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Alone in a Foreign World

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Since her mother died the girl who will call herself Lisa on Earth (her Sverkcheloian name cannot be pronounced by any Terrans) has attended a boarding school. During the holidays her father, a famous astronomer and space explorer, often takes her with him. Once, while her father and his teammates are exploring our Solar System, Lisa leaves the spaceship at hearing that in this part of the universe she can do this without any danger. Not being on the ship when the call comes to prepare for the teleportation back to Sverkcheloy Lisa cannot hear it before the ship disappears. Even her father does not notice this before – and when he does he is lots of light years away from his daughter and there isn’t enough fuel left to get back at once.

Lisa decides to fly to the next inhabited planet having heard her powers here are much greater than any human being’s but not knowing them exactly. Neither does she know in our Solar System her home planet belongs to time goes by much slower than it does on earth so it will be many years for her until her father will manage to reach earth and find her.

Read now what she sees and how she gets around in the meantime.



L***s*y** – or better let’s call her Lisa as she will introduce herself on earth – was bored. She had overheard some of the talking in the staff room apart from the fact that she had become quite good at mind-reading the year before and therefore she knew that the planet that was watched from her spaceship was called Terra and that her father’s colleagues considered Terran civilization way under Sverkcheloian.

Unfortunately, she had told her father the day before what information she had got out of his and his colleagues’ minds and he had to report this to the commander of the ship. So the commander ordered the security level to be strengthened and every one of the officers was careful not to let her read his mind.

She decided to watch the life on Terra herself on her pocket computer which was, of course, not nearly as good as the crew’s computers but quite a good one for a girl of her age – her father as a a scientist and in a captain’s rank was well-off and knew enough about technology to be able to decide good from bad hard- and software.

The ship was still too far from Earth to allow a computer of the standard of hers to see every aspect of Terran life but it was clear that gravity had to be way less than on Sverkcheloy, that human beings of Earth nevertheless could not fly, that it was possible to see through the walls of their houses – but the computer could not find out whether Terrans couldn’t do this or they did not have any problems with being seen – that despite of the fact the planet was quite small a lot of different languages were spoken there. She could also find out how landscapes, houses and people looked like.

What her computer was not able to find out – and, as she thought, the board equipment was – were exact patterns of human languages or details about the daily life on Earth.

Suddenly she noticed that one of the gates was opened and a soldier got in. What drew her attention was that the man was not wearing any kind of spacesuit. In this dimension it seemed possible to survive without any help.

Should she dare to get nearer to Terra? Perhaps it was impossible to get near enough. Obviously people were able to fly in this part of the universe if they could get around here but she had no idea about what speed one could reach nor how long one could get along without breathing. Well, it would not be a problem if she did not get too far – of course, her father would get angry at hearing she had left the ship but Sverkcheloian teenagers do not care more about their parents getting angry than youngsters on earth do and Lisa was no exception.

She checked her belongings before leaving the ship. On her arm she wore a wrist which allowed her to change her shape into anything imaginable and also to make herself invisible – surely, any good searching machine would always be able to detect her but if she was careful nobody would notice she was outside. She fixed her pocket computer at her chain because she wanted to have her hands free and was not particularly good at telekinesis – apart from the fact that she did not know properly how this worked in open space. Then she connected her earring to her computer to make it able to detect any language she heard a word of.

Glad she noticed that the password to open and shut the door was not particularly saved; so her computer could detect it in less than a second. Moments later the girl was hovering outside in the dark space.

First she tested if she could accelerate, slow down or turn right, left, up or down noticing none of these maneuvers was a problem. At seeing this she became braver and flew into the direction of Terra as fast as she could. She made herself invisible to avoid being seen by the crew – as, apart from the ship and her, there seemed to be nothing nearby nobody on the ship would get the idea to look for a single person.

Lisa, however, did: She did not want to be noticed and less to crash with anybody. Fortunately, her computer did not detect any invisible person or thing but her nearby; a soldier was leaving the ship but he did not take her direction.

She sometimes changed the direction to feel in time whether she got into a gravity field but for more than an half an hour she did not get near enough to a planet to even notice a difference between moving to it or away from it. At last she had now got near enough to earth that her computer was able to analyse particular details about Terran life. To her luck it was still possible to stand in the air so that the computer could send its rays down to the planet to detect things.

She made the screen extend and looked at the shapes of human beings. Then she made her computer  analyse the languages. In ten minutes she got all informations she needed about English and French. The computer also told her gravity on earth would be much lower than on Sverkcheloy – even less than on Arassa, where she, as lots of her compatriots, had spent some holidays: The Arassans had built great monuments for their gods and they considered and treated Sverkcheloyans as gods because of their highly superior strength, intelligence and civilization. What Lisa had liked best there since she had been a child was that the gravity of Arassa allowed a Sverkcheloyan to fly. If the calculations of her computer were right, so would do the gravity on Terra, or Earth, as it was called there.

