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Miss Dynamo, Part 3

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"Did you hear that Mr. Dynamo is coming to our town today?"

"Yes! It's great we finally get to see our old hero again."

"Even after all this time he never said why he lost his ability to summon his powers, but I've heard it has something to do with his sexy looking red-haired assistant."

"So have I, and supposedly she's super like he was. Perhaps she took his powers from him. Either way his wife must be pissed off at her being around her man, as much as she is."

"I wouldn't mind having two babes like that on my side like that. So when is he going to come to our humble city?"

"I think he said he would come tomorrow. I just want to want see how sexy his assistant is, though. I hear that the pictures of her don't account for how sexy she really is in person. I don't blame him for having his assistant out of sight before his meeting, or people would ignore him and focus on his younger, hot assistant."

"I wouldn't mind seeing what the assistant does to her employer in the office."

"Any guy would love to see that … not just you."


As the embassy in Kenya in Africa was attack by rouge terrorists it seemed that no one could save the people inside. It appeared the terrorists had stolen some type of chemical agent and threatened to use it if anyone got close.

"Have we been able to access any line of communication with the people inside, damn it? Being caught in this stand-off is just pissing me off!"

"Any direct connection to the outside world from their end was severed, Sir. They refuse to talk to us and won't listen any of our negotiators either. It's as if they have their own itinerary and refuse to tell us what it is."

"Do they want to release the chemical agent they took from that lab, from what you can tell?"

"We can't confirm anything just yet, and the only we way know about what's happening inside is through the use of our advanced imagining equipment."

"This is bad. As hard as we try to avoid these conflicts. It seemed like the storage container for the chemical agent was open for the terrorist beforehand. None of the scientists claim to know who opened it either, and with cameras to the room taken out early we can't find out who did it that way either."

"To think it's been a month since Mr. Dynamo revealed himself, and three other major incidences like this with no clear link except that someone on the inside was helping and no sign of infiltrator was ever seen at any time. This 4th incident is no different than the rest."

As she was watching the incident from above, Rebecca with her red hair blowing in the wind, wearing her own version of the Mr. Dynamo outfit, looked at what was going on. She looked at the scenario with great interest as the other three incidences reported by the Mr. Dynamo drones talked about the basic themes talked about in this case as well.

"I'm still curious to know how all this happened, but since Danny asked me to look into this matter I guess I should get going then. I have to get to my darling husband soon before he gets to Houston. Personally I should be able to meet him there, since I don't see an issue that would slow me down. Not here, anyway."

Flying down to the building, going through the roof to where the leader of the terrorists were holed up. Guns were quickly drawn and bullets were sent flying. The gentle rain Rebecca felt as she saw the bullets fall harmlessly to the floor was making her smile as she walked forward.

"You've caused enough trouble for one day. It's time to return the bioweapon in that container, if you know what is good for you."

The men dropped their guns after exhausting all of their ammo and feared for their lives.

"Are you even aware of how many people you're threatening here?" the terrorist leader demanded. "This stuff can be spread in the air with the wind currents and easily infect millions of people!"

"Yes, but bow are you going to release the toxin when you don't even have it your possession, Mr. Smarty-Pants?"

Looking at where he had placed the canister, the enemy leader quickly realised he indeed no longer had it, and it was in Rebecca's hand.

"Damn you to hell, bitch! If I blow this place up it's going to vaporise before you can get out of here."

"I know you enabled the explosives in this place. It won't hurt me any, but still … do you people want to live? Because you will be incinerated with everything else in this building."

"It isn't like we care! We're prepared to die for the cause."

"It doesn't matter to me. Go on ahead and blow this place up! I happen to know quite a few of your so called people are running away right now. They don't seem to want die here."

"Damn them to hell, too! Foolish cowards! I won't let them escape you too."

Pressing a button on his belt buckle the leader died as the building went up in a powerful explosion, catching everyone outside off guard. The powerful explosion blew the authorities outside back, injuring a few people.

"What is that stupid red-head doing in there, damn it? Why does she always have to be such a hot head all the time? I prefer when her male counterpart was here doing this, because he looked to avoid getting involved." The leader of the military forces outside shook his head, still hiding behind the heavily armoured vehicle closest to him.

"Who knows? She's dangerous as hell, but at least the bad guys don't want to repeat their crimes or get out of jail … if she lets us arrest them."

"Who cares about that? I lose too many of my men when she is involved. And she plays it off like its nothing, too."

In the wake of the destruction, the powerful blast served to relax Rebecca as she sat in the middle of it all. She also opened the canister allowing the chemical inside to be burned up in the heat. The fire that happened after the explosion had some of the people worried whether Miss Dynamo would be okay, but she walked out of the flaming ruin unharmed shaking her hips. The men there seeing her come out were amazed that the gorgeous woman was so totally unharmed. It happened in the local hideaway of the terrorists in question in a stronghold outside of the capital city in a remote area.

"I took care of your problem I even make sure those nasty germs were wiped away as well. It's a good thing too! If I had let these guys survive, they would have used that weapon on a major population centre."

"They weren't being made to kill people. it was a counter-measure to beat what the criminals have. Are you even aware that the chemical weapons the terrorists have are capable of wiping out cities easily and they don't care who dies?"

"That is why I personally tell them to play nice. Just because I don't watch over you people all the time doesn't mean that I am doing nothing! I even found some groups that not even governments of the world know about yet."

"You know about them, and yet you do nothing about it."

"They use their chemical weapons for self defence. Besides: I tell the government where they are too, so they can be tracked as well. If they decide to move, they will be intercepted. If you haven't noticed, people don't steal their stuff and their security tends to be more secure than what I see in major government facilities in developed countries. People don't seem to notice that."

"Are saying they're better than us?"

"They are in my opinion. Don't be so sad, darling. There is one other thing I want to mention, too … before I go back to my employer. They only use their weapons when you people threaten them. Weapons you people create are planned for use, often right away, making them easy targets for criminals. Yet you wonder why people target them. Think hard about that for a moment. You might hate me nit-picking this stuff, but I'm looking for a permanent answer her … not just the temporary answers you people want."

"Are you saying we are the reason why everything is wrong?"

"Yes I am, basically. And it's out of the respect for my employer that I don't simply solve your issues myself. You people are lucky for that. He wants me to let your people solve it, and I sometimes agree with him, too. Anyway, I have an employer to safeguard in Houston, Texas. See you later now, boys! Have fun cleaning up here. You had better get the rest of those guys hiding around. Here give me a piece of paper I will even make it easier for you find the rest of their flunkies, okay?"

Taking a piece of paper and a pen she wrote down specific coordinates in latitude and longitude and handed it to the man in charge and flew off into the sunset.

"Are you going to check these places out, sir?"

"Why not? We should at least look into it. I hate talking to that woman! She makes us out to be idiots … like we can't do anything ourselves."

Flying halfway across the world, enjoying the magnificent view as she travelled in excess of Mach 20 and still speeding up as she went, Rebecca crossed the Atlantic and reached Texas quicker than she expected. Loud hyper-sonic booms were heard as she flew back to the US, and many airplanes heard it wondering what was making the noise. As this all happened Danny was in his hotel room, getting himself ready for his public appearance, when he felt someone whizz past him. He knew who it was right away too.

"Back from Africa I see. From what I heard, everything went well."

"Of course it did. I never fail a mission, and those guys hated to hear me tell them the truth."

"That goes without saying. Right. But did you plan my speech as you said you would, Rebecca? Or do I have to improvise as I always do."

"I'm sorry! I love going out and doing good and …"

"Don't make me laugh. You like doing that stuff for your own ego, and nothing else. But it does the job, so who am I to complain? You could at least put on your normal clothes on now."

"I'm surprise you aren't sad about losing your powers to me … and you never were. I know why, but still … you seem to be able to hide your intentions from me."

