be everywhere at once. If it was taken the wrong way I'm sorry. I was challenged to reveal myself, and so now I am. I know you have questions for me, but I ask that you leave my family alone and direct all of your focus on me. for their protection … ."

Hearing that simply shocked her beyond words. It seemed to her co-workers that she never knew who he was, and was finding out the remarkable truth for the first time, but the shock was for a completely different reason altogether.

"What is that idiot thinking? Is he trying to get himself killed here? I don't want to protect him 24/7 from every wacko holding a grudge for what he did in the past!"

"I know I created a few villains as I tried to save people, but I had good intentions in mind and wanted nothing more than to remind you all that you can make a difference as individuals. That is why I went out of my way to mention the little things, whenever I could, like getting good grades in school or listening to the police. The usual crimes that we assume will always happen have gone down more than usual all because you people appear to be listening the positive messages I have been trying to portray. I used the suit, hoping it would get your attention."

Everyone in the world watched all this, focused on the newscast with open eyes, and most of them were smiling as they heard what was being said. Rebecca was the happiest, as Daniel finally seemed at peace with himself.

"A friend of mine that will remain nameless says to me that we don't need a heroic figure, and that person is right. I am sure you people feel the same way, too. But we need to be reminded of just how powerful they can be sometimes. That is what I tried to do all this time, for the last 10 years or so. If we are going to make a real difference it starts with each person doing their best, not the government or corporations! They can't be trusted to do anything, as is proven time and time again. Once you realize that, all our issues will vanish. Things have changed for me, and I can't be around as much as I want to. Robots like you saw will be doing most of my work, so I ask that you tolerate them for me. I will be around as you see me now, not in my other form, talking to people at a grass roots level in rallies and public forums. For those that think I am going hide behind a shroud, well: Here I am out in the open. If you want to talk to me, I am right here, and I'll be available to answer your questions whenever you want …"

The rest of the meeting was about where his powers came from, and he gave a few other answers to minor questions people might ask him. Rebecca was happy to see him finally released of the burden she knew he felt deep down inside by not revealing himself before.

"I knew from his thoughts he wanted to say that for a long time, and he finally did it. He showed more bravery now than he ever did as a hero helping all of those people. There might be some hope for him after all." She thought as she saw the rest of the announcement.

Before she went home she got a strange call on her answering machine from someone that identified herself as Emerald, and demanded to speak to Rebecca. She naturally didn't call this Emerald person back, and intended ignore her.

"I don't know who this person is, telling me what I should do. Perhaps I should kick her ass some. Either way, I have work to do."

She naturally would ignore the calls that came from that number, and went to her car to head home. When she got home she smelt the food waiting for her on the table, and her man was waiting for her at the dinner table to guide her to her seat.

"What do we have here? Service as well as the dinner? You clearly out did yourself today, Danny."

Pulling him in close to kiss him, Danny was helpless against her stronger body as a normal looking Rebecca allowed herself to be guided to her seat. The dinner was better than any other meal he had cooked before, and he of course watched her eat as he munched on an apple. Rebecca was pigging out on the food she consumed like she was a wild animal, and when it was all done Danny began to speak to her with a bit of a serious expression on his face.

"I saw clear signs of a creature that I feel could kill you for real, Honey. I say this because it nearly killed me back when I was in my stronger form."

"Are you trying to scare me, Dear? Because if you are, it isn't working. There isn't a force on Earth that can hurt me or kill me. Seriously! Come on. I took direct hits from the strongest forces on the planet and they didn't even come close to hurting me."

"I'm seriously worried about you Rebecca, Darling, and the robot you saw slashed in the news couldn't be damaged using conventional weapons either, okay? It had to be something special, alright?"

"I see thoughts of it in your head, Darling, but still … that was you. I use more of the cosmic power inside of me than you did. I might be able to survive better than you. Anyway … I like what you did today."

"It was nothing. But still, can you at least think about it?"

"I suppose I could, but there wouldn't be anything worth thinking about seriously. Not when you consider how powerful I am compared to how strong you used to be. I am so proud of what you did back there that I might consider wearing the tights you wore, if you wanted me to. I wouldn't be able to go out until after working hours, though."

"Would you really do that?"

"Sure. Why not? It would be fun! I always found the thought of being a Miss Dynamo to be intriguing, if I had the motivation to do it, and that great speech you gave might have given me the push I needed. I won't save the small-fries, though. I want to focus on the bigger cases. You can have your pathetic robots handle the small stuff. Got me?"

"Thank you. Does that mean your trouble-making days are over? Are still going to be stealing food trucks?"

"That is possible … unless you manage to have them sent to me personally. I think I might keep doing it for the fun of it, though. It isn't like you or anyone else can stop me. Not from your end, Honey. I'm going to. Sure you can handle that? I'll make sure to check up on the cases in question to make sure they are actually being fixed, too. I won't be as nice and forgiving as you were on these matters."

"As long as you try to be patient with them, I'll be happy with that."

"I will. Besides, it'll be a chance to try out there wonderful muscles I have more often. Speaking of that, I want to do something for you."

Standing up for a moment, undoing her hair and allowing it to hang down, handing her man her glasses she enabled her full change in front of him. He had only seen her change while in her clothes once before, and it really turned him on when it happened. It happened as it always did. Ripping and tearing her clothes to shreds, focusing on flexing her powerful muscles as she did it, her work clothes never stood a chance as she became the tall and powerful amazonian red haired goddess she was at her best. Rebecca suddenly looked like she was in her 20s again. The shreds of clothing that remained on her body only enhanced the sex appeal she demonstrated as the 6'7" woman before him showed off her 17" biceps. They weren't huge, but the power they had was immense and they both knew it. The sexual poses she showed off to him while she changed was making Danny hard and erect, and all he wanted to do then was make love to her. Grabbing Danny and holding him in her arms, she spoke softly.

"You want me, don't you? Well … I don't blame. You impressed me by overcoming your own inner fear, telling everyone who you are. I figured I might reward you for that. So, is there any place special you want to go? Tell me quick, or I might just pick a place for you."

"There are so many places I have in mind though …"

"I know. Just pick a place … it can't be that hard, right? I might just leave you here."

"Do you really want to do that?"

"It is an option. Just think of a place. You don't have to say anything, since I have the ability read your mind and all."

Once he thought of a place they were off, and Rebecca was carrying him to a remote island in the Pacific. She was going too fast to allow a normal person to survive, but Danny didn't notice thanks to a cosmic energy shielding them both during the flight. They were traveling faster than a jet fighter, and the point of view Danny had was something he had almost forgotten about now that he was normal.

The sex they had on the island's best beach was like heaven for them, especially for Danny. She relaxed her body and allowed him to enjoy himself. He was on top the whole time, and when he tired himself out over-exerting himself, doing his best to pleasure his wife, Danny was carried back home where he was allowed to rest. When he woke up after resting for half of the day, there was a note on the bathroom mirror in his wive's handwriting.

"You had better have my new suit ready for me to try on when I get back, if you know what is good for you."

"The queen has spoken! I better get work, then. The night we had on that island was wonderful! I hope to see more of those nights more often."

Thoughts of seeing Rebecca grow out of her normal clothes, getting sexier with every moment, was enough to nearly make him lose focus. The memory of her posing on that tropical island they visited had an even bigger effect than that. As he tried to focus on getting himself back to work, Danny told his friend (the guy he reported to) Steve to get a suit made for his wife. Oddly enough, Steve had some ideas on how to make it as well. It was like he knew all along that Rebecca would eventually cave in … but he never admitted to how he knew it though.

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