The people from Earth, however, could not fly and not see through the walls their houses were made of, either. Their bodies seemed to be made of less dense flesh as Lisa was able to see through their skins and bones even without her computer.

Having spent about an hour exploring Earth on her computer she decided to visit it. Calculating the distance she flew round the planet with the speed satellites in this distance had. Carefully she got a little slower waiting whether the gravity of the planet would pull her down. Soon she found out it did, but at such a small level that it was no problem for her to take off.

Having tested the gravity she dared to approach the Earth’s surface. It was partly covered with clouds. Just above the highest clouds she tested the gravity again. Yes, there was no doubt any more: She could fly and touching the surface would not hurt her. She made herself invisible and slowly she allowed her body to sink down, not thinking of the spaceship she should be on.


“Everybody prepare for teleportation back!” the commander shouted. The soldiers obeyed, among them Lisa’s father, whose name pronounced by an inhabitant of Earth would sound similar to Jason. He connected all things that were hovering in the air to the walls – during teleportation human telekinesis did not work properly and there could always be strong impacts caused by forces which were active anywhere in the Space.

He doubted some moments whether he should tell his daughter to do the same thing but decided against it. There was no way she could not have heard the command and she knew what to do in this situation; it was not her first teleportation. If he told her something like “Connect your computer to the wall” or “Shut the windows if they are open” she would answer angrily she was not a baby any more. Before the teleportation would start the security officer would control nobody could be hit seriously and if she lost one of her goods because of not being careful she deserved it and would have to pay the damage on her own  – this was the best way of education for teenagers.

“Captain Jason: Ready?” the security officer asked.

“One moment, comrade!” Jason answered. “Have you seen my daughter?”

“Not since breakfast time. Either she’ll be in her room or away with one of the boys. Her room is in Lois’ department.”

“I know.” The security officer went away and Jason connected the last things to the walls. It was not necessary to look after his luggage: While he was working he kept everything in his private room safe as he had learnt in basic training: ‘Always keep everything safe! Attacks, storms, meteors or other dangers can come in every very instant.’ He put on the safety belt and noticed the countdown had already started. Why were they in such a hurry?”


Lisa only heard the alarm when it became unbearable. She had transformed herself in a girl of about sixteen years with half-long blond hair, a heart-shaped face and big cleavage, in a knee-long red dress and black shoes. To the people she met she looked extremely beautiful, but not at all strange. At least, this was what their minds told her. She had already found out that it was quite easy to read Terrans’ minds. Either they did not have such possibilities or they did not think such a young girl was capable of doing this.

She asked a man a mental question whether it was possible to read minds – a thing that was very difficult and she had never tried before. This time, the answer was clear: “No, it isn’t.”

In this moment she got shocked: If the alarm was already so loud there would be few time left. No way to get back in time.

Stopping the teleportation was possible but difficult and expensive. She thought whether she should ask for it when she heard the countdown start. “Dad!” she shouted into her computer but her father did not answer.’ Stupid thing to do! ‘ she railed against herself. The ship was programmed to Sverkcheloyan dimension of time and Earth had another and was by a lot too far from the ship to get into direct contact. She would have to accept the ship would be teleported back without her.

“Are you looking for your father?” a woman asked.

Lisa shook her head. The woman was honestly concerned. “No, madam, everything is okay. Forget about it.”

The woman turned away at once. Lisa read her mind once again and noted she really had forgotten Lisa had called her father.

No way! There was some discussion whether it would ever be possible to make people forget things by mind-power, but so far nobody had managed it. Here on Earth she had done it without really trying!

She decided to get to know if her other senses worked so much better on Earth, too than they did on any planet she knew. But first things first. She looked through the walls of the houses for somewhere to hide and saw an open garage. This just had one door so she would see if anybody got closer. To get sure the people could not see through walls she put the question into the minds of a man and a woman who happened to pass by at this moment and made them forget it after she had the answer. Yes, she was right.

She walked to the garage not daring to fly or make herself invisible in order not to draw too much attention. In the garage she disconnected her computer which had the form of a golden ball hanging on her chain, made it extend the screen and open the microphone. Then she spoke a message: “Hi, Dad, this is Lisa. I’m terribly sorry. I’ve gotten out of the ship and flew around a little when I saw I could.

The good thing is, as you probably know, you needn’t be worried about me. On Earth there is enough air to survive, I’m able to fly up whenever I’ve got a mind to and the Earthlings seem not able to do any damage to our kind.

Greetings to Sonia and Mara and sorry, again!”