"You seem to have limited psychic powers, but if I place my thoughts deep enough inside of my head you can't see them. I figured it would work. Do you know why I don't feel sad about losing my powers, my dearest wife?"

"I would love to hear that," Rebecca said, taking off her tight outfit and revealing her firm and sexy body to him while she looked through a suitcase with her clothes inside of it

"Because, Rebecca … I wanted to save everyone from the very beginning, and I couldn't do it solo and I knew it right away. They wouldn't listen to a nobody like me, either … unless I did something to get their attention in a good way internationally. The love I had for what I did before was because the control placed on me before. The female alien was trying to take me over and used the dark power you have now to force me to follow her. My love for you and peace overall kept me from killing everyone on Earth."

"Whatever. I know the story already! You didn't have full control of yourself, and that's why you raped me every night. I know. I should have left you the first few times, but the small amount of power I gained in those rapes each time must have made me a potential suitor for your powers, right?" As she spoke, she was trying out some clothes, not really liking what she saw in the suitcase.

"Somewhat But still your feelings now are your real emotions, not the power trying to take you over. I never intended to maintain that persona for 10 years myself. Just so you know, the increased power output you have is partly because of how your body was conditioned for it ahead of time, thanks to me. Have you learned anything about how the transfer even began?"

"Not in the last 30 days since you revealed yourself to the world. Just so you know, I didn't think it was a good move anyway, not initially. But oddly enough the people reacted to it better than I expected. Damn. The clothes in this suitcase suck. They don't match my mood today. I'm going to have to go home to our private island and get something nice for this formal gathering myself, as I always do."

"First off: You always tell me to pick some clothes for you, but you always end up going back to the house to find better ones yourself. I even have your personal maid pick them out and you still hate the choices she makes. Second: about all the people's reactions … it was as I expected. They trusted me because I helped them for so long. It was part of the plan from the very beginning. They are also listening to my talks about helping themselves and fight the evils of their world."

"You keep saying that, but I still have a hard time believing you regret having the powers that I do. You had your dream of becoming the strongest man alive, right?"

"No. I did … I may have been strong physically … but not in every other way. It only fulfilled half of what I really wanted. It may be what you want, but not me. You had better get back with the clothes you were going for, before it get close to the big event here."

"I'm going to, already! I swear, you're so pushy! One of these day I am going to punish you for that."

Still naked, she flew out of the window super fast. Travelling faster than she did to get from Africa to Texas Rebecca landed on the back porch of their mansion on a distant Pacific island. The gardener got quite distracted at seeing the young red head before him, just a few feet away, so she blew him a kiss before she went into the house.

"I love this job more and more everyday! I have it good! Especially when I can see a sexy angel like that everyday …"

Trying out all kinds of sexy looking office attire, with her personal maid there to assist her, Rebecca finally felt she found two outfits that best fit the mood of the occasion, leaving about 10 minutes remaining before Danny's big meeting. The maid even did Rebecca's hair really quick before Rebecca flew out of the window, heading back taking a suitcase for her husband. Danny was still in the room when she came back looking like a legit office woman and she still look drop dead gorgeous as well. Distracting him with her looks and she gave him a suitcase.

"Apparently my maid prepared a speech for you. Seems like she knew I would forget it."

"That's good. I knew it was good idea to hire her. Why can't you take lesson from her Rebecca? I also hired another assistant to go with me when you decide to go out and have fun. I don't mind improvising … I'm used to it … but it would be nice to actually have someone with me to keep up with the office needs when you decide to run off."

"Keep talking like that and I might send you to the moon first class right now! Anyway, I'm going to walk around the facility to make sure things are safe. We both know why I do that right?"

"Of course. The Mr. Dynamo robots will do their part, too. And have a few of them scattered in remote locations that make for good hiding places close to the stage."

"Whatever. See you later, sweetie! Knock 'em dead for me, okay?" Blowing him a kiss, Rebecca walked out of the hotel and getting all kinds of attention as she went. Even with her hair tied up, wearing glasses and dressed in loose fitting office attire it was still hard to deny how gorgeous she was. She even winked at a few of her admirers, telling them to focus on the main event involving her husband as she went by them. The city around the arena was quite lovely, and she always waved at the nice people around her that acknowledged her. She had obvious horde of horny men that dreamed of what she looked like under her clothes, and women that saw her as an inspirational figure for the vision of feminine power she represented. People would ask for autographs, male and female alike, and she was nice enough to do that, but that was all she did. Other nastier things were asked, but she always declined those perverted requests out of respect for her husband. It was late afternoon when Danny's speech of peace and love began, and with her super hearing Rebecca heard all of it anywhere she went, making her smile as she went along.

"An odd energy signature was registered at a old building close to your location and eight clones I sent to investigate never came back. Can I ask for your assistance?"

A mechanical voice she recognized as one of the Mr. Dynamo clones was speaking to her through an earpiece she had. The earpiece resembled a hearing aid, and through it the voice spoke to her and told her where the last signal of the drone was before it was disabled.

"Whatever. Give me a moment."

She was only about 10 minutes away from the location, and ran to where it was right away. Rebecca felt an odd cosmic energy source across the street, and an odd figure in a hooded robe was looking right at her from an alley next to the building in question. There was clearly something she hated about that figure as it walked into the alley behind them and tossed a bag in the direction of Rebecca. Her eyes saw what was inside right away, before she even bothered to open it, and she crushed the contents of the bag between her 2 hands. The obvious sound of metal being crushed was heard before she tossed it aside.

"I don't know how this joker did it, but they're going to pay for doing this."

Rebecca Flew to the other side of the street, floating over the ground, and went into the building directly in front of her. It used to be a restaurant. She looked around to see a tall muscular and most certainly male looking figure before her in a hooded robe, and the other stranger she had seen outside stood next to him as well.

"You two will tell me who you are … or else."

"Isn't that funny? She thinks that she can beat us!"

"I know! She has no idea of what kind of trouble she's in right now. It's a shame that no one will save you, because you won't be able to stop us … just like those silly robots. Once we kill you, we'll kill your husband next. We know all-too-well who you really are, and if you run away from us now we'll tell the public the truth about what really happened to Mr. Dynamo, and how you came to be. Do you want us to do that?"

"Why would I want to run away? It isn't like you people can hurt me. I've taken nukes head on, laughing at them the whole time! How can you even hope to match that?"

"She's asking for it! I'll make sure she pays for her comments," The shorter female sounding person said. "You make sure no one else comes here and gets in the way, okay?" They both took their robes off and seemed to vanish, making themselves invisible to Rebecca's super senses right away.

"What the …? I can't sense them anymore! Where did they go? Why can't my cosmically enhanced super senses tell me where they are?"

"You depend entirely too much on your powers to bail you out of tight spots. I don't blame you either. Nothing can stop you, or hide from you, while you're in your current form. But we can get around that. We can do something else, too."

Unable to see her foe or their energy trail, Rebecca had no idea of where the attack came from as a powerful pain hit her hard. Something slashed at her from the front and tore through her clothes. The scream of pain she generated was heard from a good distance out as it felt like a super sonic scream, setting off car alarms. Clones of Mr. Dynamo would hear this, along with the Police, and rush to where Rebecca was. She was hit away, out of the building and into oncoming traffic, knocking over a truck in the process. The overturned truck blocked traffic as the person that had hit her away came after her, slashing at Rebecca as she went. The pain from each slash cut through her skin like it was normal flesh, and it seemed like her invulnerability wasn't working. Every hit seemed to hit her hard as the female beast with sharp claws and red and black skin killed anyone in her way as well as she knocked her prey around. First she was knocked across the street after she knocked the truck over, then she tried to toss cars at her foe but it seemed like her foe was getting faster and she dodged the cars coming at her hard and fast. With slash marks all over her body, Rebecca was quickly beginning to lose consciousness as the battle happened. The fight carried them to the area around auditorium where Daniel giving his speech. After being slammed into a clothing store after, following a failed attempt to hit her enemy away, a bloodied and barely conscious Rebecca was feeling her super powers failing her. She was slammed into a wall, as her foe was holding her back against her will. The super strength of Rebecca wasn't helping her at all and her whole body was in agony as well.

