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Tales of An 'Mazing Girl: A Man In Ten

Written by castor :: [Tuesday, 18 March 2014 21:50] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 19 March 2014 01:02]

There were three stages to the supervillain game, really.

  1. The stage where you worked to make your evil plan happen.

  2. The execution.

  3. Aftermath.

Deca’s modus operandi, as probably one of the most feared and powerful supervillains in the world, seemed to be destroy a massive areas, cause chaos and havoc. However, he did so fairly infrequently. Mainly because he was, if anything, an expert planner and worker who was very dedicated to his craft. His meaningless rounds of murder and destruction were very hard to put together. His next plan had taken him 8 months, really, to put together. Putting in mostly 20 hour days. There were still plenty of people in America who would be very impressed with his work ethic.

Deca drove a truck going up to a security gate. His headquarters were in a desert in one of the surprisingly empty quarters of Orange county. He drove forward it and the door opened allowing him to enter. He proceeded to a building in what looked to be a disused electronics office.

He was nervous. In movies or TV, when a villain hatches an evil scheme the transition between going from the working to the execution was dangerous. That’s always when James Bond came in to stop them from using the Heiliocent Device. Deca wasn't a stupid man, and he knew the world would try to stop him. He didn't super begrudge the world for it either – but he was so close … so very close …


… but, well, life.

Richard Maclaine was a former Stock Trader, with incredible Telepathic power. He went to UCLA, where he learned about money and how people think-well literally he was a telepath that was the main trick. He could read minds there passions and what they planned to do with companies and stocks.

And as he learned was often wrong about it. That was the big lesson. He went out to new york for a week to listen to the minds of the stock exchanges and private clubs- to read in some cases fortune 500 companies CEOs minds – and even with perfect knowledge of the world fucked it up a lot in his first six months. He lost money when a big deal he tried to short based on a lower earnings report on a Tech Company ended up overall raising the value of the stock.

It was a humbling experience-but by and by over the next view years he learned to do more-to take the unexpected to balance desires and fears, hopes and dreams-and take all of them.

Somehow it had lead him here as he entered the main floor


Deca watched the group toil.

Robots; all of them robots.

It wasn't that he didn't trust people – that was the wrong word. His superpower was fundamentally super-honesty. He knew what evil lurked in the hearts of men, and he trusted that. No. He mainly used machines because of … well philosophy may be one word, credo may be better.

If he made something, he did it. He was responsible for it. And he wanted to be responsible to have stake in his action. A general of men stood on the backs of his men – Alexander was just a little Greek guy who took credit – but he … well, his robot minions were an extension of him.

It was arguably the ultimate extension of a Rand philosophy, complete with a fair amount of racism against Hispanics.

Of course there where people – he just didn't surface them – tons of workers who made the first robots, plenty of people who did the actual work. And Of course his money had come from stealing information and a little bit of other stuff from people who had worked for them, or at least invested them wisely. Or poorly on gimmicks. He was at heart a simple thief. Like the government, except unlike the government he didn't give people roads or Columbus Day.

And besides, taking apart Rand’s philosophy was pretty tiresome.

He shrugged. Ahh … it was life. And in the small corner of his mind that would still register human emotion he liked Columbus Day. He didn't have a good reason for it, as he thought Columbus was a dirty Italian.

His robots were neither dirty nor Italian.

And he actually wasn't really an objectivist or anything, he was far crazier then that. Which said something.

He shook his head and went back to his work: programming an override to Airspace control protocols. It was hacking, but well … that was another thing that took of planning to do properly. And also involved both stealing information from air traffic controllers heads, and paying a couple of them off. Ahh, well …


Deca’s eyes glazed over a bit. At some point in his life he had decided to become a machine-based supervillain – which meant he had to learn a lot about machines, and how to program them. It could be interesting actually. He did have some genuine interest in it. But it could be very tedious, looking at numbers on a screen. It had very little do with destroying a city or to draw out his foe, and watching the life be sucked out of her. Well, abstractly it did, yes, have something to with that, but not really.

His first battle with 'Mazing Girl was really his second major event. his first major battle had built his first metal suit and attacked fairly randomly he would admit a Shopping center in Artesia (why Artesia? he didn't have a good answer). It had went better then he expected. Police showed up if not swat and he managed to defeat about five cop cars-killing about 26 or so in the process. He had killed before, but never on scale. The metal suit that he had spent about 9 months developing work liked a glove- better when the bullets bounced-well.

The real funny part he remembered was destroying the parking meters next to the place- it was fun when he ripped them out and smashed them good in a nice long row. It appealed to his odd side.

