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Kiraling – Part 05 (Chapter 13)

Written by anonxyzus :: [Friday, 14 March 2014 22:08] Last updated by :: [Friday, 26 August 2016 10:27]

Kiraling is set in a variation of Shadar’s Aurora Universe, and borrows characters created by Shadar.

Kiraling is a story of a wounded, and in some ways broken, human being who finds himself involved with three super women, and explores that relationship from his point of view.

Thanks to Shadar for his advice and counsel, and not a little bit of editing.

Chapter 13

The army gave me a long weekend so I headed up to the cabin. As I drove up into the driveway I saw a late model Porsche Cayman parked in front of the house. I got out of the car and looked around but didn’t see anyone in the yard or surrounding area.

I walked up to the front door, unlocked it, walked in and was startled to see Sharon and another woman sitting in my living room. I hadn’t seen Sharon since I was in the hospital and had forgotten how stunningly beautiful she is.

As I always am when these women make an appearance, I was speechless. So were Dixon and Johnson. Sharon stood up and came over to me and gave me a warm hug (these women even hug better than everyone else!) and said, “Joe, I would like you to meet Deb, my lover and best friend on this Earth.”

Dixon said, “Oh no, they’re lesbians!”

Johnson said, “Maybe they’re bi.”

As she stood up I walked over to her and extended my hand and said, “Nice to meet you Deb!”

She took my hand and gave me a very unenthusiastic handshake and mumbled, “Nice to meet you too.”

Dixon said, “I don’t think this one is bi.”

I asked them, “How did you get in?”

Sharon said, “Through the front door.”

I said, “It was locked and bolted.”

Deb rolled her eyes. Sharon laughed and said, “Door locks aren’t really a challenge for us.” And then, “Deb and I are hungry and want to go dancing. Change into your blue shirt and tan slacks and let’s go out. My car only seats two, we’ll take yours.”

I walked into my bedroom and began changing my clothes. It didn’t even occur to me to ask why they were here or how she knew what was hanging in my closet, the idea of spending an evening with two beautiful women, even if they were lesbians, was almost overwhelming. Most women take one look at me and go the other direction. But not tonight!

Before I go on I should say something about Deb. She is one of those women who are attractive to men even when they aren’t trying. She has a very pretty face and a very nice figure. I think even without putting any effort into it she’s a head turner wherever she goes. Standing next to Sharon though … that just isn’t a fair comparison.

We went out to my car and I opened the front passenger door and Sharon got in. I tried to open the back door for Deb but she got there before I did. I assumed that I was more familiar with Bellingham than they were so I asked if the Black Angus was okay for dinner. Sharon said yes, Deb didn’t answer. On the drive there Sharon made small talk with me while Deb hardly said a word.

At dinner we had a booth. I sat on one side and Sharon and Deb sat on the other. While we were looking at our menus the two of them started making out. Enthusiastically. This was the first time Deb showed that she was enthusiastic about anything.

There is a stereotypical cliché that men are turned on by the sight of two beautiful women making out, and that we fantasize about it. I want to set the record straight here. This is no cliché. Dixon’s, Johnson’s and my eyes were totally riveted on these two beauties. Sharon paused at one point just long enough to turn her head and wink at me. They broke it off when the waitress came to take our orders.

While we were waiting for our orders to come I tried to make small talk with Deb. I didn’t have much luck. She really didn’t want to talk to me. I asked her what she does for a living and she said, “I dance.” Sharon filled in the details about how she is a professional dancer. I asked her how she met Sharon. Sharon told the story.

Sharon couldn’t have been more different. She told me that she was involved in marketing. I said something about sales and she set me straight on the difference between marketing and sales. She asked me about my background, where I grew up, how long I’ve been in the army, when and where I deployed, and that kind of thing. Funny thing was, I had the feeling that she knew the answers before she asked the questions. She stayed away from the really sensitive topics, my wounds, my combat experience, the friends I’d lost, that sort of thing. And she made eye contact with me. Something these beautiful Velorians do comfortably but Earth women are either unable or unwilling to do.

She was a little bit evasive when it came to some aspects of her background. When I tried to ask about why she is on earth she let me know that conversation was not suitable for a public place. “Some walls do have ears Joe,” she said. When I asked why she was in Bellingham she said she came to see me and thought we should get better acquainted. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Deb roll her eyes again.

After dinner Sharon said she and Deb wanted to go dancing, so I took them to the Fairhaven Pub & Martini Bar. We got a seat and ordered drinks, and then Sharon and Deb went out onto the dance floor. They started dancing and everyone, literally, everyone, stood back and watched. Deb’s moves were polished and precise. Sharon just seemed to flow from one step or move to the other. Neither one of them seemed to be bothered by gravity and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as flexible and bendy as they are.

After the first dance they came back to the table and Sharon asked me to dance. I started to open my mouth to tell her I’m not much of a dancer anymore, but before I could say anything Dixon and Johnson both told me to get my ass off the chair and get out onto the dance floor with her. So I did.

I’m not very flexible. Gravity does bother me. But I dusted off and pulled out my old dance steps the best I could and Sharon, God bless her, matched me step for step and move for move as if we’d been doing this together all our lives.

After that dance we started back to our table. Before we got there a guy asked Sharon to dance and she went back to the floor with him. I asked Deb if she’d like to dance. She said no. It sounded more like, “Fuck No!”

I sat down and asked her if I had offended her. She looked at me for a long moment and said, “I don’t like where things are going between you and Sharon.”

That surprised me. I said, “Look at me. Do you think “things” would go anywhere between me and a woman?”

“I’ve seen dog turds that are more attractive than you,” she said, “and Sharon usually doesn’t pay any attention to guys who are as far out of her league as you are. But your butt ugly face doesn’t make any difference.”