"I don't understand … why am I unable to break your grip? I should be stronger than you."

"You don't understand anything yet. I was made to kill you … overcoming your powers. My claws have a toxin on them, and with every slash I land on you, it only drains you of your powers even more. I could kill you whenever I want, or eat you alive, but I already have you under my control and I wonder how cool it would be to make you do whatever we want you to."

"Screw … you! Why would I want to do what you want?"

"Don't worry about it. You will see first hand. Right now I'm leaving. I think I've done more damage to you than anything further physical wounds can inflict. You won't know when I'll call you for a command, but it will happen soon enough. Have a nice day."

Dropping her victim, the enemy walked away without ever revealing her identity. The havoc all around was full blown, with cars tossed everywhere by the taller alien-looking male, as the police found themselves unable to land a firm blow on him. People were killed and harmed throughout the area. Henry knew right away she was done and gave the police a hard time by toying with them. As fast as he moved a few of the bullets still actually hit, but any damage was quickly undone by the creature's healing factor. Watching live video from another Mr. Dynamo clone ordered to watch and record the event for Daniel, he saw a normal and older-looking Rebecca, badly bloodied, as she crawled out of the store she ended up in. The event Daniel had been hosting to talk about peace was actually put on hold as local authorities told the people that worked for Daniel behind the scenes about what was happenings backstage. The drone took Rebecca just as she lost consciousness, and she was taken to their hotel room where she was cleaned up and examined until Daniel could get there.

After the police force was embarrassed, and the last of their vehicles were tossed aside by the two alien looking creatures, no one knew what to do from there.


"In today's story, two alien beasts have rampages in Houston, Texas, in what was a terrible unprovoked attack. Many people were badly injured or killed in the battle. It was suspected that the creatures would go after former hero, Mr. Dynamo, but he was never attacked … making people wonder who their real target could be. A thorough formal investigation is being undertaken regarding this matter, and Daniel Stowe, Mr. Dynamo himself, and his camp, is doing quite a bit to assist in the investigation. As new information comes in, we will keep all of you informed and up-to-date."

In a government facility hidden from view, Rebecca was resting peacefully as she was checked over one last time. She was still a normal human, and had been told that she was not to power up. She sat up in what seemed to be a hospital room. Her body was in agony, and she couldn't move at all without crippling pain reporting itself all over her body. All she could do was sit up, but the pain refused to go away and she wanted it to stop badly.

"Damn it all! Why does my body still hurt? I thought my body's healing factor would make the pain stop damn it! But …"

She was under the effect of a powerful sedative and it was hard to stay awake. It seemed like she was being held against her will, but she had an easy answer to that right away.

She didn't care about the pain, either, she wanted to experience her real powers again as soon as possible. With medical instruments still attached to her body, Rebecca began to focus on powering up as quickly as possible. The cosmic power she knew was there bubbling away below the surface, waiting to come out, wasn't reacting as fast as it should have, though. It seemed like something was holding it back, and it took a considerable amount of effort and actually caused more pain from her focusing so much before it finally decided to come out. But it did take her about 20 minutes of agonising effort. Sweat came down her face the whole time, and her veins were visible too. Her husband would charge in as he saw her body begin the eventual change she was struggling to force out.

"Wait! Don't change back yet! please!!"

It was too late. Her eyes glowed, and the hospital gown she wore was getting tighter on her body with every passing moment. The body of a middle aged woman with a decent figure was quickly replaced with a body of an angel that looked no older than her early 20s … the body of the sexiest fitness model on the planet … and she was basking in the energy she felt. The effects of the powerful sedatives were unable to hold back the powerful cosmic forces within her body as her energy returned to its usually high and seemingly infinite level. She took off the mask administering the gas, the gas trying to keep her sedated, and pulled off all of the cords attached to her body if they hadn't come off already. She even ripped her hospital gown off as well as she sat up and began to stretch her powerful, refreshed, body.

"It feels so good to be back to to normal."

Before Daniel could say anything else, Rebecca was benching her own bed up and down. She even tossed it around, showing off her powerful muscles, before she placed it back down on the ground where it was.

"Is that why you insisted that I not power up?" Rebecca asked. "The sedative? Is there a reason why you choose to sedate me, Honey? I don't feel any different because of it." She flexed her biceps for him in a very sexual pose, but all her husband could do was shake his head.

"You don't get it, Honey. The toxin that existed in her claws creates a byproduct that does all kinds of other nasty things, and it's activated by your cosmic power. You were sedated to keep the pain down for you. The natural process that occurs otherwise is extreme pain, even in your normal form! But if you just stayed in a normal form, sedated, you would have recovered just fine without any of the other effects working! But now it's too late."

"It does hurt some, but not like you say it should. I guess the healing factor I have nullified most of it."

"You might be more resistant, but you still feel it, right? That should say enough about it. Did you feel any pain as you tried to wake up before while you were being sedated?"

"No. But I was sedated, okay? How am I supposed to feel anything when I'm sedated? But still, what are these other effects generated by the toxic by-products you're talking about? Since you seem to know so much about this subject."

"A gradual increase in pain. And it will get to the point where your healing factor won't negate it. Consider this: If you feel it now, with your cosmic healing factor as high as it is, it must be a powerful source of pain. Can we both agree with that?"

"You do have a point there. It makes my every limb seem stiff some, and it has a nagging effect on me now, but I can get around it just fine. So … am I destined to die at this point?"

"I don't know. I waited it out as a normal human until it went away, when this happened to me. You on the other hand insisted on going against the treatment, so even I don't know what will happen. I don't even know if there is a way to rid your body of it at this point. Once it really becomes active … like it will be in your body soon."

"Whatever. All this talk bores me to death. So how long has it been?"

"Two days. Alright. Can I trust that you won't try to break out of here, please? At least until a plan is decided?"

"I suppose I could promise you. But you would have to say please first."

"I'm being dead serious here, Honey! Please!!"

"So am I. I already know where I am now, since my eyes can see through the walls here. I want to leave right now to see if my powers are back to their full capacity. Can you give me one good reason why I shouldn't?"

"Just do what you want, okay? It's pointless to talk you out of it once you get your mind set on something like this."

"I wasn't going to listen to you if you tried to make me stay, anyway. I'll see you at the island then, Darling."

Becoming a blur, Rebecca was gone instantly as she ran out of the facility and headed to a wooded region away from the town she was in. Walking up to a random tree, she had an easy time uprooting it like it was child's play. Holding the massive tree in her grasp, she then snapped it in two with her bare hands and began to juggle each piece before she grew bored with how easy it was. Casually tossed the two pieces of wood aside, she hovered over the ground and easily vaporised a line of trees, loving how easy it was for her to do it.

"I need something that is going to be a better challenge. But where am I going to find it? Hmmmm …"

After some thinking she left the area in Minneapolis where she was, to travel to Peru and to where large monolithic stones were plentiful. She felt like they were placed there for her amusement. She loved playing around with the massive stones there, and in other places … including the city she had found that nobody else had seen yet. Focusing on the stones, 100 tons and up, she felt the soreness in her limbs hit her hard before she really felt like she was even beginning to get warmed up. She still benched the huge stones about 100 times really fast, and had no issues managing their massive weights. A few 200 ton stones were clearly her favourite to work with, but after benching them about 80 times she was sore. The soreness really hit her hard and she couldn't do any more than 10 more reps before she dropped the massive stone in her possession.

"I think I did something. The pain I'm feeling now just increased. I used to be able handle that 240 ton rock easily, but the annoying pain I feel now is getting in the way of that."