She knew very well it could take quite a lot of time until her father would read or hear the message. Time could go by at various speeds in different dimensions as she knew from her best friend, whom we shall name Sonia here, who was spending her holiday on the planet of Ignita, where great lakes of fire existed, a fire however that could, unlike that in Sverkchloy, not harm her race. It had taken four days until she had got Sonia’s first message although Sonia had written it just after arriving. Ignita was in another dimension where time went by more slowly as they had learnt at school.

Whether on Earth time went by faster or more slowly than at home she did not know. She asked her computer the question.

“Unknown because no comparison Data available” it answered. Of course, her home dimension was too far away for such a little computer to get any data from there – and she doubted whether on Earth she would find better ones anywhere.

Next thing to do was to see how her senses worked. She tried to listen to conversations of the people she could see through the walls and it was easy to her. She could also see particular objects in the flats and read the Terran magazines from a distance of about 100 metres. That meant she could see and hear much better, but she would have to be careful, too, to concentrate on the object around her not to cause an accident.

She turned her eyes to a broom which stood in the edge of the garage. On Sverkcheloy it would not even be worth trying to move it telekinetically for a person of her level but no sooner she fixed it with her mind she hold it in her hand.

She went out and opened the lock of another garage telekinetically. She heard the lock turn round and a second later the door stood open.

A car – she had already found out on her computer what Earthlings used cars for – was parked inside and it seemed heavy, at least four or five second-class-weight-units (2ndwu). Putting her hand under it, however, she had no trouble lifting it.

Next moment she got shocked about her stupidity: In the yard she could be watched and she was sure for an Earthling this car was as heavy as it seemed to be. Although she was so much stronger than them she did not want to be identified as an alien.

She shut the door again and left the yard thinking whether she should change her shape. She finally decided not to do this because it was a thing to do somewhere she could not be seen.


She walked through the streets watching the life of the people around her. She saw what and how Earthlings ate and that they paid with papers they called notes and plastic cards. Perhaps her computer could copy such a card, she thought.

The first thing she copied however was a handbag of a woman who was standing at a bus stop. She had noticed most girls and women were carrying handbags and thought it would be good to do the same. Her computer made a perfect 3D-copy of the bag within a second, with room for lots of things in it. A boy crossing her way had a strange look on his face and she noted in the act he had seen the bag appear out of nowhere. After her command he forgot it in the same moment.

Going on she passed by a bank and saw a man putting a plastic card into an automat and pulling money out of it. Should she try …??

Looking around to see nobody was watching too closely she stretched he hand to the automat concentrating her mind – and really, a bunch of notes came out. Satisfied she tried again and once more until there was no room left in her new bag. She counted quickly: She had got 450,000 pounds as the currency was named. Not knowing the exact prices of different things she was sure this would be enough for the first days.

She then decided to look for somewhere to stay. First she opened the door of a cellar to hide in there. Searching on her computer once again she found out that the places she had to look for were called hotels. Having already seen that the city she had landed in was called London she ordered her computer to look if a hotel list of London was available.

While it was checking this she made herself invisible, left and shut the cellar and flew up in order to get orientated in London. While she was making a mental map of the city the result came: Her computer had managed to get into a Terrestric System called trivago. In the air she looked for the best hotel in London to stay in for ten days and found out it would only cost 3,500 pounds altogether, less than one percent of what she had.

She looked for the hotel  and found it at once. There she landed in front of the building, remaining invisible. She had to look how the Earthlings asked for rooms.

Soon she found out that she needed a plastic card called “Identity Card” or “Passport”. Enlarging a man’s Passport with her eyes she found out it contained the arms of a state, the man’s name and date of birth. Seeing the state she was in was called United Kingdom she made her own Identity Card, copying the man`s and replacing his name with “Lisa Kirajason”, the surname, as it was common on Sverkcheloy, consisting of her parents’ names. She asked her computer for a good date to be born. It had to calculate two seconds. Then it told her she had to be eighteen years old to be allowed to reserve a room on her own but would not be considered much older. So she ordered a corresponding date of birth.

Then she went out, made herself visible in a driveway taking over the same shape she had had before, took a photo of herself which she put into her Identity Card which in the act was produced.

Then she entered the hotel. The receptionist gave her a paper to fill out and looked at her Card wondering how such a young girl without any luggage could have enough money for the hotel. She showed him a bunch of 50-pound-notes making him wonder why she had so much money open in her pocket.

Although she managed to make him forget where she had her money she took this for a warning again. It would be very difficult not to draw attention.

The man led her to her room which was big and comfortable and left her there. Although she had to be somewhat careful she was sure she would have her fun on Earth – and preferred spending her holiday here on her own a lot to Arassa, where her father had promised her to go with her as soon as he would be allowed to.

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