I’ve been compared unfavorably to dog turds and butts before, so that didn’t bother me too much. I said, “It makes a difference to just about every woman I’ve ever met.”

She said, “You’re her Kiraling. Do you know what that means?”

I said, “I think it means we’re friends.”

“Friends with benefits,” she spat back at me.

This got Dixon and Johnson’s attention. They wanted to hear more about that.

“You have a serious relationship with Sharon,” I said. “I’m not going to interfere with that.”

She laughed derisively and said, “When Sharon decides she’s going to have you, and it is when, not if, you won’t have any say in it. You’ll be as helpless as a new born gazelle in the grasp of a lioness.”

I just shook my head. This was unbelievable. While we were talking a couple of guys came over and asked Deb if she would like to dance. She turned them down as rudely as she did me. Finally Sharon came back to get Deb and they went out on the dance floor again.

I danced a little more with Sharon. She danced a lot more with Deb and the guys who seemed to be lining up to dance with her. Deb turned several more guys down, and after I had a few drinks in me I got the courage to ask some other women to dance. They all turned me down. I wasn’t too unhappy about that, I was getting to dance with the most beautiful woman who ever walked into that place and I’m pretty sure most of the men there were jealous of me.

At closing time we went out to my car and Sharon told me I’d had too much to drink and to give her my keys. I guess she hadn’t had too much experience with Toyota hybrids before. I guess I was drunker than I thought, because it didn’t occur to me to tell her she didn’t need the keys. While I was fishing them out of my pocket three guys came up to us and one of them said, “Hey, toad boy, how’d an ugly bastard like you end up with these women?”

Johnson said, “Toad boy. That’s a new one.” Dixon agreed.

I said, “Just lucky I guess.” Deb and Sharon started to get into the car. The guy who called me a toad asked Sharon why she would dance with me but not him and his friends. I hadn’t noticed Sharon turning anyone down. Deb told them to fuck off.

I walked around to the other side of the car and was about to open the door when Mr. you’re a toad boy grabbed me by the shoulder, spun me around to face him, and pulled out a knife.

It’s funny. Because of my three tours I have a heightened sense of situational awareness. That’s true of most soldiers who go into combat. It’s a survival mechanism. I can also thank my PTSD for giving me a much heightened fight or flight response. Usually it’s flight. A couple of weeks ago I was on my way to my car in a parking lot when I heard what turned out to be a backfire. Dixon, Johnson and I instantly hit the ground and put our hands over our heads. There wasn’t any thought process. I didn’t think, “Oh that must have been an IED.” It was just instant reaction. A flight response. When this guy pulled out the knife something very similar happened. Only it wasn’t a flight response. I didn’t think about it at all. I sidestepped him, reached out with my left hand and pushed his knife arm away from me, swept his right foot out from under him with my left foot, and as he was going down I wrapped my left arm around the crook of his elbow and used my right hand to control his knife hand.

By the time he hit the ground I was well on my way to pushing his knife, which he still held, into his chest, when suddenly there was a hand wrapped around the blade of the knife and I heard Sharon say, “Joe, you don’t want to do that.”

Dixon said, “I’m pretty sure he does.”

I tired to push down on the guy’s knife hand, but I couldn’t budge it. I let go of the guy and got up off the ground. Sharon helped him up and handed him his knife. The blade was all twisted and mashed up. Sharon’s hand should have been bleeding, but wasn’t. The guy looked at his knife and he and his buddies just turned around and walked away. Sharon winked at me and said, “His urine really stinks.” I didn’t say anything about that. I’ve wet my pants more than once in combat. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Sharon helped me into the car then went around to the driver side and started it up. Deb said, “You should have let him do it.”

I was pretty rattled by that attack and had the shakes real bad. Sharon asked me if I was alright and I told her that I would be. Then Deb asked Sharon, “Are you going to fuck him?”

Sharon said, “Deb, I don’t think this is the time or place for this conversation.”

Deb said, “It is if you’re going to fuck him tonight.” Dixon told Johnson that he thought this would be a great time for that conversation. Johnson agreed.

Sharon sighed and said, “No Deb, I’m not going to fuck him tonight. We’ll talk about this after we get Joe home.” Neither one of them thought to ask my opinion. Dixon and Johnson were disappointed.

When we got back to the cabin Sharon walked me to the front door, handed me my keys, gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips and said, “This was fun Joe. We’ll have to do it again.” Then she walked back to her car where Deb was waiting and they drove away.

I went into the cabin, took a shower, and went to bed.


To: Kara Zor’ el, Protector, Terra

From: Chief Administrator Jul’ lie Tan’a Protector Corps

Subject: Confidential: Investigation into Scribe attack on Arions in Terra System


The Senate Subcommittee on Enlightenment Affairs has received a report that the Scribe assigned to Terra has broken protocol by attacking an Arion survey ship. The Chief Administrator of the Scribe Corps has dispatched an investigator to determine the facts and report back to the Senate.

I have learned through sources in the Scribe Corp that a Terran said to be involved in this incident will be interrogated by Chief Investigator Alla’na. Alla’na is known to sympathize with those on Velor who view all non-Supremis humanoids, including those on Terra, as inferior and undeserving of our protection.

I would remind you that as the Protector of Terra you have ultimate authority over and responsibility for all Terrans involved in Velorian Administrative Actions. I would also remind you that the Protector Corps operates independently of and has precedence over the Scribe Corps and the Messenger Corps regarding the disposition of life forms under our protection.

I trust you will exercise your best judgment in this matter and recognize the confidentiality of this communication.

P.S. The Messenger carrying this communication to you claims to know the Terran referenced above and claims him as a Kiraling Mate. I don’t know how reliable this Messenger is, but I highly recommend that you avail yourself of his services. He is quite skilled.

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