Pumping her powers up as high as possible to make pain recede, Rebecca would do so eventually … and it made her wonder if Daniel was right. He might have a point there regarding the pain she was feeling now.

"How am I supposed have any fun if I can't use my full physical strength the way I want?"

She would remain in the Andes Mountains for a few more hours, skimming boulders in a nearby lake, easily like they were pebbles, but the pain remained constant no matter what. When she finally decided to leave the mountainous region, she heard a voice in her head. When it spoke to her, it gave her a big headache and she could not make the voice go away.

"Get out of my head, damn it! Stop haunting me! Please!"

Falling to her knees, trying to fight off the voice, Rebecca heard the same voice she did when she was in Houston, and voice sounded like she was right next to her as well.

"I told you that you would do as I say, my little puppet you. Once I get inside of you, you won't get away from me! It's time for me to test my control over you."

"Can't … let this happen …"

"What do you plan to do about it, worm? You should have listened to your lover. He had the right idea! Staying as a normal woman the whole time and bearing the pain of it all. Then again … I knew you wouldn't listen to him. You love being who you are now, don't you?"

"I swear … when I get to you … I'm going to …"

"You are going to do … what? If you ever think about attacking me, I'll make you stop before you begin!! You belong to me now."

"No I don't …"

"Stop fighting! You did this to yourself. Now … do as I say."

"Never …"

The mental pain from trying to force the voice out of her head eventually made her scream and the physical force of it cracked the nearby stones, and it was all heard for some distance as well. The pain would stop eventually and when Rebecca stood up, angered as she was, she stomped on the ground hard making the whole region rumble and shake.

"All this power I have, and I can't keep them out of my stupid head! I have to do something, but … what?"

Eventually she decided to just go back to the tropical island she stayed at, go to her room and rest. Seeing her overhead, flying over the estate, always got the servants excited (even the female servants) and they all saw her land in her back yard, wiping herself off. Seeing Rebecca as the young looking red haired angel she was always got the servants of the mansion going sexually, and Rebecca acted as she usually did. Blowing kisses at the male servants and waving at female maids left them as dazed as they usually were as Rebecca passed by them. She held her forehead like she had a slight headache, and laid in her bed covering herself up like she wanted to sleep. She didn't leave the room for the rest of the day, and when Daniel heard of this he took the very next flight back to the island.

The long fight was quite tiresome for Daniel, and when he landed behind his house after another public session he saw his wife in her younger looking form. It was early morning local time, and Rebecca was in a gorgeous looking party dress that he really liked … more than any other. The red hair of his wife was braided, and she looked even sexier than she normally did in her enhanced form.

"Welcome back, Honey! I missed you while you were in London Darling. I have a big surprise for you."

"What? I heard you had some headaches. I worry that the stuff in your body could be affecting you now and …"

"Don't worry so much, Darling. I'm fine now. All those nagging pains went away as I skipped large boulders in Peru yesterday. I even benched some of the heavier stones carved by our ancesters so long ago as well. It was a great workout for me and it made the pains go away."

"So benching 100 ton man-made stones were enough to do it then? Still … I would have to see this for myself. I decided to take some time off from lecturing to keep an eye on you, concerned as I am. That attack could have killed you."

"But it didn't! And your wife is standing right here in the dress you love so much. I even cooked you a feast made for a king … well, after I had my share of course."

"Wait a minute. You cooked something? Whatever happened to the 'I only care about showing off my powers' Rebecca?"

"Silly man! Don't be so rude. There's another part of me aside from that. I even had the maids and servants flown away with a sizeable cheques in their pockets so we can be here alone."

"Let's be off then to the dining room, okay? I won't accept no for an answer, either. So don't try to run away from me. If you know what is good for you that is."

Taking him in her arms kissing him Rebecca ran to where his seat was in the dining room and placed him gently where she wanted him. The meal was unlike anything he ever saw her cook before.

"Wow! This is all for me?"

"Yes it is, Darling. It is all for you, and I refuse to take any of it. Even if you ask me to."

"Did you eat something?"

"Some. But I'll manage. I might be a little hungry, but I'll be fine."

The sweet smile on her face, and the innocence she showed, made Danny very suspicious of what was going on … but he still ate the food anyway. Halfway through the meal. Rebecca said she had to go somewhere and went away, waving at him as she went. Danny busied himself devouring the food and loving every bite of it. When he was recovering from the food, he would begin wonder where Rebecca went. He found her in their bedroom, in her normal older-looking form and dressed in a nightgown. She never looked that bad in her normal appearance, either, though she never stayed this way for very long. Seeing her in this form made him smile.

"Hope you had fun eating … because your dessert is right here."

"I don't know what to say."

"Perhaps I can help with that … but you have come over here before I can find out."

Urged on, Daniel made his way over there. She ripped his clothes off of him aggressively and pinned him to the bed. She used a fraction of the immense strength within her body to do it, but she limited it in a way that didn't cause her man too much pain. Lying next to him after that, she insisted that he lay on top of her and have his way with her, but he wasn't as quick to do that as expected.

"Aren't you going to …?" he asked nervously.

"No, I'm not. You like it better if I'm normal ahead of time. I know you do. So … do you want to have sexy with your normal looking wife or not?"

He didn't know if this was a prank or not, but quickly realised how real her offer was when she allowed him to pin her down and he began to make love to his almost ordinary wife … not a super powered cosmic version of her. He almost forgot what it was like to have sex with a normal woman, and Rebecca refused to power up so he could enjoy the experience as much as possible. Going off and on all day, they left the room much and watched love movies between bouts of passion. It was clearly one the better moments the two of them had together in about 10 years.


"What do you mean she has changed somehow? Do you think that the toxin is doing it to her?"

"It's too hard to say, but I am not complaining too hard about the new Rebecca. She cooks, cleans, stays in her normal unpowered appearance … wearing all the clothes I always wanted her to wear, too. The sex is good as well."

"How is it any better than before? She looks about 10 years older, with a body that isn't as firm or curvy as it was in her younger looking self."

"But you don't get it. She does all she can to soften her body up, but it's still hard to penetrate her, hard as her entire body is, even then. But as a normal woman it's different though. She lets me do whatever I want to her in bed completely. It's like the best dream ever … but in all honesty this has to be some type of mind control they are using on her. But still, why does it have to be so good?"

"You tell me. So what are you doing now?"

"I'm resting in bed now while she makes a snack for us. She's even cleaning the house as she waits for the food to cook. All we did for most of the last 24 hours was have sex and watch love movies, and that's it. She spent the last few hours cleaning, though."

"I would be worried of something were to happen and the world needed Miss Dynamo's assistance."

"Thank god for reminding me of that. All joking and fooling aside, something has to be done to make my wife go back to what she was before … before she encounters them. But still. There was never a confirmed cure to their alien toxin and the secondary chemical it created."

"Your assistant is on that. She seemed to be a very competent scientist, and says she might be able to come up with something, when none of the other scientists working for us seem able to do anything."

"That's good."

"So, how long do you plan to play along with this little game you are playing with your wife? Seeing your wife as someone that actually listens to you isn't natural for her at all. She usually does her own thing … that's why she chose to put on the costume, right?"

"Supposedly. I don't think my wife even cares to do that now, but I will bring it up when I see her again."

"You better. This could just be a trap they might be laying for you."

"No shit. Just keep watching my back like you usually do, okay?"

"I planned on that. Because if I don't, then no one else will."

Daniel would get up to see what his wife was doing and catch a unique moment. Rebecca was in the kitchen acting the same as normal, that is: normal as of late. She was all smiles as she was finishing up the snacks until she experienced a powerful headache and it made her drop the spatula in her hand. Holding her hand, her body seemed to have mind of its own, and it seemed to want to enable her cosmic powers somehow. Falling to her knees, something tried to move her around against her will, only to have the Rebecca currently in control oppose it. The scene amazed Daniel as he looked on.