His next attack six days latter when he attempted to destroy a school-well that's when he met her. That's when he was forced to take a boy hostage to escape, and that's when she managed to save the boy he took hostage, even if he got away. failure.

Deca's name came from the fact that his suit was as powerful as 10 men. Well there was a design flaw in there guess what?

Two days later the FBI pierced together the clues and, sensibly, brought her in as opposed to the army. he had repaired his suit increased its strength as best as he could but she beat him. it was in a small park out of his home. she jumped in through the trees, which he didn't expect. He punched her a couple of times-and this time, this time he managed to knock her back .Set his auto cannons, and for a second-just 5 seconds really he though he beat. He though the muzzle flash of the guns and the bullets was really going to do her in-

but then she got up. Shaken yes but she got up. Yes, 'Mazing Girl was to powerful for him, she could walk through the hail of bullets and grab him and rip his arm off until he was nude – even the goretex base layer she ripped off and left him naked and humiliated defeated as she looked down at him, so big so superior so …


… when a red alert went off on his desk.

And something popped up on his screen. It was a security monitor showing a giant bull-like creature with a green mask and an odd outfit. He was standing on top of his building, little lights coming out of his arm cannons.

Blizzard. The champion of Orange County. The hero inspired by World of Warcraft.





Blizzard looked around, uncharacteristically cautious. There had been something about this place that didn't quite feel right. A check of records suggested that this old building hadn't been used in months – but it was unusually clean.

Then he heard a noise.

"HI," said a voice.

Blizzard turned his head and body to see a gigantic mechanical man 7 and a half feet tall and covered in horrible plating that formed circles around his body in silver. A black cape, an eyeless helmet. He had never met him, never seen him, but he knew who it was. Deca. Standing 20 feet away.

It meant ten Blizzard thought. It was funny how thought processes went.


Blizzard considered. He knew he couldn't be cautious. He knew he couldn't be scared. But fear filled a small part of his heart.

Then he screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" he screamed, running towards Deca. He pulled from his back a giant AX. He pressed a button to electrify it to its highest level.

"Electrical attack!"

It hit Deca on the shoulder.

And did nothing at all.

Deca swatted him away, knocking him across the roof.


Blizzard pulled up his gun. Out of which came a giant bullet of liquid nitrogen. He hoped the aiming computer was really good.

It hit Deca in the face.


Blizzard started to run, both arms stretched toward his target shooting bullet after bullet. Some hit. Some didn't. But Deca was pelted.

And started to walk forward.


Blizzard got up, his legs hurt a lot from the throw, and just punched Deca’s chest as he came at him. Blizzard realized that was a mistake. He had broken his hand. It didn't hurt too much. Yet. Shock really, but …


Deca punched blizzard in the face … and the green mask cracked and fell to the ground. As did Blizzard, now a pitiful heap. Deca looked at his opponents face. My god …


"Do what you will," said Mr. Koteck.

Deca grabbed him in his hands, holding him like a piece of limp cheese, as his own mask pulled down to revel his real face.

He looked at the poor mass in front of him.

"Have you told anyone where you are?"

"Plenty," bluffed Blizzard.

"No. You’re lying. I can read your mind. Going out on a lie. That’s a shitty thing," said Deca.

Then he ripped off Blizzards head with a single movement of his arm.

Deca sighed.

Murder was something he generally enjoyed. In the moment.

Dead bodies were tricky – and by god he couldn't quite find Blizzard’s head.

The mind-read suggested that Blizzard didn't have any particular steps in place if he disappeared, but a man like him was … well, he was the head of one of the top 100 American companies … he probably couldn't stay missing for long.

He could hide the body somewhere – but, well … no head. And people expect that.

He sighed. He liked the pleasure of telling the world what stuff he did – like killing one of the two major heroes in the county … but if put his body out at the front gate people would start snooping – well pretty much anywhere – people would start snooping. This was going to be a hassle, even if he just hid it.

And if he did that, no one would find out that the orc clad superhero of cold justice was really a pudgy business executive in his mid 50s, who had once been in the Brad Pitt movie "Moneyball" as the nebish team owner. And he’d been good in it to.

It was kind of funny really, and Deca wanted to share the joke with the world.

But no head …




Deca built a metal box. A casket of sorts really, though no real funeral was held. He hid into his new … device.

He didn't expect the device to survive his big attack. But that’s okay. Only robots or dead bodies would be there, and there would be many more dead bodies.

However with luck they would find Blizzard … and know.

Deca liked the idea of it.

And he was extra pleased when a small robot came in holding the head.


He patted the little thing, though it was just a machine.

(special thanks to Dru for editing)

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