A voice that sounded like herself going off in her head was telling her it wanted control, and hated what the current Rebecca was doing. The voice was yelling at her from within. Rebecca was reduced a crawling state as the 2 forces were tugging at each other for control. Sweat was evident on Rebecca's face too, and as the struggle went on the sweat quickly drenched her face.

"Damn it all, not again! What force is trying to take me over? It feels so … egotistical … and greedy, compared to me! But it seems to share some of the same thoughts I do, as well. Why is it trying to fight me so much?"

"Just as expected," Daniel thought. "I knew she was being controlled. The secondary chemical reaction of the toxin's byproduct must be enabling it somehow. I wonder how this little exchange will end up …"

"Let me out damn it! I want to be in control again now!!"

"No! I won't lose control! I have to fight for my darling Daniel's sake."

"The struggle inside her mind must be intense right now I wonder who will win."

The struggle went on for a few minutes as she sat up eventually with a powerful stomach-ache as well; her head was hurting as much her stomach was. Some other presences was trying to take over her body, a presence that she felt was both familiar to her, and an intruder at the same time. She looked so gruesome to watch that Daniel had to get involved, thought she didn't know he was watching right away.

"Stop! Get out of my head …"

"No way bitch! You get out of my head!"

Rebecca was dressed in a maids outfit she'd bought for a Halloween costume when she was in college, and she had worn it for Daniel on their first Halloween together as a married couple. Danny always loved seeing his sexy looking wife in it back then, and she was wearing it to surprise him when the meal was done. The food she was cooking was burning now, but Rebecca wasn't in a position to worry about it, as the Rebecca Daniel had spent such a great day with appeared to be losing the battle within for a moment, allowing her the other Rebecca to speak to him briefly.

"Those bastards are trying to control me! I finally managed to get enough control to stop them … you have to save me! Please, honey! I don't think I can stop this stupid mind control from ripping me apart. Help me … please …"

Sweating excessively, reaching out for her man, it reminded him of what happened after he first got his powers and he was out of control. Thoughts of that moment when he had destroyed their old home before he killed most of his family. His desperation then was comparable to Rebecca's current state, and he held on to her hand.

"Just fight it! I know I can find a way to get you out of this … just remember what you did for me before I was under her control!"

"I know … but I can't even focus … right now."

"Yes you can! Just do it for me, okay?"

Before she had a chance to begin to put up a real fight the other aspect of Rebecca exploded out of her and she pushed her husband away as her body was beginning the process of powering up, but it wasn't happening as fast as it did before. It seemed to be a bit hard for Rebecca to force the power out. She was still growing taller, sexier, and stronger, with the same wonderful curves as before, but …

Rebecca herself mentioned that something was up with her powers, even as her clothes became very tight on her growing body. "Something is happening to me! My powers … they're being drained from me … I can feel it happening now. I don't feel as much of energy as I did before …"

Her costume was still tearing, and her muscles were still getting super strong, but it wasn't nearly the same for Rebecca.

"Damn it all!" Daniel though to himself. "That's their scheme. To have the toxins she has in her system eat away at her powers! With her wanting to power down for me, she wouldn't even notice it, along with the illusion being forced on her. What do I do?"

When her change finally stopped for the time being, her energy exploded in that one moment, vaporising her clothes and destroying the kitchen. When she stood up the pain stopped. Rebecca was nude again in her taller younger looking red haired form looking as glamorous as ever. She didn't seem as happy about it as Daniel expected as he looked on at the remains of the kitchen, Rebecca in the middle of it all … naked and in her younger looking cosmic form. She wasn't in pain, at least it didn't seem like it as she flex her biceps making them grow to their usual large size, but she looked somewhat upset.

"Why do I feel so much weaker than I do normally? What's happened to all the strength I am losing."

"You don't look any different."

"Don't let the looks fool you dear. My body is slowly losing its powers, and its taking everything I have just to keep it where it is now. I don't know what's going on with me."

Another headache hit her, and Daniel rushed to her side. Holding hands was still a very painful process, and she crushed his hand and saw him trying force himself away. Fearing for his safety, she let him go. She had forgotten how strong she was, still but she fell to her knees experiencing headaches non-stop until she finally seemed to recover.

"Are you okay?"

"Your hand … did I do that? I'm sorry! Let me take you to a doctor, okay?"

"Wait … don't …"

Grabbing her husband without his consent, she flew out of the back door and went to government facility that Daniel's friend ran specifically for him. Flying was still possible at least, and her senses were still super sensitive, but she was feeling weaker than normal and wanted to get back to her normal levels right away. Daniel actually felt it some, noting she didn't feel as warm as she usually did when she flew him around. He kept that information to himself as he asked her what she recalled had happened over the last day.

"I don't know. At first I thought I was cooking a snack for us in my normal appearance, and the next thing I remember the kitchen was destroyed, and I don't recall what happened at all between that time. I don't even recall you coming to the kitchen, either … or changing into my stronger current form. What happened during that time?"

He knew at that point that he needed to do something, and fast. But how was he going to save her when there was no known cure for the toxins flowing through Rebecca? No cure at all?

"Don't you know what is going on? Seriously? Can't you read my mind now?"

"Now that I think about it, that power seems to have left me at the moment. I don't why though … I don't ever recall shutting it off. That is strange indeed."


At a vacant and remote military base (thought to be abandoned due to being closed down) outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, all things seemed normal … except there was a hidden base under it. It was home a major medical facility that had always tended to Daniel's health when he was Mr. Dynamo and the condition of his hand wasn't what one would call 'in good shape' either. As she approached, the concealed automatics that didn't shoot at Rebecca … most of the time … began to fire on her aggressively. Powerful lasers that she didn't worry about much were a big deal to her passenger, and Rebecca was forced to dodge them.

"What is going on, damn it? Why are they firing on me?"

"Just land, okay?"


Within the base the computer spoke to the people who watched the surveillance screens. "There is an alien cosmic presence approaching fast and it is hiding within the subject you people call Miss Dynamo."

"What kind of thing is creating the alien radiation?"

"A strange alien organism of unknown origin. I won't the true nature of it until I can physically see inside of it."

As she managed to land, mechanical drones began to approach the nude Rebecca and began to open fire with the lasers mounted on their shoulders. Usually the energy hitting her from them wouldn't be an issue. In fact, normally it was quite pleasant to bask in the raw energy of their beam weapons, even if a number of them decide they want to cook her alive. But the raw energy all of their attacks caused her some pain, and they even knocked her back too. She struggled to stand up and keep herself upright as well, as hard as it was for her.

"Stop it, damn you! She's not the enemy!"

"There is a foreign organism inside of her emitting a strange alien radiation. It can't be allowed to infect the base. Do not get in the way, Mr. Daniel Stowe. We will detain her."

He was put to sleep as a weakened Rebecca was unable to fight off the combined beam attacks. She tried to pump her power up to fight it off but her cosmic powers weren't replying to her call at all. It felt like her body was getting burned in a bad way but it never showed on her body as her perfect looking skin showed just how invulnerable it was naturally, without extra amps.

"I don't get it! Why am I so much weaker? I recall taking these energy beams without them affecting me at all, and now I can't move forward … and it really hurts being hit by these laser attacks, too, for some reason."

The ground showed where she was pushed back, while she was able to stay on her feet, leaving deep impressions in the grounds. She blocked all the beams in question with her forearms and the effort from just trying to stay on her feet was obvious on her face, until the 10 plus beam attacks finally stopped coming at her. Falling to her knees, physically exhausted from what she did and breathing hard, she would see Daniel's friend Carl … the person he reported to for years as Mr. Dynamo … with Daniel over her shoulder. Rebecca looked completely exhausted as Carl approached, looking concerned.

"I wouldn't think that the automated defence drones would have enough power to stop you. You must be losing your touch, just as Daniel here anticipated for a while."

"Losing it? What do you mean? I don't know what happened just now, but I feel as strong now as I normally am. You had better let him down or I might attack you for pissing me off."

"Why would I want hurt him? He is my best friend, okay?"

"You don't want to see me mad today, alright? I want to carry him inside, and you can't stop me by yourself as I am right now and you know it."

"It isn't like I have a choice here. right? I want you to come with me, okay? You might feel okay, but your cosmic power level is dropping gradually. It's approaching half of what was at its full power."

"You wouldn't be doing that, would you? I swear … if you are …"

Seeing an angry Rebecca pounding her fists, he urged her to calm down and she took a sleeping Daniel from him as they both went inside. She was given another tight and sexy suit, comparable to her original super heroine costume, and she wasn't happy about wearing it. They would go to a large chamber known as the blast chamber and she was curious to know what was happening there. Daniel had woken up then and his friend was walking with the 2 of them. They saw a large mounted laser on one side of a massive room with metallic walls. Men in large mechanical suits moved the heavy metallic canisters around, moving them out of the way, shifting the large objects weighing about 100 to 175 tons around. Rebecca decided to help, and took the last one from the men in question, amazing them. Shaking it up some, she found the container was full of something her eyes couldn't see through clearly unless she focused really hard, but she would see some heavy machinery inside of them eventually. Moving from one side of the large room to another instantly, she casually tossed her cargo on top of another before she ran back to where the 2 men in the mechanical suits were. Waving at the cute looking guys in question, they were clearly in love with the sexy red haired goddess before them. It made Daniel shake his head.

"Do you have to do that now? You have to focus here."

"Sorry about that. I was just helping them out some. I wasn't trying anything! Calm down, okay?"

"If I didn't know better, you could be mistaken for a husband and wife … based on how your reacted, Sir."

"It isn't like that. We have a test to run here. You guys can park your suits in the corner over there and be on your way."

As they left, the tests began. But Rebecca was confident that the laser used to test how resistant the strongest material were to the strongest laser based weapons would not hurt her. Standing directly in the beam's path Rebecca didn't worry too much, claiming the test would be the same as the last time. Daniel and his friend were in a control room as they activated the laser and controlled its accuracy using cameras in the test chamber.

"I don't see what you are trying to prove. This powerful body of mine isn't losing any power as you say it is. The last time I saw that silly beam weapon it nearly exploded from overheating, and it still couldn't do anything to me. What makes you think this will be any different?"

"You may not believe it, but stand there and see what happens," Daniel said using the PA system in the room. "You will be amazed. You'll see just what I mean personally when I tell about reduced power levels you're experiencing."

"I don't see why this test is even worth it. But if you feel this is needed, honey … I can tolerate it for you."

When the powerful beam powered up and hit her, it felt soothing to her. The beam hit with enough force to vaporize any normal weapon, but to her it was the same as a gentle massage … and she wasn't pushed back either. The whole room lit up as she was exposed to the intense energy, making Carl and Daniel watching from the control room put sunglasses on. Her body glowed with the powerful energy of the beam and Daniel was surprised at that.

"You are handling a power level much higher than I expected."

"This little thing is doing nothing more than shining a bright light at me, as far as I am concerned. I bet it is maxed out right?"

"Not even at half power. If you think you can handle it, we'll push the level up some. Naturally, we will stop when we hurt you."

"You had better push it to its maximum level, because if you don't it would be pointless."

"We'll get to that. I'm going up to 75% percent now."


Doing sexy and raunchy poses as she was being exposed to the immense energy hitting her, she seemed to be enjoying herself through the initial phase. This changed when the beam went up to 75%. The powerful energy suddenly caused her pain that was comparable to what she had felt outside, and she was pushed back to the metallic wall behind her on the other side of the large room making deep indentation in it. She could fight it off and move forward somehow, as she blocked the beam with her forearm, but not very much.

"No way! How could this beam be pushing me back like this?"

"Going up to 90% now."

At that point her forward momentum stopped and she was stuck where she was, unable go forward any further. This frustrated Rebecca. Deep indentations in the floor formed where her feet were as she was pushed back to the wall was again. Only a handful of machines could have taken the kind of abuse she was being exposed to, and the pain she felt was greater than what she felt outside too. She had focus on pumping up her healing and strength at the same time. The veins showing the muscular strain were clearly evident and Daniel wanted the test to end, but just to see what would happen his friend pushed the raw power of the beam to 100%. At that point it was clear Rebecca's cosmically charge female body was at it limit, and left another deep imprint of her backside close to where her original one was. She couldn't get herself free from the wall, either. She was in obvious pain at this point, as her body simply couldn't hold back pain or push itself off of the thick metal wall. Rebecca threatened to go right through it as the imprint she made was getting deeper slightly with every passing second. She grinned and bore the pain as much as possible, but her body couldn't take much more.

"Ahhhhh! Goddamn to hell! It hurts so bad … the pain … please stop. I can't take it anymore! I … please stop. I'm about to lose consciousness here! I'm sorry for not believing you, okay? I just let me go!"

"Good. Now you understand what we've been telling you. Powering down now."

When the powerful beam finally stopped, Rebecca was actually stuck to the wall in the impression she created but managed to pry herself loose from it. She fell to her knees, still reeling from the experience emotionally. Visions of what she recalled experiencing before, as the last time she was hit by the same weapon it felt like a gentle massage as she stood in one place, never moving as the power was cranked up to beyond it's critical level. Alarms had been going off in the room as the beam continued to hit her while she was basking in the soothing energy of it powerful light.

"I barely even felt it hitting me before. Now I couldn't even withstand it within its normal working conditions. Am I really that weak?"

Walking up to one of the power suits the men from before had been operating, Rebecca had no trouble tossing it around, and even crushed it to a smaller size with her raw muscle power. But it wasn't as easy as before. The metal still bent to her will, but slightly more effort was required on her part. She ignored this fact, focusing on the act of molding the super strong metal like clay. The whining of the metal trying to resist her powerful strength was like music to her ears, but she was still upset about the test.

"How could cosmically powered muscles like mine crush that petty little machine so easily, and yet not stand up to a beam like that? Seriously. I can't be that weak."

She was close to a wall, and punched a hole right through the thick metal easily, scaring the people on the other side of the wall.

"You are still well within the rank of super human. But just not at the level you were before … as you can see."

"What happened to my strength? I don't feel any weaker, and yet I am. It doesn't make any sense to me at all."

"It is all mind over matter."

A decent looking black woman, dressed for business and wearing glasses, walked up to them. Her hair tied up. She was about 5 feet, 9 inches tall, and it was easy to see that if she let her hair down and wore a sexy dress men would be all over her. She even had an english accent.  She walked up to them with a tablet in her hands as she waved at them.

"Who might you be?"

"Who indeed? It seems that the minor psychic powers you have don't seem to be working for you right now. You would know who I am if they were working properly. I am the assistant that does your job keeping Mr. Stowe prepared for his meetings. We can talk later. I found a cure for your condition, but before I give it to you I suggest that you try to use the psychic link they have with you in reverse to learn where they are. The Rebecca you are now is a result of mind control, though."

"What will happen to me, as I am right now? If I am just a result of mind control … I don't want to disappear forever."

"Don't worry, honey. I see the feelings you have now as something you always had, but your other self refused to express them before because of your ego. I remember your friends in college telling me about them, and I saw them back then sometimes, too. I will try to remind your real self about them, and I would assume that the thoughts brought out now would be fresh in her mind right away right, Linda?"

"Yes Sir. Most likely so. Are we ready now? I brought some of the cure with me today."

Rebecca was apprehensive at first, but when she saw the two clear impressions of her rock hard backside close to the door in the metal of wall behind them … that was enough to make her give in. She was given a pill and told to eat it.

"I even flavoured it with your favourite type of candy, too. Don't worry … look at with your vision. You'll see what's in it."

With her cosmically enhanced vision She saw what seemed to be normal looking ingredients in it. Looking at Daniel taking him up by his collar and kissing him before she dropped him and ate the pill handed to her. The sweet taste of cherry flavoured candy was a pleasant surprise to her, and she felt her body react a little oddly. She began to feel herself get stronger as the mental shroud keeping her in the dark was lifted. Her tall and sexy body was glowing as she hovered over the ground. Her was being energised with power, arousing her as it happened. The other version of her that she fought in Daniel's mansion was dominating as well, as the mind control was losing its grip on her. The kind and gentle thoughts, free of her own ego, were going back to the depths of Rebecca's mind, and as the versions of Rebecca saw each other in the empty space that was Rebecca's mind overall, the kinder and gentler one was being shunned away by the more egomaniacal one Daniel knew. One image stood out, and the kinder Rebecca asked that her other self see it. The thought in question was Daniel truly enjoying having sex with Rebecca as a normal woman with no powers active and how much happier he was. The weaker version of Rebecca used most of her remaining strength to show those images to her rival. and it seemed like doing so was draining her completely.

"No way he enjoyed it that much. I knew liked it but that much … wow."

Weak and barely conscious, the other version of herself with most of her essence drained away saw that she was still in one piece, and wondered why the more aggressive Rebecca before her didn't make her vanish completely yet. All of the thoughts that made up the kinder Rebecca were restored at that moment, and she didn't feel weak anymore. She looked at the dominant version of Rebecca with a look of shock.

"You saw it didn't you? You saw how happy he was then. I knew you would."

"I saw how he was happier then than he ever was with me, but I don't want to do that stuff. I want to be the one in control, doing everything. The thought of being at his mercy again pisses me off."

"I know. It sucks, and I realise that cooking and cleaning is a long, boring, and dirty process that you hate. I'm not entirely fond of it, either. But the end result of it makes its worthwhile. You don't see that. I may not be in total control anymore, but you could at least try to do what I did just now every once in a while, right? Like once a month maybe? Or every two weeks? You could determine when it happens, and you would still be in control of everything, right?"

"True. But still, it isn't my style. He married me because I was stronger than him mentally … he wanted a strong willed person like me to work alongside him. If he wanted weak-willed floozy he would have fell for one my friends back in college, instead of me."

"We share the same thoughts. I know you hate being kind and gentle to this level, and it was your mental strength that kept him going when he was about give up, after he first got his power, and was about to kill you. We even took his daily abuse because he needed us to remind him of the good side of himself. Without us he would have snapped right away. He needs us to complete him, but being kinder and actually listening to what he has to say every once in a while can't hurt, right? Even a little?"

"You do have a point there. I might just keep you around, then … so when that moment comes that I allow myself to actually listen, you can do that part for me, okay? Seeing him that happy is enough to make me tolerate you. So what do you say?"

"I even learned a few unique recipes you might want to try, as well. I tried them out when I was cooking for Daniel earlier. I think you might like the results."

The two gorgeous looking red heads hugged, before they merged and became a single version of Rebecca. The young looking red haired beauty, naked as she floated in the empty space of her own mind with her perfect looking body, would begin to savour the control she had regained at that moment. Once that happened, however, the slow change in her body sped up rapidly and the rest happened in a single burst of energy, like a bomb.


Initially as the power increase was slow, initially the real physical version of Rebecca was doing what she could draw out the rest of her power and she knew was still refusing to come out. The increase in her raw power, as slow as it was, was still enjoyable as her minor psychic mind reading powers began to come back and her cosmic X ray vision was beginning to gradually restore itself. In real time, about 1 minute after the small increases the rest of her power came roaring back like flood, saturating her with the type of power she thought she had before. The minor glow of her body was replaced with a very bright glow as a blinding light with powerful cosmic rays going all over the room blew everyone back. Three waves of this energy occurred before a final wave stronger than the previous three came and left the base shaking violently. The light from the final wave threatened to incinerate Daniel, his friend, and his new assistant, but somehow it didn't as a renewed Rebecca, supercharged with power she didn't think she had, was hovering about 6 feet up and saw the laser. She wanted to see it used on her again, but it had been destroyed by the powerful surges of her cosmic energy.

"I feel so much so much stronger than ever, now! Where did all of this energy come from? And how the hell is this room still here?"

"That's because it was made to contain the power of the laser should blow up if it went critical. Looking at the cracks all over it, and the warped surfaces, it just took more force than the laser could create. That says something about your energy levels that amazes me more than anything else."

Daniel and the two people with him were on the other side of the large open room, and Rebecca flew to where he was instantly, so it seemed, and carried her husband asking him if he was okay. She kissed him as her gentler side would have, and held him like a baby.

"Is that you darling? That kiss … it …"

"I know, I know. It isn't how I usually do it, but I figured I would take some of her tactics and see if they worked for me. Besides that, how did you people survive if the laser over your head is gone?"

"It is a safety measure I created,"Daniel's friend said as he stood up helping Daniel's assistant up. "A personal force field that activates when something like what happened just now occurs. It did so on its own without me or Daniel activating it. I designed it that way. It's in bad shape now, and needs to be repaired. Your raw energy overpowered it."

"Anyway, before you get all excited about being in control of your body again: You have to remember that some of their mind altering power is still inside of you," Said Daniel's other assistant, fixing her glasses and hair. "You have to track it back to its source. Two pills are needed to completely cure you, and if you fool around here too long then the small fragment of their power left inside of you will potentially be able to take you over again."

"But that's just it. I don't feel the mental link anymore. They must have cut it off somehow."

"Great. They have the option to disable the link too, whenever they want. How about the source of the power inside her, trying to control her?"

"That's funny you say that, Daniel. Rebecca's body was destroying it, without the link active there is nothing preventing her body from getting rid of it. That's what I'm getting from the scanner readout on my watch."

"So. What's the plan now, kiddies? The Mr Dynamo I know would have looked to capture the enemy, no matter what. That's how he handled all of the other villains he dealt with, with the exception of the female alien with red skin that is."

"The other villains I dealt with before couldn't hide from me; that's why. That stupid female alien knew how to hide herself from me, and I'm sure the person that attacked Rebecca could do the same as well."

"He's right with that assumption. She vanished from my senses suddenly when I saw her in Houston. I didn't think it was possible to hide from my senses like that. I don't know where they are either, even as I look around the world through the walls of this place."

"This is bad, then. But at least everything is resolved for right now. But how did you do what no one else could do? Seriously: Be honest with us now. Did you get any cosmic help?"

"No I didn't. It was me, entirely, and no one else. Why do you have to be so suspicious of me, Daniel?"

"I'm curious about that, too. Since the best scientists in the world couldn't figure it out at all, and you could all by yourself. What's your secret?"

"There is no secret. I worked at it, and made it happen, okay? Just lay off of me, alright? Seriously, you people are getting really annoying. Know what? I'm leaving now. Now that your main assistant is back to her normal self again, I can leave. Don't think about calling me again until tomorrow, either. I need a break from all this action."

Heading back to Daniel's office, Rebecca had one other request for her husband's friend, and he was curious to know what it was.

"What do you want?"

"I want to know if you could make a more mobile version of that shield you used to protect yourself, to shield me from their claws. I want to fight them, but my invulnerability doesn't protect me from their stupid claws."

"It took me a while to make the force field I used just now. It's busted now, and I don't know how long it will take to repair it. I can make you one after that. I would highly recommend that you not approach them until then, if you know what I mean."

"Now that I know what they can do, I won't. But if I'm forced to, well … I might not have a choice."

"You'll manage just fine. So what's the plan? Now that you can't hunt your target down as hard as you want, Rebecca?"

"First of all, I want to experience something I remember happening earlier. I didn't officially experience it myself, but I want to know what it's like. I think my man here knows what I'm talking about, right?"

"I really don't, but it isn't like I can anything against you. So I guess I'll find out right?"

"Of course you will! Because I came with few ideas to make that experience even better than the last time, as well."

Doing another scan of the planet in search for anyone that had the same energy the base scanner detected within Rebecca's body right after that failed as expected. Nothing with that same energy was detect anywhere all over the planet, and no one spotted was talking about what happened to Rebecca or acted like they knew anything about it, either. Eventually, a lack of results forced Rebecca to stop flying over the planet and head back to base. Flying her man out of the base herself, with a playful smile on her face the whole way, they would go to their bedroom where she would claim to be taking a shower. Hearing her sexy voice moaning under the hot water was really getting him going, and she told him to get ready to have his mind blown. He got in of the shower himself after seeing his young and sexy looking red head of a wife in a robe that barely stayed on her body and generously showed her cleavage.

"You had better hurry, Dear, or I might just entertain myself … and force you to watch me the whole time!"

That alone was enough motivation to get Daniel to hurry up and shower as quickly as possible. He was in and out of the shower, but that wasn't fast enough and the naughty comments his wife made were making him horny enough to relieve himself before the experience even began. As he hurried himself, hearing his wife moaning as if she were doing herself hard and fast, he saw Rebecca in her normal form wearing some fancy looking lingerie. And even though she was in her mid 30s she still looked gorgeous.

"I thought that …"

"Don't be silly! I was just playing with you to get you in the mood for what's ahead. Now we don't have to waste time. Now: Get on top of me before I make you do it myself. I know you want to."

"I would have figured that you would want to be in control. Like you usually are are."

"You will only have me like this half of the night, Darling. If you want to take advantage of me while you have control over me, well … you're wasting precious time Baby! Come on. If I have to get up, I'm going to be on top all night … and I'm going to be rougher on you. It could make it a very painful experience for you. If you want me to do that, then I'll power up and begin the process right now."

That alone was enough to encourage him to pin his wife down to the bed and begin to let her have it. It felt almost as it did before, when she was raped before the tables were turned. She actually had to hold back her natural urge to power up, as she felt like doing so a number of times, yet the pain and pleasure she was feeling was better than anything she had ever experienced. She loved it so much that she lost track of time and they went at it all night long. She was taking all he could give her and loving every moment of it. She had actually toughened her skin some as it all happened, and made the experience harder than he expected. When he finally tired and passed out, Rebecca's finally allowed her super powered body to power up. It destroying her lingerie as it happened, but it didn't matter to her.

"I can never get tired of how sexy I look," she said, looking herself in the mirror in her room, now completely nude with her young looking face and ruby red hair instead of her normal brown, and possessed her sexier looking body. She focused more on her larger breasts, though, hating how her normal breasts before sagged a little. But in their current form, nothing affected them … not even gravity. She was at it for a while, posing before she decided to put on her costume and have some fun as Miss Dynamo, flying around the the world a few times before she decided to be a heroic figure for a bit. The loud sonic booms heard worldwide and her random appearance before airplane, pilots blowing kisses at them from the outside, signified she was back.

In her apartment, the new assistant that Daniel hired, Linda Anderson, was watching her favourite soap opera with her glasses off, now wearing casual clothes. She looked like an African American super model with her hair down, wearing a tank top over firm D cup breasts and jeans. She was focused on the story of the soap opera when a bird flew into her window and changed into a cat at that moment.

"I found the target as you asked, Master."It said in a voice that resembled a British gentleman. "Your pill severed the connection with the human before she could save herself, and it knocked her out. She was still out, dazed and recovering, when I saw her. Her ally isn't very happy about you, though. They will most likely come after you. Still … I wonder, I have done nothing but track them down worldwide and I would like to have a rest, now."

"I suppose I could let you. But you owe me big-time for saving you from that terrible female being from their world. She was going to use your extra-dimensional powers for her own benefit, after taking you away while I was recovering from being forced into this world. I don't see why you are complaining about time off to me. You said you would serve me, right?"

"I am grateful for that, sister. I really am! I'm not asking for much of a break, though. Why do I have to be stuck in the form of some stupid crystal, unable to maintain any living form without assistance from others? I'm happy that you used your power to give me the ability to shape-shift … but I hate not being able to it on my own from the beginning."

"It can't be helped, dearest brother. At least you survived the trip here with me. I would hate to be alone in this boring place, personally. You have received a boost of power too, brother. Unfortunately … one of the powers you needed, for shape shifting specifically, wasn't included. It can't be helped. I'm sorry I can't do anything about it. I tried … but it didn't work."

"Anyway, besides that … you could have done more to help the humans. Aside from just making that pill for her."

"What fun would that be? Watching the humans fail over and over again keeps me laughing for days! There isn't anything to do on this boring planet, and even the space around this star system is devoid of life. I can see why they think no aliens exist here. The closest alien race aside from humans are at least a few star systems away, and the humans still can't even get close to the star just around the corner from them. Even so, the other races don't have the powerful emotions humans do, and they're more boring to watch than the people of Earth. They do things better, but their is no sense of randomness with them. At least the people of this world have some personality and randomness to them."

"So you intend to use this chance to keep yourself entertained then?"

"Exactly. I was forced here for a reason I can't even explain. And now I'm stuck in this dimension where I'm this all powerful cosmic being capable of altering reality whenever I want. I love it here, but there isn't anything worth doing aside from fooling around with humans here, and most of the people don't have much of a sense of humour either. It wouldn't be fun to play with them too hard. If you want to enjoy your short vacation, you had better hurry up and enjoy it while you can. I'll give you a full day off, starting now. How about that?"

"Right. I'll be back soon. And you must really like having a normal human form, too. Because you don't want to become the real you very much."

"I almost forgot about that, it's been so long since I went back to my original Elven form. I don't see I should, anyway, when I could be a normal sized human with this type of body capable of seducing any human man I want at will. I would take advantage of it, some. But for now I want to watch some soap operas. I really wish my home world had television like this world does. It's so much more entertaining to have this than to deal with real people."

"Why bother getting a job with him, then?"

"Why not? Watching TV all day gets boring sometimes, and I like how caring and compassionate he is too. He's special in that area. I also think it's funny how he interacts with his wife. That woman is quite the interesting person herself. I think I made a good choice giving his powers to her. I figured she would be so much more dangerous but she ended doing what her husband initially."

"I understand why you took his power away from him, it was obvious. If he had kept his powers she would have taken him over, and with his power backing her up I might still be with her. The world would be hers by now. Are you sure his wife was the right choice?"

"I not actually, no. I just hoped and prayed that I guessed right. It was as simple as that. Don't you have somewhere else to be right now? Scram already, okay?"

As the cat on her couch changed back into a bird and flew off through the window, Linda decided to change back to her real body while still watching TV, during a commercial break. Shrinking some her dark skinned lightened up some but not very much and the obvious womanly figure and sexy curves of an adult supermodel were replaced with the body of a 16 year old child, so it seemed. Her clothes shrank with her body as well, and her dark hair acquired a silvery appearance. With her longer ears and her voice changing from a mature and sexy adult female to the higher tone of younger girl, the rest of the change finished off.

"I don't look that bad as my regular self, though. But it was different when I was stuck in the forests of my homeland, with no powers compared to what I have now … as a living goddess. I am so going to love being stuck in this dimension, even as I am now."

After the TV show ended, she walked over to her fridge and made herself a sandwich to eat, causing it to heat up instantly in her hands with her powers, to just the right temperature. The bologna was heated as though it was cooked in the microwave, and her bread was toasted like it had been in the toaster. She heading back to her couch, humming a happy tun. After she finished her sandwich, the remote to her flat screen TV floated to her hand, allowing her to surf the channels again.

"Having access to every channel on Earth is awesome! And with my powers I don't have to pay for any of it, but there's nothing to watch! My favourite soap opera is over. So many choices, and so little time to enjoy it all. What'll I do with myself now?"

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